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Angelo Lawrence, 'Gollov,oy Light, Galloway Skies', oil (Ciience Studio, Castle Douglas)

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ucked away in Scotlan d's southwest corner, Dumfries & Galloway is ofte n

T overlooked by visitors for more celebrated parts of the country. No doubt some residents prefer it that way, so that they are left alone to enjoy its rolling hills. undulating fields, rugged moorland and wooded glens, not to mention the spectacular coastline of the Solway Firth w ith its picturesque fishing harbours. rocky shores, stout cliffs and sp rawling low-t ide mudf lats It all sou nd s like an art ist's dream landscape, which is why Dumfries & Galloway has been a magnet for artists f or years. Most have depicted it through traditional subjects and styles, while a few have taken a more mnovative approach to express how it has inspired them Cl usters of artists and craftmakers have gathered aro und it s mai n towns, while others are scat t ered aro und the region in relative sec lusion . Grassroots art and craft groups stage regular exhibitions of their work, while others get t ogether in twos and

threes to put on so me of th e most eclect ic select ions you' ll find anywhere. Punctuating this year-round activity are major exhibitions and events which galvanise and reinvigorate the art community and remind visitors of the rich cultural heritage of one of Scotland's most creative areas. Art mag hit t he road to catch the scene.

CASTLE DOUGLAS A w alk along King Street, the main shopp ing thoroug hfare in Cast le Douglas, takes in several galleries showcasing regional art ist s and craftmakers Adjacent to the loca l library, the Ca:;tle Douglas Art Ga llery is a renta l space used f or regular exhibitions by local artist s and art groups, while Designs Gallery, which also incorporates a shop and cafe, shows regional and inte rnation al artists in changing exh ibit ions along with a selectio n o f jewellery, sculptu re, ceramics and stud io glass. www. desig nsgal At the Clience Studio, owner Angela


Tom a 路sno nter in Kirkudbnght (Kirkcudbnghr Town Hoff)

Volene Sadler, 'Meodo wsweep ', (Whiteh ouse Gallery)

atmosp heric landscapes,

an d t he Solway Coast. www.cliencestud place t o up a unique gift ru n by Galloway Craft Guild, has craftvvo rk produced by 55 Dumf ries & Ga lloway-based crattma kers llowaycraftguild .co .uk The Galloway Photograph ic Collective. wh ich inc ludes some o f t he m ost p rom ine rlt

photogra phers in sou t hwest has secured a new home to showcase its membe rs ' work in the Workshop Gallery. a conve rt ed space on th e p rem ises of A_ D Livingston Ei Sons anti que restore rs and fu rn itu re make rs llowayphotocollect

At the e r] d of t he st reet the McG ill Duncan Gallery has f ive exh ibit ion spaces o n two fl o ors with a beaut iful

of fi ne art. pottery and glass, permanent collection of 19th t o early cent ury Gal loway pa int ings www . mcgillduncangallery . ~om

DUMFRIES Named after the daught er of a Gae lic prince, Devorgil la Gallery has or igi nals and print s displayed in t hree spaces sp read over two floo rs with a w ide rang e of abst ract s art landscapes and still lifes in orig in als and print s. Co ming The

Colo ur of Sp r1 ng (Ma r 29-Apr 27). Geo rge Birre ll and Davy Brown alongside some of the ga ll ery's so me who are new to www.devorgi .uk Run by Dumfries & Ga y Counci l, Gracefield Arts Centre houses a collection o r over 400 Scottish pain tings and holds


international artists and craftm ake rs. This yea r's hig hlights inc lu de: Loca ti ng th e Nest a co llaboration bet ween wi llow weave r Li zz ie Farey and Hugtl and w riter To m t he

Ea rdley cove ring al l aspects of the renowned accompan ied by photographs by her f rien d La dy Audrey Wa lker (May 25-Au g 24) uk/gracef ield Arti st Julie Ho llis w orks f rom her st udio at Cloud 9 Ga ll ery, f ind a const ant ly changing of her wor ks ins pired by t he natu ral beauty of Dumfr ies and Galloway, some vag ue ima ges. others in m eti culous deta il.

were t o be f ound, cou ld be reac hed as eas ily as Par is f ro m the

many of the m concea ling art ists' For an exce ll ent introd uction 1nto Kir kcudbr ight's history as an artists' haven head fo r the To lboot h Art Ce nt re, f ormerly ttl e debtors' prison in the 17th Tolbooth . (One of its most f<J mous wa s Joh n Paul Jones, Navy.) Here you c<Jn see J short fi lm telli ng t he st o ry of the town's earl ier artists . The re is also a perma nent disp lay of so me of the 1r painti ngs and a ful l prog ram me of

