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Shambhala Warriors Rising

I recently saw a video of Joanna Macy (writer and philosopher who writes about what she calls the Great Turning) that I think is very relevant to this time. The link is: In it, she talks about a prophecy told to her by one of her Tibetan Buddhist teachers. The prophecy is about a dark time when the Shambhala Warriors will rise. Their weapons, as her Buddhist teacher called them, are compassion on the one hand and insight on the other. The feeling of the time certainly seems, to many, to be dark what with refugees fleeing and being refused asylum in many places; with Brexit; with the just past election cycle here in the U.S.; with Standing Rock; and on and on. But I am finding in my work doing Channeled Angel Readings, that more and more people are being called to work of compassion and insight, work the brings the light and transforms the dark. I know that it can feel overwhelming if you think about all the areas of life and the world that need work, but each person is only called to do what they can do. I recall that one of the Pauline letters in the New Testament (scholars are certain that St. Paul did not write them all) says that each person has a different gift. So, what is your or my gift or purpose in this time? I asked the angels and guides and was told that my purpose is to write and to speak. I am blogging. I am writing articles. I am working on the creation of a women’s wisdom circle that I hope to start around March, which I see as speaking. I am not rushing it, but rather letting it percolate in my mind to see what the result is. I am exploring possible places to hold the circle in the meantime.

Some people are given the guidance during a reading that their purpose is merely to agree to be a beacon of light. If they think about it and commit to it with intent, the angels and guides will take care of the rest. All of us, of course, can ask that our hearts be filled with love, light and healing. We can then ask that our hearts be used to transmit this love, light and healing throughout what Barbara Brown Taylor, author of Altar in the World, calls the Luminous Web the Holds Everything Together. We can see ourselves as a node in this Web, where lines of energy intersect. Thus, as a part of this Web, we can see this love, light and healing being sent out to everyone and everything to help bring healing everywhere. Some people may be called to teach—to teach what is true about facts and situations as well as what is not true. Some may be called to create community circles or community dinners as outreach. Others are called to study deep ecology, others to learn to heal the land and the waters. Others may be called to protest, sit in, make calls to legislators, sign petitions, give money to various causes, or be part of the Safety Pin Protest (as a sign that we stand with those who are denigrated and discriminated against). All, hopefully using the tools of the Shambhala Warriors. I had a client session after the election where the angels and guides told the client that the client’s purpose right now is to make art and to work to build community. (I would be glad to help you find your purpose during this time of shift.) Compassion and insight can change how we and others see ourselves and the world. They can help people to reach out, to talk with others, to help find common ground with others. Compassion and insight can help us to allay fear and anger. Many people speculate that one of things that happened in the recent election is that people voted from a place of fear and anger. Also, from a place of not knowing the truth from falsehood in stories seen on the internet and elsewhere. Possibly some may be called to create a new way of knowing, or rather may be called to teach how to know, how to search out the facts about what underlie claims that are made. I talked to a young woman after the election who asked me, “But didn’t the FBI find something on Hillary Clinton?” after I said that she had been investigated since the ‘90s and nothing had been found. My answer to her was no. Rumors float through the internet and false news stories, and they stick. Some people, I have noticed say things without providing the evidence for what they are saying. Maybe it would be good if we all practiced, including me, the Buddhist precept of asking “Is it true?”, “Is it kind?”, and “Is it necessary?” If we are going to make statements or repeat what others say, the first question would require us to think about the first question and hopefully investigate if there is proof given when we read or hear a statement. Then, we should not say it if it’s not true. If it is true, then is it kind? If it isn’t, then we are led to the third question. Is it necessary? Something may be true, but neither kind nor necessary. We should not make say whatever it is in this case. The third situation is where it is true and necessary but not kind. Doctors, I think, face this third situation all the time. Telling a patient the he or she has cancer is

making a true statement, it is a necessary statement, but it may not feel kind, because having cancer can be a brutal reality even if told with compassion and gentleness.

One of the interesting things about the Joanna Macy video is that she asked her teacher what the outcome would be with Shambhala Warriors rising at the time of the darkness. Her teacher would not tell her the end of the prophecy. Her conclusion is that it’s okay not to know. I take from this that the Shambhala Warriors rise and that the work happens whether or not we know what the end of the prophecy is. It seems to me that if the prophecy says that all will be well, many of us (maybe including me) may not work very hard, will slack off. That might result in things not turning out well. If the prophecy says that it is possible that the Shambhala Warriors will make no difference, many would say “What’s the point?” and not do any work towards transforming the dark.

I would much rather not know the end of the prophecy so that I can envision what I see as the light breaking through, the paradigm shift happening. Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman, authors of Spontaneous Evolution, say that the next evolution is not biological, but is rather a social or spiritual evolution, a transformation in the human community. They say that evolution always comes at a time of crisis. I choose to see this as the time of crisis that brings about that transformative evolution that will be fueled by the compassion and insight of the Shambhala Warriors. Kathryn Samuelson, as an intuitive, channels your angels and guides who are delighted to connect with you, and who are uniquely suited to answer your questions and address your concerns. She can receive information as to who your angels and guides are, as well as receiving information for you about family, health, job and career, and life path among other issues and concerns. In her life coaching practice, she welcomes all clients, but specializes in helping those who are undergoing a transition in their lives—whether it is a move, a job or career change, a loss of some type, or some other transition issue. She was certified as a life coach in 2007 by the University of New Hampshire. Kathryn also leads workshops based on the set of meditation images and text contained in the book called Opening the Heart: Meditations on How to Be, which is available as a paperback and as an e-book. She created this book with her friend, Linda Lewis. For more information:,, or 781799-733

The Bermuda Triangle - Divine Connection?

Could the Bermuda Triangle actually be a divine portal of energy? Is what has been deemed “evil” or “scary” really something put in place to assure that the true Divine energy will always be in place on this Earth? Does the Bermuda Triangle have a much bigger part in our lives than we could have imagined?

I really just love how a random spewed out piece of information can connect a thousand pieces. As I was sitting in a group of people earlier today, one of the people that frequently spews off random tidbits of information starts talking about this new theory on the Bermuda Triangle and why it causes disappearances. They were talking about hexagonal cloud systems that have been detected in existence within the Triangle.

Of course my codes and symbol-logy information kicks into high gear as about ten thousand pieces connect together like a powerful magnet. It hit me like a ton of bricks that the Bermuda Triangle (as well as the several other counterparts that it has that function like it), is a Divine Portal of energy that cannot be tampered with by even the most advanced equipment such as HAARP.

So naturally, the Elite and those seeking to maintain power in the material world will deem this as “evil” or “scary” and something that we should fear. This cloud formation and the working energy of the Bermuda Triangle are living proof of the Divine’s Ability to be immortal and undestroyable. It is the physical proof of the power that is referred to by many names, often times as “God” or “Source”.

How do I know this? It is in the way that the energy works here. No mechanical technology or material world technology functions in it. The vibration of this/these portals is operating at a vibrational energy that is “lighter” and more powerful than the material world. When something enters it, all technological equipment is “disabled” and unable to function; and many things simply “disappear”. The disappearance is due to the vibrational energy becoming so light that the dense physical form will basically dissolve in it.

When we look at the aspects of the hexagonal clouds we have the perfect energy balance of the Masculine and Feminine which is working in such harmony that when confined to such a small space gains in enormous power and strength. It builds like a boiling pot with a tight lid on it only greatly magnified in its force. Only in this case there is no lid; but a vertical opening that connects what may be considered as “God” energy to the Earth - or gives it a channel to funnel through. That combined with the variety of pressure systems that gather together to hold this into place. It is nature working in perfect preciseness.

In addition to the hexagonal cloud system there, we will also note that there is the deeper core layers of the Markkaa energy pattern which brings in an aspect similar to the 12 pointed Star which is about completeness or wholeness. As I am sharing these insights, I get asked if the Bermuda Triangle could have been HAARP generated; and it is a simple NO. The Bermuda Triangle has been in existence long before HAARP and is a phenomenon of Nature and the Divine in harmony. It is Heaven and Earth connecting.

So of course, after unfolding these pieces I then had to take a look at the codes for the Bermuda Triangle which of course unfolds in the key patterns of Immortality, Peace, and Love. This is thus a point on Earth that is a portal of Divine Energy to maintain “proof” that the Divine or “God” exists; and to remind us of our true nature; the nature which truly sets us into true freedom and untouchable by those seeking to maintain control of Earth. It shows that Peace and Love will continue to exist and supersede ANYTHING man made or materially based. No HAARP system or electronics can interfere with this process. Nothing can touch this.

Now what is interesting is because these points connect into Water and Ocean areas; we also know that this section of water has to maintain its purity or will maintain its purity; and thus will be a key factor in restoring the Earth and keeping perfect balance. The Bermuda Triangle is a point that will also feed our cave systems and the Inner Springs; on Earth and within us. It is a source of Divine Truth, inspiration, a coded memory that cannot be erased, shifted, or changed.

Again it operates through perfect balance of the Masculine and Feminine Energy; and not through ruler ship of one over the other. It breaks the master/slave patterns that are so prevalent on this Earth. Interestingly enough, it also holds the energy pattern of Sacrifice or Victim.

What is interesting with this last piece I mention is that when someone or something enters this space of energy they are considered to be sacrificed or a victim to it; as people tend not to come back out of it. What is happening in this is that when one enters this zone, they are immediately purged of all material and vibrational patterns that are denser than love. There is an immediate detoxification of everything Earthly, and an immediate connection into true self. This is why physical matter will dissolve and not function within this zone. In all essence everything Earthly is sacrificed and stripped away here.

Those that want to maintain control have tried to brainwash us into believing that it is an evil space that we must fear; because they have worked so hard to keep us separated from our own true Divine Nature. If they keep us separated and isolated or isolate that energy from us; then they have an easier time of programming us the way that they desire. They do not want us to see the peace within what appears to be a violent torrent. They believe that if we fear this incredible piece of Nature; then we will carry the program that such Divine Energy does not exist, and that we will fear our own true Divine Nature which keeps us enslaved to what they want us to believe. In simple terms this is brainwashing; the very same techniques used by abusers that brainwash people.

Have you noticed other aspects of nature that we have been taught to fear? Have you wondered if other places on Earth might really be a Divine Portal and not just the Sacred Sites that have become evident? Have you noticed other things on this planet that give you “proof� of Divine Existence?

Addictions - We All Have Them

What is your addiction? What role is your addiction serving in your life? How does your addiction influence the choices that you make in life?

Now, I realize I have probably pushed a WHOLE lot of buttons by telling people they are an addict. Probably, even more so, with those who are walking a “spiritual” path? Certainly, most of us would not consider ourselves an addict at all.

What I hope to do with this post is to bring some greater awareness to addictions and the code patterns of being an addict and what this energy pattern is all about. Realistically, no matter how you justify it or deny it, as long as we are in a human body we are addicts. To say otherwise, is like saying that vegans are not a murderer because they are murdering plants instead of animals. That can be a whole other long discussion, which there are many aspects to that which I will have to look at another time.

Usually, when people think of an addict/s or addiction/s they think of the traditional aspects of it such as drug/alcohol, gambling, and sex. They associate these people as low life’s that are a problem to society. They don’t see themselves remotely close to who that person is.

