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Bay Photography Club awards presented

Farmers’ Market Banners Installed

Minimum account TOWNSHIP size - $100,000 SPRINGWATER / June 29,


2012 – by Jeanette Mays - You may notice something new on the streets of Elmvale CIBC Wood Gundy is a division of this week. CIBC Inc., a subsidiary Six World light Markets post banners were installed alongofthe main of Elmvale CIBC andstreet Member CIPF. to help promote the Springwater-Elmvale Farmers’ Market, which is held in the Municipal Parking lot every Friday from 9:00 am till 2:00 pm. The banners were designed by community members who submitted their designs representing a Farmers’ Market theme to a Banner Contest. Each artist chosen to paint a banner was given an honorarium of $50 and at the end of the season, the banners will be auctioned off. Proceeds will go towards the purchase of next year’s banners. The Farmers’ Market would like to thank everyone for their banner submis- Banners promoting the Springwater-Elmsions; all the proposals were excellent! vale Farmers’ Market can now be found A big congratulations to contest winners on lamp posts along Queen Street in Rich Thibeault and Caroline Laidlaw! An Elmvale additional thanks to the vendors and customers of the Farmers’ Market who contributed their hand prints to the collaborative “Community Tree” banner. The Farmers’ Market Committee would also like to thank Peter Minnings from Minnings Electrical Service and John Minnings from Minnings Sheet Metal for donating their time and equipment to assist with the hanging of the banners

Martin Jurgeit (rear) of Wasaga Beach, standing in for Bay Photography Club President Mike Rowlinson of Collingwood, is seen here with some of the Club’s top photographers. From the left is Danielle Campbell (2nd place, overall points) of Ravenna, Judy Morrison (1st place, overall points) of Wasaga Beach and Al Sposato (3rd place, overall points) recently of Ravenna. The awards were presented at the Club’s final meeting before summer break. by Don Beaulieu - The Bay Photography Club meets in the east end of Wasaga Beach most months and boasts members from Balm Beach to Meaford and Stayner; over 50 in all. Currently on their summer break, a few outings are in the works to keep them photographically active. From September to June, members enjoy guest speakers, outings and competitions. This year an inter-club competition was held with the Midland District Camera Club. The scheduled outings and speakers tie in to the subject of the up-coming competition. Aside from designated topics for each competition, entries are divided into three categories based on photographic experience: Novice, intermediate and advanced. “It’s really exciting to see participants in the novice category approach and move up to the other categories” says member Don Beaulieu of Springwater Township. The main difference between the categories is how harsh the judging is applied. Judges are fellow members who have been trained in professional judging technique. Regular meetings will commence on September 18 at 6:30 p.m., and continue on the third Tuesday of each month. For details and to see photographs by some current members, visit their website www.bayphotoclub. com. New members are welcome, of course.

Mariposa Folk Festival

We had six tickets (3 pairs) to give away for the Mariposa Folk Festival.

by George Allen - It rained all Sunday afternoon on June 24 leaving the organizers of the Elmvale District High School concert in Heritage Park with some uncertainties.  Would the program go from the stage or would it have to be tucked under the pavilion in less than ideal conditions? By five the decision was made, the barbecue was smoking, the students were warming up for their performances under the pavilion roof, and it was still raining.  When the concert started at six, George Allen welcomed the eighty people who attended and marvelled at the talents of the students and teachers.   The performers sang and played for the next two hours - guitars, keyboards, drums - solos, duets and trios.  There were old favourites and new creations by student songwriters.  The performances were relaxed and the performers mature!  This performance deserved better weather conditions, but those who attended were treated to young performers showing that one ingredient that is essential as a trait of true performers - flexibility.  Great job EDHS students and teachers!

Grampa’s Happy

Sophie Elizabeth Jacobs (5 years old) and Mazie Louise Jacobs (30 months young) want everyone to meet their new brother. Porter was born on July 3rd, 2012, at 1:43 in the afternoon. He weighed 8 lbs, 4 oz. Daddy (Chris) and Mommy (Amy) are ok. Grammas, Cora Ware and Margaret Ann were close by looking after us. Grampa had to work on the paper so he wasn’t here but we bet he puts this on the front page of his paper.

Elmvale & District Lions Car Draw Winner of the 1962 Corvette Convertible John Duggan of Midland. He is picking up the car on Thursday

Consolation prizes

$500 to Adele Elford, Minesing $400 to Don Nagy of Burlington $300 to Patricia Lanoue of Campbellford $200 to Jennifer Donovan of Collingwood $100 to I Sormaz of Sudbury

Thanks to all that bought tickets and thereby supported the work of our Lions Club. You should see the 1963 Red Corvette Convertible for next year’s draw!! Nice!

The questions and answers 1. How many stages are there at the Festival? 9 2. How many entertainers are participating? - over 100 3. How many years has it been since the first Festival? Answer - this is the 52nd year 4. How many types of music are there? Answer - 23 The answers for 1,2 and 4 were in an article on page 20 of the last paper and to find out about when the festival started, one would have had to look a little. The winners were Donna Brophy from the 17th Concession of Tiny, Bridget White from Minesing and Linda Alkema from Elmvale. I hope you enjoy yourselves. Thanks to all the entrants.

The Elmvale & District Lions Club is looking for additional vendors for the 3rd Annual Flea Market, 8 to 4:30 Saturday, July 21 1568 Cty Rd 92 Elmvale

A 20x20 space costs $25.

Contact Paul 705 429 3419 / Murray 705 835 2060 Gary 705 322 3088

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Springwater News • July 5, 2012 Edition 368 • E-mail: •

Springwater News

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Want to know what’s going on at the Springwater Chamber? Then join us for a Board of Directors meeting: - Wed July 18th, 8:00 am - Steelers Restaurant, 23 Queen St. W, Elmvale.  Cost = Your own breakfast • All Welcome Bob Sturgess ‘Chair of the Chamber’ 705-739-4400

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Editor’s Musings By now you will now that Bev Oda has retired from politics after 8 years and will immediately start drawing a pension of something over $50,000. Would it not be great if you and I could get a job and after 8 years, the windfall would begin. I now wonder how long it will be before Peter McKay is gone. And a note to the members of the Conservative Party, that’s one less vote you need to stand up to the Prime Minister. You may remember the Minty incident in Elmvale where the pushy furnace salesman called 911 and Doug Minty, who never hurt anybody in his life, was shot and killed. In their wisdom, the SIU decided the policeman was justified in defending himself. Anyone that knew Doug Minty disagrees. Therefore, many people have a hesitant nature when calling the police, a feeling that hasn’t resonated with some authoritative types. The people who might need a policeman are not those who have had the occasional encounter with the law, but rather those who have almost never dialed 911, those who are as law abiding as anyone would want us to be. So things happen in the village where the police are not called even when it might be a benefit to a great village. One example is the recurring incidents of loosened wheel studs – and allegedly the police have been told who did it, but we are not even sure if the guy has been questioned. This past week, there were (maybe 4) people going around town wanting to make sure our hot water tanks were up to date. The fellow that came to my door, projected the image that he represented some significant energy company – I now wish I had taken the information off his neck tag – and that this was like a routine check. My tank I replaced 2 or 3 years ago so the salesman had no knowledge of what this home owner has. I was unkind to him, told him that people got killed doing what he did and he better be careful as he wandered from door to door through the middle of the day. In the middle of the day, the only people home would be retirees – let’s take advantage of them – and some young mothers (two of them a stone’s throw from my front door) or housewives/ladies, whomever. Most houses would be vacant. I watched a couple of them walk across my neighbour’s front lawn and thought it to be a bit ignorant. In the early afternoon, I got a call from a very upset lady. She and one of the salesmen had exchanged unkind words and a few profanities had ensued. The next morning, at the uptown coffee table, the presence of the door to door sale persons had not gone unnoticed. And further conversation from another person suggested one of the four slashed two tires in the parking lot behind the restaurants/hotel. But no one has their names AND Elmvale is hesitant to contact police AND in this case, the description (two guys in shorts with name tags hanging around their necks) might not carry too far. As far as we know, maybe these guys have all the rights in the world to come and knock on our door and leave false impressions. Last year one guy wandered around Orr Lake with a reflective highway vest wearing work boots and a hard hat checking people’s tanks (like he had to be legit) but it was only his ploy to get into the houses. So I contacted two police stations and four MPs/MPPs. Both police stations replied. One suggested we call the police - I think you can do that anonymously but I have Crushed Gravel, Backhoe, Bulldozing, Water Hauling, Screened Top Soil, Custom Crushing

Ken Truax

Construction Ltd. Waverley, Ontario R.R. 3, Elmvale, Ontario 705-322-1881

never tried it - and explain the situation and they would come and check the people out, not especially to kick them out of town but just to check their legalities. The other agreed but reflected on the articles that I had in the paper about scams and door to door salesmen. By the way, don’t give the people any money. And any contract signed with a door to door sale person can be cancelled within a period of 10 days. The last door to door salesperson who interested me was selling the television dish. He left me with the impression that I could get a plethora of channels for only $42.50 a month, a fee that had not changed in many years. I was excited, but did not sign anything. With a little research, talk to your neighbours who might have it, I found the price to be comparable to what I have. So I still live with the devil I know, rather than the devil I might end up with someplace else. I have been told some marriages are like that. FYI, I live with an angel and wonder what all the other angels out there are like. Heather, from Garfield Dunlop’s office replied with a note... Michael.. Here is the link to the Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services. You will see a section on the main page headlined “protect yourself” and under that you will see link Consumer Alert Hot water heater Rentals  . In that section you will see they refer to door to door sales on this. There is contact information on this site also.To the left on the page you will see a heading how to make complaints.  Hope this helps.  Heather She must have thought about it and later replied - I meant to add if it’s an overall concern about policing in Elmvale I would speak with the local mayor and the detachment commander or superintendent of the police or OPP serving the municipality. Following along with that, we do have a police committee in Springwater Township which Stan McNutt has a lot to do with. I am sure they are there for us as well. I received no reply from Kellie Lietch’s or Bruce Stanton’s office - I guess they have to get permission from Steven Harper to speak - and I know Jim Wilson is a busy man. Two weeks ago, I commented on the use of helmets by bicycle riders. I am not too sure if one gentleman agreed with me, but his comments were that if someone is in a bicycle accident, the only difference about wearing a helmet would probably be whether the coffin was open or closed. Elliott Lake became a city in 1990. It has just a population or just over 11,000. The number peaked at 26,000. It grew because of the uranium mines. It stopped growing because of low uranium prices and depleted reserves. It tried to revitalize itself as a retirement community and there is one new mine under preliminary development today. The Algo Centre Mall was built in 1979 for an estimated $10 million. It was sold to the present owners in 2005 for $6.2 million. A feasibility study done in 2010 and 2011 has only partly been paid for. In the seven years Eastwood Incorporated has owned the structure, the mall has had five managers. In 2010, the asking price was $9.9 million. If the Algo Centre Mall is condemned, will there be the will, and the money, and the return on investment to jus- Articles can be dropped off, mailed, faxed and/or e-mailed to the above address or left in the Elmvale Library ‘Drop Box’ 24 hours a day. THE NEXT PAPER will be on July 5, 2012. Articles are on a first come basis by noon July 2nd, 2012. Publications Mail Contract No. 1443739. Unaddressed Admail No. 3684814. The paper is printed by Master Web Inc. Missisauga Springwater News is produced every two weeks and delivered by Canada Post and available at newsstands throughout the areas mentioned below. The opinions expressed in articles contributed by interested parties and through the ‘Letters to the Editor’ do not necessarily reflect the opinion of this newspaper and/or the editor. The editor reserves the right to edit all submitted articles or letters for clarity and space or to avoid obscenity, libel or invasion of privacy. All contributions must have the writer’s full name, address and telephone number for verification. Copyrights are claimed on all original articles.

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tify a rebuild? Deceit - what you don’t know won’t hurt you. I get numerous releases from the Ontario Government about McGuinty’s Ontario and all the good things they have done. Unfortunately, the stories are only one sides. Since the recession of 2008, he has had so much good news about all the jobs that ?he? has created. Nothing is mentioned about all the jobs that have been lost. In fact, he needs a bad month so he can brag the next month. 22,900 jobs fled Ontario in the month of May. Open government is what we all talk about and politicians promise. But Simcoe County’s office staff held information from the councillors, and when the word got out, the only repercussions seemed to be from someone who said that may not have been a good idea. I always wonder how much deceit is going on. Mayor Lehman of Barrie scolded his council for leaking information about the former mayor’s $2.5 million lawsuit...and about the mercury contamination at the old railroad station site in Allandale. If someone lists a piece of property for sale, and Barrie did offer the property for sale, there is a disclosure form to be filled out. From my days in real estate, the form required us to divulge information like if there was a grow-op there, or if there is a dump in the vicinity, or that someone was killed in the home, or that there is some pollution on the property. If you don’t let people know these things, there is a significant penalty.

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Springwater News • July 5, 2012 Edition 368 • Tel: 705.322.2249

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Online at www.springwater.library.on,ca Did you Know? We have received a fresh batch of DVDs and Blu-Rays from Simcoe County Library. SPRINGWATER LIBRARY PROFILED IN "OUR HOMES" SUMMER 2012 ISSUE Our very own Carol Grenier received rave recommendations in the Summer 2012 issue of "Our Homes" magazine. Homeowner Denise praised Carol's work at the Minesing branch, "She is a wonderful person and very dedicated to supporting literacy and creativity".  To read the full article, go to http:// BRAND NEW! SUMMER READING CLUB 2012 It’s time to come join the Springwater Library’s Summer Reading Club! Each branch (Elmvale, Midhurst and Minesing) wants to keep your children excited about reading no matter their age or grade level.   Drop in anytime during open hours for a special July and August calendar that tracks reading.  Each week there are FREE stickers, prize draws and incentives to be won, as well as weekly online computer games that can be unlocked at the TD Summer Reading Club website: ONTARIO EARLY YEARS: Step into Stories Come with your wee ones aged 0-5 for a fun time of singing, reading stories and craft time. Midhurst Branch: Thurs. July 12th , 10:30am Minesing Branch: Thurs. July 12th , 1:30pm Elmvale Branch: Thurs. July 19th, 10:30am MIDHURST MATINEE MOVIE EVENT On Thurs. July 12th at 1:00pm the Midhurst Branch is hosting a Matinee Movie Event. Registration is required. Cost $1 per person which includes popcorn and a bottle of water. ELMVALE BRANCH MOVIE MADNESS: JULY AND AUGUST Whether it's too hot outside or a rainy day, come to the Elmvale Branch every Tues. at 2:30pm for the months of July and August to watch our free movie madness event.   Movies will be chosen at random from the branch collection.  Please note, all selections will be family friendly.  Unlike our newly released movie events of Mirror Mirror on July 6th at Minesing and The Lorax in August which cost $3, Movie Madness afternoons are FREE for everyone! (No refreshments will be served) ELMVALE BRANCH LEGO MANIA: JULY AND AUGUST Every Thurs. Morning from 10am11:30am for the months of July and August we are hosting a Lego Mania event for all Lego enthusiasts. Each week we will highlight a certain building challenge and we’ll proudly put your creations on display throughout the library. A prize will be awarded to the most awesome creation! There is no registration for this free event. ZEHRS GROCERY RECEIPTS & CANADIAN TIRE DOLLARS NEEDED Keep those Zehrs grocery receipts and hand them in to your local Springwater Library branch. Through the Friends of the Library, the tapes produce money for the Library to be used for the purchase of materials and programs that promote activity. We just received a cheque for a little over $200.00! In addition to Zehrs, we continue to need Foodland (Elmvale location only) and any Canadian Tire dollars you are able to donate. Many thanks for your support!

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012 Ruth Ann Caston FULL MOON CELEBRATION Wyevale’s News “MOTHER EARTH” CONTEST—Hurry Contest Closes Sunday 322-5274 Take a paddle with a Wye The WyeMarsh Marsh and the Delawana Inn present; “Mother Earth” contest. Celebrate your Mother by entering this contest to win ONE of TWO summer weekendHappy vacation Birthday wishes go out to Jeffrey Moreau, Naturalist who will take you through packages. Includes; 2 adults & 2 children (15 and under), 2 nights accommodation , the Marsh at a time when it comes 2 breakfasts, 2 dinners, Supervised Children's Program (Daycare, VIK ClubGlen and TeenBumstead, Vic Campbell, Angelle Moreau, CanSquad) , Evening entertainment, Family Wye Marsh Nature Programs, Social daceFullMoreau, Barry Reynolds, Mike Hales and Hughie alive. Uncover the many species that are Itinerary including activities for adults, children & the entire family. To enter visit the MacLachlin. Wye Marsh page - contest otherwise elusive during the Facebook day. Please closes May 13th, 2012. - Happy Mother’s Day and Good Luck! The open house at Camp Simpresca was a great sucpre-register and arrive 15 minutes early to sign in. cess. There were several activities for the parents to July 3rd from 7:30pm-9:30pm and August 1st & 31st WYE MARSH RAIN BARRELS as well as the tour of the camp. 7:00pm - 9:00pm The Wye Marsh has sold 40 Rain Barrels so far! Our goal is 50, we are sodo close! If you are planning on purchasing a rain barrel, please so soon! Spring and Summer planting is just Congratulations to Steven and Alicia Empey on the Dates: July 3rd, August 1st and August 31st around the corner, be sure to pick out your Rain Barrel on—the birth of a baby boy, Login Ronald on June 2nd. He purchase of your rain barrel will go to support the Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre. The pick-up Cost: Members $5 and Non-Members $10. day has been scheduled for May 20th, 2012 here at the Wye Marsh. With your purchase of a weighed 8 lbs. 9 oz. Contact: 705.526.7809rain barrel, on the day of pick-up you will receive free admission to the Wye Marsh. TAY TOWNSHIP RESIDENTS - The township is offering a rebate up to $50 towards the Congratulations to Hendrik and Jane Van Der Veen SUMMER PROGRAMMING & LATE purchase of a rain barrel. You must live within the jurisdiction and be on water & on the birth of their baby boy, Jozef Harm Coates, on sewer! Pick upTHURSDAY’S your application today at the Tay Township office or online at June 19th. He weighed 11 lbs. 5 oz. and has a big sister Starting in July the Olyvia. Happy Grandparents are Harm and Barb Van Der Wye Marsh has public Dates: Order now—Pick-up day is May 20th, 2012 Contact: Information at 705-526-7809 or email - Veen and Larry and Kathy Halliday. We welcome these programming 7 days a two new little boys in Wyevale. GORDONweek, BLACKcheck MEMORIAL our CAMP SPONSORSHIP Summer camp is just around the corner, every year there are underprivilegedDon’t children, forget the beef BBQ on Saturday, July 7th. Sitwebsite in your neighborhood who needwww.wyemarsh. help to attend camp. Margaret Black, in memory of tings her late Husband, Gordon and their daughter Emily started the “Gordon Black are at 5 and 6:30 p.m. Tickets are $15 for adults com Black to see what’s Memorial Camp Sponsorship program.” Since beginning the program they $7 have for sent children and can be purchased at the Wyevale and happening on your visit. 135 children to summer camp at the Wye Marsh. With your sponsorship, you could Jug City send a& veryAugust, deserving child camp. Please Every Thursday in July theto summer Wye Marsh isvisit andof from Mary Campbell at 705-322-2845. click on the Gordon Black Sponsorship badge, call 705.526.7809 or email The firefighters from Station #2 put on a great fireopen late till 8pm. Most activitiesforare included more information! with We are your striving to hit 150 this year, which works display in the park. It was well attended. is 15 additional children sponsored! admission - there is an cost for Canoe/Kayak The Wyevale Lions Club and Wyevale Rec are puttours. Contact: 705.526.7809 or ting on a street dance at the park on Saturday, July 28th. Contact: 705.526.7809 or for more For more information contact: Ashley Larmand John Ferguson is the DJ. Tickets can be purchased at the information Wye Marsh is a non-profit charitable Marketing & Communications Coordinator organization Wyevale City or from any Lions Club member. Wye Marsh dedicated to operating year-round programsJug for SUMMER CAMP IS Telephone: 705-526-7809 ext. 205 the public, students and other organizations to Anyone with news items for the paper, please call me Email: ALMOST HERE! promote awareness, appreciation, understanding Website: and enjoyment of our environment and wildlife and leave a message at 705-527-5274. The Wye Marsh summer camp is full of outdoor Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit activities, live animal From the Board’s minutes - As many as 300 public health shows, GPS inspectors from across Canada will be gathering at Blue navigation and fun and Mountain Conference Centre in September for the annuinteresting facts. Each week has a new & different camp al Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors confertheme, making your camp experience fun, whether it be ence. for 1 day or the full week. We have a camp available for The conference this year is being jointly organized by ages 4 through to 14, so be sure to visit www.wyemarsh. the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit and Grey Bruce com for more information. Health Unit. The theme, “Healthy Places, Healthy People” Contact: reflects the ultimate goal of all efforts of public health inPhone: 705.526.7809 for more information or to sign up spectors. E-mail: Plans are proceeding well, food safety program manager Website: - Feel free to print and fax Fran Gelder told the board of health last week. The busy us your camp registration forms when completed. three-day program involves workshops running a range Phelpston News of topics from healthy community design and municipal What a Spectacular Canada Day Fireworks show. Thank planning to brownfield management to lead in garden soils you to everyone for their support and help, what a won- to the newest information about water quality. derful community we live in.  A special Thank You to the The conference will be anchored by a keynote speech Barrie Kinsman for the fireworks and generous donation. from Dr. David Butler-Jones, the Chief Public Health OfNext Parks and Rec. meeting is scheduled for July 5 at 7 ficer with the Public Health Agency of Canada. pm all are welcome. Chief nursing officer welcomed at health unit Phelpston Ball games are   July 8 Phelpston I vs It’s been a bit of a return to her roots for Karen EllisWaubaushene and July 15 Phelpston II vs Wyevale - Good Scharfenberg, who was welcomed by the board of health Luck Phelpston. as the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit’s new chief With Summer under way and all of the kids off school, nursing officer. please slow down and watch for kids!   Karen had worked with the health unit from 1989 to Happy 50th Birthday Lee and Happy Anniversary John 2002, as a public health nurse and later as manager of the and Matra. Healthy Babies Healthy Children program. In the interSee you at the meeting Alicia. vening years, she served as quality assurance coordinator with the College of Nurses of Ontario and as an associate director with the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario. She has been frequently published in academic journals, writing on nursing practice, healthy work environments and other related topics. Karen assumes leadership over roughly 145 nursing professionals who work at the health unit. In 2011 the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care announced that among its new Ontario Public Health Small Motor Sales & Service Organizational Standards, chief nursing officers would 1564 Old Second Road North Phelpston be required at all health units by January 2013. 705-322-0975 • 705-327-0255 The definition of cop meaning "to take". The origin of the word harkens back not to the Roaring 20s but ably further--to the age of Rome. Cop comes from the Latin, capere, meaning "to take." Cop, which entered English in the Middle Ages, meant to grab, capture, or snatch something. A criminal can "cop" (swipe, steal) an object from a store, and the police can also grab, or cop him. This is also how we get the phrase, "to cop a plea," to avoid a long sentence by taking advantage, or grabbing at, the chance to plead guilty to a lesser offense.

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Springwater News • July 5, 2012 Edition 368 • E-mail: •

Grenfel & Centre Vespra News

with Kathy Stunden-Hall • 735-9423 or The 1st Grenfel Pathfinders held their annual spring Advancement Ceremony on May 29. Four firstyear girls – Ashley Moores, April Shaw, Georgianna Dobson and Olivia Boulay – advanced to year two of the program;  four second-year girls – Amber Lockhart, Rachel Cranley, Allison Jackson and Kaitlyn Cragg – advanced to year three; and one girl, Julia Scott, graduated from Pathfinders.  This year's ceremony was well-attended by family members, friends and Springwater Mayor Linda Collins.   Springwater Mayor Linda Collins of- This special evening also marked ficially recognizes Pathfinder Julia the first time a Grenfel PathfindScott for earning her prestigious Can- er – Julia Scott – has received the ada Cord Award. Canada Cord Award.  Each Pathfinder has three years to complete all six areas for the Canada Cord, which is the highest award to be earned at that level of Guiding. These six areas comprise: • completing 20 program modules from nine different program areas • demonstration of a leadership role (25 hours) • earning the Community Service Award (15 hours volunteer in the areas of global international, environmental awareness and supporting your community) • “bridging” with older and younger levels of Guiding • completing an emergency first aid course • earning the Citizenship Certificate (eight activities completed from the “Be A Model Citizen” module)  Also receiving awards towards earning their Canada Cord  that evening were Rachel Cranley (Community Service) and Tara Filo-Carroll in absentia (Community Service and Citizenship Certificate).  Congratulations are extended to all Pathfinders for their hard work and enthusiasm in completion of modules and awards this year!  Grenfel Guiding will be celebrating their 10th anniversary in September – so stay tuned for updates!  For further information do not hesitate to contact Guiders Kim Moores (705-722-9617) or Susan Scott (705-726-9416).

They’re so adorable when they’re having fun. (So are the kids.) At Timbits Soccer, everyone gets into the game. Kids make new friends, and parents have fun cheering them on. Your local Tim Hortons is proud to support over 160 boys and girls playing Timbits Soccer in Elmvale.

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Jim Wilson, MPP newspaper ad Size: 3.22 x 2.3

Oh Canada!

