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Bowlriders Final Malmรถ - 2008

Photos: Gerd Rieger Production: Sprocket-Shooter

The Quiksilver Bowlriders final is definitly one of the highlights of the Euro skate contest series. The weekend started of with a hot best trick session in the freshly painted kindney Pool

Guillaume Mocquin

fs tailblock

Carl Wilson

fs bluntslide over the stairs

Basti Wolters, GER

lien to tail smack

Daniel Cardone

ollie to truck

Rune Glifberg

Johnny Turgesen

the media is waiting for some action

stalefish on the main bank

Diego Doural

the judges

lien air

Ross Mc Gouran


Pat Ngoho an Chistan Hosoi

Milton Martinez

bs ollie

fs air

Diego Doural

Chris Senn

tweaked fs air over the bump

Chris Miller

corner lipslide

Chris Miller

fs air into the corner pocket

Ross Mc Gouran

fs alley oop ollie

bs blunt

Chris Miller

Nicky Guerrero

fs air in te deep end

Nicky Guerrero and Christian Hosoi

Best trick price

body jar

Kevin Kowlaski

Hannes Ackermann, GER – Backflip

Rune Glifberg

fs ollie iinto the vertwall

Hannes Ackermann, GER – Whip

Hannes Ackermann, GER – Supermanflip

Frank Faria

speedy tailslide across the bank

Frank Faria

bs boneles to tail

iceplant to fakie

Frank Faria

fs air

J端rgen Horrwarth


Chad Bartie

one foot tailslide

Ross Mc Gouran

Fredrik Johansson, SWE – Backflip

one foot tailblock

Alain Goikoetxea

Daniel Cardone

trademark stalefish

fs hip ollie

Casper Plaas

Carl Wilson

fs blunt

Mickey Iglesias

serving some beers

Jamie Prescot, Wolfganster, Reese Simpson

Screech and Chris Cab

Ross on the big screen

tailslide across the bank

Rune Glifberg

Jack Rowe, USA – Heartattack

the heats

Jack Rowe, USA – Tsunami Backflip

Chris Miller

fs ollie

crail slide

Kevin Kowalski

saftey first

layback grind

Christian Hosoi

boneless one

Benji Galloway

Benji Galloway

fs invert

bs ollie from deep to shallow end

Chris Miller

Benji Galloway 3rd

Aaron Homoki 2nd

Rune Glifberg 1st

Pat Ngoho 3rd, Chris Miller 2nd, Nicky Guerrero 1st


Remi Bizouard, FRA – No Nack

If you´re in Malmö don´t miss out on that fun little skatepark that was still under constructon

Remi Bizouard, FRA – Superman


Malmö Bowlriders 2008  

Quiksilver Bowlriders final 2008 in Malmö

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