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Edition 412, March 13, 2014 (Next Issue Mar. 27. • Deadline is Mon Mar. 14.) Georgian Bay, Snowmobiles, Kite Boarding, and the Ice Caves beside Giant’s Tomb

Saturday, March 8th,

of CIBC and Member CIPF.or IN SPRINGWATER! REAL ESTATE Wanted: Hobby farm house w/small acreage



(SPRINGWATER TOWNSHIP) – On March 8th, 2014 at approximately 4:00 p.m., members of the Huronia West Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police responded to a report that a plane had landed in a field off of Flos Road 7 West between County Road #27 and Elliott Road. In addition it had sustained some damages and Police received further information that no one was in this plane and that footsteps had been seen heading away for it. A further investigation by the Huronia West OPP revealed that the pilot a 49 year old male from Bradford Ontario had to emergency land the Sport Star 2 seat plane at approximately 11:15 a.m., in the above field with no injuries to him or his passenger a 58 year old male from Toronto Ontario. Transport Canada Safety Board was contacted and will be continuing any further needed investigation into this matter. •••••••••••• The Springwater News has learned that the two passengers, an instructor and a student were doing their usual maneuvers and something went wrong. Fortunately, they were about 1500 feet off the road clear of any wires or any other obstructions. The plane touched the snow and attempted to gain altitude but after hitting the snow, the nose wheel and the left wheel strut collapsed and it skidded on the snow to a quick halt. The 2006 plane has a 725 pound dry weight and a maximum load totalling 1250 ponds. The insurance company / broker contacted Chris Jacobs, the airplane mechanic from the Edenvale Aerodrome (and also the son of the owners of this paper) and asked if he would do a salvage recovery. Shortly after two on Sunday afternoon, he arrived on the scene and commenced to dismantle the airplane by removing the wings - one was ok but the other was badly damaged - and also removed the horizontal stabilizer and elevators. The left wheel strut was secured into place and snowmobile skis secured to the wheels for flotation. The tracked utility vehicle thanks to McLaren Farm Equipment pulled the plane to the road where another friend of Chris’s, a guy named Joe, hoisted it off the snowbank and set it on the trailer where it was secured and taken back to Chris’s shop/hangar in Edenvale for an assessment. A preliminary suggestion was that the $60,000 plane would be scraped. For Chris, it’s great to have family and friends. For the rest of us, it was a rather enjoyable afternoon/experience.





WASA Directions: Hwy 92 past E to complex. Stay Looking to Downsize or Le Come view these 2-bedroom park conveniently located clo

The Springwater Hall of Fame

The Springwater Sports Hall of Fame is now accepting nominations for athletes, builders and teams. The board strives to promote the achievements of those whose interest in, and work for, the sport has resulted in a climate which benefitted both athletes and athletics plus those whose athletic talent, proficiency and determination has brought fame to Springwater Township and to themselves. The community and sports’ organizations are encouraged to nominate potential athletes, builders and teams for induction into the Hall of Fame. Nomination forms and supporting material are available for patrons to pickup and drop-off at all three libraries (Elmvale, Midhurst and Minesing), the Township Administration Centre at 2231 Nursery Road, Minesing and are available for printing at All nominations must be dropped off by May 1st, 2014. T he first induction ceremony will be held this fall after the inductees are announced at the Elmvale Fall Fair Thanksgiving weekend.

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Springwater News • March 13, 2014 Edition 412 • E-mail: •

Registered Candidates for the 2014 Municipal Elections Essa

2231 Nursery Rd., Minesing ON L0L 1Y2 Tel: 705 797 7500 E-mail: The Springwater Chamber Of Commerce Supports And Promotes Local Business Become A Member And Be Involved Join Us On Facebook Www.Facebook.Com/Springwaterchamber

Editor’s Musings When it comes to the Canada-European Trade Agreement, if you feel that the Federal Government may be giving away some of Canada’s sovereign powers, and changing the way that municipalities and provinces operate, without their participation, you are of the same opinion as Lori MacKay, president of Cupe for P.E.I. (When Stephen Harper came to power, there were 5 free trade agreement between Canada and other countries. There are now approximately 43.) It is her opinion that the European demands would make it impossible for provinces and municipalities to use government spending as a job creator or a local economic development tool. This would mean that when awarding contracts, a local government would not be able to put provisions on a contract, like minimum Canadian or local content…or even buy-local campaigns. The coalition she has formed also believes the deal will limit or remove the government’s ability to create jobs, support local businesses and negotiate benefits for Islanders from companies investing in the province’s resources. Other areas cited as potentially threatened by CETA are the province’s agricultural industry and health-care system. The coalition also believes the deal will limit or remove the government’s ability to create jobs, support local businesses and negotiate benefits for Islanders from companies investing in the province’s resources. Now, our less than popular Prime Minister is in South Korea trying to sign a free trade agreement which may help some of the agriculture industry but at the same time, may endanger some of the auto industry in Ontario - as if it was not endangered enough. With 43 Free Trade Agreements, I wonder how much of our sovereignty has been given away. Because of the Trade Agreements, there are already at least two court cases against Canada for millions if not billions of dollars because someone either tried to protect our environment or keep some of the work for Canadian companies. And at home, the 308 MPs have given themselves a 2.2% raise in pay while cutting back on people’s pensions, benefits and help for veterans - just to mention only three kind of important facts. And come the next election, there will be 338 MPs. With the conservatives at 26% popularity, and with new fresh leader Justin Trudeau setting the agenda (Stephen Harper was never going to touch the marijuana topic but since Justin is suggesting the legalizing of it, the CPC has now taken some action to decriminalize it which is apparently different from legalizing - I think in the fact that if caught with any of the drug, you will now be fined rather than sent to jail with a criminal record.) I do not understand why, in my mind, vote getting moves like launching an inquiry into murdered and missing Indigenous women are not moving forward. Actually, it is our Kellie Lietch who has the portfolio to do anything. As an observer, most all the elected members of the CPC appear to be mere sheep and need to be told by the unelected Prime Ministers office staff when to put one foot in front of the other.

Mayor - Terry Dowall Deputy Mayor - Sandie Macdonald Councillor Ward 1 - Keith White Councillor Ward 2 - Michael Smith & Shawn Bubel Councillor Ward 3 - Ron Henderson


Mayor - Harry Hughes, Oro Station Deputy Mayor - Ralph Hough, Coldwater Councillor Ward 1 - Barbara Coutanche, Shanty Bay Councillor Ward 2 Vacant Councillor Ward 3 Vacant Councillor Ward 4 Vacant Councillor Ward 5 Vacant

Springwater Township

Mayor - Bill French, Grenfel Deputy Mayor - Les Stewart, Midhurst Councillor Ward 1 - Katie Austin, Elmvale Councillor Ward 2 Vacant Councillor Ward 3 Vacant Councillor Ward 4 Vacant Councillor Ward 5 Vacant


Mayor - Scott Warnock, Victoria Harbour Deputy Mayor - Bill Rawson, Victoria Harbour Councillor Ward 1 Nelson Baumgardner, Port McNicoll Sandra Talbot, Port McNicoll Councillor Ward 2 Barbara Andrews - Victoria Harbour David Ritchie, Midland Lawrence Campbell, Victoria Harbour Gary Burgess, Victoria Harbour Gerald LaChapelle, Victoria Harbour Councillor Ward 3 Heinrich Naumann, Wasbaushene


Mayor - Peter E. Davenport, Tiny Deputy Mayor - Vacant Three Councillors - Gibb Wishart, Tiny Simcoe County School Board School Trustee for Springwater and Oro-Medonte - Peter Beacock, Tiny Wyevale Every time I ad something about the City of Toronto and how Rob Ford is making them look ridiculous, my thinking is that it is the newspapers, radio and TV Stations that is making themselves look like idiots by publicizing all that stuff. Shut up folks and it will go away. There is an e-mail that goes around mentioning Bill-428. a motion to change the OAS Pension Plan so that if anyone moved into Canada, the wait period would be three years and then you could draw your approximate $551 pension if you were at least 65 years of age. The wait period now is 10 years. In an e-mail to MP Bruce Stanton’s office - I get a faster response from his people than I do from Kellie Leitch’s office - I asked (at 7:16 pm), “Is there any truth to the fact that new immigrants will only have to be in Canada for 3 years to get the Old Age Pension if some bill before parliament is passed?’ The next morning (8:50 am) I received this reply from Judy Fulsom, the constituent Assistant to the Office of Bruce Stanton, “That was a bill brought before Parliament a few years ago, C-428. It is no longer in front of Parliament, it was never passed.”

An ad in the last Springwater News about the $15,000 Springwater Council got from the Farm Credit Canada for the Elmvale Gateway Project (the site of the former Petro Canada) drew a little ire and a couple of phone calls. The ad was not prepared by moi but came camera ready from the Township. The problem with the ad is that it advertised the project at Think on your feet Improve communication skills the corner of Queen and Young but Young St should have been Develop Self-confidence Speak with conviction spelt Yonge Street. There was some mention of Organize your thoughts Control nervousness the proof reading and whether the people who did this were from the Township who should For further details know the spelling or whether it was hired employees that get Web: www.CLCSouth the job because of the number letters after their name...and E-mail: of some other reasons that I need not mention here. Call: 705-721-9415 I just want to mention that I have lived in Flos (since 1947), Elmvale (since 1984) and A 10 week course begins on Springwater (since its inception in 1994), and I occasionally spell things wrong. But then I Sponsored by the Christopher Leadership Courses of Canada have no letters after my name.

Effective Speaking Course

Wednesday, April 9, 2014.

Springwater News

9 Glenview Avenue Elmvale ON L0L 1P0 Publisher:  Michael Jacobs - Tel: (705) 322-2249 Fax: (705) 322-8393 • Cell: 321-BOLD (2653) e-mail: Articles can be dropped off, mailed, faxed and/or e-mailed to the above address or left in the Elmvale Library ‘Drop Box’ 24 hours a day. THE NEXT PAPER will be on March. 13, 2014. Our deadline is Monday March 10, 2014. Publications Mail Contract No. 1443739. Unaddressed Admail No. 3684814. The paper is printed by Master Web Inc. Mississauga Springwater News is produced every two weeks and delivered by Canada Post and available at newsstands throughout the areas mentioned below. The opinions expressed in articles contributed by interested parties and through the ‘Letters to the Editor’ do not necessarily reflect the opinion of this newspaper and/or the editor. The editor reserves the right to edit all submitted articles or letters for clarity and space or to avoid obscenity, libel or invasion of privacy. All contributions must have the writer’s full name, address and telephone number for verification. Copyrights are claimed on all original articles.

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750 in the Utopia/Grenfel area L0L1B0 (492) and L0L1B2 (193) 2400 in Barrie 678 homes in SS 101 Barrie area L4M 4Y8 which includes Bayfield St., Horseshoe Valley Road, Craighurst, Horseshoe & Hwy 93, 361 homes SS 102 West Barrie area L4M 4S4 includes Miller Drive Rural Routes L0L 2K0, 821 homes in the SS 103 Barrie area L4M 4S5 St. Vincent St., and 371 homes in SS 144, Barrie / Ferndale Drive, and area) 575 in Phelpston L0L 2K0 620 in Hillsdale including the Rural Routes L0L 1V0 2350 in Elmvale including the former RR# 1, 2 & 3 L0L 1P0 which includes Orr Lake, Waverley and some Tiny Beaches 1650 in the Midhurst RR#1, 2 and SS33 (L0L 1X0 and 1X1) 1350 in the RR#1-3 Minesing/Anten Mills area L0L 1Y0 + 1Y1 260 in the Wyebridge area L0K 2E0 850 in Wyevale L0L 2T0 including Tiny to Conc 8 and some TBRS areas, 1250 in Perkinsfield including Balm Beach toWhippoorwill 1050 in R.R .# 1, L4R 4K3 (775) & 2, L4R 4K4 (225) areas of Midland which includes Vasey, Ebenezer and the area North-West of Wyebridge 2800 in Northern Tiny including Penetanguishene in SS 3, 5, 6, 7 & 8 of Penetanguishene (Postal Codes L9M -1R2, -1R3 & -2H7) 150 through mail outs and subscriptions in Canada & US Subscriptions are available across Canada for $50/year and $80/year in U.S. of A. CMCA AUDITED

Why I do not believe in Global Warming. Climate Change is happening all the time. In July of 1934, almost 80% of the US was in a drought situation. Today, climate experts suggest the droughts are worse when only 4 or 5 states are extra dry today. On Friday, the 20th of March 1936, the waqer in Pittsburgh was 46 feet high. Today, 95% of Australia is drought free but we are still hearing what Global Warming is doing there. In 1912, because of the melting of the North Pole, a plan was devised to divert the icebergs coming from the Arctic Ocean at a rate of 2,000,000 tons per second to keep the Labrador current warmer. On July 26, 1908, an article in the Sunday Times (Sydney, NSW) was about Swiss Scientists worried about the diminsihed ice on the Alps. A few months later, the Ford Model-T went into production. On October 15, 2013 scientists announced that Climate Change had heated Lake Superior and it was fast becoming the world’s biggest hot tub. Today it is frozen over. Ice on the great lakes exceeds 90% coverage. In 1871, in the New York Times, an article complained that Climate Change had made the weather cold in the southern states. In 1931, experts were certain that climate change was going to turn England into the Arctic, and be invaded by Polar Bears. 26 Aug 1931 - BACK TO FURS. CHANGING CLIMATE. ENGLAND’S COLD Experts said that climate change had made European winters hot. In 1936, there was an article in the Kalgoorlie Miner that spoke of how the climate of Germany and the Central and Northern Europe area warming. In 1911, the consensus of climate experts determined that the catastrophic climate change was caused by wireless communications. January 22, 1945 in the Portland Guardian - the story was about the World’s climate changes, poles melting, glaciers retreating, rivers drying up, deserts expanding. There is less ice in the North Pole than the mean which goes from 1979 to today. There is 5% less but more than in many years past. There is more ice in the Antarctic than ever recorded. In total, there is more sea ice than recorded by modern day scientists. In the past century, scientists could not get the populous excited about either global warming or global cooling (an ice age would be declared if the world temperature fell by 3 to 5 degrees and the article did not say Fahrenheit or Celsius) or acid rain or other supposed disasters. The Global Warming (hoax)/Climate Change theory is making many, many people rich.

Springwater News • March 13, 2014 Edition 412 • Phone 705 322 2249 Cell: 705 321 (BOLD) 2653 Elmvale 322-1482 Midhurst 737-5650 Minesing 722-6440 Online at www.springwater.library.on,ca

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Cash or cheque only please. Proof of rabies vaccination and microchip (if you have) are required. COMMUNITY ACCESS PROGRAM – COMPUTER TUTOR Springwater Library has a computer tutor dedicated to help with problems such as understanding how to use your computer, Internet searching, setting up and using e-mail, e-readers, and much more. Please call the ELMVALE BRANCH to set up an appointment. A BIG THANK YOU! In 2013, the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport announced a grant to Public Libraries to strengthen the library role as a community hub. The Springwater Library used these funds to upgrade Microsoft Office software, purchase program notification software for our new website (launching soon!), and invested in program development. We gratefully acknowledge the Ministry’s support for their assistance! TECHIE TUESDAYS Need some basic help with your computer, or cannot figure out your e-reader? Join us at the MIDHURST BRANCH on Tuesdays – PLEASE CALL FOR TIMES (705-737-5650)

Did you Know? Watch for our new website Launching March 25 YOUTH BLOGGING WORKSHOP FOR TEENS 3571 Penetanguishene Road, Craighurst, ON L4M 4Y8 Join us for an introduction to blogging 705-737-1300 for TEENS. • Wed. March 26, 6pm, ELMVALE BRANCH. Registration is required Miss Gevious for this event so call today to reserve Cress by Marissa Meyer (Young Adult Fiction) your spot! Rating: Ding! Ding! Ding! We’ve got a winner! MOVIE MATINEE: FROZEN! BOOK THREE: LUNAR Come out to enjoy this latest family CHRONICLES. Cinder and Captain movie release! Thorne are Fri. Mar 21, 6:30pm MIDHURST fugitives BRANCH on the Thur. Mar 27, 4:30pm ELMVALE BRANCH run, now with Scarlet and Wolf Cost is just $3 for delicious buttery hot popcorn and in tow. Together, they're plotting a bottle of water. We anticipate a full house so please to overthrow Queen Levana and register for this event! prevent her army from invading INCOME TAX TIME! Earth. Their best hope lies with A volunteer is available to Cress, a girl trapped on a satellite prepare since childhood who's only ever Ontario Renovates Program income tax and benefit returns for had her netscreens as company. Midhurst/March 10, 2014 - The Ontario Renovates individuals When a daring rescue of Cress goes awry, the group is Program, delivered by the County of Simcoe, is hosting a with low income and a simple splintered. Cress finally has her freedom, but it comes public information session to educate homeowners about tax situation. This program is provided FREE of charge at a higher price than she'd ever expected. Meanwhile, a new financial incentive program to help homeowners for people with this criteria. Please phone the Elmvale Queen Levana will let nothing prevent her marriage to create secondary or garden suites. The information session Branch (705-322-1482) to set an appointment or for Emperor Kai. Cress, Scarlet, and Cinder may not have is being held in partnership with Canada Mortgage and further information. This program is a collaboration signed up to save the world, but they may be the only Housing Corporation on Tuesday, March 18, 2014 from 7 between the Canada Revenue Agency and community hope the world has. p.m. to 8:45 p.m. at the Simcoe County Museum. organizations. ---------------------A range of topics will be covered, including funding  ONTARIO EARLY YEARS Life outside of the pages of Cress is like molasses - thick, Come join us for this pre-school opportunities, eligibility requirements and the application slow and unimportant because once you open the cover program. process. Funding through the Ontario Renovates Program of this book adventure takes hold of you like lightening.  Thur. Mar 20, 10:30am will become available April 1, 2014. The program provides It flashes before you in unexpected places that make you ELMVALE & MIDHURST BRANCH financial support in the form of a forgivable loan, up to a gasp, blink with wonder and thrill for where it could Thur. Mar 20, 1:30pm MINESING BRANCH maximum of $25,000 per dwelling, and/or a grant up to possibly appear next! $3,500 for accessibility modifications. Funding is limited FREE PRENATAL SEMINAR If like me, you've been counting down the days to the and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Come prepare naturally for the birth release of this third novel in the Lunar Chronicles series The County’s 10 Year Affordable Housing and of your baby. We discuss chiropractic the pages will, in fact, fly.  As I was reading you could hear Homelessness Prevention Strategy, approved by County care, yoga, massage and more! me exclaim, "Oh no!  How will they - what!  Oh my gosh!  Council in January 2014, recognizes the need for more Speakers include Tracy Eisses, a But he's - look out!  Now what will they do?" affordable housing throughout the County and suggests registered pregnancy massage therapist I absolutely love that author Marissa has been able to keep and birth doula, Dr. Michelle Urban a family chiropractic that the creation of secondary or garden suites could be a the same intensity and amazing plot twists three books in with 17 years experience and Dawn Balfour with 13 viable solution. Furthermore, amendments to the Planning a row.  Bravo to a consistent talent that has not wavered or years experience in Mom and baby yoga. Act through Bill 140, ‘Strong Communities through meandered from initial success.  This is a fantastic tale that Thur. April 3, 6-7pm, MIDHURST BRANCH Affordable Housing Act’, legislates that municipalities should, by all accounts, be a complicated read but is not.  Spots are limited so please call to reserve your spot are now required to create policies that not only support All the characters from books one and two are in this third today!  existing affordable units, but will encourage the creation novel along with some new characters - that alone should NOT YOUR MOMMA’s BOOK CLUB of new ones. give any reader a headache to keep everyone straight.  It This event is free to the public and refreshments will be Looking to join a book club for youngish would make perfect sense with that many characters for provided. As space is limited, registration is required by people? at least one or two feel similar and blurry yet, no two Elmvale Branch has a group (approximate Monday, March 17, 2014. For more information, please characters could possibly be confused because they have contact the County of Simcoe Social Housing Department ages 25-45) been written with such clarity it would be impossible! at 705-725-7215 ext. 1119 or visit that meets on the first Tuesday of the I loved the modern spin on Rapunzel in her tower, month at 6:30pm. "No matter how dark your day is, you can make it sequestered in a satellite for years that orbits and watches Call for details and to find out what we are reading. brighter by lighting up someone else's."-- Anonymous the earth.  I love the strength of the characters and their PARLEZ-VOUS individual bag of flaws.  I love that this was every bit as FRANCAIS?(Just learning?) good a read as I had anticipated and last but never least, Midhurst Branch is organizing a I love that this is a series both my daughter and I adore French Reading Buddies BOOKING together. Program that will take place If you are looking for a live wire to chew on for a weekend on Tuesdays starting Mar 18 NOW!! retreat from a humdrum, long lasting winter this book is for 7 weeks. If you have a child Includes: your fix. Long live the Lunar Chronicles, I hope there are that is struggling with French in grades 1 to 3 New Spark Plug many more books in this series! and would like to participate in this program, Ginger Tsang aka Springwater Library, Elmvale Branch please call Kathy at the Midhurst Branch (705Oil Change Librarian Carburetor Cleaned 737-5650) to sign up. Space is limited! AFTER SCHOOL CRAFT: BOYS Lubrication of: cables, auger & ONLY drive mechanism This month’s after school craft is a Inspection of: drive mechanism, special boys only craft. We’re doing science experiments and making auger & drive belts, bushings*. +HST * Additional Parts Extra monsters! Please register for your spot today! Cost is just $3. Thur. Mar 20, 3:45pm MINESING BRANCH Thur. Mar 27, 4pm MIDHURST BRANCH DOG AND CAT LICENSES The Springwater Public Small Motor Sales & Service Library now has Dog and Cat licenses for sale at Elmvale and 705-725-0975 PICK UP & DELIVERY 705-327-0255 Midhurst Branches.




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Collingwood Fuels Ltd 15 Stewart Road, P.O. Box 321

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toll free 1-800-553-5571

FUEL DELIVERY • Furnace oil • Diesel fuels • Gasoline

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Springwater News • March 13, 2014 Edition 412 • E-mail: •

Grenfel & Centre Vespra News with Kathy Stunden-Hall 735-9423 or

PANCAKE BREAKFAST SATURDAY Sat. March 15 from 9 a.m. to noon Grenfel United Church is hosting a pancake breakfast. Enjoy pancakes with maple syrup, sausages, and baked beans. Cost is $7 for adults, while children six to 12 are just $5 and those five and under are free. Tickets will be available at the door. Come and enjoy a great breakfast with your friends and neighbours. For info call June at (705) 790-4376. The congregation is also planning a roast beef dinner for April 26. Watch for details coming soon. Don’t forget their delicious Easter eggs are on sale too. Call June, whose number is above, to order. Another chance to enjoy the creations of Grenfel cooks is coming up March 22 with the Spaghetti Supper at the Grenfel Hall. Supper will be served from 5 to 8 p.m. The Hall Board is looking  for student volunteers  to assist  at this event. They will receive Community Volunteer Hours for their assistance.  Anyone interested may call Maureen at 705-728-8929. Also please note that the annual general meeting for the Grenfel Hall Board is coming up on April 8 from 7 to 7:30 p.m. This annual public meeting also include the elections for new board members. Anyone wishing to be part of the board or who wants to help out by volunteering is invited to come out. VANISHING OF THE BEES On March 22 Aware Essa, an environmental awareness group that’s an offshoot of Aware Simcoe, is presenting a movie called Vanishing of the Bees. It will be held at the Utopia Hall beginning at 10:30 a.m. The group is hosting a beekeeper at the event and will have a question and answer period and refreshments after the movie. Everyone is welcome to attend. There is no charge for the movie but any donations to the Utopia Grist Mill fund would be appreciated. Janet Lord-Genyk, a longtime resident of the Eighth Line of Essa, is organizing the event. For more information call Janet at 705 794-9295. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAROLD MCMASTER Happy Birthday wishes go out to Harold McMaster. He celebrated his 80th birthday last week. Also, on a sad note, our sympathy is extended to Harold and Anne’s daughterin-law Kim McMaster who recently lost her mother Ruth Adams. HERE COMES THE SUN I hate to jinx it and say we might finally be coming out of winter but the temperature is finally becoming more normal for this time of year. Up until this past winter I can’t remember a time when I’ve worn a scarf everyday along with a hood up over my hat. I’ve also broken in a pair of hydro mitts that were given to me last year. They have been just the thing for the cold, although they can be a pain when you are trying to do anything with your hands. It seems every day I have dreaded taking them off to fill the grain buckets for the pigs and chickens. I also think working in the extreme cold has triggered some mild arthritis in my hands and feet. That never stops me from going outside, though. I am proud to say that even on the coldest days I have spent an average of about three and a half hours a day outside. For a rare time this winter it was actually a pleasure to be out and about on Friday. I didn’t wear my heavy coat, scarf or gloves when Max and I went for our afternoon walk that day. It was beautiful. Lately, an almost daily occurrence is the sight of a pileated woodpecker flying across our road, just south of Old Orchard Road. This is definitely an improvement from Max’s other attraction on Old Orchard Road. For several days he liked to investigate the old couch and chairs that someone had dumped off at the side of the road, close to the entrance to the gravel pit. The dope who did this left the junk right on the road and the township had to come along and pick it up. It still amazes me that people still litter the countryside the way they do. Beer cans proliferate at the roadside as does garbage from McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Harvey’s, Tim’s and Pizza Pizza. Someone even managed to dump all their old cigarette butts in front of our mailbox. At least there is always something beautiful in nature that counteracts man’s messes. As I was feeding the horses on Friday afternoon I looked out into the pig pasture and saw a fox sunning itself. It seemed just as grateful for the break in weather as I was. It sat in the snow just drinking in the sun. He scratched his ear a couple of times and looked totally relaxed. I watched the beautiful red creature for about five minutes. The light little animal has made good use of that pasture all winter. There are tracks all over where the fox had, no doubt, been hunting small vermin. I am always amazed by the beauty I can see around here, just by taking the time to look. *** Please send your birthdays, anniversaries, new items and ideas for the Grenfel and Centre Vespra News. Kathy Stunden-Hall may be reached at 735-9423 or by e-mail at . Charles Dickens always slept facing north. He thought it improved your writing. Ernest Hemingway rewrote the final page of A Farewell to Arms 39 times.

