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Martin Smith: “It changed my life forever”

How do we BE, SAY & DO the gospel?

Join Tim Vine & John Archer at Spring Harvest 2013

Spring Harvest 2013 Easter | Minehead & Skegness SPRING HARVEST NEWS WINTER 2013

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COM100262 the latest edition of Spring Harvest News. Reading about the impact of Spring Harvest 2012 and the amazing line up of people preparing to minister at the 2013 Event, I am more inspired than ever about the life-changing impact of Spring Harvest. The way the Holy Spirit changes lives at Spring Harvest is nothing new: worship musician and songwriter Martin Smith tells his teenage story in this edition. He walked into the Big Top for the first time where he saw “this guy singing with a ginger beard” –guess who? The impact on Martin Smith was profound and life-changing: “I couldn’t decide whether it was hip or cheesy but I LOVED it.” Martin’s account is on page 11. This Easter, prepare to encounter Jesus and be changed: we will discover how our personal relationship with Jesus is so vital: he is The Source and learning from 1 John will help us to go deeper. There will be plenty of practical lessons to apply to ourselves and our churches, built around the words Be, Say, Do. Read Paul Weston’s article on pages 8 and 9 to find out how his church is putting it into action. Spring Harvest is a place where God changes lives. The result is changed churches and changed communities. I trust you enjoy reading about our plans for this year’s Event and that you will be able to join us. In Christ,

We want to hear from you. Let us know the impact a week at Spring Harvest has on your life once you are back at home, at work and at church. Contact Spring Harvest News online…. or by post…. Spring Harvest, 14 Horsted Square Uckfield, East Sussex TN22 1QG

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• 2013 PROGRAMME • Throughout a programme of Bible teaching, seminars and celebration, we’ll get to grips with what it means for Jesus to be the Good News in today’s world. Pick and mix from a wide range of sessions on different topics delivered in different styles, and find something that suits you.

bible teachers for 2013 Each morning, the daily Bible passage from 1 John will be taught by the following teachers:

Gerard Kelly Minehead Week 1 & 2 Gerard is the co-founder of The Bless Network - a mission agency working with churches across mainland Europe. He has also written this year’s Theme Guide.

malcolm duncan Minehead Week 3 Malcolm leads Gold Hill Baptist Church and is also the founder of Church and Community – a charity that helps Christians to serve others.

ness wilson skegness Ness is a Church leader at Open Heaven in Loughborough which she started with friends 18 years ago. She lives in a community household with her husband, two daughters and friends.

Also speaking at Spring Harvest 2013: Graham Cray, Debra Green, Les Isaac, Krish Kandiah, Cathy Madavan, Russell Rook, Wess stafford, Roger Sutton, Doug Williams and many more. Find out more about all our speakers at E

Taking The Source to the Streets Les Isaac, founder of the Street Pastors movement, on inspiring a nation to Be, Say and Do the gospel THEY say that passion is ‘caught’ not ‘taught’ – and if that’s the case then don’t miss the chance to hear Rev Les Isaac share his vision of taking the gospel to the nation at Spring Harvest this Easter.

With a heart to see the broken and lost restored, he said: “There are those who say we have lost two generations of young men and the only thing we can do is lock them up. I disagree. There has always got to be hope.”

The co-founder of the Street Pastors movement will not only captivate you with his own journey as one of Britain’s most influential black church leaders, but will also inspire listeners to become people who don’t just ‘talk’ the Good News but who bring it to life by stepping into action where it’s needed most.

And his ability to be someone who can ‘Be, Say and Do’ the gospel has not gone unnoticed.

Following the shooting of four teenagers in Birmingham in 2003, Pastor Les, a former Rastafarian who is also the CEO of Ascension Trust, was instrumental in launching the now well-known Street Pastors scheme in Brixton. There are now well over 250 teams in operation all over the UK taking the gospel outside the walls of the Church late at night and every weekend, in high crime areas, tackling the issue of guns, knives and violent crime.

Dr. John Sentamu, Archbishop of York, said: “Les Isaac’s story of how he founded and developed Street Pastors is an example of faith in action and emblematic of building up the kingdom of God. Street Pastors works because it recognises both our common humanity and common responsibility in bringing hope to the communities we share. “This story should serve as a source of inspiration for all who work to restore society, to raise the fallen and to help our young people know the warmth of God’s love and welcome.” Les, a minister for over 30 years, is married to Louise, a school teacher, and they have two children. His personal mandate is to train and develop individuals to serve their local community, city, nation and nations of the world. He is also the associate minister of Christian Life Fellowship, a lively church in Greenwich.

