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“When Children tell and no one listens…”

SpringTide - November 2011

We welcome you to the Introductory Issue of SPRINGTIDE MAGAZINE – India’s First Online youth Magazine. We extend a heartfelt thanks to the SpringTide Team and our Young Writers for support and their contribution to SpringTide. We also apologize for any error or mistake that might have crept in despite our best efforts of editing and checking.

We look forward to a long journey and association with our readers – the youth across India.

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SpringTide - November 2011



From the Editor – Welcome on Board…



Up Against – The Downfall of a Nation’s future



Being Different! – How it feels to be a permanent Party Animal: A DJ!



TechAddict – All you need to know about WebReader: The Smart RSS Reader



TopTenz… - The TOP 10 Horror Movies of All Times that will give you goosebumps.



Campus Kahaani – What really means to study in the best girls’ Commerce College of India: The True happenings on the campus of LSR, New Delhi.



Randomzzz… - The Article of the Month: On Being the Ultimate Survivor…



What Next!!! – 212 BAR AND GRILL: The New High End Mumbai Restaurant.



The (Un)Political Statement – Our Outspoken article which takes a critical view of recent happenings, by our Anonymous author: On the Successor of Ratan Tata… Leading-Edge - “The God Digger”: A Thought provoking poem featured in our Creative Section




SpringTide - November 2011

WELCOME ON BOARD… Hello, my fellow Youngistaanis… I, Pawas Jain, and my enthusiastic and fervent team at SpringTide welcome you all on board. First things first, ‘SpringTide’, as the name suggests, is for those who are enjoying the most awesome and joyous years of life, i.e. youth. The years, which make us feel that we are on top of the world (without any precise reason), that we are the very best (without any notable proof), and that we can change the world (umm… true!). Basically, yes, it matters when you are a part of the 65% population of the second most populated country of the world. So now, I introduce you to SpringTide, an effort dedicated entirely and absolutely to those young and youthful years of life. James M. Barrie, rightly said, “I am youth, I am joy, I’m a little bird that has broken out

of its egg.” We are not a disoriented crowd any more, we are aware, we are up and against wrong things, we are concerned and we are active and ready to work hard. The youth of our nation has woken up and all set to change a lot of things around. I present India’s first English Online Magazine for Youth, to praise and recognize the power and strength of youth, in an attempt to bring together the likeminded youth from across the nation. Therefore, without boring you any further I will come straight to the point and give you an overview about what “SpringTide” is all about.

“SpringTide” is only an effort to instill a sense of unity among the young guns across India and as the tagline says ‘to grow together’. The pride of “SpringTide” is that we are absolutely outspoken, fearless and motivated about our goals. We proudly claim that we have no political backing and we are not guided by any financial motives, therefore we work for the youth and present

SpringTide - November 2011

an unbiased and real point of view on everything. I will now give you a preview of our various sections which are going to be featured in every issue and what they are all about – a. TechAddict – Keeping in mind the revolutionary pace with which the technology is changing around us every day, or probably every hour and also not forgetting the excitement and knowledge of Indian youth regarding these up gradations, we have introduced this section where we will help you keep updated with the latest technological revolutions happening around you. After all, you need to know where to ‘invest’ your hard earned money! ;) b. Campus Kahaani – The Indian education sector has been ever growing and ever widening one. We have so much going on, in the college and school campuses across the nation that we fail to keep updated with them. Besides, there are a lot of dark inside stories and revelations regarding these institutions which we are unaware of. We, in this section, bring you with all the inside realities and truths of leading college campuses, written by none other than the students studying there. Yes, we do have a wider reach than you thought… :D c. Being Different – Engineering, Doctor, Commerce or MBA… Is that our youth remains restricted to?

Explore the roads ‘less traveled by’, as we give you the in and out of such offbeat careers, which not only make you successful and famous, but also helps you increase your bank balance! Know about such opportunities existing in our country, which we never knew! d. The (Un)Political Statement – India is a developing nation. We have heard this statement since the time we started studying political science, history or economics. But truly, we are currently in a phase where we face economic crisis, political upheaval, terror attacks, deteriorating sports performance, and what not! To have a pinching, but frank and outspoken view on every such issue which makes the young guns of India feel sad or excited, we have this monthly column written by our Anonymous writer – “alter-ego”! e. What Next!!! – This is an important section, considering the youth’s desire to be updated about everything new around them. This section is basically, for everything that is ‘upcoming’ – may it be, upcoming bands, upcoming songs/music, upcoming events and upcoming hangout joints and places across India. f. Leading Edge – This is the creative section of our youth magazine. The originality and talent in our youth is brimming, and this column allows

SpringTide - November 2011

them to make their creations reach people far and wide. g. Randomzzz… - This is a column featuring random articles contributed by anyone and everyone. This is, therefore our Article of the Month! h. Up against – Oh Yes, we are aware and concerned about issues and problems around us. Therefore, this comes as a column throwing light on all those issues which are unfortunately faced by our country and which need to be eradicated ASAP…  .. Here is our youth at serious work!

