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BEAUTY SOLUTION Break Free from Commercial Beauty Products Using Simple Recipes and Natural Ingredients

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CONTENTS 3 Acknowledgments 7 Introduction: Why Go Natural?

9 Getting Started

21 Building Your Pantry

10 Your First Steps

22 Stocking Up



Cabinet Cleanse

The Importance of Quality

Replace Your Commercial Products

Shopping Smart Ingredient Storage and Shelf Life

Customize your Recipes Keep it Simple

24 The Essential Ingredients

Fresh is Best

Adzuki Bean Powder


Develop a Routine



Aloe Vera Gel

Rice Bran Powder or Rice Flour

15 Basic Techniques

Apple Cider Vinegar

How to Make Lotions and Creams

Baking Soda

How to Make Hand-Milled Soap

Beeswax and Candelilla Wax

How to Apply a Facial Masque

Carrier Oils Cosmetic Grade Clay Essential Oils Eggs Fruits and Vegetables

Sea Salt and Raw Sugar Soy Lecithin Unscented, Dye-Free, Cold Process Soap Vegetable Butters Witch Hazel Yogurt

37 Choose the Right Ingredients for Your Own Routine

39 Face

65 Body

95 Hair

43 Everyday Recipes

67 Everyday Recipes

98 Everyday Recipes




Oil Cleansers

Hand-Milled Soap Bars

Baking Soda Wash

Washing Grains

Castile Body Wash

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse


Body Oil

Rosemary Pale Ale Shampoo Bars

Moisturizing Facial Oils

Body Butter

Coconut Milk Wash

Facial Creams

Body Lotion

Rhassoul Clay Hair Wash

Lip Balms

Sugar and Salt Scrubs

Conditioning Oil Blend

57 Specialty Recipes Deep Cleansing Masque


85 Specialty Recipes

113 Specialty Recipes Egg Yolk Hair Masque

Alpha Hydroxy Facial

Warming Massage Oil

Natural Detangler

Soothing Oat & Avocado Masque

Cuticle Oil


Healing Facial Masque

Pedicure Soak

Scrunch Spray

Pedicure Scrub

Dry Shampoo

Almond and Yogurt Body Scrub

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Contents chapter 




Why Go Natural? A Simple Step Toward Healthier Living

Your refrigerator is packed with fresh veggies.

affordable solution to this issue. Not only will making

You have organic grains in the pantry and have

your own products help you avoid dangerous

made a concerted effort to cut down on things

ingredients—it can help get your skin and hair on

like fast food and processed snacks. You are well

the way to looking and feeling better naturally.

on your way to a healthier lifestyle. But have you

This book is meant to be your companion as

taken a look in your bathroom lately? Commercial

you make the leap into a new beauty routine that

skincare products are produced with some

uses natural ingredients to bring out your body’s

pretty nasty ingredients. Chemical preservatives,

inherent ability for self-care. When you break free

synthetic fragrances, questionable additives, and

from the cycle of over-drying and skin-clogging

controversial ingredients are found in just about

that commercial beauty products create, our

every bottle on the shelf.

bodies have a way of regulating themselves. For

We cover ourselves in this stuff from head to

example, our scalps stop over-producing sebum

toe—often spending quite a bit of money to do so—

(our skin’s natural conditioning oil) just days after

all for the promise of clear skin and lustrous hair.

shampooing is stopped. Over the next few weeks

Yet many times the very products that promise to

sebum production starts and stops as our body

deliver these things are causing irritation, damage,

figures out just how much is needed to protect and

and possibly even illness. Watchdog organizations

condition the hair. Within a year, the scalp settles

such as The Environmental Working Group (www.

in to a natural rhythm that eliminates the need for do their best to keep track of harmful

additional conditioners or hair oils altogether.

ingredients and fight to have them removed from

Our bodies know what to do to keep our skin

beauty products, but for every ingredient that is

and hair healthy. This book isn’t about adding extra

banned another crops up to take its place.

potions and promises to an already-full world of

Navigating the world of commercial beauty in

beauty products. It’s about simplifying what you

search of products that are both safe and effective

put on your body, encouraging your skin and hair

can be expensive and daunting. Creating your own

to care for itself, and helping to keep it on track

simple products at home is a surprisingly easy and

while it does so.