“Ness Wilson was just brilliant - she brought God’s word alive for me. What an inspiring, talented, gifted woman of God.” 2012 Guest



Our guests tell us one of the most enjoyable parts of Spring Harvest is our evening celebrations. It’s amazing what happens when we gather together to hear from God and respond to Him in praise and worship, and 2013 will be no exception!

Big Top Worship Leaders chris mcclarney Minehead Week 1 Nashville-based worship pastor Chris McClarney joins us for his Spring Harvest debut in 2013. Chris wrote ‘Your Love Never Fails’ made popular by the California-based Jesus Culture youth movement.

noel robinson & lara martin Minehead Week 2 Noel and Lara will be leading this week together. Noel has an engaging gospel flavour and Lara is best known for her songs ‘God is Here’, ‘The Voice of Hope’ and ‘Divine Exchange’.

mark beswick Minehead Week 3 Mark has over 20 years experience as a session singer, vocal tutor, arranger and producer in the secular music industry and is an itinerant worship leader, trainer and Bible teacher.

pete james skegness Pete is worship director at St Thomas Philadelphia in Sheffield and travels extensively in the UK and abroad, playing at a variety of events including New Wine and the Baptist Assembly.

We also run an All-age celebration, plus more reflective celebrations designed to give you the space you need to worship God whole-heartedly.

For more information about what’s on offer, visit G

INTRODUCING PETE JAMES Our theme next year is The Source and we’re looking at how we Be, Say and Do the good news. How does worship and mission work together? I believe the two are inseparable. When we worship we draw close to God’s heart and begin to glimpse more of his nature and character. His heart is towards His world. Rich and poor, young and old, every nation of the earth.

Spring Harvest 2012 was your Big Top debut – tell us, how did it go? It was a great privilege to be invited to lead in the Big Top last year and I had an amazing week. Spring Harvest is such an established event and the Big Top is pretty iconic. The beauty of that particular venue is that it gathers every age under one roof or canvas! Adults, teenagers and children all worshipping God together is surely a great reflection of the Church. Spring Harvest has been leading the way in worship for decades – how has it impacted the local church? I think the impact upon local church has been significant and more importantly, sustained. Over the years Spring Harvest has been running there have been some very influential worship leaders that have led there. Most have been key shapers in the songs we currently sing and have led the way in how we express our worship as God’s people. Some attendees will come from big churches but for many, Spring Harvest reminds you that you are part of something bigger. It’s a great time to make new friends and meet new people ready to go back home reenergized and envisioned.

Sometimes though it’s easy for us to make half the journey. We capture a little of God’s heart but fail to bring an outworking or response to that. That hasn’t been the case at Spring Harvest. Throughout the week there are always many access points to fully engage with the mission of God. What can people expect in 2013 at Spring Harvest? Spring Harvest 2013 Skegness is going to be so good! I have a fantastic band lined up who I think will bring a lot of creativity and will be fun to lead with. I’m always really expectant that God wants to do something significant when we meet to worship Him and I hope we push both ends of the spectrum in worship. I’d love to see a release of freedom and joy that sets the whole Big Top dancing, and then also I’d love to see the most holy moments where you almost don’t want to make a sound because you know you are in the presence of Majesty.

Read the full interview with Pete at



Paul Weston is already gripped by the theme of Spring Harvest 2013 which looks at The Source, at Jesus himself and how we embody the good news in all we are, we say and do. Paul’s passion is evident in the way he’s connecting to Jesus the source and energetically serving his local community. “The source is Jesus” says Paul. “He’s the central cornerstone of our lives. Once you have encountered him you can’t just walk away: you have to start living, speaking and being the good news.” Take a look at the church Paul leads in Sidcup, Kent and you’ll see that walking close with Christ is inseparable from blessing the local community.

Lark in the Park Since 1996 New Generation Church has been organising Lark in the Park, a community event with an emphasis on activities for all ages. It’s evolved from simply a weekend of events to a massive project spanning 16 days and three weekends, touching the lives of thousands of local people. It is not the church running it, the local community are part of it. “The big idea hasn’t changed” enthuses Paul: “the guiding vision from day one has been to provide a gathering point for our community, as a free gift. Sidcup had no place or event where local people were meeting and celebrating in this way. Local churches are working together to be good news – it’s a festival not done ‘to’ the community but is ‘part of’ the community.” Lark in the Park now includes clubs for kids and teens, family nights out, art, music, dancing, quizzes, sports and more. Hospitality is high on the agenda with free food and drink at most events. There’s a Candlelit Couples Evening, a ‘Dads n Kids’ Night, Ladies day, pamper evenings and last year there was even scuba diving! Scuba diving?? And there are park pastors available to talk and pray, an


all-day chapel venue plus Sunday evening Church in the Park. Alpha is also a key part of this festival. For many people in Sidcup, this is their only experience of church in the whole year. They discover God’s love being expressed by his people. “They expect to hear the good news being talked about, they expect offers of prayer. They see that we’re offering a gift to the community with no strings attached.” After Lark in the Park, people connect with their local church through a range of activities such as fun runs, Alpha, parenting courses, after school clubs and foodbank.

