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In a typical week’s time...

minutes spenT outdoors


minutes at a computer BY THE AVERAGE KID.




minutes played by the average youth video gamer.


At a week of SpringHill Camp, a child spends‌


minutes watching tv, texting, talking on a cell phone, playing video games, on facebook or a computer, or listening to music with headphones.


want to grow more in their relationship with God.

2,121 minutes of tv watched by a middle schooler.


minutes in meaningful conversation with christian role models.


said people would notice positive change in me when I get home.

3,600 minutes outdoors.


were changed by the message of Jesus.

Camp allows kids to see themselves as God made them. Kids need love, life skills, role models, respect, friendship, diversity, challenges, faith, fun, and hope.

Now more than ever, kids need camp. Learn more at


WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN YOUR SUMMER CAMP Choosing a summer camp can be hard if you don’t know where to start. We asked parents what they look for in a camp and what they wish they knew. From that, we’ve compiled a handy checklist to help you make your decision. In this booklet, you’ll find information on how SpringHill answers these questions. What’s your mission? page 4 Is your camp licensed by your state and accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA)? page 7 What are your camp safety standards? page 7 What is your screening process for all staff? page 8 How much time is spent in staff training and what does it cover? page 8 What are your emergency procedures? page 9 What is your counselor to camper ratio? page 9 What is your staff to camper ratio? page 9 Is my child ever left unsupervised? page 10 Do you have a way for me to stay connected to my child at camp? page 11 What options do you have available for a first-time camper? page 14 Are you able to meet specific special needs? page 21 Do you have payment plans or scholarships available? Yes Visit or call 231.734.2616.

More Than Just Camp


Copper Country (grades 4-6)


Your Child is Our #1 Priority


New Frontiers (grades 6-9)


All-Star Staff


Teen Service Team (grades 9-12) 20

We Will Get to Know Your Child


SpringHill Day Camps 12 Storybrook (grades 1-3)

Inclusion Program


Year-round Retreats





For the Kids,

For more than 43 years, we’ve created life-changing experiences that have enabled young people to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. We’re all about Him and His message of grace, hope, and love. As a partner in your child’s journey, everything we do focuses on teaching these messages to kids through faith and fun. From our small group meetings to our dining halls, we’ve customized every aspect of our camp experience into three distinct camps — each to meet the unique needs of a specific age group. In this way, we’ve been able to inspire hundreds of thousands of young people in their spiritual journey. We hope your family will join us this year.

Todd Leinberger, Vice President, Great Lakes Region 19th summer with SpringHill



Our mission at SpringHill is to create life-impacting experiences


SpringHill draws kids away from the routine of daily life and puts them in an environment with totally unique experiences that offer growth and independence. We focus on building intentional, spiritual relationships between our counselors and your kids. And we truly believe that it’s through these encouraging and motivating relationships that we’re able to meet our mission and serve over 50,000 people each year.


YOUR CHILD IS OUR #1 PRIORITY We understand sending your child to camp is a big decision and we take the responsibility to care for your child very seriously. Our commitment to meeting your child’s needs underlies every single thing we do at SpringHill. Ensuring a safe, meaningful camp experience is the top priority for every member of our team. From activities directors to camp counselors to dining hall staff — we care about your child. For the Kids,

Andy Hust, Michigan Camp Director 12th summer with SpringHill 3 years as camper parent





Before your child even steps foot onto camp, we’ve carefully considered and prepared to provide the safest experience possible. Here are just some of the measures we’ve taken.


American Camp Association


State of Michigan

High Adventure Inspections

Annual inspections by an independent ACCT-certified vendor

Activity Inspections

Specially trained activity staff perform pre-operation inspections

Equipment Inspections

Ropes, carabineers, rifles, paintball markers, waterslides, tubes, skate ramps, etc. are all inspected prior to each use

Facilities Security Sweep

Frequent sweeps of all buildings for safety and security issues

Mass Communication

Siren system in case of emergency

Security System

Includes cameras, gated roads, and trained security staff on duty 24/7

Weather Readiness

Radar monitored constantly for proactive response to emergencies

For more information, visit or scan the QR code to download a pdf.


