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Dressing your baby bump Winter Issue volume 3 | issue 9

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Winter Issue 2013



Winter Issue 2013

Winter Issue 2013



Finally, the season we’ve anticipated the most is here! All year long we enjoy things from making memories at the beach, soaking up the summer sun, to enjoying the fresh fall air. But as fall is coming to an end, winter is right around the corner! Its time to put away the beach balls and the spooky decorations and bring out the pine tree scented candles! I love making my home as cozy as possible, filling it with the aroma of fresh gingerbread cookies and my favorite cinnamon hot cocoa.

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This is the time of the year where all families come close together, doing secret Santa and filling up each others stockings! The holidays of course make me bring out my favorite recipes of treats we only get to enjoy during the winter time. The kids love putting up the Christmas tree and seeing the house illuminated with lights! Winter is just one of the best seasons of the year, so enjoy it while it lasts & Happy Holidays!

ON THE COVER Photography: Purely Newborn Photography 4

Winter Issue 2013

Winter Issue 2013


Winter Issue

12 | Stopping the Bottle

20 | Holiday Toy & Product List for this Holiday Season

23 | The Modern Day Mompreneaur

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28 | Hypnobirthing: An Old New Alternative

32 | Dressing Your Baby Bump

41 | Protecting Your Baby During Winter 6

Winter Issue 2013


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Winter Issue 2013


Every woman Gynecology Pregnancy

Midwife Care Prenatal Classes

And so much more...

is unique and special. We want our patients to look upon us as their partner in good health; live life to the fullest, enjoy their relationships, and feel good about themselves. Here at the Miami Center of Excellence for OB/GYN, we treat women from adolescents through their golden years for routine preventative care as well as problem visits. We have state of the art equipment and training to attend to your women’s health needs. We also provide routine vaccinations in office blood draws without an extra fee, and bio-identical hormone testing. Our ultrasound technicians are certified nationally and provide prenatal, gynecological, breast, and thyroid ultrasounds. When Should You Start Seeing A Gynecologist And Why?

$109 3D/4D Ultrasound Special: 30 minute session One 8x10 glossy color print Gender confirmation Listening to baby’s heartbeat In office pharmacy Prices range from $5 - $25

Annual Exams start as low as $150

We see teenagers for many reasons such as menstrual pain, menstrual irregularities, birth control and STD exams. Photo by: Deborah Gray Mitchell, Photography LLC It is not necessary to have a pap smear until you are 21 years old, but if the teenager is sexually active we recommend routine STD exams, birth control counseling, and HPV vaccination. Visiting Your Gynecologist Regularly Can Improve Your Life! We not only perform a pap smear at your annual exam, we provide comprehensive health screening each year you see us. We will refer you to highly trained physicians in the community for primary care issues as well as give you treatment options for the women’s health related issues you may be experiencing. We can draw your routine blood work in the office to screen you for many diseases such as high cholesterol, thyroid disease, kidney disease and much more. We provide the flu vaccine during season, Tetanus Booster every 10 years, Hepatitis A&B, and HPV vaccines.

The Miami Center of Excellence for Obstetrics and Gynecology is also a fullservice practice specializing in many different procedures for your health and wellbeing. By having your procedure performed in-office instead of a hospital setting, you can rest assured that you will be in the best hands in a relaxing environment. Office Surgeries:

Our Providers: Randy A. Fink, MD Alejandra Turmero, MD Arin Semel, MD Stephanie Fink, MSN, NP, CNM Maggie Wardlaw, MSN, CNM Leah Rubin, MS, CNM, ARNP

Hysteroscopy Essure Endometrial Ablation using the HerOption system Saline Sonograms also called Sono-Hysterogram Urodynamics LEEP Colposcopy FemVue Hysterosalpingogram Ultroid Hemorrhoid Management System Genital Wart Removal Nexplanon implantable birth control IUD insertions Endometrial and vulvar biopsies

Aesthetic Treatments: Botox Juvederm Laser Genesis Laser Hair Removal with Cutera Cool Glide System Limelight laser treatments Spider vein treatments

For Appointments please call 305.274.3130 x

8700 N. Kendall Drive • Suite 208 • Miami, FL 33176 •

Winter Issue 2013

Winter Issue 2013



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Winter Issue 2013

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Stopping the


Many toddlers become attached to their bottles. They have them with them much of the time, so besides providing nourishment, bottles also mean comfort and security.