Building Your Pantry chapter 2


water-like consistency. Steer clear of

A traditional Japanese beauty ingredient,

aloe vera products with jelly-like textures,

this finely milled bean powder gently

as these probably contain undesirable

exfoliates the skin without drying it out.

additives. When in doubt, check the label

Adzuki bean powder can be used on its

on the packaging. Aloe vera should be

own with plain water to create a simple

the only ingredient listed.

and effective daily cleanser. It can also be blended with cosmetic clays, almond

Apple Cider Vinegar

flour, yogurt, carrier oils, and other natural

In addition to being an excellent

ingredients to create specialty

ingredient in salad dressings, apple

masques and treatments.

cider vinegar is a natural beauty VIP. Buy raw, organic, and unfiltered apple cider


vinegar when you can, as this will be by

Finely milled almond

far the most potent type available. When

flour makes a

properly diluted, apple cider vinegar helps

great exfoliant.

to balance skin’s pH, disinfect and tame

It’s gentle enough

troublesome bacteria, and soothe itchy,

for facial cleansers,

irritated skin. It is an essential part of

but sturdy enough

any natural hair care routine, and acts

for body scrubs and

as both a conditioner and detangler.

masques too. Almonds are also rich

In skin care, diluted apple cider vinegar

in calcium and magnesium, both minerals

makes an excellent toner.

that can help skin appear brighter and more healthy.

Baking Soda Sodium bicarbonate, better known as


Aloe Vera Gel

baking soda, is a household staple that

[A] lavender buds

Aloe vera is famous for its soothing,

doubles as an indispensable ingredient

[B] turbinado sugar

anti-inflammatory properties. It can be

for any natural beauty routine. Baking

[C] sea clay

used as-is to soothe bug bites, sunburn,

soda is naturally alkaline, while the

[D] rose clay

or mild skin irritations. Aloe vera gel

mixture of sweat and sebum that

[E] almond flour

makes a great substitute for water in

collects on your skin and hair is acidic.

[F] sea salt

toners, lotions, creams, and masques.

The reaction between these two

[G] oatmeal

It can even be used in hair sprays and

substances allows baking soda to

[H] brown rice

body spritzes. Also known as aloe vera

gently cleanse and exfoliate without

[I] white rice

juice, pure aloe vera gel has a thin,

stripping your skin and hair.

[J] rice bran flour


chapter 2

Building Your Pantry











face chapter 3



chapter 3


everyday recipe

MOISTURIZING FACIAL OILS The easiest way to moisturize your skin naturally is by using moisturizing facial oils. Just a few drops of the right carrier oil can help keep your skin well-conditioned. Some carrier oils can even help repair damage, soothe irritation, and slow signs of aging. Best of all, moisturizing facial oils are easy to make and are shelf stable, meaning you can keep a batch in your bathroom for three to six months (depending on the oils you choose to use) without worrying about spoilage. Unlike creams and lotions diluted with water, wax, and other additives, moisturizing facial oils provide an intense punch of moisture. Think of them as moisturizing serums for your skin. If you are used to using creams and lotions, facial oils will take a little getting used to. The oils won’t absorb immediately, and the slightly greasy feeling on your skin might be unpleasant at first. Make sure to go light on the oil, especially when you are just getting started, and give your skin some time to adjust to the new routine. It usually takes only a few drops to moisturize your face and neck for an entire day. You can beef up your facial oil blend by incorporating essential oils or specialty carrier oils. Try swapping out one of the basic carrier oils with something more exotic, such as tamanu or pomegranate seed oil. Essential oils should be well-diluted so they don’t irritate your skin. Skin-safe essential oils can be added at a rate of 6–12 drops per ounce of facial oil.