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What Does Your Blood Type Mean?

Blood Type O- Slide 1 of 8 O Negative is known as the universal blood type. When this blood is donated, anyone can receive it. This makes it the most sought-after blood. O Negative Facts: Only 7% of the world's population carries O- blood. While anyone can receive O-, people with Oblood can only receive O- blood. While O- is the least common blood type, O+ is the most common. The group of O blood is the oldest blood on Earth and dates back to 40,000 BC. An interesting fact is that 47% of African Americans have O+ blood. A+ blood is a fairly common blood type in the United States. Even so, two parents with A+ blood can give birth to a child with an O type blood. People with A+ blood should stick to a low-fat diet to stay healthy. A- blood is a rare blood type for many races in the United States. A- Blood Type Ethnic Breakdown: Asian: 0.5% African American: 2% Hispanic: 2% Caucasian: 7% B+ is a fairly average blood type, found more in Asians than any other race. There is actually a recommended diet based on blood types, and there is a lot of tasty variety for those with B+ blood. B+ Blood Type Diet Foods: Lamb Trout Goat Cheese Oatmeal Pineapples B+ is a fairly average blood type, found more in Asians than any other race. There is actually a recommended diet based on blood types, and there is a lot of tasty variety for those with B+ blood. B+ Blood Type Diet Foods: Lamb Trout Goat Cheese Oatmeal Pineapples AB is the rarest of all bloods. People with AB blood can only donate blood to other people with AB blood, but they can receive any type of blood in return. If one parent has AB blood and the other has O blood, the child will not have AB blood, but simply A or B. There are 10 pints of blood in the body of the average adult. Blood accounts for 7 percent of the average body’s total weight. There is no substitute in the world for human blood. A drop of blood takes approximately 20 to 60 seconds to travel from the heart to the body and back again. A single pint of blood can save up to three lives. A newborn baby has roughly one cup of blood in its entire body Blood is twice as thick as water. The thickness comes from: cells nutrients hormones clotting agents and waste products that inhabit the blood. There are more than forty diseases and conditions that can be effectively treated by using cord blood. Cord blood is obtained from the umbilical cords of newborn babies. Cord blood is rich in precious stem cells, which can be used to treat diseases that affect the baby and the baby’s immediate family members. Cord blood is effective in the treatment of bone marrow diseases, blood disorders, cancers, immune systems disorders, metabolic disorders, and other conditions, although none of them can be completely cured with cord blood. On average, someone in the world needs blood every two seconds. In Japan, blood types are read like astrology signs. Blood types are designated with distinct personality types, such as: Type A - “The Farmer” Type B - “The Hunter” Type AB - “The Humanist” Type O - “The Warrior” @UnrevealedFacts: If a married man is having sex with a woman other than his wife, his chances of dying during intercourse increase by four times. The only 15 letter word that can be spelled without repeating a letter is “uncopyrightable.” Did you hear about the man who won a Gold medal at the Olympics? He had it bronzed. In the U.S., only 67% have read newspaper (print or digital) vs. Canada where readership is +15% higher.

“Hope is life and life is hope.”

Adele Shreve, playright, 1904 by Indra Sharma - Through the incredibly cold winter, the 2014 Winter Olympics was a treat. Our athletes made us proud and hope filled us. Why? Russia had opened its doors to the world. Now, a short time later, we are living again in a volatile situation. CNN is forever running, “Breaking News” and I notice the CBC is also running breaking news. Russia wants to become an empire again and it wants to control egress to the Black Sea. The port ships oil and gas to Europe. I have relatives in Europe and they know how they are welcome to come to Canada in the event of escalation of the hostilities in Russia which has made the G8 nations and others coalesce to bring diplomatic solutions. On the plus side we are now back on DST. Our evenings are longer with the promise of that glorious season: Spring! I bet there are millions of us who cannot wait to see a blade of grass or a dandelion. Had Martians come to Earth and specifically to Winnipeg, they would have quickly returned to Mars because Winnipeg was colder than Mars and was the coldest place on planet Earth this winter. Despite the cold winter and its hardships, propane escalated to an alarming price and hydro went up, gas is up and the price will never go down. These companies are gouging customers. I talked to so many people who have had enough of being gouged by propane, gas, oil, hydro that they wish if they can be in some sunny jungle far from governments on all levels not doing anything about the killing escalation of vital consumer products. Our village is also losing a lot if its stores due to Wal-Mart and Target. The government is allowing America to invade us via shopping at cheaper prices. I shop in our village as much as possible. Every bit helps. The few stores etc. that are still operating provide jobs for our youth. Major help by the levels of government is desperately needed by small places to get business on its collective feet. I abhor the many store closures on our main street. The government must help. It is imperative to help us restore the small town businesses. It is sad to know that the ladies of the Presbyterian Church hosts several dinners during the year to raise money to pay the church taxes. The late Mary Ritchie asked me to mention the dinners and the amount of work the women uncomplainingly engage in to make the dinners possible. She asked me to write an article to thank all the wonderful ladies of the church for all their efforts. It is wonderful to live in a place of kindness and positivism no matter if the remainder of the world is replete with hostility and chaos. In our place hope is ever prevalent.

In an effort to protect Springwater’s infrastructure and in accordance with by-law 2010-025, reduced load limits are in effect from March 1, to April 30. For more information please contact the Public Works Department at 705-728-4784 Ext. 2012.



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Distracted driving is deadly. Keep your mind on the road; texting, tweeting and talking can wait!

A reminder to all Springwater residents that the fine for driving with the display screen of a phone, computer, MP3 player, or a tablet computer visible to the driver has increased from $155.00 to $280.00.


Lifelabs Services are not affected and will continue to operate Tuesday’s and Thursdays from 7-9 am.

The clinic is currently accepting new patients; to register, please contact Health Care Connect at 1-800-445-1822 or call the Springwater Health Services Centre directly at 705-322-9099.

The South Georgian Bay Community Health Centre is now providing services at the Springwater Health Services Centre in Downtown Elmvale. A primary health care nurse practitioner will be available at the clinic each Wednesday morning to meet with clients.


Find out during Doors Open Huronia taking place June 7 & 8, 2014. Visit for more information.

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Victoria Day Long Weekend Saturday May 17, 2014. All Fire Stations will be open from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm to issue permits.

Elmvale Maple Syrup Festival Saturday April 26, 2014. The Fire & Emergency Services Booth

Don’t forget your 2014 burning permits available from the Township Office (2231 Nursery Road, Minesing) or the Fire Department Offices (2303 Ronald Road, Minesing) Monday to Friday 8:30 to 4:30. Permits will also be available at the following special events:


For more information please visit The closing date for this bid is March 28, 2014 at 12 p.m.

The Corporation of the Township of Springwater is currently requesting proposals for the supply of one new or late model tandem truck complete with winter control equipment.

RFP-10-2014 One New Tandem Truck and Winter Control Attachments

The Township of Springwater is currently accepting bids for:

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April 2 - 7:00 p.m. Hillsdale Rec Service Board Hillsdale Community Hall

March 25 - 7:00 p.m. Heritage Committee Meeting Township Administration Centre

March 24 - 5:30 p.m. Planning Committee Meeting Township Administration Centre

March 20 - 7:30 p.m. Policing Committee Meeting Township Administration Centre

March 20 - 7:00 p.m. Library Board Meeting Elmvale Libary Branch

March 19 - 7:00 p.m. Recreation Advisory Committee Township Administration Centre

March 18 - 7:00 p.m. Minesing Rec Service Board Minesing Community Centre

March 17 - 5:30 p.m. Council Meeting Township Administration Centre

March 17 - 2:30 p.m. General Committee Meeting Township Administration Centre


For urgent, after hours service please contact 705-725-2715.

2231 Nursery Road Minesing, Ontario The Administration Centre at 2231 Nursery Road operates Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. L0L 1Y2 Canada Springwater News • March 13, 2014 Edition 412 • Phone 705 322 2249 Cell: 705 321 (BOLD) 2653

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Springwater News • March 13, 2014 Edition 412 • E-mail: •

Lakehead University Orillia Research & Innovation Week 2014

Michael D. Kelly Sales Representative

Service at it’s BEST! 363 Balm Beach Rd. Tiny ON Office: 705-361-1894 “The Man With The Direct: 705-529-2458 Hat” Email:

Elmvale Foodland Tyke 4 All Put One in the Net! Members of the community enjoyed meeting student researchers last week at Lakehead University’s Research & Innovation Week. This year, a new Undergraduate Research Day was held (March 5), which featured presentations and displays by student researchers in a wide range of disciplines, offering an ideal opportunity for the community to learn about the interesting research taking place on campus. Pictured above (l – r): Andy Monk and Al Hutchings speak with Samantha Porter, whose project topic was Canada’s Military Role in the Liberation of the Netherlands, and Dustin Murphy, who researched the history of the Champlain Monument. (To see more photos from Research & Innovation Week, visit:

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By Kimberlee Hall - The Elmvale Foodland Tyke 4’s are winding up their season with every player on the team scoring at least one goal and 2 strong performances in tournaments. On February 22nd the Tyke 4’s travelled to Colborne for the first tournament of the year. It was an exciting weekend for the players because for many of them this was their first ever tournament. The players were not only excited to play hockey but to play in the awesome pool and splash park at the hotel. The team came out of the tournament with 2 wins and a loss and the title of C Division Champions. Some highlights of the weekend include hat tricks by Rylan S., Charlie H. and Cohen S, Preston F. scoring his first goal of the season in the championship game and Joel T. and Mitchell H. (who had already sniped goals earlier in the season) working hard on defensive play. The fans were ecstatic when Grayson A. scored not only his I believe in getting into hot water; it keeps you clean!!

first but also his second goal of the season. The following weekend the team participated in the local Coldwater tournament. The boys played hard but came up short in their first game. They managed to pull out a win in the second game but lost in their Division finals. Lukas M. really stepped up for the team playing in net for 2 of the 3 games. He stood on his head and made some excellent saves! The highlight reel would also show a sweet goal by Edward M., hustling by AP’ed player Hunter S. and Brendan H. scoring his first goal. Kyson O. was the team’s final player to score a goal and he managed to get not one but two goals passed the Elmvale Tyke 2’s goalie in regular season play last week. Coaching staff Shane Hall, Rick Hales & Cullen Fay are proud of all of the players on their team and the improvements everyone has made throughout the season. Go Coyotes Go!!!

Penetanguishene, March 3rd 2014 – Many people think of the Canadian Red Cross during times of international disaster. But they may not realize that the Red Cross offers programs and services every day, right in their own communities. Each year, the Red Cross celebrates “March is Red Cross Month” by raising awareness about the contributions the organization makes locally. Here in our community, the Red Cross assisted more than 260 people last year, thanks to the support and dedication of our volunteers. To recognize March is Red Cross month, a flagraising took place on Monday March 3rd at 11am at the Penetanguishene Town Hall. From left to right: Patricia Pommet: Red Cross North Simcoe Program Coordinator. Fadia Addoub: Red Cross Transportation Scheduler. Mayor Gerry Marshall. Tara Bone: Red Cross Collingwood Program Coordinator. Gilbert Maheu: Red Cross Van Driver. Julie Ann Columbus Director of Recreation & Community Services. Peter King, Red Cross Van driver. For more than 100 years, the Canadian Red Cross has provided help and hope to those facing conflict, disaster, injury or illness here at home and around the world. Every four minutes, the Canadian Red

Cross responds to a disaster in Canada providing support and comfort to those affected. The Red Cross also offers a variety of services that help elderly and vulnerable members of the community remain living in their own homes, including Meals on Wheels, Transportation and the Health Equipment Loan Program. First aid, water safety, violence and abuse prevention programs and workshops on humanitarian issues are also offered by the Red Cross. Residents can help support the future of Red Cross by making a financial donation or by becoming a volunteer. To learn more, please visit Our mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity in Canada and around the world.

"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off the goal." -- Henry Ford "Some say the glass is half empty, some say the glass is half full, I say, are you going to drink that?" --Lisa Claymen


Red Cross celebrates “March is Red Cross Month”

90 minutes could

CHANGE YOUR LIFE Applied Project Management INFO NIGHT

Thursday, March 27 7 to 8:30 p.m. Georgian College Barrie Campus

The 14-week online Applied Project Management program can be completed on your own schedule and is a first step toward your PMP designation.

To learn more or to RSVP please contact

Springwater News • March 13, 2014 Edition 412 • Phone 705 322 2249 Cell: 705 321 (BOLD) 2653

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Garfield Dunlop MPP Simcoe North

Offer Expires 31 March 2014

482 Elizabeth Street Midland ON L4R 1Z8 (705) 526-8671 14 Coldwater Rd. W. Orillia ON L3V 6S2 (705) 326-3246

CAIN’S QUEST Third Place Tiny’s Hastings & Price Cain’s Quest is the world’s toughest and longest snowmobile endurance race. It is an incredible off-trail riding adventure where teams of two battle in an all-out race through deep snow and thick wooded areas in some of the most remote parts of Labrador. The race is managed by Cain’s Quest Inc., a volunteer-run, non-profit organization. This year has been the toughest yet for Cain’s Quest racers. They left the start line in Labrador West on March 1 in frigid temperatures and that trend continued during most of their 3,300 km run throughout Labrador. They also experienced a lot of night riding and incredibly tough terrain. The route exceeded the 2012 route by 800 km, adding another daunting level of endurance to the race. “The first leg of the race went really well with near record times into Happy Valley-Goose Bay, but the south and north coast of Labrador was much slower going than we anticipated,” said Todd Kent, Chair of Cain’s Quest Inc. Conditions were incredibly rough in the northern interior, causing the board of directors to make a decision to change the route on day five of the race. “Our checkpoint officials spent four days trying to get into one of our remote checkpoints between Nain and Churchill Falls and couldn’t because of weather,” said Todd. “With safety our number one priority, we decided to have racers backtrack down the north coast and westward to Labrador City.” The 2014 Cain’s Quest has been the most socially engaged race to date. Anxious fans had their eyes glued to the Yellowbrick tracking page at 29 teams took part. Eleven teams completed. Tean #7 consisted of two Tiny Township residents, 34 year old Kirk Hastings who rode a Ski-doo 154 800 cc snowmobiles and 41 yearold David Price who rode a similar machine. Both have been involved with the race since 2008. The first place prize is $50,000, second is worth $30,000 and thses boys cane third winning $10,000 BRIDGE BITES ♠7 ♥ T743 ♦ AKT9632 ♣6 North


Article and Photos by Jamie Dietrich - The Gary Edgecombe CA Peewee Rep Coyotes placed fourth in the Georgian Bay A Round Robin and have earned one last chance to solve net minder Joshua Bernard and the OMHA Finals bound Penetang Flames. On Wednesday, March 5, The Penetang Flames came to Elmvale for their Georgian Bay Round Robin game. The Coyotes matched the Flames shot for shot and block for block in the first. Four minutes into the second, the Flames opened the scoring. The third period went downhill quickly with numerous penalties called against the Coyotes. The game ended in a 0-3 loss. The Coyotes went into their last game in round robin play, tied with Midland in the Jake Bouzis being robbed by the hot Penetang net minder Joshua Bernard standings. One goal against Collingwood in a 0-3 loss. in their final game would give them the edge Coyotes kept on pressing. Perseverance paid off when Jack over Midland, earning them a possible three game season extension against Penetang. Collingwood, first Sneddon spun around in front of the Collinwood net and in the league, was well aware of Elmvale's desire for one blindly shot the puck in. The celebration was as big as any goal and did their best to deny it. The Coyotes, missing this season. The game ended in a 1-5 loss for the Coyotes, three forwards, came out strong and ended the first period in but the boys were all smiles. The Peewee Rep Coyotes staved off the end of the season a scoreless tie. The Collingwood Blackhawks, also OMHA for possibly three more games. This is their last chance finals bound, stuck to their game plan and wore down the Coyotes. The second period ended with the Blackhawks up to show Penetang what they are capable of. Watch the by three. With one period left to extend their season, the website for game times and come on out to watch.

TIME TO S HRED? Time to shred? We Shred at Your Home or Office Business or Residential Now Accepting Drop Off Shredding in Barrie

from The American Contract Bridge League


♠ QT843 ♥2 ♦ Q4 ♣ A7432

Peewee Rep Earn One More Chance to Solve Penetang



♠ KJ2 ♥ AKQ5 ♦J ♣ KQJT8

By: Brian Gunnell

♠ A965 ♥ J986 ♦ 875 ♣ 95

e-W Vulnerable South West North 3♦ 3NT Pass Pass

East Pass Pass


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Locally Owned & Operated

Some players don’t approve of preemptive bids when holding a 4-card major, pointing out that it risks missing (in this case) a 4-4 Heart fit. Others will say that North’s so-called Heart suit is pitifully weak, and surely that long, strong minor needs to be bid.

On the actual deal, North’s 3♦ preempt got N-S to a dubious 3NT when 4♥ was indeed a superior contract. Against 3NT, the opening lead was a Spade to East’s Ace, then a Spade to Declarer’s Jack and West’s Queen, followed by a third Spade. On the second and third Spades, Dummy pitched a Club and a Diamond (a Heart could not be spared as the 4th Heart is a potential entry). After winning the third Spade trick, how would you play the Diamond suit? Would you finesse against the Queen, or would you play for the drop? When the hand was played, our Declarer knew that with an 8-card fit, the Diamond finesse was the percentage play, so he successfully ran the Jack. That held, but the bad news was that Hearts were 4-1, so Dummy had no entry and the good Diamonds were stranded. Declarer goofed. He should have cashed two high Hearts first … if that suit split 3-2 then he could take the Diamond finesse, the most likely way to bring in the suit … but when Hearts were 4-1, the lack of Dummy entries meant that he must rely on the singleton or doubleton ♦Q to make his contract. That would have been 10 tricks, just like those who declared the superior 4♥ contract. Does this deal settle the debate about preempting with a 4-card major? Not at all, it merely tells us that rotten contracts sometimes make, especially when played correctly.

Let our family take Let our family take care of yourtake family. Let our family take Let our family care of your family . care of your family . Whatever your dental care of your family. Whatever your dental needs, we’ll help you Whatever yourhelp dental needs, we’ll you Whatever your dental Smile Brighter! needs, we’ll help you needs, we’ll help you Smile Brighter!

SmileBrighter! Brighter! Smile

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“A Brief History Of The World” 525 B.C. - The first Olympics are Evening appointments appointments •• Nitrous Evening Nitrous oxide oxide for for anxious anxious patients patients ••Insurance Insuranceclaim claimsubmission submission held, and prove similar to the modern games, except that the Russians Evening appointments • Nitrous oxide for anxious patients • Insurance claim submission • • Evening appointments Nitrous oxide for anxious patients Insurance claim submission don’t try to enter a six-footer with a mustache in the women’s shot • Nitrous oxide for anxious patients • Insurance claim submission Evening appointments put. However, the Egyptians do! 705-721-1522 Dr. Amanda Najwa Shasha Dr. Braude, Amanda Dr. Braude and 705-721-1522 “Since 1896, the beginning of the modern Olympics, only Greece and and Palka Sharma welcome Dr. Amanda Braude and Dr. Dr. Najwa Shasha welcome you you. 705-721-1522 Australia have participated in every Games. Dr. Shasha Amanda Braude and 30 Spence Avenue, Midhurst, ON 705-721-1522 Dr. Najwa welcome you Dr. Amanda Braude and 4 “C’s” denote the value of a diamond: Cut, Clarity, Colour, Carat 30 Spence Avenue, Midhurst, ON Dr. Najwa Shasha welcome you

Dr. Najwa Shasha welcome you 30 Spence Avenue, Midhurst, ON 30 Spence Avenue, Midhurst, ON

Springwater News • March 13, 2014 Edition 412 • E-mail: • Two Simple Words Editor - I received a scanned letter from Joel Rumney Page 8

of the North Simcoe Veterinary Services in which he referred to the front page story in the February 27th issue and in particularly, the reference to a 7 year rabies vaccine. He indicated that there is a licensed Rabies vaccine providing three years of protection but that he knew nothing of a seven year shot. In March of 2008, research was initiated on a study to demonstrate that the rabies vaccine can provide a minimum of 7 years of immunity. This followed up on and I quote - Scientific data published in 1992 by Michel Aubert and his

research team that dogs were immune to a rabies challenge 5 years after vaccination, while Dr. Schultz’s serological studies documented antibody titer counts at levels known to confer immunity to rabies 7 years post-vaccination. This data strongly suggests that state laws requiring annual or triennial rabies boosters for dogs are redundant. Because the rabies vaccine is the most potent of the veterinary vaccines and associated with significant adverse reactions, it should not be given more often than is necessary to maintain immunity. Adverse reactions such autoimmune diseases affecting the thyroid, joints, blood, eyes, skin, kidney, liver, bowel and central nervous system; anaphylactic shock; aggression; seizures; epilepsy; and fibrosarcomas at injection sites are linked to rabies vaccinations. I was told that until the government goes through their process of checking the research and getting some peer reviewed papers to back up the results, today, the max you can get is a 3 year immunization. Sorry for any confusion my article may have caused.

Your View - Letters to the Editor Letter to the editor Taxpayers score a win on transparency

Dear editor, Taxpayers just scored a win for financial transparency: Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has raised the bar by securing support from all parties for new measures to uphold Canadians’ right to know how their money is being spent. From now on, all Members of Parliament’s travel and hospitality expenses will be publicly disclosed on the Parliamentary website. It’s an important step to restore Canadians’ faith in politics and politicians after it was seriously shaken last spring. And it happened because Justin didn’t just talk the talk, he did something about it—and now the other parties have followed suit. Back in June, Canadians were alarmed by expense abuses of Conservative Senators Duffy, Wallin and Brazeau, and a secret $90,000 payment by the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff to cover it up. Justin proposed a plan to open up Parliament that would have MPs proactively disclose their travel and hospitality expenses regularly online. But when Justin rose in the House of Commons to seek consent for the proposals, the NDP blocked him. So he decided to go it alone, and Liberal MPs began posting their travel and hospitality expenses online. Then last fall the Conservative started posting their MPs’ expenses as well. Nine months later Liberals have secured support from the entire House of Commons to take this to the next level. Now the non-partisan professional administrative staff of the House Commons will create a uniform, standardized system that puts the expenses of all MPs together in one spot for anyone to see. It’s an important first step to reversing the corrosive culture of secrecy and intimidation that has grown under Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Justin is committed to opening up government and restoring Canadians’ trust in our democracy. And he’s just getting started. Yours sincerely, SCOTT SIMMS, MP Bonavista—Gander—Grand Falls—Windsor Liberal Party Democratic Reform Critic 613-996-3935

Thursday's white-outs

I want to thank the good Samaritans who helped me & many others yesterday in that total wall of white between Elmvale & the Bay. The group I ended up with were mostly part of an accident on Flos 10 west of Crossland. Some wonderful young man got my vehicle turned around & directed me to the Langman farm owned by Ross & Debbie Langman. They took us all in to their warm cozy office, gave us brownies & coffee & treated us royally. I had come in following a lone gal in a school bus & at first I sat in the bus with her. I will never forget Ross Langman’s friendly face peering in the door & saying, “You’re safe here”. So thank you so much again to the entire Langman family & others who helped us out. They sure have earned their halos! Elaine Stephenson, Woodland Beach iStrategy Lab, a digital consultancy firm, released a report in January 2014 confirming the trend that Facebook is becoming less popular with "younger users." Facebook has over 4 million fewer high-school aged users and close to 7 million lesser college-aged users than it did back in 2011.