Tips to Try

More Strategies

Instead of cutting out bottles all at once, try eliminating them gradually from the feeding schedule, starting at mealtimes.

Here are some other tips to keep in mind:

If your baby usually drinks three bottles each day, for example, start by eliminating the morning bottle. Instead of giving the baby a bottle right away, bring the baby to the table and after the feeding has started, offer milk from a cup. You might need to offer some encouragement and explanation, saying something like “you’re a big boy now and can use a cup like mommy.” As you try to eliminate the morning bottle, keep offering the afternoon and evening bottles for about a week. That way, if your child asks for the bottle you can provide assurance that one is coming later.

But it’s important for parents to start weaning babies from bottles around the end of the first year and start getting them comfortable drinking from cups. The longer parents wait to start the transition, the more attached kids become to their bottles and the more difficult it can be to break the bottle habit. Switching from bottle to cup can be challenging, but these strategies can make the change easier for parents and kids.

Winter Issue 2013

If you keep getting asked for a bottle, find out what your child really needs or wants and offer that instead. If your child is thirsty or hungry, provide nourishment in a cup or on a plate. If it’s comfort, offer hugs, and if your child is bored, sit down and play!

Get rid of the bottles or put them out of sight. If you continue to have problems or concerns about stopping the bottle, talk with your doctor.

Most doctors recommend introducing a cup around the time a baby is 6 months old. In the beginning, much of what you serve in a cup will end up on the floor or on your baby. But by 12 months of age, most infants have the coordination and manual dexterity to hold a cup and drink from it.


When your child does use the cup, offer plenty of praise and positive reinforcement. If grandma is around, for example, you might say, “See, Emma is such a big girl she drinks milk in a cup!”

As you’re weaning your baby from the bottle, try diluting the milk in the bottle with water. For the first few days, fill half of it with water and half of it with milk. Then gradually add more water until the entire bottle is water. By that time, it’s likely that your child will lose interest and be asking for the yummy milk that comes in a cup!

Timing the Transition

Age 1 is also when doctors recommend switching from formula to cow’s milk, so it can be a natural transition to offer milk in a cup rather than a bottle. If you’re still breastfeeding, you can continue feeding your baby breast milk, but do so by offering it (as well as diluted juice or water) in a cup.

Spill-proof cups that have spouts designed just for babies (often referred to as “sippy cups”) can help ease the transition from the bottle.

The next week, eliminate another bottle feeding and provide milk in a cup instead, preferably when your baby is sitting at the table in a high chair. Generally, the last bottle to eliminate should be the nighttime bottle. That bottle tends to be a part of the bedtime routine and is the one that most provides comfort to babies. Instead of the bottle, try offering a cup of milk with your child’s evening snack and continue with the rest of your nighttime tasks, like a bath, bedtime story, or teeth brushing. It might help to give your child a comforting object to cuddle with, like a blanket or a favorite toy.

Winter Issue 2013



Winter Issue 2013

Winter Issue 2013



Before, During, and After “


With self discipline most anything is possible.

-Theodore Roosevelt

Exercising might be the last thing on your mind when you’re pregnant but the benefits that you will gain from it are huge! Most women have a preconceived notion that while you’re pregnant, you should not do any exercise because it can be harmful to you or your baby. Not true! Exercising is one of the best things that you can do before, after, and during your pregnancy. A well structured fitness plan can make your pregnancy healthier and easier. My name is Kamil Escobar. I’m a personal trainer with the internationally recognized World Institute of Sport Science (WISS) as well as a licensed paramedic for the State of Florida. I have over 14 years of experience in this field and I’m also the owner and co-founder of Esco Boot Camp. I am certified in personal training before, during and after pregnancy and I enjoy taking the journey with each of my clients. Before you begin or continue any exercise program, always get clearance from your doctor. The best route is to design a prenatal fitness program with a qualified fitness instructor who has experience working with pregnant women. The ideal workout regimen is 45 minute sessions, at least 5 times a week. Pregnancy will not always give you the energy to accomplish that, so doing at least mild to moderate exercise three times a week will definitely help. Reports show that some of the benefits that you will gain include better sleep, reduced constipation, reduced risk of developing gestational diabetes and pregnancy induced hypertension, and the best part: regaining your prepregnancy body much quicker!