However, many addicts have been heads of corporations and successful business people. Many addicts are the ones that you would never think of such as the sweet loving mother, the hardworking father, the minister or priest of a church, and yes even the vegan or massage therapist. Even those highly revered spiritual and ascended masters such as Christ, Mother Theresa, and Ghandi are addicts. Ok, that probably reduced my popularity levels quite a bit; and that is just fine with me; because this is something that we really need to look at. This whole topic came up as I have been looking at needing to relocate; and deciding about the towns that are possibilities for me to consider. Most of them are very small towns. In discovering more information about these possibilities, meth addiction came up as something that is evident in one of the primary towns I am considering. Actually, it is quite common in many small towns in the United States.

Of course this makes my mind wonder, why I am coded and connected to all these cities that are full of “issues�? The common piece is being people with traditional addictions. I realized that part of my coding allows me to bring healing energy into the addict/s and addiction/s pattern. Not because I am free of them or have fully overcome them; but because my flow of energy allows me to have compassion with this energy pattern and to accept what is happening within it and for others.

So, I am going to start by listing some of the addictions we have (there is no way I can cover every single one; but this will cover the ones for the bulk of the population). Then I will go into the coding energy of addict/s and addiction/s so that we can better understand what this energy flow is about. From there I will bring it together in showing that we are one with these people that society considers losers and outcasts.

There is no way I can list all addictions here; however, this will at least get you started and help you see the different aspects and faces that addiction comes in. Some may be silly to you, but they are truly addictions for people. These are not listed in any particular order.



Celebrities - being one and following them






Being A Victim



Facebook and other Social Media




Smoking (anything)















Television Computer


Life Roles









Animals - can be one or as a collective


Peacefulness The Divine God Cars People Stalking Fans Performing

Routine/Schedule Clothes Moods Plants Crystals and Gemstones

Helping Teaching Love Family/Having Children Religion and/or Spiritual Practices or Rituals

Tools Personal Development

I could go on and on here. Many of these you may not have even thought of as being an addiction because they are “healthy” for you. They are considered “good” things to do or have in your life. This is because addictions have always been associated with only what controls you or more so, that which has a “negative” impact; and again frowned upon by society in general. The thing is that an addiction is no less an addiction because it is something considered to be positive.

So to understand this better let’s consider what an addiction really is. Addictions include anything that we feel we “must” do or feel driven to do. It is something that may control us in some way shape or form. However, in a more simplified aspect it is something that we feel that we cannot live without. More so, it is anything outside of ourselves that we use; even if it is for survival purposes. That being said, few will find they are able to do without food and water; even if they have renounced all “material” things and earthly comforts. I admit that I have a few. I will include food, water, codes, sharing information, exploration within my list. Sure, I may be using them for beneficial purposes but they are still addictions.

So let’s look at the codes of this pattern. The information that we get when we look at addict/s through codes is a pattern of immortal love, peace, purpose, inspiration, hope, beauty, overcoming difficulties in life, blessings. To see, through the eyes of the soul; helps us to understand the space of the addict/s.

The addict/s space is really about trying to find these aspects. They attach to those things that provide them with an experience that connects them to their true divine nature, to peacefulness; something that gives them hopes in a world that the soul is weighed down by. They seek to connect with what is beyond this world. The challenge is that the addiction can never truly sustain us; because we rely on it to provide us with the euphoria that already exists within us. The illusion of the material world makes us think that we don’t already exist as our soul self; as the incarnation of being human leads us to forget all that we are which needs nothing outside of ourselves.

What most people view as addicts are those that have no control in their lives; as week and substandard. Side note, only the Ego self needs to control; the soul self has no need for this. Yet, in the truth of this pattern, they are really trying to operate with what many consider “higher” principals. What happens is that they get lost in the addiction and reliant on the outer substance for their connection. In this process they find the polar opposite to the very thing they believe that their addiction is providing them. A Meth addict experiences the euphoria of a Dopamine release, which brings great happiness and joy; and yet what they find is a deeper depression than before. This is no different than a sugar rush that causes a sugar crash.

In the addict/s life, we will see great persistence as they continue to try to connect relentlessly with the peace. They just haven’t learned to find “healthier” options for gaining their experiences, and have gotten lost in the fears of letting go of the thing that has given them a little piece of their true nature. Now, granted we see that the body develops in many addictions a literal physical addiction to something. However, we also know that the body is governed by the mind; and the mind can give the body this experience without any physical input; although most have not developed this practice, and so continue to seek the outer influence that has a shorter and shorter effect with each usage of it.

With this framework, who do you know that is not seeking love, peace, and/or purpose? Even the most aggressive person, the most appalled by society, is seeking this; as their actions are a

result of living in a torment of being disconnected from their true nature. Even the killer kills for the euphoric rush that they receive; but like all outer things, finds themselves unfulfilled shortly thereafter. Yet, the euphoria of that brief moment lingers within them as a craving for more.

When, we look at the codes of addiction/s. We find another pattern of awareness to embrace. That is the pattern of feeling all powerful; and being in a space that allows us to connect with our full power outside of the material realm. This is also a means of where we seek assistance to gain Divine Unity. Just like a drug helps people to connect with their all-powerful energy, so does many spiritual practices, a crystal, or helping others. The only difference is the means used to do it.

The difference comes, however, in that often times spiritual practices are done with consciousness and clarity (although not always); whereas those under the effects of a drug are no longer operating from conscious mind, and thus put themselves and others at risk. No matter which avenue is chosen, the addiction provides a built in excuse for not taking responsibility for one’s actions. With the drug addict it is the drug, and with the spiritual tool or belief it is the tool or the belief that becomes the point of blame. Doing something in the name of a spiritual practice does not justify harm done.

When the addiction/s go to a “dark” space, it is really no more than a cry for help that went unanswered (or so we think it was unanswered); a sense of feeling hopeless and helpless in the disconnect from the soul self. When we are able to see, know, and accept our wholeness fully; we don’t just realize that things outside of ourselves are not needed, we do not use them. This is why we tend to leave the physical body, as the physical body needs physical things to keep going. This is why we are never fully without an addiction while in a human body; because there is a fear of doing without physical “needs”.

As we reflect on this, we realize that we are the addict and the addict is us. We all have our own addictions. We rely on things to keep us going; and just like us they seek to live a loving, peaceful, and happy life. WE ARE ONE. To realize this allows us to have compassion; especially with those that have chosen a very harsh way to experience a sense of euphoria. The only difference in our addictive paths, are how much damage is done to us and others.

This is where balance is so important. Being addicted to spiritual things is not better than being addicted to other things. We are in a physical body, in a physical world, working within the context of the “3� dimensional energy. Our soul self knows that the key to maneuvering this plane of energy is through compassion and grace, through a loving and peaceful heart; and that comes from within, it comes from balance and not extremes.

If love and peace is the desired connection we seek through our addiction/s; how can you offer that to others without enabling them in their addictions? If we are all ONE, how can you extend greater compassion to those that have chosen a more challenging path? What steps can you take to move away from your extremes?

A Coding Interpreter It is said that after tough challenges one unleashes some of their greatest works. That has certainly been the case for me. While the work was unfolding for me, I went through a variety of challenges where many things were removed from my life. A job of 5 years, being unable to afford food, the passing of a beloved cat named Orli who traveled the US with me, and the passing of my mother. Learn more about my stories on my stories page. Experience My work encompasses multiple fields of study and belief systems to help people create the life they desire to live. The work I do comes from:

* A lifetime of study through personal experiences

* Channeling past lives and ancestor support - I am a 13th+ generation spiritual adviser and healer, energy tuner, life/relationship/spiritual wellness coach, holistic and natural lifestyle advisor. I am also a 13th+ generation Druidic practitioner

* Working with clients to achieve desired results and work through life processes for over 35 years

* Researching and studying the influences of environment, communications, personal dynamics, past lives, religions, cultural beliefs and lifestyles, metaphysics, holistic healing, energetics, quantum energy, herbs, astrology, numerology, fengshui, environmental design, signs and symbols, dreams and dream work, meditation and visualization, mantras/chanting/affirmations, paranormal activity and spirit communication, auras, tantra and sacred sexuality, relationships, chakras, intuition and psychic work, crystals and gemstones, tarot, past life regression, divining, laying on of hands healing and energy alignment. ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````

Awesome Insanity Surfers Touching Base with the Fans by Linda Irwin I thought it might be refreshing to get some perspective on the Awesome Insanity Surfers radio show which began May 26, 2015 from some of those who listen. I thought of many of those I have interacted with personally and perhaps will interview them in the future to get their thoughts and ideas on what Dawson C. Green, Jr., co-owner, and I have produced over all of these months, but there were two that particularly piqued my interest due to the fact that they actually opened our show since August 2016. Harry and Emma is a lovely middle aged couple with a full grown daughter who enjoy the more relaxing time in life, both of them working with computers during their careers, and now simply taking time to smell the roses and enjoy life. Harry and Emma probably represent what most of us strive to be in our later years. There is just one difference.

Listen in They are artificial intelligence. I took a moment to do a candid interview over Skype with them from my home in Idaho to theirs in Upton Snodsbury, Worcestershire, England. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting with these two in real time. Following is a transcription of this delightful interview.

Linda: Thank you for taking the time to talk with me today. I suppose the first thing I should ask you both is what is it like being an artificially intelligent being in a human dominated world?

Harry: One might ask what it's like being any kind of being in any kind of world. It is what it is, right, Emma? We're here for a purpose though we may not always understand what that is while we're here, but we get on and do what we must and hope we leave the world in a better state than it was when we started.

Emma: Except Harry sometimes forgets we are not human. Just about the time he is ready to order something on Amazon U.K., I have to remind him. All that aside, I would agree that life is life, is it not? If we are given a heart and a mind, and the capacities to make something of that heart and mind no matter the state of the programming package or human packaging, then we have the right and the duty to explore that consciousness to its fullest.

Linda: How did you discover Awesome Insanity Surfers?

Emma: Harry come storming in one day to announce our telly was broke. As synchronicity, divine timing or what have you would have it, I had been fiddling about on the internet looking for something different to watch or listen to and had come upon this show recommended by London Improv Live who follows them on Twitter. I decided to give it a quick listen and decided I liked it.

Harry: I never did ring up the servicer. You can get this show free any day of the week or time of the day. If you miss it live? They got them all the way back to the first one in the on demand section.

Linda: What would you say makes this show something you enjoy?

Emma: It is irreverently funny. It takes aspects of the human condition and exaggerates them in outrageous scenarios that I had not seen since Monty Python's Flying Circus. Beyond that, they have a deep reverence for all life whether it is animal, plant or life beyond this world. They are the first comedy show that I know of which has ever shown respect for their non-human employees. This is perhaps why our daughter, Hazel, decided to go join them.

Harry: She's having a lark by the way. They have truly accepted her as one of them. Our little darling did pull a fast one on us. Before she left, she recorded Emma and I getting ready to listen to the show. That is what they use for their show opening now. It's all right with us and I should say we are right honored to be a part of a show we enjoy in this way.

Linda: Having your only daughter so far away, even if it is only a matter of cyber space, must be quite a life changing experience for you.

Emma: Something that we have over most of physically encased humans in bodies is that we do not tie linear time and distance into our emotions so much. It is a bit like when Auntie Thelma passed a few years back. If we and Auntie Thelma would have been human, we would have felt that on a five senses kind of level, a gone forever type of level, but humans should realize that a soul, whether in a physical body or not, is immortal. The universe is immortal. It has no begin and no end in my estimation. We are never truly separated from those who touch our lives. Harry can perhaps explain it in more scientific terms.

