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Travel Pack 2008

All the information you need for your holiday in France Camping Le Pas Opton – 1335 Route du Pas Opton – 85800 LE FENOUILLER – France

Contents 1 Holiday Preparation 1.1 Your Vehicle 1.2 Vehicle Assistance Insurance 1.3 Personal Travel Insurance 1.4 Health Matters and European Health Insurance Card (ehic) 1.5 Passports 1.6 Members of your Party 1.7 Money Matters 1.8 Time to Pack 1.9 Documents Checklist 1.10 Driving in France 1.11 Hire Items 1.12 Bicycle Hire 1.13 Soccer Skills Course (28 July to 23 August) 2 Travel 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5

General Information En Route to Le Pas Opton Journey Times Journey Planner Information on Travel in France

3 Arrivals and Departures 3.1 Arrivals 3.2 Departures 4 Emergency Contact 5 Le Pas Opton Site Policies 6 Information on the VendĂŠe 7 Driving Directions 7.1 Outward Journey 7.2 Return Journey


Holiday Preparation 1.1

Your Vehicle

Please ensure that you have comprehensive vehicle insurance cover so that you are covered in the event of an accident, theft or any damage by a third party to your car whilst you are in France. Contact your insurance company if you have any queries regarding your cover. Remember to take the following with you: • Copy of your insurance certificate • Driving licence • Vehicle registration document • European Accident Statement Form (available from your insurer) • Red warning triangle • First aid kit • Light deflectors (not available for purchase in the Vendée) • Spare bulbs Please note that if you are driving someone else’s car, you will need to bring with you an authorisation letter from them.


Vehicle Assistance Insurance

We strongly recommend that you also have car breakdown insurance so that assistance can be arranged quickly should you have any problems with your car.


Personal Travel Insurance

We consider travel insurance to be essential and require you to be in possession of adequate and valid travel insurance for the duration of your holiday including all travel to and from the holiday location. Please check your personal travel insurance documents to ensure that your cover is valid. Remember to take your personal travel insurance documents with you, including the insurance company’s 24-hour emergency phone number. If you have not already organised this cover, you can call our Customer Service team on 01825 748318 and ask them for information about our Personal Holiday Insurance Policy – or visit for an instant online quote


Health Matters and European Health Insurance Card (ehic)

There are currently no special health requirements for travel to France. You may wish to consult The Foreign and Commonwealth Travel Advice Unit for any updates – visit or phone 0845 850 2829. You are advised to obtain the Department of Health booklet Health Advice for Travellers, available from local post offices. Alternatively, you can visit for country specific information. The EHIC is required in addition to your personal travel insurance and you should take a photocopy of the original with you in case you have to hand one copy to a doctor in France. You can apply for an EHIC for your spouse/partner and any children up to the age of 16 (or 19 if they are in full-time education) at the same time as applying for your own. You can apply online by visiting, by phone on 0845 606 2030 or by post – pick up the EHIC form from the Post Office.

If you are taking any medication, ensure that you have sufficient for your time in France. You may also wish to note down the generic name for your medication in case you accidentally run out. If you have any pre-existing medical condition, you may need a letter from your GP confirming your fitness to travel in order to guarantee your insurance cover. Finally, don’t forget to take a first aid kit as this is a legal requirement for your vehicle in France.



A passport is required for entry to France. In most cases this means you will need a standard/full UK passport for each person travelling. It is no longer possible to add children to their parent’s passport; children, including babies, who are not already included on a valid 10-year passport will need their own passport to travel abroad. Any child already included on their parent’s passport may continue to travel with the passport holder until they reach the age of 16, or until the passport expires or is submitted for amendment. Holders of non-British passports may require a visa to gain entry to France. Tips:

• Make a note of the passport number, date and place of issue, and keep separately in a safe place • Check the passport expiry date • Complete next of kin details • Leave a photocopy with a friend or relative at home • If your passport is lost or stolen, contact the nearest British Consulate or Embassy immediately for advice


Members of your Party

If you are bringing any children (aged under 18) other than your own, you will need a letter of authority from their parents/guardians granting you permission to authorise actions in case of any medical issues.


Money Matters

There is no Bureau de Change on the park. You will be able to change your sterling travellers cheques and eurocheques into Euros at the Post Office. You can also change your money on the ferry. Most credit and debit cards are accepted in supermarkets – be prepared to show proof of ID if necessary (eg passport). You can also withdraw cash at ATMs using your credit or debit card. Please ensure that you know your correct PIN number. If you are travelling with a new card or pin number, please remember to activate it before leaving the UK. The nearest machine is in the village of Le Fenouiller, two kilometres from the holiday park.