When is the right time to say you’re sorry? For a lot of people this simple word statement does not come easy, especially for grownups. Inhibitions, admittance of wrong doings or just plain ego can get in the way of doing the right thing. It takes a big person with built-in self awareness to bow with the humbleness and say those two simple words. At least that’s what I have been trying to convince myself. I was recently put into a most uncomfortable situation. I let my emotions get the better of me. I disturbed our council with moans and over emoted groans. To my surprise a staff member’s burst of an angry response, to my distaste, became a threeway use of “outside voices”, the third party being the mayor, when the feeling of being bullied and cornered brought out the worst in me. For that I am sorry. At the next coming meeting, I intend to verbally apologize to all council members plus I took the time to write each individual person on council a hand-written not of an apology. My slate will be clean and everyone, I hope, will feel better, with the grave exception of this lowly soul who did not get one in return. I feel I also deserve an apology for the mismanagement of the situation. A simple apology would have aided in making me feel the same as my apology made those two feel. I did this all behind closed doors with an appointment that I made to rectify this unfortunate position my mouth caused. So maybe I did not deserve an apology but did I deserve for that staff member to abruptly shove his chair, leave the meeting and the office and ask the clerk to take his place at the table and leave me sitting in the office? When I left the meeting and returned home, I thought it all over again, thinking to myself, “Was I wrong in asking someone on staff to share the blame alongside me. How can I be the only one not deserving of an “I’m sorry”? Am I less of a person than the one who bolted out of the room? Did I not deserve to be heard? I did expect more from a person who receives a pay cheque from my taxes. In the end, I did walk away with a clear conscience, knowing that I did the right thing. With heart, Donna Hawthorne.


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(705) 728 9872 BROWN BELT AWARDED

Blake White of Wyevale will be 12-years old in April and he has already come a long way in the demanding art of Shung Long Kempo ... a practical and effective Martial Art that is taught to adults and children alike at Double Dragons Martial Arts Studio (705-322-6951), a private club in Wyevale.  On Saturday, February 15th, during the club's Family Day Parent - Student Open House demonstration, Blake was promoted to the prestigious rank of Brown Belt First Degree.  He has been training for nearly four years under the guidance of Master Instructor, Sensei Martin Ladouceur, a 35-year veteran of the Martial Arts along with Head Instructor, Sensei Patti Ladouceur, a 2nd Degree Black Belt who has been training and studying Kempo for more than 15-years.  In addition to teaching regular separate classes for children and adults, Sensei Ladouceur also conducts self-defense seminars for women's groups and business staff, as well as, Private Instruction for individuals. Blake's achievement and ongoing journey has not been an easy one as he devotes most of his time between school and the club, training five times a week which includes a weekly private session with Sensei Martin.  He is only the second junior student of the select group to be awarded a Brown Belt rank in over ten years; he is a role model for the other students who range in age from 5 to 65 years old. 

Office: 705.526.4100 Toll Free: 1.888.526.4101

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Reclaiming California's Diversity

If you ask a typical wine consumer to imagine a California red, they'll almost certainly think of Cabernet Sauvignon. If you ask that same consumer to imagine a white, they'll almost certainly think of Chardonnay. This is understandable. More than 500,000 acres of California farmland are dedicated to wine grapes, and Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay are the most widely planted. More than a quarter of the state's red wine grape plantings are Cabernet Sauvignon. And more than half of all white wine grape plantings are Chardonnay. Once upon a time, however, California's landscape was much more diverse. And thanks to a group of renegade vintners, California is reclaiming this diversity -- and producing more and more wines that are reminiscent of a bygone era. The dominance of Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay partly traces back to 1976. That year, a British wine merchant named Steven Spurrier organized a wine competition in Paris, where he pitted California's best Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon against the best wines that France had to offer. Until then, few critics took California seriously. And at that tasting, everyone assumed that France would win. But with both whites and reds, California came out on top. That competition -- now known as the "Judgment of Paris" -- transformed California's wine industry. The red, produced by Warren Winiarski at Stag's Leap Wine Cellars, helped accelerate Robert Mondavi's efforts to tout California's wines as being on par with Europe's best offerings. The white, produced by Mike Grgich at Chateau Montelena, forced the world to take a serious look at California Chardonnay. When Kendall-Jackson produced a Chardonnay with just a hint of sweetness a few years later, the variety's popularity would skyrocket with consumers. Over the subsequent two decades, those who marketed wine pushed other varietal wines like Merlot, Pinot Noir, and Sauvignon Blanc. But Cabernet and Chardonnay were cemented at the top. For most of California's winegrowing history, however, vineyards were planted chaotically with inexpensive, workhorse grapes. Americans didn't care about varieties and drank simple table. While most were consumed locally, products like Gallo's Hearty Burgundy and Almaden's Mountain Chablis approximated these wines and had national distribution. Today, several California vintners are rediscovering these ancient vineyards and recognizing their potential. This effort is led by Tegan Passalacqua of Turley Wine Cellars and Morgan Twain-Peterson of Bedrock Wine Co., two young producers who have earned a reputation for crafting delicious wines from old vineyards. Three years ago, the two men helped launched the Historic Vineyard Society, a nonprofit created to catalog, protect, and promote these properties. Turley's Library Vineyard Petite Sirah is a great example of the wines this group celebrates. The Library Vineyard was planted between 1880 and 1920 directly behind the St. Helena Public Library in Napa Valley. Although planted primarily to Petite Sirah, the small vineyard is comprised of more than a dozen different varieties, including red grapes like Syrah, Carignan, Grenache, and Zinfandel and white grapes like Muscadelle and Green Hungarian. From this vineyard, Passalacqua makes a delightful field blend that speaks clearly of its origin. Bedrock's Compagni Portis white is another great example. Sourced from a Sonoma vineyard planted in 1954, the wine is a blend of Gewurtzraminer, Trousseau Gris, Riesling, and a handful of unusual grapes that are almost extinct. It's exotic, exceptionally aromatic, and totally unique. Passalacqua and Twain-Peterson are hardly alone. California producers like Carlisle, Arnot-Roberts, Forlorn Hope, and Wind Gap are also creating high quality wines from historic properties. While some make field blends, others produce single varietal wines from nearly forgotten grapes in almost-forgotten vineyards. In late February, a group of wine writers from across the country gathered in California for a conference. During a discussion about Napa Valley's "unexpected" wines, New York Times wine critic Eric Asimov reminded attendees of California's "history of diversity" with Turley's Library Vineyard Petite Sirah. Wines like this are still just asterisks, of course. They're jewels of an earlier time. But they show that there's more to California than Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. David White is the founder and editor of, which was named "Best Overall Wine Blog" at the 2013 Wine Blog Awards. His columns are housed at Grape Collective.

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ELMVALE SKATING CLUB is proud to present Carnival 2014

A NIGHT AT THE MOVIES Saturday March 22 • 1 pm and 7 pm FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY!! Children 5 and under FREE! Door prizes, 50/50 draw

Thank you for supporting the Elmvale Skating Club! • Presented by Diamond Head Sprinklers Inc.

The Sports Zone

Great job by the players and coaches!...The Toronto Raptors continue to play well and lead their division. With by Mike Townes the Leafs and Raptors both likely making the playoffs, the On March 8, 2004, Todd Bertuzzi owners are rewarding the fans by raising prices to games attacked Steve Moore ending Moore’s next year. Thanks a lot! hockey career. Shortly after, Moore On the Ice: The Doug trade deadline has passed in the NHL Harris started a lawsuit against Todd Bertuzzi, and the Leafs made no moves. Let face reality -- Toronto Sales & Leasing the Vancouver Canucks, and the NHL. will not win the Stanley Cup this year even if they had Res. Ten years later, the case still has not come made a trade. They could728-3739 have traded a player that has still Toll Free to court, but it is finally scheduled for September 2014. not reached his full potential for someone that was only Steve Moore has been abandoned by the NHL, the Player’s going to stick around800-962-4746 for just a short time. I think they did Association and his team, the Colorado Avalanche. He is the right thing to hold the course. They have nowhere to basically taking on the powers that be on his own, with the go but up, but must keep the assets they have and improve assistance of his family and lawyers. through the draft or free agency…It is hard to believe Moore says he is only looking for the truth and not the that a player would paul slam their own team especially after sadlon motors inc. money he is asking for in the case. Todd Bertuzzi, the they gave them a big contract. Don Cherry told Roberto 705 726-1811 Vancouver Canucks and the NHL are saying they are Luongo to shut up about the Vancouver Canucks and count 550 Bayfield St., Barrie, ON innocent of all charges, but Bertuzzi has put all his assets his blessings that his family for generations to come will in his wife’s name. That does not sound like someone who be looked after because of the money that Vancouver gave is innocent. him to play hockey…Martin St. Louis was not happy Steve Moore wants to prove that the Vancouver Canucks because, at first, he was left off the Canadian Olympic put a bounty on his head; the NHL did nothing to stop it; team. He asked to be traded and he got his way. St. Louis and Todd Bertuzzi carried out the deed. In my opinion, the is a great player but he lives in north-east USA near the Canuck coach at the time Marc Crawford was the main border so he does not have to pay Canadian taxes. How cause of the whole incident. He could have prevented the much money do these players need? whole thing from happening. On the Diamond: The Toronto Blue Jays are only weeks I think the NHL, Vancouver and Bertuzzi will settle this away from starting the 2014 baseball season. Again, the out of court. If they fight the lawsuit and lose, the NHL Jays are expected to do well but are not being picked to will be the big loser. All the called witnesses, including win the World Series like they were last year. Cannot wait Gary Bettman, will have to be on the same page. If one until the season starts because that means spring is here witness breaks, the NHL will look like fools and liars. and the snow is leaving? There is no way they will take a chance that will happen. This Day in Sports (March 13th): In 1911, the Ottawa Settling is the only way to save some face. Senators won the Stanley Cup…In 1912, the Quebec Quiz Time: Doug Harvey won the Norris Trophy seven Bulldogs won the Stanley Cup…The first NHL Stanley times. The last time was the 1961-62 season. Who won Cup championship was won by Montreal Canadiens in the best defenseman award the next year? Answer below. 1918…The NHL Championship was won by the Ottawa The Springwater Sports Hall of Fame is now accepting Senators in 1922…Montreal Canadiens won the Stanley nominations for athletes, builders and teams. The board Cup in 1925…Floyd Patterson won the Heavyweight RYTHER SERVICE CENTRE strives to promote the achievements of those whose Boxing Title in 1961…Glenn Hall recorded hisLTD. 84th and interest in, and work for, the sport has resulted in a climate final General Repairs for Domestic & Import Cars & Light Truckshis NHL shutout in 1971…Wayne Gretzky recorded which benefitted both athletes and athletics plus those 900th point in his 385th NHL game in 1984…Wendell whose athletic talent, proficiency and determination has Clark returned Craig Paul to theand Leafs from Ryther the NY Islanders in brought fame to Springwater Township and to themselves. 1996…Hockey Hall of Famer End Doug Harvey was born Computer Diagnostics/Front Alignment/Air Cond.on The community and sports’ organizations are encouraged March 13,Accredited 1930. Drive Clean Repair Facility to nominate potential athletes, builders and teams for This & That: The Elmvale Curling Club Little Rocks/ Tel: (705) 728-9306 R.R. #1 (Craighurst) induction into the Hall of Fame. Nomination forms and Bantam division held their wind-up pizza party on March Toll Free: 1-877-777-5906 ON L4M 4Y8 supporting material are available for patrons to pick up 2. Barrie The kids and parents were surprised when Glenn and drop-off at all three libraries (Elmvale, Midhurst and Howard showed up for a visit. Everyone took pictures of Minesing), the Township Administration Centre at 2231 Glenn and the curlers with big smiles on their faces. Glenn Nursery Road, Minesing and are available for printing at also signed brooms, sweaters and hats. Many thanks to Glenn for treating the kids to an event that I am sure they All nominations must be dropped off by May 1, 2014. will not forget for a long time…The The first induction ceremony will Buffalo Bills will not be returning be held this fall after the inductees to Toronto this season. The Bills are announced at the Elmvale Fall have been a bad product but still Residential/ Janice Fair Thanksgiving weekend. Don Lefaive have sucked NFL fansCampbell into paying On the Court: The Elmvale High Commercial Advisor bigBroker money forFinancial a lousy team. Do not Registered Insurance School Senior Boys basketball team let the door hit you in the butt on Cell (705) 818-2010 835-6700 Cell(705) 737-6502 traveled to Timmins last week to the way out!...Pierre Pilote ended compete in the OFSAA Basketball 322-7723 6 Queen Doug StreetHarvey’s East, Elmvale, three yearOn run as the “A” Provincial Finals. The team did NHL’s best defenseman in the 1962Phone (705) 322-2010 Fax (705) 322-0662 not fare well but to reach the final season. Pilote went on to win the Howard63 Noble Insurance Limited sixteen was a great achievement. Master Electricians ACP#7004042 award for the next two seasons.

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New Auto -Fraud Act Obedience Classes Jr. Puppy Kindergarten to

(Toronto, Ontario) Competitive Level Obedience. Today, the Insurance Brokers Association Agility Classes - Beginner to Advanced of Level Ontario (IBAO) is Competition Trailing Classes extending its support to the Minister of Finance, Behaviour Hon. Charles Sousa’sAssessment recent announcement of the Fighting Fraud Temperament and Reducing Insurance TestingRates Act. Introduced yesterday, the Act continues on the government’s commitment to tackle auto insurance fraud. Group & Private Lessonsanti-fraud - Certifiedand ProfesFurther measures to implement cost reduction measures for Ontario’s insurance system sional Instructor Kellie auto Whiteside include: New Classes starting every 6 weeks • 429-0833 • Transforming the Dispute Resolution System to help injured Ontario drivers settle disputed claims faster. This will help cut down on consumer frustration as well as curb financial and administrative stress on the system, which can increase costs and cause rates to go up. • Establishing a transition strategy for the licensing of health service providers that bill auto insurers so that only licensed providers can get paid directly by insurers. • Reducing the amount of time a vehicle can be stored, accruing charges, after an accident without notice to the driver from 60 days to a shorter timeframe. • Exploring the establishment of a special investigation and prosecution unit on serious fraud, including auto insurance fraud. “IBAO has been pushing for these fraud related reforms GREENLAW WATERWORKS even before the anti-fraud report was released in November YEARS EXPERIENCE SERVICE“We’re IN HOMES, 2012,” 25 said IBAO CEO Randy& Carroll. happy to COTTAGES, FARMS & BUSINESSES IN SIMCOE see the government continue to implement these CTY much needed reforms to fight fraud and lower rates for drivers.” Waterwell, Pump Packages Service While IBAO Complete commends the government for&moving expeditiously to reform the disputeCleaning resolution system as Well Rehabilitation, & Abandonrecommended in the Cunninghamment report, the association still remains concerned that the government’s aggressive STATE THE ART TECHNOLOGY timeline of two years forOF a 15% reduction in rates could • 1-888-526-4101 cause affordability 705-526-4100 and availability issues for drivers as costs may not be able toService be reduced enough fulfill this Superior & Water You to Can Trust! target. “We continue to be concerned that consumer expectations for a 15% reduction will be very high,” said IBAO CEO Randy Carroll. “It’s important to understand that the reforms underlying the promised reductions will take time and must be done responsibly. IBAO is pleased to see the improved momentum by the government. The faster fraud can be combated, the faster premiums can be lowered responsibly.” The Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) is a ‘not for profit’ association that represents and serves the interests of over 12,000 independent Property & Casualty Insurance Brokers in the Province of Ontario. For information about IBAO, visit or www. to receive timely news and information updates.  You can also follow IBAO on Twitter or join the IBAO Facebook Fan Page.

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Family Owned & Operated Since 1980 Commercial • Residential • Farm Truck Fleets • Heavy Equipment Duane Wright (705) 835-0576 or napkin into the solution to be placed on the affected area. Use as a cold compress for 30 minutes, and you won't be using your skin as a nail file all night.

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The Shocking Truth about Daylight Saving Time

You’ll be surprised to see who really profits from “springing forward.” 1520 French Road By Leah Zerbe - Photography by 1520 French Road Getty Images Tiny, ON Your Local Grocery Store Tiny, Ontario Pop quiz time! True or false? L0L 1P1 L0L1P1 Open 1. Daylight Saving Time helps (705) 721-7087 (705) 721-7087 us conserve energy. 24 hours a day Murray MacDonald 2. Daylight Saving Time was Murray MacDonald for your convenience! developed to help farmers. 14 Yonge St. North, Elmvale • 705-322-2261 3. Daylight Saving Time unequivocally reduces traffic The Power of Visualization deaths. "Once our minds are 'tattooed' with negative thinking, The answer to all of these? False. our chances for long-term success diminish" John Although most Canadians will routinely turn their clocks Maxwell   ahead an hour in the spring and back an hour in the fall, When people talk to me about worries they have about the polls show that most people don’t fully understand why Emotional Amnesia future, I notice they are constructing a picture in their minds they’re even doing it. “ Soon after my brain injury in 1997 of a difficult, painful or otherwise challenging situation.  Benjamin Franklin is credited with the original concept The woman who is divorcing may picture herself as a bag that came to be known as Daylight Saving Time, when we I realized that there seemed to be a lady forever living all alone.  Parents with preteens may “spring forward” or turn the clocks ahead an hour around detachment from what was happening around me. dread the coming years as they visualize power struggles, springtime. It was initially intended for people to get the Everyday activities seemed to be filled with a feeling that I attitude and worries about drugs and alcohol.  Someone most out of the natural daylight so they could burn fewer was “on the outside” “looking in” on my life. There was a separation in the time that things were happening and facing a busy time at home or work may see themselves candles and later, use less electricity. being stressed out, exhausted, and cranky. It’s touted as an energy-saving tool. The problem is the when they actually happened. Here is the best explanation I can create. It seemed that I  When we engage in this kind of thinking we are actually early studies suggesting that Daylight Saving Time could programming ourselves to have negative experiences. We save energy only looked at home electricity use. More recent was standing outside a “snow dome” watching people around expect the worst, look for the worst, and sure enough, reports also factor in gasoline energy use, since people drive me carry on their normal lives. It felt like I was not part of experience it as the worst, even if it is not quite that bad. more when natural light remains later in the day. When you everyday life the way I was in the past. There was also the The problem here is that we make ourselves anxious give Americans more daylight at the end of the day, they get added frustration of trying to explain this feeling to people. I started to call this feeling “emotional amnesia” because or depressed long before the time we are dreading even into their cars. That’s why the petroleum industry has been comes. Sometimes it does not even come, and then we were a longtime supporter of the time change. The extended after- it seemed that I was just part of a story but there was no all miserable and negative for nothing!  If we do this about work sunlight hasn’t been definitively proven to reduce emotion attached to the story. It was especially hard when I was with my family because I knew all of my families’ many issues in our lives, we can make ourselves unhappy traffic accidents, either, as sometimes claimed. almost all the time. If we share these thoughts with others, A 2008 University of California-Santa Barbara study names and knew their faces but I didn’t seem to have any we can drag them down into our unhappy state as well. looking at Indiana found that Daylight Saving Time “emotional attachment” with these people. To make it even When we talk about visualization we usually think of it in actually increased residential energy use to the tune of more frustrating is that I had lost most of my past memories a positive sense. For example, we may visualize the perfect $8.6 million, with the biggest increase in household energy and even when people would explain memories to me it was golf swing, or see ourselves attracting abundance into our occurring during the autumn months. (This study didn’t just like “I was reading these memories in a book” so there lives.  This can be a powerful process. even factor in gasoline use.) So the time change is a flop in was also doubt that these things even happened and there Unfortunately, negative visualization or programming terms of saving energy. At least it helps the farmers, right? wasn’t any emotions attached to these stories. I soon realized often happens somewhat unconsciously. We are aware Farmers were vociferously opposed to Daylight Saving that this feeling was true because people were “telling their we of what we are thinking, but not conscious of the fact Time. They hated it from the start, Farmers really used version of the memory” not my version of the memory. This “emotional amnesia” has been the most painful part that we are creating a powerful visualization, but one with morning sunlight. Turning the clocks ahead had the effect negative consequences. of giving them one less hour of daylight. Even today, of my recovery because I began to question my identity and If we tend to think this way about ourselves, we may many farmers lament this time of year because it disrupts who I was as a person. I decided that if I couldn’t connect inadvertently program others to think negatively of their their schedules and connection to the natural world. The with my past then I would concentrate on connecting futures.  A spouse or child may have an idea, and we dramatic change from having the daylight in the morning with the present. It was important for me to make new memories to compensate for the memories that I had lost. tell them that will never work.  Just because we cannot to suddenly going back to darkness, it’s kind of jolting. Now after 14 years I have developed enough new envision a positive outcome for their idea does not mean So what is the point of Daylight Saving Time? memories and amazingly I am now starting to connect with they cannot.  Foisting our negative image onto them may Money, money, money, money! cause them to begin to have doubt where before there was The Chamber of Commerce was an early supporter of my past memories as well. Sometimes I believe that this none. extending post-workday natural light because they knew process is a normal process as we travel through life that There is that expression, "be careful what you ask for..." factory workers were more likely to go shopping following “we don’t remember every memory that happens to us” We need to add another one: "be careful how you picture shift work if the sun was still shining. Later on, people however once again with brain injuries everything happens your future."  If you find yourself holding a negative image, were more likely to fill up the tank and head to sporting so suddenly and people’s lives change so drastically stop yourself instantly and replace it with a positive one. events or the mall, which to this day greatly benefits the overnight that we tend to think that everything happens “because of the brain injury” when actually I think they You might just be surprised at what you create. oil industry. Gwen Randall-Young is an author and award-winning Because so much extra gas is sold during Daylight Saving happen “in spite of the brain injury” May 2011 will mark the 14th year since my brain injury. Do Psychotherapist.  For permission to reprint this article, or Time, the lobby representing convenience stores—places I still see recovery today? Absolutely! Have I experience to obtain books or cds, visit that sell tons of gas—are among the biggest backers of loss, disappointment and recovery challenges? Absolutely! keeping the time change intact. Grade 8 Students Step Back in Time Downing says the golf-course industry also loves Has this brain injury made me a better person? Absolutely! for Glitz & Glamour Gala Fundraiser Daylight Saving Time, because it’s the one sport where To the Brain Injured: Make new memories to help with it still isn’t economical to use artificial lighting to extend “any emotional amnesia” that you might be experiencing. Grade 8 students at Timothy Christian To the Caregivers of Brain Injured – Make new hours. The golf industry makes about $200 to $400 million School Barrie, are getting in the spirit as their memories with your brain injured person and encourage in extra greens fees during Daylight Saving Time. school prepares for the Glitz & Glamour Gala People already dealing with sleep problems, night- the people who are part of the brain injured person’s life Fundraiser set for April 5, 2014. An evening shift workers, and those living with Seasonal Affective both past and present to make new memories as well. It of old fashion glamour set in the 1920’s is Disorder, or SAD, are most likely to have a harder time can make a difference in recovery. being prepared by the school’s gala committee. Jean Oostrom lives in Springwater Township has lived bouncing back from the time change as quickly as others. Generally, pushing the clocks ahead an hour creates the with a brain injury since 1997 and has created a website www.newbrainliving where people with brain injuries same effect as crossing time zones, which is why Daylight and their caregivers can find answers. Twitter: @ Saving Time is the perfect time to plan a vacation, since newbrainliving Facebook: New Brain Living Email: your body's internal clock will be thrown off anyway. Although the change is temporarily punishing on our New Brain Living Book: visit Click on the Book Icon bodies, it’s hard to deny the benefit of what feels like longer days, no matter which industry is benefiting financially. Canadians like the after-work available light hours. That’s the key to daylight saving. People feel like it extends their summers. Because we’re so far north of the equator, people fall in love with daylight saving when they’re given it. They get attached to it. Because of that, there have been very few Are you satisfied with the look & feel of your dentures? Have you ever wanted to experience the roaring 20’s?! successful efforts to get rid of it, and love it or hate At Meilun & Meilun, we provide high quality service directly to the Dress up old Hollywood glamour style and join us for some it, Daylight Saving Time could be here to stay. public, specializing in customized dentures that fit well and rip-roaring fun at this year’s gala! Experience Baytown Big recreate the character of your natural smile. Depending on the species, dolphins are Band and live entertainment surrounded by vintage décor. Complete & Partial Dentures pregnant anywhere from 9 to 17 months, Reminisce of old days filled with feathers and beads. Implant Retained & Surgical Appliances usually with only one baby -twins are very Tickets can be purchased through the school office Same Day Reline & Repair Services rare. The second the baby is born, the mother (705-726-6621): has to rush it to the surface for it's first breath Consultations are free. Avoid the inconvenience of downtown parking. March 5-25: $150 per person of air. That is just the start of a very long Make the decision you’ll be comfortable with. Visit us at our Cedar Pointe office. OR, buy a table for 8: $1000 parenting duty, which usually lasts until the 9:00 am - 5:30 pm The Timothy Christian School Gym (750 Essa Rd) will Evenings & Saturday by appointment. offspring is around 8 years old. play host to this Gala evening beginning at 6:00 PM on Killer Whales, more accurately named orcas, 34 Cedar Pointe Drive, Unit #510, Barrie April 5, 2014. All proceeds will go towards Timothy are not actually whales. Orcas are the largest Christian School. of the dolphin family, with males growing up to 25 feet in length and weighing as much as If you weigh 120 pounds on Earth, you would weigh 20 Members of Denturist Association of Ontario 19,000 pounds. pounds on the moon, one-sixth of your weight on earth.