There are many more columns to be added in coming weeks, so I would rather say, just look forward to our coming issues, because there is going to be much more for the young and juvenile. I would now close and let you go further with an important note. Considering the turmoil and troubles faced by teenagers and youngsters in India in their daily lives, we are going to

introduce a section of “Serene Souls”, where anyone can easily send us their queries and problems (anonymously if desired), and get them answered by our experienced and helpful experts. You can send in your queries and problems easily to –, with the subject “Serene Souls”, or even contact us through our website.

Now, finally (no, I am serious this time), I welcome you all on board on India’s First English online (entirely) Youth Magazine. Enjoy your time!

-Pawas Jain (Chief Editor @SpringTide)

SpringTide - November 2011

When children tell and no one listens..... -Shruti Agarwal

It was a shrill shriek that came from the house next to mine. I knew this was not a regular playful scream of merry-making kids, but a ‘call’ for help, by an unaware, immature little girl. I knew this because it was usual for me to hear these shouts… they gave me Goosebumps, they left me brimming with anger and… worst of all, I felt helpless to witness yet another case of Child Abuse right in front of my eyes…….. Child abuse is the physical, sexual, emotional mistreatment, or neglect of a child. It can occur in a child's home, or in the organizations, schools or communities the child interacts with… It is defined by the dictionary as "any recent act or failure to act on the part of a parent or caretaker which

results in death, serious physical or emotional harm, sexual abuse or exploitation, an act or failure to act which presents an imminent risk of serious harm". But it is much more than just those harsh looking words put together… It is the most terrible punishment for those who experience it. A person who feels the need to abuse or neglect a child may be described as a "pedopath". While many crimes are easily discovered and reported, there are some which may never see the light of the day. Child abuse is one such crime which is rarely noticed and seldom reported. Depending on various factors and situations, this crime may mar a child for life and may impede their progress and lifestyle. I try to

SpringTide - November 2011

throw some light on four major categories of Child Abuse: Neglect Child neglect is where the responsible adult does not provide adequately for various needs, including physical (not providing adequate food, clothing, or hygiene), emotional (not providing nurturing or affection), educational (not providing an adequate education), or medical (not medicating the child or taking him or her to the doctor). There are many effects of child neglect, such as children not being able to interact with other children around them. The continuous refusal of a child's basic needs is considered chronic neglect. Physical abuse Physical abuse is physical aggression directed at a child by an adult. The aggression act which is not intended for any physical injury is also included under physical abuse. There are many parameters which can lead to physical abuse. 1. If abuser beats, slaps or hits the child the case comes clearly under physical abuse. 2. There have been horrendous reports of burning the skin with cigarette ends or other hot objects. 3. Pinching, pushing, hair pulling, kicking, throwing the child are some of common examples of child abuse. 5. Shaken baby syndrome - it is the case of shaking a toddler vigorously which can lead to serious brain injuries. 6. Drug use during pregnancy - use of drugs or alcohol forcibly or voluntarily can be fatal to the child. Today, many children are abused physically by their close ones. Even the number of

casualties who succumb to injuries is not less. And for the survived ones, memories of such a cruel treatment continue to haunt in future. Most nations with child-abuse laws consider the infliction of physical injuries or actions that place the child in obvious risk of serious injury or death to be illegal. Beyond this, there is considerable variation. The distinction between child discipline and abuse is often poorly defined. Cultural norms about what constitutes abuse vary widely: among professionals as well as the wider public, people do not agree on what behaviors constitute abuse. MAJOR FINDINGS – The Facts that will force you to think: It has very clearly emerged that across different kinds of abuse, it is young children, in the 5-12 year group, who are most at risk of abuse and exploitation. 1. Two out of every three children were physically abused. 2. Out of 69% children physically abused in 13 sample states, 54.68% were boys. 3. Over 50% children in all the 13 sample states were being subjected to one or the other form of physical abuse. 4. Out of those children physically abused in family situations, 88.6% were physically abused by parents. 5. 65% of school going children reported facing corporal punishment i.e. two out of three children were victims of corporal punishment. 6. 62% of the corporal punishment was in government and municipal school. 7. The State of Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar and Delhi have almost consistently

SpringTide - November 2011

reported higher rates of abuse in all forms as compared to other states. 8. Most children did not report the matter to anyone or rather could not report the matter to anyone. 9. 50.2% children worked seven days a week. Child sexual abuse Child sexual abuse (CSA) is a form of child abuse in which an adult or older adolescent abuses a child for sexual stimulation. Some of the sickening and appalling forms of CSA are: 1. If any adult is performing any kind of sexual act by revealing genitals, exhibiting any form of pornography, narrating offensive stories then such acts are considered as sexual child abuse. 2. If any adult is asking a child to handle, fondle his genitals or an adult strokes the child's genitals then it clearly defines the case of sexual abuse. If any adult is abusing the privacy of child by asking or forcing to undress then also, it comes under sexual abuse. 3. If someone exploits the innocent child through prostitution or makes its use for pornography it gets included under sexual abuse. Generally it has been observed that very close ones or relatives are often accountable for this kind of abuse. General characteristics of such families are the families which are living in isolation like support systems, orphan houses or the families facing financial crisis. Effects of child sexual abuse include guilt and selfblame, flashbacks, nightmares, insomnia, fear of things associated with the abuse (including objects, smells, places, doctor's