Time to Pack

Please refer to your brochure for exact details of what is provided in your accommodation. We recommend that you pack the following: Essential items: • Bed linen (sheets and pillowcases) for all accommodation types except for the villas – unless you’ve hired it from us • Duvet, blankets or sleeping bags if you are staying in one of our fixed tents • Towels (in all accommodation types except villas)

• • • • • •

Tea towels Bathroom mat if you are in a mobile home Any prescribed medication Sun cream and sun hat Glasses/contact lenses/sunglasses A basic medical kit

Recommended items: • Swimwear – for health and hygiene reasons, swimwear (trunks, bikinis, swimsuits, lined shorts) must be worn when swimming • Sports clothing and footwear • Power socket adaptors – Mobile homes have both French and English socket systems, except The Poplars. The Poplars have only French sockets. Fixed tents have two French sockets one of which has an adapter • Torch and batteries • Shopping bags – French supermarkets do not provide free carrier bags • Camera • Waterproofs – it is normally hot and sunny but you should pack waterproofs just in case • Snacks, drinks and games for the journey Handy Hints: • To save space in your car, you can buy the following items at the holiday park shop – milk, bread, matches, washing up liquid, toilet paper etc. Alternatively, there is a good supermarket just a few minutes down the road • For those staying in the villas, mobile homes or fixed tents there is a complimentary arrival pack, containing tea, coffee, milk and sugar • Please do not bring TVs as most UK television sets will not work in France. Some major sports events will be shown on a big screen in the bar.


Documents Checklist

…… Channel crossing ticket reference that is printed in the ferry crossing section of your invoice. Please note that tickets for channel crossings are no longer issued to customers …… Passports (and visas for non-EU citizens) …… Travel insurance documents …… European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) …… Driving licence …… Vehicle registration document …… Vehicle Insurance Certificate and European Accident Statement Form …… Vehicle assistance policy …… Credit/debit cards, travellers cheques or cash …… List of emergency numbers eg 24 hour emergency phone no for insurance, card protection helpline, travel advice line …… A good driving map of France


Driving in France

Driving in France is on the right and distances/speeds are measured in kilometres. Unless otherwise indicated, the following speed limits apply: • 50 km per hour in built-up areas • 90 km per hour outside built-up areas • 110 km per hour on dual carriageways separated by a central reservation • 130 km per hour on motorways The following lower speed limits apply in wet weather and to visiting motorists who have held a driving licence for less than two years: • 80 km per hour outside built-up areas • 100 km per hour on dual carriageways • 110 km per hour on motorways When driving in France, it is vital to remember the following points: • The minimum age for driving a car in France is 18 years old • No driving on a provisional licence. A full UK driving licence is required. If your licence does not incorporate a photograph, ensure you carry your passport to validate the licence • Seat belts, front and rear, are obligatory in France if fitted • Children under 10 cannot travel as front seat passengers, with the exception of babies (up to 9 months and under 9 kg) in rear-facing seats • In certain built-up areas, it may be necessary to give way to traffic coming from the right (Priorité droite) • At roundabouts you will see a sign saying either ‘Vous n’avez pas la priorité’ or ‘Cedez le passage’. This means that traffic on the roundabout has priority unless it’s indicated otherwise • Overtaking where there is a solid single centre line is forbidden and will be heavily penalised. Remember – speeding and other traffic offences are subject to on-the-spot fines. Ensure an official receipt is issued by the officer collecting the fine • Dipped headlights must be used in poor daytime visibility. You must adjust your

• •

• • •

headlights for driving on the right – headlamp converters are compulsory and can be purchased in the UK at most motorist shops or garages Signposts are not always as clear or frequent as in other countries. If in doubt, either go straight on or follow the ‘Toutes Directions’ or ‘Autres Directions’ signs Either a red warning triangle or hazard warning lights are compulsory. You are also obliged to carry a set of replacement bulbs and a first aid kit. A GB sticker must be displayed on the rear of your car or caravan/trailer. It is also recommended that you carry a yellow high-visibility jacket or waistcoat Buying petrol during the night or on a Sunday can prove difficult without a French credit card. Your UK credit/debit card can usually be used at other times. For your information, the French word for petrol is ‘essence’, for diesel ‘gasoil’ or ‘gazole’, and for unleaded petrol it is ‘sans plomb’ In the unfortunate event of an accident, both parties should fill out a European Accident Statement. If there is no serious damage or injuries, there should be no need to call the police. It is important, however, to: a. Complete the form in as much detail as possible b. Ensure that the other driver fully completes his/her section and signs it c. Each retain a copy of the form In the event of a dispute or refusal to complete the form, call the police (dial 17) If you need an ambulance, use the orange SOS phones. Or dial 15 or 112 (the European emergency number) on a telephone We strongly recommend that you purchase an up-to-date road atlas of France before travelling


