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Stress Healing R Retreat Today stress is the most prevailing problem in youth, which give givess rise to many other problems. Basically stress is happened due to tension, which is very common in everyone in today’s fast life. Stress lead to harassment, frustration, feeling of loneliness, anxiety, short temper etc and also affect your health i.e. lead to sleeplessness, heart diseases, headache, weight problems etc.

There are many causes of stress. Mainly they are explained in two ways:ways:  External causes:-These These are the causes related with the outside world, situations and your environment. It includes financial problems, family problems, work problems etc which may affect your life. These causes are not totally handled by you. It is also depend on your eenvironment nvironment (family, friends etc) that how they treat you.  Internal causes:-These These are your internal causes i.e. related to you only independent of the outside world. It may include your unrealistic expectations, over thinking, negative attitude etc. These causes are controlled by you only as they are your internal causes. It is on your hand how to overcome them. It becomes very important to reduce the stress from our life. For this there are many stress healing retreat techniques like sleep well, healthy eating, meditation, exercises, Yoga, etc. which may help you to reduce your stress. All these lead to relaxation and you can slowly overcome your stress.

Depression Healing Retreat  
Depression Healing Retreat  

It becomes necessary to chop back the strain from our life. For this there unit many solutions like sleep well, healthy feeding, meditation,...