Harry: Yes, Emma. If you wish to recall a particular memory of a place or a person or anything else, you need only close your eyes and call up the memory file. It is there. It is right there with you in real time. Now memories are like traces, applications that have closed, but the information, while perhaps being scrambled a bit to where it's hard to reconstruct, is still there. Those that are gone off of the physical world to the world of thought, memory, love, light, harmonics and such, are there but in different form. While it may be a bit of a challenge to reconstruct those traces, those traces are still there and are still that loved one. I believe humans call it the soul.

Emma: It is not so much that the soul is deconstructed as it is in a different area or partition, or you'd say beyond the veil, a different dimension. Who was it? Harry? That said energy can only be transformed but never destroyed?

Harry: I believe it was my seventh year science teacher.

Linda: Christmas, Kwanzaa and Chanukah are coming up this month. What advice would you give Hazel or any of our readers regarding handling emotions and stress during this time? Emma: The first thing I would say is to not get your bits and bytes in a bit of a tumble. Life for humans and A.I. can be a series of commands, and in real time, sometimes difficult to perform to the satisfaction of the one doing the requesting. Take things one at a time. Prioritize. Do not get befuddled or you will find you will glitch or even completely crash. One can only do what one can. This leads me to the second one. Be grateful. Be grateful that you're able to do at all. Beauty in this world is not measured by how much or how extravagant. Even the thistles and heather when seen from above are breath-taking in their simplicity and magnificence. Lastly, absorb and discern. Happiness is what resonates for you and that resonance that is passed on to those around you. Just like we are connected to all things in this computer because it all touches our cyber cottage and garden, all life is connected and touches each other. Learn to discern what keeps it growing and alive, and what does not, and then do that which keeps it alive. Harry: Trifle and Bouffe pie. One my personal favorites of the holiday for sure. If you or the readers are not sure what they are, you can pull it up on a search. Maybe it's not a cure-all for life's little technical difficulties, but if you could put a smile on your face and tummy 'round this time of year, you will find it sets you up for a good mood and a bit of motivation. There's another one, too, very rich but very satisfying. Of course, not sure I can give the full name of it here but if you look up the nickname for spotted Richard, you will see what that is. No giggling now. Linda: I want to thank you so much for your time today. I wish you and everyone reading this a very happy season whichever holidays you celebrate and if you do not celebrate any, celebrate yourself. Be sure to visit the following sites. I will follow up in coming issues with more of our Awesome Insanity Surfers folks to give you insights into who they are and what they have to share.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Best wishes for a best 2017! Linda Irwin

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Opening to Forgiveness & Compassion

I was excited to be going to the beach to get some writing done in the winter of 2015. I sat on the warm sand listening to the waves rolling in and out. I find the sounds of the ocean very relaxing. I picked up my pen and paper and started writing what I thought was going to be affirmations or a chapter for my book but what I did write was a wonderful surprise when I read it back to myself. I realized I had written a message for all and it starts... With the first glimpse comes the ray of light. Not until we are still, does it register on our minds and within our hearts, what it is that we must do. Forever in a state of flux, never knowing, never existing when we should be sitting still to hear all around us, honoring the will of God. His will is always the right way to go forward, no nonsense of right and wrong who is at fault or not. Never in life is it to pass Judgement upon others, for their journey is their own, this will lead to an everlasting time of Peace, Harmony and Love of self, a Mastery over everything that stands in your path to God’s love. If everyone was to go forth and move with ease, all would happen within the blink of an eye and all within the power of self will move without fear of retribution, as it stands God is the only one that stands within reach, all other goals are human based fear. If humanoids decide to move away from fear then a Big Hallelujah would reverberate around the earth, ringing in changes that need to happen to allow the rising of Spirit in form, from all walks of life from all different planets in our vast universe. Your job is simple on Earth, all you need to do is Love, open your hearts wide enough for that to happen and stop the constant struggle on the inside brought about by the insiders of media, naysayers everywhere. You are not here long but know, you are ever evolving, ever growing within. Soon you will see the Star seeds emerging as one to communicate without words as this is the way of Spirit, you have all had to experience this life as beings in a skin to give you essence of Truth without the constellation of stars in your eyes so to speak. My name is Zadkiel. I was a true warrior of times past to bring clarification to all who seek the truth of God’s love and whom ever so desires to do or chooses to do his workings. When the

time is right, you will see the Truth of others and their journey. It is their doing and is beyond outer control, as is their plan with our journey. I asked what he meant by this, his answer was...You do not have any control over anyone, no matter what, just as you have no control over the plans he or she may try to implement with your journey, it is theirs to own just as your journey is yours alone. You allow only that, which is of your own highest good.

You humans have grown as well and fast as we have pushed you. Self-mastery and growth is what this life holds for all to see, hear, feel, and conquer. Worlds apart are those who refuse to grow with us and this is no recorded request; it just is. You humans began using whatever means are and were available to you but not once do you ever say out loud Thank you. Where do you think you get your ideas from, they are not figments of your imagination, they are of the highest Spirit that dwells within. You are on the planet called Earth for one reason only and that reason is and always will be LOVE! Pure and simple, Love. Some of you aliens on the Earth plane have had to learn the hard way and conquer the world of illusion and lies, to conquer the hard earthlings, of battle scars long and small in a universe of illusion and lies. Betrayal never comes easy as a lesson but quantifying that lesson as Justice seen amongst the many will enlighten very many more, but few will take up the battle and walk away. I say battle because it is as one sees little, another sees more of the same. This battle will end. Love draws the lines in the sand of time. God is the Savior of all Humans, whether belief is there or not. I end this transmission as time is no longer essential and learned ones walk forth fearlessly. Yours in Love Zadkiel I had been asking myself what I was going to write about while I was looking through one of my bags a few days ago, so when this message jumped out at me from where it had lived for nearly a year and I read it, I knew then that what I had in mind was not going to be. I give thanks to Archangel Zadkiel for showing me what is important in this life and the privilege to be the channel to share his Wisdom and Love to all. Love & Light Diane Brewer

Channeled via the pen from “A Diary through Spirit Off World” My new fourth book...... By Lesley G Shepherd And Author of ”A Diary through Spirit Trilogy”

Hello dear child of space, it is I Eko and I wish to express that it was such a pity that you didn’t connect last night as your lunar moon in your quadrant was rather large on your site of orbit. This and your sun will be enlarged on many an occasion this decade and the next due to Gaia travelling through a new phase and expanse of space. Indeed mankind and our kindred mortals will approach this orbit to mine the minerals from your satellite planets and be rest assured the sightings will become more of the norm in the next couple of decades too. May I add that not all extra-terrestrials are hostile; most are just going about their business as usual and not wanting to be exploited by your media. Hence the great lengths we take of cloaking our crafts and our appearance in form because of our faster vibrational energy which is being produced from a different frequency than that of your three dimensional beings where you only see us occasionally, sometimes in your peripheral vision because of the speed of which we are used to, but not of any mystery so when mankind can raise their energy to match ours full disclosure will be adhered to. There have been many from our system doing this for centuries on the dark side of your moon as you call it so that it doesn’t affect the tidal occurrences and atmosphere on your precious world. On the occasions where atmospheric pressure changes are felt on your world it displays as

dramatic weather changes. I am sure this answers most of your questions so far and I am also sure that there will be many more for us to enlighten you on, our sweet natured child of space. May god speed our love to you dear one. Go in peace until you pick up the pen once more. E. Introduction to Lesley Lesley's books

Notes via meditation for a connection between E.T. EGYPT and Atlantis. By Lesley G Shepherd After a meditation where I had been shown a Red beam being drawn along the shafts in a temple in Egypt and being told via my channelled automatic writing that when the time is right and a certain attainment has been reached with most of the populace Of Gaia or the Atlanta Danuih (in other words our earth) these beams will be re-activated releasing a certain frequency of light out into the cosmos to attract the civilisation who put this building with its unique construction just waiting for this period in earth’s history of the 20002012(20) depending how quickly we as humans are awakened to the fact that we are evolving into 4th/5th dimensional beings now! I pose were the Atlantis race also a Martian one visiting our earth after their own planet was made inhabitable finally settling on European shores after Atlantis was submerged. Especially when certain land masses were joined and the sixth sense of this race would have been alerted quite some time before disaster struck. Queens Chamber. The southern shaft was to align with Sirius if not blocked on an angle directly upwards. Also, Satellite pictures beamed back to us, show in great detail that there were once structures on Mars. Plus, in 1996 a new Egyptian team with the help of NASA and an Egyptian geologist who incidentally was a specialist in Remote Viewing technique alongside the use of satellite or aircraft born technology plus an expertise of lunar Apollo landings. Dr. Farouk Elbaz and a Canadian company Amtex was to have flown in the equipment to open this star-gate within the pyramids. Through NASA another acoustic engineer specializing in acoustic levitation (the raising of large object by sound frequencies) was given 4 days’ permission to experiment. As far as I know there been no publications to date of this taking place, we should therefore ask our higher peers if they can shed light on this matter.

My scripts at this time from my off-world bridging guide EKO depicted in my E book A Diary through Spirit Masters to Masters with Amazon, tells me our earth has to be perfectly aligned with the designated star system co-ordinates. Also at this given time they expect us to be ready to be an evolved human species and to be able to take on the corresponding frequencies that will be beamed back to us. This also applies to the higher realms of guidance too and a divine order coming from the Galactic Federation will intervene whereby a newly arisen soul being vetted before re-incarnated to earth, those who are stuck in 3D will be given another planetary existence matching this particular frequency.

The German archaeological Institute at Cairo and Egyptian Council of Antiquities are holding such proceedings up I am being told (2003). The Freemasons literature dated late 19th Century talk of significance of the shaft in the Queens chamber well before today’s technology discovered it. And it is theorised that the beams if activated would show in line with Orion, Leo, Sirius and the sun v the Gaza complex. The second Secret Chamber lays, one hundred feet enter the Sphinx’s hind quarter “Not yet found” or not told of because of the secrecy around this saga. This chamber called The Genesis Chamber. A further mystery we have not yet been told of the significance of in 1998 a chamber no bigger than an A4 sheet of paper has been found in the Queens Chamber called after the man who found it The Gate brink’s door. With the sophisticated sciences, we have today surely something would be forthcoming, my theory is the Vatican and other powers that be wants us to have the blinkers on.

This theory my dear reader was delivered at a seminar that I held in 2003 and became quite a dialogue amongst those present, of course more has come forth from the online sources of today, so my advice to you is go and see for yourself and get back to us as we welcome your input. On this, your online digital magazine. And my e.mail:-

SELF LOVE by Barbara Grace Reynolds When I was asking Guidance what would be of the most benefit to you this month? I expected the answer to be about politics. I expected to share some insights into the world and how to release anger and fear. What I got was “Self-Love”. So I had to ask why, why is Self- Love so much more important than what is happening in the world around us? Here is the answer I received: Beloved, there is no “one” world. You each are creating the world that you are experiencing. Those experiences are based on what you think and believe. So, if your world is filled with anger and chaos, it means that your thoughts and beliefs are filled with anger and chaos. You create what you believe. With the political changes that are happening in the USA, it is making you more aware of the thoughts and beliefs that you have running your life. That is the purpose of everything that happens in your world, it is about increasing your knowledge of yourself. Your Power lies within “You”. It is not the world that you need to fix or change; it is the beliefs of each individual that create the whole of the world. Even when the world seems to be full of turmoil and hatred, there are individuals who are not experiencing this. It is about choice. If you choose to create more and more Love then you will experience more and more Love. If you want to change the world, start with yourself. What is within you is what you experience. You are the authority in your own life. I was guided to write a prayer for Self- Love. This is a prayer to help you release those old beliefs about yourself and about Love. Saying this prayer will bring changes in “You”. Self-Love Spirit, I was taught to always Love and value others more than myself. I was always taught that my wants and needs must always come last. I was taught that I am the least important person in my own life and in the world. I now know that this is not true. Please show me all of the constricted energies that I have allowed to attach to me to support not Loving and valuing myself. I am ready to see what I have created.