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Springwater News • March 13, 2014 Edition 412 • Phone 705 322 2249 Cell: 705 321 (BOLD) 2653

Tinseltown Talks By Nick Thomas

Rickles Rolls On

Despite a leg infection that sidelined him Chick Days 2014 earlier in the year, Don Rickles is as feisty as ever. On March 13, the 87-year-old Drop in today and order your comedian begins a spring tour in theaters and day old chicks, turkeys, casinos across the country including stops in ducklings or ready to lay hens. California, Nevada, Michigan, Connecticut, and Wisconsin. We also carry Fencing  But be warned! If you’re in the audience and Supplies, Salt, Minerals, sporting a bad hairpiece, have an unusually INTERAC curved nose, or are a little on the chubby side, Twine, Lawn & Pasture Seed Rickles could be waiting for you. County of Simcoe Forestry to  That’s because just about everyone “annoys” Don in his act, which hasn’t changed much in half a century. Sensitive conduct prescribed burn in the audience members wishing to dodge the comedian’s verbal Brentwood Tract in early April Midhurst/March 3, 2014 – The County of Simcoe jabs should probably cower in the back row.  Rickles says his performances are more than just some will be executing a prescribed burn on 8.7 hectares (22 acres) of County Forests within the Brentwood Tract in grumpy old-timer wandering around the stage. Nor do Clearview Township. The prescribed burn will occur as they involve telling stories with punch lines.   “I don’t do jokes,” said Rickles by phone from his early as conditions allow in April 2014; however, the exact date cannot be determined at this time as it will be dictated home in Los Angeles. “My shows are a theatrical performance. They’re not really mean-spirited, just a form by site and weather conditions. Once the date of the prescribed burn has been confirmed, of exaggerating everything about people and life itself.”  Rickles traces his big break to an evening in 1957, during every effort will be made to keep media and the public a Hollywood nightclub performance, when he advised informed through a variety of communications. A highly experienced company has been retained to plan audience member Frank Sinatra to go “hit somebody.” and conduct the burn. Trained and experienced personnel Fortunately, the often moody Sinatra laughed, and the will be on site until it is completely extinguished, and famed crooner swooned for Rickle’s style of humor.  Years later, numerous appearances on the Dean Martin smoke issues will be minimized by burning under specific wind and atmospheric conditions. The County does and Johnny Carson shows assured Rickles of comic legend not anticipate any road closures or any major impact or status.  Always an equal opportunity offender, Rickles not only disruption on local residents. County Council approved the Simcoe County Forests delivers his sledgehammer comedy to the average guy Management Plan in 2011 to guide our policies through in the audience, but to any friend, politician or celebrity 2030. The Plan outlines that fire has historically played within striking distance. Few take offense.   Ronald Reagan was a favorite Rickles’ target, and a primary role by influencing composition, structure and patterns of our forests and will be used as a strategy during the second Inaugural Ball in 1985 he addressed the moving forward. Prescribed burns have been conducted president: “Good evening Mr. President. It’s a big treat for previously within the County Forests, the most recent was me to fly all the way from California to be here for this kind of money…. Now you’re big, and you’re getting on in 1995 within the Cedar Point Tract in Tiny Township. Public questions and inquiries can be directed to our my nerves… Ronnie, am I going too fast for you?”   Probably not the most polite way to address a sitting County Forests Department by contacting Customer president but, says Rickles, “Reagan had a great sense of Service at 1-800-263-3199. More information about the humor and loved the attention.” prescribed burn can be found at  A perfect outlet for Rickles’ style of comedy was the The County of Simcoe is composed of sixteen member municipalities and provides crucial public services to “Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts,” which ran for a decade County residents in addition to providing paramedic and on NBC beginning in the mid-1970s.  “Some guys had writers, but I did everything off the top social services to the separated cities of Barrie and Orillia. of my head. Nobody had any idea what I was going to Visit our website at  say,” he said. “What a joy it was to be on stage with the Criminal Investigation Services,   greatest comedians and entertainers of all time.” Anti-Rackets Branch                              In the coming year, Rickles is planning more than two (ORILLIA, ON) – It’s a sad reality that every year dozen shows, but says touring has changed.  "In the early days, you would work at one place such as thousands of people are victimized and millions of dollars Vegas or Atlantic City for weeks at a time doing two shows are lost through the many forms of fraud, according to a night," he recalled. "Now, with all the Indian casinos members of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Antiacross the country, you're always traveling and doing just Rackets Branch. The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC; formerly one or two shows at each place. These new casinos give Phonebusters) reports 56 per cent of all Canadian-based performers a lot of comfort, they make the job interesting ‘mass marketing fraud’ (MMF) scams in 2013 occurred to and some even provide private planes, but traveling can victims online via the internet or e-mail, while another 19 still be tough."  Given his age, recent illness, and the stress of traveling, per cent occurred by telephone. In all, 11,076 victims of audiences should be especially appreciative of the chance mass marketing fraud lost a total of just under $53-million to see Rickles unleash his encyclopedia of wisecracks live last year – slightly lower than in 2012. The highest number on stage this year. of victims were from 50 to 70 years of age.   "When you're an entertainer, you're like a salesman Other trends noted in 2013 by the CAFC include: who has something to sell – yourself," he said. "You can't • Ontario consumers were most targeted by MMF please everybody, but most people who come to see me operations based on total number of complaints and total know what to expect. I'm proud of being the originator of reported dollar loss. • Money transfer businesses are the top reported payment this style of comedy."  Nick Thomas has written features, columns, and method used to send funds from Canadian victims. interviews for over 400 magazines and newspapers. He • The number of Canadian identity fraud victims has can be reached at his blog: increased, as has the total reported dollar loss. If you suspect you or someone you know has been Falling in love has similar neurological effects as the high a victim of fraud, contact your local police service or produced from taking cocaine. CrimeStoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS) or online at "You Get What You Pay For" - Clearly this is not true. . Have you been shopping recently? Only a very naive FRAUD…Recognize it…Report it…Stop it. person would believe that you get what you pay for. In "You Can't Take It With You (when you die)" - Well..., that point of fact, if you check your purchases carefully, you'll depends on what it is. If it's your dark blue suit, you can find that you get whatever they feel like giving you. And certainly take it with you. In fact, not only can you take it if corporations get any more powerful, you soon might with you, you can probably put some things in your pockets. not even get that.

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Tax Alert/The Canada Revenue Agency Reminds Canadians: Beware of Phishing Schemes

OTTAWA -The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) warns all Canadians to beware of telephone calls, mail, or email that claim to be from the CRA but are not. These are phishing scams that could result in identity thefts. Email scams may also contain embedded malware, or malicious software, that can harm your computer and put your personal information at risk. The CRA does not email Canadians to request personal information. Canadians should especially beware of phishing scams asking for their personal information, such as social insurance, credit card, bank account, and passport numbers. Some of these scams ask for this personal information directly, and others refer the taxpayer to a Web site resembling the CRA's where the person is asked to verify their identity by entering personal information. Examples of recent email scams that have been circulating include notifications to taxpayers that they are entitled to a refund of a specific amount such as $521.51 or $671.08; or informing taxpayers that their tax assessment has been verified and they are eligible to receive a tax refund. These emails are not from the CRA. To better equip taxpayers to identify possible scams, the following guidelines should be used: • The CRA does not do the following: • The CRA never requests, by email, personal information of any kind from a taxpayer. • The CRA will never request information from a taxpayer pertaining to a passport, health card, or driver's license. • The CRA will not divulge taxpayer information to another person unless formal authorization is provided by the taxpayer. • The CRA will not leave any personal information on an answering machine. When in doubt, ask yourself the following: Am I expecting additional money from the CRA? • Does this sound too good to be true? • Is the requester asking for information I would not include with my tax return? • Is the requester asking for information I know the CRA already has on file for me? • How did the requester get my email address? • Am I confident I know who is asking for the information? The CRA has well-established practices to protect the confidentiality of taxpayer information. The confidence and trust that individuals and businesses have in the CRA is a cornerstone of Canada's tax system. For more information about security of taxpayer information and other examples of fraudulent communications, go to www. Anyone who receives a suspicious communication should immediately report it to or to the institution that the communication appears to be from. For information on scams, to report deceptive telemarketing, and if personal or financial information has been unwittingly provided, go to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Web page at:

50 Years of Advancing Kidney Health & Organ Donation

The Kidney Foundation of Canada celebrates 50th When The Kidney Foundation was founded in 1964, only a handful of hospitals provided hemodialysis as a treatment for kidney failure and access was strictly rationed and determined by selection committees; organ transplantation was still experimental. The Kidney Foundation took on a leading role, advocating for greater awareness of kidney disease, more treatment centres for patients, and naturally, research into the causes and treatment of kidney disease and organ transplantation. Funds raised by The Kidney Foundation in the following decade allowed it to expand its work and provide seed funding for the establishment of organ retrieval systems and kidney-related research. Since then, core programs have grown to include short-term financial assistance, KIDNEY CONNECT peer support, a large variety of educational materials on kidney diseases, a landmark kidney researcher training program known as KRESCENT, an online nutrition resource to help kidney patients on restrictive diets, special summer camps for those on dialysis, and hundreds of awareness-raising events across the country. We can celebrate 50 years of people, passion and progress thanks to interested, engaged and empowered community members, from funders to volunteers and staff. Our work is far from over: Thank you for joining us as we journey forward to reduce the burden of kidney disease. Visit to learn more about The Kidney Foundation of Canada and Ontario programs and services. You Learn Something New Every Day" - Actually, you learn something old every day. Just because you've just learned it, doesn't mean it's new. Other people already knew it, Columbus is a good example of this.

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Springwater News • March 13, 2014 Edition 412 • E-mail: •


Passenger, Truck & Farm Tires On-site Calcium Service Whether you are on a limited budget or looking for top of the line fashions, we have a window covering solution for you! We offer an extensive product line of Hunter Douglas window treatments, and we offer custom drapery, bedding and upholstery solutions.

Elmvale Curling Club Cashspiel Helps Foodbank

Bill Stephenson, on behalf of Al Johnstone of Global Controls Group, presents a cheque for $1,100.00 to Mike Stone representing the Elmvale Food Bank. The money was raised at the Annual Cashspiel held at the Elmvale Curling Club in January. Global Controls Group was the main sponsor of the event.

Sales & Repair of all Brands

Serving North of Barrie to Midland 24 hr Emergency Field & Road Service 7002 Hwy 93 & Stamp Side Rd • South of midland


Springwater News Enjoys Jamaica

Budget 2014 Following six meetings, deliberations and robust public input, the 2014 Budget was passed on February 25, with a fiscally responsible 2.02% net tax increase. Originally facing a more than 3% budget increase as a result of mandatory increases in OPP, Conservation costs and reduced Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund grants, staff and Council worked hard to find creative solutions and efficiencies in the operation of the Township. Following direction laid out in the Township’s asset management plan, this year’s budget has maintained a focus on capital investments. Providing safe, sustainable roads, bridges and infrastructure will continue to be a priority for the Township for many years to come. To read the 2014 budget or for more information please visit

Raegan Tabbert, Marlee Derhak, and Ryleigh Tabbert getting ready to head home after our week long vacation to Montego Bay, Jamaica. Legendary actor Al Pacino's face was on the homepage of the original Facebook that Zuckerberg built out of his Harvard dorm. The photo was only replaced as recently as 2007 (three years since its inception) when Facebook redesigned its homepage for good.


COMMUNITY INFORMATION EVENING Tuesday, March 25, 2014 Simcoe County Museum 1151 Highway 26, Minesing 6:00 to 8:30 p.m.

The Midhurst Landowners Group (“MLG”) invites you to a Community Information Evening #2.

Over the past several months we have been working with the review agencies and would like to share with the community the updated proposed plans of subdivision and zoning provisions. Join us and our team of consultants who will provide details on the proposed draft plans of subdivision and zoning by-laws, which implement the approved Midhurst Secondary Plan (OPA 38). The evening will include a short presentation by the MLG followed by an open house format, which will provide an opportunity for one-on-one discussions.

Plastic shopping bags littering much of the Earth can be converted into diesel, natural gas and other useful petroleum products, U.S. researchers report. The conversion process produces significantly more energy than it consumes and results in transportation fuels such as diesel that can be blended with existing ultra-low-sulfur diesels and biodiesels, scientists at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign said Thursday. Other products such as natural gas, solvents, gasoline, waxes and lubricating oils also can be obtained from shopping bags, they said. The technique, which involves heating the bags in an oxygen-free chamber in a process called pyrolysis, is very efficient, researcher leader Brajendra Kumar Sharma said. "You can get only 50 to 55 percent fuel from

(L-R) Mayor Linda Collins & the Honourable Linda Jeffrey, Minster of Municipal Affairs and Housing ROMA/OGRA Conference The ROMA/OGRA (Rural Ontario Municipal Association/ Ontario Good Roads Association) conference took place from February 23-26 this year and was attended by the Mayor, Councillor Webster and senior staff. In addition to workshops, seminars and information sessions, the Township was granted four delegations with Cabinet Ministers whose portfolios held significant impact for Springwater’s interest in energy, policing, education and development charges and OMB costs. Ministry of Energy – MPP Bob Delaney; Parliamentary Assistant • Requested additional financial support to meet requirements under the Green Energy Act • Challenged Ministry to amend the Act to provide clear, explanatory information • Ministry advised that they would investigate MPAC zoning regarding energy projects Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services – Honourable Madeline Meilleur; Minister • Requested information regarding current service model and expressed resident concerns regarding service levels • Voiced concerns regarding mandatory increased costs Ministry of Education – MPP Bas Balkissoon; Parliamentary Assistant • Reiterated the importance of the Elmvale District High School (EDHS) to the community • Requested assurances of an announcement for capital funding Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing – Honourable Linda Jeffrey; Minister • Voiced concerns with inequity in the structure of development charges • Expressed dissatisfaction with the cost of OMB hearings including time, money and staff resources • Ministry congratulated Springwater on being one of only a few municipalities in the Province to have completed an ‘Asset Management Plan’ and stated that an announcement regarding development charges should be expected in the spring Springwater Health Services Centre We are pleased to announce that The South Georgian Bay Community Health Centre (SGBCHC) has agreed to provide services at Springwater Health Services located in Downtown Elmvale. The SGBCHC provides a primary health care nurse practitioner one day per week on Wednesdays at the clinic. Since beginning operations on January 29, the clinic has had a steady intake of new clients and are currently accepting new patients. LifeLabs services continue to operate Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7– 9 am. For more information on the services offered at the Springwater Health Services Centre please visit www. the distillation of petroleum crude oil," he said. "But since this plastic is made from petroleum in the first place, we can recover almost 80 percent fuel from it through distillation." Previous studies have used pyrolysis to convert plastic bags into crude oil, but Sharma's team took the research further by converting the crude oil into different petroleum products. Americans throw away about 100 billion plastic shopping bags annually, the Worldwatch Institute says, while the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reports only about 13 percent are recycled.

Springwater News • March 13, 2014 Edition 412 • Phone 705 322 2249 Cell: 705 321 (BOLD) 2653

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Grownups Share Fun Memories at Show and Tell Nights

If you had fun in Kindergarten Show & Tell, you're going to love this. Show & Tell Storytellers Simcoe County meet again at Abbott's of Craighurst on Wednesday March 19 to share memories, laughs, and local history as they take turns showing off their special items and the stories behind them.  Judith Banville of Word Portraits, a personal historian, is the volunteer organizer of the Show & Tell Storyteller Night, which attracted 30 people to the February meeting. "You never know what you're going to hear about and who you will meet," says Banville. "We were thrilled to have Barbara Davidson, the granddaughter of the former Craighurst station master, turn up with her mother's beautiful cross stitch of the station." And she was thrilled

to see some of her schoolmates from many decades earlier. One of those schoolmates was Betty Veitch, who displayed a map she drew of the Craighurst of her childhood, showing the blacksmith, garage, mill and more and shared some memories. She'll be back to share more March 19. Allan Sinton also made a map, showing how Horseshoe Valley Road wound up the hill. His memories of the steep hill's challenges were echoes by several in

the audience. And Neil Craig read a letter to his family from a World War I soldier, showing a beautiful piece of 100-year-old handmade lace he had enclosed as a gift.

Mayor Harry Hughes got some laughs when he got Harold Hore to help him demonstrate the use of a school strap from his principal days. It was the last strap ordered in Ontario before Bill Davis ended their use. Another storyteller showed an antique Ford cobalt headlamp, and several people suggested places he could learn more about it. Robert Milthorpe came from Collingwood to share a sketch of his father, complete with his military medals, and a German WWII helmet, and spoke of his search to learn more of his family history. Banville, who helps people to write their family histories, is passionate about preserving people's lives through capturing their memories. She started the free storytelling nights so anyone could share their memories in five to 15

minute Show and Tell stories and realize that the moments of their lives are important. "If we don't share these oral histories, they will be lost, " she says, hoping some will consider going on to write them down. "There is nothing like the printed page to capture these stories and photos for future generations." Through her work, she interviews clients to capture their memories, weaving them together with photos into personal history books. Others work with her to create tribute books for special birthdays and anniversaries, or to create legacy letters that capture their values and wishes for their families. While listeners can just show up, Show & Tell speakers should bring a photo, a souvenir, a family tree, or anything they treasure, she says, and talk for five to 15 minutes, and should pre-register with Banville at or (705) 790-6490. You can join the Facebook page Show & Tell Storytellers Simcoe County or the group "Show-Tell-Simcoe-County" to learn more. The next event is at Abbott's of Craighurst March 19. A Barrie group meets the second Wednesday of each month at Casa Cappuccino, 91 Dunlop St. E.

@WhatTheFFacts: There is a child named Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 and it is pronounced "Albin". @UberFacts: "Never odd or even" spelled backwards is still "Never odd or even".

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g in


Springwater News • March 13, 2014 Edition 412 • E-mail: •

eways iv r Dr clea


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Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre

1-888-495-8501 (Hours: Mon. - Fri - 8 am to 6 pm) identification which all appeared to be in plain view. This is a good reminder for motorists to take their personal property out of vehicles and lock them, even when they are parked in their own driveways. If you have any information in regards to this crime, please contact the Huronia West O.P.P. at (705) 4293575 or Call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (1-800222-8477) or submit your information online at www. if you have any information on this crime or others. Crime Stoppers does not subscribe to call display, you will remain anonymous. Being anonymous, you will not testify in court and your information may lead to a cash reward of up to $2,000.00. For safety and crime prevention tips, please visit our website at BREAK, ENTER AND THEFT OPP 2013 TRAFFIC STATISTICS POINT TO Sometime between 9:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. on February 26th, 2014, unknown person or persons forcibly entered a DISTRACTED DRIVING AS #1 KILLER ON ROADS COMMON HTA MYTHS garage attached to a residence on Grenfel Road and stole Myth: If stopped by a Police Officer I have 24 to 48 the following items: • Kubota tractor – model #L3830-OD4W-1, hours to provide my drivers’ licence to them. Fact: Section 33(1) of the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) 38960, Orange in states – “Every driver of a motor vehicle or street car shall colour carry his or her licence with him or her at all times while • Honda All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) – model #ES 450, VIN 1HFTE256854401938, Yellow and Black in he or she is in charge of a motor vehicle or street car and shall surrender the licence for reasonable inspection upon colour • Unknown ATV – 110CC, Camouflage in colour the demand of a police officer or officer appointed for carrying out the provisions of this Act. with white plastic showing around the rear fenders Failing to surrender your Drivers’ Licence upon demand • Motomaster – 700A Mobile Charger, Black in of a Police Officer is an offence and carries a $110 fine. colour OPP Asking for Public’s Help with Distracted Driving • Jobmate – 3 Gallon Oil Free, Air Compressor, Campaign (March 8-14, 2014) Red in colour Irresponsible driver behaviour has the Ontario Provincial • ARGO Trend MMFG Snow Blower – model Police (OPP) concerned about the fate of many road users #C60, Blue in colour • TW Devilbiss Air Compressor – model #PAP- this year as officers prepare to launch their next campaign 5051-03MS, Serial #51064299, Orange in colour, this against Distracted Driving. In 2013, distracted driving fatalities surpassed both compressor was brand new in the original packaging • STIHL Gas Trimmer with brush cutting impaired and speed related fatalities in fatal motor vehicle attachment and metal blades attached, Orange and Ivory collisions investigated by the OPP. A total of 78 persons died in distracted driving related collisions compared to 57 in colour • Toro Gas Grass Trimmer – model #51467, Red impaired driving deaths and 44 speed related deaths last year. in colour “When you consider the overall impact of these 78 • Weed Eater Hedge Trimmer – model #GHT180/ fatalities last year and the 325 other distracted driving GHT220, Dark Green in colour victims who have died since 2010, the number of people THEFT OF MOTORIZED SNOW VEHICLE these irresponsible drivers have had a profound and At approximately 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 1st, 2014 devastating impact on is in the thousands,” said OPP a motorized snow vehicle (snowmobile) became disabled Deputy Commissioner Brad Blair, Commander of Traffic on the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) Safety and Operational Support. B103 Trail near George Johnston Road. When the “Everyone, from the victims’ families and friends to the operator of this snowmobile returned approximately 90 police officers who attend these horrific collision scenes minutes later with a trailer to remove the disabled vehicle and have to notify next-of-kin, knows the emotional impact it had been stolen. This snowmobile is described as: of one life lost to this senseless driving behavior trickles • Arctic Cat with no Arctic Cat decals, previously down to so many people who, sadly, through experience, removed know how badly this behaviour needs to stop,” he added. • Model Z1TURBO 1100 The OPP recognizes that the only way to stop people • Black in colour from dying in distracted driving related collisions is to • Ontario Registration # 7AD066 raise awareness of how serious the problem is and to • White side panels have everyone make a firm, lifelong • Black rear bottom • Grey hood If you want to drink, commitment to helping the police and safety partners eliminate it altogether. • Silver windshield that’s your business. According to the OPP, it can be done. • Headlight eye decals – makes If you want to stop, “Over and above every driver pledging headlights appear light “eyes” that’s ours. to never text or talk on the phone, pledge THEFT FROM MOTOR VEHICLES to be a good passenger and speak up AT HARDWOOD if the driver in your car is using his/ Barrie OPP are investigating several her phone or engaged in other forms thefts from motor vehicles that occurred at of distraction. Pledge to regularly Hardwood Ski and Bike on Old Barrie Rd encourage your friends and family to Orillia 325-6385 in Oro-Medonte Twp. On Thursday March not be distracted while driving,” said Midland 526-3305 6th, thieves smashed the windows of several OPP Chief Superintendent Don Bell, Bracebridge ~ vehicles parked at Hardwood Ski and Bike. Commander of the Highway Safety Thieves stole purses and wallets 705-646-2491 Division. “Even though our campaign containing cash and the owner’s personal


The OPP Report

Keith Johnston Contracting

• Top Soil & Triple Mix • Farm Tractor Repair • Sand & Gravel • Floating Service • Loader & Dump Truck • Livestock Transportation

705-322-1932 • 705 322 5587 only runs one week, make this a year-round commitment because it is a fail proof way to help us eliminate the tragic deaths that occur every year because of distracted drivers,” added Bell. The OPP is reminding motorists that on March 18, 2014 the current distracted driving fine of $155 will jump to $280 (this includes the increased $225 fine plus a $50 victim fine surcharge and $5 court cost). The OPP’s Distracted Driving Campaign runs from Saturday, March 8 to Friday, March 14, 2014. During that time, the OPP will be doing its part to eliminate the threat of distracted driving through its own awareness raising efforts and focused enforcement of distracted driving laws throughout the province. The OPP is asking Ontarians to show their support during this important campaign. Go to the OPP’s Facebook and/ or Twitter pages and let them know how you plan on helping to eliminate distracted driving on Ontario roads. The OPP will highlight some of your entries in a campaign wrap-up news release following the campaign. OPPBOUND 2014 – MILITARY MEMBERS The OPP is hosting OPPBound 2014 in the City of Orillia from July 5-7, 2014. This year’s recruitment initiative will be focussed on women and men who are current or past members of the Canadian Military, Regular or Reserve, and who are interested in exploring a career in policing. Fifty (50) applicants will be selected to spend 2 ½ days with “Ontario’s Finest” where they will learn about the history and traditions of the OPP. OPPBound will include presentations and mentoring sessions with key OPP women and men, both uniform and civilian, who will share their experiences, answer questions and describe their exciting careers. Candidates will also have the opportunity to live the life of an OPP recruit, learn about the recruitment process and participate in practical exercises and physical training. “The OPP is now a partner agency with Canada Company and the Military Employment Transition Program,” said Inspector Dave Quigley, Manager, Career Development Bureau. “The OPP benefits from hiring former military members as many of the qualities that make a good soldier are qualities that make a great, professional police officer.” Women and men who are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity may complete an on-line application form located at The application deadline is April 11, 2014 at 11:59pm. For more information, please call 1-877-OPP-HIRE (1-877-677-4473) or email opp.uniform.recruitment@ .

