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Developing our talent within Springhill Care


Spring to Success Developing our Talent within Springhill Care At Springhill Care we are committed to putting quality first in everything we do for each person we support and for all our staff. By doing this we hope to be the service provider and employer of choice in the communities in which we serve. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive employer and recognise that talent programmes are not just for senior staff but for all employees within our Company. Springhill prides itself on fulfilling its vision and mission and is guided by its core values of dignity, compassion, integrity, trust, respect and kindness. Employees are guided by these values and the behavioral competencies that inspire everyone to align their actions around a common set of principles.

Why does Springhill Care have a Talent Programme? Spring to Success has been developed at Springhill Care to help leaders identify and recognise those employees who both perform outstandingly well and possess high potential within the Company regardless of their position. In addition, leaders are able to build a talent pipeline for employees that are qualified to assume positions in line with the future demands of the business and for those employees who aspire to rise through the company. To secure and occupy essential current and future roles in the company as a result of the external challenges faced in the care sector, this programme is crucial to attract, retain, grow and develop our employees to ensure we have a workforce that is responsive, caring, safe, effective, well led and aligned to Springhill’s values and strategic objectives.

How is Talent and Future Job Roles Identified? In order to provide a responsive, proactive service with the customer at the centre of the service provision and to be recognised as a provider and employer of excellence in the communities we serve it is essential that we attract and develop talent to provide the capabilities required by the organisation, and to nurture and retain employees through career development. At Springhill Care, talent is identified and potential spotted at the very beginning of the employment journey through the company’s recruitment process. This includes the onboarding portal which engages new employees with Springhill’s culture, vision, mission and values as soon as they are offered a position. The one page profiles capture essential information which is key to being part of a person centred organisation, not only for our residents but also for our employees.

The one page profile enables employees to tell us how best to support them, all the good things about them and what is important to them. Leaders continue to identify and invest in talented employees during the probationary period, support meetings, team meetings, practical observations and yearly appraisals. Recognising Talent within Springhill Care is part of its culture of continuous improvement and recognition to ensure alignment and integration with our vision, mission and values. Future skills gaps and potential specialist role shortages are identified via internal and external sources and discussed at Board meetings, strategy and quality performance meetings with the Senior Leadership Team.

How does Spring to Success Work?

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Spring to Success

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We have many opportunities to invest in our talent in order to retain, reward and develop our workforce. Below are some of the programmes of study and initiatives available for those employees who have been identified to join the Spring to Success programme.

Springhill Leadership in Care and Development Specialist Opportunities

QCF Qualifications

Assistant Practitioners


Promotional Opportunities

Springhill Leadership in Care and Development

Champions / Mentors

Apprenticeships Continuous Professional Development

The Springhill Leadership in Care Development Programme. As part of Springhill Care’s commitment to continuous development of its leaders and in an attempt to invest in its talent of the future, Springhill Leadership in Care and Development Programme which is approved by and accredited with the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) has been specifically developed. The programme, which is delivered by the Springhill tutors provides up to date skills and information, plus a review of current practice and thinking in the Care sector. Springhill Care has now rolled this programme out to the second cohort of leaders.

Assistant Practitioner in Healthcare Level 5 The Assistant Practitioner in Healthcare Level 5 was one of the first in the country to be conducted at Springhill Care to provide learners with the skills and knowledge to be competent in delivering health and social care to and for people beyond that of the traditional healthcare assistant or support workers. In an attempt to plan for current and future skills shortages in relation to the diminished pool of registered nurses within the UK, this programme has been crucial to provide clinical skills and knowledge to the Homes. The first cohort of employees have nearly completed their programme of study with the second cohort well under way. Employees who have completed Level 3 QCF and are identified as talent within the organisation will have the opportunity to apply for places on the company’s third cohort. Employees are identified via the routes explained above and will be selected following a formal interview process.

Apprenticeships Employees are encouraged to embark on Apprenticeships which are designed by sector skills councils and employers to ensure that they reflect the current market and industry needs. At Springhill Care we are currently investing in employees who are studying for an apprenticeship in Human Resources Level 5 and a NVQ Level 2 Certificate in Activity Leadership as well as clinical skills health care support and health and social care apprenticeships. Employees are either supported to attend college for day release whilst receiving practical support and training, or supported and assessed through work based learning.

Specialist Opportunities We offer specialist opportunities for employees who are interesting in pursuing additional skills and experience for example, React to Red concerning pressure sores, 6 Steps Care, Venepuncture, and Syringe Pump training. Upon completion these talented employees will become Champions within the workforce. Leaders are encouraged and provided opportunities to develop and contribute to external networks which impact on the care sector and the quality of service provision to enable Springhill leaders to achieve excellence. Keeping abreast of specialist knowledge for example in finance, human resources and marketing is also encouraged through liaison with external forums.

QCF qualifications We identify employees who are suited to gaining additional qualifications whilst working in the care sector. For example, many of our employees have embarked on a Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) Level 2 and 3 programme of study in Health and Social care route and clinical skills route.

Continuous Professional Development When employees join Springhill Care each employee is encouraged to engage with continuous professional development. All ‘new to care’ employees undertake the care certificate which is assessed at level 2 to allow a seamless progression to the QCF qualification. They then have the opportunity to progress to level 3 and the level 5 Assistant Practitioner. Those joining Springhill with qualifications already in place are encouraged to progress to the next level of development. All staff are given the opportunity to develop in areas other than those of the mandatory training required by the sector. ie ‘Specialist opportunities’

Promotional Opportunities Opportunities for internal progression is promoted within Springhill Care and is key to succession planning. Employees joining the company as a Health Care Assistant can progress to a Senior Health Care Assistant, Team Leader then to an Assistant Practitioner. Registered Nurses are eligible to apply for Clinical Lead positions and Service Lead roles. Furthermore, employees in support departments are able to progress within their own areas, etc.

Champions Champions are promoted within Springhill Care and offer advice and expertise in the following areas: Dignity, Nutrition, Safeguarding, Dementia, Fire Marshall, Diversity, Pressure Sores and Infection Control.

Mentors Five leaders from the first cohort of attendees on the Springhill’s Leadership in Care and Development programme have been provided with an opportunity to develop, guide and advise the next cohort of leaders to help them take positive steps forward, with an emphasis on supporting them to achieve personal objectives. The senior managers in the programme mentoring role also provide support and develop more junior and less experienced staff to further enhance the existing talent pool within Springhill Care. New employees are also assigned mentors when they commence work at Springhill Care. Being a mentor involves imparting knowledge and experience already acquired from their role and the company.

How is ‘Spring to Success’ Supported within Springhill Care? Spring to Success is supported by leaders within the company, who see it as critical in identifying and recognising the talent of our workforce and providing enhanced opportunities for development, thereby ensuring that employees are able to contribute to the best of their ability and for the benefit of our residents and customers at Springhill Care. Having a focus on Spring to Success is critical for the long term health of Springhill Care and its capability to ensure we have the right employee doing the right role through identifying future skills requirements, encouraging loyalty, retaining top talent and increasing staff confidence in the Company.

For further information please contact; Virginia Perkins Head of Human Resource t: 01254 304500 e:

Spring to Success  

Developing our Talent within Springhill Care

Spring to Success  

Developing our Talent within Springhill Care