Preferred Carrier Oils

Argan Oil Evening Primrose Oil Pomegranate Oil

Karanja Seed Oil Perilla seed Oil

Oat Oil Raspberry Seed Oil Tamanu Oil

Optional Add-Ons

Geranium Essential Oil Helichrysum Essential Oil Rose Essential Oil

Acne-Prone: Niaouli Essential Oil Combination: Geranium Essential Oil

Chamomile Essential Oil Yarrow Essential Oil



Body chapter 4



chapter 4


everyday recipe

SUGAR AND SALT SCRUBS Even the healthiest skin can get a little rough around the edges as cells die and are replaced. One surefire way to keep your skin smooth and soft is to exfoliate regularly. Salt and sugar scrubs are easy to make and can be created quickly and affordably at home. In fact, scrubs require only two ingredients. This might make you wonder why boutiques and beauty shops charge so much for something so painfully simple. Commercial scrubs are usually quite simple to start with, using cheap oils and even cheaper salt or sugar. Most are loaded with synthetic dyes and fragrances but dressed up in a fancy package that likely costs more to produce than the scrub itself! If you are wondering whether to use salt or sugar in your scrub, consider this: Salt provides extra benefits by way of natural mineral content. Sugar exfoliates just as well, but doesn’t sting when exposed to cuts or scrapes. This makes salt a great choice for foot scrubs and all-over scrubs, while sugar is a better choice for scrubs that accompany shaving routines or for those with highly sensitive skin. If you’d like to jazz up your basic scrub, try adding an essential oil. Peppermint will lend a cool, tingly feeling. Rose or neroli essential oil will add a flirty floral aroma.


AA1/2 cup fine sugar or sea salt apricot kernel oil AA2–4ortablespoons watermelon seed oil AA1/2 teaspoon essential oil (optional) DIRECTIONS

HOW TO USE Moisten the skin on your arms, legs, torso, hands, or feet, then apply a small scoop of scrub into the palm of your hand. Rub the scrub onto your skin in a slow, circular motion until it crumbles away completely. Repeat until you’ve scrubbed everywhere you need exfoliation. One batch of

Add the salt or sugar to a small mixing bowl. Begin

scrub should be enough to exfoliate your whole

adding the oil, and keep adding it until the mixture

body, from shoulders to toes. These scrubs are

reaches a consistency that you like. Some people

great for body care, but would be too rough

prefer a drier scrub, while others like them to be a

for the delicate skin of your neck and face. This

little on the loose side. Just go with whichever you

recipe makes enough for one or two full body

prefer. Stir in any essential oil you are using last.

scrubs. To avoid contaminating your scrub, scoop the portion you plan to use right away into a paper or plastic container that you can bring with

An assortment of scrubs made with (from top) turbinado sugar, sea salt, organic sugar, and brown sugar

you into the bathroom. The remaining scrub can be stored as-is in a sealed jar for up to one month. THE NATURAL BEAUTY SOLUTION


Health & Fitness / Beauty & Grooming


A Simple Step Toward

Healthier Living Why go to great lengths to make sure the foods you eat are safe and natural, but then coat your body with soaps, shampoos, and cosmetics that are laden with chemicals? The Natural Beauty Solution is a step-by-step guide that will help you systematically replace your commercial beauty products with a 100% natural routine. With easy-to-follow, affordable, and customizable recipes, The Natural Beauty Solution provides wholesome alternatives to mass produced products. These simple recipes and solutions will help you feel and look your natural, healthy best.

Inside You’ll DISCOVER


 asy-to-follow, all-natural recipes to replace E chemical-laden beauty products How to develop and transition to a natural beauty routine The essential ingredients and tools you need Easy to achieve rewards of DIY facial and body skin care Steps to a healthier, happier head of hair Helpful tips, personal stories, and troubleshooting advice

ISBN 978-1-940611-18-1

Preview - The Natural Beauty Solution  

Break Free from Commercial Beauty Products Using Simple Recipes and Natural Ingredients

Preview - The Natural Beauty Solution  

Break Free from Commercial Beauty Products Using Simple Recipes and Natural Ingredients