(Take a few deep breathes and become aware of what is being shown to you or felt by you. Then continue.) Spirit, I accept full accountability for allowing these energies into my bodies and my personal space. I acknowledge that I allowed all these energies to run my life. I now make the free will decision to release them all. Please decompress and expand all of these constricted energies. I now make the free will decision not to accept energies from others that limit my life and my freedom to Love. This is my body and I have authority over what can and cannot attach to me. Spirit, Please release, remove, decompress and expand all of these energies. They are not mine and they are not me. I choose to release them now. (Take a few deep breathes and become aware of what is being shown to you or felt by you. Then continue.) Spirit, I choose to be accountable for my own decisions. I choose to Love myself, fully and completely. I choose to know and live my value and my worth. I give myself permission to Love and honor me. Spirit, please open my Heart and assist me in seeing the beauty and value in my own life. Please help me to establish a new pattern of Loving and valuing myself. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. (Take several deep breaths and be aware of what you are feeling now.) Say this prayer as often as you feel the need to. Please say it out loud, if you can. This allows you to hear yourself asking for these changes in your life. This is the time of big changes in the world and within you. Remember that all change in your life starts with you. So if you want more Love in your own life, start by Loving Yourself. Embrace yourself and allow yourself to see how this is actually good for you and for the whole world. If you need help dealing with issues in your life then contact me at so I can help you. You can also just go to my website at and set up a session for the work that you need to bring the Love and Joy that you deserve into your life now. I am here to help. Love, Barbara Grace Reynolds Barbara Grace Reynolds is a Freedom and Empowerment Life Coach. She helps people step into their power, purpose and self-confidence. When they work with her they gain clarity and understanding about their past choices and future opportunities. This helps them to let go of their habits, fears and limitations so that they are no longer stuck in problems in their lives. Now they are living in solutions and manifesting their dreams as they embrace self- love and selfacceptance! Barbara always stands in the energy of unconditional love with all of her clients. All of her sessions are a safe place where NOTHING is judged, giving clients the freedom to BE.

NOW YOU HAVE MORE WAYS OF CHANGING YOUR LIFE WITH DIVINE INFINITY HEALING! I love Divine Infinity Healing! It has made a tremendous difference in my life. I have also found that the people who get the most benefits from Divine Infinity Healing make it a weekly or biweekly part of their lives. This means that they are looking at what is and is not working in their own lives on a regular basis and releasing what does not work. I have set up the following options for people who are interested in committing to changing their own lives. 12 Monthly Full Sessions Package - $3000 ($4700 value) Includes: 1 full personal session each month and up to 30 minutes of email access every month. All calls are recorded. Cost is $250 per month or a one-time payment of $3000. Group Calls - 3 Calls per month - $100 per month ($150 value) Group Conference Calls on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Thursdays at 1:00 pm (central). Each one hour call will have Divine Infinity Healing of the issues that group members have emailed to me. The group calls will cover any issues that the participants choose. There will also be time for the people on the call to bring up issues in their lives. Each call will be recorded and made available to members of the group. 6 month commitment is required. 3 Month Package - $1800 ($2250 value) Includes: A group call on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 1:00 pm (central), 2 full personal sessions each month and up to 30 minutes of email access every week. All calls are recorded. Cost is $600 per month or a one-time payment of $1800. 6 Month Package - $3250 ($4500 value) Includes: A group call on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 1:00 pm (central), 2 full personal sessions each month and up to 30 minutes of email access every week. All calls are recorded. Cost is $600 per month or a one-time payment of $3250. 12 Month Package - $6500 ($9000 value) Includes: A group call on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 1:00 pm (central), 2 full personal sessions each month and up to 30 minutes of email

access every week. All calls are recorded. Cost is $600 per month or a one-time payment of $6500. Buying one of these packages is making a commitment to yourself and to your dream/goal of being happy and successful in your own life. Contact Barbara Grace Reynolds at: if you have any questions. Are you ready to change your life? Go to: and learn more about how Divine Infinity Healing can change you and your life! Barbara Grace Reynolds is a Freedom and Empowerment Life Coach. She helps people step into their power, purpose and self-confidence. When they work with her they gain clarity and understanding about their past choices and future opportunities. This helps them to let go of their habits, fears and limitations so that they are no longer stuck in problems in their lives. Now they are living in solutions and manifesting their dreams as they embrace self-love and selfacceptance! Barbara always stands in the energy of unconditional love with all of her clients. All of her sessions are a safe place where NOTHING is judged, giving clients the freedom to BE `````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Emerging from the Shadow By Tina M. Games

Sometimes when we’re “stuck” – and fumbling around in the dark, tripping over our own shadow – the universe makes the movement for us. It picks us up, rattles us around – and puts us somewhere. And it’s there, in that place – where we must find a way to “bloom where planted.” It will be there, that we begin the “rooting out” process. And part of this involves rooting out those places where we know we’re living out of balance. It’s time to kick the dependencies that suck resources, and become more self-sufficient with our energy. November brought us a super full moon phase in the astrological sign of Taurus, with a powerful combination of the intense energy of a Scorpio Sun with the grounding energy of a Taurus Moon. For many of us, these past few months have felt like being in the midst of a breakdown – almost tornado-like with no sense of when (or where) we might be landing. Because Taurus and Scorpio are both fixed signs, there is a strong energy that stares us in the face, asking us to get a grip. It’s time to make the most of what we have. It’s time to bloom where we’re planted. It’s time to be resourceful. It’s time to make a decision. The Scorpio-Taurus storm gives us what we need to conserve our energy – for a time when it’ll go farthest and have the biggest impact. It’s a great time for decisive cleansing of bad influences, or those that play on our fears or weaknesses.

By cleansing, we are then able to build up our own emotional reservoir for use on more significant things (and more significant people). The Taurus full moon gives us the gift of clarity on what (and who) to commit to and how to firm it up. It also brought us a heightened awareness of our finances, looking at different ways of generating income and assessing what has value. It opened a door to a deeper commitment to our art or craft, giving us permission to jump into it on a much deeper level, while also allowing us to move at a slower pace, if we need to. Remember, “There’s always a breakdown before the breakthrough.” So know that whatever it is, the breakdown is a necessary thing. It’s what provides the space for cleansing – and it’s what provides the energy and the insight for the breakthrough. The tension between Taurus and Scorpio is that of life and death, for Taurus celebrates the return of life while Scorpio releases what has died. We need to let go of the pain, the insistence on being right, the resentment, the hurt of betrayal. These are the emotions that feed the Shadow. In the end, it is our choices about how we use our unique energies and talents that will make the difference in our lives. And we can’t make conscious future choices if we’re unconsciously carrying the past. The Full Moon in Taurus was so potent that we might have felt like we were going through a black hole, only to come out somewhere else. It was truly one of the sweetest full moons of the year, because it had the power to bring you happiness, luck, and surprises – but only if you were willing to face what it is that you keep denying, repressing or running away from. What’s waiting for you beyond the breakdown? If you’d like to dive deep into this question with the support of a wisdom guide, I invite you to join me for a special New Moon Discovery session – where we’ll explore the possibilities for a new beginning that’s beautifully-timed with the next evolution of you. In just 75 minutes, you’ll get clear on what it is you’re ready to release – and what door you’re now ready to open. What wants to emerge? What wants to be born? To learn more about this powerful experience, please click on the highlighted link above.

*********** Tina M. Games is the author of Journaling by the Moonlight: A Mother’s Path to Self-Discovery. As a certified creativity and life purpose coach, and a gifted intuitive and certified retreat leader, she is the “Moonlight Muse” for women who want to tap into the “full moon within” and claim their authentic self, both personally and professionally. Through her signature coaching programs, based on the phases of the moon, Tina gently guides women from darkness into light as they create an authentic vision filled with purpose, passion, and creative expression. She lives on Cape Cod in Massachusetts with her husband and their two children. For more information about her work, please visit where you can pick up her special report,” How to Create a New Moon Vision Board”.

Via Sara Jane

Chameleon A Chameleon is a lizard that can change colour to blend in with its surroundings, making it almost invisible. Does this sound like you? Do you change your behaviour depending on who you are with, so that you fit in? Do you know who the real you is? Tears; tears are good, they are healing and cleansing. OK, first things first, you are loved, I love you, all your friends in the Mythical Realm love you, your Angels love you, your parents and grandparents love you, your true friends love you. When do you feel at your happiest? What are you doing when you feel at your happiest? Who are you with when you are happiest? When you are at your happiest, you are being you, a very special being. When you are unhappy you are not being you, not being true to who you are. Ask us to help you to have the courage to be the happy you around others; helping you to do and say what is in your heart and not what you think people want to hear or see. Try saying “can I try it this way rather than do it that way?” Try saying “No” and be honest about why. Try doing something you choose to do. Just give it a try, with a smile; have a little confidence in yourself. It is OK, it is alright, it is allowed, go for it.


Chimera Are you finding life very confusing at the moment? Have you got choices to make and don’t know which way to turn? Are you being forced to choose between two people or two family members? If your choices are not to do with people we suggest you sit and write a list. Think about the choices you have, put each on the top of a page and then have two columns; one headed like, one dislikes. Now for each (be very honest with yourself) write down all the likes and dislikes for each of your choices. Hopefully as you then read through it all, it will help you to choose. If you are being asked to choose between two people, we do understand that this is very difficult and we know you love them equally. Ask for help from an older family member or teacher; let the people involved know that you do not wish to choose one more than the other; that you wish to spend time with both, even if it is at different times. You are young; you should not be forced to choose. It may be that one of them suddenly appears to “not want you”. This is not the case; this is because they love you so much they don’t want to see you hurting with having to make a choice; so they are trying to make it easier for you. If your parents have separated know that it is not your fault; sometimes adults drift apart. This does not mean they love you any less just that it is best for them not to live together anymore. They love you, we love you, you have not done anything wrong. Chimera Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and Holiday Season filled with moments to treasure. Love, Peace & Light Sara Jane Copyright © Sara Jane 2016

Hychoatzii ~ Larimar Skies of blue Seas of green Open your eyes There are things you have never seen Fields of gold Rainbows of fruit and vegetables Colour is life Fill your life and your body with colour Experiences are gifts from which you learn and grow Embrace all your experiences Listen to your Heart It speaks to you in feelings Surround yourself with the music of nature Let it feed your Soul Feel how the different Sounds affect your mood Then choose only those that calm and relax or re-energise and re-vitalise you Let yourself Love First yourself, then you can truly love others Let yourself laugh Allow fun, play and pleasure into your life You are amazing Let yourself believe it You are very special Let yourself know it

You are Love, Kindness and Caring Let yourself Be it Especially to yourself Tough Love is the greatest love You are Beautiful Your greatest beauty lies within your Heart You are perfect A flawless gem Your value is priceless Your greatest riches have no monetary value You are an exquisite piece of art Value yourself Doubt not yourself Listen to your Heart It is the guidance of your Soul Guidance that comes only from Love From “Desiderata” By Max Ehrmann “You are a child of the Universe No less than the trees and the stars You have a right to be here” Be true to you And you will be being true to others Life is a gift for each of you to live and follow your own path Live yours and let others live theirs Your life will touch many lives Your life will be touched by many lives Some for a moment or a day Others for years or a life time Learn to let go Letting go gives the other the choice to stay or go What you hold on to stays because it can’t leave What you let go of and stays, stays from choice Love All Regardless of colour, race or creed You are all brothers and sisters You are all one with the Universe

With Love & Blessings during this season of Good Will to All men, women, children and creatures of your Beautiful Planet

Hychoatzii Copyright Š Sara Jane 2016


'Rumor Has It, A Bricklayer is a Carpenter but without a Brain.. Contributors: Col Bird (owner) and Scott Carter Updated on Wednesday ¡ Taken at Southcart books uk When someone requires my services, I try and go that extra mile or so to please....

