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It was a dream. A dream that I saw years back. They say the right time to start your venture and make your dream come true is when you can't stop thinking about it in the shower. I couldn't stop thinking about it even for a moment. The innovations, the concept, the columns. It was all like a laboratory working inside my mind. A journey that I started alone was joined by a few more people. The better part – they came in voluntarily for the good cause. We wanted to bring a change. People say it's not so easy to bring a change in this country. But what is life, if you did not even give it a try? Even a drop in an ocean means something - all that we need is a 'start'. With a hardworking and dedicated team of few youngsters, we have now come a long way. But, a longer one is waiting to be travelled. With great associations and collaborations with some awesome and reputed youth organizations like AIESEC lucknow, AIESEC Chennai, BEE magazine, Indian Medical Students' Association (IMSA), we have made some great progress. With great people attaching with our cause and our magazine, we are proud to be India's First Digital Youth Magazine. Given the great appreciation and readership that we have developed and the impressive response that we received from people across the nation, we have now taken a step ahead. We have literally burned the midnight oil and have completely over hauled the magazine layout and design, along with the launch of our brand new and improved website, a better user interface and our new brand identity – 'Surge ahead'. It is a period of innovation and creativity and we represent youth. We have put in a lot of effort in making this MEGA ISSUE special for one and all. We have introduced a new and exclusive space for Cover Story every

month. In this first Cover Story, Harihar Adarsh researches and presents a true scenario of surrogacy in India as the Cover Story. This cover story provides with a real picture, horrendous or beautiful, whatever it may be, to our readers. After all, how ethical, moral or justified it is to borrow someone else for your own baby? Read on and find out. We also had the opportunity of interviewing one of India's most read and celebrated author Durjoy Datta, whose 5 books have recorded amazing success. Moreover he has established a publishing house for the young authors and is also a winner of the Teachers' Achievement Awards. Read on to find out what he feels about his own genre being called 'Trash Fiction' and about the future of Indian English authors. SpringTide hopes for great reception of the Mega Issue. SpringTide wishes that the attempts and efforts are liked by one and all and that we truly achieve our aim of bringing a change! It is not only the team which creates SpringTide, it is the readers, the contributors, the fans and followers. It is the youth of India we represent and we hope to be joined by more people in future as anyone can be a part of the SpringTide phenomenon. Do check out our brand new website Your views and feedback are always awaited at SpringTide workshop!

Harihar Adarsh Anantharamakrishnan



The Mega Issue  
The Mega Issue  

SpringTide launches the much awaited mega issue...