visits, etc.), self-esteem issues, sexual dysfunction, chronic pain, addiction, selfinjury, suicidal ideation, somatic complaints, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, other mental illnesses. Approximately 15% to 25% of women and 5% to 15% of men were sexually abused when they were children. Most sexual abuse offenders are acquainted with their victims; approximately 30% are relatives of the child, most often brothers, fathers, mothers, uncles or cousins; around 60% are other acquaintances such as friends of the family, babysitters, or neighbors; strangers are the offenders in approximately 10% of child sexual abuse cases. MAJOR FINDINGS: 1. 53.22% children reported having faced one or more forms of sexual abuse. 2. Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar and Delhi reported the highest percentage of sexual abuse among both boys and girls. 3. 21.90% child respondents reported facing severe forms of sexual abuse and 50.76% other forms of sexual abuse. 4. Children on street, children at work and children in institutional care reported the highest incidence of sexual assault. 7. 50% abuses are persons known to the child or in a position of trust and responsibility. Psychological/emotional abuse Out of all the possible forms of abuse, emotional abuse is the hardest to define. It could include name-calling, ridicule, degradation, destruction of personal belongings, torture or destruction of a pet,

SpringTide - November 2011

excessive criticism, inappropriate or excessive demands, withholding communication, and routine labeling or humiliation. Victims of emotional abuse may react by distancing themselves from the abuser, internalizing the abusive words, or fighting back by insulting the abuser. Emotional abuse can result in abnormal or disrupted attachment development, a tendency for victims to blame themselves (self-blame) for the abuse, learned helplessness, and overly passive behavior. MAJOR FINDINGS: 1. Every second child reported facing emotional abuse.

child abuse which can be quoted from all around India. Child abuse was the, is the, and if the trend continues then forever will remain the most horrifying topic whenever the debate on crime is touched. Child abuse leaves strong imprint on a child like children who are abused or neglected, including those who witness domestic violence, often exhibit emotional, cognitive, and behavioral problems, such as depression, suicidal behavior, and difficulty in school, use of alcohol and other drugs, and early sexual activity. Children who are abused or neglected also are more likely to

2. Equal percentage of both girls and boys reported facing emotional abuse. 3. In 83% of the cases parents were the abusers. 4. 48.4% of girls wished they were boys. We usually hear our parents saying that don’t go out after sunset, or return back on time coz of the increasing crime cases against children. Around 7 months ago a 13 year old girl was brutally raped behind a dumpster while walking to school. A foul smelling homeless man pulled her behind a dumpster and assaulted her. He pulled her shirt over her face so that she could not identify him. Now this was just an example which I quoted not so that you can abuse the wrongdoer and move ahead with life, but so that we all can do something serious by reading these facts‌ There are endless cases on

repeat the cycle of violence by entering into violent relationships as teens and adults or abusing their own children.

Even the social and economic costs of child abuse and neglect are difficult to calculate. Some costs are straightforward and directly related to maltreatment, such as hospital costs for medical treatment of injuries

SpringTide - November 2011

sustained as a result of physical abuse and foster care costs resulting from the removal of children when they cannot remain safely with their families. Other costs, less directly tied to the incidence of abuse, include lower academic achievement, adult criminality, and lifelong mental health problems. Both direct and indirect costs impact our society and economy.

I stumble when I read a horrible story of child abuse from a different website. I started reading the stories and am truly heartbroken. I have shed many tears for victims and pray that God will heal their broken hearts and bodies. Fortunately, I have never experienced any abuse. I just want all of them to know that I think they are very brave for sharing and I hope that in some way it helps them heal. When I first started reading their stories, I was determined to read each one. In a way, I felt

I was helping bear some of their pain. However, I am not even at a third of the way through and cannot bear to continue. I am just 19 but with heavy heart I just wish I could be their guardian to love and protect them all. GOD BLESS ALL‌

- (The Author is a CA Articled Assistant, currently working in Jaipur, Rajasthan)

SpringTide - November 2011

Disc Jockeying – In and Out -BY DJ VAIBHAV (

Hey all…. How u doing…I hope u all are partying hard…Ha-ha… Well Before saying anything I wud like to give u a small intro of mine…. Myself DJ VAiBHAV and I have worked as a DJ and performed my Gigs in almost all the leading clubs of Jaipur. All the readers must be thinking what a DJ is doing here off the console… Well I am here to discuss something about this career which is called DJing…. So, before going ahead I wanna share my personal experiences…. Well if I consider my studies I was just an average student….grew up in a middle class or u can say a simple family – A kid who was never pressurized for a specific degree or a career by the family. So I was always like

tension free and away from all kinds of career oriented worries. But guys when the time came, school was about to end, I was one of those guys who were sitting with blank face holding the commerce stream stamp on the forehead….Did a hurry n chose CPT entrance as my next step… Cleared it but yeah there was something I was lacking short of and I was quite unsatisfied with the career I chose….I read in newspaper about a workshop to be held on Djing under the mentorship of DJ AKKi..Took it seriously and enjoyed it to the core and just loved it but never realized that this will leave a big impact on my future n career…well that was just a start and I was a stranger to it…. So, one day I went to a party and while discussing things related to music, I found