“So this year’s theme could have a massive impact on helping the church realise afresh that we are called to ‘Be, Say and Do.’ As we do so, it is important not to lose connection to the source, his name is Jesus.” Paul Weston

Paul emphasises that being good news for the community is not limited to 16 days a year: for example September 2013 will see the opening of a new free school called ‘Hope Community School’ in an area of the local community where more school places are needed as schools are oversubscribed. So how does Paul sum up the message of Spring Harvest 2013: The Source? “It’s a case of be, say, do: be Christlike because he has called us to be like him. Talk about Jesus with confidence, finding fresh ways of expressing the good news and engaging in conversation. And turn it into action that is motivated by love, not just the desire to recruit more church members.”

Paul Weston points to Genesis 12 as an inspiration to live out the good news: “God promised Abraham that all the families of the earth would be blessed through him. As sons and daughters of Abraham, we want to be a blessing to our community.” As community service and evangelism merge together, Paul cites Acts 17: “…God is not far from all of us. We’re bringing people back to the source. The Gospel is good news – as we express it and serve people with no strings attached, they begin to see the grace that’s at the heart of the Gospel.” “I’m told that when the Communists took power in Russia, they did not ban the church – they simply made it illegal for the church to do good works. By restricting the Christians inside their own buildings, they quickly made the church irrelevant.”

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MARTIN SMITH hen I was a young teenager I remember my parents talking about this event called Spring Harvest. Apparently there would be ‘cool’ meetings just for kids, a swimming pool and a rock band leading the hymns. I can remember the moment vividly when mum and dad allowed me to go to the Big Top one night. I think that moment changed my life forever. There on stage I saw people with electric guitars, trumpet players, weird looking electric pianos and this guy singing with a ginger beard. I found out his name was Graham Kendrick. I remember he had a rainbow guitar strap and even then I couldn’t decide whether it was hip or cheesy but I LOVED it. I can remember the sound. The sound of 5000 saints singing their hearts out to Jesus. “Shine Jesus shine”, I could feel the power of praise, worship, belting out songs together. I decided then and there that whatever the guy at the front was doing, I wanted to do the same.

Being off the road for a time was good. Time to reconnect with my soul, with my family, with God. Time to listen to him, to lay it all down and trust that he had a plan. Around this time someone showed me a YouTube clip of Jesus Culture singing ‘He loves us’. I was deeply impacted by it. I knew there was something fresh about it, they had a connection with God that I knew I’d lost a bit. We met up, led worship at a conference, which lead to playing together in New York and making a live record together. It was awesome. To be on stage with them was incredible and the evenings of worship were unforgettable. Music in church shouldn’t be dull, or formulaic but it should be explosive. Reflecting the love and majesty of our living God. We must remember that he is NOT dead but alive and we have everything to celebrate. It doesn’t matter where you’ve come from, just matters that you’re here.

Years later God gave me the chance to be a part of an amazing move of God across the world. We took that sound I felt and heard when I was 12 and turned it up a bit louder. It needed to be loud to cut through the noise of a confused, post modern, post Christian culture happy to believe that God was dead and Jesus was merely a ‘good’ guy. Delirious? was our name, and like the dictionary definition we were ‘wildly excited’ about God, seeing a generation give their lives away and wanting to be Historymakers wherever they were. The band came to an end in 2009 and a period of transition for me began into the unknown, into a new future. Look out for Martin’s new album, released in April. Find out more at SPRING HARVEST NEWS WINTER 2013


Abby Guinness is an actor and writer who is passionate about communicating the Bible creatively. She oversees the creative arts for Spring Harvest. What’s your role? I do a variety of things throughout the year but my main focus is working with artists, filmmakers, actors, dancers, writers and storytellers to make creative content for our events. My favourite bit is looking after The Big Start. Where do you start? The theme is always really inspiring, and I get to grips with the Bible passages early. If my creativity is birthed in Scripture then hopefully God’s word will speak louder than mine! Gathering a team is important too, together we think about what we are going to communicate, who for and how. How do you cater for such a wide range of ages, backgrounds and denominations? The creative team is diverse in churchmanship and gifts. We work closely together, aiming for variety and harmony. By trying lots of different things we hope that everyone will find something that helps them to connect with their Creator. The Big Start is one of the most inclusive places I know – truly all-age worship is important, but it’s also rare. We aim for thirty minutes of fun, fast-moving, interactive worship, prayer and teaching. In 2013 we’ll be introducing our Jesusfocused theme from the studios of “The Good News News” so I’m pretty excited. Spring Harvest presents The Big Start 2, a brand new resource for all-age worship. Discover how to download your free track on page 14