ALL-STAR STAFF Our staff selection process helps us handpick the very best staff possible. Our training ensures that each staff member is equipped to give every child an amazing camp experience. We train all of our staff — from activity through leadership — to reach kids at their individual levels, to understand them and their needs, and to foster their developmental and spiritual growth. Staff Selection Process We start with 2,500 college-age candidates Evaluation 100s of in-depth interviews focused on evaluating where candidates are in their spiritual walk, maturity of faith, experience working with kids, and overall competencies for the job.

Background Checks Conducted by an independent company Criminal history Sex offender registry Child abuse/neglect registry Minimum of 3 references All of our staff goes through the same base training, where they learn camper care, safety protocols, child protection, conflict management, customer service, and first aid awareness. Our counselors are not activity staff. Activity staff is trained to safely facilitate activities for the kids. This allows counselors to focus on and to participate in the activity with their campers, creating shared memories and stronger relationships.

We end up with 1,000 amazing SpringHill staffers ready to serve your child





Grades 1– 3






Grades 4 –12






Special Needs






Overall Staff Ratio






These ratios exceed state requirements and ACA camp standards.

Training Hours

132 for counselors 135 for activity staff 268 for leadership staff Certified Our lifeguards are CPR and Lifeguard certified by nationally recognized agencies.

Emergency All staff are trained in our Emergency Action Plan which covers scenarios like severe weather, fire, medical emergency, and camper security measures.

24/7 We have health officers on camp 24/7, along with nurses, EMTs, paramedics, and/or a doctor. 9

WE WILL GET TO KNOW YOUR CHILD Every aspect of camp is purposefully designed to meet campers where they are and challenge them in their developmental growth. Our counselors are emotionally invested in your children. With this in mind, a counselor’s sole purpose is to build relationships with campers and make sure they are well taken care of and included at camp. Counselors are on duty 24/7. Counselors stay in cabins with their campers and spend the whole day with these cabin groups, participating in activities and leading small group sessions. This ensures that campers are never left alone.

Through Camper Care training, our counselors learn how to: recognize developmental stages of their campers give campers individual attention address homesickness manage camper conflict or bullying handle a range of issues from sunscreen to bee stings

Our staff can manage medical needs. Working with our professional medical staff, counselors ensure campers receive the treatment and medications they need. If your camper takes medications, they will receive the right dose at the right time, every day.

We enforce strict policies. At every level, staff is not permitted to be alone with campers. Campers and staff must always be within view of others or in groups of at least 3. Additionally, we make it a point to help educate parents on how to keep their kids safe. To learn more about our policies, scan the QR code on page 7, or visit


What Parents Are Saying “Knew my kids’ names; that means a lot to kids — makes them feel special.”

“It’s been an awesome opportunity for my daughter to grow closer to Christ and have a blast at the same time.”

“The counselors were so happy and enthusiastic. You feel your child will be safe and happy.” “Have always agreed with and appreciated the mission and outreach of SpringHill.”

Experience camp through your child’s eyes. We take pictures of kids on camp all day, every day, all summer long! You can browse the photos we upload during your kid’s week at camp — for free — by using Photozone. If you’d like prints of specific photos, you can download them for a fee. Visit our website for more information.

Camper Connect Want more personal updates on your camper? Register for Camper Connect and receive a daily email featuring a photo and an update on your child. For details on prices and packages, visit 11


Our goal through Day Camp is to nurture our youngest campers. We align with parents, local schools, and churches to bring customized summer camp experiences to individual communities for grades K-4. Day Camp is five full days of SpringHill fun, right in your hometown. Your kids will have a blast, hang out with old friends, make new friends, and learn a few things about themselves and God. These camps include high-adventure activities, small group Bible teachings, and high-energy large group sessions. We have specifically tailored the overall program, including staff, activities, and curriculum, to be age-appropriate — so every camper has an awesome experience.