SpringTide - November 2011

mistakes in the DJ’s live playing and after that all the people around me were appreciating it and suggested me to Djing as my career… I came back and talked to my family so everyone was against this field I chose but I stood strong for this decision of mine. Somehow I convinced my family to enter into this field and I won this time. I joined DJ AKKI’s Academy for DJ-ing n that was a kick start to my career and that day I told myself here I go. Touch wood guys I don’t know what zeal I got and the course which would have been completed in just 1 n a Half month was done within 20 days by me. And I started assisting DJ AKKi in clubs like B2B , TFB Ramada and all the other events. We got the call from 3Ds lounge Jaipur and I was chosen as the resident DJ there. I got a lot of appreciation from my senior DJs n specially the crowd. To see the crowd getting crazy for me was the most amazing feeling I ever got. People from cities like Ahmadabad, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai etc. were loving the genre I was playing and the way I was on mic…I got a lot of offers and a lot of private events and the journey is still on…and I am loving it….

So here I am kinda done with me but I am here to talk about Djing as a career…DJ-ing is my passion guys and if you choose it as a career or hobby it’s worth it even for those who like music. You don’t need to learn the classical notes or chords or Antra or anything….You just need to know the music and the artist, the music you love and the music you are playing for the crowd which they are loving which includes the music sense of your mind and the way you enjoy the music. Just like my family a lot of families do not accept it as a genuine career coz there are a lot of myths about it that it is gonna spoil their child or he or she will be spoilt. But if you support your child then he or she can never break your trust. Look at me I am not into drinking or smoking anything just to keep my parents satisfied. Almost everyone has seen the movie 3 Idiots so why should I elaborate more about it It is all about mixing two tracks on the first level of the course and there are a lot of components in DJ-ing like Production, Scratching, Turntable scratching etc. You will get to know how many actually genres exist in Music.

If you all are confused from where to learn it then I have a very easy way for you all. DJ

SpringTide - November 2011

AKKi and me here are running a DJ-ing academy named Soundspinners DJ and Remixing academy in Jaipur where you can learn it with experts. You get the experiences of different clubs and mega events. If you are thinking that Jaipur is far away from the place you stay then guys there are other academies as well in other cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata etc. You can Google them. And one more thing especially for gals if you think that it is the field only for boys then let me inform you that there are a lot of girls who are earning good name and fame in this field and have listed themselves in the top 20s in this country. Now comes the main component “EARNING”…. So guys just like every field this word means a lot in your life and society. If you are really doubtful about the earning part then I will tell you very frankly that it all depends upon your capacity. How much you are dedicated about your work and the way you perform on any level. Income and earning has no limits in this work. Even if you do work as an MBA and passed by Grace or low scores then I have found salesmen who are MBAs. So mark my words if you have patience, Enthusiasm, Zeal and music on your mind then I would love to see you guys with your own official logo or a Fan page on Facebook

just like I saw mine. Somehow and somewhere even my parents feel proud of my job profile. So this was DJ VAiBHAV Signing off. And any further queries or doubts about this career. Drop an E-Mail or search me on FB with deejay.vaibhav. So looking forward to catch you soon and remember when you do just do it like animals… 

-(The Author is currently working as a resident DJ in 3Ds resto lounge & is A CD-Djing Trainer @ Sound Spinners DJ & Remixing academy, Jaipur)

SpringTide - November 2011

WebReader: The Smart RSS Reader By: Prabal Dave Subscription, search for your favorite blog & If you are a regular internet user, I am sure you must

finally hit the subscribe button.

have subscribed to number of websites, blogs, RSS & atom feed. No doubt, all the latest updates are very

Management: If there is anything in

useful to keep a track on things going around the

bulk, you have to manage it and same

globe but also a frustration sometimes. For example –

goes for your subscriptions. In

you come online just to check some important emails,

WebReader you can sort subscriptions

but end up reading news of your favorite phone,

and keep them organized into different

losing both your time and money. Of course, there is

folders based on different categories

nothing wrong in subscribing the updates but you can

like News, Technology. Since there is

do that in a smarter way. WebReader, an app

no feature for ‘Read it Later’, you can

from Intel AppUp Centeris the best RSS reader I

add a star & access it later from

have ever seen. It comes with number of useful

Starred Items. Later if you have no. of

features which makes it a wonderful AIR based

subscriptions and looking for

desktop client. Let’s have a look on five most

something old, WebReader’s Smart

important features:

Search helps you search through all subscriptions, starred items, folders

Subscribe to any Blog: This is the most important part of any RSS reader, i.e. anyone can subscribe to his/her favorite blogs & save time in visiting hundred different website every day. But what about video channels, photo albums, deal of the day websites. Well, WebReader makes it even simpler. That’s because you can subscribe to any page, blog, rss or atom feed for regular updates & you won’t miss a single one. Just click on Add a

and even specific ones.

SpringTide - November 2011

Quick Sharing: Sharing is caring and with

moreover it makes things simple for readers

WebReader, publishing news stories on

only. Therefore, you can’t afford to miss a single

Facebook and Twitter is as easy as 2 clicks.

video and keeping that in mind, WebReader

Under every post, 4 options are built. You add a

comes with a feature where you can watch

star and the post drops in Starred Items. If you

videos directly in RSS posts without opening an

like a post like other readers using WebReader

external browser.

do, it gets featured in Recommended Items. Lastly, you can use Facebook & Twitter buttons for sharing the news stories with your friends.

