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Walking for the memories Teams from across Springhill Care Group put their best feet forward for a great cause. Staff and residents from both Birch Green Care Home in Skelmersdale and Riversway Nursing Home in Bristol took part in special Memory Walks hosted by the Alzheimer’s Society.

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October 2017 In this month’s newsletter •



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Heart-warming visit for Lily Pg6

Time on the river Pg8

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HR Update


Memory Walk

In the North West the walk took place in the grounds of Croxteth Country Park in Liverpool, with walkers in Bristol taking to the city’s docks. Walkers in organised events across the country took part with the aim of raising a total of more than £9million. Gill Seddon, activities coordinator at Birch Green, said:

“the rain and wind did not deter us and we all had an amazing humbling afternoon raising money for the Alzheimer's Society, a charity close to all our hearts.”

The group in Bristol, made up of staff, family and friends, included Ian, an 84-year-old volunteer. They joined in the fun by wearing blue glitter, and thoroughly enjoyed the event which included music, dance and swapping stories and experiences.

We’d like to say a big congratulations to all who took part.


#CaringHeroes be through activities, setting a table together, assistance getting dressed, or something as simple as reading the newspaper together or making silly faces and laughing.

Bernie and Freya are Caring Heroes This month we’re highlighting the work of Bernie and Freya at Riversway Nursing Home as we pick our Caring Heroes.

Thank you to both Bernie and Freya for their professionalism, spontaneity, enthusiasm, passion and hard work.

Through her friendly personality and selfconfidence she radiates a sense of calm, trust and safety. Bernie is a talented carer who delivers care at consistently high standards.

Angela is Birch Green’s caring hero

Freya, meanwhile, is a young carer who has given her all every step of the way.

Angela has been nominated by family members, who commented that ‘anything they ask for has already been done.’

For Freya, her passion is music and her skills are singing and playing the piano. She has shown how caring for someone doesn’t always mean doing something for them, but doing it together. This might

Springhill Care Group’s Caring Heroes campaign exists to shine a spotlight on great examples of care. In the past we’ve highlighted the work of staff members who go above and beyond in their duties, but this month we’ve nominated Lesley Battle.

Bernie has proven over many years of experience how to be both efficient in completing tasks while simultaneously showing empathy, initiative and always finding time for the residents.

We believe that it’s important for the people we care for to see who we are, what our passions and hobbies are, listen to our jokes and know about our families or studies.

Lesley’s our caring hero

This month our staff member Angela has been nominated as Birch Green’s Caring Hero.

Angela is a great source of knowledge and her care for residents is second to none. Residents, staff and families respect her for her 24 years of nursing care at Birch Green. Well done Angela, on your nomination as part of Springhill Care Group’s #caringheroes campaign

Lesley is a regular visitor to Springhill Care Home Accrington, visiting a friend. During one of her visits she noticed that one of our ladies, Doris, was unable to have many visitors. So Lesley took it upon herself to befriend Doris, visiting her regularly and bringing small gifts. Recently she dropped by and brought a toiletry set and flowers. This shows such a kind heart that we felt it only right to let everyone know what Lesley has been doing. We’d like to thank Lesley and let her know she’s one of our #caringheroes To nominate your #caringheroes please contactyour General Manager.

Achieving results within the workplace

Our positive attitude and approach to our work also helps us to see how we can achieve something, no matter how small or great, which ultimately leads to a positive result for our residents, fellow colleagues or our stakeholders.

This month I would like to focus on the importance of achieving positive results through the work conducted in each of our individual roles. Springhill Care Group’s vision is to become a service provider and employer of choice in the communities in which it serves, so how do each of us contribute to achieving this ultimate result? I often get asked during the course of my day how an employee’s role fits into our vision as they require more clarity on how it all works. My response is to clearly explain that each individual role within the group has a crucial part to play in achieving our vision. I explain that our behaviour has to portray and promote the company’s positive behavioural competencies that are set out in the Staff Code of Conduct together with each of us taking personal responsibility for high standards and the delivery of excellent work. I encourage employees to achieve results through persistent and repeated efforts and not to always take the easy option.


The Investors in People steering group is working on an important model to help all employees achieve positive results, which will also provide a stretching element to encourage employees to step outside of their comfort zone to achieve their aspirations. The model will focus on the six key elements of achieving our vision, for example how we achieve excellence through our people, our residents, our finance, our governance, our company profile and our business intelligence. Each specific role within the group will have a unique model to work through to achieve really great results, not only for the Springhill Care Group but more importantly themselves, as we continue to invest in our valued workforce. The model will measure performance against results via the company’s personal development reviews and supervisions across the Group to help the Company achieve its result through the power of its workforce.