Labor is one of the most intense experiences you will ever have in your life and exercising while you’re pregnant will help YOU and YOUR BODY get through it. It’s best to prepare physically as you will have the advantage when the BIG day arrives. Gaining control over your breathing can help you manage pain and strong muscles can greatly ease labor and delivery. Many women that do regular exercise during their pregnancy and experience a lengthy labor will need the increased endurance in order to help with getting through the delivery. Once the delivery is over, it’s now time to work on regaining your pre-pregnancy weight! After giving birth, exercise will be the last thing on your mind! But it will be one of the best things you do for yourself and it is guaranteed to be worthwhile. Regular exercise combined with a sensible diet will help you regain your shape more quickly and promote faster weight loss. Reports have also shown that exercise will prevent and promote recovery from postpartum depression as well as relieve stress and improve your mood. The Department of Health and Human Services, suggest 30 minutes of exercise 5 times a week after pregnancy. Starting with a daily walk will be ideal and gradually add more time as you begin to feel stronger. Try to stay motivated by walking with a friend or even taking your baby for a ride in their stroller. An intense workout regimen with a personal trainer like me will bring you back to your “old” body much quicker. It’s better to wait until you feel fully ready and strong to begin a workout such as boot camp but asking your doctor is always best. Remember to schedule time for physical activity because caring for your newborn will be a workout in itself. Exercise after pregnancy might not be easy, but it will do wonders for your well-being and give you all the extra energy you will need to care for your baby.

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Dedication and Motivation pays off. Don’t let pregnancy discourage you from being healthy.

Contact info:

Kamil Escobar | 786.286.7586


Winter Issue 2013



Winter Issue 2013

Winter Issue 2013


Holiday Toy and Product List for this

Holiday Season Make fear of the dark a thing of the past. Twilight Turtle transforms a dark room from scary to starry with a shell that projects real constellations onto bedroom ceilings and walls.

Roll this friendly hippo toy! Your child will love the poppin sounds as they roll away!

Your kids will love the different compartments to spread out their food while still seeing the cute little animal behind their Skiphop owl plate.

Little chefs will love the play pretend cooking alongside the cookie monster!

The Laugh and Learn Crawl Around Car - filled with all-around learning and play

Toddlers will love the many ways to interact with Little Tikes Lil’ Blabberz Falfa who is a funny, crazy character in the shape of a soft, fuzzy ball. Falfa can be played with alone or collect them all to interact with each other.

Micro quality takes kick scooting to a new level. For almost 15 years, Micro has been designing the highest quality kickboard® scooters available. Employing a combination of elegant Swiss design and cutting-edge technology, Micro’s kick scooters - from their children’s kick scooters to their kick scooters for adults - have won over 50 national and international awards for design and quality. As the US distributor for Micro, Kickboard USA strives to offer a quality service to match the quality scooters Micro designs.


Stephanie Fink grew up on a ranch in Texas, and earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Texas Woman’s University in Denton, TX. She practiced as a Labor and Delivery nurse before returning to school at the renowned University of Texas Southwestern Medical Campus in Dallas for her Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner certificate. After several years of highly successful private practice in Plano, TX, Stephanie met her husband, the venerable OB/ GYN Dr. Randy Fink, who lived in Miami. She moved to Miami and completed her Master of Science degree at Drexel University. Stephanie and Dr. Fink created the Miami Center of Excellence for Obstetrics & Gynecology, one of South Florida’s most respected practices. When asked how she has worked with her husband for the past 8 years, she says “It’s simple! We have the same practice care philosophy, and we enjoy each other’s company!” In 2011, from the University of Miami’s School of Nursing, Stephanie earned another certificate degree in Nurse Midwifery. She created In-Touch Midwifery within the Center of Excellence, which serves as Dade County’s only private practice midwifery service. Alongside two other Certified Nurse Midwives, Stephanie provides care across a women’s life, and delivers babies at Baptist Hospital in Kendall. Stephanie and Dr. Fink also own the Sky & Sea Spa, a med-spa located next door to their medical practice. The Sky & Sea Spa offers a full array of services including massages, facials, nails, laser hair removal and laser skin treatments, as well as non-invasive liposculpting and fat reduction, Botox, Juvederm, body wraps & scrubs , and other treatments designed to help customers look and feel their best. Stephanie has been in charge of marketing the medical practice and the midwifery division, as well as the Sky & Sea Spa. She oversees procedures and protocols in the practice and spa, as well as providing general obstetric and GYN services for her own patients. She teaches a monthly prenatal class in the office, and lectures in the Midwifery program at the University of Miami. Stephanie enjoys eating, and cooking spicy foods. She makes her own brand of salsa aptly named Blazing Rooster Salsa™. She also enjoys family time with her 3 children, swimming, and aviating!