Jim Wilson,

MPP by Indra Sharma “Human dignity. economic freedom. individual responsibility. These Simcoe-Grey are the characteristics that distinguish democracy from all the other forms of government devised by man.” D.W. Eisenhower – 1890. American President. Canada’s 145th birthday was celebrated on 50 Hume Street Sunday, July 1st, 2012. All across our vast Collingwood, ON L9Y 1V2 land our diverse people participated in paTel. (705) 446-1090 rades, speeches, praise, fireworks, et al. We 1-800-268-7542 Canadians celebrate our multicultural popFax (705) 446-3397 ulace, our ideology which embraced peace following the second world conflict. We were peacekeepers and in 1988 shared the Nobel Prize with the United Nations. In the other lands. We are content with hockey, ice-fishnew millennium we became embroiled in war in ing etc and snow. We are content with summer bbqs Afghanistan. On the plus side our troops are being and beer. In this world of wars we enjoy peace. In pulled out and returning home where they belong. these times of economic chaos, the economy of our None of us want them returning on our ‘Highway country is stable. The overall aspect of this great of Heroes’. We have been a peace oriented nation and mighty land is not perfect and yet compared to with the philosophy embracing harmony in a so- many countries on our planet we seem to be aimciety of various languages and cultures where so ing or evolving to some kind of perfection with the many have become an inherent part of the cultural backbone of democracy upholding us. My family mosaic which is Canada. It is as though we are a and I celebrate Canada’s birthday with a family reworld within our planet where all people, the col- union on June 30th. Relatives arrive from all over lective project ‘welcome. peace. harmony.’ I firmly the North American continent and sometimes Eubelieve that our younger generation will add posi- rope to celebrate at Springwater Park. tively to our present values. They protest and strive On Saturday, June 30th friends and family spent a for a more viable environment; better lifestyles for wonderful day at the Park. It was a halcyon day of our aboriginal peoples; the escalating cost of living laughter, joy, friends, family all one under the sun. and all the other ‘whatever’ society deals with. A friend commented, “All of us sitting here make Yet, we are envied by many countries. Many peo- our world so much closer and smaller and together ple want to reside here. Canadians are welcome all because of our diversity.” over the planet. We are so large the former Pierre And I thought of the words of a philosopher who Elliott Trudeau, turned down an offer of taking wrote, “We are all one under the sun. The sun over the Caicos islands. This occurred in the sev- shines on all and the rain falls on all.” I firmly beenties. In the winters, we could have all been holi- lieve that the majority of us Canadians compredaying in our own Canadian tropics! (smile) hend and live by the above. We do not spear to be hungry for the ownership of

Working for You!

Members of the 1st Grenfel Pathfinders enjoy their spring Advancement Ceremony on May 29. In the back row are Rachel Cranley, Julia Scott, Guider Kim Moores, Amber Lockhart, Georgianna Dobson, Guider Susan Scott, Allison Jackson. In the front row are Olivia Boulay, Kaitlyn Cragg, Ashley Moores, April Shaw and Mayor Linda Collins. Absent are Shayla Dungay, Shyanne Westaway and Tara Filo-Carroll. *** Congratulations to Chris and George Rumney who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary June 2. The Pinegrove Road residents were surprised by a knock on their door one recent Thursday evening. Roger Deschamps says “they probably thought it was me – their nosey neighbour.” It turned out it was their son Sandy, who travelled all the way from his home in Nova Scotia to be with his parents on this special anniversary. Their other son, Jack, from Barrie, also helped them celebrate. The Rumneys are long-time Grenfel residents. When they were first married they rented a house from Garnet McMaster on the 11th. Then they lived on Grove Street for a while when it was still just a farm field. They moved to Pinegrove (the 12th) in 1974. Roger Deschamps and his wife Louise (Peter Gubbel’s sister) were very pleased to see the Rumneys move to their road because Louise and Chris worked together. *** I always enjoy talking with Roger Deschamps about nature as he is very knowlegeable on the subject. He keeps very good track of the wildlife in his neck of the woods and feeds birds and animals alike. He was saying he has hardly seen or heard any coyotes lately and the one he did see had the mange. That usually reduces the population sustantially. He remarked that he has seen such an explosion in the chipmunk and squirrel population this year. He has seen a lot of cotton-tails, too. I have noticed exactly the same thing. Roger has a tip for attracting Baltimore Orioles to your backyard feeder. Hang a Coca-Cola can near it. It turns out that these beautiful bright orange and black birds like bright colours themselves! He found this out by accident when his grandson was shooting at Coke cans with his BB gun. Needless to say, target practice stopped abruptly when the Oriole began to investigate the pop can. *** Please send your birthdays, anniversaries, new items and ideas for the Grenfel and Centre Vespra News. Kathy Stunden-Hall may be reached at 735-9423 or by e-mail at .

Golf club names rarely used in the game today include baffy (a four wood), brassie (a two wood), cleek (a two iron), mashie (a five iron), niblick (an eight iron), and spoon (a three wood). In most of the world, scoring a two on a par-five hole is called an albatross; in the United States, it’s known as a double eagle.

WTO Appellate Body confirms COOL discriminates

Calgary, AB – The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) is pleased with today’s decision by the World Trade Organization (WTO) Appellate Body regarding mandatory Country of Origin Labelling (COOL). The Appellate Body confirmed the most important part of the WTO Dispute Panel decision of November 2011 that the U.S. COOL legislation discriminates against Canadian livestock in the U.S. market. CCA President Martin Unrau said by upholding the part of the panel ruling that confirmed the discriminatory nature of COOL, the Appellate Body’s final decision has provided an important victory for Canadian cattle producers and we are hopeful

that the U.S. will amend the COOL legislation to eliminate the discrimination. COOL has affected billions of dollars of commerce in cattle and beef products since it was implemented in 2008. At a cost of $25 to $40 per head, the current impact of COOL to Canadian producers is approximately $150 million per year. The CCA is very grateful for the determined efforts of International Trade Minister Ed Fast and Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz and their officials in pursuing this case at the WTO.  This case has been complex and expensive to argue for both the industry and the government, but it has been well worth the effort to achieve today’s decision.

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Details on the municipal signage tender are now available on our website at: www.

The Township of Springwater Administration Centre will be closed on Monday, August   IRU WKH &LYLF +ROLGD\ 7KH RIÂżFH ZLOO reopen at 8:30 am on Tuesday, August 7, 2012.

Thursday July 5 Phelpston Recreation Service Board 7:00 pm, Valender Park

WATERING RESTRICTIONS All Springwater properties connected to a municipal water system are advised of the following watering restrictions, in place from June 1 to September 15: ‡ Even numbered properties are permitted to water on even number days only between the hours of 12:01 am to 8:00 am and 7:00 pm to 11:59 pm. ‡ Odd numbered properties are permitted to water on odd numbered days only between the hours of 12:01 am to 8:00 am and 7:00 pm to 11:59 pm. ‡ Exemptions from these restrictions may be granted to owners of newly seeded and/ or sodded lawns upon proof of installation and subject to the approval of the Public Works Department. Water charges and surcharges apply as per the Township fee schedule. The Township reserves the right to declare a complete BAN on watering under drought or other conditions.

FARMERS’ MARKET 2012 The 2012 Springwater-Elmvale Farmers’ Market season opened Friday, June 15! The market is located in Elmvale at the Knox Building Parking Lot, 35 Queen Street West. It features fresh local produce, crafts, baked goods, and more. The market takes place every Friday from June 15 to September 14, 2012, from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. For further details please contact Bob Simmons at

Mayor Collins and Council wish everyone a safe and happy holiday weekend!


Tuesday July 10 Elmvale Recreation Service Board 5:00 pm, 35 Queen Street West, Elmvale Tuesday July 10 Grenfel Recreation Service Board 7:30 pm, Grenfel Community Centre

All Springwater residents and businesses are reminded of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act and its standards. This legislation, developed by the Province of Ontario, was enacted to make Ontario accessible for people with disabilities.

Thursday July 12 Library Board 7:00 pm, Elmvale Branch, Queen Street West

Please visit the Ministry of Community and Social Services webpage to learn more about this Act and its standards including Customer Service, Information and Communications, Built Environment, Transportation and Employment.

Tuesday July 17 Minesing Recreation Service Board 7:00 pm, Minesing Community Hall

OXFAM TRAILWALKER The 2012 Oxfam Trailwalker will start in Wasaga Beach on Friday, July 13 and will wrap up in Midland on Sunday, July 15. 'XULQJWKLVHYHQWWUDI¿FPD\EHDIIHFWHGDORQJ Flos/Tiny Townline between Ushers Road and Lawson Road. Thank you in advance to motorists for their patience! Like other Oxfam Trailwalkers around the world, teams of four commit to not only raising funds, but also hiking a grueling 100 km in 48 KRXUV 7HDPV PXVW VWDUW DQG ¿QLVK WKH KLNH together. The money raised from this crucial fundraising event will support Oxfam Canada’s initiatives DOO RYHU WKH ZRUOG 6SHFL¿FDOO\ WKH 2[IDP RI¿FHVLQ&DQDGDDUHGHGLFDWHGWRVXSSRUWLQJ long-term development, advocacy and emergency programs in 28 countries.

Monday July 16 Council Meeting 5:30 pm, Township Administration Centre

Wednesday July 18 Recreation Advisory Committee (RAC) 7:00 pm, Township Administration Centre Monday July 23 Special Council Meeting 5:00 pm, Township Administration Centre Monday July 23 Planning Committee Meeting 6:00 pm, Township Administration Centre Tuesday July 24 Heritage Committee 7:00 pm, Township Administration Centre The Final Residential and Farm Tax Bills have been mailed with due dates of Wednesday, July 18, 2012 and Wednesday, September 19, 2012. If you have not received your bill, please contact the Finance department at 705-728-4784.


The Doran Park Tennis Courts will not be available for public use Friday July 6, Saturday July 7 and Sunday July 8 or Saturday July 21 from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm.

How did we do today? Please help us measure and enhance our service by completing a brief customer service survey online at governance/public_consultation/

In June 2011, the Township of Springwater passed a By-Law regulating Off Road Vehicles within the Municipality. By-Law 2011-029 prohibits Off Road Vehicles from traveling on Municipal Roads and Municipal owned properties. The By-Law can be read in its entirety at Prohibited Areas: 1. All Municipal Roads (unless written authorization has been given). 2. All Township property including but not limited to, The North Simcoe Rail Trail, Community Centres, parks, playgrounds and sidewalks (unless written authorization from the Township has been given). 3. Closed Road Allowances as per By-Law 2011-029, Schedule A. Permitted Areas: 1. Private property 2. Designated trails in the County of Simcoe Forests (see appropriate website for details) or or

Phone: 705-728-4784

July 5, 2012

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CEMETERY NOTICE Midhurst Union Cemetery: The Township of Springwater has submitted by-laws (Cemetery Guiding Principles) to the Registrar of the Funeral, Burial, and Cremation Services Act 2002. Any interested parties may contact the Clerk at 705-728-4784 for information, or to make copies. By-laws or amendments may be reviewed or copied at 2231 Nursery Road, Minesing, or These by-laws are subject to the approval of the Registrar, Funeral, Burial, and Cremation Services Act 2002, and they may be contacted at 416-326-8399.


For more information on Oxfam or the Trailwalker event, visit trailwalker/oxfam-trailwalker-canada-2012 or contact Ryan Hollinrake, 416-518-6699,

ELMVALE BIA The Elmvale BIA has recently been approved! Budget Meeting ‡ Tuesday, July 10, 2012 at 6:00 pm ‡ Springwater Library – Elmvale Branch For more information on the nomination, election, or budget process please visit the Elmvale BIA link at: For further details please contact Chair-Elect Al Pontes at

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Girls On The Run

On June 12th, 2012 you may have noticed many yellow shirts in the community as Huronia Centennial's Girls On The Run were out in full force doing their part to raise money for The Diabetes Association and The Cancer Society. Together as a team we were able to raise over $600 for these very important causes.  A special thank-you goes out to The Tea Lax Lounge for letting us set up in their space as well as all the businesses on Queen Street that put up with our very excited girls! This is the second year that Girls on the Run has run at Huronia.  It is  program that focuses on many important issues that girls deal with. It helps build self-esteem, confidence and an appreciation for being a girl while working towards completing a 5km run.  The 5 km run was held at the waterfront in Barrie on June 16th, 2012 and the girls did great! Way to go girls!

Get moving for people in your community

A Kidney Foundation Walk is coming to Penetanguishene

PENETANGUISHENE – Every fall, people in your community come together for The Kidney Foundation of Canada’s Give the Gift of Life Walk to support friends, neighbours or family members affected by kidney disease. They come from all ages and backgrounds – dialysis patients, transplant recipients, donor families, living donors, renal professionals – but they’re united in their dedication to help kidney patients and their families, while raising awareness about kidney health and organ donation. Nearly 10,000 Ontarians depend on life-sustaining dialysis treatments several times a week, over 1,000 are waiting for a kidney transplant, and countless others live with reduced kidney function that may have gone undetected. The Kidney Foundation of Canada works to improve the lives of all people affected by kidney disease through research, government advocacy, peer support, education and programs. Give the Gift of Life Walks take place in 40 communities across the province. They’re grassroots, communitybased events that raise funds to help people affected by kidney disease. Join us in your area and help give the gift of life.

Where: Rotary Park Penetanguishene When: Sunday, September 30 Registration 9 a.m.; Walk 10 a.m.

For more information, please visit or call Daniela Piotrowski at 1-800-387-4474 ext. 4964.

Public Elementary & Secondary Schools Certified as EcoSchools

Nobody to Somebody

This year Mrs. Ozerkevich's grade 2 learned all about how to be a good person from a very special bear named Somebody. Somebody was originally known as Nobody when he was introduced to Mrs. Ozerkevich's class in January. Each week one student from the class got to take Nobody home and teach him how to become Somebody by providing him with the love, attention and support that everyone needs to grow into a strong person with lots of character.  Nobody learned how to win and lose with a good attitude by playing The Game Of Life with Zach's family.  He learned bike safety from Ashley and Jessica taught him that "everyone needs love to change from Nobody to Somebody".  Somebody even got to travel to Florida to meet Winter the Dolphin and had a car trip to London where he learned to share.  There were so many things to teach Somebody and he learned so much. Our class wanted to let everyone know how important it was to share and learn from a very special bear!

Adults Say the Best Age for a Kid to Get a Part-Time Job is 14 and the Best Job is Yard Work

What To Do With The Kids (WTDWTK) has just released its latest Special Report just in time for the summer season. WTDWTK contacted parents from around the United States, Canada and Great Britain through Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook as well as email, and asked them at what age is best for a kid to get a part-time job and what would that first job be?  The full report is available at WTDWTK received over 689 suggestions from 547 submissions and the most popular age suggested was 14 and the best job would be yard work.  Yard work includes raking leaves, cutting grass and for those in the north, shovelling snow. The next popular age was a tie between 15 and 16 year olds.  For 15 year olds, yard work was the most popular response but for 16 year olds, babysitting was the favorite.  As for part-time jobs, yard work and babysitting were closely followed by newspaper delivery and food service. The traditional lemonade stand ranked high with those 8 years and younger, 9 and 10 year olds while chores around the house ranked first in all three.  The vast majority of comments described having a parttime job as a way for kids to learn responsibility and money management.  They also said it was an ideal way of developing a kid's self-esteem and realization that they must earn if they want to spend. At what age can a kid get a part-time job?* Age 14    24% - Age 15  19% - Age 16    19% Age 12    17% - Age 13    12% - Age 11      11% Age 10    10% - Age 9     7% - Age 8 & under    7%

For the 2011-2012 school year, 10 Simcoe County District School Board (SCDSB) schools have been recognized for their environmental efforts by the Ontario EcoSchools program. Ontario EcoSchools is an environmental education program for Grades 1 through 12 that helps students develop ecological literacy while engaging in practices to become environmentally-responsible citizens. To become certified, schools are required to establish an eco-team, assess the needs of the school, develop and implement eco-action plans and monitor and evaluate the progress throughout the school year. There are three levels of certification: gold, silver and bronze. “We have been seeing a steady growth in the number of SCDSB schools receiving EcoSchool certifications,” says Karli McCawley, Environmental Systems Coordinator, SCDSB. “Our students and staff are enthusiastically promoting environmental initiatives, and our schools are leading the way in raising the environmental awareness of our communities.” SCDSB schools certified in 2011-2012 include: Hillsdale Elementary School - Gold (3rd year) Lions Oval Public School - Gold Terry Fox Elementary School - Gold (4th year) Wyevale Central Public School - Gold (2nd year) Huronia Centennial Elementary School - Silver Maple Grove Public School - Silver (2nd year) Nantyr Shores Secondary School - Silver (2nd year) Nottawa Elementary School - Silver Sir William Osler Public School - Bronze Waubaushene Elementary


arcoe - Farrier

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What is the best part-time job for them?* Yard work   23%  Grass cutting, leaf raking, snow shovelling Babysitting 17%  Non-family babysitting Newspaper Delivery 17% Daily, weekly and flyer delivery Food Service 15% Fast food companies, serving, cooking or cleaning Chores  14%  Dishes, cleaning Other 10% Odd jobs, house painting, door to door sales Retail  7%  Non-food stores, sales, stocking shelves Lemonade Stand  6%  Traditional front lawn enterprise Labor  5%   Lots of lifting • Recreation 3% • Supervising, refereeing, coaching • Dog Walking  2%  Taking dogs for






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Springwater News in France

Severn Sound Receives Huronia Foundation Environmental Grant

Presentation Of Cheque To Minor Hockey

Severn Sound Environmental Association (SSEA) is honoured to have been chosen as the recipient for the Huronia Community Foundation Environmental Grant. The grant will help the SSEA evaluate Tiny Bog, including documenting species and habitat within the wetland. A wetland evaluation helps determine the relative significance of wetlands in an area. It is a tool that helps municipalities and other planning authorities make informed decisions about land use and protection of the environment.


Arlene Inglis Owner Operator and Tom Cave Store Manager of Elmvale Foodland presented Kevin Fay President of Elmvale Minor Hockey with a cheque for $1000 dollars. The Foodland store participated and won a merchandising promotion organised by Dempsters Bread with the proceeds going to the Minor Hockey Association of the winning store. Until 1961, the condition known as Down Syndrome was commonly referred to as "Mongolian Idiocy." The World Health Organization voted to change the name to honor The SSEA is leading the evaluation of this local wetland. John Langdon Down, the physician who first described 2012 DODGE JOURNEY Cathy Bayles of the Huronia Community Foundation OR CHOOSE the characteristic head shape and hand folds of children CANADA VALUE PACKAGE grants committee presents a $1,000 cheque to Keith Sherborn with the syndrome. BI-WEEKLY man, Executive Director of the Severn Sound EnvironFINANCING "I was always taught to respect my elders and I've now mental Association. The grant will help the SSEA perform reached the age when I don't have anybody to respect." FOR 96 an evaluation of the Tiny Bog wetland. PURCHASE PRICE INCLUDES $2,000 CONSUMER CASH, FREIGHT, AIR TAX, George Burns $ % MONTHS TIRE LEVY AND OMVIC FEE. TAXES EXCLUDED. OTHER RETAILER CHARGES MAY APPLY.


“While hiking in the French Alps, Katy Austin reads the latest edition of the Springwater News.”   Be true to your teeth, or they'll be false to you."--


(PENETANGUISHENE, On)-Members of the Penetanguishene Rotary Club gathered on June 19, 2012 and congratulated this months students of the month Jackie and Ellen Wright and Jordan Hook The Club heard from Art Instructor Shalleen Riley of Penetanguishene Secondary School who spoke of both Jackie and Ellen as being great school ambassadors and who provide leadership by example. These grade 12 students who are twin sisters have also provided strong support to school events. Ellen will be attending Canadore College to study Early Childhood Education and Jackie is also enrolled in the Social Service Program at Canadore College. Jordan Hook is a grade 12 student at Ecole Secondaire LeCaron and was presented to the Club by Tech Teacher Jean Daigle. Jean spoke of Jonathan as a pleasant student who is always ready and willing to help others and possess an excellent work ethic. This fall Jordan will be attending College Boreal in the fish/wildlife and forestry programme. The Club wishes the students the best of success in their future endeavours.



2012 Dodge Journey R/T shown.§

117 @ 4community .99 Minesing Public School project donates to RVH $



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No Appointment Necessary

(from left to right) Penetanguishene Secondary School Student of the Month Ellen Wright, Penetanguishene Secondary School Art Teacher Shallen Riley, Student of the Month Jackie Wright, Ecole Secondaire LeCaron Student of the Month Jonathan Hook with Tech Teacher Jean Daigle and Rotarian Bonnie Sheriff.


Ancient warming turned Antarctica green - LOS ANGELES - Ancient global warming allowed the greening of Antarctica and substantial vegetation sprouted on the frozen continent 15 million years ago, researchers say. Ancient Antarctica was warmer and wetter than previously suspected -- enough to support vegetation, including stunted trees, along its edges -- researchers from the University of Southern California, Louisiana State University and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory reported Sunday. Summer temperatures along the Antarctic coast 15 million to 20 million years ago were 20 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than they are today, reaching about 45 degrees Fahrenheit with considerably more precipitation, they said. Scientists began to suspect high-latitude temperatures were warmer than previously believed when LSU researcher Sophie Warny discovered large quantities of pollen and algae in sediment cores taken around Antarctica. "Deep sea cores are ideal to look for clues of past vegetation as the fossils deposited are protected from ice-sheet advances, but these are technically very difficult to acquire in the Antarctic and require international collaboration," Warny said. Fossils of plant life in Antarctica are difficult to come by, scientists say, because the movement of the massive ice sheets covering the landmass grinds and scrapes away the evidence. "Ice cores can only go back about 1 million years," Sarah J. Feakins, USC professor of earth sciences, said. "Sediment cores allow us to go into 'deep time.'" The increased temperatures occurred during a period of global warming in the middle Miocene epoch that coincided with increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide, researchers said.

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Letters to the Editor • The Springwater Forum • Your Page

Editor’s musings June 7

Hello Mr Jacobs: I enjoy the news and views in the SN News which we get both at work in Barrie and at home in Tiny. I was grateful for your observations June 7on the failure of presumably reasonable Conservative MPs to challenge the current PM's oligarchy. Like most of my generation, at age 61, I have voted in every election at all levels since I was able to vote. To date I have contributed some money occasionally to a political party but never joined one. However, in view of the unwillingness of the current federal government to thoroughly and transparently present their agenda to Parliament and Canadians as a whole, I now feel I have to get more involved.  I have worked in Barrie since 1989 as a family physician and lived in Tiny since 2010. Like you I have heard positive comments about Bruce Stanton. However, at the end of the day, we are either part of the solution or part of the problem. I need to start being part of the solution, and I believe Mr Stanton does too. Sooner or later he and his colleagues have to answer for what they have been accomplices to  even if   they have provided excellent service to their constituents.  Thanks again for your comments.  Peter Kizoff

Love Truth and Unity of Purpose

Taxi Service Reduced

I am appalled that Elmvale’s Door To Door Taxi service has encountered vicious vandalism to their property. I have used this service on a number of occasions; several in the evening when weather was bad, and I found them particularly invaluable when I had broken my arm and needed to go to RVH. The drivers were at all times more than helpful and accomodating to me. This service is one of the main reasons why I have continued to make my home in this town.   Charlotte Nicholls Ontario is investing $2.4 billion in road and bridge construction projects this year. Approximately 2,700 jobs will be created in Eastern Ontario during this year's construction season. Ontario has 16,600 kilometres of provincial highway and 2,756 bridges. Ontario uses new technology and greener construction practices whenever possible, including: rapid bridge replacement, which can reduce a year of traffic delays down to two days; recycling existing pavement; and using recycled and shredded

We are told, for the most part that owning a pet is therapeutic for seniors. My husband and I can certainly attest to this. Actually we can’t remember not having at least one pet in our household. As of last August we became the owners of a five year old, four pound Chihuahua, white hair (what he has of it) with a black patch over one eye and very large ears. His name is Oliver. He’s a delightful little ball of energy. Knows when it’s bedtime and even covers himself with his blanket. Unfortunately there’s a downside to owning a pet and it happened when we decided to take Oliver to our veterinarian to have some tarter on his back teeth removed before it became a costly problem. When my husband phoned and asked for a ball point price for a basic teeth cleaning, they told him it would cost $7 to $700. When he reiterated, a little, more aggressively, that we just wanted a ball park price for a basic cleaning and nothing more, we received the same answer and were told to check somewhere else. We have been customers ofa certain Veterinary Services for years. After some discussion, we decided to make the appointment after all. We’ve had no complaints in the past and figured the two $7 and $700 figures to be two ridiculously, exaggerated quotes but what we didn’t know was the business had changed ownerships. We were asked to have Oliver there at 8am and because of our unforeseen emergency, we were not able to pick him up until 6 pm and that was when we were presented with the bill. This is a written description (copy) INDUCTION (EXAM, PREMED, AGE) $125.84 ANES MAINT/10 MIN INTERV $79.80 DENTAL PROPHY $82.90 DENTAL EXTRACTION (S)/10MI $72.50 HOSP-DOG ½ DAY $61.46 PRE-ANESTHETIC 6 $69.58 IV START $102.69 CLINICIN 25 mg TABLETS $19.83 SUBTOTAL $613.89 HST $79.82 TOTAL $693.71 Attached to the bill was a plastic bag with 10 tiny teeth inside. We were never notified as to what they were about to do or of the cost. We were not allowed any choice in the matter. When we arrived home, we immediately removed his sweater only to find he had a very large black bruise that completely covered his chest. They said they were unaware of the bruise and more or less indicated it didn’t happen on their watch. They also claimed that before their intervention, Oliver had a painful infected mouth and that we should feel joyful the he now has a healthy mouth. If he had a painful mouth, there was absolutely no indication of that. Before their intervention, he was the same happy energetic little dog, ate the same dry kibble, vigorously chewed on the same hard treats as he does now. A point to be made here is to book beyond the joy of owning a pet you will also be responsible for their health and well-being, which will more than likely include a visit(s) to a veterinarian. Check for approximate prices, which should be available to you. In any case, demand to know the cost before any procedure occurs. The choice should be yours.