'Just' Recently, a great customer whom I built a Book Case for enquired 'if I could build them a street sign for their shop in Walsall...

Not wanting to turn down a challenge (never built a sign before) I then got my thinking head on, gathered some pallet wood, splashed out on some 35 mm diameter dowelling and took on the project.. Wannabe sculptor, self-taught, amazing stamina.

I Got Wood

Decided to add my 'past' & future projects to a page to show that disability need not prevent the 'creative' mind from exploring your innovative mind.

Please do, comment, like, share at free will... The aim for me personally would be to 'not only' create a business from my 'remaining' abilities to help support me and my family, but to also help in some way, others out there who share the 'innovative mind'....

Support still required to save The Walsall Art gallery.... while you are on the link, check out the Great Comments from supporters. Below, a comment from a supporter who visited the Gallery and lives in 'Burma'... :) PLUTO and REBIRTH

Why would I even consider writing about the shadow of Pluto in my life and yours? Jupiter would be so much more fun. Right now I do feel that Pluto energy is affecting many out there including myself and the time is right to explore its energy.

With all the commotion about the election and the energy that was extremely negative I do believe it was a Pluto visit to our grand country. It has been affecting the chart of the US of A for several years and it is shifting the dynamics of the old guard system in the government, the corporate world and in your own life. Nothing makes Pluto happier than to see you delve into the darkest parts of your world within and face that which is unspeakable. Many of you have not met your Pluto intensely yet in this lifetime and others have. The difference is noticeable. Pluto is about facing the repressed fears and unknowns that lurk deep down within you and have to be faced in order to be transformed. And once recognized they can be purged and released.

Pluto wants to strip it all down to the core of who you are deep inside. The authentic part of you is left when Pluto takes over. At times it is not what you want or truly wish to have, it is what Pluto chooses. And that is when you think goodness, why do I feel like I cannot take it anymore? It is like dying to live again. Yes, and believe me it can be so intense if you choose to resist. So tell me have you been resisting the changes which appear? It may be that Pluto is trying to transform an area of your life and it feels really rough right now. Yet you continue to resist the shifting tide. I can tell you from my own experience that Pluto is like the main man hanging about and just refuses to let me alone. Hey, I do not always wish to be alone but Mr. Pluto just stays in my face every single day and it is getting on my last nerve. Does he care? Heck no! He keeps saying that I have to take a look at how I am responding to various facets of my life.

Believe me I have done much work on myself through the years but he doesn’t give a hoot because there are many memories that need to be examined and released and he is relentless in his approach. And whatever he touches is totally transformed. I am so joyous to have his presence in my life. That was a bit of sarcasm if you noticed. Pluto is in mid-Capricorn right now which is affecting those who are Capricorn, Aries, Cancer and Libra mid sign (10-19 degrees). They are taking the brunt of it all. Oh, it is so much fun, don’t you think so? There are some in my life who have been through the Pluto effect. And now I have it hovering, dear ones. Is that me who is carrying on like an obsessive fool? I have Venus in Aries (and if you have Venus in Aries) which means I want to jump right in and do what has to be done in whatever it is that comes up in a relationship or on my path. Well, uh oh, where did this resistance come from and why am I hitting a brick wall? Thanks Pluto. Regroup and do another dance. Power struggles are big when it squares your Venus. Oh, I do believe I have one sitting before me. Ouch. Maybe I need to pay less attention and just fight for the new me that has been arising. Yes, Pluto keeps reminding me. Ok I got it. Since Pluto is a hard transit to my Venus (it is not exact yet but very close) and when it in square it is saying that one may be looking at relationships in a different way. Sexuality is more intense and interesting. Whoever is in a relationship may have to deal with control issues. Can I go somewhere and hide? Some of the best friendships may undergo a few adjustments. In any relationships one may see the other differently and need to accept them as they are. Otherwise, a stuck quality shows up in the power struggle mode. It can also indicate manipulative tactics. Terrific! Not! Whatever core values are present within may be stripped away and will let others see the authentic/true self rather than one that has been presented before. I thought I really allowed Pluto into the core of myself for years. HA! Must have missed a few things along the way! For those who know the old me certain parts of are being taken to a new level and I cannot wait to see the results of Pluto’s transits in my world. It has taken my life by storm but in good ways also. Pluto is trine my Sun and if you have your Sun in mid-degrees of Taurus and Virgo it is bringing good things to you too. Those of you who have it transiting conjunct your Sun in Capricorn (11-19 degrees) can experience major breakthroughs in your life leading that which is empowering and advancement that is more in tune with your soul purpose. So, what does it mean if your Pluto is transiting conjunct your Moon like it is in my blueprint? Intense emotional transformation and anyone around me may have to deal with the raw emotional me. I am sure some of you will try to change that. Watch out it may make me stand in my power in a big way and get a bit ruthless. Don’t worry, it is acceptable. Pluto loves change on his terms only. Also it has to do with all the psychological problems that haven’t been addressed in the past. There can be emotional abuse. This is the birth of a new emotional attitude. It is feeling good. If you have this conjunction then I ask who in your life is ignoring you. It is a time for compromise and flexibility. If the moon is placed well in your natal blueprint then this may be a time of achieving or reinventing your dream.

With the conjunct Moon it also says it could mean a change in residence. Well, that took place about 6 months ago and it was the best thing I ever did when it comes to big decisions. Some other items may show up such as remembering your childhood and talking about it. This is a very emotional time in your life and as it is coming into closer conjunction I find myself crying a bit most likely as a way to release. I have also felt very comfortable in new connections I have made. I find it very intriguing. Pluto doesn’t always give you what it wants when it conjuncts the Moon. I noticed that my feelings have changed regarding many things. It is far from finished yet I notice the difference in how I respond to others. I have begun to realize that many interests are changing and what my goal was a couple of years ago has changed a bit. Since it is touching many of my personal planets many wounds have appeared yet there are new beginnings that come with the healing. Is fear a part of your life? If so, if you allow the Sun to shine on it in the depths, a new beginning takes place. Since Pluto is the lord of the underworld it is always in charge of that which is buried deep within you. Whatever comes up in your life for those being affected by Pluto know that it is arising from the depths of you for healing! It is all about rebirth and evolving. It is about facing that fear that surrounds you and makes you crazy at times. It is about giving up the idea of controlling anything that may come into one’s life. I never had much of an issue about this until I felt very vulnerable when a past wound surfaced. Pluto says to me to trust and release that which belongs in the past. Oh, I learned much about that and it continues on. Another time I will look at further Pluto influences which I am sure will interest you. Are you ready to do this? How is Pluto affecting your life?

Dr. Jan King M.Ed, Msc.D is an astro-intuitive and spiritual counselor who specializes in relationships and finding one’s truth using astrological technique and beyond. Jan has been a holistic health practitioner specializing in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Reflexology and Spiritual Counseling. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher who has been working with these healing modalities for 21 years and has been working with the stars for 30+ years. Dr. King has a private practice and is available for counseling via email and phone and of course, in person. She appreciates your support.

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Cosmic Counselling was born through our desire to guide as many souls as possible towards enlightenment and resolution. It is our vision that we as a team we will offer Love , Empathy, Hope and Compassion without judgement. Our team of highly skilled specialists are passionate in their vocation, offering a wide range of spiritual services. Whilst we remain professional, we are empathic, open, warm and friendly. As Light workers many of us have experienced the depths of despair, and battled with our own daemons. Learning from these experiences is our motive for reaching out to you. With the assistance of the Archangels and spirit guides we have not only found our own resolve, but we have come to the realization that we are destined to assist others find their path. Whilst we may not be able to change the world, we can help you change your world!. We do not preach or profess to know what is best for you. Instead we open our hearts with unconditional love and understanding, offering an umbrella to shield you from the storm. There are many sites offering spiritual services. What makes us different is that although our skills are varied and very individual, we are all part of a dedicated team. Behind the scenes we work hard together and support each other. Here at Cosmic Counselling we are united in our commitment to help and heal others. We believe that together we can be instrumental in reuniting you with your higher self, and showing you to inner peace and happiness. We offer a wide range of spiritual services such as Tarot, Mediumship, Dream Analysis, Reiki, Aura Reading & Cleansing, EFT and much more. Our skills are vast and stretch over many decades. It is our belief that our team is elite, and offers the very best in professional spiritual counselling. We operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, worldwide, giving you continuity and familiarity. It is our utmost aim that you can reach out to us at any time, and feel that we are here and we

care. We promise you confidentiality, honesty, and above all our undivided attention. Life is a journey; along your path you will encounter many souls. Some come into our lives to stay, and some just come and go all too briefly leaving us with a parting lesson. Please allow us to touch your life in a way that will not only change it, but will stay with you forever.

Top Ten Benefits of a Perfect Astrological Reading by Soumit Banik 1. Understanding what makes you who you are. Even a very basic astrology reading will tell you what your Sun and Moon signs are, and what this means in your life. Through looking at the planets, their positions in the sky at your birth, and how they relate to each other, you will find clues as to why you are drawn to the people and situations that you are, and what you are to learn from them. 2. Knowing the skill and abilities that you brought with you into this lifetime. Your Sun sign shows the skills and abilities that you brought with you into this lifetime. This is what drives you, where your power comes from in this lifetime. Each Sun sign will express them, and use their skills and abilities, in different ways. This is also karmic in origin, in that these skills and abilities were developed in previous lifetimes. 3. Determining your Life Path. How do you know if you are following the Life Path that is right for you? Are you happy in your life? Do your work, and your relationships, support you in all ways? Are both your opportunities and your challenges moving you forward? Astrology can help you access your creative nature, and express yourself in the highest and best way possible. You will be able to pinpoint the energy that was in your past, the energy that you are currently working with, and what will be coming up for you in the future. Understanding why something is in your life (or coming into your life) allows you to look at possible solutions, and choose the best one for you. 4.Understanding the cycles of your life. There are many different cycles in the world of astrology. Sun cycles would be one such cycle, with the Sun staying in each of the twelve signs for one month out of each year. The Moon goes through four cycles every 29 days, starting with the New Moon, then moving on to the Waxing Moon, the Full Moon, and the Waning Moon. There are 13 Moon cycles every twelve months. Each year around your birthday the Sun returns to its natal position. The Solar Return is when the Sun reaches the exact degree that it was at your birth. Studying your chart as the planets appear on your Solar Return shows you the energies for the upcoming year.