Winter Issue 2013

Winter Issue 2013


Every woman has the right to a safe and satisfying birth process. At In-Touch Midwifery we believe that giving birth is a normal process which can occur in a safe, soothing, and non-interventional environment. We provide prenatal care with delivery at Baptist Hospital. We are proud to say that we have re-opened the doors at Baptist Hospital of Kendall to midwifery care! We will be with you while you labor to help you through the process with position changes, Jacuzzi water therapy (tub-labor), relaxation techniques, and soothing words of encouragement. Even though you are in the hospital, you may be intermittently monitored, which means you will not be strapped down and have to stay in bed. You may walk and are not required to have IV fluids. You may bring your birthing aids such as your birthing ball, aromatherapy, massage therapy, and Hypno - Birthing速 tools. We stay with you during your active labor phase, and after delivery to assist with breast feeding. If you desire the intimate relationship of midwifery care and would also like to have an epidural or IV pain medication, we can still take care of you. Before, many women who wanted midwifery care had to drive the long distance to Broward or North Miami. Now women have the option of local and experienced midwifery care in the safety of the hospital. While emergencies may be rare, we are lucky to have Ivy League trained physicians who are supportive of midwifery care and management, as our back up physicians. If you do require a cesarean section for emergency, the operating room is only seconds away when every second counts.

Services We Offer:

Prenatal care Monthly prenatal classes Labor support Postpartum care Breast feeding assistance Family planning assistance Endometrial and vulvar biopsies Yes, we can write prescriptions! Infertility & artificial insemination Annual examinations

Pre-conceptual counseling Gynecological problems: vaginitis, pelvic pain, etc.. Menopausal concerns Bio-identical hormones Adolescent exams Saline Sonograms IUD/Implanon placement Colposcopy Urodynamics

We offer private consultations to make sure you are comfortable with our practice and plan of care prior to making an appointment with us.

Midwifery as practiced by Certified Nurse-Midwives (CNMs) encompasses primary care for women across the lifespan from adolescence beyond menopause, with a special emphasis on pregnancy, childbirth, and gynecologic and reproductive health. Midwives perform comprehensive physical exams, prescribe medications including contraceptive methods, order laboratory and other diagnostic tests, and provide health and wellness education and counseling.


Winter Issue 2013

Winter Issue 2013



Infant Abductions

• Often both plans the abduction and brings a weapon, although the weapon may not be used. • Often impersonates a healthcare or social-services professional when visiting the home. You play a key role in keeping your new baby safe during your hospital stay. Follow these general guidelines: • Talk with your nursing staff and inquire about the facility’s infant security protocols.

As a new parent, infant abductions (kidnappings) are probably not the first thing on your mind. Unfortunately, your infant could possibly be the first thing on a child abductor’s mind. With all of the preparation that surrounds the arrival of a new baby and the excitement that fills the air, parents may let their guard down and unknowingly create a prime opportunity for a kidnapping. Learning how to keep your baby safe from abduction is a topic worth reviewing before your baby arrives. Although an abductor can look like anyone, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) has listed the following characteristics of a “typical” abductor:

• ALWAYS ask staff for identification and ask why and where they are taking your baby. Be sure to look carefully at the staff member’s badge. Most facilities have specific badges for staff members on the Maternal Child Health Unit. If you do not feel comfortable with the identification or the staff member attempting to pick up your baby, call the nursing staff immediately. Be aware that just because someone is wearing scrubs does not mean that they work at the facility or have the authority to transport your baby. These days, hospital scrubs can be bought at Wal-Mart.