Call Alcoholics Anonymous

Spiritual Support for Recovery from Addictions Linda Bell is the CEO of Bellwood Health Services, www.Bellwood. ca, an addiction treatment centre in Toronto, Canada, accredited with ‘Exemplary Status’. Ernest W. Matton (Little Brown Bear),, is a Métis helper and guide who inspires living in today’s hectic world. They describe their work and the role of spiritual support in their work. They discuss the challenges that delay or even prevent recovery of children, adolescents and adults from addictions. They explain the ways in

which spirituality helps overcome the challenges that delay or even prevent recovery from addictions, and highlight some of the successes they attribute to the inclusion of spirituality. They talk about things they would like to do through their work to encourage the inclusion of spirituality in more programs intended to help recovery from addictions. They share their messages about spirituality for families with family members who are seeking help in recovering from addictions.

Listen Live to VoiceAmerica Variety Be sure to tune into Family Caregivers Unite! Log on to Listen: Questions? Comments? Call: 1-866-472-5788 Missed the Live Shows? Past Episodes are available On Demand and Podcast Ready.


MINESING, Ont., March 10, 2014 - The Anten Mills Pit operated by Walker Industries has earned the prestigious Progressive Rehabilitation Award from the Ontario Stone, Sand & Gravel Association (OSSGA). The Progressive Rehabilitation Award recognizes outstanding progress in the rehabilitation of extracted portions of active pit or quarry sites. “Walker Aggregates is extremely proud of the awards received at the OSSGA AGM. We pride ourselves on being a good Neighbour and environmentally responsible,” said Frank Kielbowich, operations manager, Walker Aggregates. “The awards received are a display of outstanding team work by our workforce who are proud of what they do and how they can make it better all around.” The Ontario Stone, Sand & Gravel Association (OSSGA) is a non-profit industry association representing over 280 sand, gravel, and crushed stone producers and suppliers of valuable industry products and services.  Collectively, our members supply 75% of the approximately 152 million tonnes of aggregate consumed annually in the province to build and maintain Ontario’s infrastructure needs. OSSGA works in partnership with government and the public to promote a safe and competitive aggregate industry contributing to the creation of strong communities in the province.

Springwater News • March 13, 2014 Edition 412 • Phone 705 322 2249 Cell: 705 321 (BOLD) 2653

Rosie’s Devotions

Bernie Pilon Construction

The Water Horse

A few years ago, we had a family reunion. the place where we held our reunion was in a beautiful park that had a large, walk-in swimming hole with a concrete floor. It was a very hot day. We ate lots. We toured the park and even visited a so-called "haunted house." We played games. And then, we were ready to cool off in the big wading pool. Katen, my granddaughter, and I were playing in the water. I pretended to be her pet water horse, and she was feeding me invisible oats. We were having fun, and Katen screamed with delight. Yet, not knowing what was really going on, a mother and her child were watching intently from the shore, assuming that we were in danger because of Katen's screams. The lifeguard ignored us because he knew what was taking place, but the mother thought otherwise. At the end, she, too, realized what was happening and walked away. This situation made me think of how quickly we can judge a situation without obtaining further information. Some innocent and kind act could very well be turned into something that would eventually hurt or blemish someone's character or soul for life by assuming otherwise. Let us love others as we would like to be loved and accept each other just as we are without judgment or reserve. Let us remember that it is God Who judges each and every one of us in His time. Matthew 7:1-2l Do not judge, so that you may not be judged. For with the judgment you make you will be judged, and the measure you give will be the measure you get. (NRSV) Prayer: Lord, help us not to judge others. We all have a story, and we ask that we will learn to walk in someone else's shoes first. Help us to be Your instruments of forgiveness, peace, and love, in order to make this world a better place to live. Amen. Rosemary Hagedorn, Penetanguishene,

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Gravel Supplies

Crushed Road & Cement Gravel Sand & Gravel Fill • Skid Steer Services Excavating • Bulldozing • Backhoe & Snow Removal

7 Simcoe Street Elmvale, Ontario L0L 1P0

Rick’s Cell: (705) 623-4209 Phone: 322-2785 Fax: 322-4458

Christian Nasager, Danish Wood Artist, Wasaga Beach

Christian Nasager is a retired master cabinetmaker who worked in Toronto in custom cabinetmaking since he arrived in Canada in 1969. In 1978, he and Svend Nielsen began a business association. With Chris as his sole cabinetmaker, and Svend’s excellent salesmanship, the company expanded to 17 employees and became known as a world-class custom office furniture company. Some beautiful examples of their work are the Circular Markham Council Chambers Table and the Trillium Airport seating in Toronto. Svend Nielson Ltd. created many of the reception and boardroom tables for the major corporations and institutions all across Canada and New York City. Chris’s work and art accomplishments are remarkable given his handicap. In 1970, Christian had a devastating car accident that left him with an acquired brain injury. Chris has had the courage, despite this handicap to step out into the trepidous world of the art community where everyone’s work is subject to the highest scrutiny by the public. Chris has passed with at flying colours and the reason for this is his motivation. The wood art I am interested in making tells a story, he says. He is not much one for telling it though as his hands are busy at the task of developing a new piece. His current artwork is a continuation of his skill development with wood. He *qualified applicants only* is now experimenting with carving th and turning. His love affair with wood began when as a young child in public school workshop he made various projects he discovered he was good with his hands and his love Includes of the unique qualities of wood. He apprenticed near his small village and with Meister Andeas Strandridder of Frostrup, in Denmark where learned the traditional trade finishing near Alborg. One of the comments he says from just people often say to him is that they love the touch of wood how it feels.” This is one of the reasons I really enjoy working wood. It gives me a kind of a pleasure to feel it and to Life Lease Apartments also available remember all the enjoyment people have out of looking at, feeling, and Limited Time Offer- One Month Free using what I make.” Christian is currently a member 333 Lafontaine Road West, of the Wasaga Art Group, Blue Lafontaine, Ontario Mountain Foundation for the Arts and Simcoe County Woodturners 705-533-0998 Guild and has been showing his work email : village @ in the Georgian Triangle for 6 years. He has a home studio in Wasaga Beach.

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Seniors ~ Come & Join us for HOUSE a OPEN One Month Free Trial Saturday April 27 , 2013 Assisted Living 1:00 - 3:00 pm


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Refreshments * Prize Draw * Call for Free Shuttle

"On January 26, 2014, St. Mark's Anglican Lutheran Church had a special visit from Lutheran Bishop Michael Pryse who tweeted that the worship at St. Mark's was magnificent and that his heart was full! The church also held a Silent Auction to raise money for people that they had never met. A total of $1,950.00 was raised that will go to the First Nation's community of Pikangikum to provide clean drinking water in every home. It is through projects like these that St. Mark's mission of "to live, share and grow in Christ's love" is fulfilled."

Snow Valley donates M*A*S*H Bash proceeds to RVH

The 27th annual M*A*S*H Bash – held January 31, 2014 at Snow Valley Ski Resort - offered more than a great day on the slopes. It also raised $20,000 for Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre (RVH) through the donation of the day’s lift ticket proceeds. Snow Valley Ski Resort recently presented RVH with a cheque for $36,000 – the combined proceeds raised from the 2013 and 2014 events.  Over the past 27 years, M*A*S*H Bash has raised more than $450,000 for RVH.

Georgian Bay General Hospital Foundation Board is Seeking Ambitious Board Members. The Georgian Bay General Hospital Foundation has set an ambitious goal of raising $1.5 million each and every year to meet the very important needs of our hospital and is seeking new board members to join our volunteer team. In addition to being philanthropic in nature, engaged in our community and having previous board work experience, we are seeking individuals with skills in the area of Human Resources Management and Finance. If you are a person who possesses these attributes, cares about healthcare in our community and has time and energy we hope to hear from you.

Pictured left to right - Mandi Parkes, Snow Valley Ski School; Eric Dean, CEO, RVH Foundation; Peter Hanney, assistant general manager, Snow Valley Ski Resort; John Ball, general manager, Snow Valley Ski Resort; Tracey Walters, Snow Valley Ski School.

Please contact GBGH Foundation President, Carey Moran by March 21st, 2014 at with a resume or letter outlining how you are well-suited for the Board position with the noted skills. Thank you for your consideration. 1112 St. Andrews Drive, P.O. Box 760 Midland, ON L4R 4P4 Tel: 705-526-GIVE (4483) Executive Director: John Lister

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Springwater News • March 13, 2014 Edition 412 • E-mail: •

Rural Intentions – a word from Craighurst

by Lynette Mader One way to tolerate a winter that hangs on well into March is to try to embrace it which is what Dave and I did when his brother Dan and sister-in-law Maria were up to visit this past week. We took them cross country skiing in some county forests where Dan was really hoping to see a deer. He wasn’t disappointed. With the deep snow, the deer haven’t been coming out to the road so much this winter but if you get far enough back into a forest, herds of them have created little deer highways. We caught a glimpse of a herd slipping silently away from us through the trees, and saw a few in a corn field. Maria spotted a coyote that was stalking them. Our presence probably

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I am writing this on February 26. It is snowing and blowing and as cold as the atmosphere in a Council meeting. With budget deliberations and the month of February behind us hopefully the storms, inside and out, will have subsided. The residents in the southern part of the Township are no doubt delighted with the lack of hydro outages this winter. So far, the recent hydro equipment improvements have been successful. I am concerned about taking any acknowledgment incase the lights go out. Smile, life is short! Budget: You may have read the Township news release informing Taxpayers of the passing of the 2014 budget. There are too many details to have included them all in the news release. However, you should be made aware that to help pay for the planned expenditures the Township will borrow an additional 1.9 million dollars and is withdrawing 6.8 million out of reserve funds (your savings). The good news is this initiative will keep the Township’s portion of property taxes to a 2.2% increase. There are also increases in water and waste water rates and a County Tax increase of 2%. One concern is the future impact on tax dollars and ability to replenish reserves, given the significant reduction in Township fees for Development Charges. For example in 2014 the cost of servicing the debt will be $ 696 thousand and $ 1.1 million in 2015. As result of Council direction to identify cost savings, staff provided 16 potential cost saving initiatives for consideration. The majority of the items provided by staff involved a reduction in services, for example; the plowing of sidewalks, grass cutting, road maintenance, public skating, newspaper coverage etc. Most saved a deer and didn’t do the hungry coyote any favours. of the staff initiatives were considered inappropriate and rejected. “Do people feed the deer around here?” Dan asked. I responded that they probably did and Dave Approximately twenty taxpayers attended the legislated pubic meeting on and I tried it once too, just briefly. We were moved by a doe and a yearling that were sleeping in February 10. Those in attendance questioned many of the planned expenditures the snow under our sumac a few years ago. But as soon as we put food out for them they brought expressing a desire for changes to the draft budget. As a result of considerable their friends and we quickly realized that we couldn’t feed them all. I also knew that it was the feedback Council agreed to meet on February 18 and consider taxpayer’s wrong thing to do, so now we leave them to their own devices. A deer’s metabolism changes concerns. In support of taxpayers I made the following motion; in the winter. It slows down so they don’t require as much food and evolves to allow them to Motion: That staff revisit all areas of the budget to identify appropriate digest bark and cedar. When we feed them other things during the winter – such as corn or that reductions in expenditures and provide suitable options on how the 2014 draft sweet smelling deer food you can buy at the co-op – they may have difficulty digesting the food budget can be adjusted to reduce the planned $6.8 million withdraw from reserves and we are inadvertently causing their metabolism to rev up again. Research on road killed deer to $5M and the borrowing of $1.9 million to $1M while maintaining our current southwestern Ontario revealed that deer that were eating in the local fields had stomachs full of level of services, and limit any property tax increase to a maximum of 2%. undigested corn. The best way to help deer during the winter is to cut cedar bows and sumac The budget also includes $40 thousand for staff Cost Of Living Allowance flowers so the deer can reach them. That way we’re not messing with their winter metabolism. (COLA). This provides all 80 full time employees with a 0.8% salary increase. An equally great way to stay sane during an unbearably long winter is to embrace warmer Consequently employees who earn $ 40 thousand a year will receive an increase cultures. You don’t have to travel south to get your fiesta on. I’ve been a Jorge Miguel groupy of $320 and those earning $100,000 will receive $800. Because the cost of living ever since I saw him at the Orillia Opera house with my mom years ago. Jorge is a traditional impacts everyone the same, I believe every employee should be treated the Spanish flamenco guitarist whose mission in life is to bring flamenco to Canada. He recently same and share equally in the $40 thousand. This would result in each employee brought his ensemble, which includes a flamenco singer from Spain and as well as a dancer in full receiving a $500 salary increase. In addition to the $40 thousand COLA there flamenco regalia, to the Meadowvale Theatre in Mississauga. I dragged Dave and our neighbours is also $43 thousand in the budget to provide salary increases to identified the Pooles along with their granddaughter Kaia down to see him and we got caught up in the employees who move up the grid. Council was not provided with the details on show, clapping and shouting “Anda!” and “Olé!” in the traditional flamenco fashion. It’s a fiery, whom or how many employees will be receiving the additional salary increases, hot blooded type of music hailing from Spanish and Romani (Gitano or gypsy) roots in Andalusia, other than some will receive $1000. Employee’s salary information is personal Spain. After the show, Jorge came out the foyer to meet people and Fran, Kaia and I had our and I agree that the information need not be made public. However, Council is picture taken with him. A week later, the Pooles saw Carlos del Junco in Alliston which they say responsible for the Municipalities finances and should approve the expenditures. is the best show they’ve ever seen. I say that about every show I see, until I see the next on. In an attempt to bring uniformity to the distribution of COLA funds I made the Getting outdoors and tackling winter head on, or staying in and listening to music that warms following motion. the blood in your veins are two great ways to survive a relentless winter. Red wine or fruity rum Motion: THAT each full-time employee share equally in the $40,000 COLA drinks don’t hurt either. approved with the 2014 Budget. Both my motions were defeated as they were only supported by Councillors Ritchie and McConkey. This is part of our democratic process and I support every member of Council’s right to vote for or against whatever they believe is in the best interest of taxpayers. Councillor Ritchie and I did not support the budget. Our concerns relate in part to efficiencies, expenditures, increased debit and the decline in reserve funds. Our comments are well documented. Constituent participation: I always encourage residents to attend Council meetings and/or provide feedback to their elected representatives. I commend and thank everyone who has attended the budget meetings and those who provided their views in respect of the budget deliberations. The emails that have been received will be revealed in the public record. However, I am troubled that a controversial email received by all of Council will not be included in the public record. If you have not attended the budget meetings and want to verify information, you are able to review the previous minutes in the Council agendas or request the audio recordings. Contrary to inferences, to my recollection there were very little if any comments from Councillors or the public to reduce funding for infrastructure. There were no recommendations not to proceed with the borrowing of $2.3 million for infrastructure approved in 2013. I am not aware of any suggestion not to repair the three bridges that were approved by Council in September 2013. Conclusion: I believe it is Council’s duty and responsibility to discuss and debate decisions before they are made. For the record my motives are to protect the interests of all residents of Springwater and to ensure that their tax dollars are utilized in an efficient, effective and economical manner. IMPORTANT DATES: All meetings are open to the public Council Meeting: Monday March 17, 5:30 pm. Township Admin Center Planning Committee: Monday March 24, 5:30 pm. Township Admin Center For other committee meeting dates go to: Note: I discovered a cure for apathy, but nobody cares! Constituent BCC EMAIL LIST: If you wish to receive my updates or contact me, send me an email at . My news articles People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always and emails are part of my commitment to keeping taxpayers informed in a remember how you made them feel.-- Anonymous truthful, accurate and timely manner. I do not speak for the rest of Council. "The Bible tells us to love our neighbors, and also to love our enemies; probably because Jack Hanna Ward 5 Councillor Township of Springwater generally they are the same people." -- G.K. Chesterton

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Springwater News • March 13, 2014 Edition 412 • Phone 705 322 2249 Cell: 705 321 (BOLD) 2653

Jim Wilson, MPP

Poetic Entertainment

In 1927, residents of the village of Midhurst were trying to persuade Township Council to build the new township hall in their community. The situation was humourous and entertaining to many. The hall was built in Midhurst, and is still in use today. A.A. Garvin wrote a poem that was delivered by Walter Craig at one of the village parties: Come friends gather round and I will tell Of a wonderful project and what befell. Our fathers one day thought out and planned A community Hall, a structure grand. They met the Council for an interview Laid before them their plans, faithful and true. For a thousand dollars and the old town hall We’ll built you a new one, in reach of all. Bob Wattie has offered a new town site Where the hall can be seen both day and night, McCrackens field will be the playground Where the boys and girls can play around. Said Reeve Wilson as he looked at his flock, He flourished his hands and began to talk. ‘To me gentlemen, it’s almost a dream. A brand new hall where we reign supreme. I give my consent for I see no flaw’ Just then enter Ike Merrit and Mr. Greenlaw, Says Greenlaw ‘Your attitude gets my goat, I stand here on record. I demand a vote. The place for the hall is the reforestation, Where thousands come day by the CPR Station, To view the forest that stands the weather’ fury, That was ordered to be planted by E.C. Drury. Think of it gentlemen, the tourist trade! For miles they’ll come daily to bask in the shade.’ Manager Merrit stood up to try and make clear And hammer his project into every ear. ‘From our farm one ton daily we ship The productiveness of our nursery is on every lip. We want a $6000 hall and $2000 shed And water taps everywhere by our tank to be fed. Just think of a rink covered o’er Where girl and boy skaters in ecstasy soar, The government will aid us in every probability And for this building, we have every utility. Wake up! Honorable gentlemen and try and see We wonderful promoters, Greenlaw and me.’ Morgan Orrock went grumbling to the floor. He had sat through it all until he was sore. His eloquence consisted of both fire and brimstone. He laid down the law in a wrathy tone. ‘The goliath invaders from the sandy plain Would rob our village for more possessions to gain’. Then the speaker became pathetic and seemed quite sad, He remembered the days when he was a lad. Of the exhibitions held at the hall, Year after year, late in the fall. Often it reminded him of Noah’s Ark, That dear old building, our only land mark. Superintendant Orser gave a lighter view Of advantages of a hall that seemed to be new. ‘For this privilege you gentlemen I thank , In a few chosen words I’ll try to be frank. It is a man’s privilege some good to seek; To lift up the fallen and to aid the weak; To create a dwelling for frolic and fun That will cheer the aged as well as the young. Dear Midhursters, I say, for goodness sake, Don’t let the hall go, it would be a mistake. Deputy Doran says, I’ve told you three times before. This latest development we can’t ignore. Since the violent eruption cross the rails Has now blown the wind right out of my sails, We now are helpless, our hands are tied. We’ll have to wait ‘til a vote is tried. Elder Russell stepped up in a confident mood. From the platform other speakers he quickly shooed. ‘This hall was built by we pioneer here. If you try to remove it, it will cost you dear. If you fail in your offer I very much think. The 1927 council will become extinct.’ Contractor Dick Russell stepped into the breech; ‘After two sleepless nights these figures I’ve reached. I’ve reduced them down to minimum cost Where a stick or a stone must not be lost. My figures are here at my fingers’ ends, To the building committee I sure will lend.’ The Council adjourned and went their way To meet again another day. Thank you to the Midhurst Historical Society for sharing this poem.


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Springwater News In Cancun We Almost Lost Her Folks

Working for You! 50 Hume Street Collingwood, ON L9Y 1V2 Tel. (705) 446-1090 1-800-268-7542 Fax (705) 446-3397 Wilson Committed to Restoring Horse Racing Industry in Ontario Last month at my agricultural town hall meeting in Elmvale, I was asked to provide clarity over what Tim Hudak and the Ontario PCs would do, if elected, to ensure that the horse racing industry is protected in Ontario. Let me share our plan to save this valuable industry and reverse the damage that the current government has admittedly done.     We all know that a prosperous horse racing industry is an essential component to Ontario's rural economy. Before the 'Slots at Racetracks' program was cancelled the industry employed over 60,000 men and women across the province and injected billions into rural and agricultural communities.   The Liberals dissolution of the 'Slots at Racetracks' program to make way for 29 supposed new casinos--casinos we have heard little about--has devastated what was once a thriving industry. Not only was the decision a bad one, but it was a decision that was done without consultation or any kind of transition plan to allow sustainability.  The Liberals themselves, including former Agriculture Minister, Ted McMeekin, have admitted that their government "dropped the ball" on the issue.  Over a year and a half after suddenly cancelling the program, the McGuinty-Wynne government went into damage control. Premier Kathleen Wynne admitted on CBC French Radio that the decision to cancel the program was "not a good decision" and announced her government would give the industry $400 million over five years in government grants--a fraction of the $1.3 billion per year the industry was previously able to generate themselves in gaming revenues ($1 billion went to the province, and $345 million went to the horse racing industry).   The Liberals short-sighted decision to remove slot machines from some racetracks has crippled horse racing in Ontario, resulting in mass job loss and fewer spinoff benefits for rural economies'.  In fact, at my town hall, Brian Tropea from the Ontario Harness Horse Association noted that Liberal reforms have cut the industry in half.   It is these jobs that the PCs seek to restore.  To do that, my colleagues and I have developed a threepoint plan: Restore slot machines; form public-private partnerships with businesses that know how to run a proper 'Slots at Racetracks' program, with accountability measures in place; and share the revenue locally.   The PCs are committed to not only re-establishing, but fixing the 'Slots at Racetrack' program. We want to build off what has been working.  For example, we believe that new gaming operations, like table games and sport betting should be offer to racetracks first as opposed to building 29 new casinos.  We will seek to end the Liberals' so-called 'modernization plan' and get rid of the Horse Racing Transition Panel that wastes hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on sunshine list bureaucrats rather than investments in the industry. And, we will also ensure strong transparency mechanisms to show how the revenue is used.   Further information and the core elements of our plan can be found on my website, .

The Energy Minister CAN cancel FIT agreements (he just doesn't want to) Wind Concerns Ontario wrote to the Ontario Minister of Energy, Bob Chiarelli, today, to express concern about remarks he made which appeared in the Toronto Star. It would be "irresponsible" to cancel agreements with renewable energy developers he said, adding that it was in fact "illegal." This is not correct. WCO referred the Minister to the case of Trillium vs Ontario in which the court determined that it is the government's prerogative to alter policy and change contracts for a variety of reasons, including matters of the public interest. Further, an opinion prepared by Osler Hoskin and Harcourt advises that companies involved in government programs such as the Feed In tariff "do so at their own risk" because of the fact that the government may change policy. Our news release is below. ENERGY MINISTER CAN CANCEL WIND POWER CONTRACTS Despite statements made to the media by Ontario Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli that it would be “illegal” to cancel Feed In Tariff contracts with wind power developers, court documents show that the opposite is true, Wind Concerns Ontario states in a letter to the Minister today.

Our Wyevale Correspondent went to Mexico (and stayed first class at the Royal Playa Del Carmen rated 4.5 out of 5) with four of her friends and although she said she had a great time, she went bicycling and scuffed up the pavement with her knee, she went zip lining, an adventure that took her down into the ocean (new rule for our writers NO ZIP LINING - just added to the job description) and swam in the ocean/salt water. We are glad she’s back and writing again and here follows her Wyevale News.

Wyevale’s News

Ruth Ann Caston 527-5274

♫ Happy belated birthday wishes go out to Karen Moreau, Sharon Foster, Doris Bumstead, Candy Wakelin, Gerry French, Grace Howard, Emily VanderVoort, Paul Stott, Grace Caston, Robert Hall, Logan Moreau, Hugh MacLachlin, Grace Handy and Mark Marcellus celebrating in February. Happy March birthday wishes go out to Pat Smith, Linda Blow, Bert Archer and Helen Large. ♫ Bid euchre is on Friday afternoons at 1:00 pm in the church basement. Light lunch & prizes. $2.50 per person. Winners from February 14th were: 1st Pauline Hall, 2nd Jean Connolly, and 3rd Nancy Emond. Winners from Feb. 21st were: 1st Jean Connolly, 2nd Don Beauchamp and tied for 3rd Donalda Columbus and Paul Alsop. Winners from Feb. 28th were: 1st Marguerite Stone, 2nd Donalda Columbus and 3rd Marg Greaves. Winners from March 7th were: 1st Allan Connolly, 2nd Lawrence Townes, and 3rd Marg Irving. All welcome. ♫ Youth Group meets on Friday March 14th at 7 p.m., with the plan to go skating. ♫ Wyevale Salon & Spa is pleased to welcome our new esthetician. Call to book an appointment for fantastic spa treatments at a great price. $25 for a pedicure, $16 for a manicure, gel nails as well. Call 705.322.5149. ♫ There will be a St. Patrick’s Day Hooley on Sat. March 15th at Waverley United Church at 7 p.m. Come share a good Irish joke. ♫ Congratulations goes out to Kirk Hastings and Dave Price who competed in a seven day, 3300 km snowmobile run in Labrador and finished in 3rd place. Way to go boys!!! ♫ Anyone with news items for the paper, please call me and leave a message at 705.527.5274.