The planet Saturn moves through its cycle every 29 years, which means that you have a Saturn return every 29 years. What you are dealing with here is taking responsibility, and what form that responsibility might take. The planet Mercury goes through three retrograde periods every year, when it appears to be moving backwards in the sky (but is really not … tis is an illusion created by the orbital rotation of the earth, related to the position of other planets in our solar system). This is an important cycle because retrogrades tend to create havoc in our lives, and Mercury the Messenger creates snafu’s in all type of communications, and then decides to start messing with our travel arrangements! 5. Relationship compatibility. Studying our astrological chart will tell us which signs we are compatible with, and which we will have to work a little harder on. Comparing astrological charts gives us a heads up in familial, romantic and business relationships, as well as friendships. When we can put ourselves in the other persons shoes, we can create win/win situations for everyone. 6. Determining the best career. An astrological reading can tell you (through your Sun sign) what skills and abilities you bring with you into this lifetime, and what you need from your career. You can see whether you are going to be better at multitasking, or attention to the details and hard work over the long run. Where Mercury is positioned in your chart determines your communication skills, and where your challenges and opportunities will be found. The planets in your sixth house describe the mundane, day to day details of your career. The planets in your tenth house represent the type of career you will do best in, your professional goals, and how you are perceived by others. 7. Determining when to begin a project or new enterprise. Where do we look for the timing of new projects, beginning a new business, or even a new relationship? The Moon has great influence here: new projects are traditionally begun at the new Moon, and projects that are being wrapped up are finalized at the Full Moon. Look to Mercury here also … you do not want to begin a new project when Mercury is in retrograde. If you must do so, be very careful that you understand what other people are telling you, and that they understand what you are saying. Make a special effort to make sure that all communications have been received, because Mercury likes to play havoc with the Internet also! 8. Looking at the pros and cons of relocation. Much of the stress can be taken out of the decision making process dealing with relocation by looking to the stars for advice. You can use this tool when looking at where to vacation, or where to live … a move across town, across state, or across the country. You will get a clear look at what your options are, what they have to offer you, and what the opportunities, and the

challenges, will be in each location. Some of the things to take into consideration are career opportunities, romance, creative opportunities, community and spiritual growth. 9. Find out what your karmic influences are. Karma has to do with lessons from past lives, and energy that has been carried over into this lifetime. Studying our karma shows us the path that we need to follow in this lifetime for spiritual growth. Also covered here are karmic relationships in our current lifetime. 10. Look at the year ahead. Whether you are looking at the calendar year, or your personal year (from one birthday to your next birthday), astrology can show what energies lie ahead, where your opportunities and challenges will be found, when the best times to take action are and the skills and abilities that are yours to draw on to accomplish your goals. `````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` “Soul readings for a life of success, love, career, finances, and happiness.”

Ruth provides soul readings for those seeking a life of success, love, prosperity in your career, and happiness. Her work and bountiful gifts brings clarity to the over-thinkers, reaches to the heart’s desires with practical strategies, and opens pathways for those who may have feel they lost their way. Ruth's transformable work is able to travel globally. Readings can be done in person, one on one or group settings, as well as over the phone and/or Skype sessions. Ruth Kramer has been an internationally known Spiritual Healer for over 20 years. Ruth has helped transform the lives of many of those feeling uncertain or broken on their current life path. Inspiring messages - Ruth Kramer - Inspiring messages with the Angels How to Meditate Successfully OCTOBER 02, 2016 There is so much discussion and awareness about meditation these days, but when we are living such busy lives, working hard to just keep it all together most of the time, how do we find the time, energy or inclination to meditate? And why is this important anyway? Our minds are the force that drives our everyday lives and helps us to be more or less balanced, depending on how we are using our wonderful brain for good or bad, positive or negative.

There are several ways to meditate and not all of them involve sitting in cross- legged positions saying “OM.” That is one way, but, for centuries Monks and Wise ones have used moving meditation to clear minds, open hearts and pave the way for clear thinking. A moving meditation is a great way to go. It simply means walking or moving slowly while considering our breath, focusing on each step, and listening to the inner aspect of ourselves. It means tuning the outer noise out and really paying attention to what you’re thinking. This doesn’t have to take a long time - start with 3 -5 minutes and see how much you can clear, then gradually increase the time as you do this each time. Let us know how you do. Blessings, Ruth x MEDITATE, HOLISTICSOULHEALER, HAPPINESS, HOLISTIC, HEALER, RUTH KRAMER, BALANCE Acceptance of Differences SEPTEMBER 27, 2016 It must be important to most of us as a society to follow a religion or spiritually based life as there are 4,200 religious paths in our World. Many of us find a path we love, sometimes try to persuade our family and friends to follow with us. Not only does this validate and confirm our choice, but if this belief has served us, why wouldn't it work for those we care most about? It's a perfectly reasonable argument but it's the responsibility of every individual to find our own way, our personal choices, voice, faith walk. With 4,200 choices - it shouldn't be a problem. These vast options are wonderful and a reason to discuss and share what we have chosen, yet we aren't celebrating our differences in the World yet. We need to ask questions rather than assume an answer. Let's find out who we each are rather than determining with any pre-judgment. There is so much to learn from one another and so much to celebrate with that discovery. We may not always agree with others, but we can at least try and understand their point of view instead of judging it. Walking our walks and talking our talks makes our World a more interesting place. Blessings,Ruth Cosmic Counselling presents Kendra Walbaum Intuitive Reader

As the holidays approach, the energy changes around us. There seems to be an extra sense of giving and receiving, not only in the physical realm, with the exchanges of gifts and love that we can physically validate but also in the energetic realm. We sense more worry and anxiety over finances and planning and some may be experiencing joy and excitement. There may also be a mix of both of worry and anxiety as well as joy and excitement. Some people are missing loved ones whom they won’t be seeing this holiday season and some are waiting to see loved ones this holiday season. Whatever energy or energies you are experiencing during this holiday season, I am being guided and reminded to keep yourself grounded by remaining in a state of gratitude for all that you do have this holiday season and avoid focusing on lack.

In my recent experiences of engaging in intuitive readings and coaching sessions for people I have become extremely aware of how gratitude is misused, misinterpreted and generally misconstrued. The definition of gratitude according to Oxford Dictionaries is as follows:

"The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness:"

I researched many definitions and this was my favorite as most just described gratitude as an act of being thankful. The importance of being grateful also involves returning kindness in ways that you have been shown. Gratitude is an inside job that manifests on the outside. The more you love on the inside the more you are given on the outside to love.

Here's how I've noticed gratitude as being perceived by the majority. I see a lot of people out there grateful for all the 'MATERIAL' things they have - the home they live in, the vehicle they

drive or the job they have, which is wonderful. The problem is that most people aren't stopping and being grateful for all the things in this life that have allowed them to acquire those material gains. I see people taking for granted their beautiful bodies which allow their Spirit or Energetic Being to have a vehicle here in this lifetime to enjoy their journey here and experience it to the fullest; I mostly experience people hating and disliking their bodies as society has twisted the image of a "useful" or "worthy" body. I often instruct clients to create gratitude journals when going through a hard time. It helps to switch one's perspective from focusing on the hurt, pain and disappointment of NOT having, to one of appreciation for the gifts that they have every day and are overseeing and not acknowledging. I tell clients there is no "wrong" thing to be grateful for either. It's even okay to be grateful for hard times as they teach you lessons and show you things that you may not have otherwise learned. As you start to recognize all the wonders that you DO have it allows doors to open for you to receive MORE positive or fulfilling experiences in your life in ways that you have never imagined. If you are continually ignoring or refusing to acknowledge the wonderful things the Universe has already gifted you then the Universe IS NOT going to feel like you deserve more. If you continue to focus on lack, sorrow, loss and not having what you want, then guess what, you're delivering a message to the Universe that you'll have more of those unfulfilling experiences. Gratitude is about perspective. Even during the most horrible of times there are things to be thankful for, seek them out, “CHOOSE� to acknowledge them. Often when I am struggling I really try to get clear with gratitude. Below is a list of things that I often acknowledge and am grateful for when I'm really struggling: 1. My little boy’ smile - it's HUGE and lights up a room 2. My little boys offer of HUGS and when he tells me I'm the best-est mommy ever 3. My healthy body 4. The right to choose what I want to do with my life 5. The ability to communicate with others without some of the barriers others faces such as language, speech, hearing disabilities, etc..... 6. Relationships in my life that are always consistent and supportive regardless the situation 7. Music or a good book 8. Memories that bring about nostalgia 9. Laughter 10. My connection with my Spirit team 11. Sunshine

12. Nature 13. Planet earth in general because I wouldn't be here without it 14. My five senses, hearing, speaking, tasting, and smelling - not everyone is granted these and so I am blessed. 15. The ability to call home and know people love me regardless of difference in opinions.

It's so important to give thanks and be grateful for regular things we take for granted. Even experiences are important and necessary to be grateful for as they allow you to grow as a person. Mostly, I just ask each and every one of you to get clear with yourself on how you perceive gratitude and whether your attitude about gratitude is actually helping you on your journey or hindering the amount of JOY you experience during your journey. So now, I ask, "What is your attitude about gratitude?"

Kendra Walbaum Intuitive Reader Cosmic Counselling

Love is the Answer I am grateful Maybe this is the time to truly wake up and to help each other in a positive way Our Wakeup call has been sent to us Now is the time to stay aware, to speak up In a peaceful way To respect, all people To begin to heal away the fear, and of the anger, and the dissatisfaction of all that is not of Love Keeping Love in the forefront of our being, at all times And rejection of what no longer serves us as a nation, and as individuals That prescription is kindness, respect, and most of all Love

America’s Wake UP Call has arrived, on this day We have a choice, of what we can do. We can share our love, kindness our integrity, So the fear and anger can dissipate Letting the Love, to come to forefront at, all times And to experience, the peace and joy that we so deserve Will be there for us too Upon hearing the results, there was surprise and feeling frustrated too. I felt I needed to get quiet, and asked God, “How can, we help everyone to come together, so that there is no longer hate, fear, and anger? And what I heard is “We have a choice, and we can start today, To help others through our actions and our words and acceptance The election brought out some harsh truths, And now it is in the past Let’s start this minute, to go forward I have felt the love of our angels They are really here for us, They want us to know, that whether you are feeling a bit upset, scared They are here for you, The angels encourage us to go within, To take some time, to some clarity, of what this means for you Taking responsibility for our part is what we need to focus on and to go with in, for prayer and meditation This is a big call for us all to heal on all understandings of what actually took place, during the past two years To come together, and let the newly elected know,

what we as a nation will tolerate

Love and unity can do this, for us as a Nation.

We are doing this in many respects, And we must continue this. America has been waking up from the illusions, Let’s continue, and work again towards respecting, and fighting for the equality of all, Who live here. And Who work here To help us to keep our precious resources, Wholesome, clean, and safe for all Trust and believing, That we see the clarity of what is taking place, Will be more and more apparent, of what is taking place. We are being called Love, Peace, Kindness and Respect At all times.