Once you replace your negative thoughts with positive thoughts and actions, you will start to achieve positive results. By Virginia Perkins Associate Director of People and Orginisational Development

You can read all Virginia’s blogs on our website

Donna’s message: Continuous improvement a journey not a destination It may come as no surprise to you that Springhill Care continues on its improvement journey. When asked the question – are we there yet? the answer is likely to be ‘no.’ We have achieved great milestones whilst we go along our journey, which of course we celebrate, however, we will continue to strive to achieve our vision of being recognised as the employer and care home of choice in the communities in which we serve. The work we do day to day to achieve this vision, is our Springhill continuous improvement journey. How does continuous improvement work in Springhill’s care homes? Over the last few months, we have been reviewing what information we collate that tells us how our care homes are performing, we refer to this information as our ‘key performance indicators.’ We have also improved how the information is reported, so we can celebrate areas in which we are doing well and identify areas that we need to work on, along with agreeing actions to address these areas. In addition, we have a robust quality management system which includes numerous audits, alongside external audits that are conducted by independent experts through the course of the year. From each audit, a report is produced and an action plan is compiled. Through our quarterly quality, performance and improvement meetings we focus on the improvements and track our progress to date. We 5|Page

also consider best practice that is recognised in the wider care home sector that may further improve how we support people in our care. This combined, forms a key part of our continuous improvement system. Whilst we can identity some of the key indicators of the operation of our care homes quite easily and see how we are doing, for example financial information, a challenge we do have, is how do we measure if our customers feel they have a ‘quality of life’ not just a ‘service’ and to ensure that we promote a culture which considers the ‘being’ of a person and not just the ‘doing’ (task). How do we know if we are on right track to achieving this? Whilst visiting the care homes over the next few months, I will be seeking out good practice examples of care that has considered the person’s ‘being’ and how we have improved the quality of life for people in our care. This information will be crucial in establishing if we are on the right track to achieving our vision for the people in our care. Thought for the day… You may be only one person, but you can be the one person who makes a difference. Donna Briggs, Managing Director

Heart-warming visit for Lily

Birch Green resident Lily was accompanied recently to visit her sister Eileen in a touching reunion. The pair had not seen each other for some time, and Lily was armed with flowers and a cream cake – just what was needed to go with a nice cup of tea. The sisters spent all morning talking about their childhood days, and Lily even received a surprise phone call from her younger brother, Frank, who lives further away. Eileen shared her son’s wedding photographs and they spent time reminiscing about their own wedding days. The pair loved having a good natter – that’s what sisters are for.

Fun with balloons There was fun to be had at Birch Green Care Home as staff and residents gathered to play a colourful game. The group, sat in a circle in one of our lounges, used a brightly coloured fabric ‘parachute’ to propel balloons into the air. A great time was had by all. 6|Page

View more photos on our Facebook page @birchgreencarehome

‘Best days of our lives…’ Birch Green’s ever-changing central display has a schooldays theme this month. To create the display we gathered pictures of the schools some of our residents attended in their childhood. The display also featured a traditional school table and chair along with school uniform items. The display has sparked plenty of discussion about our own school days and how they were ‘the best days of our lives.’ We hope that visitors to Birch Green enjoyed the fascinating display.

A lovely walk

Residents and staff at Birch Green Care Home took part in their own Memory Walk on World Alzheimer’s Day recently. Torrential rain meant the walks set off later than planned, but after the weather brightened up, all those who took part had a fabulous time.

Cheese & wine on the menu A fine selection of cheeses were on the menu for residents at Birch Green Care Home recently. The tasty cheeses were served up via a trolley with crackers, grapes and glasses of wine as we made our way around the home making sure everyone got to try some.

One of our residents, Renee, enjoyed it so much she walked round the route with us every time, and there was plenty of singing and dancing along the way.


Time on the river A group of Riversway Nursing Home residents took part in a special activity which saw them take a trip on the river. Residents including Roy, Nook, Jakki, Maude, Joan and Mac donned life jackets for the trip, arranged through local watersports specialists All Aboard, based at Bristol Marina. It was a special day for everyone but in particular Maude who in her younger days had her own boat and used to make the same trip our group did. The trip brought back some strong memories for everyone and we’d like to thank All Aboard for their support for this trip from beginning to end. The trip was made possible thanks to the residents fund and donations from family members. This is a really important source of income for Riversway and helps us to arrange special trips like this one and we are grateful for all donations.

View more photos on our Facebook page @riverswaycarehome 8|Page

Congratulations to Joel We’d all like to say congratulations to Joel Awe, a registered nurse here at Riversway Nursing Home, after he graduated from a course taken through the University of Liverpool. Joel joined Riversway in October 2016, starting as one of our ‘bank’ of staff, and now he works full time as the senior nurse for the night team. He successfully completed Master of Public Health qualification and graduated earlier this year in a special ceremony. Well done Joel from all of us here at Riversway and Springhill Care.

Bringing the beach to Riversway With the hot summer days now behind us, we decided to bring the beach to Riversway. A group of residents spent time painting beach huts and creating a little beach scene near a window. It was a lovely activity and lots of memories were brought back of beaches and experiences from their younger days.