Ease of Use: WebReader includes many features which improves our reading experience. For example, you can adjust font size, hide the feed panel for more space, choose multiple views to read page or click the title to see original RSS page without opening external browser (Shortcut Key: V).


Settings which includes how often to be notified on a new post, connecting WebReader with your accounts on Facebook or Twitter.


Hiding the feeds panel for more space to read subscriptions. Shortcut Key: U


WebReader comes in ‘Must recommend’ category in my list.

Adjusting Font Size: Normal & Bold available.


Full posts View for reading full post at one go.


Summaries View for seeing the headline and starting four-five lines. (As seen in Image)


Titles View which includes just the Title for all posts.


To add a new folder and manage different subscriptions.


Switching back to List Mode with no folders available.

Videos in RSS: There are tons of videos being uploaded and then embedded in blog posts. Whether it’s unboxing or a video tutorial, webmasters love embedding a video and

(The Author of this column is the owner of the Gadget website

SpringTide - November 2011

The Top 10 – Scariest Movies of all Times….

1. The Exorcist – Director William Friedkin had the daunting task of translating William Peter Blatty’s novel to the screen, and succeeded with flying colors – mostly a sickening green. The film maintains its suspense without getting campy and with its judicious use of startling special effects. 2. The Haunting – The original, directed by Robert Wise in 1966, is the truly scary one. Julie Harris effectively portrays the innocent and unstable Eleanor who, along

with others, are induced to stay one night in an old mansion that is reputed to be haunted. 3. Jacob’s Ladder – Jacob Singer (Tim Robbins) is a Vietnam vet who seems to be profoundly affected by his nightmarish war experiences. Is it because of some Army experiments? Is Jacob going insane? Or is something else going on? There seem to be demons everywhere, and Jacob doesn’t know who to trust. 4. Poltergeist – This is still one of the best ghost stories ever made. The film takes the safety and berserkers of the American suburb and turns it into a house of horrors. And it all begins with some strange and amusing poltergeist activity in a young

SpringTide - November 2011

family’s home, and gets serious when five-year-old Carol Anne disappears. A team of paranormal investigators is called in, but it’s a task none of them are quite prepared for. 5. The Sixth Sense – Nine-year-old Cole Sear (Haley Joel Osment) always seems disturbed, frightened… and his mother cannot figure out why. He finally confesses to psychiatrist Malcolm Crowe (Bruce Willis) that it’s because he sees dead people – everywhere… and they’re not always pleasant to look at. 6. Rosemary’s Baby – Made in 1968 by Roman Polanski, Rosemary’s Baby is still creepy on a number of levels: its theme song, Mia Farrow’s terrific, neurotic performance, the Dakota apartment building, Ruth Gordon’s quirky and funny character, and even a room full of old, naked Satan worshipers. Although she doesn’t know it, Rosemary (Farrow) has been chosen by a New York-based coven to be the mother of the Devil himself. But once she suspects that the unthinkable might be true, who’s going to believe her?

7. The Omen – This is one of the first films to take on the subject of The Antichrist as a living person in our time – and in this case, in the form of a small boy, Damien. A switch at birth places the boy (born of a jackal) in the home of the American ambassador to Great Britain (Gregory Peck, who is always great), and therefore in a position to assume future world power. The boy himself, although capable of some unnerving leers, is rather harmless, but the people and forces at work to protect him will stop at nothing. 8. The Shining – Stanley Kubrick wanted to make the definitive horror film from Stephen King’s novel, and although it doesn’t quite measure up to that ambition, it has its share of shocks, scares and memorably creepy images. On first viewing, Jack Nicholson might be accused of going erserk in the overacting department, but upon subsequent viewings and later reflection, it’s a performance that gets under your skin and sticks with you. 9. The Innocents – Based on Henry James novel The Turn of the Screw, this 1961 film is a subtle,

SpringTide - November 2011

thriller/ghost story that slowly draws you into its creepy world in Victorian England. Deborah Kerr stars as a governess who is hired to care for an orphaned boy and girl, and soon enough the happy household becomes the setting for strange goings-on. The governess begins to see things – ghosts? – and then learns of the horrible secret past of the house and how it might be affecting – even possessing – the children. 10. Frailty – Frailty is a spectacularly creepy gothic thriller that tells the story of an East Texas serial killer who calls himself the Hand of God. An FBI agent, desperate for information, listens when a young man named Fenton comes in offering a suspect. Fenton believes he knows who the killer is: his brother Adam. Fenton tells of their strange childhood, beginning when their father (Bill Paxton) had a religious vision one night. God told him he must

kill people—well, not people but demons that look like ordinary people. He is given a list of names and two tools to do the job, including a double-edged axe. Faced with an assured and threatening father and nowhere to go, the boys reluctantly help carry out a murder. The film works because of a sharp script and Paxton’s engrossing performance as the demondriven father, hitting exactly the right balance between earnestness and psychosis. Like Martin and Bug, Frailty shows that everyday horrors can sometimes be the worst.