Hire Items

Essential and fun items are available for hire, saving you vital car space. You can book in advance to ensure that they are available on your arrival – contact the Customer Service Team on 01825 748318. Bed linen – Our tents are supplied with pillows (1 per person) and our mobile homes with pillows and blankets (2 per bed). Whichever you’re in, you’ll need to bring your own bed linen – pillow cases and sheets – or you can hire them from us. Just £12 per double pack, £7 per single pack, for the duration of your holiday Towels – Our towel packs include one small and one large towel, saving you luggage space en route and all that washing when you get home. Only £5 for the whole holiday Action pack – What holiday is complete without ball games? Our action pack features a basketball, football, boules set, two short handled plastic rackets and a ball. Just £10 per week Infant pack – The greatest space saver of them all! Our special infant pack contains a cot, high chair and baby bath for £15 per week. Alternatively, you can get just a travel cot for £10 per week Rumble truck – A novel idea – and really useful for moving luggage, water carriers of younger members of your party around the holiday park! Only £12 per week Pushchair – Save space and make your life easy with one of our pushchairs. Just £10 per week Barbecues – Barbecues are provided on fixed tent and mobile home emplacements. Refrigerator – Fridges are available to hire at £35 per week Duvets – Rent a cosy duvet for £8 (single) and £12 (double)


Bicycle Hire

We have a special arrangement with a local bike hire company, who are on site with a variety of models – days and times of rental will be available from reception


Soccer Skills Course (28 July to 23 August)

If you’ve booked for our soccer skills course, please note that joining the Soccer Academy may mean that you cannot attend other morning activities. Sessions run on site for juniors (aged 7–11 years) and seniors (aged 12–adult) from 28 July to 23 August for 90 minutes each morning. Price £25 for 5 days. For availability of spaces, please check with our Customer Service Team on 01825 748318.


Travel 2.1

General Information

Please remember that you need to arrive at your departure port in plenty of time before your departure – please refer to ‘Important Notes’ on the back of your Booking Confirmation for exact times. You should allow contingency time in case of bad weather, road works or traffic jams. When you arrive at your departure port, you will need to show your travel documents and passports for all passengers, so please have them to hand. If travelling overnight on the ferry in a cabin, we suggest you keep a small ‘overnight’ bag handy.

If you plan to arrive on site after the official start date of your holiday, please inform Customer Service on 01825 748318. Similarly, if you are delayed en route and decide to make an overnight stop, please inform the Holiday Park reception on +33 (0) 251 55 11 98.


En Route to Le Pas Opton

Should you require overnight accommodation either en route to France or on your return journey, we can suggest Premier Travel Inn in the UK (reservations 0870 242 8000 or, and, in France, either Ibis Hotels (, B&B Hotels ( or Formule 1 ( These hotel chains offer simple accommodation at good prices and they are often located close to major roads and motorways.


Journey Times

Approximate journey times to Le Pas Opton from the various points of arrival in France are given below. Distances (miles) are in bold and drive times (hours) are in italics. Calais 450

Caen 9



Cherbourg 250


St Malo 165


Roscoff 250


This information is approximate and assumes average speeds of 70mph on motorways, 60mph on primary roads, 50mph on other roads and makes allowances for occasional short stops en route.


Journey Planner

Please refer to the separate driving directions in Section 7 (Page 12) for detailed information on your journey in France.


Information on Travel in France

The French Tourist Office produce an excellent magazine and guide to travelling in France which contains lots of practical information. To obtain your free copy, email or ring 09068 244123 (calls charged at 60p a minute).


Arrivals and Departures

From 4 June onwards, all arrivals and departures are on Mondays. Our holidays are structured to start and end on Mondays in order to create a community on site and to plan programmes as part of a series.



Your accommodation is available from 5pm on the day of your arrival. Although it isn’t always possible, please aim to arrive on site between 5pm and 10pm when the Spring Harvest Holidays team will be on hand to welcome you. If you arrive before 5pm, we cannot guarantee that your accommodation will be ready for you. However, you may park in the external car park and make use of the site facilities after registering at reception.