• Female of “childbearing” age (range 12 to 50), often overweight.

• If your baby is taken for tests, exams, photographs, etc, ask the staff member how long this procedure will take.

• Most likely compulsive, most often relies on manipulation, lying and deception.

• You and your baby will have ID bands with matching numbers. Be sure the staff is verifying this number with you every time your baby is brought back to your room. Do not take this band off or share your ID band number with anyone. If you lose your ID band, be sure to notify the staff right away.

• Frequently indicates that she has lost a baby or is incapable of having one. • Often married or cohabitating; companion’s desire for a child or the abductor’s desire to provide her companion with “his” child may be the motivation for the abduction.

• Many facilities will put an infant security alarm on your child. Do not remove this alarm. If it loosens, notify your nursing staff. • NEVER leave your baby unattended or alone for any reason. When you need to use the restroom or shower, bring your baby (in the crib) into the bathroom with you so that you can hear and see your baby at all times. Otherwise, call your nursing staff to watch your baby.

• Usually lives in the community where the abduction takes place. • Frequently initially visits the nursery and the maternity units at more than one healthcare facility prior to the abduction; asks detailed questions about procedures and the maternity floor layout; frequently uses a fire stairwell for her escape and may also try to abduct from the home setting. • Usually plans the abduction but does not necessarily target a specific Child; frequently seizes any opportunity present. • Frequently impersonates a nurse or other allied healthcare personnel – may obtain hospital scrubs or equipment. • Often becomes familiar with healthcare staff, staff work routines, and victim parents.


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• Demonstrates a capability to provide “good” care to the baby once the abduction occurs. In addition an abductor who abducts from the home setting: • Is more likely to be single while claiming to have a partner. • Often targets a mother whom she may find by visiting healthcare facilities and tries to meet the target family.

• Keep your baby the furthest point away from the doorway and close to your bed.

Forums, etc). Abductors can easily track you down even if you did not identify your address. If such announcements are made, ensure that your home address, last name and any other identifying information cannot be linked to the announcement. • Avoid putting baby announcements/decorations in your yard. This draws attention to the fact that your baby has been born. • When you get home from your birthing facility, take a colored, close-up photograph of your newborn and write down identifying traits such as hair color, eye color, birth marks etc. (Did You Know: Footprints are an excellent way to confirm a baby’s identity in the event of a kidnapping.) • Organizations providing home services should not make unannounced visits to your home. If someone comes to your home and identifies herself as a home health nurse, social worker, hospital baby photographer, etc., DO NOT allow her into your home without properly verifying her identity. It is best to get her contact information so that you can verify her identity and schedule an appointment for a later visit. If home visitation services are provided, be sure that you know the name of the person who will be coming to your home, the company he/she works for and the date and time of the visit. When the person arrives for the appointment, verify this identifying information BEFORE allowing her into your home. (Please note: According to NCMEC, “There have been several cases where an abductor has made initial contact with a mother and infant in the healthcare setting and then subsequently abducted the infant from the family home.”) • Do not leave your baby unattended with someone you do not know—this includes new “friends” that you met via social media, at your birthing facility, in a new mom group, at church, etc. • When out and about, keep your baby in your direct line of sight at ALL times and NEVER let anyone that you do not know well hold or watch your infant. • NEVER leave your child alone in a vehicle.

The threat of abduction does not only occur during your hospital stay. In fact, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children statistics demonstrate that while 46% of abductions occur in a healthcare facility setting, 40% occur in the home setting and 16% occur in “other” places. Approximately 30% of attempted home abductions occur with violence. To keep your baby safe at home:

Not only is it important for you as a parent to be aware of these important guidelines, it is important to educate anyone caring for your child on these safety measures so they, too, can keep your child safe.