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“The decision in Trillium vs. Ontario, 2013, clearly states that governments are free to alter policies in the public interest,” says Jane Wilson, WCO president. “As well, a legal opinion from Osler Hoskins Harcourt advises that companies in the renewable power business participate in government subsidy programs ‘at their own risk.’ That means, Mr. Chiarelli and his government could cancel these multi-million-dollar contracts if they want to.” At present, Ontario has 55 wind power projects in various stages of approval; if all are approved the costs to Ontario could be more than $1 billion a year or $22 billion over the 20-year life of the contracts. “Mr. Chiarelli said in the Legislature that Ontario has a surplus of power,” Wilson says. “The question for Ontario now is, why not cancel these contracts for power we don’t need and can’t afford? Does he answer to Ontarians, or the wind power lobby?” Contact us at

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Dear Friends: Canada’s immigration system is well recognized as one of the most generous and welcoming in the world. However, we must make sure that it continues to protect and promote Canadian interests and values. Our Conservative government has already taken important steps to improve the efficiency and integrity of our immigration system. The recent introduction of the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act, the

first comprehensive reform of the Citizenship Act in a generation, will build on our accomplishments. These reforms include important measures to strengthen the value of Canadian Citizenship, while continuing to improve the citizenship system and protect taxpayers. Our government’s changes are a reflection of the belief that Canadian citizenship is not just a passport of convenience. Rather, Canadian

citizenship comes with rights and responsibilities, and a commitment to Canada and Canadian values. To help ensure that citizenship applicants maintain strong ties to Canada, we are extending the residency requirements to four of the six previous years for which a physical presence in Canada is required. We will also require that applicants between the ages of 14 and 64 meet language requirements in French or English and pass a knowledge test. These requirements will help ensure that new Canadians are fully prepared to participate in Canadian society. We are helping improve the integrity of our immigration system, as we crack down on citizenship fraud with stronger penalties for fraud and misrepresentation. We are making sure people who commit serious crimes abroad can’t become

Canadian citizens. We are also revoking Canadian citizenship from dual-nationals convicted of terrorism, high treason, spying offences or those who take up arms against Canada. What’s more, any permanent resident who commits any of these acts will be barred from applying for Canadian citizenship. In recognition of their important contributions, we will fast track applications for permanent residents who serve as members of the Canadian Armed Forces. We will extend citizenship to children adopted or born to Canadian parents serving the Crown abroad. We are also taking action to right the historical wrong of so-called “Lost Canadians” once and for all. Canadian citizenship is more popular than ever. In addition to strengthening requirements for citizenship, important measures that we are introducing to streamline the application process will significantly improve the efficiency of our immigration system. Reducing the decisionmaking process from three steps to one is projected to reduce the processing time to less than a year by 2015-2016. And, by modestly

increasing citizenship fees to better reflect the actual processing cost, we are relieving the burden on Canadian taxpayers. Canadians can be confident that the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act is protecting the value of Canadian citizenship for those who have it, while creating a more efficient system for those applying for it. Our Conservative Government is committed to helping ensure our immigration system serves the interests of all Canadians. Lastly, if you need to obtain a passport, or renew your expired or about-to-expire passport, please plan to attend my passport clinic on Thursday April 24th from 5:00 – 8:00 p.m. at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #270 Coldwater, 2 Michael Anne Dr. Staff and volunteers will be on site to answer your questions and review your completed application for submission to Passport Canada.  There will also be a photographer on-site for photos at a cost of $22.  If you have any questions please contact my Orillia constituency office at (705) 327-0513. Sincerely, Bruce Stanton, M.P. Simcoe North

ONTARIO PARENTS ADVOCATING FOR CHILDREN WITH CANCER (OPACC) LAUNCHES NEW PROGRAM FOR SCHOOLS AND OTHER ORGANIZATIONS TO RAISE FUNDS AND AWARENESS FOR CHILDHOOD CANCER (Mar 5, 2014 – Barrie, Ontario) Ontario Parents Advocating for Children with Cancer (OPACC), a registered Ontario charity, has launched “Kaps4Kids,” a unique new way that schools, workplaces, organizations, and groups can come together to raise awareness and funds in support of c h i l d r e n and families affected by a diagnosis of childhood cancer. For a $1 minimum donation, participants can wear a cap, hat, fedora, scarf, or whatever they would like on their heads to school or work for a day to show support for kids with cancer, raise funds for much needed community programs, and help ensure that OPACC continues to help children and their families throughout their cancer journey. In addition to raising funds, perhaps more importantly it is a way to raise awareness and understanding of the issues related to childhood cancer and a symbolic act of solidarity for everyone to show their support for the children who often wear head coverings due to hair loss experienced through chemotherapy. All money raised will be donated toward the programs and services of Ontario Parents Advocating for Children with Cancer (OPACC), which has been providing support to families affected by a diagnosis of childhood cancer since 1995. Be it in the hospital or at home in local communities, OPACC is helping to ensure that all families are helped throughout their entire childhood cancer journey. Last year alone, over 700 families throughout Ontario were supported through OPACC. Childhood cancer affects 1,600 Canadian children each year and of that number approximately 400 of these are in Ontario. Sadly, childhood cancer also claims over 227 young lives each year; those who survive often require ongoing mental, physical, and financial support. Childhood cancer has a devastating effect on parents, siblings, extended family, friends, and their communities. For more information about OPACC and the “Kaps4Kids” program, please visit www.

World Water Day - 2014 Saturday March 22nd, 2-4 2 4 pm Elmvale Community Hall Celebrating the new Water Kiosk !

First Nations Water Ceremony Jeff Monague, Beausoleil First Nations – the historical context A special celebration to show our gratitude to those who so generously gave off their time and resources to make the Elmvale Water Kiosk a reality! William Shotyk y - MC Free admission. Light refreshments. Doors open at 1:30 Brought to you by the Elmvale Foundation

For more info:

Each day we think of around 70,000 different thoughts.

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Elmvale Fall Fair Ambassador at OAAS by Rowan King On February 20th I travelled to Toronto with Marlene Lambie, Pat Leonard, Lori Townes and my mom Tanya King. We met up with Linda Murray who currently holds the position of president of our Flos Agricultural Fair Board.   This small but mighty group attended the O.A.A.S general meeting which is held annually at the Royal York in Toronto. This convention is for the 230 fair boards across Ontario (plus one from Quebec) to participate in seminars, workshops, trade shows, craft exhibitions, meetings and networking with other fair board members who volunteer their time at their own local fair. There are a lot of fairs that I have not even heard off out there.   I was there as the 2013 Ambassador.  I was amazed at the number of other Ambassador's who were there in attendance. There were approximately 80 youth representatives attending the program that was specifically designed for the ambassador's and their chaperones to take part in.   After getting to know a few of the other ambassadors at the ice breaker party the delegates listened to a number of speakers over the next two days who ranged from a motivational speaker who specializes on identifying personality challenges, another speaker who talked about innovation,  the C.N.E competition, the ambassador experience and two great nights of amazing entertainment. I had the privilege of watching seven amazing groups/acts perform in the Canadian Room at the Fairmont Royal York, six on Thursday night and one on Friday night. It ranged from a magician, a juggler who was featured on America Has Talent, to five groups of talented musicians.   There were several strong messages over the course of the convention that stuck with me. One was that in

order to keep our fairs surviving and vital we need to attract and retain volunteers. Another one was change in inevitable, no matter how much we do not want change it is going to happen. Yet another was that young people can and do very important work for fair boards across this province.  My hope is as this year's fair ambassador I can effect all three of these areas.  I already know I will be involved with the fair board and hope that I can embrace the changes that will come our way and that by being involved it may spark someone else's interest in the fair.   This opportunity is truly one that has been a wonderful experience for me so far.  I hope that it will continue to be a fulfilling year.   If you are between the ages of 17 and 23 and think that this is a position you could do why don't you enter the contest this year.   The time commitment is not as big as you think it may be, and it is like most things in life you get out of it what you put into it.   I have attended a district meeting, participated in the Santa Claus parade, the annual convention, did I mention it was at the Royal York, there is a spring meeting and then the C.N.E competition in August. I am planning on attending university in the fall but you can count on me being home for our fantastic fair, finishing my reign and loving every minute at the Elmvale Fall Fair.   I would like to thank all past and present fair board members and persons who contribute to making our fair the best fair in the province.  The hours are countless that Elmvale and area citizens have put into our fair over the past 154 years and even though there are concerns about volunteers and agricultural fairs becoming a part of history I think that if we have survived through all that has been thrown at us over the last 150 years we can and will survive the next 150.      

Local Women’s Shelter, My Friends House new website

On March 8th, International Wo m e n ’ s Day, My Friends House, launched their new website, This website is not only for women in abusive relationships, looking for information on abuse and how to get help but, also for the family member, friend or neighbor who thinks or knows that someone they care about might be in trouble. And, it is designed for young people who think that what is happening in their home is not right or they fear for their mother’s safety. For over 20 years, My Friend’s House, the only agency providing safe refuge in the Georgian Triangle has served thousands of women and children through its shelter, counseling and support programs. Abuse comes in many forms and you can help by learning the signs and knowing what to say when you face this reality. Visit and learn more about violence against women and their children and what you can do to help bring this issue to light. Sadly, in the past 12 months alone, My Friend’s House has provided shelter and counselling to 8 women over the age of 60 and as old as 83 years. “We couldn’t think of a better way to commemorate International Women’s Day than to launch a much more user friendly, safe, secure way to help women in and out of our community.” said Executive Director of My Friends House, Alison FitzGerald

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Squeaky Green Cleaning It’s not Clean, Until It’s Pristine

Dereck and Ammanda

Co-Founders - Owner/Operator Elmvale Ontario L0L 1P0

Squeaky Green Cleaning


Nominate an educator for this year’s Prime Minister’s Awards

Nominate an outstanding teacher or early childhood educator from your Simcoe County District School Board (SCDSB) school community. The Prime Minister’s Awards honour outstanding and innovative elementary and secondary school teachers in all disciplines who instill in their students a love of learning. Guidelines and nomination forms for the 2013-14 Prime Minister’s Awards for Teaching Excellence and Excellence in Early Childhood Education are now available, with nominations accepted until April 15. Some past SCDSB Prime Minister’s Award or Certificate of Achievement recipients include Clint Lovell (2012), Katie Kemp (2009), Kim Redmond (2008) Marty Wilkinson (2005), and Mary McBride (2005).

"NICE GUYS FINISH LAST" - Not true. Studies have shown that, on average, nice guys finish third in a field of six. Actually, short guys finish last.


Our contractor sales department is always here to help anyone from the do-it-yourselfer to the experiences contractor. Our experienced sales staff will help take away the pressure of tackling your projects. Got plans? Bring them in for a FREE estimate. Planning a project? Come see Doug, Vaden or Jamie today. No job is too big or too small! Professional knowledgeable advice is only a phone call away. Roofing, drywall and insulation contractors please call Mike Campbell. Delivery available to Simcoe County and beyond.



Innovation at work.

Richview's Spring Open House Rich Rich view view 's 'sI0:00am Spri ng ng Ope Ope n Hou n Hou se se Tuesday March 27 -Spri - 3:00pm

For over 85 years, STIHL has been a world-class innovator in outdoor power equipment. German engineered products featuring the latest pioneering technologies make STIHL the market leader. STIHL products are only available at independent STIHL Dealers who provide expert advice and on-site service. Thank you for supporting the leading team and for making STIHL the Number 1 Selling Brand in Canada.

Tuesd Tuesd ay March ay March 27 - 27I0:00a - I0:00a m -m - 3:00p 3:00p m m

Sales & Service We appreciate your business! Welunch, appre appre ciate ciate your businbusin ess! ess! Come joinWe us for talk to theyour suppliers ComeCome

join us join foruslunch, for lunch, and demo new equipment. talk to talk thetosupplie the supplie rs rs 705-722-8400 and demo and demo new equipm new equipm ent. ent.

* #1 Selling Brand in Canada is based on an independent market share analysis of imported gasoline powered handheld outdoor power equipment for the year 2011.

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Barrie and areas largest Lunch served from I 1:30 Stihl full line dealer


12-07-11 2:50 PM

Lunch served Lunch from servedI 1:30 from - I1:30pm 1:30 - 1:30pm

121 County Road 27, Elmvale, ON L0L 1P0

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Springwater News • March 13, 2014 Edition 412 • E-mail: •

Community Events

can be faxed - (705) 322-8393, called to - 322-2249

or e-mailed to -

Robert MacDonald

Painting & Paper Hanging

Heaslip & Son Renovation & Handyman Services 705-361-9945

(705) 322-1160 Mon. Aphasia Communication Group - The Stroke Recovery Association (Barrie and District). All sessions free 737-9202. Mon: 9 am. Coffee Club and Art Group - 9:30 am Pool and 10 am Tiny Stitches The Place 300 Balm Beach Rd. Perkinsfield We pick up scrap cars, trucks and metals. Mon: 10 to 11:30 or 7:30 to 9 pm Ladies Interdenominational Call 705-527-9534 R&C Woods Roofing Inc. Bible Study at Willow Creek Church 2387 Gill Rd. 722-7582 Asphalt & Rubber Mon: 1 p.m. Elmvale Community Hall, euchre/bid euchre Simcoe Sports and Recreation Centre, Midland, in Askennonia Mon/Wed 1- 3pm at Brian Orser Hall Penetang Seniors shuffle Seniors Club area. Guests welcome. Speakers, refreshments. Over 30 years experience board 549-7611 for info. Register at town hall. 705-527-5442 Mon: The HUB for Arts and Culture at the Midland Cultural 2nd Thurs "September - June, (inclusive) Barrie District Stamp Centre - JUST SHOW UP! Club. 7 - 9 pm at St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Barrie. www. Patrick’s Day Celebration. Enjoy beef stew lunch, crusty bread and great entertainment. Everyone is welcome to attend. Tickets Mon: 6:30 - 8 pm @ HCES SEVENTY8 All gr. 7&8 students or 705-735-6009 are welcome join in awesome games and challenges. A ministry 2nd Thurs Sept to June - 7 pm Barrie Thornton Fiddle are $13 and available at the Askennonia Senior Centre, Midland. of Elmvale Community Church. Club at Thornton Banquet Hall above the arena. Evening of Call (705)526-7609 or visit for more info. Saturday March 15 The Brereton Field Naturalists’ search 1st Monday of the month -7 pm to 9 pm Come to our monthly entertainment, dance, square dance. All welcome to perform for spring through the Minesing Flats looking for knit and craft gathering at Kelly’s Phelpston Tavern. Lloyd Preston 705 722 8335 Horned Larks, Snow Buntings and Snowy Owls Mon: 7 pm Midland District Railroad Club at Huronia Airport 3rd Thurs: 9:30 am – 11:00 am Sept 19, Are You New on, meeting at Little Lake Parking Lot at 8:30 a.m. - basement of white building 705-526-3461 to the Community? 2013 to May 2014 Coffee Party at St. Andrew’s The drive ends at the Tiffin Conservation Area for Mon: 7 pm Texas Hold em Tournament at the Maple Valley Presbyterian Church Hillsdale. Do you have a pancakes and sausages for lunch. 705 721-4599 Sports Club. All Welcome Thurs. 10 am St. John’s United Church, New Baby? Sat. Mar. 15 Barrie Ballroom Dance Club Mon: Euchre 7:30 p.m. RCL Barrie Elmvale, invites you to join us for Coffee and hosting a Winter Dance - ANAF Hall, 7 George 2nd Mon.: 7 p.m., Wasaga Beach Community Presbyterian Conversation with Rev. Steve. 27 Yonge Street S. St. Barrie. Admission $13 (members) $19 (nonChurch, 208 Mosley St., “Alzheimer Caregiver Support Group” members). Free dance lesson 7:30, regular dance Last Mon.: 7 p.m., Bayfield House Retirement Lodge, 5 Beck 3rd Thurs: 10 am - noon - The raging grannies 8 -12 midnight. Refreshments served. Call Wendy Call your local rep or Blvd. Penetang, “Alzheimer Caregiver Support Group” meet at Woods Park retirement facility 110 Lillian register online for your 705.721.0990 or go to Tues. Wed. & Thurs. 9 am-3:30 pm Elmvale Adult Day Out Cres. in Barrie. 322-1575 . FREE Welcome Gift bag March 15 8 pm The Music of Ray Charles Program at United Church Manse. 549-6277 4th Thurs: 1-3 Nottawasaga Bay Stroke and Visit. featuring John Mayes and Shakura S’Aida www. Tues: 9:30 Coffee Club - 12:30 Bid Euchre @ The Place Recovery meet at 135, 32nd St. Wasaga Beach Candi Fox (705) 515-2252 Tues: 5:30 Newcomer Services - English Conversation Circle Guests speakers 429-9571 March 15  IRISH STEW SUPPER Doors open - to improve language skills and meet new people, YMCA 4th Thurs: 1:30 pm Diabetes support group meets at 5:30 Dinner is served from 6- 7:30 pm Tickets Midland 705 529 2518 at the Health and Wellness Center at Penetang $20 adults    $5 kids (12 & under) MINESING COMMUNITY Tues. 6-7 pm Painting Classes for ages 5-12 @ Creative General Hospital 549-0881 Madness 322-6588 4th Thurs. 3-5 pm Parkinson’s support group meetings at the CENTRE 322 7289 Sun. Mar. 16 10am St. John’s United Church warmly invites Tues. 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 pm Waverley Youth Group at Waverley Superstore Midland 526-9170. Gospel Hall.  GRADES 7 & UP.  Free - All Welcome Third Thursday 6.30 – 8.30 PM Georgian Bay Coin and you to join us for worship. Our reflection is “Are We Still in the First Tuesday 6.30 – 8.30 PM Georgian Bay Coin and Stamp Stamp Club meets at the Prime Time Club, 1724 Mosley Street, Dark?”27 Yonge St. S., Elmvale March 16 - Warden’s bonspielat Penetang CC $400 at team 728 Club meets in Midland, North Simcoe Sports and Recreation Wasaga Beach.  705-534-3771 9300 x 1257 Centre. 705-534-3771 Thurs. 7 - 10 pm Good Vibes Coffeehouse at Mount St. Louis Mar. 18: 7:30 pm Simcoe County Historical Ass. presents John Tues: 7-9 Wasaga Beach Toastmasters at the Library 429-6416 Road and 4th of Oro-Medonte A. McKenty author of Canadian Cycle & Motor - THe C.C. M. Tues. 7 pm Bid Euchre at Bayshore Seniors Club Woodland Thurs. 7 pm- Euchre at Kelly’s Phelpston Tavern and Eatery Beach. Welcome! Thurs. 7 pm Bid Euchre at the Georgian Shores Swinging Story Barrie City Hall Mulcaster St. 721 9401 Thurs. Mar. 20 – 7:30 pm: Midland-Penetanguishene Field Tues. 7 pm Chess (beginners and advanced) at Bayshore Seniors Centre, 526-5074 Seniors, Woodland Beach 2000 TBRN Thurs. 7 pm Blue Grass Music at Naturalists meeting at Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre. Guest speaker: Cindy Cartwright. Topic: Understanding the Life Cycle Tues. 7:30 pm: Bid Euchre and darts Barrie RCL Barrie Legion Thurs. 7 pm - Elmvale Com Hall of Ontario Hummingbirds. For more info call Bob: 705.533.9996 Friday March 21: 7:30 James Kamstra, an Ecological Tues. 8 pm Elmvale Legion - First Euchre/Bid Euchre Lunch. Consultant with AECOM Environmental, field naturalist, and Tues, General Meeting - Last Tues. Thurs. 7:15 pm Barrie Shambhala Need someone to talk to (summer excluded) 322 1042 Meditation Group meets at the Soul member of the Committee of Species at Risk in Ontario will about mental health or addiction? First Tuesday 6:30 - 8:30 pm Studios, 40 Bell Farm Road, Unit #8. speak to the Brereton Field Naturalists’ at the North West Barrie Georgian Bay Coin and Stamp Club Call the CAMH Telephone Support line at Sitting / walking meditation, study, United Church. March 22: 8 pm Ashley MacIassac the fiddlin fool www. meets in Midland, North Simcoe Sports discussion, tea.liberationdancer@ and Recreation Centre 534-3771 Monday to Friday, 3:00 to 9:00 pm March 22: 1:30 p.m Essa Historical Society monthly meeting Wed: 9 am Coffee Club - 10 am Pool Fri: 9:30 a.m. Coffee Club Confidential telephone support provided by volunteers at Thornton Library. Speaker Willard Kinzie, former Mayor of - 12:30 pm Games Afternoon 1st/3rd 9:30 Pool, 12:30 p.m. Bridge – - 2nd Wed - 1:30 pm Camera Club Includes Coffee/Tea/Cookies Georgian Barrie Topic - Municipal Life and Trails 705-458-9971. Sat. Mar 22 8pm Ashley MacIsaac Controversial Past “A man Georgian Bay Swinging Seniors “The Place” Shores Swinging Seniors “The Place”, of many, many talents.” 300 Balm Beach Road Perkinsfield, 705-526-5074 Sun. Mar. 23 10am St. John’s United Church warmly invites First Wed/Month: Regular meeting of the Fri: 5:30 pm WB Lions Bingo at RecPlex you to join us for a discussion on “Jesus Loves Everyone”. 27 Georgian Bay Métis Council at 355 Cranston 429-3331 Cres. Midland 526-6335 Last Fri. of month 5 - 7pm Elmvale Ladies Yonge St. S., Elmvale March 24 Simcoe County Embroidery Guild will meet 10 until Every Wednesday CHAIR YOGA 10:00 Auxiliary Royal Canadian Legion monthly 2 at the Midhurst Community Centre on Dorion Road. father ott 11:00 am. supper $8. Wed March 26 from 7 - 8:30 pm. Support By The Bay  Please Wed. 10am All are welcome to join us for will tie the knot! Fri.: 6 pm - Full course meals RCL Barrie join us at Body ‘N Balance Physiotherapy (950 Mosley Street, Coffee and Conversation with Rev. Steve in $10 Reservations required, 728-4002 the Parlour. Beautiful non-denominational 1st Friday of the month “KID ZONE” Wasaga Beach) friends and family dealing with Parkinson’s, 3rd Wed of the month: 10 am – noon Elmvale Presbyterian Church, 22 Queen MS, Stroke or recovering from an accident are welcome.  Join weddings performed anywhere! us the last Wed of each month for good conversation, a little The Dutch Canadian coffee club meets in Call or e-mail today 705 422 1965 St., E.  Children J.K. to Grade 8 welcome. Georgian Mall food court by elevator. Every Friday 6 pm Minesing United education and meet some new friends.  Lori at (705) 429-9619 or Wed: 12-1:00 Lunch, $8 at Barrie Legion. Church Youth Group Jr. Youth Grade 5-6, at March 25 8 pm Talk Is Free Theatre at the Mady Centre with 728-1412 Sr. Youth Grade 7-12 705-737-5322 Wed: 12:30 Euchre at Wasaga Beach United Church 361-2022 Fri. 7 pm – Euchre, Ladies Auxiliary, Branch 262, RC Legion, Andrew Nikkanen and more 705 792 1949 or March 26th GBQG meeting will feature a Merchants’ Wed 1- 3pm at Brian Orser Hall Penetang Seniors shuffle board Elmvale (upstairs). Mall. Four vendors will present their views on what’s new, trends, 549-7611 for info. Register at town hall.. Fri.: 9 pm KARAOKE NITE Maple Valley Sports Bar 3rd Wed of month: 2-4 pm Vet’s Day at the Elmvale Legion Sat: 3 pm Meat Darts Bbq at Legion, Branch 147, Barrie,                                                             favourite products and as well have merchandise available. The Branch 262. Everyone welcome. Sat. 3 pm Meat Darts. ARMY NAVY/AIR FORCE CLUB, 7 meeting in the Midland Public Library starts at 6:45 p.m. March 27 - Business After 5 The Hygienics Studio, 1256 Wed. 5:15–6:30 pm Springwater Township Rotary Club meet George Street, Barrie 728-8240 Mosley Street, Unit # 2. 5 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. Cathy HollandWed @ Midhurst Library 721.3148 Sat: 5:00 Meat Darts Elmvale Legion. Welcome! Hendry, Business After 5 Coordinator and WBWBA – 705-429Wed. 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Kids Awana Group at Waverley Gospel Sun: 9:45 am Knox Flos Presbyterian Church Services Hall SK to GR 6. Sun. 10 am  St. John’s United Second Wed: 6.30 - 8.30 pm Georgian Bay Coin and Stamp Church, Elmvale, 27 Yonge Club Real Canadian Superstore, Wasaga Beach. Peter 534-3771 St. S., warmly invites you to Wed: 7 pm Euchre at Sunnidale Corners Hall! All ages and join us for worship.  www. experience levels are welcome. 2nd Wed 7 - 8: 30 pm.- Wasaga and area Cancer Support group 1st Sunday of month - Family meetings open to all cancer survivors, caregivers and family Breakfast Barrie Royal Canadian members at Body‘n Balance Physiotherapy (705) 429 - 9619. Legion 410 St. Vincent St. - 11 Last Wed 7 - 8 pm.  - Wasaga and area Stroke Support Group 12:30 pm 728-1412 meetings held at Body‘n Balance Physiotherapy - 429-9619 Sun. 2-6 All day “Karaoke” at First Wed. of month: 7 pm Hillsdale Parks and Rec meet in the the Barrie Royal Canadian Legion Community Centre. 835-5240 Br. 147 (728-4002) Wed. 7:30 pm Cribbage at Barrie Legion. And the Daily Events Wed: 7:30 Euchre at the ANAF Club Barrie Feb. 21 to Mar 8: 10 3rd Wed of the month: 10 am – noon The Dutch Canadian performances of the coffee club meets in Georgian Mall food court by elevator. Fri Mar 14: 5-6 pm TGIF at the 4th Wed. 7:30. Horticultural Society meets Elmvale Legion Elmvale Legion for Corned Beef Thurs: 9 am Coffee Club- 10-3 p.m. Tiny Stitchers The Place on Rye, Pickles, etc. $7.50 each Perkinsfield, 526-5074 322-1042 First Thursday Phelpston Rec Committee meets Askennonia Senior Centre on 1st Thurs 7 pm Midland District Camera Club at the North Fri Mar 14/14 at 12pm for our St.