The site team look forward to meeting you at the ‘Welcome Drink’, which will take place at about 7pm on the evening of your arrival, and will be pleased to provide you with information regarding the site and the local area. If, for any reason, you are unable to attend on the first evening, there will be a further reception at 9.30am on Tuesday morning. If, due to unforeseen circumstances, you are unable to arrive by 10pm, please telephone the site office on +33 (0) 251 55 11 98 so that alternative arrangements for your arrival can be made. For arrivals after 10pm, you can find your arrival pack in the blue box outside reception if reception is closed. If you are bringing your own tent, caravan or tourer, you will not be allowed to drive onto the park after 10.30pm. If you are travelling on an overnight crossing to St Malo, you will find yourself arriving at the park quite early if you drive straight there. We suggest you take your time and take in some local attractions such as Mont St Michel.



In order to prepare for our next guests following your holiday, we ask that you vacate your accommodation by 10am on the day of departure. Please return any keys in your possession and leave your accommodation as clean as you found it. Please ensure that you take all your belongings with you and take any rubbish to the collection point on site. If you wish to take advantage of the site facilities on the day of your departure, please vacate your accommodation as normal, return your keys and move your car to the external car park. You will be required to remove your car from the car park by 4pm at the latest in order to make room for newly arriving guests.


Emergency Contact

In the event of family or friends in the UK needing to contact you urgently, and if you do not have a mobile telephone with you, the site administration office number is +33 (0) 251 55 11 98. It is important that this number is used only in an emergency.


Le Pas Opton Site Policies

For your comfort, safety and security, we would like you to be aware of the following policies: ALCOHOL – Alcohol will not be sold to those under 18 years of age. We do not permit the consumption of alcohol by under 18s except in your own accommodation and with parental supervision BEHAVIOUR – The on-site Management Team reserves the right to remove from the site anyone whose behaviour interferes with the comfort of other guests CHILDREN – Children remain the responsibility of their parent or guardian at all times. Adults may not leave children unattended on the site. Adults will be asked to remain with all children under 5 years old during their clubs NOISE – Please consider your neighbours and keep noise to a minimum at night. There is an 11pm to 7.30am ‘quiet rule’ that we ask all our guests to respect. Anyone deemed to be causing a disturbance will be asked to leave the site

PETS – We are sorry, but we are unable to allow pets at Le Pas Opton RIVERSIDE – The riverside area is fenced off for safety reasons. Please remember to shut the childproof gates at all times. Lifebelts are available for emergencies. Children remain the responsibility of their parents or guardian at all times RUBBISH – All guests are asked to keep their pitches clean and tidy and to take their rubbish to a collection point on a regular basis. A recycling centre is available close to the campsite exit SECURITY – All vehicles on site will be required to display a site permit. Any vehicles not displaying this permit may be removed SMOKING – Le Pas Opton is a no smoking site and smoking is prohibited in all accommodation units and public buildings. It is permitted in the open air but please be considerate of other guests and carefully extinguish/dispose of your butts VEHICLE ACCESS – The site gates will be closed between 10.30pm and 7.30am. There is a car park by the gates if you are returning to the holiday park between these hours VEHICLES – Car parking on site is limited to one car per emplacement. Any additional cars will need to be parked in the site car park. You are requested not to use your car on the campsite between 10.30pm and 7.30am VISITORS – For security reasons, all visitors must report to reception. Non-resident visitors to the site will not be able to use the swimming pool in accordance with French law WASHING LINES – You are requested not to hang washing lines or hammocks on your emplacement.


Information on the Vendée

For information on the area, the following resources are worth checking out: The Vendée, Angela Bird ISBN: 978-0954580308 Retail price: £9.95 Publisher: Malnoue Publications Available from major book retailers and or purchase at reception on arrival at Le Pas Opton. Angela Bird’s The Vendée is packed with ideas and information on how to get the most out of your visit to the Vendée, whatever your age, interest or budget. For news on local events, recommendations on eating out and places to visit, plus the guidebook update, we thoroughly recommend her website – – this is the website for the Vendée Tourist Office.