-Compiled by the SpringTide Team (Source: 50_scary_movies/ & p1.html)

SpringTide - November 2011

LADY SHREE RAM COLLEGE OF COMMERCE, NEW DELHI -Megha Rana After having scored a mere 94.5% (yes, this is ‘mere’ in educational system of India), I was doubtful if I will be able to make it through the LADY SHRI RAM COLLEGE FOR WOMEN (one of the top most Commerce colleges of India since 1956). The newspapers proudly announced that the seats are full for (h), which made me sad but not surprised. However the third list came and I got admission in LSR at the edge. The college orientation was inspiring… LSRLIBERATING, STRENGTHENING REAFFIRMING: leadership with social responsibility; LAKSHAYA SADHNA RACHNA.

The campus is undoubtedly first-class but yes one thing definitely missing is a swimming pool. The CAFÉ (it’s a sin here to call it a CANTEEN!) is nice and luring. The college is fresher friendly with 0% ragging and helpful seniors. LSR remains active throughout the year through the lots of societies and clubs which practice throughout the year for various fests and competitions. The faculty standard is pretty much variable… as for departments like journalism and English honours it’s excellent and for departments like commerce and economics, its average. LSR actually helps to

SpringTide - November 2011

improve one’s personality (including dressing sense, considering you get to live in South Delhi for 3 years) and grooms and develops its students to face the real professional world. The campus life is interesting with so many workshops, departments, fests and competitions taking place almost every day. But yes, after a year or so the most common Facebook status posted by every LSR’ian would be: 7 REASONS WHY I CHOSE LSRI HATE TO SLEEP I HAVE ALREADY ENJOYED LIFE IN CHILDHOOD I LOVE TENSION I DON'T WANT TO SPEND TIME WITH FAMILY

undoubtedly true… every year companies like ESSEX, DELOITTE, GOOGLE, FACEBOOK etc do come and recruit students. Despite some offputting factors the college attracts all kinds of girls from seedhi saadhi parhakoos to hot shot babes….. So if you are lucky enough to get a whooping percentage, which made the aunties in your neighbourhood go “ooooooh…” on the result day, or if you are lucky enough to be born a girl {} (which is a more important pre-requisite for joining LSR), you will probably experience the “magic of LSR”, as we say it… After all, nothing is better than the “Dilli ki sardi, and LSR ki ladki…”

I WANT TO TAKE REVENGE FROM MYSELF I LOVE TO STUDY ON SUNDAYS AND HOLIDAYS P.S. pass hone ki khushi bardasht nahi hoti thi.....

The yearly fest TARANG is an event every LSR’ian for every year… for some it’s a chance to showcase their skills whereas for most a chance to bring their boyfriend to college (which is a feast for the boys more than anything else). Like other DU college fests it has a concert, some competitions, treasure hunts and a DJ night.

The campus is strictly a non smoking zone, hence so some girls have to smoke in the nearby parks… (:P). LSR boasts of university toppers and attractive placements which is

-(The Author is a current 2nd Year Student of LSR, New Delhi and belongs to Ludhiana, Punjab)

SpringTide - November 2011

KING KOCH… -Aditya Garg we have to put up with all this crap”, Marty snapped back. Cockroach, or the Blattaria, belongs to the insecta class, of the arthropoda phylum in the animilia kingdom. Cockroach, a common household foodconsuming pest, is an extremely vile and resilient organism, characterized by its disagreeable odour and obnoxious body structure“BLAH! Blast these wretched ignorant creatures. If only I could get my legs on the insolent fool who wrote this thing.” “Now, now Marty, don’t go off losing your cool over some daft words of a dim-witted mind. Besides, it’s not really his fault now, is it?” Bugger reasoned. “That son-of-a-human with his little uncultivated mind, I don’t understand why

“Yes, you do, Marty. Because true greatness lies in forgiveness, and only the strong can forgive”, Bugger said. “You, and your wise ways Bugger. I don’t know how long I can manage to stay great with these morons provoking me all the time.” “Not for long, Marty, not for long”, Bugger reassured. He couldn’t blame Marty for being so intolerant. After all, human beings were a naïve race of creatures. With their undeveloped minds, their conception of the world was restricted by the limited amount of time they had spent in the middle, on planet earth. Having evolved a mere million years ago, and given the inadequate intellectual capacity they were gifted with, it was not humanly possible for them to

SpringTide - November 2011

comprehend the infinite complexity of nature...neither were they expected to. After all, the laws of nature, with all the obscurity and intricacy of their design, could appear rather complicated to the lesser minds. You could end up spending months and years together figuring it out and yet be as clueless as ever. Fortunately, we, cockroaches were a gifted lot. Blessed with ample brains, cockroaches had inhabited the earth since virtually forever. Being one of the first few occupants of the planet and with the absence of any other sensible species around them, our forefathers were quick to realize their responsibility, and humbly accepted their roles the guardians of the planet earth. Being the caretakers of a planet as bio-diverse as earth, with all its turmoil inside and outside, wasn’t really an easy task. It was a really torrid time for our ancestors, handling all the insignificant life forms around them, particularly those big, bulky creatures, which humans now refer to as dinosaurs. Carrying the mass of an entire mountain and brains the size of a peanut, the dinosaurs were a constant source of nuisance, endangering the harmony of the otherwise perfect world intricately strung together by our ancestors. But then of course, there was nothing a big old meteorite couldn’t handle. It was the great grand meteorite of 65 million B.C. (as per the human date) which truly established our identity as the ultimate survivors on planet earth. The meteorite, which was no big surprise, considering the astronomical intelligence of our race, proved to be a blessing in disguise. All the lesser