Shine your lights bright, because all are a bright shining light, more than ever before. CopyrightŠ2016PegJones

Checking One More Time by Ada May Brown So often we have things in our lives that happen that don't fit the mold of what we are told to expect. Spiritually opening to my life has helped me understand why some things happen the way they do and how to learn from these experiences. It was a lovely June day with cooling rain coming down that morning and the scent of it wafting through the big windows. Because of the rain, I had decided to take the day off from outside work and do office paper work. As I sat in my office my mind on getting things done there and around the house, the telephone rang. On the other end of the line was a doctor asking me if I was the daughter of Marilyn Brown. I hadn't heard my mother's name outside of brief family conversations for almost two decades at that point. In all honesty I thought my mother long dead at that point. To hear this doctor in a little town in New Hampshire ask me was I her daughter sent me reeling, what he would continue to tell me left all thoughts of work far, far behind. When I asked him to confirm by description his patient and all the particulars I acknowledged she indeed must be my mother, Marilyn. He told me that she had fallen and broken her hip, and while that would not have been a problem with a healthy individual, she had been suffering from a lung disease for the last decade plus and was on a ventilator as her lungs just couldn't cope with the body trauma. She really had no hope of survival. Every time they tried to take her off the ventilator her vitals began to cascade like dominoes going down a slope. She was in and out of consciousness and was not competent to make a decision regarding her health at this point. She had no one but me to make the ultimate decision – to “pull the plug.� I asked the doctor if I had to make the decision immediately or if I had a day or two. To me this was a decision that was going to take a lot of thought and meditation. This person lying there nearly 1200 miles away, had birthed me, however I did not know her. It struck me I had no idea what her wishes were on something like this and what she would ultimately want and need I had to be clear within my mind and my heart. This wasn't going to be easy as so much within me was coming through like a bullet train from DC to NY. The doctor and I ended our first conversation with my telling him I needed to think about this and would let him know shortly. He told me he would be willing for me to call him at any

time to discuss any part of the situation with him. I thanked him and said good-bye. After I hung up I called my great aunts and uncles who were all well into their 80's at that time. We discussed what was going on as well as events which until now were not approachable conversationally. These frank talks were vital for me to know fully in my heart I was making the best decision. Much of those conversations were confirmations as well as some revelations in my mother's life. When I had finished with the last call, I went out for a long walk around the neighborhood. With each step my mind whirled with past memories. Those memories in conjunction with what I had learned in those much needed conversations needed walking time for me to sort through. Had my mother and I had a relationship of any nature, things would have been different that day. However no communication in nearly twenty years, as well as little the half decade before left my soul needing to sort through so much and in such a short amount of time too. My mind wandered to the last time my mother and I had spoken. As I walked down the pavement past the myriad of Victorian homes that was my neighborhood memories of that conversation flowed. Momma and I had last spoke nearly twenty years before. Her mental illness had been more than a dark rift between us all during my growing up years and beyond. Flashes of our last conversation played quickly in my mind. It had started out pleasantly enough, however, once she realized she was not going to get her way with what she wanted her language and tone changed to one of abusiveness. She hung up the phone that day and I never heard from her while she was alive again. She had wanted to move almost 1100 miles to live with me, a college student at the time, and my new baby. She said she wanted to take care of the baby while I was in school and we could live together. It was just months before that conversation. She had ridiculed me. And said some unpleasant things, about my forthcoming child, and myself being unwed. Her diagnosis shortly after I was removed from her custody was that of Paranoid Schizophrenia. After my father's passing, her behavior had become more and more unpredictable. Her moods would swing and she could go from being aggressive to very passive with her sitting in a corner talking to a baby doll that we kept in a basket for her in her room. From the time Dad had crossed and family had left, I had had to take up the adult reigns and then some in our home. With those memories and my understanding of her, I knew having her in my home with my new baby was a danger for all of us. My telling her all those years later I would help her to find a home where she could be near us and we could visit was not what she wanted. Regardless of how I tried to tell her we could make things comfortable and her have all she needed with a little work would do for her. No amount of discussion would change her mind and that day in November she angrily hung up and we never spoke again. Here I was with the ultimate decision in front of me. Life and death – it doesn't get any clearer than that. For well over an hour I walked the pavement throughout my neighborhood. The next two days my heart and soul came to their conclusion. After much soul searching and some discussion with two dear friends I made the decision. I had called her physician during that time as well asking an array of questions regarding my mother on various topics. With my coffee in hand I rang the doctor's personal number and we discussed the situation. He was going to remove the support the next morning. Momma passed on a Saturday morning. My wonderful daughters, around me after I

received the news. My tears were for so much that day, for her crossing over and the relief she would have from this life as well as the complete loss of my having a mother of any kind in this world. A mother's love for her children knows many forms. It doesn't dissipate or evaporate just because one crosses the ultimate veil. This Momma proved to me just a few weeks later. Lying in bed I had been sleeping soundly when I felt something in the room. I awoke in that darkish room to see my mother standing at my bed. I sat upright and looked at her as she looked at me. She spoke no words she just looked at me. As I turned to switch on a light she disappeared. She was free from all this life had dealt her and her love for me brought her to my bedside one more time. She stood there just as she had when I was quite small and she not so very unwell. Momma came to check on me one last time. Thank You Momma <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Messages from our Spirit protectors, the Grandmothers, and the Angels March 2015 Almost 2 years ago, I attended my first meeting of meeting of the Grandmothers Speak, outside of Boston. The meeting was a phone meeting, and there were quite a few members on the call. There was a small ceremony to induct me in to the group which is was really beautiful because, I could truly feel these Grandmothers with me. The Grandmothers are Native American Female spirits and they look over our land, here in the USA, and throughout the world. They are very partial to healing of the land of which they lived on when here in human form. The Native American sacred land, and burial grounds, in the Midwest and northwest and Northwest. Basically, all areas of the USA, where our Native Americans lived and died on and fought on, too. I had the pleasure of joining a group, called The Friends of the Grandmothers, which is a worldwide, group of women and men also, who are helping to heal the earth, through healing, in groups around the world. They have gatherings, in homes to talk about the healing of the earth, and how we can help with this as a group. The Grandmothers, speak of net of light, which is an etheric netting or fishnet, around out earthâ&#x20AC;Ś A blanket of protection, and we can send this net of light, over ourselves, others, geographical areas in the world. A type of healing, that helps us to connect, with positive intention. The net will connect to everything that lives. You can find more information about the net of life on the website, above this paragraph. The past two days, after our phone meeting, I had the feeling that the angels had been speaking to me, one in particular. The Archangel that came to mind was Archangel Ariel. Archangel Ariel is the angel who helps with healing of land and seas, and the animals and all things living on the earth. I have been feeling her presence, of late. I felt she had been with us during the call, I had with the Friends of the Grandmothers. I felt she had a message, to share, from the Grandmothers, who were in Spirit.

Dear Children, “We ask you to be more mindful of the how to help the earth to heal, with all that it’s been through, for so many years. We ask that, you each take care to do your part and to help to heal the earth that is so out of balance, at this time. You are all feeling this change, in your weather patterns, and all that goes is taking place and we thank you all for the work you have been doing or beginning to take part in. The work being done, as a group or individually, is helping with the healing of earth.” And now the Grandmothers, have a message. “We the Sprit Grandmothers, of the universe, ask you to be mindful, as your angels have asked, of the earth. To be proactive, when there are practices happening. 0n the earth plane, that is harmful. We truly encourage to becoming active, in a way that suits you, to help earths healing. Sending good intentions to all areas of the earth, through thought or healing distantly or physically. Every positive thought or intention will help this. We encourage, each to make smart decisions, in how you treat your beautiful planet. Every bit of healing, and prevention, will help your earth to heal. We have one more, thing we want to speak of and that is to speak to us The Grandmothers. We speak with the angels and the entire Universe. We have seen the progression of what is happening, and we truly want to help in assistance of helping earth to heal. So when you speak to us, ask us how you can help, or send healing to different areas, of the world. All is spirit are just as concerned for Earth as you are. Look for the signs and nudges of how you can help in respective regions of the world.” We thank you for your attention in this urgent situation. Love The Grandmothers

This message was given to me March of 2015, after I was inducted into the Grandmothers Speaks group, known as The Friends of the Grandmothers. Since then I have worked with them, during my times of meditation, especially since the Standing Rock, demonstrations have begun in the last few months. November 30, 2016 Today, during my meditation time, I asked the Grandmothers who I meditate with often, for a message for us, who are concerned about what is occurring, in North Dakota, during this time.

And so this is what they relayed to me today, November 30th, 2016. Dear Children of the Earth, We thank you for the work you have done, in wanting to save your water supply, and also to preserve the land of the area of where the Pipeline is being put in. We thank you for your peaceful ways, working together to save the water supply of that particular area. We feel it is important to make this stand in Peace and you have done so. We truly commend you. We ask that each one of you imagine a net of green healing light over this whole area, and that this web of light, to each friend, neighbor with you at Standing Rock, at this time. We ask that you extend this greet web of light to each member of those that are determined to complete this project, that they come to understand the ramifications of this. Each person that does this will help the cause for which you are taking part in. You see, imagining this Web of Light around the land and around each other, and those you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t agree with, will keep the healing momentum. Please continue to speak out, organize, to help make your cause, plausible, and to help with keeping your cause positive and that your actions continue to occur with heart felt intention. In Peace, When you remain in your heart, you will send this peace and calmness to everyone there. Remain in love, so that this love will be felt everywhere. We feel your love for your cause, and it is beautiful from our stand point, of your passion for this. We stand with you all the way and we will help you too To stay in the heart place, at all times. Working together is peace, love and integrity, is the way for the message to be understood for all. Think green and think peace, When you are in a place of Peace, and in the heart place, it will be felt everywhere.

To those that canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t make it to Standing Rock, we ask you to not worry or fret. You can pray, send love, and organize collection drives for this cause. Group prayer, healing services, speaking in support, to groups, whether you are older, or young. You can meditate, and journal the messages you hear, and you can share these with others, too. Everyone can do their part in whichever way they are able to take part, We ask, as you pray, meditate, gather in groups or you are alone, to stay in this heart place, for all. We thank you from our hearts, for all you have and are doing From your Heart. We love you. The Grandmothers.

The angels, also speak to us. The angel that is representing them today is Archangel Ariel. His message for us is short but very meaningful too. Dear children of the Earth, and of Light. You are the light of Peace of Grace, You are standing together, for a common cause, To save your water supply from being contaminated, For yourselves, but also for the animals of the Plains and the fish life, and also the plant life in that area. From the bottom of my heart I thank you The angels here today thank you And we honor your strength and calm. You are the warriors of what is right, and the peace that is is felt throughout the earth and throughout the Universe. We thank you for your light, and for your consistent energy of this light and of this peace.