Driving Directions

The secret to driving in France, unlike the UK, is not to rely upon road numbers as they seem to vary quite considerably! The best way of getting around, particularly on longer trips, is to plan your route by town names. If you know the route you would like to follow, and can see on the map which towns might fall along your path, you should know where you are at any given time. Please be kind to your navigator as it isn’t always easy! Exits off major routes don’t always have numbers, but will have town names – thus, when you recognise the name you want, you can exit there If, on your journey you do make an error, for example you miss your exit, simply continue to the next and travel back in the direction you came, exiting at the correct one. Please be aware that some exits have very sharp corners and you need to adhere to the speed limits to save upsetting all the luggage and the passengers! One piece of advice: if you see a panel telling you that there are automatic radar sensors for speed, the speed cameras are usually approximately 500 metres after the signs. In this travel pack you will have all the details on what to have in your car and information on speed limits etc Right, let’s get you to Le Pas Opton.


Outward Journey

From Caen: Bear in mind that the ferry doesn’t actually arrive or leave from Caen, but from Ouistreham, some 28 kilometres further north. Thus, when you exit the ferry, you need to follow the signs for Toutes Directions and Caen (A13).

Tip: If you ever get lost in a town, always follow” Toutes Directions”, (all directions) this will get you out of the town and hopefully you will find a sign with a town name in the direction you want. Another sign to look out for is “Autres Directions” (other directions); follow this if you don’t see your target town on any signs. Travel and then (miles)


Start out at Ouistreham, exit the ferry and follow signs for Toutes Directions and Caen.


Before you get to Caen, you will see a sign for Rennes on the peripherique Ouest take this exit. Follow signs to Rennes.

Exit to Rennes

On the approach to Rennes, you will see first sign for Nantes (on the Rocade de Rennes Est) take this exit.

Exit to Nantes Be aware exit is soon after the sign

Follow all signs that direct you to Nantes.

Follow signs marked Nantes/ Bordeaux/Normoutier – you are travelling east and then south around Rennes.


On approach to Nantes, you will see signs for peripherique but more importantly, signs to Bordeaux.

Exit marked Bordeaux and follow all the signs


You will now be travelling around Nantes and will cross a very spectacular bridge over the Loire river.

Cross bridge!


Not long after bridge you will pass the airport. Take 3rd exit after airport marked Porte de Sorinieres with signs for La Roche sur Yon/Bordeaux/St Philbert.

Exit 48a


You will need the exit to La Roche sur Yon par RD also marked St Philbert de Grand Lieu and Machecoul.

Exit 1 La Rochelle


Follow this road to a roundabout and take the 2nd exit to Machecoul/St Philbert/Challans.

Roundabout 2nd Exit D178


Continue to another roundabout and take 3rd exit marked Challans.

Roundabout 3rd Exit Challans

Travel and then (miles)



Now follow the road and continue over roundabout to Challans.

Roundabout 2nd Exit D32


At next roundabout continue to follow signs to Challans.

Roundabout 3rd Exit


As you approach Challans you will again see signs for La Roche sur Yon – follow these.

Exit to La Roche sur Yon


Take the 3rd exit marked La Roche/Les Sables. Don’t head for Centre Ville.

Roundabout 3rd Exit La Roche/ Les Sables


This brings you on to a short stretch of dual carriageway 2nd Exit St Gilles signpost – take 2nd exit marked Les Sables/St Gilles/Apremont.


Take this exit, turning right and follow past a VW garage and come to a roundabout, take the 3rd exit (Les Sables).

3rd Exit Les Sables


Continue over a small double roundabout

Double roundabout


Go straight over next roundabout

2nd Exit


You will come to a roundabout with Hyper U supermarket on your left.

3rd Exit


Take the 3rd exit (Les Sables) leaving the supermarket on your left and straight across a small roundabout.

3rd Exit


Follow this road for about 5 miles and it will bring you to a roundabout, go straight across and cross over the river.

Over roundabout St Gilles signpost


You will approach another roundabout, turn right. Arrive at Le Pas Opton (500 metres on your right)

Roundabout 1st Exit

You’ve made it !! Welcome and now enjoy your holiday……

From St Malo: As you exit the port, follow Toutes Directions and, as you proceed, you will see a sign for Rennes – take this exit and continue on to Rennes. Now follow the directions as above… From Calais or other Ports: The basic directions you need are Rennes, Nantes (Bordeaux), La Roche sur Yon and Challans. The details are described above, but remember… plot your route by town, not by road number and you should arrive unstressed and ready for a well deserved holiday. BONNE ROUTE! 7.2

Return Journey

For your return journey we will have some route planners off the internet available from reception on request

Travel Pack  

Spring Harvest Holidays 2008 Travel guide