life forms, lacking the survival instinct of a cockroach, were completely eradicated from the face of the earth, cleansing the planet of all the unwanted filth, and paving the way for an uninterrupted and glorious reign under the cockroaches. But who knew, nature was but with a sense of irony. Just when everything seemed perfect and the world finally looked to be headed on the right course, human beings took birth. Throughout the course of our vast lifetime, spanning millions of years, never ever had we encountered a species more haughty and imprudent as the humans. From the moment human beings set foot on earth, they worked incessantly towards devising the best possible way to devastate the planet, devouring it of all its resources and making it uninhabitable for all the other life forms. Being blessed with a less-than-fortunate mind, human beings could have availed the advantage of the large-heartedness of our species and been forgiven, but what really irked our lot was the unwarranted, unrelenting arrogance that they carried about themselves. Having an unfathomable ego, ten times the size of their brains, human beings had absolutely no regard for any species save themselves, considering themselves the supreme powers of the world, the invincible. Ha! If only they knew, just how far away they were from the truth... what waited for them out there? “I wish it happens soon now, I can’t stand any of these two-legged morons any longer.” Marty grumbled, bringing Bugger out of his trance, as they crossed the housekeepers on their way out.

SpringTide - November 2011

“It won’t be long now, Marty, it’s inevitable. These humans have brought it upon themselves.” “HA-HA, I can’t wait to see the earth finally getting rid of these despicable pests. They are like a disease, a virus. All they do is multiply, and multiply until they have depleted every damn resource in the area. I wish you could hear me right now. You have plagued our planet for too long now, it’s about time you got what you deserve. It’s been a million years, a million years of utter blasphemy and devastation. For a million years, all you have been is a burden on this planet, a burden on us. For a million years, we have been tolerating you, fixing up all the mess you have created, putting up with everything you have thrown against us. Now, it is time. It is time you faced the consequences. It’s time you got it back in your face. ARE YOU LISTENING? TIME YOU GOT IT IN YOUR FACE, IN YOUR FA-

“Duuude!! You got that roach in the face.” “Are you sure it’s a cockroach? They all look the same to me.” “Well, it did kind of have an obnoxious look to it…”said the human, as he casually wiped off the now, squashed and disfigured Marty off his newspaper

(The Author of this article is a 2nd Year Student of IIT Roorkee)

SpringTide - November 2011


12-A Hornby Vellard Estate, Lotus Cinema Building, Next to Vitesse / Opposite Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai, India 400 018)

It was a waste of 4,000 square feet of prime Worli space, that unremarkable restolounge called Magick, deserted on most nights. It's lucky that life gave it a second chance, one that resulted in an Italian restaurant where a Milanese chef bakes Camembert, sears tenderloin and tuna to perfection and successful 30-somethings sip on wine and sometimes, mushroom cappuccino soup. Co-owned by Fire n' Ice's Ketan Kadam and three other guys who named Two One Two after the temperature at which water boils,

this mid-town eatery is mostly defined by woody interiors, high back chairs, luxurious couches and an additional al fresco section. In a zip code devoid of hip dining options (Copper Chimney is too old-school and Don Giovani shut down), Chef Alex Bignotti's Two One Two is perfect for an interesting ultra urban dining experience. “This innovative dining experience starts with authentic Italian food straight from the Milanese kitchen of Executive Chef Alex’s Bignotti and Chef Mikhail Shahani, with their talented team of artisans, creating a

SpringTide - November 2011

rare balance of flavours, textures and innovative style of cooking. With Gordon Ramsay’s disciplines and Italian culinary traditions, Chef Bignotti with Chef Mikhail Shahani unveil an extensive basket of Mediterranean, Milanese cuisine and also few innovative contemporary flavours. At the ristorante, the concentration is on the food and the focus on the grill, using the choicest ingredients from around the world. The team at Two One Two is exceptionally proud of the Grills, a gourmand’s delight.” The Facebook page of 212 says. Two One Two is simply designed and divided into a bar area and a larger, elevated dining space, with a small flight of stairs demarcating the two. The restaurant is furbished with grey granite tables, dark wood floors, rust coloured fabric walls and flatscreen TV sets, which although switched off when we visited, seemed an unwelcome accessory in a fine dining restaurant. In a week’s time, Two One Two should also have an alfresco area with a separate café menu. For appetizers, the truffle-scented cappuccino of wild mushrooms, and the vinegar-doused chicken skewer served on a bed of fresh tabouleh salad, are not to be missed. Two One Two is yet to print a dessert menu, but the staff are well versed with the list. On the chef’s recommendation, you can order a

creamy raspberry cheesecake with a layer of blackcurrant sauce worked into its fluffy body. While this is excellent, the bitter chocolate fondant is also recommended. The only grouse is that as the bar and the dining area are so close, the restaurant gets noisy. However, the food is so good; you’ll find yourself lingering over a leisurely meal despite the din. (A meal for two costs approximately Rs 3,000 excluding alcohol. All reviews are conducted anonymously.)