• Avoid posting birth announcements in local newspapers or on the web (i.e. Facebook, Twitter,

Winter Issue 2013


Hypnobirthing: An Old New Alternative By: Rosalin Delgado

At one point or another, we have all heard stories from the women in our family or friends about the difficulties and pain associated with labor. Having been inundated with these stories, it is no surprise that expecting mothers nowadays are often terrified at what awaits them during labor. Yet, with hypnobirthing we come to find that these “facts” about the childbirth process may in fact not be as factual as we’ve been led to believe. Hypnobirthing, while considered to be a new trend in birthing techniques by some, is actually a philosophy associated with natural birthing that has been around since ancient times. Imagine going into labor with a calm serene attitude and feeling fresh and full of energy when it comes time to birth your baby. Sounds pretty amazing right? Well it’s absolutely possible and well within your reach. Hypnobirthing by no means makes any guarantees that you will not experience pain during birth. What it does guarantee is that through the knowledge acquired in the courses you will become more aware of your body, how it reacts, and how you can work with it, not against it, so that you may lessen the pain and make it something that is more manageable. Knowing the way that your body works during pregnancy helps to alleviate a lot of the fears and tensions often associated with what you might expect when going into labor thereby adding to the pain. “When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change.” - Marie F. Mongan In that one quote Marie Mongan, the founder of Hypnobirthing, beautifully summed up the philosophy behind hypnobirthing. Above all hypnobirthing allows the participant to change the way in which they think about the birthing process. The idea that labor and pain go hand in hand has been repeated over the ages and battered into the female psyche; you can’t have one without the other. If you think I’m exaggerating, think about any movie or show you’ve watched where


Winter Issue 2013

“When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change.” - Marie F. Mongan a woman goes into labor and it will undoubtedly bring to mind the image of a woman screaming and in near delirium from the pain. Here’s a little secret though: labor and pain need not be mutually exclusive. Hypnobirthing awakens us to a very simple and important truth: birthing is a very natural process that our bodies instinctually know how to perform. When we open ourselves up to this knowledge and get in tune with our bodies we are better equipped to go through the process naturally. This knowledge combined with the different relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques that you will learn make for a calm and serene birthing process in which you are freed from anxiety so as to truly enjoy the miracle that is giving birth. When most people think of hypnosis they think of being put under into a trance, but this type of hypnosis is nothing like that. The wonderful thing about these selfhypnosis and relaxation techniques is that they allow you to remain fully aware of what is going on the whole time. You will simply be in a state of relaxed focus, similar to what it is like when you get wrapped up in reading a good book. The benefits to hypnobirthing seem to be endless, but the one that stands out the most to me is the

sense of empowerment and confidence they provide expecting mothers. If you are expecting and would be interested in hypnobirthing or know someone who is expecting the following are two great options for hypnobirthing courses in South Florida, which offer practioners that have been trained and are affiliated with the Hypnobirthing Institute:

Amazing Births and Beyond Amazing Births & Beyond provides hypnobirthing courses at both their Hollywood center and at the Mt. Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach. The fee for the course, which consists of 5 2½ hour classes, is $295 and includes the cost of the Hypnobirthing book as well as the practice cds. The classes are small to provide personal attention, but if you’d preferred individual classes it can be arranged. You can find more information on when courses are available, as well as information on other therapeutic and spa services offered, by going to the centers website:

Sacred Births Sacred Births differs from Amazing Births & Beyond in that it exclusively offers only one-on-one personalized hypnobirthing classes form either the comfort of your home or that of the practioners, Helen Citrin. The course fee is slightly a bit more at $325, but if you would prefer classes from the comfort of your home than it is definitely well worth the extra bit. As with Amazing Births & Beyond, the course consists of 5 2 ½ hour classes and the fee includes the Hypnobirthing book and cds. More information and a description of other services offered by Sacred Births can be found on the website at www.

Winter Issue 2013



Winter Issue 2013

Winter Issue 2013



your baby bump can be quite the challenge around The Holidays. From work functions to family gatherings, there are endless events to attend. Here is a little inspiration to help you coordinate a few outfits this season. COMFORTABLE CHIC T-Shirt: TOPSHOP Maternity Breton Tee $36 Jeans: TOPSHOP Maternity Moto Grey LeighJeans $76 Sandals: TORY BURCH Croc Print Cameron Thong Sandal $155.50 Necklace: J.CREW Citron Stone Necklace $150 You’re tir ed, u want to d ncomfortable an d all you o you’re sta is eat - we unders tand. If ying in th over to a is year or he lo night in, th ved ones home fo ading r a casua e goal is to be co A simple mfy yet c l stripped hic. tee and jeans will maternity su ffi ce with c sandals o ontempo r flats. To ra ry brin to the ne xt level, c g this effortless lo ok onsider a statemen dding a fu t necklac n e for a lit tle spice.