Leon Tilt & Load

416 595-6111

The Elmvale and District Ministerial Association would like to invite you to join us for our “Give Us This Day” Lenten Study March 19th from 6:30 to 7:30pm St. John’s United Church Rev. Steve Atkinson “The Perfect Bread” March 26th from 6:30 to 7:30pm Elmvale Presbyterian Church Rev. Paul Sakasov “Fast Food”

Each interactive Lenten Study will include a simple meal of soup, bread, and cookies. Please join us!

Springwater News • March 13, 2014 Edition 412 • Phone 705 322 2249 Cell: 705 321 (BOLD) 2653

Announcements / Coming Events Buck & Doe Matt Archer & Jackie Truax Saturday, March 15 • 8 pm Elmvale Legion

Cheezers Co-ed Soccer Registration March 15, 29 and April 12 10-1 at the Elmvale Library For information - 705 835 5399 705 322 3239

Laura Young Matthew BertraM Have made the plans and ordered the cake, and they’re anxious for the vows they’ll make. Help pass the time and shorten the wait a community presentation is planned and here is the date:

Saturday March 15th OPEN HOUSE 1-4PM AT KELLY’S NEW PHELPSTON TAVERN Donations may be left at the Phelpston General Store!

Pine Rock Mechanical Services Ltd. BUY A NEW FURNACE & GET A NEW AIR CONDITIONER AT COST from March 1 to April 30 Call 705 322-4250

Thank you!!! Earl - The Family of the late Sheila Earl would like to thank Fr. Jim for his words of comfort, Our Lady Of Lourdes C.W.L for the wonderful lunch, all the cards and expressions of sympathy from friends and neighbours, it was greatly appreciated. Mom you will be missed! Sharon Earl and Family Thank you to all friends and neighbours during this difficult time.  Your beautiful card and acts of kindness are very much appreciated. Carol McDermott's kindred spirit had deep family links when her father arrived in our home at the age of 13. In later years he established his home in Winnipeg.  Carol will always be missed after 47 years. Happy memories live forever. Sincerely, Margaret Watson

Help Wanted Organist Wanted. To start June 15 2014, St. John's Anglican Church, Craighurst, and St Paul's Anglican Church, Midhurst.  Pay to be determined.  Please apply to Ms. M. Taverner, at "", or phone 705 309 6441

Drop off Boxes can be found at

Home Building Center, Hwy 27 S Coffee Time Donuts, 2 Queen St W Elmvale Foodland, 14 Yonge St N Whitfields Pharmacy, 16 Queen St W Elmvale & District Lions Club 1979 Flos 7 West Box 3090, Elmvale 705 322 3088

Midland Loppet

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For rent - apt., houses, and halls Elmvale: 2 bedroom apartment, available immediately, fridge/stove, Call: 705-322-3008 Old Schoolhouse Apartments Newly renovated, lge 1 bdrm, $800 per month all inclusive. Parking and laundry. First and last required. Contact Matt: 705.322.2570 Hall - Elmvale Lions Club Hall is available for reunions, anniversaries, dances, parties or whatever. Kitchen included. Call Bob at 705 322 4484 Up to 60 Tables & 500 Chairs for Rent Property of the Elmvale Fall Fair - Rob 790-1772

Elmvale Community Hall - capacity 220 for great dances, beautiful weddings and other super events. Stage and kitchen facilities. For rental call 728-4784 ext. 2055

Weddings, Anniversary Parties, & Birthdays

Orr Lake Golf Club is now renting out its hall for weddings, anniversary parties & birthdays. Seating for up to 175 people. Dancing for up to 200 people. Basic setup, cleanup, in-stock utensils/dishes/linens, and bartender included in rental fee. Catering done fresh in house. Call 705-322-1664, email: Web c Site:

Music Instruction

Guitar, Piano, Keyboard, Accordion, Drums, Banjo, Bass, Mandolin & Ukelele lessons available in Elmvale for Children, Adults, Seniors. Flexible times. Reasonable rates. Private Instruction. For more info, call John Brown at 322-7696 or 322-3995

Leadership Team Pink T-shirt 'Sincere Compliments' activity day Wyevale Central Public School’s Leadership Team hosted a Pink T-shirt Day to support anti-bullying, and included a ‘Sincere Compliments’ activity as well. Students were invited to wear a pink t-shirt (or any colour) which could be written on.  Staff and students spent the day writing positive messages and compliments on each other’s  t-shirts (or on sticky notes so everyone was included!).  It was a great way to promote antibullying and positive school climate!

BRETT BAKER "Stealin' the Covers"

Live Rockin' Country Music at the

Elmvale Legion Saturday, March 29, 2014 8 to 11:30 PM Tickets are $5.00 per person at the Legion or at the door Everyone is Welcome The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 262 Elmvale 7 John St., Elmvale, ON L0L 1P0 705-322-1042

Epilepsy Simcoe County The month of March is Epilepsy Awareness month, and the highlight is Purple Day, March 26th, where people supporting epilepsy wear purple. This year Epilepsy Simcoe County will be at Georgian Mall, March 25th and 26th introducing our new cookbook. We are pleased that Mayor Orsi from Orillia will be joining us to autograph copies from 12pm to 1pm on March 25th, and Mayor Lehman from Barrie from 12pm to 1pm on March 26th.   We look forward to seeing you there!

Midhurst Tennis Sign-up at Doran Park Bubble

April 12 and 26 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Juniors:  Starting May 9/10 for 6 weeks.  Cost $60. Adults:  $85.00 per summer season Info:  Lucy 722-3395 or Ingrid 722-0665

After a ten year hiatus, the Midland Ski Club brought back the Midland Loppet this season. Hosted at Mountain View Ski Centre on Sunday March 2nd, the event saw skiers of all ages participating in a fun race with distances varying from 1.5 to 20 kilometers.



Sat. March 29 • 9 AM to noon Wed. April 2 • 7 to 8 PM LOCATION: Elmvale Library BRING: Registration money, postdated cheque for uniform deposit, copy of birth certificate if the player is new to the league.

Registration forms are available to download at Elmvale Expos link VOLUNTEERS are needed for Executive, coaching, umpiring, fundraising (bottle drive May 31, 3 Pitch Ball Tournament Aug. 1 & 2 and Maple Syrup gate Apr. 26) & lining diamonds - sign up at registration!

Call 705-322-2156 or 705-322-3780 for further information. ANNUAL MEETING: Wed. April 2 at 8 p.m. following registration Everyone welcome.

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Springwater News • March 13, 2014 Edition 412 • E-mail: •

New Furniture, Home Decor & Liquidation Auction!

Sunday March 23 10:00 am

Preview At 8:30 am Another Quality Offering By Spring Furniture & Vacuum! 461 Dunlop Street West, Barrie Dining Room & Bedroom Suites, Dinette & Pub Sets, Sectionals, Sofas, Recliners, Coffee & End Tables, Mattresses, Vacuums, Tools, Liquidation Items And More! Full Details & Photos At


SUNDAY MAR. 16TH - THURSDAY MAR. 20TH OVER 600 LOTS WITH PHOTOS CAN BE VIEWED ONLINE NOW AT WWW.RAPID-SELL.CA! A very clean offering. Craftsman 5 HP 5 gal. air compressor, Medi-Chair wheelchair lift, Motobecane Moped, Craftsman 24” 6 HP snowblower, Aurora Photovataic 1500 Watt Inverter (new), Craftsman power mower, GE refrigerator, Maytag washer/dryer (less than 1 yr old), Kenmore freezer, fridge & stove, Coleman propane oven/stove, Champion generator, 500 amp jump-start system, fishing rods, grass trimmer, leaf blower, Featherlite stepladder, shop vac, circular saw, drill press, wrenches, socket sets, Batman collectibles, Boy Scout collectibles, Nazi pin, vintage cameras, guitars, full propane cylinders & more!

Toll Free 1-877-797-2135 Rob Sage Auctioneer

Discover The Fun & Excitement Of Buying Through Auction!

Beef Cattle Producers Applaud Korea FTA

Come out and preview the items in person on Sunday Mar. 16th from 1 - 4 pm at 24 Robertson Road, Angus!

For complete catalogue and bidding information, visit A Division of David Moore & Associates Inc. 705-722-6217

Thinking of an auction?

Call us to find out the benefits of an online auction through

The February 26th issue of the Springwater News contained a Rapid-Sell ad from a previous dated auction. We are sorry for any confusion this may have caused. The side of the moon we always see is called "the near side." The side we never see from Earth is "the far side." That's probably where Gary Larson got the name of his comic strip. The word "alphabet" is derived from the first two letters of the Greek alphabet, "alpha" and "beta."

Calgary, AB - The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) is very pleased with today’s announcement by Prime Minister Stephen Harper that Canada and the Republic of Korea have reached a free trade agreement (FTA). Under the terms of the agreement, the 40 per cent Korean tariff on fresh and frozen beef will be fully eliminated in 15 equal annual steps and the 18 per cent tariff on offals will be fully eliminated in 11 equal annual steps. The tariff has been the main impediment to accessing the Korean market since Korea lifted its BSE prohibition on Canada in early 2012, said CCA President Dave Solverson. “For the past few years, Canada’s key beef competitor, the U.S. has enjoyed an increasing tariff advantage flowing from its FTA with South Korea. Today’s announcement means Canadian beef will be able to once again compete for meaningful access in the Korean market,” Solverson said from Seoul, where he was with Prime Minister Harper for the announcement. The impact of the tariff disadvantage is clear. In 2002, Korea was a $40 million market for Canadian beef and its fourth largest export destination. In 2013, with a growing tariff disadvantage relative to U.S. beef, Canada


RTL-Westcan seeks: • Experienced AZ Truck Drivers • Licensed Heavy Equipment Technicians • Construction Crew TO JOIN OUR TEAM We offer a safe, stable work environment with competitive wages and paid airfare. For Details On Available Opportunities Please Visit Our Websites: Transportation - Construction - GET YOUR APPLICATION in early and be selected for a scheduled interview in the Toronto area between: Friday, April 11 and Sunday, April 13, 2014. HIRING OWNER OPERATORS

• Attractive Compensation Package • Paid Weekly Through Direct Deposit • Excellent Fuel Subsidy Program • Year Round Steady Work CONTACT US AT: TOLL-FREE: 1-877-588-0057 Ext. 4612 Email: L A I D L A W C A R R I E R S VA N DIVISION requires experienced AZ licensed drivers to run the U.S. Premium mileage rate. Home w e e k l y. N e w e q u i p m e n t . A l s o hiring Owner Operators. 1-800-2638267

Annual Customer Appreciation Day

Friday, April 4, 2014 Door Prizes 10 am to 5 pm Parts Discount (cash only)

exported $7.8 million. The Canada-Korea FTA will signal to Korean buyers that they can resume their relationship with Canadian beef and maintain a long-term competitive position. “This is excellent news for Canadian beef producers,” said CCA Vice President and Foreign Trade Chair, Dan Darling. “The ability to get every piece of the animal to the highest value market is what maximizes prices at the farm gate. I particularly like that we will be getting an aggressive phase-out on offals that get more value in Korea than they do here in North America.” Editor’s addition - One of the groups involved in the discussions leading up to the Canada-Korea FTA has been the Canadian Soybean Exporters’ Association (CSEA). Canada exported more than 17,000 metric tonnes to Korea in 2013; but as this only accounted for four percent of their total imports, there is the potential for significant market share increase within this new FTA.

Disposal Bin-Rental

Dump-N Move Inc. Call Dan Anderson for rates & quotes 705-795-6514

A miler at the University of Oregon heated some rubber in a waffle iron to get the kind of traction he wanted on the soles of his running shoes. He started a shoe business and named the shoes Nike, after the Greek goddess of victory.

ADVERTISE ACROSS ONTARIO OR ACROSS THE COUNTRY! For more information contact your local newspaper.

ADVERTISING REACH MILLIONS OF CUSTOMERS IN ONTARIO WITH ONE EASY C A L L ! Yo u r C l a s s i f i e d A d o r Display Ad would appear in weekly newspapers each week across Ontario in urban, suburban and rural areas. For more information Call Today Toll-Free 1-888-219-2560, Email: or visit:



1 in 5 Canadians will experience a mental health issue in their lifetime Mental Health Helpline 1-866-531-2600 Also find us at: Mental Health Helpline on Facebook or @ConnexOntario on Twitter


The Job Service For People Aged 45 And Over Across Canada. FREE FOR CANDIDATES REGISTER NOW AT: TOLL-FREE: 1-855-286-0306

COMING EVENTS 25th Annual HAVELOCK COUNTRY JAMBOREE - Alan Jackson, Dierks Bently, Josh Turner, Joe Nichols, Kellie Pickler, The Maverics, Suzy Bogguss & Many More. Canada’s Largest Live Country Music & Camping Festival - AUG. 14-17, 2014, Over 25 Acts - BUY TICKETS 1.800.539.3353, RPM HAVELOCK - Join us for the 1st Annual Recreation & Performance Motor Show - July 18-20, 2014 on The Jamboree Grounds. Vendors, Swap meet, Car Show (prizes), Trucks, RV’s, Bikes, Tractors, Farm Equipment, Etc. VENDORS WANTED - CALL 705.778.777 or VISIT Camping on over 500 Acres

EMPLOYMENT OPPS. EXPERIENCED PARTS PERSON required for a progressive auto/industrial supplier. Hired applicant will receive top wages, full benefits and RRSP bonuses working 5 day work week, plus moving allowances. Our 26,000ft2 store is located 2.5 hours N.E. of Edmonton, Alberta. See our community at Send resume to: Sapphire Auto, Box 306, Lac La Biche, AB, T0A 2C0. Email:

WANTED FIREARMS. All types wanted, estates, collections, single items, military. We handle all paperwork and transportation. Licensed Dealer. 1.866.960.0045 www.dollars

#1 HIGH SPEED INTERNET $32.95/Month Absolutely no ports are blocked Unlimited Downloading Up to 11Mbps Download & 800Kbps Upload ORDER TODAY AT: or CALL TOLL-FREE: 1-866-281-3538 SAWMILLS from only $4,897 - MAKE M O N E Y & S AV E M O N E Y w i t h your own bandmill - Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship. FREE Info & DVD: 1-800-566-6899 Ext:400OT.

PERSONALS ALWAYS WAITING TO MEET THE RIGHT PERSON to share your life with? Time to get serious & Call MISTY RIVER INTRODUCTIONS, Ontario’s most successful matchmaking agency. CALL (416)777-6302, (705)734-1292, TOP REAL PSYCHICS Live. Accurate readings 24/7. Call now 1-877-342-3036; Mobile #4486; DATING SERVICE. Long-term/shortterm relationships, free to try! 1-877297-9883. Talk with single ladies. Call #7878 or 1-888-534-6984. Talk now! 1-866-311-9640 or #5015. Meet local single ladies. 1-877-804-5381. (18+)


WORLD CLASS CRUISING CLOSE TO HOME! The hassle free way to travel 3,4,5 or 6 Nights in Private Staterooms INCLUDES: • SHORE EXCURSIONS • GREAT MEALS • NIGHTLY ENTERTAINMENT AND MUCH MORE… TOLL-FREE 1-800-267-7868 253 Ontario Street, Kingston, Ontario (TICO # 2168740) EXPLORE NEWFOUNDLAND with the locals. Escorted tours featuring whales, icebergs, puffins, fjords, a n d f i s h i n g c o m m u n i t i e s . Vi s i t three UNESCO sites. Wildland Tours, Toll-Free 1-888615-8279.

STEEL BUILDINGS A PERFECT SOLUTION TO YOUR CONSTRUCTION NEEDS! SAVE ON ALL Steel Buildings & Construction. Proudly Canadian, providing service & construction from Start to Finish. Shelters, Workshops, Industrial/Commercial, Storage, Riding Arenas & More... FREE Quote CALL 905-259-6530 or email: STEEL BUILDINGS/METAL BUILDINGS 60% OFF! 20x28, 30x40, 40x62, 45x90, 50x120, 60x150, 80x100 sell for balance owed! Call 1-800-457-2206 STEEL BUILDING SALE...BIG YEAR END CLEAR OUT CONTINUED! 20X20 $3,915. 25X28 $4,848. 30X32 $6,339. 32X34 $7,371. 40X50 $12,649. 47X68 $16,691. One End wall included. Pioneer Steel 1-800668-5422.

Connect with Ontarians – extend your business reach!


Want to talk to someone about gambling problems? Ontario Problem Gambling Helpline 1-888-230-3505 Also find us at: Ontario Problem Gambling Helpline on Facebook or @ConnexOntario on Twitter


Have you become addicted to prescription medication? Drug & Alcohol Helpline 1-800-565-8603 Also find us at: Drug and Alcohol Helpline on Facebook or @ConnexOntario on Twitter

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Ken Archer Painting

Over 25 years experience painting & wallpapering

Call Ken 705-727-8313 Canadian Firearms Safety Course &

Hunter Education plus the Canadian Restricted Firearms Course available Instructor/Examiner Ernest Reid • 705-529-1212


Mechanical boat repairs Outboard, Sterndrive 14218 Cty Rd 27 S. Elmvale (across from Jungle Zoo) 322-BOAT 2628)

Elmvale & District Horticultural Society

Wednesday March 26, 7:30pm Elmvale Legion Hall Speaker: Master Gardeners Come to the Horticultural Society meeting on March 26, 2014 at the Elmvale Legion. Listen and learn about “How to attract Butterflies to your garden”. Find out what “Perennials and Annuals to put in the shade garden”. Also find out what “Bulbs to plant so you have blooms in every season”. This is a very informative meeting to learn and ask questions from the experts and meet fellow gardeners. Everyone Welcome Tips: Start tomatoes late March or Early April indoors. Order Summer Flowering Bulbs. Start summer flowers and tender perennials (tuberous begonias, cannas, callas and caladiums in pots). If Geraniums are in basement, bring them into light, add very little water to start with. Cut back the winter plants, and start pinching for bushiness. Check your Amaryllis bulbs.

Free French advice regarding social assistance, housing, EI and CPP issues. Conseils juridiques gratuits en logement, aide sociale, assurance-emploi et pension (RPC). Call the French Legal Advice Line / Appelez la Ligne d’avis juridique 1-87 POUR AVIS (1-877-687-2847)

1 in 10 Canadians has kidney disease. Are you one of them?

The facts are startling. One in 10 Canadians has kidney disease, which is one of the top 10 causes of death in Canada. Most Canadians don’t know the vital role that kidneys play and that they can lose up to 80 per cent of their kidney function – without even being aware of it. Throughout March, which is Kidney Health Month, Canadians are encouraged to learn more about their kidney health and potential risk. The Kidney Foundation of Canada has made this a bit easier through the development of a simple online assessment tool to better understand your risk of developing kidney disease. Early detection is key to delaying the progression of this disease. Visit to understand your personal risk factors. If the assessment shows that you are at risk, talk to your health care provider and find out if you should be tested. A recent survey by The Kidney Foundation of Canada shows that nearly 60 per cent of Canadians are unaware that the two most common and preventable causes of endstage kidney disease are diabetes and high blood pressure – illnesses that are often preventable. Research shows that people from Asian, South Asian, Aboriginal or African-Caribbean communities experience a higher incidence of diabetes and high blood pressure, the two leading causes of kidney disease. Other factors that can put you at risk include having a family member with kidney disease, being 50 years or older and carrying excess weight. You and your loved ones can take action by learning more about your kidney health. Knowing your blood pressure and blood sugar numbers and keeping them under control can help prevent kidney disease. Other things you can do to help manage the risk include: • Keeping fit by exercising • Eating a healthy diet • Not smoking The Kidney Foundation of Canada is the national volunteer organization committed to kidney health, and improved lives for all Canadians affected by kidney disease. Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, The Kidney Foundation of Canada has committed more than $110 million to research since its creation in 1964. How do I set a laser printer to stun. I'm not tense, just terribly, terribly alert. When I want your opinion, I'll give it to you. Your village called! Their idiot is missing. Whoever is trying to bring you down is already below you. Nice perfume. Must you marinate in it?

In Memory of...

Page 23 705.321 Fax: 705.322.8393 Cell:

PEARSON, Brittany December 31, 1993 - March 19, 2013    In loving memory of our daughter and sister We always knew heaven was missing an angel when we had you.      Forever missing you and treasuring you memory. Dad and Mom, Mike and Janine, Geoff and Carley WATSON, Texas – March 7,1929-March 3, 2013 One year ago you left us, on a cold March night. We weren’t able to say our goodbyes as we thought we just might. We miss your presence among us each passing day. There’s one thing we know You and Mom/Gramma are watching the deer in the pastures here below. Lionel, Faye, Becky and Robyn.

Harper Government Improves Veterans’ Access to Federal Public Service Jobs

Measures give priority hiring and new employment opportunities in the federal public service to Canadian Armed Forces personnel and Veterans March 4, 2014 Toronto Department of Veterans Affairs The Honourable Julian Fantino, Minister of Veterans Affairs, today joined Canadian Armed Forces personnel and Veterans at Denison Armoury, in Toronto, to announce new government measures that will help move Veterans to the front of the line when it comes to hiring qualified Canadians for federal public service jobs. The consolidated Veterans Hiring Act builds on previous government commitments as well as new ones outlined in Economic Action Plan 2014 to help Veterans find meaningful employment after their time in uniform is complete. In recognition of their service to Canada, Canadian Armed Forces personnel and honourably released Veterans will be given more access to federal public service job opportunities. As outlined in Economic Action Plan 2014, the Government of Canada is proposing changes to the Public Service Employment Act to enhance employment opportunities in the federal public service for Veterans. Beginning a new, meaningful career is an important part of a successful transition from military to civilian life when Canada’s men and women in uniform conclude their service. Qualified Veterans who have at least three years of military service will be given preference in advertised, external hiring processes for five years after the date of release. Additionally, Veterans and CAF personnel with at least three years of military service will be allowed to participate in advertised, internal hiring processes for a period expiring five years after their release date. These new measures build on the Government of Canada’s recent announcement that Veterans of the CAF who have medically released due to a service-related injury or illness will get the top level of priority consideration for job openings in the public service. This means eligible Veterans whose military service is cut short by a careerending injury or illness suffered in the line of duty will be given statutory, priority access in the federal public service. Additionally, the duration of priority access for all medically released CAF personnel would be extended from two years to five years. All proposed changes are expected to come into force in 2014-15. Since 2012, the Government of Canada has also been working successfully with corporate Canada and other organizations to help Veterans find employment in the private sector.

Quick Facts

•       Veterans have skills, training and experience that make them exceptionally strong candidates for federal public service jobs. •       These new measures will give Veterans and releasing CAF personnel the ability to apply for internally posted positions, and give qualified Veterans preference over other candidates in external hiring processes. Candidates must be qualified to perform the jobs they are pursuing. •       On average, each year, approximately 7,600 Canadian Armed Forces Regular and Reserve Force personnel leave the military, including approximately 1,000 who medically release. •       The average age of CAF Regular and Reserve Force personnel at release is 37. •       Through the Vocational Rehabilitation Program, injured Veterans can get financial assistance of up to $75,800 to help them re-train for new career opportunities. •       Veterans taking part in VAC’s vocational or rehabilitation programs may receive the Earnings Loss Benefit, which ensures a Veteran will continue to receive a fair income while they focus on their health or or retraining. The average stamp, when licked, has a tenth of a calorie.

