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Add distractions by getting a friend to walk close to the puppy or make a distracting noise while you are practicing the command. Then practice in an unfamiliar or exciting place.

Once you are getting consistent results using a long lead, take away the distractions and

start teaching off lead. Teaching off-lead recalls the fastest and most fun way is by running way from your dog. This appeals to his prey instinct and he will be more than happy to chase you. Tell him stay, take off his lead and walk to a reasonable distance, then call him and immediately turn and run away from him. When he catches you give him a reward and heaps of praise. He will soon associate coming to you with fun and play and rewards. If you find that your dog is coming in but you'd like it to be faster, then try this: 2 dogs, l treat. Get the dogs to sit next to each other, tell both to stay and walk a distance. Show them the treat then call them both to come. The one that gets to you first gets the treat and the other will learn to be faster next time. BUT, remember this – no dog will ever be completely trustworthy off lead, there are just too many things that you cannot control.


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