HOSTESS WITH THE MOSTESS Dress: TOPSHOP Maternity Waterfall Trapeze Dress $90 Shoes: ZARA Shiny Pointy Ballerina Shoes $59.99 Bracelet: STELLA & DOT Tribute Bracelet $36 Earrings: BANANA REPUBLIC Circle Stud Earrings $39.50

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FANCY PARTY Dress: ISABELLA OLIVER $199 Shoes: KATE SPADE Sage $298 Earrings: J.CREW Jeweled Fan Drop Earrings $78 Clutch: COACH Legacy Accordion Zip Wallet In Studded Leather $258

There are so many ways to be comfortable yet fashionable while you’re expecting. The key is buy simple pieces that you can pair differently throughout your pregnancy and use accessories to add extra flair. These looks are sure to get you through The Holidays and beyond! By: Belle Jhéanell

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Must Haves

Things can get a little tricky in the beauty department while we’re expecting. With everything from hyperpigmentation to acne as possible skin conditions, we have our work cut out for us. Even if you’re fortunate enough to not experience any flare ups during this time, your beauty routine still needs an over haul due to all the hormonal changes. Most importantly, a large portion of the products that were part of your Holy Grail aren’t safe during pregnancy. Whether you need a little extra help getting the pregnancy glow, or just need to be pointed in the direction of pregnancy safe beauty products - we’ve got you covered. 1. First things first! We must take care of our skin, it’s imperative! AMALOU SKIN™ has a four step skincare regimen approved by dermatologists, cosmetic chemists and OBGYN’s. Created by fellow moms who experienced acne and melasma (mask of pregnancy) while they were expecting, this line provides everything you need to safely cleanse, tone, hydrate and restore. 2. JUICE BEAUTY’S STEM CELLULAR CC CREAM is the perfect way to give your skin a flawless finish. Great for all skin types, trade in your foundation for this color correcting cream made without artificial colors. CC Cream reduces redness, dark spots and other skin imperfections while giving you a natural glow. 3. The BAREMINERALS BARE GUIDE TO COLOR KIT is chockfull of the essentials needed to add color to your revamped makeup regimen. Free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates, this kit will take you from work to the weekends. Containing everything from mascara, to eyeshadow, blush and primer, you’ll be able to create a myriad of looks. 4. Are you a lipstick fanatic? Don’ worry, you won’t have to give it up. However, consider JUICE BEAUTY’S PURELY KISSABLE LIP COLOR - a toxic free lippie created with organic passionfruit, acai and goji berries. This organic gem sounds good enough to eat! 5. Of course, we couldn’t forget about nail polish, the ultimate accessary! Most companies use hazardous ingredients, so it’s best to purchase a brand that is 3 Free, 5 Free or Vegan. Made with moms in mind, give KNOCKED UP NAILS a try. With fun names like “18K Gold Crown(ing)” and “Preggers in Pink”, this brand is toxic-free, chip resistant and long lasting. While changing your adjusting your beauty arsenal can be a bit of an adjustment, remember that you don’t have to sacrifice quality for safety. Beauty brands are taking notice of the need for pregnancy safe products that don’t bring harm to mommy or baby. Have fun experimenting with non-toxic cosmetics this Holiday Season! By: Belle Jhéanell

Tips For Choosing A Name For Your Baby

Medication Safety for Babies Many medications for babies and small children look and taste like candy or food. While this might make it easier for little ones to take medicines, it also means parents need to be extra careful to keep medicines up and away when not being used. Here are some simple tips to ensure your baby’s safety. Top Safety Tips •

Put medicines up and away and out of sight. Make sure that all medicines, including vitamins and adult medicines, are stored out of reach and out of sight of children. (In 86% of emergency room visits for medicine poisoning, the child got into medicine belonging to an adult.)