Why? re Midhurst Secondary Plan This little word can have a lot of power if it is in context with the right Question. So here I go. Why is Springwater council so anxious to get the Midhurst Secondary Plan on the way? This question has been asked before, however no answer has been forthcoming. We, the Taxpayer, are getting the run around and being led around by our noses. We get told this and that but is this all honest? This counsel is hiding behind so called Laws, Lawyers, etc. Come on, you all must think we are a bunch of morons. If this council would have the guts to oppose what previous councils have proposed, the upper level of Government would most likely be very happy to oblige. What is the problem of saying that mistakes have been made, now lets start over again? Other involved groups in this battle must understand that no promises will be made until the groundwork is completed. Or, were there promises made?  To tell us, the taxpayers, that work is being done to reduce resident's concerns about the MSP, but we are not told what and when, is a bunch of nonsense. Should the MSP go ahead as proposed, yes Council, you have won the battle, but you lost the war come next election. Remember Dumpsite 41? The power are the people. Gerald Duerr Midhurst tires for bridge embankment fill.


The number of occupied private dwellings in Canada continues to grow at a faster rate than the country’s population, as it has since 1971. Occupied private dwellings are separate living quarters with a private entrance in which people permanently live. While the population

Canadian Well Drilling

• Canadian Well Drilling • Water Wells 6” & up • Pump Systems installed • Old well decommissioning • All work is done by CWD and backed by guarantee. • We do not subcontract. • Free estimates. Jamie Archer


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Mr. Harper's Great Success

I suppose, Mr. Harper, that you feel you are a great success. In fact you are! You have succeeded, with your 400 page bill, in bringing about the greatest discontent of the Canadian people in Canada's history, with more to come. When the Canadian people learn what is in those 400 pages, all hell will break loose. Tell me, Mr. Harper, is this Openyou 7 days ap- you why built aallweek thosewith newpumpkins, jails for allsquash, those people ples,tofruit and many more appetizing items. expect protest? Thomas & Kelly sit Birch Your members of parliament in their seats like docil sheep while you dictate decisions to them. 705.835.2930 • 2 your Mill St. East, Hillsdale I have just recently learned that only 25% of Canadians voted in the last election. That means 75% of Canadians Elmvale District Horticultural gave you & a non-confidence vote. Not only Society that, but you byinKevin Healey, have succeeded becoming theM.G. lowest minority government in all history. Maybe 12% of the Canadian people voted for you. Now that is a great achievement you think. Have you noticed the Inuit people of the Arctic are proIt’s testing? Oh, I know you don't care, you are only interested in the vast oil reserves of the Arctic. Yes, you and your again at corporate friends are not interested in those people, or us either, just that one per cent of billionaires and trillionaires who have absconded with the world's wealth. 36 QueentheSt.devastation W. Elmvale Here we are witnessing of climate change in our Arctic and the(705) only thing you care 322-1691 about is money. It is time the people of our planet earth curb the power of the corporations whose great wealth is only paper money! But in your tangled mind of your foolish monetary system, which is in great disorder with no hope of recovery, you and your kind will, I'm sure, bring about a great collapse. What will youalready do when that great wealth becomes (except items on sale) worthless? Remember - we’re now closed Vincent J. Barnes.

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Human Rights in Canada

Dear Editor: Will Canada lose international respect on human rights as a result of Quebec’s policies, actions and special status in Canada? In a recent speech by Ms. Pillay, the United Nations High Commissioner on Human Rights criticized Quebec’s Bill 78, a new law that imposes strict limits on student protests. In her words, "In the context of student protests, I am disappointed by the new legislation passed in Quebec that restricts their rights to freedom of association and of peaceful assembly”. In this same speech she also touched on human rights hotspots around the world including Syria, Mali, Nepal, Mexico and Russia. Help Is Just Around The UN High Commissioner may not be aware of the additional costs of Quebec’s “Special Status” to the rest of Canada. Quebec students, with the lowest tuition in Canada, begin to riot at the suggestion of a slight increase in their tuition fees. The Quebec Law Enforcement did their job to Barrie Grant and control the rioting students. Canada’sServing Equalization Area for over 80 Years Policy has for fifty-five years provided Quebec with over One hundred and fifty billion dollarsAasHardware a “HAVE NOT” Store province. In response to Quebec’s demands, in 1969, The with all your needs. Official Languages Act became law and imposed Official Mon & Sun 10-5 Bilingualism on all Canadian Citizens and- Sat Business. The Our New Location forty-three year history of Official Bilingualism has cost (705)728-2431 Corner of Blake & Canadians an estimated 1.5Steel TRILLION DOLLARS and there are still less than FIVE PERCENT of Canadians who are bi-lingual in French and English Human rights are displayed in law enforcement, high moral standards and financial accountability of our governments and public institutions. It is time for the majority of Canadians to stand up for our rights and demand an immediate end to these costly, failed policies that are prejudicial to the majority of Canadians. Ken Kellington, Devon, Alberta.

The Corner

Most people know what truth is, but most of us do not know the real meaning of love. Is that amazing? It should be. Love is maybe the most distorted word in our vocabulary. Most people believe love is associated with the sexual act. Not true! That is a distortion of the fact. Love is not a complicated word, rather a simplistic word. Love is being kind and respecting your neighbour and everybody’s opinions. Love is loving and respecting nature; the way of animals, how they live; our birds, wild and tame; the fish in our waters, lakes and rivers; protecting our water so that all life living in the water continue to survive. Fish cannot survive in contaminated water because that destroys the ecological balance. The plants that flourish in our lakes and rivers are not weeds; they are a necessary part of life itself. On the plants are microscopic lives that are part of the cycle of other life forms. When frogs and turtles lay their eggs, new life begins, as in we humans and all animal and bird life. Do you know that pollywogs, tadpoles, are beautiful? For those who have never seen or watched the development, it is fascinating. Soon after birth they can be seen, a little round ball with a long tail, wiggling along the shores of ponds, lakes and rivers. The pollywog grows quite large and four legs begin to develop as the tail disappears, it begins to look like a frog. It is fascinating to see it change from one life form to another as it eats insects that are abundant. All the money in the world is not worth one pollywog! Sound funny? That is why we must protect all our trees and forests that are habitat for thousands of life forms. All life that exists in our meadows and mountains, the plants, flowers, birds, and so much more, all a product of nature which we must love. Industry destroys nature, polluting with chemicals and the waste by-products of manufacturing. Why do we tolerate war? We think we cannot stop it! Wrong! We can stop war with love. How is that?, you say, by being truthful and honest, every one of us. Deceit and lies are the essential tools of war. That causes the communication problem. We have to start with you and me, everyone learning spirituality because we must learn the true meaning of love. Our First Nations people understand the spirituality of living with nature. Lots of countries like India and thousands more people of the oppressed world understand all this. Is it so difficult then? Vincent J. Barnes, Penetanguishene, Ontario.

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rose 5.9% between 2006 and 2011, the number of occupied private dwellings increased 7.1%. The 2011 Census counted 13,320,614 occupied private dwellings, compared with 12,435,520 five years earlier.

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Springwater News • July 5, 2012 Edition 368 • Tel: 705.322.2249

The Sports Zone

Coram’s Electric

by Mike Townes Last Sunday, Ca- century are all well known to Residential/ nadians celebrated sports fans, with a few surpristhe 145th birthday es. From 1-10, Wayne Gretz- Commercial of this great coun- ky leads the pack, followed 835-6700 try. We as Cana- by Gordie Howe, Bobby Orr, dians, have many multi-sport athlete Lionel Con- 322-7723 things to be happy for, especially in acher, Maurice Richard, track- the category of sports. The U.S.A. has and-field star Donovan Bailey, es to Brantford (12-8), London (5-4 & a population almost 9 times more than baseball Hall of Fame pitcher ours, but we hold our own in sports, Ferguson Jenkins, Mario Lemieux, 5-4), Burlington (8-6) and Kitchenespecially with hockey. Canadians are baseball star Larry Walker and speed er (8-7) over the last two weeks have making headway in other sports as skater Gaetan Boucher. Lionel Con- dropped Barrie into the middle of the well, including baseball, basketball, acher was also voted male athlete of pack in the standing. Their only win was a 7-4 home win over Kitchenfootball and golf. the first half of the century. In 2010, the top 100 athletes of allConacher won a Grey Cup with To- er in that stretch…Next home games time in the world included Wayne ronto in 1921, International League are Thursday, July 5th against BrantGretzky (5), Mario Lemieux (38), baseball championship with Toron- ford at 7:30 p.m., Saturday, July 7th Steve Nash (66), Bobby Orr (74) and to in 1926, a Memorial Cup in 1923 with Hamilton at 7:00 p.m. and SaturSidney Crosby (89). Gordie Howe and Stanley Cups in 1934 and 1935. day, July 14th at 7:00 p.m. with Ottawa was left off the list which I think was He won awards in wrestling, box- visiting Barrie…Brantford is running a big mistake and I am sure you can ing and lacrosse. He also fought Jack away from the rest of the league. They likely name 3 or 4 more who could Dempsey in an exhibition boxing are 20-3 as of Sunday…This was gohave made the list. match in 1921. He was knocked out ing to be the last season for the OtIn 1999, Canadian Press conduct- by the champ. At the age of 52, Con- tawa Fatcats but Ottawa’s bid for the ed a survey to name the top ten male acher died of a heart attack trying to Double “A” New Hampshire team did and female athletes of the 20th cen- stretch a single into a triple in a char- not materialize. The Toronto Blue Jay farm team has signed a new contract tury in Canada. The female list from ity fastball game. 1-10 included skier Nancy Greene, The team of the century was the 1972 to stay where they are. Ottawa could rower Silken Laumann, figure skat- Team Canada hockey team that beat return with this news. This Day in Sports (July 5th): In er Barbara Ann Scott, biathlon com- the Russians in the first summit series 1937, Joe DiMaggio hit his 1st grand petitor Myriam Bedard, rower Marnie between our two countries. slam…Larry Doby became the first McBean, track-and-field athlete FanMany Canadian sports legends to ny “Bobbie” Rosenfeld, speed skater be proud of as we celebrate another black player to play in the American Catriona Le May Doan, golfer Sandra birthday! Enjoy the things that make League in 1947…Wilt Chamberlain Post, long distance swimmer Marilyn our country great and be grateful we was traded from Philadelphia to the LA Lakers in 1968…Toronto Blue Bell and swimmer Elaine Tanner as live in Canada. number 10. Most would agree that our Quiz Time: Larry Doby was the sec- Jays were 10 games back in the AL female athletes do not get the same ond black player to play in the major East standing on July 5, 1989 but they recognition as our male athletes but leagues and the first in the American went on to win the pennant…ColoraI recognize all the names on the list League when he played for Cleve- do Rockies and the Florida Marlins except Rosenfeld who also was voted land on July 5, 1947, Jackie Robinson were given approval to join the Nathe female athlete of the first half of played his first game with the Dodg- tional League in 1991…Roger Clethe century. ers on April 15, 1947. Which major mens became 11th pitcher to record Fanny Rosenfeld’s family immi- league team was the last to have a 3,000 strikeouts in 1998…Reliever grated to Canada in 1904 and settled black player on their roster? Answer Goose Gossage was born on July 5, 1951…Baseball great Ted Williams in Barrie until they moved to Toron- below. to in 1922. She won a gold medal in On the Diamond: The Elmvale Mer- died on July 5, 2002. This & That: The Thursday Night the 400 metre relay and a silver medal chant over 50-team ran into some hot in the 100 metre in 1928 at the Sum- pitching last Friday night. Minesing Fastball League will be holding their mer Olympics in Amsterdam. She beat the veterans 7-0 while Wyevale mid-season tournament on Saturday, was a star in basketball, hockey, soft- won game two 6-1. The two games July 7th. Games start at 8:00 a.m. and ball, golf and tennis. She was inducted were a tune-up for the Merchants who continue all day…The Boston Red into the Barrie Sports Hall of Fame in will be going to Midland, Michigan Sox were the last major league team to 1985. Now you all know about Fanny in August…The Barrie Baycats have have a black player on their roster. It Rosenfeld! dropped 8 of their last ten games and took the team over 12 years (July 21, The top 10 male athletes of the 20th are now 12-12 as of last Monday. Loss- 1959) to break the team color barrier.

OLG Zone 7 Joint Media Release

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) recently announced their intention to expand private sector gaming in Ontario by issuing a Request for Information (RFI) seeking input from potential private sector providers as it expands regulated gaming in Ontario. The Town of Wasaga Beach, Town of Collingwood, Clearview Township and the Township of Springwater have been identified by the OLG as a potential location for a single gaming facility with 300 slot machines. This area is called Zone C7. The OLG has indicated that each identified zone will only support one gaming facility and will ensure any new gaming facilities are not in close proximity to an existing gaming operation. Thursday afternoon, Mayor Ken Ferguson of Clearview Township hosted the Mayors, Deputy Mayors and senior staff from the Zone C7 municipalities at Clearview Town Hall to discuss the potential of a gaming facility locating in this area and the approach the municipalities should take in addressing this opportunity. It was agreed at the meeting that the four communities will take a collaborative approach in exploring the advantages and disadvantages of hosting a gaming facility in this area. The next step in this process is to educate the individual Councils on what this announcement means to the area from a variety of perspectives. Further steps will be determined by the individual Councils working together. The Mayors and Deputy Mayors from The Town of Wasaga Beach, Town of Collingwood, Clearview Township and the Township of Springwater have indicated that residents of each respective community will be kept well informed of information received regarding this announcement. Mayor Linda Collins commented that “we are pleased to be working collaboratively with our neighbouring municipalities to explore all perspectives on this matter. We will be consulting with Springwater residents and businesses as we proceed through this process, and will be mindful of its impact on all services within Simcoe County.” "She got her good looks from her father. He's a plastic surgeon."-- Groucho Marx

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Hot Weather Food Tips

Basically, the idea is to keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold. This means forethought and preparation on the part of the cook, including safe food preparation, smart transportation of foods to your destination, and safely storing leftovers. Here are some tips for outdoor food safety and convenience: * Think ahead before opening your cooler. Every time you open it, cold air escapes and the temperature rises. * If possible, have all your cooler food in watertight containers. Add water to the ice which will keep the foods and beverages colder for a longer period. * If you don't have blue-ice packs, you can fill up ziptop baggies, plastic or cardboard cartons with water and freeze ahead of time. With the baggies or sealed plastic jugs, the melted ice can be used for cold drinking water. * Be sure the food is already cold before putting into a cold cooler of ice to keep temperatures low. Warm or even room temperature foods added to a cold cooler will reduce your storage time. * Unless you have facilities to boil leftover marinades for sauce, toss out the leftover marinade or risk foodborne illness. * Leftover hot foods need to be refrigerated or iced immediately to avoid bacteria contamination. Make sure you bring extra ice if you are away from home. "Age merely shows what children we remain.” -- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Big Brothers Big Sisters Dinner with the HAVE SimcoeQUESTIONS Stars DO YOU Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Simcoe would like to present to ABOUT you, DinnerDENTURES with the Simcoe ? Stars. Please

you have your natural teeth or are in need of find Ifattached a lost poster with information about our new new dentures, you may be wondering: How much will fundraising initiative. Buy a ticket, and you will have newchances dentures How will I look afterwards? I three tocost? win dinner with a local celebrityAm at the getting the best service restaurant of your choice.available? Winners can also bring up to Simcoe Denture Clinic specializes providing threeThe guests and will receive a maximum of in $500 to spend full and partial dentures and prides itself on obtaining (this includes food, drinks, taxes, and gratuities). the results that younow are through looking August for. Tickets are on sale 30 for $20 each may You not need new dentures right booklet featuror 3 You for $50. will receive a numbered but there services that that have partingnow, celebrity bios, are and other all of the restaurants you can benefit from. Loose dentures nered with us. Buy tickets at our office at 67 Fourth Street can be relined to fitmethods tight again. BrokenCash or Cheque. in Midland. Payment accepted: dentures canOnly be repaired immediately. Please note: the celebrities and restaurants feaA soft cushion liner help are an untured on the poster/in thewill booklet eligible. A celebrity comfortable loweronce. denture. The Simcoe may only be picked Celebrities selected Denture are based Clinic has a lab on the premises and this will save you on availability. wellany as aquestions, considerable money. If time you as have feelamount free to ofemail me back, Call the Simcoe Denture Clinic today and or call our office at 705-526-5051. You can alsomake visitan our appointment for a free consultation. Dinner with the Simcoe Stars web page: http://www. Yours for better health, Cahur, D.D., Denture Specialist stars.aspx PleaseIMCOE support our Mentoring Programs and buy your ENTURE LINIC ticket today!  Melissa Lawson 187 & Bayfield Barrie 7 2 2 - 9 0 0 6 Office VolunteerSt., Coordinator Blocks ofSimcoe Hwy. 400 Big Brothers2 Big SistersSouth of North 67The Fourth Street, Midland, L4R 3S9 Simcoe Denture Clinic is open to the public (P) 705.528.6066 and705.526.5051 no referrals(F) are needed. Dental plans are accepted and social services & DVA are welcome.





Local golf clubs have been working together to offer golfers yet another great venue for golf and fun! Always interested in enhancing the golfers’ experience, at least 9 courses will be taking part in the Simcoe County InterClub Challenge beginning this year with a team competition to be held at Bear Creek Golf Club on October 3rd. All participating clubs will have various styles of qualifying events for their own members and regular players, to earn their place on their club’s team. The yearly team competition will take place at a different one of the clubs each season. A full package of the rules of competition, and the special event itself, will be available to interested golfers at each of the participating clubs. It is intended to be a fun event for all, and a great way o experience other clubs in the area, while at the same time, representing your home club. The current list of participating clubs include: Bear Creek G.C.; Borden G. C.; Harbourview G.C.; Innisbrook; Shanty Bay G.C.; Simoro Golf Links: Springwater G.C.; Tangle Creek G.C.: and Vespra Hills G.C. Contact your home club for more details. A film today sometimes lists as many as a dozen producers, but most of them aren't actually producers; they're friends, personal assistants, or even fitness trainers of the film's stars. They get a production credit as a special "perk" of their relationship.

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Springwater News • July 5, 2012 Edition 368 • E-mail: •

Lack of Radio Operators = Danger??

On May 17th of this year, The Minister of Fisheries and Oceans announced the closure of ten Coast Guard Radio Stations across this county. One of those stations to be closed, is Thunder Bay Coast Guard Radio (or Thunder Bay Marine Communications and Traffic Services Center as it is officially called by the government). The actual statement, in part, from Fisheries and Oceans was: May 17, 2012 OTTAWA, ONTARIO –The Canadian Coast Guard is modernizing twelve Marine Communications and Traffic Services Centres across the country with state-of-the-art technology in order to ensure consistent and uninterrupted communication and traffic services to mariners. “The safety of Canadians and mariners is the top priority of the Canadian Coast Guard,” said Minister Keith Ashfield, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans. “Improving and integrating communications centres across the country will ensure that important information can be properly broadcast to mariners and emergency calls will be received under all circumstances.” Thunder Bay Coast Guard Radio has radio coverage for Lake Winnipeg, Lake Superior, the St. Mary’s river, the North Channel, all of Georgian Bay and northern Lake Huron to about Port Elgin. The station itself is in Thunder Bay Ontario and has radio operators on duty monitoring the maritime VHF emergency channels. During the summer months two (sometimes three) operators are on duty 24 hours a day everyday. In 2011-2012 Thunder Bay Coast Guard Radio responded to 391 incidents. 274 of those incidents occurred during the three months of June, July and August of 2011. By incidents I mean either a call for assistance from a vessel in trouble or some other on-the-water event that required the Search and Rescue center in Trenton to be informed. These incidents range from strange flashing lights to overdue kayakers, lost boaters to medical emergencies; groundings to fires on board; drownings to sinking vessels and ...well you get the point. Summer is the busy time for obvious reasons. By July of 2014 the Coast Guard will permanently close Thunder Bay Coast Guard Radio. Its duties and coverage area will be


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transferred to Sarnia Coast Guard Radio. Sarnia Coast Guard Radio presently has a coverage area of Southern Lake Huron, Detroit and St.Clair rivers and most of Lake Erie. In addition to monitoring VHF emergency channels Sarnia Coast Guard Radio also has responsibility for monitoring the Vessel Traffic area of the St. Clair and Detroit rivers. To fulfil these duties Sarnia has three sometimes four operators on duty 24 hours a day. Two of the operators are specifically tasked with monitoring the Marine VHF emergency channels. During the 2011 boating season, Sarnia Coast Guard Radio responded to 647 incidents of which 427 occurred during the months of June, July and August. When July 2014 comes along, Sarnia Coast Guard Radio will take responsibility for all of Thunder Bay’s coverage area less Lake Winnipeg. However the plan is to do so without any additional staff on duty at Sarnia. In addition to their other duties, two operators during the summer months of June July and August will now respond to (using 2011 numbers) 701 incidents instead of a very busy 427. The Department of Fisheries and Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard claim that 'modernizing' with 'state-of-theart' technology makes this feasible. Yet it is not mentioned that the only modernization taking place is the acquisition of new communication consoles. These new consoles have yet to be constructed let alone tested. They replace the old consoles that use manual switches to select transmitter sites and VHF channels with new computerized touch screens to select transmitter sites and VHF channels. The Radio operators at Sarnia - or any other Coast Guard Radio station - will not be able to clone themselves to do the work of four. The new consoles will not increase the radio-operators or mariners rate of speech. The new consoles do not replace the push-to-talk. No matter how modernized the communications console there will still be at most two operators dealing with all marine incidents (not to mention the normal non-SAR radio traffic) from all of Lake Superior, the St. Mary’s river, Lake Huron, the North Channel, Georgian Bay, the Detroit and St. Clair rivers and Lake Erie to the Niagara peninsula. The over-riding priority of the radio operators at Sarnia Coast Guard Radio is to monitor and detect calls for assistance from the mariner. But two people can only do so much and no more. The closure of Thunder Bay Coast Guard Radio without increasing the staff on duty at Sarnia Coast Guard Radio, contradicts the stated goal of safety of Canadians and mariners being the top priority of the Canadian Coast Guard . I urge all mariners of these waters to question the Government on this decision. Peter Fraser, Regional Representative

Jack Nicklaus's nickname, "The Golden Bear," has nothing to do with his blonde hair and stocky build. He earned it while playing golf in high school for the Upper Arlington (Ohio) Golden Bears. Before good-quality synthetic materials were developed, the "carpet" at miniature golf courses was typically made from green-dyed felt made from goat hair. A coworker stormed into my friend's office, yelling, "Did you tell Joan I was a bitch?!" Stunned, my friend sputtered, "No! I don't know how she found out."


Dave operates “DOCTOR H HONDA SPECIALISTS in Toronto for the last 25 yrs. E-mail : ( we respond to every e-mail) Do you have a story to tell?   Product to promote?   Let us know we’ll put you on air….. I owned a 2001 Acura Integra ev- neering) introduced a three-channel system for their top erything is fine on the brakes. No of the range Imperial. Yet, manufactures actually hesitatleaks, stopping good, but get this an- ed in introducing ABS for fear of being sued. Building a noying abs light on when am driving car that stops faster than the car following, they thought, away. If I switch the ignition off and was a lawsuit waiting to happen. ABS generally offers on, the light goes out. However; the improved vehicle control and decreases stopping distancABS light comes on when I’m mov- es on dry and slippery. On loose surfaces like gravel or ing. Can you tell me what the prob- snow-covered pavement, an ABS can significantly inlem is? My mechanic said I need a crease braking distance. Don’t throw the baby out with computer unit ? the bath water. Have the unit scanned by someone who is more experienced with this product. The failure apThe concept of the ANTI-LOCK BRAKING SYSTEM pears to be a speed sensor that is not responding. We have (ABS) actually originated in the aircraft industry. First changed very few computers on this model. Here’s the developed for aircraft in 1929 by the French automobile theory. When the light winks out, the self test is complete manufacture and aircraft pioneer, Gabrial Voisin. Voi- and the unit is ready to function. As you start to move off sin was a prestigious car manufacture who’s vehicle’s the light is coming on because the computer is picking up pushed the envelop of design and technology. Today, the lack of signal form the wheel sensor. Common probthese car bring outrageous amounts of money at collector lem. I hate ABS auctions. In 1971 Chrysler (always noted for good engiThe cover of Led Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti album depicts two buildings at 96/98 St. Mark’s Place in Manhattan. Those visiting the location may be surprised to see five-story buildings because those on the cover only had four stories. The photo was specially cropped to “remove” one of the floors so that the image would fit squarely on the album cover.

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How will NEW Mortgage Rules Affect YOU?