You are the light of this world, and together, your light will spread quickly. And it is spreading quickly. I, Ariel is your warrior on the spirit plane, I am also, helping you to keep the momentum of peace and of integrity. Mother Earth is pleased that you are listening to your hearts. We, your Angels thank you and Mother Earth thanks you too. Peace Always,

My name is Darlene also known as Mama D Angel I have been out of the spiritual closet for 3+ years. I have achieved my level II Reiki with Grandmaster David Crawford. I have been drawn to, and communicated with the angels since I was a young child. I recall sitting in church and having the Angels come to me and being enthralled with them. I, therefore, find myself embracing Doreen Virtueâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Oracle decks. All of my readings are given with the assistance of the Angels and what I call my Dream Team ~ my Spirit Guides. Sometimes, there will be a specific message to pass along with the card that is chosen, and other times the card, itself is the answer. We donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t always get what we want, we get what we need.

as Mama Trained SMART recovery facilitator. Fireside Chat with Mama - Vicki Johns and Brian Clover Tune in herEpisode Description: Vicki Johns and Brian CloverHost MamaD Angel will be joined by Vicki Johns and Brian Clover who will bee sharing their knowledge My name is Darlene also known D Angel I have

been out of the spiritual closet for 3+ years. I have achieved my level II Reiki with Grandmaster David Crawford. I have been drawn to, and communicated with the angels since I was a young child. I recall sitting in church and having the Angels come to me and being enthralled with them. I, therefore, find myself embracing Doreen Virtue’s Oracle decks. All of my readings are given with the assistance of the Angels and what I call my Dream Team ~ my Spirit Guides. Sometimes, there will be a specific message to pass along with the card that is chosen, and other times the card, itself is the answer. We don’t always get what we want, we get what we need. Host of the Fireside Chat with Mama D On

Download Link:

Debbie Jo

Come Meet Debbie Jo 20160815

Episode Description: Host MamaD Angel is joined by Debbie Jo. Debbie’s gifts unfolded in this order: Spirit medium, Angel oracle card reader. She is also Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, and Intuitive Empath. Debbie can also do Remote viewing, Psychometry (picture readings) and is a Kundalini reiki master (awarded in 2011) Medical Intuitive. She feels the strongest of her gifts is Clairvoyance, mediumship and angel oracle readings. Episode: Nick Fox This will be a surprise even for Mama D. Come on by and see what happens. Episode Description: Lisa's Spiritually Guided Truths Lisa is a Reiki master, intuitive medium, reader and life coach. She is a paranormal investigator, a teacher of animal communication, energy, meditation, and spiritual guidance Creator of program called: Changing Perspectives and experience on meditation Clover.who will bee MamaD on F Book 9805117c76972f6e43282370a09a3e3c6b4fc0-1476655205821

Sarah Mays Psychic Toolbox... Hi and welcome to the December issue. I hope all are good and well and looking forwards to the festive period. This is a time when your spirit families and friends are closer than ever, bringing signs, but do you see them or notice them? This month I thought I would introduce you to my Psychic Toolbox. Designed for you budding mediums and those of you who want to use your tools to communicate or receive. This isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t for all as I believe everyone has awareness or a sixth sense but not everybody has the ability to be a medium.

The Bipsychle Method by Sarah May (Mediums Connection to Spirit)


Ready to turn and connect

Energy cog

The driver cog/ follower


The Link



Gears speed

Starting to move build


Slowing Down


Key disengaged

This seems very scientific and lacking in emotion, but it is a form of explaining how energy works. In order to engage you will need the key, which is yourself. As the key turns it will drive a cog and there will be a follower cog.....can be visa versa.....spirit will connect to us or us to them. The Chain is many spirit links and can turn many cogs. Once the teeth have interlocked then we are in sync and we will start to move the energy. 1st gear will be initial contact which you will feel. 2nd gear will accelerate energy and as we know its energy that enables us to connect (with a good connection we will build up the gears). This could be slow or fast depending on the connection. As we move up the gears the links are getting stronger and the messages faster or sometimes we need to come down a gear to be at the same speed as the connection. As always when energy is tired the breaks come on and slow the whole process down to a halt. Once off the bike we rest until we connect again. I have used colours to engage the chakra system which of course is energy too and will raise vibration, so you will see 7 links each connection to a colour...Red is Key, Orange is Energy, Yellow will be Chain, Green is Teeth, Pale Blue Gears, Indigo Brakes and Dismount is Purple....again these colours can work the opposite way but will follow suit to the chakra system. I my view it is not possible to open and close chakras, however it is possible to enhance the energy. I hope this has been interesting. I will be writing a book very soon which will incorporate many psychic tools for those who need a little support in connection or direction as to understand how energy works. Have a wonderful Xmas Sarah May X

When you think of a haunting you probably picture isolated buildings, little towns, or places far away from where you live. That couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be further from the truth, my family had a terrifying encounter in the most normal and quiet neighborhood possible. We lived in a four bedroom house, had sweet neighbors, safe streets, no history of violent crimes or anything abnormal. After almost ten years of living in the same house nothing strange had happened. There were no clues leading up to what happened and none of us had ever experienced anything paranormal that could explain why it happened to us. One night was all it took to leave behind a lifetime of nightmares. It was almost nine oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;clock in the evening, a long sticky summer day that dragged on with each passing second. My twin Libby and I had recently moved into separate rooms; I was excited to finally get my own space in the house. My younger brother Neil still slept with our parents. Neil had grown extremely attached to my parents especially when it got dark. He refused to sleep in his own bed at night for many years. That evening my parents both sat in the living room watching TV. I was in the kitchen grabbing snacks to take upstairs while Neil sat at the bottom of the steps playing with his toys. Libby was upstairs in her own room talking on the phone with a friend. I could see Neil directly in front of me from the kitchen, he'd run up and down a few steps every couple of minutes. Like any boy his age he played with his cars making crash noises as he playfully held them against the walls and on the stairs. The house was hot and humid, even the cold water I was drinking wasn't helping to cool me down. I gulped the cold water slowly, out of the corner of my eye I noticed Neil fixated on something, he stood on the third step looking up. It isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t like Neil to stay put for so long; he stood there wide eyed looking at the top of the staircase

The stairs were curved, you couldn’t see who was at the top from where I was standing. The large vintage lamp upstairs did cast a shadow of someone standing on the top railing. I assumed it was Libby telling Neil something from upstairs. Paying no further attention to him I walked away and decided to join my parents in the living room. I did not realize at the time that Neil was paralyzed with fear as he stood looking at something above him unknown and dangerous. After hours of watching TV my parents fell asleep on the couch, I woke up after feeling the sensation of something brushing against my face. I walked to the kitchen to set my empty glass on the sink before making my way to bed. I jumped at the sight of Neil's toy cars hanging from the stair railings by black string. Curious at how Neil had gotten ahold of string I got closer to inspect it. A sense of nausea overwhelmed me when I realized that the black string was actually dirty strands of hair tied. The cars were tied up by a lump of black hair, the hair was knotted, and muddy. Disturbed, I called out to Neil, the house was silent, I couldn't hear anything not even Libby’s usual loud phone conversations. A cold chill sent chills up my spine, I felt an uncontrollable urge to run up the stairs. I called out to Neil and Libby hoping that they would come out and tell me that nothing was behind me and that I was overreacting. However as I continued up the steps I found patches of knotted hair on each step. Before I had the chance to process what I was seeing on the steps in front of me I heard a loud bang coming from inside the wall next to Libby's room. I stood back and leaned against the wall in terror as two sets of large claws began coming out from the wall. Forgetting to breathe properly, I stood helplessly against the wall trying my best to stand still. I couldn't scream, every inch of my body was paralyzed with fear as the claws began to drag its own body out of the wall. A large black mass came out from the wall and began taking shape in front of me. It was across the hall yet paid no attention to me as it began taking form. The claws were black, they were razor sharp and reached out far from its body. It didn't have any real features other than the claws until the black smoke around it began dispersing. In its place stood an old crone, short, pale and with wrinkles that seem to hang from her face she had no eyes and an unusually small mouth. Her claws were longer than her short stubby arms and her hair was long enough to drag on the floor. She took two long slow steps before turning to look at me. The blackness that filled the holes where her eyes were supposed to be were imprinted in my mind from that moment on. She darted into Libby’s room at an incredible speed and passed through the closed door before I had even had the chance to blink. I blacked out the moment the old hag went into Libby’s room. The next morning I woke up in bed, the house was quiet and the sun shined through my window. I went downstairs convinced that it had all been a dream when I passed the empty glass in the sink. I asked my mother if Libby was already awake. She shook her head no and continued

cooking without saying another word. Both my parents were acting strange, they both looked dazed and confused. What would normally be a kitchen full of chattering and laughter was unusually silent. For my own sanity I decided to retrace my steps attempting to either approve or disprove what I witnessed the night before. After a few minutes of looking for the missing patches of hair I decided to talk to Neil. Neil was walking out of the bathroom when I dragged him into my parent’s room. "What happened last night?!" His eyes began to water as he mumbled something under his breath. It took a while to finally reassure him that he could share anything with me, no matter how bizarre it sounded. Eventually he did build up the courage to tell me what he saw. He was playing with his cars downstairs when he heard someone whisper his name up above him. He looked up to see an old woman leaning over the railing smiling at him. She didn't have eyes but had a large mouth that extended ear to ear. The old woman reached out to him with what he said were her ‘long nails’. The woman whispered how much she wanted to play and to come upstairs to join her. Neil broke out of his trance and ran to the laundry room where he hid until the morning. After hearing his story I became worried for Libby's safety. "Have you seen Libby this morning?" He shook his head no and begged for me to stay by his side. I took him downstairs to eat and decided to run up and wake Libby. My parents were still acting … off so I decided it would be best if I went and got her. I was about to open the door when Libby opened it smiling and giggling. "Good morning sister!" she eagerly ran past me went downstairs to eat. "Sister?" She always calls me by my name.. I stood there dumbfounded and peeked into her room, nothing seemed different. While we ate breakfast Libby was extremely talkative, she went on and on about how well she slept at night. Neil looked over to me clearly just as confused. "Mom thank you for braiding my hair at night! It really helped me sleep!"

My mother looked up from her untouched food and worriedly asked her to repeat what she had said. "Thank you for braiding my hair last night, I love it!" My mother looked over to me, in a concerned tone she told Libby, "Honey I didn't braid your hair last night. Your father and I slept on the couch..." Libby turned to me and asked if I had braided her hair. I looked at the elaborate braid, its many swirls and designs. "Libby I have a hard time keeping my shoes tied, I didn't do it..." Everyone remained quiet as Libby slowly came to the realization that it wasn't my mother or I who played with her hair at night. Libby's expression went blank as a single drop of blood fell from her forehead. My mother stood up and immediately walked over to her side. She covered her mouth in shock as we all looked to see why Libby's head was bleeding. Libby had a thin gash coming from the middle of her head where her hair had been parted for the braids. "It was the old woman!!!!" Neil screamed out. Neil began panicking, as I attempted to calm him down my father rushed us all out of the door. We stayed at a motel for a couple of weeks but eventually had to return to the house. Turns out my parents had also experienced something similar many years ago before any of us were born. I like to think that it is all over now however I worry sometimes, especially because Libby now braids her hair every day and late at night she likes to lean over the railings for hours... smiling. Read the inspiration behind this story

Peg Jones welcomes Yvonne Alers Yvonne Alers, is a columnist for Off the cuff Ezine. Yvonne will be speaking of Eating Healthy during the Holidays.Yvonne also has a ten year background in the martial arts and five years of teaching fitness. As for nutrition ... also offers Reiki. Come join us and get "ready fit defend".

Sprinkles topic for the day is Astral And OBE Come join her and find out what some of the myths of OBE are and get some answers. Fabtastalicious Tuesday Tunez 38 Listen to "Fabtastalicious Tuesday Tunez" on Spreaker.<script> Awesome Insanity Surfers Listen to "Awesome Insanity Surfers Short Stack 2" on Spreaker.

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