“We think The Big Start is absolutely the best thing ever. We love it… every year it never disappoints” Ann from Surrey M

QUESTION: What do you get if you cross a magician, a comic and three weeks at Spring Harvest? Answer? A Tim Vine and John Archer reunion, a load of laughs and some surprises thrown in too. BBC1’s ‘Not Going Out’ star, Tim, said: “John and I met at Spring Harvest in 1994 when we were part of the arts team, and since then we’ve become best mates, we now work together and so we’re a bit like a married couple coming back on our anniversary.” The duo’s act comprising Vine’s infamous and relentless one-liners, the baffling skills of renowned magician Archer, music and crowd participation has been a past favourite at Spring Harvest - but what’s in store this year? “Honestly? We’ll decide when we drive into the car park?” said John. But this is no ill-prepared comedy twosome. Both are not just crowd pullers, but also crowd pleasers, not least because they not only perform together, but John also writes for Tim’s TV work. In a review of the pair’s show, the Telegraph simply said: “If you like laughing, you’ll love this.”

weeks the show will evolve and adapt and only get better and better - and there isn’t a better bunch of people than the ones at Spring Harvest.” A sentiment echoed by the Anglican ‘Live at the Apollo” star. Tim added: “They’re a forgiving bunch actually, which allows us to do our best stuff. We can be really creative and just see how it goes. Anything can happen and it probably will.” “And seriously, I can’t be the only one to think Butlins on a beach is the best place in the world?” Tim and John’s reunion happens every night at Minehead, all weeks.

John, a member of Stockton Baptist Tabernacle, added: “We work best when we just get together and see what happens, and because we are there every night for three

Also making us laugh: Paul Kerensa (Not Going Out, Miranda) and Tony Vino For the full After Hours line-up see SPRING HARVEST NEWS WINTER 2013



RESOURCES MUSIC The Source: 22 New Songs 22 fantastic new worship songs brought to life for churches and worshippers everywhere. All 22 tracks feature in the Songbook.

Praise 2013 Digital & Printed songBook Printed scores to 100 songs plus a digital songbook on CD-ROM with guitar chords and POWER MUSIC key change software, allowing you to change the key of the song chords. Includes scores to all 22 songs from the Spring Harvest New Songs 2013 double CD.

Bottled At The Source: Live at Spring Harvest Recorded live at Spring Harvest 2013, this album will ‘bottle’ the unique and powerful atmosphere of Spring Harvest’s Big Top this Easter, featuring thousands of worshippers united in one voice. Featuring Chris McClarney (writer of Your Love Never Fails), Noel Robinson, Lara Martin, Mark Beswick and Pete James.

Live At Spring Harvest, Pete James Captured at the 2012 event, this collection brings together some of Pete’s finest songs, some classics, as well as lesser-known recordings and some very special moments of worship, shared in the Big Top with thousands of others. Download your free album track – simply scan this code or visit



A Rebel’s Guide To The Good News DVD Cris Rogers A brilliant new small group DVD featuring 6 sessions on the Good News of Jesus. Using key Gospel texts, these studies will help you discover how not only how to share the good news but also to embody the good news as a tangible explosion of joy.

Download the first chapter for free – simply scan this code or visit springharvest. org/2013resources

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Be, Say, Do 30 challenges to be, say and do life the Jesus way Living like Jesus does not mean you will have no use for bridges or swimming gear because you will have learned to walk on water! Through the habits, attitudes, passions, disciplines, role-models, visual aids and real-life examples that are offered in Scripture and explored in this book, you’ll find that your life connects with Jesus in many more ways than the thirty explored in this book.

1 John Workbook A fantastic resource for small group study on 1 John - the same letter is also being explored in the Bible readings each morning at Spring Harvest 2013.

kids The Big Start 2 Spring Harvest presents the Big Start 2, a brand new resource for all-age worship, helping families and congregations to start their day with a huge healthy dose of faith and feelgoodery! Packed with wonderful Godtruths, it features songs sourced from many of the UK’s top all-age worship songwriters. Download your free album track – simply scan this code or visit

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