Three months ago, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty told banks to tighten lending on their own. Now he’s doing it for them. For some, it will make little difference, but for new home buyers and lower income families, these rules could make it much tougher to get into their own home. For others who already own their own home but have fallen on hard times, refinancing to pay debt may not be as viable an option anymore either. The Biggest changes are: Amortization changing from 30 to 25 years. This will make a significant difference for many in the price of home they choose and whether they can afford it at all. Put another way, a qualified family earning $75,000, with no debt, will qualify for $49,000 less of a mortgage by being forced to take a 25-year amortization. For those buying a lower end home, it could very well leave them out in the cold when it comes to getting into their own home. Refinancing being reduced to 80% from 85%. The days of using our homes as ATM’s are waning. While taking equity out of our homes for responsible purposes, such as necessary home repair/renovation or University educations, many Canadians in the past have been regularly running up debt and paying it off with home equity. The gov’t is trying to change that behavior and encourage more responsible debt management. On that note. . . Home Equity Lines of Credit to be reduced from 80% to 65%. This is another area that has caused concern in that Canadians are not paying down their HELOC’s. By reducing the percentage of equity allowed in this product, these Cdn’s are forced to manage their home equity more responsibly. On the other hand, many Cdn’s were using these funds for higher paying investments, so it’s bad news for them. New Self-Employed Restrictions. Previously, self employed individuals could take advantage of a provision called “Stated Income”. This will no longer be accepted by federally regulated banks. All income must be verified. (by tax records) Those in business for themselves know that once all qualifying deductions are taken off one’s gross income, the resulting net income is a very low figure. . .which in turn, will potentially disqualify you for the mortgage amount you need. Cash Back Mortgages. This avenue has been effectively closed. For those looking for 100% financing, those days are gone. This is one area that all in the financing industry agree on. Saving 5% is both fair and more then generous. Many still feel 10% should be the minimum. Closing this avenue forces people to buy a more appropriately priced home. Limit on Insured Mortgages. Not many of us have this problem, but mortgages over one million dollars can no longer qualify for insurance. Due to this, buyers will have to have a 20% down payment. This seems more then reasonable to me, but then again, I don’t live in Vancouver where a 3rd grade starter home in a bad neighbourhood is $400,000. So what now? For sure, the Govt’s solutions to this problem will influence our market for years to come. Some for better, some for worse. . .but there is some good news. There are still Lenders out there NOT affected by “all” the new guidelines. If you find you fall into one of the categories above, or you just need the best mortgage with the best rate. . .call me. I’m here to help and have more than 60 Lenders to choose from. DARLENE HINTON - Mortgage Agent MORTGAGE ALLIANCE - License #M10001367 Phone:705-331-6774 Fax: 1-866-716-7038

Dental appointments available

Appointments are now being booked for the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit’s new mobile dental clinic. The clinic will be parked on scheduled days at locations in Angus, Bradford, Collingwood, Gravenhurst, Huntsville, Midland, Orillia and Wasaga Beach. The Healthy Smiles Ontario program provides dental services for children 17 years and younger who are members of a family with an Adjusted Family Net Income of $20,000 or less, and who have no access to a dentist or any other form of dental coverage. To find out if your children are eligible for Healthy Smiles Ontario and to book an appointment, call Your Health Connection at 705-721-7520 or 1-877-721-7520 Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or check

Springwater News • July 5, 2012 Edition 368 • Tel: 705.322.2249

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Sorrow has its reward, says RVH doc

Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre’s Dr. Robert Bear, Vice President of Academic and Medical Affairs, hopes his book “Sorrow’s Reward” will prompt a robust discussion in the Canadian healthcare industry about what exactly “patient-centred care” should look and feel like. A sought-after speaker who has authored numerous medical articles, Dr. Bear spent four years writing his first work of fiction based on the experiences, patients he cared for and professionals he worked with during his thirty years as a nephrologist treating kidney disease. The thought-provoking and touching book captures life in a dialysis unit, as seen through the eyes of patients, their families and healthcare providers. It plumbs the often murky depths of the patient/physician relationship and paints a vivid picture of what is it like to live with a chronic disease, requiring ongoing lifesaving treatment. “Our patients’ courage and positive outlook, despite their suffering, can teach us a lot,” says Dr. Bear, formerly a professor of medicine at the University of Toronto and University of Alberta. “A dialysis unit is a microcosm of life in a small town. It has largely the same providers and the same patients walking through its doors for years on end. Everyone there has a story, and everyone there has suffered, although it may not always be obvious. We should never pass judgment because we never really understand.” The term “patient-centred care” has become a buzzword in North American healthcare and while Dr. Bear agrees it’s something the Canadian medical system should strive for, he admits it’s not well-understood, nor is it practiced consistently. “Patient-centred care means providing patients with individualized care; ensuring they are never a number or a widget, but understanding they all have a unique cultural background, different degrees of medical literacy and distinctive needs,” he explains. “Healthcare professionals have a responsibility to ensure their patients are understood, listened to and that their needs are accommodated. Patients should be treated like partners in their own care, not just the recipients of care delivered by experts.” Dr. Bear’s book is so insightful that it has become required reading for some medical residents at the University of British Columbia, and circulated to staff at a Toronto teaching hospital. “I feel strongly about the power of small quiet deeds, particularly in healthcare,” he says. “People can make an amazing difference with small acts, although we aren’t always aware of the impact.” “Sorrow’s Reward” is available in Victoria’s Gift Shop on the third floor the Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre. It can also be ordered online at

Grass Cutting

Elmvale and District Horticultural Society Your Grass - Golf Course Style!!

If you want to know about all about grass, how to grow it, the right way to cut it and how to fertilize and end up with a lawn like a golf course WE MEET ONCE A MONTH should have been at 4TH WEDNESDAY OF THE MONTH the Elmvale & District Horticultural evening on Wed. June AT THE ELMVALE LEGION HALL (UPSTAIRS)

MEMBERSHIP IS ONLY $10 for the Whole Year!

25. The Society met at the Orr Lake Golf Course and spent a really interesting evening with Darwin Howard. He grew up in Espanola, has a Diploma in Turf Management (Seneca College) and  Horticulture (Algonquin College)  has been the Assistant Superintendent at Taboo Golf Course. He currently takes care of Silverbrook Golf Course in Lyle Ontario. Darwin covered all the procedures that are used to grow the green lush carpet that golfers love to play on. Different mixes of  seeds: blue grass, rye grass and bent grass in various combinations make up the rough, fairway and greens. Once you have the seed planted it requires nutrients, water and oxygen. We learned when to fertilize and what to use.  When it has grown we also learned at what height it should be cut (a lot higher than you think at 3 inches) to keep a healthy root system. We also covered problems like growing in the shade, insects and disease. It was wonderful weather to wander the Golf Course and we certainly appreciated all the hard work that had gone into such a well cared for course.We reconvened in the Club House after our tour for strawberries and icecream. We'd like to thank Jason Harris at Orr Lake Golf Club for his hospitality. You can find  them at  http://orrlakegolfclub. com/ . If you missed out this time its not to late to join us.  We have many interesting speakers, trips and events all year.  Our next meeting on Wed. July 25 at 6 pm is a Mystery GardenTour. Please call Sharon Chambers at 705322-2257 to become a member.

Rooftop solar adds to home resale value

Rooftop solar systems could increase home value upon sale Kevin Best SunFish Solar - Owen Sound, ON/ SunFish Solar/ – An extensive research study conducted by California’s Berkeley National Laboratory demonstrates that installing a rooftop solar system on existing houses increases resale value. In the study, approximately 72,000 home sales were surveyed, almost 2,000 of which had rooftop solar systems (or PV systems) installed at the time of sale. The average premium that resulted was nearly $17,000 for a newer “average-sized” home, or a gain of $5.50 per watt. “This confirms what we have always known but couldn’t prove,” says Kevin Best, a principal of SunFish Solar located in Owen Sound, Ontario. “It’s satisfying to have the home sale premium hypothesis statistically confirmed.” Best goes on to say that in his experience, most Ontarians interested in rooftop solar installations for their home only consider the high rate of return that the investment yields. The 2011 study was conducted in California for the U.S. Department of Energy, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the Clean Energy States Alliance. Like California, Ontario has a robust government-sponsored program in place to encourage solar power generation. It’s called the microFIT program and it guarantees payment at a set rate per kilowatt for the 20-year term of the contract. In most cases, the investment yields building owners a 12% to 14% return. About SunFish Solar - Based in Owen Sound, Ontario, SunFish Solar designs, manufactures and installs top-ofthe-line FIT, microFIT and off-grid solar systems across south & central Ontario. Company partners have developed unique systems and components that outperform competing systems on solar generation capability, durability and price. Systems include the company’s signature ground-mounted Micro-Max™ Tracker System and roofmounted Micro-Max™ Fixed System. For more information, visit

Risk of sea-level rise with warming seen - POTSDAM, Germany Even if the world can limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius, sea levels could still rise between 5 and 13 feet by the year 2300, German researchers say. However, emissions reductions that kept the temperature rise below 1.5 degrees Celsius could go a long way toward inhibiting rising seas, the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research reported Sunday. The predictions are based on observed sea-level rises over the past millennium, as well as on scenarios for future greenhouse-gas emissions, researchers said. "Sea-level rise is a hard to quantify yet critical risk of climate change," study lead author Michiel Schaeffer of Wageningen University, said. "Due to the long time it takes for the world's ice and water masses to react to global warming, our emissions today determine sea levels for centuries to come." Keeping global warming in check could considerably reduce sea-level increases, researchers said. Limiting global warming to below 1.5 degrees Celsius and subsequent temperature reductions could halve sea-level rise by 2300, compared to a 2-degree scenario, they said. But even moderate sea-level increases would have significant impacts, researchers said. "As an example, for New York City it has been shown that 1 meter (about 39 inches) of sea level rise could raise the frequency of severe flooding from once per century to once every three years," study co-author Stefan Rahmstorf of the Potsdam Institute said.

Open 24 Hours 14 Yonge St. North Elmvale, ON 705-322-2261 The closing credits in recent films are so long because of various unions that negotiated on-screen recognition as a way for behind-the-scenes folks to "sign" their work. This "signature" serves as a visual resume and helps carpenters, electricians, and so on secure jobs on future movie productions.



AnnisacceptingnewclientsonWednesdaysandThursdays. Pleasecall705Ͳ322Ͳ9800orvisittheofficetoscheduleyourappointment. 

‘Like’ the ‘Clayton Chiropractic’ Facebook page for your chance to WIN a gift certificate for a one hour massage with Ann. Winner to be announced on the Clayton ChiropracticFacebookpageatnoononFriday,August3.

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Horse Supply Store for a happy healthy herd Product of


Brooks Performance Horse Feed 2041 Flos Rd 4 W Phelpston Ont L0L 2K0

705-322-1895 Disney story

By Susan Doolan, Special to the Examiner and forwarded by Brian Rodnick, Editor of the Barrie Examiner - Thank you

Two dozen Barrie youths are heading for Florida this weekend to perform at Walt Disney World. During their time there, the 23 girls and one boy, all students of Moving Art, a local dance studio, will be dancing up a storm in a parade and showcasing their talents in a show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Artistic director Carla Tucker spotted Disney’s call for dancers and was accepted. She invited 24 of her students, known for their love of performing, to participate. Its very exciting for them because they get to dance in a parade with people from different studios, said Tucker, adding that it is a first for her studio and only the second time Disney has hosted the event. They’ll be with hundreds of kids they have to be between age eight and 18. The group will be doing two dances while they are there, one choreographed by Disney and the other by Tucker. The parade, which takes place on July 2, winds its way through Main Street USA in Disney’s Magic Kingdom, one of six on-site theme parks. All of the kids will be dancing to the same tune in the 30-minute parade. In honour of the song, Ease on Down the Road (from The Wiz), they will be wearing the costumes pictured here, right down to the sparkly red shoes, all supplied by Disney. They have been practising for hours over the past couple of weeks and once they arrive will participate in a group rehearsal for the parade. Any dancer that isn’t prepared will be cut from the parade. The second dance, choreographed by Tucker, has a different costume and song and will be for a July 3 show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Other dance studios who are participating in the parade will also showcase their students in the show. Many of the kids feel that dance is the more difficult one of the two. Tucker chose Jump Jive an Wail because its a fun, happy song that could include everyone. Eight-year-old Sara Robertson, the youngest member of the group, said it was a hard dance to learn. But she loves to perform and shes not scared. Shell be travelling and staying with her older sister, who is also in the Moving Art group. Kieren Day, 18, is one of the oldest dancers and the only male in the group. He intends to make dance his life his favourite is jazz but he also has experience in acro, lyrical, ballet and hip hop. After taking dance at Moving Art, Day spent some time as a dance major at York University last year, but has since returned to Barrie to continue his own training and teach in Moving Arts school program. His first and only trip to Disney World was last year. I went last year at March break, said Day, who stayed at his grandmothers home and went to Disney World with his cousins. Its huge. I had the mindset of Canada’s Wonderland but Disney was much more.

Taylor Garwood of Phelpston is second from the left in front row. She says she is looking forward to “Dance the World” with her moving art family. “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!”

The Warmest Month Sunday is the first day of July—when summer has a firm hold on all of us. The warmest month in most of the country, July has average temperatures that are often above 70°F, with 80s and 90s even more common in the South and Southwest. Thunderstorms are nearly as abundant as ants at a picnic, and the hot, sultry time known as the Dog Days occurs during the 40 days beginning on July 3 and ending on August 11. For many of us, this is a sign to start our vacations.

Garfield Dunlop MPP Simcoe North

482 Elizabeth Street Midland ON L4R 1Z8 (705) 526-8671 14 Coldwater Rd. W. Orillia ON L3V 6S2 (705) 326-3246 I am furious to think that the recent 153rd edition of the Queen’s Plate held at Woodbine may be the last. After the post-position draw for the event, the President and CEO of the Woodbine Entertainment Group Nick Eaves said that the June event could be the country's last if Ontario follows through on its plan to cancel a slot-machine-revenue sharing plan with race tracks. That plan pays out about $345 million a year to the industry. The Queen’s Plate has been running successfully for 153 years. The opening jewel of the Canadian Triple Crown is older than confederation and it takes Dalton McGuinty and his policies just a few months to destroy it. It is pathetic. I recently staged rallies at Queen’s Park and at my Constituency office in Orillia in support of the Ontario horse racing industry. The Dalton McGuinty Liberals are making the wrong decision. The horse racing industry has helped to generate 15 Billion dollars for Ontario and created thousands of jobs for the province. The government should be focusing on creating jobs in Ontario, not putting more people out of work. The Liberals announced the closure of slots in Fort Erie, Windsor and Sarnia after ending the slots at racetracks revenue-sharing agreement.

Your year round source for locally produced, organic and traditionally raised foods.

705 737 4498

3088 Horseshoe Valley Road (between Hwy 27 & 400) The closure has cut 560 jobs and will have a deep impact on the horse industry. The McGuinty Liberals and the OLG are on the wrong track and the possible end of the Queen’s Plate at Woodbine should be a wake-up call that they are headed in the wrong direction. Please circle July 14th on your calendar. This will be the day of a summer tradition which I am looking forward to, my Annual Constituency Barbecue. Over 400 people usually attend the event and are treated to great food and entertainment. This day is all about families and I hope to see you there. The event is free of charge and runs from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Coldwater Curling Club. Garfield Dunlop "Dog Days" (Latin: diēs caniculārēs) are the hottest, most sultry days of summer. In the Northern Hemisphere, the dog days of summer are most commonly experienced in the months of July and August, which typically observe the warmest summer temperatures. In the Southern Hemisphere, they typically occur in January and February, in the midst of the austral summer. The name comes from the ancient belief that Sirius, also called the Dog Star, in close proximity to the sun was responsible for the hot weather. The Old Farmer's Almanac lists the traditional timing of the Dog Days as the 40 days beginning July 3 and ending August 11, coinciding with the ancient heliacal (at sunrise) rising of the Dog Star, Sirius. These are the days of the year when rainfall is at its lowest levels.

Midland Wins Fred Armstrong Singles Challenge

It was a outstanding performance by the men of the Midland and District Lawn Bowling Club, as they captured the Armstrong Challenge over a very strong Burlington Lawn Bowling team by winning  22 of 32 games played. The team was led by the individual winner, Gary Butineau and third place finisher Garry Higgins both with 4 wins. Ron O’Sullivan and Clare Robinson with 3 wins each breezed through the challenge. Second placed Dave Burrows of Burlington led his team with a 4 win performance. The challenge is a annual event at the Midland Club. The drawmasters on this day were Carol Finlayson and Fred Israel.

Wayne Morrison, John Ferguson, Gary Butineau, Ron O’Sullivan. Bob Armstrong, Garry Higgins, Clare Robinson, Bruce Finlayson, Bill Hunter.

Dr. Amanda Braude, Dr. Najwa Shasha and the team at Midhurst Dental Welcoming New Patients of All Ages! Full Spectrum of Dental Services

“We Offer Nitrous Sedation!”

Whiten Your Smile and Look / Feel Great!

With each complete dental exam and initial cleaning, receive a complimentary take–home whitening system with custom tray. All fees fall within the current fee schedule! Insurance claims submitted electronically! Midhurst Dental Proudly Serving the Community & Always Accepting New Patients! 30 Spence Avenue ~ Midhurst ~ 705-721-1522

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Consulting with Canadians: As many of you will know, the federal government is constantly conducting public consultations on any number of issues. In order to ensure that members of the general public have an opportunity to provide their input, the Consulting with Canadians site was established – One of the current consultations relates to the full disclosure of airfare prices in advertising. As some of you may recall, in December 2011, our government tasked the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) with developing new regulations for airfare advertising, specifically, requiring that the total price, inclusive of all taxes, fees and charges that a customer would have to pay is clearly disclosed in any advertising. After preliminary consultations with stakeholders, public interest advocacy groups, as well as the general public, the CTA has developed the following proposed amendments that would require the price represented in any advertising: • To be the total price, inThe opening credits of a movie follow a very specific format. The studio's name and logo appear first, followed by the name of the production company. The next credit lists the investor(s) who backed the film. After the money guys are listed, the director gets his first credit (usually listed as "a film by..."). A Foley artist is a sound effects specialist. Every sound in a film that isn’t dialog or music is considered a sound effect. Interestingly enough, Jack Foley, the Universal Studios sound effects pioneer for whom the technique is named, never received an on-screen credit. Sometimes an actor is billed as “special guest star” or “and also starring.” This is usually a deal negotiated by an agent for so-called “name” stars who have small parts in films.

clusive of all taxes, fees and charges which a customer must pay in order to obtain and complete the air service. • To include a minimum level of description of the air service offered, including: • origin, destination; • whether the service is one way or round trip; and • limitations with respect to booking or travel availability periods. • To provide the customer with access to a breakdown of the taxes, fees and charges which are paid to a third party (i.e. GST/HST, departure taxes, airport fees, security fees). The proposed amendments

will also require that a consumer have access to a listing of any optional services (i.e. checked baggage, preferred seat selection and meals) offered by the service provider for a fee or charge, and that the price of each service be displayed using an all-inclusive price format that includes third party charges. To provide comment on these proposed amendments, please visit - http://www. Also, be sure to check www.consultingcanadians. regularly for other opportunities to provide comments and feedback on other proposed regulations. Bruce Stanton, M.P.


July 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 at 8pm July 17 & 19 at 2pm A werewolf, a vampire, a mystery, a murder or two, an Egyptian mummy brought back to life… you’ll be howling with laughter! This hilarious ‘send-up’ of Gothic melodrama, Victorian thrillers and Hollywood horror mocks every cliché from Dracula to Alfred Hitchcock. Subscription Matinee $144 only $112 Subscription Anytime $144 only $119 Adult $36 • Group (10+) $31 • Youth $18 • eyeGO $5 All prices plus HST and $3 handing fee.

Theatre-Gourmet Dining Package - $79 2012 SEASON SPONSOR

Box Office: 7-65 Simcoe St., Weekdays 11-3pm

Tickets available at Gayety Theatre one hour prior to showtime Performance Location

(705) 445-2200 • 1 (866) 382-2200

,*/(¨48)"3'5)&"53&…1&/&5"/(6*4)&/& HARVEY

A Classic Comedy By Mary Chase

July 18 - Aug 4 Having a best friend who’s a six-foot tall rabbit sure is fun – but it can get you into trouble… committed even! Don’t miss the Pulitzer Prize-winning comedy that inspired a classic motion picture starring Jimmy Stewart. Harvey will charm you with its warmth, wit… and whiskers.

Statistics reveal that more than half the graffiti that crops up in major cities is put there by teenage boys. Most laws requiring persons to be 18 years of age to buy spray paint were initially enacted to cut down on graffiti. Today, those same laws serve a second purpose: to help curtail incidents of "huffing" or the purposeful inhaling of aerosols.

Box Office: 705-549-5555


en to









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The OPP Report

WATER RESCUE - On June 23 , the Ontario Provincial Police responded to a report that 6 individuals including one 6 year old youth had decided to tube down The Mad River and were how 2 hours over due. An initial OPP investigation revealed that the above group of 6 started tubing on The Mad River from where it meets Country Road #42 and they were to end their journey at the Centre Line Road Bridge. Upon arrival Police located 3 of the travellers at their end point the bridge on Centre Line Road and where advised by one of these three that the other three had abandoned their trip down The Mad River and started off into the bush looking to connect to a trail or roadway. As a result of this information Huronia West OPP members assisted by our Central Region Emergency Rescue Unit started an extensive ground search and located the remaining missing individuals still on their tubes in the water. In addition Police discovered that the group had only one life jacket between them all, several did not have any foot ware on, they did not have a cellular phone or a communication radio and where not only inexperienced in this activity but were unfamiliar with this waterway. The members of the Huronia West OPP remind all who want to enjoy what this area has to offer to act responsibly when doing so. For other safety and crime prevention tips, please visit our web site at OPP K-9 UNIT KEPT BUSY - Members OPP were assisted at several incidents in the Detachment area recently by the Central Region K-9 Unit. Also assisting the K-9 unit at these incidents were members of the OPP Central Region Emergency Response Team (ERT). On June 6, 2012 K-9 handler Provincial Constable Murray By Kathy Stunden-Hall deRuiter and his German Sheppard K-9 “Briggs” attended at James Keating Elementary School in Penetanguishene. They put on a K-9 demonstration for the students, parents and school staff at the annual “Fun Night” at the school. Briggs showed the onlookers how he was able to obey the many verbal and hand commands r v i ncompletg people in the his handler gave himS e while S p rofi nlocating g w a t evarir A re a f o r ove r ing the special tasks ous objects he wasainstructed q u a r t etor find. of a Century! P/C deRuiter providedCall an in depth Gary or narleave message at rative on the many challenges the K-9 Unit faces each day as they head out on patrol and the following are some rd

Grenfel and Centre Vespra News

New & Used Cars or Trucks


CUSTOM SCREENING Keith Johnston Contracting 623-0272 or 322-1932 TRUCKING LOADER

youth program. Recognizing the importance of supporting a child’s thirst for knowledge, Operation Freeze 2012 was developed in partnership with Mac’s Convenience Stores encouraging kids to learn that “doing the right thing” is also the “cool thing to do”. Building on the recent success experienced through this winter’s Operation Heat 2011 initiative, OPP Detachments will again be engaged in the “positive ticketing of young people” who are observed doing random acts of kindness or exhibiting positive behaviour. The ticket is actually a coupon valid for a free 710 ml Froster beverage at all participating Mac’s stores across Ontario. “Mac’s strives to be a leader in crime preof those challenges they later faced. vention” said Sean Sportun - Manager, Loss (See attached submitted photo of OPP If you want to drink, Prevention & Security for Mac’s in Central K-9 “Briggs” and his handler P/C Murthat’s your business. Canada. “We are very excited about Operaray deRuiter) If you want to stop, tion Freeze and the positive message it deIn Tiny Township on June 17, 2012 at that’s ours. livers.” 6:27AM 2 youths were observed rid“The OPP is pleased to once again particiing a dirt bike along Champlain Road pate in this highly successful initiative that and once they observed the OPP cruiser recognizes youth for responsible and caring they fled into the nearby bush. K-9 and behaviour,” said OPP Commissioner Chris ERT were dispatched to assist officers Lewis. The level of support from our meOrillia 325-6385 Midon the scene. Shortly after the incident dia communities and positive feedback from land 526-3305 at 6:32AM officers were dispatched to our front line officers and youth continues to a theft complaint nearby on MaCavalBracebridge ~ be amazing. Partnering with local business ley Road. 705-646-2491 and engaging our youth in a positive manner The K-9 Unit and ERT officers builds partnerships that make our communied and arrested 2 males age 17 from ties stronger.” Springwater Township and a 17 year old In addition to recognizing good behaviour by youth, Opmale from Midland in relation to the theft occurrence and eration Freeze 2012 offers opportunities for OPP officers officers continue to investigate the incident. WHO IS OWNER OF SKID STEER MACHINE – The to interact with youth in a positive manner. In support of the OPP Positive Ticketing Program, some police officers Police are currently may again use the coupons to recognize youth for wearing attempting to lobicycle helmets, doing good deeds, participating in comcate the owner of a munity activities, picking up trash, deterring crime or obrecovered Komatsu serving school crossing rules – while others may use the coupons as literal “icebreakers” to establish a rapport with kids in their patrol area. The intention is to ensure that the “Positive Tickets” legitimately reinforce the positive behaviour exhibited by a youth, by offering something of value. Since the introduction of the OPP Positive Ticketing Program in the summer of 2010, more than 300,000 OperaSkid Steer model # CK35 Utility. The tion Freeze and Operation Heat coupons have been stratemachine was recovered by police on gically issued by OPP to recognize and motivate Ontario’s June 21,2012 after being located ap- youth for positive behaviour. In addition to its outstanding public awareness, education parently abandoned at a Spruce Street and community engagement benefits, the personal impact Tiny Township property. achieved one youth at a time, by an OPP officer issuing a Police are asking anyone with information to contact the positive ticket to a child, remains priceless. OPP at (705) 526-3761 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222PROPERTY & BICYCLE UPDATE: AUCTION TIPS (8477). You can submit your information online at On June 23rd, 2012 the Community Policing Committees if you have any information on this crime or any other crime. Crime Stoppers does not of the Huronia West Detachment area held their annual subscribe to call display and you will remain anonymous. “Property and Bicycle” auction. They would like to thank Being anonymous, you will not testify in court and your in- everyone who came out on Saturday and supported their auction. They would like to especially thank Mr. Steve formation may lead to a cash reward of up to $2,000.00. INVESTING IN ONTARIO YOUTH School may be Green from Rogers Cable who was our auctioneer for this out for the summer, but kids will still have the opportuni- event that raised just over $2100. These funds are share ty to learn from a popular Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) between all the community policing committees and will be used to increase the safety of their communities and fund some of the other great work they all do. DANGEROUS OPERATION OF A VESSEL - On June 30th, 2012 at approximately 6:00 p.m., the members books, attend seminars). Talk with the person about of the Huronia West Detachment of the Ontario Provinyour concerns in a loving and supportive way. It is cial Police Marine Unit was on the Nottawasaga River and important to discuss these issues with honesty and observed a personal watercraft (PWC) entering the river respect. Engage the person at an appropriate time heading upstream at a high rate of speed: 69 Km/h. OPP and place - in private, free from distractions. Enobserve this vessel weaved dangerously between other courage the person to seek professional help as soon vessels in the river that was congested with traffic. as possible.  Suggest that she/he see someone who When Police waved this vessel over the operator immespecializes in eating disorders (a physician, therapist diately accelerated away. Police followed this vessel up or dietician). Be prepared that the person may deny and down the river with emergency lights and siren active that she/he has a problem.  If so, and if she/he refuses but this vessel would not stop for Police. Police continue to get help, it will be important to tell someone else to follow this vessel into the Nottawasaga Bay to Beach about your concerns.  If your friend is under 18, her/ Area #3, where the operator took his vessel dangerous his parents need to know immediately. Listen with close to swimmers and at one point left his vessel to flee a nonjudgmental ear. Talk about things other than on land but return to it when OPP cruisers arrived. This food, weight, and exercise. Be available when your operator then headed towards New Wasaga at which time friend needs someone, but remember, it is okay to set the Huronia West OPP Marine Unit stopped following it. limits on what you can and cannot do. This PWC is described as being Blue and White and the Now lets move onto the don’ts: Don’t try to solve her/ operator was non white wearing a Dark Blue Life Jacket. his problems or help with the eating disorder on your If you have any information in regards to this crime, own.  Get help from others. Don’t confront your friend please contact the Huronia West O.P.P. at (705) 429-3575 with a group of people, in front of a group of people. or Call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (1-800-222Don’t talk about weight, food, calories, or appearance.  8477) or submit your information online at www.sdmDo not make any comments on what she/he looks like. if you have any information on this Don’t try to force or encourage your friend to eat.  Do crime or others. not get into power struggles. Don’t let her/his peculiariHORSES OUT FOR A WALK – On June 29th, 2012 at ties dominate you or manipulate you. Don’t gossip about approximately 11:30 p.m., members of the Huronia West her/him to others. Don’t be scared to talk with her/him. Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police responded to Don’t expect to be the perfect friend - Reach out for supa call from a motorist who advised that there is a mothport when you need it. Don’t expect your friend to be er and foal walking on Concession #6 towards County “cured” after treatment.  Recovery can be a long process. Road #9. Police with the aid of the above motorists loDon’t keep this a secret for your friend.  Remember, her/ cated the horses. A further investigation by Police locathis life may be in danger ed the owner of the horses who quickly attended to bring I will continue with cocaine addiction, in my next colthem home. umn. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions please write me or email at We Full Buck Moonon July 3rd - Bucks begin to grow new are now offering home visit for one to one counselantlers at this time. This full Moon was also known as the ling. For more information, or to book an appointment Thunder Moon, because thunderstorms are so frequent please call (705) 533-1579. during this month.