Eileen Zilch, Regional Day Camp Director 4th summer with SpringHill 10 years as camper parent

Day Camps can: spark your child’s interest in the message of Jesus Christ build a foundation for life-change introduce your child to young, fun, Christian role models give your child independence during the day and family support at night begin your child’s SpringHill journey


Our goal is to nurture our youngest campers

Michigan Location: Evart

Indiana Location: Seymour

Overnight Camps

Day Camps

Day Camp Activities Archery Bungee Trampoline Camp Songs Climbing Wall Crafts Flying Squirrel

Giant’s Swing Nature Paintball Targets Rope Ladder Waterslide

To find a Day Camp near your neighborhood, visit



Camp Center:


Storybrook is designed for our youngest elementary-aged campers. These campers spend their action-packed days with 9 other cabin mates and 2 counselors. Programs are intentionally sequenced and filled to the max with activities that will engage campers at their level. Storybrook has smaller ziplines and lower sinks for little campers, themed housing to engage camper’s imagination, and small groups to help facilitate Bible lessons.

Junior Explorer Never camped before? Then Junior Explorer is just for you. It’s one week of Storybrook summer camp packed into four days. Laugh and grow during skits and small group chats. Fly, climb, and splash through awesome activities with new friends.

Horses Whoa, how cool is this? There’s something for everyone with this riding experience! Learn technique in the arena and on the trails. Plus, play games to learn about horse care, feeding, and grooming. Giddy up! Girls only for now (Grade 3). 14

We can help make camp more affordable!

Multi-camper discount, payment plans, discounted weeks, and more. Register at or call 231.734.2616

Outdoor Sportsman Get ready for an epic week of camp! Have fun with archery, canoeing, and fishing. Learn the basics, master the techniques, and conquer every challenge with your new outdoor skills. Boys only for now (Grade 3).

Explorer Playing isn’t everything, unless you’re playing everything! That’s exactly what you’ll be doing as an Explorer. Get ready to sample a smorgasbord of activities: boat, splash, paint, zip, and shoot — try it all!

Camper Connect Register for Camper Connect at Short weeks available. Please visit our website for more information or call 231.734.2616. Hilltoppers and Farm Village



Camp Center:


Copper Country is where little kids become big kids. Activities and Bible lessons are a little more grown up for your pre-teens. Campers meet and participate in both small and big group activities, including a live band on Wednesday night! Programs focus on individual camper growth and building self-esteem.

Camp Classic New to Copper Country? This is the program for you! Do it all — ziplines, crafts, swimming, waterslides, and exploring! Same great fun packed into 4 days!

Outdoor Sportsman Learn survival skills like shelter building, primitive fishing, and orienteering. Enjoy fishing, riflery, and archery. Boys only for now.

Horses Veteran riders and rookies alike will love this experience! Saddle up to improve on trail rides and in the arena. Plus, brush up on care, feeding, and grooming! Girls only for now. 16

We can help make camp more affordable!

Multi-camper discount, payment plans, discounted weeks, and more. Register at or call 231.734.2616

High Adventure Take your summer to new heights! Activities include Teams Course, ziplining, climbing wall, solo challenge, and high ropes.

Extreme We’re here to show you the ropes if you need us, otherwise, go nuts on our killer half-pipes, fly boxes, rhythm sections, and averts. Pads, equipment, and helmets provided or bring your own. Boys only for now.

Outdoor Adventure Test your skills canoeing on the river, show off at the archery and riflery range, learn to build shelters, light fires, and sleep under the stars! Add in a little zipline for crazy fun! Girls only for now.

Paintball Plug into a team and learn how strategy, communication, target practice, and teamwork can sharpen your paintball game! Use our equipment or bring your own. Boys only for now.

Creative Dance your way through camp! Get your creative juices flowing and express yourself through art and drama all week. Girls only for now. 17

Forts and Tepees


Camp Center:


New Frontiers is a totally unique experience for junior high campers — with the tallest climbing tower on camp and a 1,000-foot zipline! New Frontiers offers high-energy experiences while maintaining the relational aspect of small groups and encouraging personal discovery. This allows for positive peer interaction during evening events, games, Bible lessons, and worship sessions and provides a safe environment to talk through real-life teen issues.

The Edge The most heart-pounding activities on camp: ziplines, tubing, blob, paintball, horses, extreme sports, high ropes, kayaks, solo challenge course, and a ton more!