-SpringTide Research

SpringTide - November 2011


BYE-BYE By: “alter – ego”

I wake up in the morning, at 6.00 a.m. to be precise, by the beautiful sound of my Titan Watch. I stretch myself, to get ready and buck for the fresh working day of my life. I look forward to the day, as this is one thing that keeps you going. But there are a few other things too, one of which I do next to waking; I call my mother for a cup of bed Tea, without which my day wouldn’t start. She returns, ready with the cup of hot and steaming Tetley Tea. I thank her for it and move on with my day. It’s time for food

before leaving for work, which, given my mother’s cooking skills, surprisingly lacks salt. The new packet of Tata Salt is cut open and I continue with hogging my food, while watching India v/s Australia, thanks to the newly installed Sports Pack on my Tata Sky TV. It is the time to leave, and I carefully take my Tata Indigo, out of the porch. I drive to office, looking around and getting happy on the development of my city and the newly made over-bridges (which definitely have a lot of Tata Steel inside

SpringTide - November 2011

them). I reach my office where I realize the systems are down today, and the computer expert is due to arrive (mind it, our company’s system has been designed by Tata Consultancy Services). I wait for the work to begin again when suddenly I receive a call from my dad on my Tata Docomo network, asking me to renew the life insurance policy today which is registered with Tata AIG. I answer in positive to him. As I hang up, my office colleague and my best friend, turns up and greets me with a high-five. He is a pass-out from Indian Institute of Science (founded by Jamsedji Tata) and recently got married to a qualified doctor working in Tata Memorial Hospital. As we chat about the daily life and the fluctuating share market, I realize the summer heat is taking its toll on me and I switch on the Voltas A.C. of our office. The day passes by, its 4 in the evening, when OMG! I suddenly remember that it is my Chachi’s birthday today. I call my mother and ask her to get something for her from the nearby store. However, she replies to me that she is busy treating herself at the Tanishq outlet today! I ‘huh’ her, and decide to drop on the Westside store myself on my way back.

We all are back home in the evening and as we listen to music on my new Croma Speakers, we are talking about my Uncle’s return to India from US. He is a rich guy with loads of bank balance and I learned

from my mother that he was arriving from his chartered plane of Tata Air. Anyways, we decide to eat out tonight and think about a nice eating place for some time, but finally we decide (yes, you guessed it right), to go to The Taj Palace! Oh yes, this was just an example, how one can really live an amazing TATA life. Since childhood, Tata has been one company which has been directly linked to our daily lives in many ways. Employing over 3.92 lakh people across the nation, Tata has definitely evolved into a huge corporation and surely India’s largest. With takeovers like that of Land Rover and Jaguar, Tata has shown the strength of Indian businessmen, on the global front. From a common household product Tata Salt, to the high end luxury car Jaguar, Ratan Tata has been a leader like none other. His untainted image and far-sighted leadership definitely makes him a kind of the next door Ratan Uncle! With operations in over 80 nations, and comprising of a group of 114 companies, Tata Group has been rightly ranked the 11th Reputable Company of the World. But after all, it’s time for everyone to bid farewell to our Ratan Uncle, who has been a constant inspiration and a person to look up to. The Tata group, which started from the visionary, “The father of Indian Industry” Jamsedji Tata, and grew by heaps under the next five legendary businessmen, is now all set to be driven and controlled by the

SpringTide - November 2011

young blood Cyrus Mistri. We had been waiting for this announcement since the day Ratan Tata declared his retirement, and when it came a few days back, we realized that through and through, Ratan Tata has been truly clear sighted and judicious, and by appointing and trusting a young guy of 43 years in age, as the one who has to carry this huge workload on his shoulders.

Kudos to a man who changed the face of India, who brought India on the global front, who inspired thousands of Indian youngsters to work, to get into business and have the zeal to start afresh! Now we wait for the next Tata Titan Cyrus Mistri to show, what skills and visions and dreams he has got to display and to carry Tata Group ahead in tough economical times to come.

We wait to see the young gun at work!

SpringTide - November 2011

The God digger -Puneet Arora

Since the childhood, He had observed this funny world, And in the futile search of gold till now, To and fro, had he whirled. Books he read, And lessons he learnt, Regardless of the knowledge acquired, In the fire, strong heart of his, burnt. Fire to find the jewels of his dreams, Fire which outshone, brightness of the beams.. Searching for the paragon, He came across a castle, Sensing a rare aura from within, Without a second thought, Inside did he hustle.

SpringTide - November 2011

Entered the abandoned, Prepared to take another big test, Lifted up his shovel, Struck on its chest. Starting blows offered nothing, But hope did he not lose, Destiny did try to fool him, but he, Refused to be trapped in the noose. As the goddess lachesis realized, The firmness of his thoughts, Softer did she get inside, Opened all the knots. And as the knots of twisted life, Started to undo themselves, Harder did he hit the ground, Out came the sound like that of bells! Throwing his shovel in the air, Hurrying all the dust aside, His eyes saw something that, Made them go, all wide. Joy of the digger had no measure, In the ruins, found his treasure. Now he couldn’t, ask for more, Happiness hadn’t come to his, but, He had gone, to its door.


(The poet is a Student of SKIT, Jaipur, Rajasthan)

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