Eating Disorder Part Five

By: Ernest Matton I.C.A.D.C., E.F.A.P., Addiction Behavioural Specialist E.F.T. Practitioner • T.I.R. Facilitator Certified Gladue Writer

Let’s continue, with signs that binge eating may be in progress. OGY The individual feels as if he/she 1 has no control over food, main forust! cus in life is his/her weight and food, uses food to help cope with stress, emotional distress, and overcome daily problems, weight is higher than normal and/or is even obese, is constantly complaining about being “fat,” “obese,” or “huge,” has major mood shifts with no apparent justifications, eats nothing or very little in front of others, and then binges in private, keeping a high weight, appears to be depressed and/or anxious, ttle Good News quantities of food seem to mysteriously disappear from the refrigerator and/or pantry, when eating, he/she is terrified that they will be unable to stop, is extremely defensive when questioned about his/her weight, believes that he/she will be a better person if/when they were thinner, goes from one diet to the next continuously, takes numerous trips to grocery stores, convenience stores, etc in a single day, hides food in secret locations that will be used later for binges, resists activities due to shame that is affiliated with his/her weight, avoids any sexual activity and/or any emotional intimacy, no longer feels full and/or satisfied when eating. If you answered “YES” to most of the questions listed above, please urge the individual to seek help from a healthcare professional. Here is a list of do’s and don’ts in helping a person dealing with an eating disorder. Lets start with what a person can do: Increase your knowledge about eating disorders (request information packets, read

Call Alcoholics Anonymous

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County of Simcoe releases Draft Proposed Modified Official Plan

Midhurst/June 26, 2012 – County Council today voted to release a Draft Proposed Modified County of Simcoe Official Plan. The Official Plan was adopted by County Council on November 25, 2008, and was awaiting approval by the Province. The County appealed a lack of decision, but more recently, the document has been modified by the County to incorporate provisions put forth in provincial legislation, including the Growth Plan Amendment, the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan, and Infrastructure Minister Bob Chiarelli’s announcements of January 2012. The document is available on the County’s website at There are also limited copies available for viewing at the County of Simcoe Administration Centre, 1110 Highway 26, Midhurst. Comments on the Draft Proposed Modified County Official Plan may be submitted in writing, on or before August 22, 2012, to Brenda Clark, County Clerk. For further information, please refer to the County website. The County Official Plan sets out a balanced growth management strategy for the entire County, with the ability to harness economic opportunity while protecting our agricultural land base and natural resources. The Official Plan focuses growth within complete communities, utilizing municipal infrastructure where available and appropriate. The County of Simcoe is composed of sixteen member municipalities and provides crucial public services to County residents in addition to providing paramedic and social services to the separated cities of Barrie and Orillia. Visit our website at

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Township of Tiny’s New Volunteer Program Unveiled The Township of Tiny’s new Volunteer Program was unveiled at its first Community Engagement Symposium held on Saturday, May 26, 2012. Amongst those in attendance were members of Council, Beach Associations, Parks and Recreation Associations, Committees of Council, Service Clubs, Community Partners and Township staff. More than 75 delegates filled the Township of Tiny Community Centre and were enlightened, educated and inspired to strengthen relationships and to develop a culture of engagement across the Township. Township staff presented a variety of volunteer opportunities including boardwalk and beach monitoring programs, park and beach stewardship programs, and community garden makeovers to name a few. The Community Engagement Symposium also celebrated Tiny’s successes by highlighting recent volunteer projects such as the tree planting in Wyevale, the Counselors-in-Training program and the litter pick-up at Woodland Beach. The Township of Tiny would like to thank all of those who attended for their positive input and feedback. Interested in volunteering for the Township of Tiny? Call Rebecca, Volunteer Leader, at 705-526-4204, Ext. 250, for complete details. Perkinsfield Park Gets New Playground Equipment The Township is pleased to announce that the Perkinsfield Park and Recreation Association has purchased new playground equipment for Perkinsfield Park. The equipment is now installed for the public’s enjoyment. The Perkinsfield Park and Recreation Association is also planning a memorial garden for the north west corner of the park property in memory of Rene Parent, one of the first volunteers to develop Perkinsfield Park. These efforts are being coordinated with the Township of Tiny through its Volunteer Program.

Werner Thomas is the man behind the infamous Chicken Dance. A Swiss accordionist and restauranteur, Thomas wrote a tune called "Der Ententanz" ("The Duck Dance") in his spare time after watching the ducks and geese that gathered outside his diner. Prior to the discovery of anesthetic eye drops in 1884, cataract surgery was performed under general anesthesia, which made it all the more risky. Interestingly enough, the active ingredient in those first numbing eye drops was cocaine.

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1646 Forbes Rd., Midhurst Status quo recommendations for levels of upper Great Lakes should alarm Canadians and Americans   Midland, Parry Sound, Collingwood public urged to attend July 16-17

JULY 3, GEORGIAN BAY, ONTARIO / FoTTSA - Doing nothing about the dramatic lowering of Great Lakes water levels is not an option, says Paul Cowley, President of the Federation of Tiny Township Shoreline Associations [FoTTSA] “We can slow the outflow,"  Cowley said,  decrying the do-nothing solutions offered by the International Joint Commission. "We have viable technological solutions.  But it will take a determined effort by the public to protect our precious water."The FoTTSA President, representing thousands of members around the picturesque beaches of Tiny Township in Simcoe County, Ontario, is sounding the alarm in advance of 13 public meetings being held by International Joint Commission in July.  “These meetings will offer Canadian and U.S  residents the opportunity to let the IJC know that we want appropriate and responsible action to be taken regarding the alarming findings contained in the final report on Upper Great Lakes water levels”  Cowley says. Both countries have demonstrated the will to agree on pro-business solutions. Canada and the US recently signed a deal to spend $1.4-billion on the Windsor-Essex Parkway, a multi-lane highway bridge to get across a Great Lake waterway. “We are trying to make sure that there will still be water under that bridge in future, but not enough people are listening," Cowley says. The report promotes a short sighted message to pacify an uninformed public, Cowley says. American and Canadians alike need to wake up and tell the IJC that “do-nothing solutions are not an appropriate response,” he added. Cowley notes that a recent article the Port Huron Times Herald by Jordon Clime, asks… “ is there such a thing as too much beach?"  Yes, there is, Cowley responds. "No one contests the beauty of beaches. "But when more beach means less wetland, and increasingly impassable recreation and business water access, we must all draw a line in the sand and insist that the IJC live up to its obligation to safeguard the health of the Great Lakes."     The recent study by the International Joint Commission called “Lake Superior Regulation: Addressing Uncertainty in Upper Great Lakes Water Levels” paints a deceptively simple but fundamentally incorrect picture, Cowley says.  John Nevin, the public affairs adviser for the International Joint Commission, is quoted as stating that “The key finding is there is no recommendation for regulation in the St. Clair River to raise the (water) level in Lake Huron ... the environmental harm to the river and ecosystem would be too great.”   “A very questionable conclusion” says Cowley. Mary Muter agrees. She's Chair of the Great Lakes Section, Sierra Club Ontario and a member of the Bi-National Great Lakes Coordinating Committee for all nine Great Lakes Sierra Club Chapters.  Thirteen years of sustained low water levels have taken a toll on wetlands - the key indicator for making decisions about water levels according to the IJC previous water levels study, she says.  The time to act is now, Muter says.  "We already have a changed landscape with thousands of dried up wetlands now converted to meadows with 5-6 feet tall trees growing, exposed shorelines taken over by the giant invasive reed Phragmites australis, and enclosed bays with loss of water exchange resulting in algal blooms with dead fish and birds washed up on the shores.” Muter stresses that under the Boundary Water Treaty the IJC has an obligation to act as their Study found a 5.8% increase in the St Clair River outflow - three times the Chicago diversion! - and an elevation difference between Lake Huron and Erie decline from 2 meters to 1.  Cowley and FoTTSA call on the residents of Ontario and the states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York  “to demand the IJC scrap the status quo and take action to slow the outflow from the only Great Lake that has no outflow protection whatsoever.” Paul Cowley, President - FoTTSA 647-829-7633 Jonathon Shore, mrcpartners communications 705-812-0643 The International Joint Commission will have 13 meetings where residents can comment on the final report on Upper Great Lakes water levels. The closest meetings here are: Monday, July 16 - Parry Sound 2:00 pm EDT, Bobby Orr Community Centre, 7-17 Marry Street Monday, July 16 - Midland 7:00 pm, North Simcoe Sports and Recreation Centre, 527 Len Self Boulevard Tuesday July 17 - Collingwood, ON 1:00 pm, Cranberry Resort, 19 Keith Ave, RR#4  Go to for other meetings and input info.


Oda to Receive $701K Pension Payout

OTTAWA, ON: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) estimates that outgoing International Development Minister Bev Oda’s annual Parliamentary pension will instantly start at $52,183, adding up to $701,464 by the time she reaches the age of 80. “Bev Oda’s lifetime pension should cover about 43,841 glasses of $16 orange juice,” said CTF National Research Director Derek Fildebrandt. “It’s wrong that she can collect $52,183 in annual pension benefits after only eight years on the job,” said CTF’s Federal Director Gregory Thomas. “Especially when the average new Canada Pension Plan monthly payment in 2012 is $534.10.” The Parliamentary pension fund is in better shape to cover platinum-plated pensions such as Oda’s, having just been topped up on June 30th with the quarterly deposit of another $23 million taxpayer dollars into the Parliamentary pension plan. Under regulations adopted by cabinet, instead of investing pension funds into the market, MPs simply pay themselves interest at the end of every quarter at a compounded annual rate of 10.4 per cent. The fund has grown by $69 million in the past 12 months and now tops $950 million. “By charging taxpayers 10.4 per cent interest on their pension plan, MPs retirement savings continue to outperform just about every other pension plan in the country,” said CTF Federal Director Gregory Thomas. For the year ending 2009-10, taxpayers contributed $102.6 million to the MP pension fund, while parliamentarians chipped in $4.4 million, a $23.30 to $1 ratio. In 2010-11, taxpayers contributed $110.7 million, while parliamentarians chipped in $4.5 million, a $24.36 to $1 ratio. And the CTF estimates that taxpayers contributed $25.81 to the parliamentary pension plan in 2011-12 for each $1 that federal politicians contributed. “If Canadian’s don’t speak up this summer, MP pension reform will consist of little more than putting lipstick on a pig,” continued Thomas. “The Prime Minister must take real action and truly fix these outrageous pensions.” For more information please contact:   Federal Director Gregory Thomas at 800-265-4552 or 613-234-6554 or 613-295-8409 (cell)

*-- Man crashes car, refuses to come out --*BRAAS, Sweden - A Swedish man who has remained in his vehicle for more than 48 hours following a crash resulted in police receiving calls about a corpse in a car. Braas emergency services said they received a call about a man crashing his car into a ditch around 3:30 p.m. Saturday and they discovered the car was stuck in the ditch and 37-year-old driver, who appeared to be uninjured, refused to exit the vehicle, Swedish news agency TT reported Monday. A police spokesman said there are no laws against sitting in a car following a wreck, provided police are allowed to carry out the necessarily post-incident tests and reports. "If he's not really drunk or intoxicated we can't bring him in," the spokesman said. Police said the man may continue to sit in his car until the results of his drug test come back in two weeks. The driver told TT he didn't want to leave the disabled car alone on the roadway for fear of vandalism.

impassable. Monday may be no Citizens do not appreciate being osed.) insulted in this manner. meeting different. endees I asked your assistant why you could Why have only 125-150 of the Springwater • July 5, 2012 Editionwho 368 have • E-mail: • 16 another half day to hearings not add in News approximately 300 people rtunity Page College President and or London? I was told this is asked toGeorgian speak to the committee hip is Toronto Rosie’s Devotions been allowed to do Brian so? WhyTamblyn has the George logistically impossible. Hmmm. CEO retires Heroes years who as President and to CEO of Georgian ColIs not the only logical explanation selectionAfter of 13 those did get defines heroes as lege, so Friday, June 29 will be the last day at the office for thatdictionary it is government policy is to speak been unbalanced? "Keith The those who are admired for courage or Brian Tamblyn. discourage public on From the volume applications > Interview with a Brain noble qualities, those who consultation do someTamblyn began of his Georgian career at the Kempenfelt thiswithout issue? Has ofnot the Minister and theConference widespread Injured Person thing thinking themselves Centreconcern in 1982 andabout later attained several viceInterview Question: What is it like to or of getting a reward, and those who of Energy done everything in his Bill 150, it would appear that the president roles before becoming president. In his 30-year nment arepower willing to to put at riskofforthe the sake some- careershould at Georgian, sellthemselves his version bill of committee be Tamblyn adding became quite well-known and re- have a brain injury? one else. throughout for the college to the public even by going to the a few spected more sessions peopleandincommunity as both a Answer from the Brain Injured Person: Most days learnThere are a lot of movies about fictional heroes these highly-skilled professional and a personally-connected ing to live with my new brain is manageable as I learn to extent of plastering hisforces ownofportrait who leader. still wish to racy is days: re-teach the brain the things that need relearning. Howsuperheroes battling the evil. The topSouthern rated andOntario student-centred over Toronto bus shelters? Has he participate. ent to movie this spring was "The Avengers". It is about a team “Your leadership reminded us all that Georgian’s true vi- ever there are days when nothing makes sense. Those are superheroes, his Ironplans Man,toCaptain America, sion bestIseen students’ eyes,” said Char- the days that provide the most confusion for me and the jeopardize thethe Hulk, I have to sayisthat shallthrough have toour decline friend of mentioned Thor, the Black Widow, and Hawkeye, who join togethlotte Wallis, Chair of the Board Biosphere Niagara Escarpment your offer to travel 14 hours withofanGovernors, at a recent people around me. called er World to help save the earth from Loki and his army (the bad retirement celebration. “You forged many exciting path- Interview Question: What would you like people to know withThere infrastructure projects? stay to speak for 10 minutes nist. I guys). is also Batman and his archenemy, the overnight Joker, ways as a powerful and influential advocate for our stu- about living with a brain injury? Has and he Superman, mentioned disabling the committee in Sault Ste.plan’s Marie. Spiderman, who battles against evilto charhy. dents. Georgian’s strategic rallying message ‘to in- Answer from the Brain Injured Person: I wish that people environmental assessments or taking I am not prepared to jump through the acters like Brainiac and Lex Luthor. spire, transform and connect’ is a tribute to your leadership would be more courageous and compassionate about what ningful day to day living is like when people have brain injuries. We have actual heroes, like our firefighters, who put their style. You embody all of these qualities.” away planning powers from local hoop this time. It is the duty of the 150. I Interview Question: Courageous what do you mean by lives at risk every time they answer a call to put out a fire The Board of Governors, staff, students, graduates and and conservation government to consult with citizens aveled or municipalities battle a forest fire; policemen and policewomen who many community stakeholders can only marvel at what that? appropriate arrangements -called putauthorities? their lives at risk whenever they stop a speeding and car orto make Georgian has accomplished during Brian’s 13 years as Answer from the Brain Injured Person: I mean that during Has heaid told true cost to and do so.president, Such arrangements those times when “the brain has had enough” and “nothing to the of apeople domesticthe disturbance; andhis the men Wallis added. are quite by the come makes sense” and “that place where damage is done to rewomen int he army, navy, and air force, who put their lives Since Tamblyn became president in June 1999, Georgian bill will have on electricity rates and inappropriate and indicate arrogant North lationships” I wish that people would have enough courage at the risk as they try to bring peace in a war-torn country and has achieved many goals and the college has grown sigthat more industry will contempt for the public consultation xercise protectlikelihood to ask “How are you doing?” and listen to the answer with our nation. nificantly. leaveare thealways province? process. • The number of academic programs has doubled, with compassion when I try to explain what is happening in my g and People looking for a hero, a person or team has us already when I am sending a copyoffering of thismore letter also given thatThis will protect and savehappened us from danger and harm. the college than 100 certificate, diploma, brain and don’t try to figure it out just listen. Interview Question: When you are in that dark and lonely wind turbines were installed in Spain to those who have directed you to There is such a hero, a real-life person, who sacrificed His graduate certificate and degree programs. hired place what bothers you the most? life for you and me and the whole world, in order that we • Georgian has become a national leader in co-operative views and electricity prices skyrocketed? make this decision. Answer from the Brain Injured Person: What bothers me may have life eternal. education, working with more than 7,000 employers a Denmark has the highest electricity Keith Stelling. he act. John the most is that people put my actions and my reactions un3:16-17 - For God so loved the world, that He gave year. in Europe. Has thebelieves public to: cipants Hisprices only begotten Son, that whoever in HimCopies shall • Full-time enrolment has grown from approximately der a microscope and try to analyse everything and then at the same time exclude me from the decision process and thatlife. wind turbines George Smitherman, Minister of perish,informed but have eternal For God did not send the 5,500 students to almost 11,000. ussion notbeen already decide that because I have a brain injury that I am Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world • Georgian’s unique University Partnership Centre was in German and Denmark actually Energy lowed. through Him. (NASB) established Premier to provide innovative college-university not capable of making decisions. led be tosaved an increase in CO2 emissions Dalton McGuinty, g civil might Interview Question: What is the biggest frustration about The greatest hero of all time is our Lord and Savior, Jesus partnerships and student pathways. and who coalgave and gas consumption for David Orazietti MPP o with Christ, up His life for us (the bad guys and gals) • Georgian was named one of Canada’s Top 100 Em- living with a brain injury? production? course MPP ecided soelectricity that we could become good guysOf and gals, and liveJim withBrownell ployers five times, and one of Canada’s 50 Greenest Answer from the Brain Injured Person: The biggest frustration is that the “brain” seems to be off limits to convernot. His failure to accept input from Robert Bailey MPPthe past three years in a row. forever. Employers d they Him sation. The brain injured person knows what is happening Prayer: Thank you, Father, for sacrificing Your Son, Je• All of Georgian’s seven campuses have experienced rd? He very well informed citizens suggests Linda Jeffrey MPP in the brain but never seems to get to the point to be able to sus, who was perfect in every way, to die on a cross for us, major expansions, totaling almost $180 million in capieither that he knows the truth and is Kuldip Kular MPP explain to people what is happening in their brains. What who are anything but perfect, so that we may receive etertal projects. deceptive when he insists that Rosario Marchese MPP wers to nalbeing life. Amen. • The annual operating budget has grown from $55 mil- it is like to be so confused about certain things? What it is electricity costs will rise by only 1%, Bill Mauro Rosemary Hagedorn, Penetanguishene, lionMPP to $170 million, creating an economic provincial like to live without any past memories? What it is like to be Most able to perform a task one day and not the next? It takes a impact of more than $370 million annually. or that he is naïve and uninformed Carol Mitchell MPP strated great amount of understanding and compassion to listen to • Georgian’s Power of Education fundraising campaign has so far en the and all the more in need of the Joyce Savoline MPP the brain injured person about their brain injuries. $42 million, re you Prepared to H andle that have been asked for Billraised Murdock MPPa record for an Ontario college. op was Aconsultations To the Brain Injured Person: Find someone who is will“We’ve experienced a lot of growth and innovation,” Tamblyn rea Power Outage? electorate. Andre Marin Ombudsman of ing to talk to you about your brain injury. nity to by Ontario’s flects. “Georgian is a great place to study and work, and we are truPower To the Caregivers of the Brain Injured Person: Try to Your Automatic offer of a spot at theBack-up hearings Ontario ly connected to our communities as few other institutions in Cannment Fully claim.isNonetheless, greatest success, in my opinion, listen more to the brain injured person as they try to explain Thiscanletter also beingthe shared with ry of in Sault Ste Marie is all the more ada is that we achieved all these incredible results while keeping our what it is like to “Learn to Live with Their New Brain” media. eaning surprising because I was one of the the Jean Oostrom lives in Springwater Township has lived focus on students as individuals, each with unique needs and chal-

lenges.” Tamblyn estimates he has shaken the hands of at least 17,000 graduates at convocation ceremonies. He always tried to chat briefen have a maximum noise ly with each student. To honour his passion for student success, the Board of Governors has announced the establishment of the Brian G. Tamblyn Award. s 35dBA or background This award will be presented annually to a student who demonSince 1986 strates high academic achievement plus an exceptional commitg its secondary noise limit ment to community and college participation. Donations toward ttime in Factory low background Authorized Sales & Service the award already exceed $20,000. Association recommends Residential & Commercial Tamblyn’s successor, MaryLynn West-Moynes will assume the hey state Generator that setbacksSales are & Installation role of Georgian’s President and CEO on August 7, and the two are working closely to ensure a smooth transition. In the interim period in some cases “separation Specializing in New Construction from July 1 to Aug. 6, Brandon Lander, Vice President of Adminers may achieve acceptable and Renovations. Natural and istration and Secretary-Treasurer for the Board of Governors, will Propane Gas “Addressing Concerns withSystem Installation take on any expanded duties that may arise from the president’s ofanuary 2009). fice. Furnace Installation About Georgian College:Georgian College is one of the leading Sewage Control vironment presently does colleges in Canada and one of the largest co-operative education . It has established only institutions in the country. Home to the unique University Partner10, 14, 17, 20kw w wind turbines, depending ship Centre, the Automotive Business School of Canada and the from 40 to as high as 51 Sadlon Centre for Health and Wellness, Georgian offers more than 100 diploma, degree, graduate certificate and apprenticeship proproperty lines but outside grams. Georgian has three main campuses in 19 Yonge St. S., Elmvale Barrie, Orillia and Owen Sound and four re705-322-7873 ario are not nearly the best gional campuses in Midland, Muskoka, angeville and South Georgian Bay. The colMoreto thanbe80 aperworld cent of Ontarians get their drink- lege’s mission is to inspire innovation, transrio aspires ing world water from form lives and connect communities through uld also lead the in the Great Lakes. Ontario's commercial Great Lakes fisheries are the power of education. armful side effects of this worth $200 million annually. g world-class standards forbasin contains surface fresh705-791-3337 water resources. Ontario's Great Lakes 40 per cent Phone 705-722-0090 Cell About 98 per cent of Ontarians live within le, Ontario must determine of the country's economic activity. the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence basin. The Great Lakes hold one fifth of the world's s

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with a brain injury since 1997 and has created a website www.newbrainliving where people with brain injuries and their caregivers can find answers. Twitter: @newbrainliving Facebook: New Brain Living Email:

Municipalities (census subdivisions)

Canada, as a whole, comprises 5,253 census subdivisions, or municipalities. Of these, 709 contain 5,000 inhabitants or more. Between 2006 and 2011, 12 of the 15 fastest growing municipalities with a population of 5,000 inhabitants or more were part of a CMA. In contrast, the  15  municipalities with a population of  5,000  inhabitants or more with the largest population declines were all located outside CMAs and CAs. The municipality with the fastest rate of growth was Milton, Ontario (+56.5%), which is part of the CMA of Toronto. It was followed by Martensville, Saskatchewan (+55.0%), part of the CMA of Saskatoon, and Whitchurch-Stouffville, Ontario (+54.3%), part of the CMA of Toronto.