High Adventure Get your harness on and grab your statics! If you’re looking for challenges off the ground, this is for you!

Horses Hit the trails! Lessons are based on camper experience, giving everyone a chance to advance their skills — from the barn to the arena! Girls only for now.


We can help make camp more affordable!

Multi-camper discount, payment plans, discounted weeks, and more. Register at or call 231.734.2616

The Plunge Zip, climb, and splash through wild activities, then dive deeper into your faith. Stretch yourself with service work and receive 30 hours of community service. This is a 2-week camp only.

Outdoor Sportsman Come for a week of fishing, archery, trapshooting, and riflery. Sleep under the stars one night and walk away more self-sufficient than before. Boys only for now.

Paintball Plug into a team and learn how strategy, communication, target practice, and teamwork can sharpen your paintball game! Use our equipment or bring your own.

Art Art’s not just about glue and popsicle sticks — but you already knew that. Paint and mosaics are just a few of the mediums for the week! Girls only for now.

The Provider and SpringHill Junction



Camp Center:


Teen Service Team (TST) is a totally different kind of camp experience. TST-ers spend half of their day serving their community and earning service hours, and the other half enjoying camp. They spend significant time with mentors in small groups, talking through real life issues, focusing on deeper relationships with God and their peers, and developing a servant’s heart.

TST Classic It’s all about teamwork! Grab your friends and jump into the ultimate SpringHill experience. Grow closer as you solve faith challenges together. Classic teams generally work indoors, in the dining hall, or kitchen.

TST Elite TST Elite teams generally work construction, landscaping, cleaning camp facilities, and managing luggage. After all that effort, you'll be ready to take on our super-sweet activities and group games. 20

EMBRACE ALL KIDS Inclusion Program We believe that every child is created in the image of God. We have a calling to welcome every child who would like to come to camp and enjoy the opportunity to pursue their own interests, including children with special needs. Our Inclusion Program is about meeting the needs of every camper that comes onto camp, whether it’s physical, behavioral, dietary, allergies, or medical. Our staff is well trained and equipped to handle all types of needs and procedures


TO ONE COUNSELOR involved in keeping your child safe and healthy. When requested or when necessary, a child with special needs can receive a one-on-one counselor, who is specifically trained to assist your child — at no additional cost. Every child with special needs is integrated into cabin groups with all other campers. If your child has unique housing needs, we also have two separate Special Needs housing units available.

For more information about our Inclusion Program, please visit or call 231.734.2616. 21

COME SEE CAMP FOR YOURSELF! You can come to camp for the first time with your whole family! Lots of families take the first step at SpringHill by coming to one of our Family Fun Days or attending Family Camp. Both offer an opportunity to tour and experience camp as a family, and help introduce your kids to a new, awesome environment.

Family Camps We bring families together for great activities, including a band, a speaker, and family challenges all weekend long! Interactive sessions are designed to strengthen your relationships as a family with Christ at its center. All of our camp activities are open for the weekend and we have special activities for kids of all ages. This year, we’re offering Family Camp in May, July, and September. To learn more, visit springhillcamps. com/mi/retreats.

Family Fun Days Our free Family Fun Day is designed as a crash course in Overnight Camp. Together, your family will see how summer camp works, meet our directors, ask questions, tour camp, and experience a few of the activities that camp has to offer. To RSVP, visit 22




GET INVOLVED We’re excited about partnering with people who have a heart for what our ministry is and a vision for what it could be! Our aim is to continually grow our organization to help serve more kids, their families, and their churches in a deeper way. With eyes forward, we focus on the task at hand from a financial and spiritual perspective — and we invite you to join us. Our greatest hope is that we would all be transformed and grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ through our efforts to impact kids’ lives.

Pray Please join us in prayer by going to and sign up for the prayer newsletter. Give SpringHill is committed to reaching all kinds of kids regardless of the financial means of their family. To donate, visit Volunteer There are opportunities to bring your family, church group, or organization to camp and have your own SpringHill service experience. 23

2013 SpringHill Michigan Summer Camp Brochure  

2013 SpringHill Michigan Summer Camp Brochure

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