Obituaries Obituaries

FLYNN,Ruth Thomas Owen (Co-Owner of Adams, - Passed away“0zzie” at Hospice Simcoe on McEachern & Flynn Cartage, Retired Sears Canada Saturday March 1, 2014. Ruth Adams in her 82nd year SLH, Retired Captain Barrie Volunteer Department beloved wife of the late Harry Adams.Fire Loving mother andBrad Member of Royal #147 of (Sherril Myles)Canadian and KimLegion (David)Branch McMaster. for 37 Years.) Suddenly, peacefully at the Royal Cherished grandmother of but Hannah, Cameron, Andrew, Victoria J.D., Hospital, Barrieand on Sam. Monday 24th, Allison, Zechariah DearNovember sister of Merv 2008. Ozzie Flynn of Barrie (in (the his 80th (Beryl) Dickey and Dorothy lateyear). Bob)Beloved Meek. husband of 60 of May Williams). Predeceased byyears brothers Lyle(nee (Marina) andLoving Ross father of Catharine Marley ‘Jeep’ (Liz) Dickey and and alsoher herhusband sister Paul, Joan Louise (Bob) Smith and husband Michael, Barbara by Flynn her Wilde. Ruthherwill be fondly remembered herand sisters husband Buzz Carroll. Loving grandfather and brothers in-law, nieces, nephews, friends of andLeigh also AnneGod Marley (Marc Masson), Jennifer Marley (Gilbert her Daughter Connie Huggins. Visitation and Kuiper),Service Scott Marley (Laura), Smithyou (Jody Funeral has been held.Christopher A special thank to Becker), LeahRetirement Smith (Christopher Size), and great the Waterside Lodge for the wonderful care grandfather Lauren, Owen, Liam, Emily and and support of and to ourCarsten, many friends and neighbours Isabelle. brotherMemorial of the late Monica Paton, for their Dear support. donations to survived Hospice by her would husband Sandy, and by thethelate Joyce Ridley. Simcoe be appreciated family. Messages Friends calledmay at bethe STECKLEY-GOODERHAM of condolence forwarded to the family through Funeral Home, Clapperton and Worsley Streets, Barrie on Wednesday from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. Funeral Mass will Take time now… be held at St Mary’s Church, 65ToAmelia Street, Barrie help your family later. on Thursday November 27th, at 10:00 am. Interment Planning your funeral does more St. Mary’s Cemetery, Barrie. Memorial to the than spare yourdonations family the burden of making you. It also: Kidney Foundation or the Heart and decisions Stroke for Foundation Provides service and payment may would be appreciated by the ¥ family. Condolences options to meet any budget be forwarded through www, ¥  Protects against inflation ¥  Prevents emotional overspending

30 Worsley St. Ethel GALBRAITH, Mary Sabina - Atyour the For information on planning 705-721-9921 funeral or P.E.I. to transferon yourTuesday, existing Wedgewood Manor, Summerside, funeral plan to us please call: November 18, Pt. 2008, 201 Minet’s Rd. In her 91st year. Beloved wife of Susan Booth the late705-721-1211 Arnold Galbraith. Dear mother of Sabina Pre-Arrangement Director(John) Daniels of Richmond Hill, Jim (Rebecca) of Texas, Dale (Anita) of Newmarket, Heather Zaharychuk of S’side, David of Manitoulin Island, Earl (Vivian) of Brampton, The Doughboy died Lois yesterday ofofa S’side yeast June Pillsbury (James) Walters of S’side, Travors infection trauma complications from repeated & Donaldand (Carol) of Sydney, B.C. Also survived by pokes in the belly. and He was 71. grandchildren. Sister of 16 grandchildren 7 great Doughboy was buriedFred in a lightly greased coffin. Dozens Joyce MacSweyne, Dapp and the late Bert Dapp of celebrities turned out to pay their respects, including & Marjorie Chambers. Memorial Donations to the Mrs. Butterworth , Hungry the California Alzheimer Society would Jack, be appreciated and Raisins, may be Betty Crocker, the Hostess Twinkies, and Captain made through the Lynn-Stone Funeral Home, Elmvale. Crunch. The gravesite was piled high with flours. Aunt Jemima delivered the eulogy and lovingly described Doughboy as a man who never knew how much he was kneaded. Born and bread in Minnesota, Doughboy rose quickly in show business, but his later life was filled with turnovers. He was not considered a very smart cookie, wasting much of his dough on half-baked schemes. Despite being a little flaky at times, he still was a crusty old man and was considered a positive roll model for millions. 445 St. Vincent Street Doughboy is survived by his wife Play Dough, three Barrie, L4M children: John Dough,Ontario Jane Dough and 6T5 Dosey Dough, plus they had one in the oven. He is also survived by his elderly father, Pop Tart. The funeral was held at 3:50 for about 20 minutes.

St. John’s United Church invites you to a wonderful night of music provided by some of Elmvale’s most talented young High School musicians. Come out and hear these young people share their musical gifts in what we know will be a very cool jamming session in our downstairs Gathering Place, also affectionately known as our “Coffee House”. WHEN: Friday, March 28th 7:30 - 9:30 pm WHO: Everyone is welcome to attend COST: None - this evening is our gift to you! REFRESHMENTS: will be provided MUSICAL TALENT: some very cool and musically inclined local High School students For more info contact St. John’s United Church at (705) 322-1472, check out our website, or find us on Facebook. Well, this day was a total waste of makeup.

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When Days Canad Canad printe “Yes conce very i urge p are bu be ver that c da are strugg rimen jobs h His b tion o mas s mals, Tow to Ca nadian celebr citizen for CB books My b explai havin wine ing w schoo Parti copy o

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Springwater News • March 13, 2014 Edition 412 • E-mail: •

Local Man Helps Mill Tree

A local sawyer from Midland “Sawmill Sid” milled up one of famous over past The Felled Toronto’s Maple Leafmost Forever tree’strees legend willthe live on |weekend. Toronto Star Maple Leaf Forever Tree was a protected tree that came down in a Wind storm last year.  The City of Toronto decided to re-use every part of this 150 year old tree and have a special event at the Evergreen Brickworks in Toronto.  They had Mark Cullen to open up the ceremonies and had a band to play the Maple Leaf Forever Song.   Sawmill Sid (Sidney Gendron) up the treetand a donation Phot os:Felledmilled M aple Leaf Forever ree’sfor legend w illlive onpeople were ableMarch to 11, take Tuesday, 2014 a piece of this historic tree home. Sidney is 2:58 PM ED T

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Felled M aple LeafForever tree’s legend w illlive on

GTA Queen's Park Canada World

Sales Representative, Hon B.A.



Evergreen Brick W orks hosted the firstm illing Saturday m orning ofthe fam ed tree said to have inspired Alexander M uir’s song “The M aple LeafForever.” Eventually itw illbe turned into 150 artand craftprojects.

Pictured here are Sidney Gendron, Jeff Storey and Bob Storey who is the  father-in-law and grand-dad of the boys pictured here. →  hoping that Towns and Cities in Simcoe County can learn from this event,  and InternationalW om ens D ay m arch re-use any fallen trees. Trees can be used for park benches or tables, retaining Photos walls, signs and more. Sidney’s contact info is 705-543-2508.


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A three-foot jump on earth would carry you 18 feet, 9 inches, on the moon.


News | Toronto Star

Top News W hen H arry m etSadie



The large maple that inspired Alexander Muir to write the "Maple Leaf Forever" lies fallen on Laing St. following a storm PhOTOS last summer.

N EW W ith m ayoralentry im m inent ,O livia Photos Chow sends outtaxpayer-funded flyer


U pdated M issing jetveered 160 kilom etres offcourse:R eports


N EW Police board em broiled over critical com m ents againstChiefBillBlair VIEW 3 PhOTOS Video

W hy O bam a let G alifianakis insulthim

Saturday, March 22, 1 to 4 p.m.

Join us for an afternoon inter storm w allop of discovery in the kitchens Wexpect ed W ednesday of Nicholyn Farms, learning the basics of cooking with local ingredients and making Angry readers w eigh delicious soup. in on Aeroplan rew ards


The large maple that inspired Alexander Muir to write the "Maple Leaf Forever" lies fallen on Laing St. following a storm last summer.

W hy Barack O bam a letZach G alifianakis insulthim to his face U pdated Sad sense ofdéjà vu for the fam ily of Canadians aboard m issing jet Victim 's stom ach contents could castdoubton Pistorius tim eline

By: Linda Barnard Movies, Published on Sat Mar 08 2014

The stirring brass ofa regim entalband and the w hir ofa pow erfulsaw m arked the next phase in the life ofCanada’s m ostbeloved tree,the silver m aple that— legend has it— inspired Alexander M uir to w rite the poem and song “The M aple LeafForever” in 1867. Evergreen Brick W orks hosted the firstm illing ofthe logs Saturday m orning,creating segm ents to be kiln dried for eightw eeks and then putinto the hands ofartists,carvers and w oodturners. They’lltransform the tree into som e 150 projects for public display (and personaluse) in m useum s,historicalsocieties and public buildings across Canada,from w ig stands for cancer patients to a lap desk for the Speaker ofthe H ouse ofCom m ons. Customer # 0003684814 / Publication/Admail # 0040027838

Complimentary Issue Call for more information on these topics: • RRSPs, RRIFs • Mutual Funds John McIntyre • Stocks & Bonds & GIC's CFP, CIM, FMA, FCSI Investment Advisor • Managed Money Accounts (705) 720-1414 • Fee- Based accounts • Portfolio Planning Minimum account size - $100,000 • Free Consultations in your home EXIT REALTY FIRST NORTH Chris Messecar Over 28 years experience with leading CIBC Wood Gundy isSalesa Representative division of Office: 705 719 9999 705-220-2051 • 705-719-9999 Donna Morton banks and investment firms. CIBC Markets Inc., aOFsubsidiary Direct: 529 9461 SalesWorld Representative THE NEW FACE705

Springwater News • March 13, 2014 Edition 412 • Phone 705 322 2249 Cell: 705 321 (BOLD) 2653

A wealth of local investment

Murray McKeown Investment Advisor

Edition 412, March 13, 2014

Georgian Bay, Snowmobiles, Kite Boarding, and the Ice Caves beside Giant’s Tomb

Nicholyn Farms, 3088 Horseshoe Valley Rd. W., just north of Midhurst View photos Photos Cost: $95 (HOSP 0107 – CRN 25778)

Customer # 0003684814 / Publication/Admail # 0040027838

A wealth

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Georgian Bay, Snowmobiles, Kite Boarding, and the Ice Caves beside Giant’s Tomb



WASAGA PINES Directions: Hwy 92 past Elmvale Flea Market.Turn right in to complex. Stay left to Prince Charles. Looking to Downsize or Lead that Comfortable Life Style? Come view these 2-bedroom Modular homes in a well maintained park conveniently located close to Elmvale, Midland & Barrie.

Am ong them w as sculptor N eilCox.Severalcraftspeople w ere on hand for the Brick W orks cerem ony,proudly show casing item s from pens to elaborate carvings m ade from reclaim ed w ood.Cox laid claim to a hollow piece oftrunk that“nobody else w as really interested in” for a projectto be undertaken in public view atthe O ntario Science Centre.H e’lldo a series ofreliefcarvings chronicling historicalscenes from M uir’s tim e.

Saturday, March 8th,

Greece, Mani Peninsula: Blessed site of a family reunion

The Springwater Hall of Fame

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Customer # 0003684814 / Publication/Admail # 0040027838

A wealth of local investment

of CIBC and Member CIPF.or REAL ESTATE IN SPRINGWATER! Wanted: Hobby farm house w/small acreage



(SPRINGWATER TOWNSHIP, ON.) – On March 8th, 2014 at approximately 4:00 p.m., members of the Huronia West Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police responded to a report that a plane had landed in a field off of Flos Road 7 West between County Road #27 and Elliott Road. In addition it had sustained some damages and Police received further information that no one was in this plane and that footsteps had been seen heading away for it. A further investigation by the Huronia West OPP revealed that the pilot a 49 year old male from Bradford Ontario had to emergency land the Sport Star 2 seat plane at approximately 11:15 a.m., in the above field with no injuries to him or his passenger a 58 year old male from Toronto Ontario. Transport Canada Safety Board was contacted and will be continuing any further needed investigation into this matter. •••••••••••• The Springwater News has learned that the two passengers, an instructor and a student were executing a maneuver which is standard to all learners. They were about 1500 feet off the road clear of any wires or any other obstructions should something go wrong. And it did. Unfortunately, there was what some refer to as a snow fog which may have reduced their vision. The plane touched the snow and attempted to gain altitude but unfortunately, the nose wheel and the left wheel strut collapsed and it skidded on the snow to a quick halt. The 2006 plane has a 725 pound dry weight and a maximum load totalling 1250 ponds. The insurance company / broker contacted Chris Jacobs, the airplane mechanic from the Edenvale Aerodrome (and also the son of the owners of this paper) and asked if he would do a salvage recovery. Shortly after two on Sunday afternoon, he arrived on the scene and commenced to dismantle the airplane by removing the wings - one was ok but the other was badly damaged - and also removed the horizontal stabilizer and elevators. The left wheel strut was secured into place and snowmobile skis secured to the wheels for flotation. The tracked utility vehicle thanks to McLaren Farm Equipment pulled the plane to the road where another friend of Chris’s, a guy named Joe, hoisted it off the snowbank and set it on the trailer where it was secured and taken back to Chris’s shop/hangar in Edenvale for an assessment. A preliminary suggestion was that the $60,000 plane would be scraped.






Backpack placed on wrong flight turns up empty The Springwater Sports Hall of Fame is now accepting nominations for athletes, builders and teams. The board strives to promote the achievements of those whose interest in, and work for, the sport has resulted in a climate which benefitted both athletes and athletics plus those whose athletic talent, proficiency and determination has brought fame to Springwater Township and to themselves. The community and sports’ organizations are encouraged to nominate potential athletes, builders and teams for induction into the Hall of Fame. Nomination forms and supporting material are available for patrons to pickup and drop-off at all three libraries (Elmvale, Midhurst and Minesing), the Township Administration Centre at 2231 Nursery Road, Minesing and are available for printing at All nominations must be dropped off by May 1st, 2014. T he first induction ceremony will be held this fall after the inductees are announced at the Elmvale Fall Fair Thanksgiving weekend.

Ireland, Wild Atlantic Way: A road full of adventure

Murray McKeown Investment Advisor

Brokerage, Independently Owned and Operated

(705) 720-1400


WASAGA PINES Directions: Hwy 92 past Elmvale Flea Market.Turn right in to complex. Stay left to Prince Charles. Looking to Downsize or Lead that Comfortable Life Style? Come view these 2-bedroom Modular homes in a well maintained park conveniently located close to Elmvale, Midland & Barrie.

The Springwater Hall of Fame

The Springwater Sports Hall of Fame is now accepting nominations for athletes, builders and teams. The board strives to promote the achievements of those whose interest in, and work for, the sport has resulted in a climate which benefitted both athletes and athletics plus those whose athletic talent, proficiency and determination has brought fame to Springwater Township and to themselves. The community and sports’ organizations are encouraged to nominate potential athletes, builders and teams for induction into the Hall of Fame. Nomination forms and supporting material are available for patrons to pickup and drop-off at all three libraries (Elmvale, Midhurst and Minesing), the Township Administration Centre at 2231 Nursery Road, Minesing and are available for printing at All nominations must be dropped off by May 1st, 2014. T he first induction ceremony will be held this fall after the inductees are announced at the Elmvale Fall Fair Thanksgiving weekend.


Edition 412, March 13, 2014 Georgian Bay, Snowmobiles, Kite Boarding, and the Ice Caves beside Giant’s Tomb


Complimentary Issue Call for more information on these topics: • RRSPs, RRIFs • Mutual Funds John McIntyre • Stocks & Bonds & GIC's CFP, CIM, FMA, FCSI Investment Advisor • Managed Money Accounts (705) 720-1414 • Fee- Based accounts • Portfolio Planning Minimum account size - $100,000 • Free Consultations in your home EXIT REALTY FIRST NORTH Chris Messecar Over 28 years experience with leading CIBC Wood Gundy isSalesa Representative division of Office: 705 719 9999 705-220-2051 • 705-719-9999 Donna Morton banks and investment firms. CIBC Markets Inc., aOFsubsidiary Direct: 529 9461 SalesWorld Representative THE NEW FACE705

Springwater News • March 13, 2014 Edition 412 • Phone 705 322 2249 Cell: 705 321 (BOLD) 2653

Brokerage, Independently Owned and Operated

Edition 412, March 13, 2014



Murray McKeown Investment Advisor (705) 720-1400

of CIBC and Member CIPF.or REAL ESTATE IN SPRINGWATER! Wanted: Hobby farm house w/small acreage


(SPRINGWATER TOWNSHIP, ON.) – On March 8th, 2014 at approximately 4:00 p.m., members of the Huronia West Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police responded to a report that a plane had landed in a field off of Flos Road 7 West between County Road #27 and Elliott Road. In addition it had sustained some damages and Police received further information that no one was in this plane and that footsteps had been seen heading away for it. A further investigation by the Huronia West OPP revealed that the pilot a 49 year old male from Bradford Ontario had to emergency land the Sport Star 2 seat plane at approximately 11:15 a.m., in the above field with no injuries to him or his passenger a 58 year old male from Toronto Ontario. Transport Canada Safety Board was contacted and will be continuing any further needed investigation into this matter. •••••••••••• The Springwater News has learned that the two passengers, an instructor and a student were executing a maneuver which is standard to all learners. They were about 1500 feet off the road clear of any wires or any other obstructions should something go wrong. And it did. Unfortunately, there was what some refer to as a snow fog which may have reduced their vision. The plane touched the snow and attempted to gain altitude but unfortunately, the nose wheel and the left wheel strut collapsed and it skidded on the snow to a quick halt. The 2006 plane has a 725 pound dry weight and a maximum load totalling 1250 ponds. The insurance company / broker contacted Chris Jacobs, the airplane mechanic from the Edenvale Aerodrome (and also the son of the owners of this paper) and asked if he would do a salvage recovery. Shortly after two on Sunday afternoon, he arrived on the scene and commenced to dismantle the airplane by removing the wings - one was ok but the other was badly damaged - and also removed the horizontal stabilizer and elevators. The left wheel strut was secured into place and snowmobile skis secured to the wheels for flotation. The tracked utility vehicle thanks to McLaren Farm Equipment pulled the plane to the road where another friend of Chris’s, a guy named Joe, hoisted it off the snowbank and set it on the trailer where it was secured and taken back to Chris’s shop/hangar in Edenvale for an assessment. A preliminary suggestion was that the $60,000 plane would be scraped.

Complimentary Issue Call for more information on these topics: RRSPs, RRIFs • Mutual Funds John McIntyre • Stocks & Bonds & GIC's CFP, CIM, FMA, FCSI Investment Advisor • Managed Money Accounts (705) 720-1414 • Fee- Based accounts • Portfolio Planning Minimum account size - $100,000 • Free Consultations in your home EXIT REALTY FIRST NORTH Chris Messecar Over 28 years experience with leading CIBC Wood Gundy isSalesa Representative division of Office: 705 719 9999 705-220-2051 • 705-719-9999 Donna Morton banks and investment firms. CIBC Markets Inc., aOFsubsidiary Direct: 529 9461 SalesWorld Representative THE NEW FACE705 •

of local


Brokerage, Independently Owned and Operated

(705) 720-1400

Saturday, March 8th,

Star Business Club: Toronto organic spa proves a tough sell Springwater News • March 13, 2014 Edition 412 • Phone 705 322 2249 Cell: 705 321 (BOLD) 2653

“I see before m e a bunch oftree huggers,” joked Barbara H eidenreich,naturalheritage co-ordinator w ith O ntario H eritage Trust,adding she w as delighted to know craftspeople are “taking a piece ofthat(tree)and m aking itlastforever.” knowledge

Register today! Call Georgian College Continuing Education at 705.722.1511

News | Toronto Star

M issWToront o:Pageant ednesday contestants over the years



Photos U .S.Senator accuses CIA of crim inal activity in extraordinary speech

U pdated W inter storm w allop expected


for the


Springwater News Goes to the Ice Caves STEVE RUSSELL / TORONTO STAR FILE PHOTO

Photo: LIFE 1 of 3

Saturday, March 8th,

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of CIBC and Member CIPF.or REAL ESTATE IN SPRINGWATER! Wanted: Hobby farm house w/small acreage



(SPRINGWATER TOWNSHIP, ON.) – On March 8th, 2014 at approximately 4:00 p.m., members of the Huronia West Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police responded to a report that a plane had landed in a field off of Flos Road 7 West between County Road #27 and Elliott Road. In addition it had sustained some damages and Police received further information that no one was in this plane and that footsteps had been seen heading away for it. A further investigation by the Huronia West OPP revealed that the pilot a 49 year old male from Bradford Ontario had to emergency land the Sport Star 2 seat plane at approximately 11:15 a.m., in the above field with no injuries to him or his passenger a 58 year old male from Toronto Ontario. Transport Canada Safety Board was contacted and will be continuing any further needed investigation into this matter. •••••••••••• The Springwater News has learned that the two passengers, an instructor and a student were executing a maneuver which is standard to all learners. They were about 1500 feet off the road clear of any wires or any other obstructions should something go wrong. And it did. Unfortunately, there was what some refer to as a snow fog which may have reduced their vision. The plane touched the snow and attempted to gain altitude but unfortunately, the nose wheel and the left wheel strut collapsed and it skidded on the snow to a quick halt. The 2006 plane has a 725 pound dry weight and a maximum load totalling 1250 ponds. The insurance company / broker contacted Chris Jacobs, the airplane mechanic from the Edenvale Aerodrome (and also the son of the owners of this paper) and asked if he would do a salvage recovery. Shortly after two on Sunday afternoon, he arrived on the scene and commenced to dismantle the airplane by removing the wings - one was ok but the other was badly damaged - and also removed the horizontal stabilizer and elevators. The left wheel strut was secured into place and snowmobile skis secured to the wheels for flotation. The tracked utility vehicle thanks to McLaren Farm Equipment pulled the plane to the road where another friend of Chris’s, a guy named Joe, hoisted it off the snowbank and set it on the trailer where it was secured and taken back to Chris’s shop/hangar in Edenvale for an assessment. A preliminary suggestion was that the $60,000 plane would be scraped.








WASAGA PINES Directions: Hwy 92 past Elmvale Flea Market.Turn right in to complex. Stay left to Prince Charles. Looking to Downsize or Lead that Comfortable Life Style? Come view these 2-bedroom Modular homes in a well maintained park conveniently located close to Elmvale, Midland & Barrie.

The Springwater Hall of Fame

The Springwater Sports Hall of Fame is now accepting nominations for athletes, builders and teams. The board strives to promote the achievements of those whose interest in, and work for, the sport has resulted in a climate which benefitted both athletes and athletics plus those whose athletic talent, proficiency and determination has brought fame to Springwater Township and to themselves. The community and sports’ organizations are encouraged to nominate potential athletes, builders and teams for induction into the Hall of Fame. Nomination forms and supporting material are available for patrons to pickup and drop-off at all three libraries (Elmvale, Midhurst and Minesing), the Township Administration Centre at 2231 Nursery Road, Minesing and are available for printing at All nominations must be dropped off by May 1st, 2014. T he first induction ceremony will be held this fall after the inductees are announced at the Elmvale Fall Fair Thanksgiving weekend.

Are you backpacking or travelling with kids in tow?

When these 16 people made their arrangements to go see the ice caves on Georgian Bay, they knew the trip would not be complete without THREE copies of the Springwater News! A pound of quarters has the same exact worth as a pound of dimes. 2014-03-11

Why do Kids need nature? At Wildfire Outdoor Education Centre and Lodge in Tiny Township, we are always trying to instill into teachers, principals, parents and well anyone that will listen, that kids need nature. Why? I am sure some parents out there are thinking we are in a rural setting, and our kids have way more access than kids in the city, so we are good. No, we aren't. Whether its parental fears about traffic, or crime, or kids not having any unschedulled time, too much time spent on computers, tablets, video games--and other indoor activities. Kids aren't getting enough outdoor time. Kids need nature, its vital to their health and development. Kids with direct access to nature, are better learners, have less stress, and have increased attention spans. Depression, obesity, and attention deficit disorder have been directly linked to children who don't get enough outdoor time. Wildfire Outdoor Education Centre is trying to get children interested in nature, and all the things in it. Teachers can bring their students to Wildfire for school trips to learn, and explore. Our onsite, qualified teachers are enthusiastic naturalists who are keen about showing kids the diversity of nature. We bring all their senses alive: see, touch, hear, taste, and smell. Don't you remember being outside more when you were a child, then your children are? Why is that? Adults need to show kids that nature is an important aspect in all of our lives. We need to go out in the backyard, have a vegetable garden, go on a nature walk, collect leaves, show kids bugs, let them get dirty. Nature is good for everyone's mental health. Visit our website for all the new things happening this spring. Watch for information on our new community garden. www. It takes 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes, and 3 seconds for the moon to go through all of its phases (from one full moon to the next). This is close to the length of a month - which is why the word month means "moon." I don't think there is anything wrong with mirrored walls in the bathroom. You should be able to sit and reflect.

March 13 2014 edition 412 for web  
March 13 2014 edition 412 for web  

Local Community News about an airplane crash, a trip to the snow caves by Giant's Tomb and much local news from Tiny and Springwater and all...