Police were called to a day care where a three-year-old was resisting a rest.

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New Owners - New Management

‘Great White Twins’

On Saturday, June 23rd, 2012, SS Keewatin came home to Port McNicoll. The ship had been sitting for decades as a museum in Michigan. Now she will be a museum in her home port.

Relationship With Yourself

Do you spend enough time with yourself? Do you know yourself well, and are you comfortable spending time with you? If you can answer yes to these questions, you are likely in the minority. We live in a culture characterized by activity, entertainment, and an external focus. From an early age, particularly now, children are surrounded with toys, television and computer games. They expect to be entertained, and grow into adults who are always looking to see 'what's happening'. Many feel uncomfortable or bored with too much one-on-one time with themselves. Being with oneself comes to feel like 'second best'. The problem with this is that there will be times in life when each of us feels alone. Perhaps friends are all busy, a relationship ends, or we go on a business trip to a city where we know no one. Our children may grow up and move away, or people close to us may die. If we have not learned to enjoy our own company, to feel safe, secure and complete within ourselves we may feel lonely, abandoned or depressed. Sometimes we may feel this way even when surrounded by friends and family because we have lost touch with our own essential selves. You are your own best friend. You are the only one you can always count on to be there. It makes sense then to cultivate a strong, healthy relationship with the most important person in your world.                                                                                                           Gwen Randall-Young is an author and award-winning Psychotherapist.  For permission to reprint this article, or to obtain books or cds, visit

The Keewatin arrives in Port McNicol

‘The Kee’ has been described as the older sister to the Titanic, but some know her as the twin sister to SS Assiniboia. They were referred to the ‘Great White Twins’ who docked at ‘The Port’. Keewatin and Assiniboia were built by Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering Company in Govan, Scotland for Canadian Pacific Railroad, and launched in 1907. Both were outfitted entirely with 105 first class cabins accommodating 288 passengers. Keewatin was 3856 tons, Assiniboia was 3880 tons, and both were 350 feet in length. The ships were equipped with four fire tube boilers operating on 220 pounds pressure, that were hand-fired coal burners supplying quadruple expansion steam engines rated at 3300 horsepower and burning about 20 tons per day. Cruising speed was 14 knots. The cost of each was £90,000. The sister ships sailed to Canada in 1908, and were registered in Montreal. Company officials knew that neither ship at 350 feet would be able to squeeze through the various canals cried. Nell thought he was sailing to the end of the earth. and locks along the St. Lawrence River and around Ni- During one stay in Port McNicoll, Dick bought a suit at agara Falls. The vessels were cut into two sections at the the Tip Top Tailors located there. This was his wedding Davie shipyard in Lauzon, Quebec, then towed through suit. Dick and Nell were married and Dick left the employ the locks and the Welland Canal. The ships were then re- of the CPR. assembled and continued to Owen Sound where the outfitDick Hartley was the father of this writer, Ruth Byers. ting was completed. CPR also operated a special train service known as the Steam Boat to take passengers from Toronto. Or passengers could drive to Port McNicoll, and have the car loaded on the ship, which could hold 40 to 50 cars. The trip to Port Arthur (now Thunder Bay) took two and half days. These are pictures of the Keewatin taken on Friday, while On June 9th, 1909, the Perry sitting off the Giant’s tomb waiting for the Saturday arrival G. Walker was in into Port McNicol. the lock at Sault

On Saturday, the Keewatin wwas pulled/pushed into Port McNicoll to a 21 gun salute, the cheers of an expected 10,000 people. It'll be a floating restaurant, museum, theatre and community centre for the $1.6 billion vacation community Blutrich currently has underway in Port McNicoll, near Midland on Georgian Bay. It was built in England, in 1905 then sailed across the sea, and once it arrived, it was cut in half to get it through the channels and locks to get to Buffalo then welded back together and then continued its trek to Georgian Bay. More history....It is older than the Titanic - 5 years and has the same 3600 hp engine - and hasn't been to sea in nearly 50 years, but one of Canada's most famous ships is sailing home. S.S. Keewatin - thought to be the last true Edwardian steamer left in the world - was a popular maritime museum in a Michigan resort town near Chicago. It arrived in Saugatuck, Mich. 46 years ago after a 60year career as a CP passenger vessel on the Great Lakes. Toronto developer Gil Blutrich, president of Skyline Developments Ltd., has purchased Keewatin and is towing the ship back to its home in Port McNicoll on Georgian Bay to become a floating restaurant and community centre in the $1.6 billion vacation town he is building there. But first, he had to spend $1 million to dredge a channel in the Kalamazoo River to move the 350-foot-long vessel out to Lake Michigan from its berth in Saugatuck. Now, it's being towed 965 kilometres to Port McNicoll - it's original home port - to undergo a $2 million facelift to start a new career as a fancy restaurant, community centre, museum and theatre for a new waterfront vacation community Blutrich is building on the shores of Georgian Bay. The Keewatin was originally de- BRIDGE BITES from The American Contract Bridge League signed to complete By: Brian Gunnell the link in the Ca- AN ESSENTIAL PRECAUTION Both Vulnerable ♠K nadian Pacific South West North East ♥ J854 Railway's conti1♠ Pass 2♣ Pass ♦ J75 nental route. Pas2♥ Pass 4♥ Pass ♣ AKQJ6 sengers would take ♠ Q932 North Pass Pass ♠ 854 the train to Port ♥ 9763 ♥K West East N-S zip into 4♥, and West sensibly ♦ KQ982 McNicoll, board ♦ A6 Declarer leads the unbid suit. After the defense ♣ T942 the Keewating - ♣ 875 has cashed three Diamonds, East ♠ AJT76 or one of her sister exits a Spade and now the contract ♥ AQT2 ships the Assinidepends on Declarer picking up the ♦ T43 aboia, the Manitrumps for no losers. Any thoughts? ♣3 toba, the Athabaska, and the Alber- Of course, Declarer will finesse against East for the ♥K and the lazy way of doing that is to run the Jack around, thereby keeping the lead in Dummy for a repeat ta - and sail to Fort finesse, if necessary. But, alas for Declarer, there is no repeat finesse! East’s William Port Ar- King covers the ♥J and, when East shows out on the second Heart, Declarer thur on Lake Su- realizes that he has blundered! Now West’s Heart Nine will eventually score a perior. There, the trick and Declarer is down one. passengers would It was necessary for Declarer to lead a low Heart from the board, an essential continue their train precaution against East having a singleton King. This is the kind of problem that nobody gets wrong when they see it in the newspaper. But in the heat of battle it voyage west. a different story, as evidenced at a recent club duplicate game where four The ships took 2 is (embarrassed) Declarers managed to lose a trump trick and go down. 1/2 days to make for more about the fascinating game of bridge or email the trip each way. Visit For games in Barrie see For games in Midland see

and the gates closed behind them. It is believed the Captain of the Perry G. Walker ignored signals, and to avoid hitting the gate, gave the order to reverse, causing a backlash of water, striking the Assiniboia and the Cresent City, which hit the gate behind them and broke it. The ships were not severely damaged, no one was hurt, and the lock was repaired within a couple of weeks. The ‘Twins’ were the first on the Great Lakes to have radar. Both were retired in 1965. The Assiniboia was to be converted to a floating restaurant, but caught fire, burned, and her remains destroyed. In the mid-1930s, Richard (Dick) Hartley worked on the Assiniboia as a dining room steward. Dick didn’t tell much about those days or the trips, as the trips were mostly uneventful. He did say that every time he left home (Toronto) to do his shift, his sweetheart, Nell,

Ste Marie. Behind her were the Assiniboia and the Crescent City,

The Elmvale Veterinary Hospital is pleased to announce we have a

New groomer • Kerry Moreau.

Appointment available Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please call 705-322-2661 to book an appointment.

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Passenger, Truck & Farm Tires On-site Calcium Service

With gas prices like they are, would you not want to own a Honda Civic w/up to 59 mpg! That’s less than 5 litres per 100 kms!

Sales & Repair of all Brands

Call John for a Test Drive

Midland Honda

Serving North of Barrie to Midland 24 hr Emergency Field & Road Service 7002 Hwy 93 & Stamp Side Rd • South of midland


John Musicco Call me anytime!

705 791 1953

868 King Street MIDLAND, ON 705 526 1344 x 263

HCF Angels cheque


Lawn Bowling - BMO Invitational

We welcome Honda Associates

HCF to Scientists in School grant presentation

Cathy Bayles of the Huronia Community Foundation Grants Committee presents a grant of $1,500 to Linda Marco, Director of Fund Development, Scientists in School. During the past school year Scientists in School delivered 300 workshops to over 8,000 students in Simcoe County and this support will help them reach over 10,000 students next year. by Helmut Paddags

Scion Raffle Winner

Huronia Community Foundation Grant- Brookside Music

Greg Jackson (left), generzal manager of Jackson’s Toyota Scion, prepares to hand over the keys to a 2012 Scion xB to Lynne Butler (centre), the grand prize winner in the Car for Heart Scion Raffle. The car was donated by Jackson’s Toyota Scion to the Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre Auxiliary, represented in the photo by RVH Auxiliary president Wayne Hubbard (right), to raise funds to help equip the new Cardiac Care Unit which is part of RVH’s newly completed Phase 1 Expansion Project Darryl Burke (centre) was the runner-up in the Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre Auxiliary Car for Heart Scion Raffle, receiving a prize of $250 cash, presented by the RVH Auxiliary president Wayne Hubbard (left) and RVH Auxiliary "ARRIE(ONDA?  PDF0member Dave Hillock (right).









Angels with Backpacks members Rosemarie Allison, left, and Mary Nason, right, are thrilled to receive a cheque for $1,500.00 from Huronia Community Foundation board member, Ellie Kirby. This generous donation will help Angels with Backpacks continue to fill backpacks for the homeless people in the Midland area and have them distributed by various social agencies to men and women who have fallen on hard times. For more information about Angels with Backpacks please contact Mary Nason at 705 361 1018. by Helmut Paddags

Barbara Jones, Chair of the Grants Committee of the Huronia Community Foundation, is presenting a cheque to John French of Brookside Music Association. This is a Grant from the Tom and Lucille Gay Endowment fund of $1000 which will cover the cost of the piano rental for the 2012 season of classical music.

O’Sullivan and Butineau do it again, winning the annual BMO  Invitational Men’s Pairs Lawn Bowling Tournament. Ron and Gary have been the successful team for the past three years. This tournament is open to male bowlers in Ontario, with teams entering from  Agincourt, Barrie, Burlington, Orangeville, Orillia and Midland.  The entries were limited but the competition was excellent, vying for the guaranteed first prize of  $ 200.  Both winning players made great shots to prevail in all of their games and scored the maximum points possible  (  54  ).  Finishing in second place was a team from Agincourt of Al Ferguson and Bill Stevenson with  2  wins and 39 points followed by a team from Burlington of John Hunter and Raymond Williams with 2 wins and 37 points. On hand to represent and present Ron and Gary with the BMO trophy and first prize was the Midland Branch Manager, Fern Sisulak.  On May 10, 2011, 33,476,688 people were enumerated in the census. This is almost twice as many as in 1961 and approximately 10 times as many as in the 1861 Census. Between 2006 and 2011, Canada's population grew by 5.9%, up slightly from the previous intercensal period (2001 to 2006), when it grew by 5.4%. Canada's population growth between 2006 and 2011 was the highest among G8 countries, as was the case in the previous intercensal period (2001 to 2006). Canada’s population increased at a faster rate than the population of any other member of the G8 group of industrialized nations between 2006 and 2011. This was also the case between 2001 and 2006. Net international migration (the difference between immigrants and emigrants) accounted for two-thirds of Canada’s population growth during the last 10 years, and natural increase (the difference between births and deaths) for about one-third. In contrast, recent population growth in the United States has been mainly the result of natural increase. The 2011 Census of Population enumerated 33,476,688 people in Canada, compared with 31,612,897 in 2006.

Summer holidays shouldn’t be a holiday from learning

Now that summer is officially here, parents and children are excited to start their summer vacation. But just because school’s out doesn’t mean we should take a vacation from learning. Research shows that children who don’t read over the summer lose some of the literacy skills they learned during the year, and have a difficult time adjusting to school in the fall. So try out these fun activities from ABC Life Literacy Canada to keep skills sharp all season long!  1.     Follow a recipe together and make a dish for a summer picnic. It’s a fun way for your family to practise reading, math and comprehension. 2.     This summer’s Olympic Games offer so many learning opportunities! Count the medals Canada receives, research a sport like fencing or map out the city of London. 3.     Road trip! When traveling in the car, read signs, billboards and licence plates together and show your children how to find your destination using a map. 4.     Head to the beach with a good book! Not only are there some great summer reads out there, but children learn from their parents, so let them catch you reading. 5.     Zoo outings and visits to museums and galleries can be fun and educational. Be 1SPVEMZ4FSWJOH.JEIVSTUBOE4QSJOHXBUFS5PXOTIJQ4JODF sure to read all the descriptions on exhibits and displays. 6.     Don’t forget to write! Send friends and relatives postcards from different places /FX6TFE$BST /FX6TFE.PUPSDZDMFT .BQMFWJFX%SJWF along the way, or better yet, send one to yourself as a visual reminder of your trip. JO#BSSJF 7.     Bring some board  games up to the cottage  for a family game night. CBSSJFIPOEBDPN Board games are a fun way to improve literacy )0634 -6963*064(0-%8*/(  $*7*$'30.#J8FFLMZ skills! '*/"/$*/( '30. 4"-&4 '*/"/$&3"5&%08/1":.&/50"$"/% 4&--*/(13*$& 4&&4503&'03%&5"*-4

*/$-6%&4'3&*()5 1%* -&7*&4"/%0.7*$'&&&9$-6%&4-*$&/4&"/%)45 8.     On a rainy day, surf .PO5IVSTBNQN 'SJBNQN the Internet for informa1PXFS&RVJQNFOU 4BUBNQN "57T tion on your hobbies, or 0/-: 4&37*$&1"354 (FOFSBUPST the latest summer mov 5JMMFST .PO'SJBNQN ies. 4BUBNQN QFSXFFL 9.     Create a family trip mini-blog to share with friends and family. It's easy using services like 539'1& 5SJNNFST 8BUFS '*/"/$&3"5&)45%08/0"$.0/5)4"/% 1VNQT -BXO.PXFST 4&--*/(13*$&*/$-6%&4'3&*()5"/%1%* 10.  Scrap it: Build a book of memories during your trip. Tape in pictures, souvenir tickets and brochures and ask family members to write in comments and captions. 1MFBTF7JTJU  For more literacy tips and activities, visit GPS.PSF*OGPSNBUJPOPO0VS&OUJSF-JOFPG)POEB1SPEVDUT

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Cross Canada Charity Ride

Fax: 705.322.8393 Cell: 705.321.2653

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Bring your kids to Swim Safe! We offer: Red Cross Swim Kids (Levels 1-10), Splash and Learn, Open Swim and Full Day Camp programming!

Mike Harris and Jeff Abbott

My name is Jim Harris. I am a longtime resident of Midhurst, Ontario, (1986) and raised my son, Michael Harris here. Mike is now 27, and decided to "long-board" across Canada with his friend, Jeff Abbott, from Waterloo, Ont.

Go to for more information and easy on-line registration or call (705) 835-5851 Conveniently located off Line 5 & Moonstone Road

EDHS Peer Leadership Group

On June 4th, students from the Elmvale District High School (EDHS) Peer Leadership group assembled with the entire student body to   present a cheque for $1,425 to the Simcoe Muskoka Regional Cancer Centre. Funds were raised through a number of student driven initiatives and culminated with a hair cutting ceremony in the EDHS gymnasium. Students Rowan King and Victoria Stroh each donated 10 inches of their hair and received tremendous applause from the entire student body. 

Jim &Charmaine Harris, son Mike Harris & Jeff Abbott They bought a van in Waterloo, at cost, and will receive that money back from the dealer, Forbes, Waterloo, upon the return of the van to that dealer. They drove to Vancouver in late April, 2012, and departed Vancouver City Hall for their cross Canada trek on longboards (an extended skateboard, if you will) on behalf of the Brain Injury Association of Canada on May 1st, 2012. Initially, they received very little publicity, as their original team was comprised of 4, but was subsequently reduced to 2 prior to the start of their trek. They spend the majority of their evenings alongside the highway in the van, but Molson's provided them some gas and hotel vouchers in Medicine Hat ($5,000 worth) and a steak dinner. Mike and Jeff persevered,  and they have since crossed B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and recently arrived in Sault Ste. Marie, June 24th. They were robbed twice in Manitoba, and thus made Winnipeg CBC news coverage. They lost equipment, and the Molson's vouchers, and had to repair the broken van window. Since then, their efforts have been gaining public recognition. On June 30th, they met with Mayor Lehman in Barrie. They londboarded 160 kms the day before to make the appointment - and you may have seen them on CTV.  They have been interviewed by CBC, CTV, several radio stations and newspapers. They were featured on Canada AM, and now their trek is receiving a popular following. Their aim is to raise awareness of the importance of helmets for longboarders, skateboarders, bikers, snowboarders, roller bladers etc. All of the money they collect will go directly to the Brain Injury Association of Canada. Mr. Tim Byrne of in Toronto organized a July 4th, longboard event from Nathan Phillips Square, in Toronto were they expected anywhere from 250 to 2,500 participants.  I think this story is uplifting for local residents, as Michael attended Forest Hill Public School, Eastview High School, and is a wonderful story of altruistic intent... but then, I am an extremely proud Dad.  Mike Harris and Jeff Abbott can be contacted through: or  cell: 519-998-1556 Jim Harris 705-737-9083

We are not sure what this is?

Insulation Specialists

ph: 705-835-3877 cell: 705-527-3233 Waubaushene ON

gic health centre board is to find people who selflessly give all their experience and expertise toward the betterment of the health centre,” says Janice Skot, RVH president and CEO. “Our board members each have a varied skill set and a unique perspective that benefits our health centre.  We have lawyers, educators, community leaders, entrepreneurs, physicians and municipal leaders that comprise the RVH board – the diversity of experience is exceptional.” After a regional search, the Board has appointed Ed Archer the governance of RVH as a new member. Archer is the General Manager of Corpoincludes roles as former rate Services and Municipal Treasurer with the City of Barrie chair, Performance & Qual- and brings proven skill in strategic thinking as well as a colity Committee, former chair, laborative, consultative approach to decision making. Audit Committee as well as a At the meeting, members also ratified the appointment of member of the Code of Con- medical staff representatives.  Dr. Rob Ballagh will complete his term as RVH Medical Staff Association Chair in Sepduct Committee “Rick is truly committed to tember and will be succeeded by Dr. Sandy MacDonald. Dr. seeing RVH reach its maxi- Geoffrey Bond has been elected Vice-President of the Medimum potential,” says Jon cal Staff Association and will also join the Board in SeptemBabulic, outgoing chair, ber.  RVH Board of Directors.  Other board members are: Kirsten Parker, second vice“His commitment, leader- chair, Helen Coutts, Barry ship skills and dedication to Green, Harry Hughes, MiRVH are tremendous attri- chael Smith, Shari Elliott, butes he brings to the role of Greg Bell, Brian Bentz and chair.  RVH has started a new Auxiliary president Wayne chapter in its storied history Hubbard. Sharon Partridge, and we’re fortunate to have interim Chief Nursing offiRick leading our board for cer is an ex-officio member and Janice Skot remains Secthe next two years.” In addition to Horst’s new retary of the Board. As governors of the health position, Rob Hall has becentre the volunteer-based come first vice-chair after having served in many roles Board of Directors not only monitors RVH’s perforsince joining the board in 2008, including second vice- mance standards and financhair, Treasurer of the RVH cial accountability, but enBoard of Directors and as a sures that RVH delivers on its strategic plan, mission, member of the Performance vision and values.  Jon Baband Quality committee. “The critical piece of con- ulic will remain on the RVH board as past chair. tinuing to build and maintain a motivated and strate-

RVH Board elects new Chair

Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre has a new chair of its Board of Directors.  Reverend Rick Horst, was elected for a two-year term at the corporation’s Annual General Meeting.   Horst has been a member of the RVH Board of Directors since 2007, most recently serving as first vice-chair.  He is the Senior Minister, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church and has just completed a one-year term as the Moderator of the 137th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. Rick’s broad experience in

The following are the members of Mrs. Wilson's peer class: Brant McKeen, Stephanie MacKinnon, Samantha MacKenzie, Shawna Sullivan, Tobais Schulz, Keagan Kennedy, Rachel Ritchie, Jared Robertson, Nicole Norwood, Nicole Howard, Danny Nahuis, Maddi Haggarty, Rob Gauthier, Brittany Evans, Ryan Tinney, Aaron Dougherty, Taylor Cole, Amanda Carter, Mac Bumstead, Jesse Buchanan, Julian Albertin, Madi Hubbard and Rowan King Dear Mr.Jacobs We read your newspaper every week and find it very interesting. We know that every once in a while you have an article about “what is it” with a picture. I

have attached pictures of the same item in different stages. We found this when turning out my Dad and Mom’s house and not sure what it is. The label that is on it is General Grinder Corp. Milwaukee, Wis. USA. We figure it is some sort of grinder, but not sure and not sure how to use it, or what it would be used for. If possible, would you be able to put this in your paper and see if someone knows what it is and how to use it. We would certainly appreciate any insight we could receive. Thank you. Sue Harris, Elmvale Some actors use three names because there is already another performer in the Screen Actors Guild Directory with their name. But others use it as a marketing tool; the longer the name, the more screen space it fills during the credits, making it stand out that much more among the other names.

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Springwater News • July 5, 2012 Edition 368 • E-mail: • Robert MacDonald

Canadian Firearms Safety Course &

Hunter Education plus the Canadian Restricted Firearms Course available Instructor/Examiner Ernest Reid • 705-529-1212

Dutton Sand & Gravel Haulage Screened Topsoil Elmvale, Wyevale, Midland, & Area Call Paul at (705) 623 2899 If no answer, call 705 322 2899 and leave a message.

