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boost. Several things should be considered when deciding where your child will enroll in dance classes. Dancing has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, one consideration to keep in mind are the teachers. Koenig Dance Studio has a long history of dance instruction with some of the best instructors in our area. Which dance class is your child interested in? Many young children have dreams of becoming a famous ballet dancer, so you might want to start with ballet. Most dance instructors offer mixed classes for younger dancers, often devoting half of the class time to ballet, the other half to either tap or jazz. Ask the dance teacher if your child could try a couple of different classes before deciding.

LOCATION: Another consideration is location, so you don’t spend all your time hauling children to and from a studio. Koenig Dance Studio has the advantage of being located across from Hassler Elementary for many years. Now with a bigger facility and still close to home Koenig Dance Studio is opening up a new location on 9702 Spring Cypress Rd. next to Little Scholars. With this convenient location no need to spend valuable family time in traffic. This new location is set to open in the Fall of 2016. COMMUNITY: Koenig Dance Studio has been involved in the community for many years giving away more than $50,000 in scholarships to local children interested in dance. They are literally raising the bar each year with their scholarship programs insuring that every child has a chance and the opportunity to follow their dreams in dance. Because Koenig wants every child to have the opportunity to dance they will be starting a new program called Leaping Stars, which offers, students with special needs the ability to get involved in an extracurricular activities while improving motor skills, confidence, and socialization. Leaping Stars will be working with the community and will be available this Fall. Koenig Dance Studio allows children to explore and express themselves freely. Dance is a great hobby and opens up many opportunities for children to meet new friends, enjoy music, express themselves and exercise in a safe, accepting environment.

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Spring Klein Magazine: Late Summer 2016 Vol.5 No.4  

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Spring Klein Magazine: Late Summer 2016 Vol.5 No.4  

Family Life (July/ August 2016)