Educate grandparents. It is estimated that in 38 percent of ER visits involving a medicine poisoning, the medicine belonged to a grandparent. Talk to grandparents about being extra mindful with medicine or pillboxes when children are around.

Even if you are tempted to keep it handy, put medicine out of reach after every use. When you need to give another dose in just a few hours, it may be tempting to keep medicine close at hand. Accidents can happen fast. It only takes a few seconds for children to get into medicine that could make them very sick. Put medicine up and away after every use. And if you need a reminder, set an alarm on your watch or cell phone, or write yourself a note.

Consider places where kids get into medicine. Kids get into medication in all sorts of places, like in purses and nightstands. (In 67% of cases, the medicine was within reach of a child, such as in a purse, left on a counter or dresser or found on the ground.)


Talk to your kids about medication safety. Even if their medication tastes good, don’t compare it to candy to encourage kids to take it. Close your medicine tightly after every use. Buy medicines that come in child-resistant packages when you can. But remember, child-resistant does not mean child-proof, and some children will still be able to get into medicine given enough time and persistence. Make sure you close the package tightly after each use.

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Be alert to visitors’ medicine. Well-meaning visitors may not be thinking about the medicines they have brought with them in their belongings. When you have guests in your home, offer to put purses, bags and coats out of reach of children to protect their property from a curious child. (In 43% of cases, the medicine a child got into belonged to a relative, such as an aunt, uncle or grandparent.) Use the dosing device that comes with the medicine. Proper dosing is important, particularly for young children. Kitchen spoons aren’t all the same, and a teaspoon and tablespoon used for cooking won’t measure the same amount as the dosing device.

For some expecting parents, choosing a name for a new baby is a piece of cake, while for others, this task can be daunting and overwhelming. To help smooth the decisionmaking process, we have put together some helpful tips for picking your baby’s name: Relax: You have months to come up with a name. Even then, not having a name when your baby is born is not the end of the world. You will still have time to decide on a name after he/she is born. In fact, waiting until your child arrives may be the best way to determine the perfect name. Discuss: Talk with your partner and take into account their opinions and suggestions. Remember, this decision involves the both of you. Be flexible and look for ways to compromise if disagreements arise. Narrow Your Search: Decide whether you want your child to have a popular name, unique name, traditional name or a family name. Have Options: Make a list of several options and discuss with your partner, family and close friends. For your baby shower, ask all of your guests to write down their choice for

a boy and girl name. Later review their choices with your significant other. Research: These days there are numerous books and websites dedicated to helping parents find that special name for their new child and most of these resources can be obtained free of charge. Books can be checked out from a local library; while searching the internet may only cost you an email address (if that). Be Kind: Remember, your child is going to have this name for a lifetime (unless the name is changed legally). Say the name out does it sound? How does the name sound with your last name? What will your child’s initials be with this name? Will the name grow with your child? Meaning, will the chosen name also be appropriate when your child is an adult? Keep it Simple: This doesn’t mean to choose a short name. Instead, think of pronunciation and spelling. Unique spellings of names can provoke confusion so be mindful when choosing how to spell your child’s name. Also, remember to choose a name that is not difficult to say. Here, too, spelling can influence pronunciation. Winter Issue 2013


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Protecting your Baby During

When the temperatures drop, your baby’s sensitive skin needs extra protection. At times your baby’s cheeks may get chapped because of all the baby’s drool. During this time it is important to apply baby safe moisturizer each time you go outside.


When it comes to layering, keep your baby warm but don’t over do it. Choose breathable fabrics and avoid big puffy jackets which interfere with your baby’s ability to move and the car seat restraint straps. It is great to top it off with a hat and keep their little scalp warm.

Choose a warm flannel fitted sheet for your baby’s cot. A soft one-piece, footed sleep-suit helps your baby stay warm all night by keeping him toasty from head to toe.


As long as the weather isn’t too unfriendly, it’s good for your baby to get some fresh air every day. A furry seat liner for your baby’s buggy will provide extra bottom warmth.

• • •

Pick a hat with a strap that fastens under the chin: this will help sustain the hat in place Don’t buy a hat that is too big Remove the hat in the car: your baby will get too warm


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