Picking berries Riversway Nursing Home stands a stone’s throw from the banks of the River Avon, a location that brings us many benefits. We often take a walk along the river, and recently took to its banks to fill boxes with the ripe berries that grow alongside it. Our group of residents and staff picked a large box full, and ate a lot along the way. During our outing we enjoyed meeting a mum and her children, and waving to people passing on boats. 9|Page

A vote for our artists Artwork by some of our residents has been on display at Bristol Central Library as part of a celebration of age. The event, run by Age UK in Bristol and Bristol City Council, encouraged people over 50 to submit artwork which would be displayed in the library foyer and entrance in a bid to break down stereotypes surrounding older people. Visitors to the library were encouraged to pick their favourites ahead of a presentation at City Hall. Artwork by Riversway’s residents Marianne and Sheila was included in the display, and while they didn’t win it was great to get involved. We’d like to say a special thanks to Riversway’s own artist, Roland, who helped the creative pair in their efforts, and to all the local artists and students that have worked with us over the years, helping to inspire and support creativity. We also like to thank Marina and Joachin from Germany for sending through their photos of their visit to the library with Marianne to view her art work. Everyone is looking forward to seeing the artwork hanging on Riversway’s walls now the competition is over.

Happy birthday Shirley Shirley, one of our residents here at Riversway Nursing Home, celebrated her birthday recently. Her daughters and brother joined us for a small party, delivering a gift of a new doll which she loves. Happy birthday Shirley, from all of us at Riversway and Springhill Care.

Bonding through massage therapy A recent therapy session saw one of our residents, Dennis, enjoy a sensory session that enabled him to spend quality relaxation time with his wife. The activity involved a number of residents who enjoyed the therapy session which included massage, relaxation and rejuvenating mud masks. Dennis’ wife joined us for the activity and connected with her husband through a gentle massage – a nice moment for us all to remind everyone that families can have a real healing effect. We all enjoyed seeing the faces of the residents as they enjoyed the sessions.

10 | P a g e

Raising funds for Paige

We’re a real family at Springhill Care Home and we knew we wanted to step up and support a member of staff when she fell ill. When we heard Paige Duval of the lifestyle team was not well, we got together to arrange an all-day fundraising event at the home. Staff, residents and family all joined in with the event, which included a dress-down-day for staff and a special ‘pie in the face’ activity featuring our very own General Manager, Curtis Bennett. Curtis finished the day looking like the Marshmallow Man from the movie ‘Ghostbusters,’ and in the end £100 was raised for Paige and her family.

View more photos on our Facebook page @springhillcarehome 11 | P a g e

Crafts for autumn After staff members collected leaves and branches from around the grounds of Springhill Care Home for inspiration, it was over to the residents to create some works of art. Armed with paintbrushes and plenty of autumn colours, we enjoyed producing some lovely creations which will take pride of place on Springhill’s special autumn-themed display trees. We can’t wait to see them all in place.

Creative Wednesday A large group enjoyed the recent Creative Wednesday session at Springhill Care Home. The regular activity saw us gather together for some painting, which will take pride of place on the home’s next display board. Then VJ, a new resident at Springhill, made a chocolate cake with four different types of chocolate, fresh whipped cream in the middle, topped off with cherries and even more chocolate. He made the cake for everyone, including his lovely mother and father who visited us later on. Everyone loved the cake and have asked him to bake another one soon! 12 | P a g e

HR Update Donna Briggs, Managing Director and I had a very successful meeting with Roger Bradshaw, Investors in People Assessor, earlier this week. During this meeting he conducted the mandatory 12 month annual review to ensure that we are still operating at the prestigious Gold standard. Roger was extremely impressed by the amount of work conducted by the IiP Steering Group and looks forward to assessing us against the Platinum framework in due course.

The month of September has seen a lot of activity within the area of People and Organisational Development. As you are aware, Michelle Walsh joined the People team at Springhill Care Home as Human Resources Administrator in January 2017, bringing with her a vast amount of knowledge and experience acquired throughout her employment at the Springhill Care Group’s Head Office. I would now like to welcome Debra Crowley, the new Human Resources Administrator, based at Riversway Nursing Home, to the People team, Debra also brings with her a wealth of experience. Michelle and Debra will work together in their respective roles to ultimately focus on providing an efficient and effective consistent administration service, underpinned by our core values, to the workforce. They will also assist me to deliver the workforce strategy to achieve Springhill Care’s vision of becoming an employer of choice.

13 | P a g e

We have received official confirmation that we continue to achieve accreditation against the 6th Generation Investors in People Gold Standard and we have also been asked to be champion organisation for IiP which means we can offer advice to likeminded organisations to assist them in achieving their accreditation. This is really positive news for Springhill Care Group as we attempt to be an employer and service provider of choice and ultimately be a leader in the health care sector.

Following the staff uniform consultation conducted by Christine Stevens and myself, we are pleased to announce that this has now concluded. The findings are being collated and we will be in a position to share the results and decision with you at the end of November 2017. Virginia Perkins Associate Director People and Organisational Development

Photos from around the group

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Photos from around the group

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October 2017 Newsletter -Springhill Care Group  

Our October Newsletter is out now, go on take a look, enjoy and please share .

October 2017 Newsletter -Springhill Care Group  

Our October Newsletter is out now, go on take a look, enjoy and please share .