Painting & Paper Hanging (705) 322-1160

Cut - Rite Tree Service

Heaslip & Son Renovation & Handyman Services 705-361-9945

year! July 9– Wasaga Beach Cruise Night Walmart Parking Lot T 6pm: 429-2426 Monday July 9, THE PLACE”300 Balm Beach Road West, Tiny, 705 526 5074 MOVIE afternoon, “The Artist”, best picture 705-737-6339 2011, 2:00 pm, $2.00 members, $4.00 non members, pop corn rd 3 Wed of the month: 10 am – noon The Dutch Canadian cof- and soft drinks for sale for $1.00 each July 9: 8pm Ana Popovic ‘High octane Strat-driven blues! can be faxed - (705) 322-8393, called to - 322-2249 fee club meets in Georgian Mall food court by elevator. or (705) 687-2117 or e-mailed to - 4th Wed. 7:30. Horticultural Society meets Elmvale Legion July 10 7 pm at Waterside Retirement Lodge 239 Zoo Park Rd Thurs: 9 am Coffee Club10-3 p.m. Tiny Stitchers The Place Mon - Fri at 11 - 1:30, Country Kitchen is open at ARMY Wasaga Beach The Alzheimer Society of Greater Simcoe CounPerkinsfield, 526-5074 NAVY/AIR FORCE CLUB, 7 George Street, Barrie 728-8240 ty’s support groups connect family and friends caring for a perFirst Thurs 7 pm Midland District Camera Club meets the first Mon. Aphasia Communication Group - The Stroke Recovery Thurs. of the month Sept - June at the North Simcoe Sports and son with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementias, to education Association (Barrie and District). All sessions free 737-9202. and coping strategies in a safe place, while sharing challenges Mon: 9 am. Coffee Club and Art Group - 9:30 am Pool and 10 Rec Centre. 2nd Thurs 7 - 9 pm. The Barrie District Stamp Club, (Chap- and successes.  (705) 722-l066 am Tiny Stitches The Place 300 Balm Beach Rd. Perkinsfield July 10th – Georgian Sound Big Band Jazz in the Park Oakter 73 of the Royal Philatelic Society) meets until June (incluMon: 10 to 11:30 or 7:30 to 9 pm Ladies Interdenominational view Wood Gazebo or the Rotary Band Shell both located at 1742 sive) at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Owen & Worsley Bible Study at Willow Creek Church 2387 Gill Rd. 722-7582 Mosley Street Time: 7pm – 9pm Streets, Barrie, Draw Table, Silent Auction Mon to Fri: Country Kitchen at the Barrie ANAF Club is open Thurs July 12: 8pm Matt Schofield Trio (blues, rock and Club Sales Circuit binders available Monday to Friday  11:00 am to 1:30 pm. and New Orleans funk) or monthly. 735-6009. Mon: 1 p.m. Elmvale Community Hall, euchre/bid euchre (705) 687-2117 3rd Thurs. 9:30-11 am coffee party St. Mon: 6:30 - 8 pm @ HCES SEVENTY8 All gr. 7&8 students July 12 – Breakfast at the Beach Location: 50’s & Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Hillsdale are welcome join in awesome games and challenges. A ministry 60’s Diner, 288 Main Street. Guest Speaker – Garry Who do you know ... till Apr. 19, 2012. of Elmvale Community Church. 3rd Thurs: 10 am - noon - The raging That is celebrating any of these Sawatzky, owner of the new Skull Island Golf AdvenMon: 7 pm Midland District Railroad Club at Huronia Airport ture at 104 Main Street. Cost: $15.00 for Members, special events? grannies meet at Woods Park retirement basement of white building 705-526-3461 * Birth of a child $18.00 – Non-members. For more information or to facility 110 Lillian Cres. in Barrie.  322Mon: 7 pm Texas Hold em Tournament at the Maple Valley * Wedding register call the Chamber Office at 705-429-2247 1575 . Sports Club. All Welcome * New to the area Friday July 13: See you in Port Dover. See 50,000 4th Thurs: 1-3 Nottawasaga Bay Stroke * Special Anniversary, 25/40/50/60 Mon: Euchre 7:30 p.m. RCL Barrie bikes which get into town free or park your car at desigRecovery meet at 135, 32nd St. in Wasaga A special KEEPSAKE GIFT is 2nd Mon.: 7 p.m., Wasaga Beach Community Presbyterian nated spot - $10 per person to be shuttled to town. available compliments of the folBeach Guests speakers 429-9571 Church, 208 Mosley St., “Alzheimer Caregiver Support Group” July 13, GEORGIAN SHORES SWINGING SENlowing community-minded busi4th Thurs: 1:30 pm Diabetes support Last Mon.: 7 p.m., Bayfield House Retirement Lodge, 5 Beck IORS   “THE PLACE” 300 Balm Beach Road West, ness and professional people: group meets at the Health and Wellness Blvd. Penetang, “Alzheimer Caregiver Support Group” Tiny, 705 526 5074 PUB Night, 5:00 pm, $8.00 supper Whitfield Guardian Pharmacy Center at Penetang General Hospital549Tues. Wed. & Thurs. 9 am-3:30 pm Elmvale Adult Day Out included, meat draw Lynn-Stone Funeral Home Program at United Church Manse. Social activation/assistance w/ 0881 July 14: Midland Public Library Garden Tour The Bodyworks & Collision Centre 4th Thurs. 3-5 pm Parkinson’s support daily living activities 549-6277 De Groot Sand & Gravel Ltd. July 14 – Wasaga Artists - Art in the Park Locagroup meetings at the Superstore Midland Tues: 9:30 Coffee Club - 12:30 Bid Euchre @ The Place Springwater News tion: Oakview Woods Complex. Time: 10 a.m. – 4 526-9170. Tues. 6-7 pm Painting Classes for ages 5-12 @ Creative MadIan Vasey Certified Accountant p.m. For more information call Lynda Dies at 705Thurs. 7 - 10 pm Good Vibes Cofness 322-6588 Springwater Garden Centre 429-3147 feehouse at Mount St. Louis Road and 4th Tues. 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 pm Waverley Youth Group at Waverley Please call Moira King 322-3184 July 15 – Family Fishing Day Location: Nancy Isof Oro-Medonte - Open Stage Gospel Hall.  GRADES 7 & UP.  Free - All Welcome land. Time: 10 a.m. For more information call 705Thurs. 7 pm Bid Euchre at the Georgian 1st & 3rd Tuesday 6:30 Georgian Bay Coin and Stamp Club 429-2728 First Tuesday, in Midland North Simcoe Sports and Recreation Shores Swinging Seniors Centre, 526-5074 July 15: 5 pm BBQ then 6:30 Gospel Concert with Thurs. 7 pm Blue Grass Music at Barrie Centre, . 3rd Thurs, at the Prime Time Club, 1724 Mosley Street, Bob Dutton Wasaga Beach United Church, 380 Zoo RCL Wasaga Beach. 705-534-3771 Park Rd. Entertaining family and friends at music fesThurs. 7 pm Elmvale Com Hall Euchre/ 3rd Tues The Bay Photography Club meets September to June, tivals and gatherings for over twenty years. Opened 3 6:30 to 9:00 pm at the Wasaga Beach Christian Church, 268 Main Bid Euchre Lunch. Moving into the  shows for Grand Ol’ Opry legend George Hamilton 1V Fri: 9:30 a.m. Coffee Club 9:30 Pool, Community or St., when he toured in Canada over the last 4 years. Outhaving a Baby? 12:30 p.m. Bridge – Admission $2.50 – InTues: 7-9 Wasaga Beach Toastmasters at the Library 429-6416 doors under the trees, weather permitting. Bring your We have gifts and cludes Coffee/Tea/Cookies Georgian Shores Tues. 7 pm Bid Euchre at Bayshore Seniors Club Woodland information for you! Swinging Seniors “The Place”, Perkinsfield, Please call Candi Fox (Elmvale own chair. Free will offering. 705-429-9429 Beach. Welcome! July16, – Wasaga Beach Cruise Night Walmart & area) Tues. 7 pm Chess (beginners and advanced) at Bayshore Sen- 705-526-5074 Parking Lot 6pm: 429-2426 705 515 2252 or Katherine Fri: 5:30 pm Wasaga Beach Lions Bingo at iors, Woodland Beach 2000 TBRN July 17 7pm – 9pm– Fig Leaf Jazz in the Park Oak(Midhurst) 705 796 5323 RecPlex 429-3331 Tues. 7:30 pm: Bid Euchre and darts Barrie Legion view Wood Gazebo or the Rotary Band Shell 1742 Last Friday of each month Elmvale Ladies Tues. 8 pm Elmvale Legion - First Tues, General Meeting - Last Mosley Street Auxiliary of Royal Canadian Legion monthTues. Executive meeting July 18 – August 4 Harvey A Classic Comedy The First Tuesday 6:30 - 8:30 pm Georgian Bay Coin and Stamp ly supper $8.from 5 to 7pm King’s Wharf Theatre, 705-549-5555 or 1-855-drayton (372Fri.: 6 pm Full course meals RCL Barrie $8 Reservations reClub meets in Midland, North Simcoe Sports and Recreation 9866) quired, 728-4002 Centre 527 Len Self Boulevard 534-3771 July 19 8 pm Vocal Group of the Year, female duo Dala www. 1st Friday of the month “KID Wed: 9 am Coffee Club - 10 am Pool or (705) 687-2117 ZONE” Elmvale Presbyterian 12:30 pm Games Afternoon 1st/3rd - 2nd July 21: 8 to 4:30 pm The Elmvale & District Lions Club is Church, 22 Queen St., E.  Children Wednesday - 1:30 pm Camera Club Georlooking for Vendors for the 3rd Annual Flea Market. A 20x20 J.K. to Grade 8 welcome. gian Bay Swinging Seniors “The Place” space costs $25.Call Paul 429 3419 or see ad front page. Every Friday 6pm Minesing 300 Balm Beach Road Need someone to talk to July 21 – 3 p.m Canada Parks Day: Nancy Island. 429-2516 United Church Youth Group Jr. First Wed. of month: 9-11 am cofabout mental health or addiction? July 21: 6pm ‘Kickin in the Park’ FUNDRAISER featuring Youth Grade 5-6, Sr. Youth Grade fee party, St. Peters Anglican Church, Call the CAMH Telephone Support line at Aaron Pritchett and Karla Crawford Penetanguishene Rotary 7-12 705-737-5322 Minesing Park Fri. 7 pm – Euchre, Ladies AuxFirst Wed/Month: Regular meeting of July23,– Wasaga Beach Cruise Night Walmart Parking Lot T iliary, Branch 262, RC Legion, Monday to Friday, 3:00 to 9:00 pm the Georgian Bay Métis Council in the of6pm: 429-2426July 24: 8 pm Buchwheat Zydeco - 2010 Grammy Elmvale (upstairs). Confidential telephone support provided by volunteers fice at 355 Cranston Cres. Midland 526Fri.: 9 pm KARAOKE NITE win or (705) 687-2117 6335 July 24th – Not Affiliated Big Band Jazz in the Park Oakview Maple Valley Sports Bar Wacky Wed: 12-1:00 Lunch, $6 at Barrie Legion. 728-1412 Wood Gazebo or the Rotary Band Shell both located at 1742 Sat: 3pm Meat Darts Bbq at Legion, Branch 147, Barrie,                      Wed: 12:30 Euchre at Wasaga Beach United Church 361-2022. Mosley Street Time: 7pm – 9pm Sat. 3 pm Meat Darts. ARMY NAVY/AIR FORCE CLUB, 7 3rd Wed of month: 2-4 pm Vet’s Day at the Elmvale Legion July 25: 1:30 VON Adult Day Program (Sunset Manor) George Street, Barrie 728-8240 Branch 262. Everyone welcome. Collingwood Alzheimer meeting Sat: 4:30 Steak Darts Elmvale Legion. All Welcome! Wed – Tai Chi at Elmvale Presbyterian Church, April 11 – June July 26-August 18 (Previews July 26th & 27th, Opening Night Sun: 9:45 am Knox Flos Presbyterian Church Services 27, 4 – 5 p.m. 705-322-3840 July 28th) Man of La Mancha Theatre by the Bay Mady Centre in First Sunday of month Family Breakfast Barrie Royal CanWed. 5:15–6:30 pm Springwater Township Rotary Club meet downtown Barrie. 705-739-4228, adian Legion 410 St. Vincent St. - 11 - 12:30 pm 728-1412 Wednesday’s @ Midhurst Library 721.3148 July 28th: $10.00 Steak BBQ at Elmvale Legion, 5-7PM. Sun. 2-6 All day “Caesar Sunday” at the Barrie Royal Canadian Wed. 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Kids Awana Group at Waverley Gospel Everyone is welcome.Tickets available at the Legion. Legion Br. 147 (728-4002) and fun with Doc’s Karaoke  Hall SK to GR 6. Saturday July 28, THE PLACE”300 Balm Beach Road West, Sun (July/Aug) Church in the Pines. Second Wed: 6.30 - 8.30 pm Georgian Bay Coin and Stamp Tiny, 705 526 5074 BBQ and “Pop Rock and Doo Wop” DANCE, And the Daily Events Club Real Canadian Superstore, Wasaga Beach. Peter 534-3771 July 5 – Spirit Program Nancy Island Time: 8pm Contact: $8.00, doors open at 5.00 pm. Come for a fun evening of dancing Wed: 7 pm Euchre at Sunnidale Corners Hall! All ages and exand/or listening to a DVD of original artists of the 50’s and 60’s 705-429-2728 perience levels are welcome. Sunday, July 29    - 6:00 pm - Concerts In Heritage Park July 5 7-8:30 pm Irlen Syndrome Meeting Zehrs’ Community 2nd Wed 7 - 8: 30 pm.- Wasaga and area Cancer Support group - Elmvale Gospel Night featuring Chris Ness and J.J. FairRoom Bayfield St Barrie 719 – 0549 meetings open to all cancer survivors, caregivers and family July 6-8, Mariposa Folk Festival Orillia, Tickets are on sale at weather    members at Body ‘n Balance Physiotherapy - 950 Mosley Street, July 30 7 pm Bayfield House Penetang Alzheimer group Kids admitted free - deep discounts for Wasaga Beach. Call (705) 429 - 9619 for details. port 72-1066 Last Wed 7 - 8 pm. - Wasaga and area Stroke Support Group youth and young adults. Audience camping is also available. July,30 – Wasaga Beach Cruise Night Walmart Parking Lot T July 7: 11 am 4th Annual Georgian Bat Thunder Motorcycle meetings held at Body‘n Balance Physiotherapy - 429-9619 6pm: 429-2426 Every Wednesday night at 7:30 Euchre. ARMY NAVY/AIR Ride from the Midland Rec Centre Aug 2 8pm Bryan Lee and the Blues Power Band www.peterthunder.html FORCE CLUB, 7 George Street, Barrie 728-8240 July 7 - Blood Donor Clinic at the Community Hall Elmvale First Wed. of month: 7 pm Hillsdale Parks and Rec meet in the Aug 3 8pm Bobby “Blue” Bland winner of the Grammy LifeJuly 7&8 – Not So Pro Beach Community Centre. 835-5240 time Achievement award Volleyball Beach Area 1. The Wed. 7:30 pm Cribbage at Barrie Legion. Saturday, Aug. 4 11:30-5:00pm Reunion of the ForAnnual Not So Pro Volleyball Wed: 7:30 Euchre at the ANAF Club Barrie mer Staff of the Martyrs Shrine, Midland, Bring a pictournament is back for another Beautiful nonnic lunch to the Sacred Heart Gardens or Filion Cendenominational ter (if weather is inclement) and enjoy an afternoon of sharing old memories, photographs, memorabilia Wedding Ceremonies etc.martyrsshrine anywhere tyrsShrineStaffReunion2012 only $195.00 August 9-26 (Previews August 9th,  Opening Night Call or e-mail today August 10th) Merry Wives of Windsor Theatre by the BayMady Centre in downtown Barrie. 705-739-4228, Rev Otto Seegers 705 422 1965 e-mail August 10-25 (Previews August 10th, Opens August

Community Events

416 595-6111

Removal or Trimming Near Houses or on Lots Experienced and Insured

Springwater News • July 5, 2012 Edition 368 • Tel: 705.322.2249

Mike’s Small Engines

Fax: 705.322.8393 Cell: 705.321.2653

Free French advice regarding social assistance, housing, EI and CPP issues. Conseils juridiques gratuits en logement, aide sociale, assurance-emploi et pension (RPC). Call the French Legal Advice Line / Appelez la Ligne d’avis juridique 1-87 POUR AVIS (1-877-687-2847)

Lawn Mower / Snow Blower / Snowmobiles Orr Lake/Elmvale Pickup-Delivery 2158 Orr Lake Road North • 322-2707

CHRIS CROSS BOATWORX Mechanical boat repairs Outboard, Sterndrive 77 Yonge St. S. Elmvale (across from Tim Horton’s) 322-BOAT (2628)

Leon Tilt & Load

(Graduate of Minesing Central School) Recipient of the CFPC Medical Student Scholarship 2011 and the Nycomed Family Medicine Scholarship 2012, Dr. van Walraven also achieved 3rd Highest Academic Standing in the University of Ottawa Medicine - Class of 2012. Michelle will be doing her Residence at Barrie’s Royal Victoria Hospital.


Always on Sun & Thurs 9-4 Meats, cheeses, produce, clothes, collectibles, plants, books, merchandise, jewelry, etc. Vendors info - call 705 627 7759 or drop into

Elmvale: 2 Bdrm. Apt., in 12 plex. Laundry on the same floor. Available Aug 1st. $825/month plus hydro. No smoking/pets. Call: 705-322-2644 or 705-322-3008

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Elmvale: 1 Bdrm. Apt., with balcony. Fridge, Stove included. Available July 1st. $700.00 per month plus hydro. Call: 705-322-2644 Balm Beach - 2 Bedrm Apartment Laundry, 2 bedrm, large apartment $800 all inclusive - 705 361-2383 2 BDRM small lakefront winterized cottage on Hwy 93 at Orr Lake. Nat. gas heat. 20 min to. Barrie & 15 Midland. Suit single person. No dogs. $700/month + utilities. Ph. 416-231-0426

8:30pm to 1am @ ELMVALE ARENA Live Band – “the Hired Help”

$10 in ADVANCE • $15 at the DOOR Age of Majority For Tickets Contact Tammy 705-322-7608

STRAWBERRIES Chapman’s Berry Farm Summer and Fall Bearing Raspberries are ready We also have Red Currants

Don & Violet Chapman 6414 Line 3 North, Old Fort Rd and Vasey Rd. Call to confirm 835-5314 (Closed Sundays)

U-pick’m Blueberries Thunder Beach Berry Farm 1369 Chemin de Loup, Lafontaine

??June 12th?? - Phone for availability and times

Farm Phone 533-2345 or

Clarke’s U-Pic/We-Pic

Minimal use of pesticides - Local teenagers are helpers

Noted for flavour

Mother, Daughter Duo Help Sponsor Local Underprivileged Children for Wye Marsh Summer Camp

Raspberries opening July 9th??? Blueberries probably on July 12th???

Great Cancer fighters, our grandchildren eat them right Gordon Black, ourt of the patch... his wife Marga4 km north of Springwater Provincial Park ret, and daughter 1571 Nursery Road Emily were avid Open Mondays to Fridays 8 to noon & 5 to 7 Wye Marsh visiClosed Sat for Barrie Farmer’s Market tors. They visited as a family and Open/Sun • 8 to noon enjoyed the ac705-728-4369 tivities the Marsh had to offer. After the unfortunate passing of Gordon, in 2002, his wife and daughter decided they wanted to start a fund that would help underprivileged children enjoy a week at summer camp. Eight years ago they began the Gordon Black Memorial Camp Sponsorship Fund, • COMPLETE REPAIRS TO WEEPING TILE a wonderful tribute to their late husband and father. “My AND FOUNDATION WALLS husband was an underprivileged child. He wasn’t given the • WATER AND ELECTRICAL TRENCHING opportunity to attend great summer camps, like the one at • SKID STEER SERVICE Wye Marsh. He would be so pleased that children are be• EXCAVATING AND COMPACT TRACK ing given this opportunity in his memory,” said Margaret LOADER SERVICE • TRIPLE MIX SOIL Black. DEAL FOR GARDENS AND FLOWER BEDS Over the past eight years Gordon’s camp fund has sent NORTHERN TRENCH 135 deserving children to summer camp at the Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre. This sponsorship opportunity opens up a MURRAY MILLER whole new world; interactive, educational and fun activi(705) 835-5687 ties are designed to provide a memorable summer camp experience for children of all ages. “We always hear from In 1962, David Bowie got into a schoolyard fight over a the organizations and children we pro-vide this opportuni- girl. A punch in the eye from George Underwood resulted ty to, that it was such a great experience and the kids had in a paralyzed pupil for Bowie, which is why the singer's the best time” remarked Wye Marsh Executive Director eyes appear to be two different colors. Sara Street. Congratulations This year, Margaret and EmKoryParkerRowell ily Black are hoping to send 15 deserving kids to camp, ‘›‘—” ”ƒ†—ƒ–‹‘ˆ”‘ bringing their total number of NipissingUniversity,NorthBay camp sponsorships over the ”‡…‡‹˜‹‰ƒ past eight years to 150 kids. Bachelor of BusinessAdministration(2011) As of today, we have received &BachelorofEducation(2012) enough donations to send 13 kids to camp! To find out how InSeptember,KorywillbeteachinghighschoolMath you can help, contact the Wye andBusinessatEenchokayBirchstickSchool, Marsh for more information. inPikangikum,Ontario. Visit or  YourFamily&Friendsareproudofyou! call 705.526.7809


For Rent – 2 bdrm, kitchen, living room, bath, laundry room, frig, stove, sun deck, private drive, front and back entrance, main floor, heat, hydro, no pets, no smoking, immediate availability. Call 705-322-1246.


“team work makes the dream work”

Elmvale's Summer Sizzler Side Walk Sale Customer Appreciation Day Friday, July 20th, 2012 9am to 7pm

For more information please contact: Brenda @ Heart of Business - 705.721.3148 or Al @ G & S Computers - 705.322.1997

Hwy 92, 3kms west of Hwy 27

For rent/sale - apt., houses, and halls

Announcements / Coming Events

Dr. Michelle van Walraven

Elmvale Flea & Farmer’s Market

Country Traditions • 20 Queen St. W for a “ Walk in the Past” 705 322 0123

We pick up scrap cars, trucks and metals. Call 705-527-9534

The Willing Workers of the Elmvale Presbyterian Church are accepting donations in honour of the upcoming marriage of Bruce Ritchie and Carolyn Lambie. Donations may be dropped off at the Whitfields Pharmacy or given to Marlene Lambie on or before July 13.

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Office Space for Rent

Professional Building - 1500 sq. feet can be divided. Well appointed. Plenty of parking available.   Call Dave  705-322-0155 Up to 60 Tables & 500 Chairs for Rent Property of the Elmvale Fall Fair - Rob 790-1772 Elmvale Community Hall - capacity 220 for great dances, beautiful weddings and other super events. Stage and kitchen facilities. For rental call 728-4784 ext. 2055

Weddings, Anniversary Parties, & Birthdays

Orr Lake Golf Club is now renting out its hall for weddings, anniversary parties & birthdays. Seating for up to 175 people. Dancing for up to 200 people. Basic setup, cleanup, in-stock utensils/dishes/linens, and bartender included in rental fee. Catering done fresh in house. Call 705-322-1664, email: Web Site: c Hall - Elmvale Lions Club Hall is available for reunions, anniversaries, dances, parties or whatever. Kitchen included. Call Gary Feehan at 322-3088

For Sale/Wanted

Free Pick up of electronic waste Including appliances, car batteries, BBQs, lawn mowers, old pots & pans, wires & junk metal. (Anything with a cord) Call 705 717 4456 or  705 518 0110 We do DUMP RUNS as well!

Child Care Offered / Wanted Hello Parents: We are a mother/daughter home daycare providers. We have our CPR, First Aid and Criminal Check. We offer a variety of fun and educational learning environment with guidance and loving care, a big fenced backyard and a large playroom on the main floor. Three buses stop in front of my driveway which go to Good Shepherd Catholic, Minesing Central Public and Frere Andre French Catholic Schools. We take care from age three months and up. Our hours are flexible. Excellent references. Please call for further details. 705-812 9770 / 828 1239

Pick-up truck and driver for hire.

We do pick ups, deliveries, help people move and will take loads to the dump. Call Bob • 705 529 2557

Music Instruction

Guitar, Piano, Keyboard, Accordion, Drums, Banjo, Bass, Mandolin & Ukelele lessons available in Elmvale for Children, Adults, Seniors. Flexible times. Reasonable rates. Private Instruction. For more info, call John Brown at 322-7696 or 322-3995

Bazaars - Garage Sales

Garage & Bake Sale

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, 6 Mill St. W., Hillsdale Sat. July 14, 8 am – 12 noon. Hot dogs, coffee & cold drinks will be sold. Donated items greatly appreciated. Call 705-835-1546 or 705-322-4114 for arrangements.

Moving / Garage Sale

Saturday, July 21 2012 • 8-1 pm 14 Lorne St. Elmvale

Springwater News • July 5, 2012 Edition 368 • E-mail: •

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at the Shrine Club, 2265 Fairgrounds Rd. 6 km north of Stayner of Hwy. 26. Antiques, collectibles, jewellery, handsome man’s 18 k gold/stainless Rolex, 1906 $10.00 US gold piece, fine china, crystal, Moorcroft pcs. soapstone, stunning Aynsley dinner set, sterling, oil paintings & artwork, Persian rugs, Pequegnat clocks inc rare Monarch King Edward, stained glass window, interesting books, medals, piano rolls, instruments inc clarinet, violins, doll collection, trunks, lovely maple 10 pc dining suite, memorabilia, advertising items, old sealers, quilt racks, lots of garden 7 hand tools inc. bench saw, lawn mowers, TVs, appliances, old Simcoe County newspapers, & others etc. Preliminary List only. Terms: Cash, Visa, Debit, 7% B.P. Lunch

Pifher Auction Service Ltd. 705-445-4848.

An interesting auction with several boxes, collectibles packed prior to listing. From prominent Collingwood, Stayner, Midhurst, Wasaga, Elmvale & Toronto Estates.

Auction Sale

Verna Prosser, 237 Jane St. Stayner

Directions: In Stayner at the railroad tracks, come south on Ontario St. to Superior St., turn right, then left on Worrington St., then left on Jane St.

Thursday July 12th at 4 pm

Furniture: Duncan Phyfe dining room suite (8 pc), Duncan Phyfe table, maple desk and chair, DF 4 dr dresser, 5 dr chest, dble bed & 2 night tables, Williams upright piano, cedar chest, corner shadow box, maple 3 dr chest, 2 maple single beds, curio cabinet, sm ant. corner cabinet, Singer treadle sewing machine, 2 pc cabinet, cloth chesterfields and swivel chairs, coffee and end tables, mag rack etc. China & Glass: Royal Albert Centennial Rose 12 place dinner set plates, c&s, 2 tea pots etc. (very nice), Pinwheel, cranberry pcs, fancy bowls, Iris pitcher, Cornflower, wood ironing boards, washbasin set, Oneida cutlery set, collector spoons, caned cloth chairs, ususl sm appliances, corningware etc. garden tools (good clean sale). Partial sale held indoors. Terms: Cash, Cheques w proper ID

Bob Severn Auctioneers Shelburne 519-925-2091

"Chopsticks" was published in London in 1877 under the name "The Celebrated Chop Waltz." A 16-year-old girl named Euphemia Allen wrote the song, which has nothing to do with Chinese eating utensils. The song was intended to be played by "chopping" at the keys with the pinky fingers of both hands.



Important Estate & Antique Auction Sat. July 7th 9:30 am


(Located just off Bayfield Street North – follow auction directional signs). Includes Furnishings, Antiques, Cabinets/Cupboards, Woodworking & Garden Tools, Lumber, Decking, Household & More! Visit our website for more details & photos.


County named one of Ontario Electronic Stewardship’s top performing municipalities

Midhurst/June 25, 2012 – Simcoe County residents and businesses have shown they are world class recyclers after being named one of Ontario Electronic Stewardship’s (OES) top performing municipalities. Since the program began in April 2009 to December 2011, County residents have diverted more than 1,600 tonnes of electronics from landfill. The County of Simcoe was second only to the City of Toronto in terms of the tonnage of e-waste collected and diverted from landfill. Efforts from Simcoe County residents have played a major role in helping OES collect more than 100,000 tonnes of electronics in Ontario—that’s more than 16 pounds of e-waste per person in Ontario—in just three years. To put this number into context, imagine 12,222 tractor-trailer loads of unwanted electronics parked end-to-end from downtown Toronto all the way to Kingston. While Simcoe County residents are well on their way to keeping electronics out of landfill, we still have work to do. That is why OES is asking Simcoe County to be part of the next 100,000 tonnes pledge—a movement to encourage all Ontarians to reuse and recycle their unwanted electronics. Residents can visit www.recycleyourelectronics. ca and sign the pledge to commit to reduce their e-waste. E-waste can be dropped off for free recycling at any County waste management facility during regular operating hours. For a complete list of all County waste management facilities and their hours of operation, visit When a lobsters lay their eggs, only one in 1,000 will survive and mature. Lobsters are like father time. They can live for a 100 plus years if they aren't caught and eaten for dinner. Lobsters aren't naturally red; they only change colors when boiled. A lobster's brain is located in its throat. Lobsters actually taste with their feet. Even more strange is that they breathe and listen through their legs. At one time, eating lobster wasn't a status of wealth; instead, it was considered food for the poor. A bicycle can't stand alone; it is two tired


GUELPH, ON (July 3, 2012) – Grain Farmers of Ontario is pleased to announce an advance to the initial payments for pool participants in the 2012 marketing year. All farmers willing to pre-commit to the marketing department’s pooling program prior to July 31, 2012, are entitled to $20 per tonne paid in addition to the initial payment upon delivery of pool wheat at harvest. This offer is available for a limited time and is open to all pools with the exception of Pool G – Feed. “The decision to make an advance on the pool initial payment this year through a pre-commitment offer was made to provide our members additional cash flow at harvest and provide an extended marketing window to our sales staff,” says Grain Farmers of Ontario vice president Ryan Brown. The initial payments for the 2012 Grain Farmers of Ontario pool are: • Soft White Winter (Pool A) - $140.00 • Hard Red Winter (Pool B) - $145.00 • Hard Red Spring (Pool C) - $158.00 • Soft Red Wheat (Pool E) - $135.00 • Hard Red (Pool F) - $135.00 • Feed (Pool G) - $108.00 For additional flexibility at harvest, any farmer with a pre-commitment to the pool can choose to roll their contract into a forward or cash contract at any time prior to the September 30 pool deadline to take advantage of favourable market prices for a low administrative fee of $4 per tonne. “We are working to make the pool an attractive marketing option to our members because fundamentally it is a great, consistent program,” says marketing manager Todd Austin. “Given the reality of today’s volatile markets, the pool is a great risk management tool that allows members to participate in the market throughout the year.” Farmers can pre-commit to the pool before July 31 by calling the Grain Farmers of Ontario office to speak with a marketing representative. Grain Farmers of Ontario marketing staff are also available to answer any questions on the program or provide additional marketing services at 1-800-265-0550. Grain Farmers of Ontario (GFO) is the province’s newest and largest commodity organization, representing Ontario’s 28,000 corn, soybean and wheat farmers. The crops they grow cover 5 million acres of farm land across the province, generate over $2.5 billion in farm gate receipts, result in over $9 billion in economic output and are responsible for over 40,000 jobs in the province. According to the American Retail Association, Americans spend about $2 billion less on gifts for Dad on Father's Day than they do for Mom on Mother's Day. However, more collect calls are placed on Father's Day than any other day of the year. "All the knowledge I possess everyone else can acquire, but my heart is all my own.” -- J ohann Wolfgang von Goethe

ADVERTISE ACROSS ONTARIO OR ACROSS THE COUNTRY! For more information contact your local newspaper.






REACH MILLIONS OF CUSTOMERS IN ONTARIO WITH ONE EASY CALL! Your Classified Ad or Display Ad would appear in weekly newspapers each week across Ontario in urban, suburban and rural areas. For more information Call Today Toll-Free 1-888-219-2560, Email: or visit:

LAIDLAW CARRIERS VAN DIVISION require experienced AZ licensed drivers to run the U.S. Premium mileage rate. Home weekly. New equipment. Also hiring Owner Operators. 1-800263-8267

CERTIFIED GM TECHNICIANS are required at a very busy GM dealership in Slave Lake, Alberta. Up to $45./hour plus benefits and relocation allowance. Will consider 3rd year or higher ASEP. Email resume:

#1 HIGH SPEED INTERNET $28.95 / Month. Absolutely no ports are blocked. Unlimited Downloading. Up to 5Mps Download and 800Kbps U p l o a d . O R D E R T O D AY AT or CALL TOLL-FREE: 1-866-281-3538.

AS SEEN ON TV - 1st, 2nd, Home Equity Loans, Bad Credit, SelfEmployed, Bankrupt, Foreclosure, Power of Sale or need to ReFinance? Let us fight for you because “We’re in your corner!” CALL The Refinancing Specialists NOW TollFree 1-877-733-4424 (24 Hours) or c l i c k w w w. M M A m o r t g a g e s . c o m (Lic#12126).

AUTOMOTIVE Vehicle buyers are ONLY protected by OMVIC and Ontario consumer protection laws when they buy from registered dealers. There’s no protection if you buy privately and you risk becoming victim of a curbsider. To verify dealer registration or seek help with a complaint: or 1-800943-6002.

BUSINESS OPPS. $$$ MAKE FAST CASH - Start Your Own Business - Driveway Sealing Systems, Lawn Aerating Units, Possible payback in 2 weeks. Part-time, Full-time. CALL Today Toll-Free 1-800-465-0024. Visit:

CAREER TRAINING MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION RATED #2 FOR AT-HOME JOBS. Start t r a i n i n g t o d a y. G r a d u a t e s a r e in demand! Enroll now. Take advantage of low monthly payment. 1-8004 6 6 - 1 5 3 5 . w w w. c a n s c r i b e . c o m .

WANTED WANTED: OLD TUBE AUDIO EQUIPMENT. 40 years or older. Amplifiers, Stereo, Recording and Theatre Sound Equipment. Hammond organs. Any condition, no floor model consoles. Call Toll-Free 1-800-947-0393 / 519853-2157.

D R I V E R S W A N T E D : Te r r i f i c career opportunity outstanding growth potential to learn how to locate rail defects. No Experience Needed! Extensive paid travel, meal allowance, 4 wks. vacation & benefits pkg. Skills Needed - Ability to travel 3 months at a time, Valid License w/air brake endorsement. High School Diploma or GED. Apply at under careers, keyword Driver. DO NOT FILL IN CITY OR STATE. LCV TEAM DRIVERS in Cambridge, ON. TRANSFREIGHT OFFERS Consistent Work Schedule, Competitive Wage & Excellent Benefits, No t o u c h f r e i g h t , P a i d Tr a i n i n g . REQUIREMENTS - Verifiable 5 Year Tractor-Trailer Experience, Clean MVR for last 3 years. To Apply: Call 855-WORK4TF (967-5483). Send resume to Visit:

LEGAL SERVICES A PARDON/WAIVER FOR WORK AN D /OR TR AV EL ? Gu a r a n te e d Fast, Affordable, Criminal Record Removal. Call for FREE Consultation. Qualify Today & Save $250.00 (limited time offer). 1-800-736-1209, BBB Accredited. CRIMINAL RECORD? Guaranteed record removal since 1989. Confidential. Fast. Affordable. Our A+ BBB rating assures employment/travel freedom. Call for free information booklet. 1 - 8 - N O W- PA R D O N ( 1 - 8 6 6 - 9 7 2 7366).

CERTIFIED BODY TECHNICIAN required at a very busy GM dealership in Slave Lake, Alberta. Experience with water-borne product preferred. Up to $40. per hour flat hour plus benefits and relocation allowance. Email resume: $ $ AT T E N T I O N C H O C O L AT E $ $ Thank goodness, school is out for summer!!! Sell different products to make some Money e a s i l y $ $ $ Q U I C K LY. . . L I M I T E D SPACES available. 1-800-383-3589 MATCO. Class 1 Household Goods Drivers 2 years experience required. $ 5 0 0 0 s i g n - o n b o n u s . * Te r m s and conditions apply*. Competitive Wa g e s C o n t a c t : D a n a Wa t s o n, Fax 780484-8800 MULTI-MEDIA Sales Person for busy newspaper office in Devon, Alberta. Prior experience in sales or marketing required. Must have car. Email resume to:

SERVICES C R I M I N A L R E C O R D ? Yo u c a n still get a pardon. Find out how. C a l l 1 - 8 6 6 - 2 4 2 - 2 4 11 o r v i s i t Work and travel freely. Guarantee by the National Pardon Centre.

HELP WANTED Australia/New Zealand dairy, beef, sheep, crop enterprises have opportunities for trainees ages 18-30 to live & work Down Under. Apply now! Ph:1888-598-4415

SAWMILLS from only $3997 - MAKE M O N E Y & S AV E M O N E Y w i t h your own bandmill - Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship. FREE Info & DVD: 1-800-566-6899 Ext:400OT.

HEALTH SLIMDOWN FOR SUMMER! Lose up to 20lbs in just 8 weeks. Call Herbal Magic today! 1-800-854-5176.

STEEL BUILDINGS STEEL BUILDING - HUGE CLEARANCE SALE! 20X24 $4,658. 25X28 $5,295. 30X40 $7,790. 32X54 $10,600. 40X58 $14,895. 47X78 $19,838. One end wall included. Pioneer Steel 1-800-668-5422.

FINANCIAL SERVICES $$$ MONEY $$$ FOR ANY PURPOSE!!! WE CAN HELP - Decrease payments by 75%! 1st, 2nd & 3rd Mortgages & Credit lines. Bad credit, tax or mortgage arrears OK. Ontario-Wide Financial Corp. (LIC# 10171), Toll-Free 1-888-307-7799, $500 Loan and +. No Credit Refused. Fast, Easy, 100% Secure. 1-877-776-1660. DEBT CONSOLIDATION PROGRAM. Helping Canadians repay debt, reduce or eliminate interest regardless of credit! QUALIFY NOW TO BE DEBT FREE 1-877-220-3328 Government Approved, BBB Accredited.

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Springwater News • July 5, 2012 Edition 368 • Tel: 705.322.2249

Dear Ann,

I was with friends the other day and there was a big debate on whether it was worth eating organic food or not. What do you think? Susan M. Simply stated, organic produce and other ingredients are grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, genetically modified organisms, or irradiation. Animals that produce organic meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products do not take antibiotics or growth hormones. So let’s break down what’s “not” in organic food. I’m pretty sure we’re all familiar with pesticides, antibiotics and synthetic fertilizers. That alone is enough for many to make the switch to organic. So what is sewage sludge and how is it used? Sludge is the mud-like material that is left over after waste treatment. The “waste” I am referring to is what flows into the sewage treatment plants. Aside from the obvious human waste, that waste would also include the inevitable industrial and household toxic wastes (some of which are illegally disposed of) as well. This sludge is used as fertilizer by farmers. The concern over sludge by organic producers is that it is contaminated with heavy metals. Ontario’s guidelines require a certain percentage of heavy metal ratio, which is not to be exceeded. Heinz and Del Monte both say none of their products are grown with sludge. That raises the question, “why would they make that decision if the government says it’s ok to use at “safe levels”? What about GM (or genetically modified) food? GM foods are modified to make more efficient and successful crops. Examples are corn, which has been modified to create its own insecticide or soy, which has been genetically modified to resist herbicides (used to control the weeds that grow around it). Interestingly, soy is in about 60 percent of our processed food – usually as a filler or oil. There is heavy debate on GM foods and their safety. There is enough concern in many European countries that they are looking at a ban and even Africa has started refusing GMO products. Irradiation is a process the public is a little less aware of. What is it? When food is irradiated, a powerful current (equal to 150 million chest x-rays) is sent through an overhead gun, which is supposed to kill all living bacteria including that which causes food poisoning. It’s also a means of controlling moulds, yeast, insect and parasite infestation, and increasing shelf-life. Unfortunately, it also kills such nutrients as vitamins A, E, and K and some experts also say it leaves carcinogens in its place. Another concern of some is the possibility that food producers will cut corners on sanitation, because they can “clean-up” the food before it is shipped. Additionally, there has been no long term studies to actually show that this process is truly safe for human health. The longest one was apparently 15 weeks. Currently the only food approved for irradiation in Canada is onions, potatoes, wheat, flour, whole wheat flour, dehydrated seasonings and whole or ground spices. This is only a tiny tip of the iceberg in regards to the information and public debate on the debate over organic food as opposed to standard food. Certainly, it is worthwhile to take the time and educate ourselves to make our own informed opinion. Ann Cooke

In Memory of...

In Memory of the Dwinnells: Gordon July 26, 1976 Ida July 15, 2011 Brian July 20, 1987 We mention your names And speak of you often. God bless you Dear Dad, Mom and Brian You are not forgotten. Forever missed. Nora, Mary, Fred, Sally, Patsy, Wendy and Families

Jacobs, Donald - who passed away July 19, 2002 We think of you in silence, We often speak your name, But all we have are memories, And your picture in a frame. Your resting place we visit, And put flowers there with care, But no one knows the heartache, As we turn and leave you there. Always remembered by Muriel, your sons, daughters and all their families Hocken, Ruby Evelyn • July 14, 2004 Months have grown day by day, It’s now two years since she went away, Thoughts are full and hearts do weigh, Without her here to share the way, Time may dull the hand of fate, Memory forever recalls the date. Remembered by your son, Ken Hocken Townes, Rob • July 12 The rolling stream of life rolls on, But still the vacant chair Recalls the love, the voice, the smile Of the one who once sat there. Remembered by your dad, Lawrence and family

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Ken Archer Painting

Over 25 years experience painting & wallpapering

Call Ken 705-727-8313 Thank You Parnell - We would like to express our deepest appreciation to family, friends and the community for your outpouring of love and support following the loss of Elaine. A special thank-you goes out to the people who delivered food, prepared our meals, and continue to comfort us. Thank you to those who groomed the grounds around the farm. We have been overwhelmed by the kindness shown to us during this difficult time. Ken Parnell and family Elizabeth Ann (Bessie) Webb - The family of the late Elizabeth (Bessie) Webb would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our extended family, neighbours, friends and colleagues for the kindness and support shown to us during this sad time. The cards, letters, flowers, charitable donations made in Mum’s memory, the prepared meals sent to the family and the time people took to attend visitation and the service is truly appreciated. We would like to extend a special thank you to the staff at the Villa Care Center in Midland. The care you provided for Mum and the support you provided for the family was absolutely outstanding. To Mike Stone and the staff of the Lynn-Stone Funeral Home, you and your staff were terrific as always. To Fr. Tony Van Dervechte, we thank you for your guidance, your support and for officiating the Service. To Art Stewart (our favourite “Piper”) thank you for providing the music of Scotland that Mum enjoyed so much. To Robert (Bob) Ritchie for opening up his home to us so we could all sit and have a meal together and to all those cousins who took the time to prepare the meal, thanks a whole bunch. It was very thoughtful and as usual – delicious! The Webb Family

Stone - A great big thank-you to all the people who sent prayers, flowers, phone calls, etc. while I was sick. Everything you did to help me out and think of me was appreciated. Catherine Stone.

An Obituary.....Absolutely Dead Brilliant!!

Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure  how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as:  - Knowing when to come in out of the rain;  - Why the early bird gets the worm;  - Life isn't always fair;  - And maybe it was my fault.  Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don't spend more than you can earn) and reliable strategies (adults, not children, are in charge). His health  began to deteriorate rapidly when well intentioned but overbearing regulations  were set in place. Reports of a 6-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; teens suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch; and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student, only worsened his condition.  Common Sense lost ground when parents attacked teachers for doing the job that they themselves had failed to do in disciplining their unruly children. It declined even further when schools were required to get parental consent to administer sun lotion or an aspirin to a student; but could not inform parents when a  student became pregnant and wanted to have an abortion.  Common Sense lost the will to live as the churches became businesses; and criminals received better treatment than their victims.  Common Sense took a beating when you couldn't defend yourself from a burglar in your own home and the burglar could sue you for assault. Common Sense  finally gave up  the will to live, after a woman failed to realize that a steaming cup of coffee was hot. She spilled a little in her lap, and was promptly awarded a huge settlement.  Common Sense was preceded in death, -by his parents, Truth and Trust, -by his wife, Discretion, -by his daughter, Responsibility, -and by his son, Reason.  He is survived by his 5 stepbrothers;  - I Know My Rights  - I Want It Now  - Someone Else Is To Blame - I'm A Victim - Pay me for Doing Nothing Not many attended his funeral because so few realized he was gone.  Allan Pinkerton opened the Pinkerton National Detective Agency in Chicago in 1850. He and his employees specialized in covert, undercover work, and the company's logo, an unblinking eye with the motto "We Never Sleep," inspired the term "private eye."

Obituaries Obituaries

FLYNN, Thomas Owen - “0zzie” (Co-Owner of Allan, Margaret Stevenson Margaret has gone to join McEachern & Flynn Cartage, Retired Sears Canada her loving husband William Allan. Margaret Allan of SLH, Retired Captain Barriepassed Volunteer Department Hillsdale in her 79th year awayFire very suddenly and peacefully Member ofinRoyal Canadian Legion #147 and her sleep on Friday, JuneBranch 22, 2012 in for 37Bay, Years.) Suddenly, but peacefully at the by Royal North Ontario. She will be dearly missed her Victoria Hospital, Barrie Coll on Monday November 24th, children, Shirley (Adrian) of Scotland, Jeffrey Allan 2008. Ozzie Flynn Barrie (in his 80th year). Ungeitis Beloved (Julie Magner) of ofToronto, Laurie (Victor) husband 60 and yearsherofgrandchildren, May (nee Williams). Loving of North of Bay, Sean, Mathew, father of Catharine MarleyVictoria and her husband Paul,and Louise Thomas, Blake, Haleigh, and Michael her Smith and her husband Michael, Barbara Flynn and great grandchildren. A memorial service was held at her the husband Buzz Carroll.Home, Loving grandfather of Leigh Lynn-Stone Funeral Elmvale on Wednesday, Anne27, Marley Masson), Jennifer June 2012(Marc at 1pm. Donations to theMarley SPCA(Gilbert can be Kuiper), Marleymemory (Laura), Christopher (Jody made in Scott Margaret’s because of Smith her love of Becker), Leah Smith (Christopher Size), and great creatures, great and small. Expressions of sympathy grandfather Carsten, Owen, Liam, Emily and may be sent of to Lauren, Isabelle. Dear brother of the late Monica Paton, survived by her husband the Sandy, and the late Joyce Ridley. Elly Jonkman original Friends of called STECKLEY-GOODERHAM “Mom” Momat &theDad’s Funeral Home, and Worsley Streets, Barrie Bakery and Clapperton holding the on Wednesday from 2-4 title of “A Mother Likeand No7-9 p.m. Funeral Mass will be held was at Stborn Mary’s Church, 65 Amelia Street, Barrie Other,” in Meppel, on Thursday November 27th, at 10:00 am. Interment Holland to Berend & Klazina St. Mary’s Cemetery, Barrie. Memorial donations to the Grasmeyer (predeceased). Kidney Foundation the Heart and Stroke Foundation She passed away atorVictoria would beNursing appreciated by the Village Home in family. Condolences may be forwarded www, Barrie with through family by her side, following a brave GALBRAITH, Ethelbattle Mary Sabina - At the against Alzheimer’s.  We are Wedgewood Manor, Summerside, P.E.I. on Tuesday, rejoicing as In sheher has91st year. Beloved wife of Novemberwith 18, her 2008, gone be with Dear her mother of Sabina (John) the lateHome ArnoldtoGalbraith. Lord and Saviour.  She is survived by the ofDale her Daniels of Richmond Hill, Jim (Rebecca) of love Texas, life Harry and one son John Jonkman, (wife-Viona) (Anita) of Newmarket, Heather Zaharychuk of S’side, and daughters Island, PatriciaEarl Anderson and Marian Davidtwo of Manitoulin (Vivian) of Brampton, Sweetland (husband-Byron.  Preceding her in of death, a June (James) Walters of S’side, Lois Travors S’side daughter Cindy Warnar (husband-Henk).  She is also & Donald (Carol) of Sydney, B.C. Also survived by remembered by eleven Gregory, Kari16 grandchildren and 7grandchildren:  great grandchildren. Sister of Jayne, Bradley, Mark, Hendrik, Paul, Philip, Roxanne, Joyce MacSweyne, Fred Dapp and the late Bert Dapp Santana, JesseChambers. and SkylarMemorial and ten great-grandchildren:  & Marjorie Donations to the Dylan, Brooke, Riley, Kassidy, Madison, Colby, Drake, Alzheimer Society would be appreciated and may be Madeleine, Brooke and Emma.  She is also remembered made through the Lynn-Stone Funeral Home, Elmvale. by her sister Hillie Tissingh of Holland and her brother Tom (wife-Lien) of Utopia.  Preceding her in death is her brother Roelof and sister Dien Termeer (husband-Evert).  A long time church member of HiWay Pentecostal Church since 1966, Mom’s faith was apparent in all she did and to all who knew her.  Her 69 years of marriage to her husband was a true example of love and devotion. We will be forever grateful for the example, the heritage and the legacy of an amazing woman.  A short video of pictures put to song "I Can Pray" is available on Youtube 445for St.viewing Vincent Street listed under: Elly Jonkman Walmart Cda Mom of the Year Contest.  

Barrie, Ontario L4M 6T5

Take time now… To help your family later. Planning your funeral does more than spare your family the burden of making decisions for you. It also: ¥! Provides service and payment options to meet any budget ¥! Protects against inflation ¥! Prevents emotional overspending 30 Worsley St.

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For information on planning your funeral or to transfer your existing funeral plan to us please call:

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Biofuel process said competetive with oil - U.S. researchers say they've developed a process for creating biofuels costeffective enough to consider production-scale operations. An economic analysis by the scientists behind the research shows the cost of their thermo-chemical H2Bioil method is competitive when crude oil is about $100 per barrel, and if a federal carbon tax were implemented the biofuel would become even more economical. H2Bioil is created by heating biomass such as switchgrass or corn leaves and stalks to about 900 degrees Fahrenheit in the presence of pressurized hydrogen and passing the resulting gases over catalysts to create carbon molecules high in energy content, similar to gasoline molecules. The process is quite fast and converts entire biomass to liquid fuel. As a result, the yields are substantially higher. Once the process is fully developed, due to the use of external hydrogen, the yield is expected to be two to three times that of the current competing technologies. The method's initial implementation has worked on a laboratory scale and is being refined so it would become effective on a commercial scale. "This economic analysis shows us that the process is viable on a commercial scale," Agrawal said. "We can now go back to the lab and focus on refining and improving the process with confidence."

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Springwater News • July 5, 2012 Edition 368 • E-mail: •

Barrie and District Hunters & Anglers

Simcoe County The 2011 North Simcoe Youth EXPO to Experience, Xcitement and Participation Outdoors is a unique day providing an opportunity for youth between the ages 10  14 to try nature-based and traditional outdoor activities. These activities are led by certified instructors and include: • • • •



B.Sc (Hon) Podiatry D.Ch CFPM APMA

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Archery Instruction with Schneller Archery Crossbow Instruction featuring Excalibur Bow Woodcarving with Master Carver Dave Field Firearms instruction featuring Stoeger Airgun Range, .22 target shooting and

Foot, Heel, Leg and Lower Back Pain

20G Shotgun Instruction • Critter Dip with North Simcoe Private Land Stewardship • Web of Life Presentation by Greg Balch of the National Wild Turkey Federation

Events like these provide an opportunity to promote outdoor activities among youth, says event organizer Michele Vardy, that also provides information and education that promotes re-

successful North Simcoe Youth Day on June 9th, 2012. The event was held at the Barrie District Hunters and Anglers Conservation Club. We had 60 youth and in total over 150 people in attendance. The event was a outstanding success. Thanks to our generous sponsors.

spect for the outdoors, traditional activities and conservation of our natural resources. This event is generously sponsored by the Barrie District Hunters & Anglers Conservation Club, National Wild Turkey Federation Provincial Chapter, Huronia Attached are pictures of our



Custom Orthotics Duty Shoes and Boots

Complete Coverage From Extended Health Plans Footwear provided with each orthotic prescribed

Please call Kyle Gauld at Essa Road Chiropractic Health Centre for information or to book a consultation.


ECC FOOTBALL CLUB PRESENTS… Our 5th Annual Soccer Skillz Camp! When: August 6-10, 9AM-3PM Where: Elmvale District High School What: Jerseys, Skills, Daily Tournaments, Teamwork, Fun Coaches, Snacks, and Friends! Cost: $90* Register: or Call (705) 322-2466

*If you register and pay before June, you get your name on the back of your jersey for free!

This is how millions of Africans get their water. They take this dirty, contaminated stuff home to drink, cook with, and use for all their other water needs. As a result, many die and many more are frequently sick from debilitating diseases.

Our Hydraid filter distribution center is located in western Kenya, near the shores of Lake Victoria. Our warehouse there will soon receive its first 2,500 filters for installation in homes, schools and health clinics in that region. Our vision is to expand coverage into other parts of Kenya, including the slums of Nairobi. THIS IS WHAT WE DO ABOUT IT Through generous donations, we have everything we need to begin installing our life-saving filters into homes and other sites in Kenya We have everything, that is, except the means to get them there. The photo above shows a lowmileage Toyota truck (diesel, 4W drive), AUGUST 6-10 available from a reputable source in Nairobi, that would be ideal for transporting both the filters and our installation teams. week that need such a vehicle. Renting is very expensive in Kenya, and we would much prefer We have a Canadian training team to put our funds into a purchase. arriving at our distribution center next Our Hydraid® BioSand Water Filter reduces the leading causes of death and disease in Africa today. Using common sand and gravel, it removes parasites, bacteria and viruses from contaminated water, making it safe to drink. It is the first point-of-use technology designed to deliver a large quantity of safe water each day, with an expected life of more than 10 years. With nothing to service or replace, it is the most practical solution for locations where safe water is not available.

AGES 6-12 We are seeking donations totaling $35,000.00 to be able to purchase this truck within the next week (we told you this was urgent!) If you can provide any part of this, please mail your tax-deductible gift to Safe Water Team at the address shown. Thanks for whatever you can do to help! Questions? Call or email Don Arnold: 847 918-7015

July 5, 2012 Springwater News Edition 268  
July 5, 2012 Springwater News Edition 268  

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