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KIRKCUDBR IGHT It's not diffi cult t o see why has ea rned its na me of Th e Art ists' . as emblazon ed on th e road sign wh ich greet s visito rs . One of the most attract ive sma ll t owns in Scotl and. it s t hriving artist s' co lony owes it s to a group of pa inters. includ ing Boys and the Scottis h Colou rists, who in the area over a 30-yea r per iod from 1880 to 1910 Among t hem we re some of the most pro mi nent na mes in Scottish art such as Sa mue l Pep loe, Francis Ca del l, George Henry. Jess ie M. King :md FA Ho rnPI. w hose fo rmer home, Broughton House, IS a living museum of hi s lif e and work Many of th e arti st s were adopting t he new practice of painting 'en plein ai r', influenced by French Impressionism, and like t heir French count erparts head ing for rural advantage of t he town's

of her po ttery business




continued from p3 7 exhibitions put on by today's local artists. In the heart of Kirkcudbrig ht High St

Gallery exhibits a variety of work. Scottish contemporary art is represented by the likes of Peter Howson, John Bellany, Pam Carter, George Birrell. Jolomo, Ha zel Campbell and Douglas Davies. There is Scottish fine art

works. particularly by Kirkcudbright artists of the past such as Jessie M. King and E.A Taylor, decorative arts and collectables (Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Arts & Crafts) and hand-made designer jewellery. Throughout 2013 there is a series of group exhibitions by gallery artists, some of whose work can also t>P <;een at the nearby Selk irk Arms Hotel, which offers painting holidays and other artrela ted packages. Opened in 2004, the White hou se Gallery is one of the lead ing contemporary galleries in southwest Scotland. The light, airy space specialises in loca l and Scottish art alongside wor k by other UK artists. There are five

mixed exhibitions a year combining both established names and emerging talents. The shows are usually themed, such as the Spring Exhibition, a celebration of colour with a particular emphasis on flower work (Mar 2-Apr 27), Horizons, with the focus on landscapes and seascapes (May 4-Jun 22) and Country Pursuits, dedicated to the countryside and its inhabitants (Aug 21-0ct 26). A great idea: Kirk:cudbright Picture Framers have handed out 75 free. gesso""'prepared boards ready t o paint directly onto with acrylics or oils. Aspiring artists wondering if their works would sell in an exhibition are now painting their pictures, which they'll take back to be framed free of charge and displayed in a summer exhibition. All the paintings will be priced 拢85, and artists get to keep the sales proceeds less commission. If works don't sell. the artists get to keep them. *o white point mixture r kcudbrightpictu By the River Dee as it enters t he harbour_ the Left Bank: Ga llery has a w ide selection of ;:ut, ['lhotogr~phy, rw.:=~mlr<:, wooe1wor k", textiles and jewellery and stages a series of exhibitions by Scottish artists. www .leftba uk

EVENTS Perhaps more responsible than any other event for highlighting the quantity end quality of artistic talen t in Dumfries & Galloway is Spri ng Fling, Scotland's largest open studios, when artists and craftmakers open their studio d(X)rs and invite visitors in t o discover where and how they create their work. It's a great opportunity to explore this

lovely part of Scotland This year over 90 professional artists will offer visitors the chance to get behind the scenes of artistic practice. expe rience artists and makers demonstrating and explain ing their processes and inspirations - and, of course. buy a unique piece o f art or craft. To help you get around, you can download the Spring Fling smart phone app or j ust pick up an old fashioned brochure and map. You can also studio-hop the green way on one of t he guided Spring Fling Magical Mystery Bus tours, bi ke rides or walking tours. May 25-27, www. The 'Artists' Town路 celebrates its artistic heritage at the tenth annual Kirkcudbright Art & Crafts Trait when you can visit about 80 venues by meandering through streets, closes, hidden studios and secret gardens not normally open to the public Aug 2-4, www.arta ndcraftstrai Art and craft are always well represented at the region-wide Dumf ries & Ga lloway Arts Festival. which this yedr celebrJtes its 34l h ye<Jr. For the festival launch new media Jrtists Helson and JJckets have creJted an eight-metre orb, 'Liminal' which will be placed in the bay near Gatehouse Of Fleet where moving images will be projected onto it to create a spectacular w raparound visual arts installation. May 24-Jun 2, www.dgartsfestiva The big summer exhibition in Kirkcudbright takes place at Kirkcudbright Town Hall, which in previous years staged shows on The Glasgow Boys, The Glasgow Girls, Monet and The Fleming Collection. This year's offering. the thirteenth, is Tam o'Shanter in Kirkcudbright (Jun 29-Aug 26), which features a selection of paintings on loan f rom the Rozelle House Galleries in Ayr from the cycle by Alexander Goudie illustrating Burns' epic poem

LEFT: Joan Eardley, 'Brion and Pot Samson路 (Groce{ield Arts Centre, Dumfries)




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g ~ llery

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ANGELA LAWRENCE This welcoming gallery and studio in t he ma in street of Castle Doug las shows paintings as well as prints and art gifts by owner Angela Lawrence. Seascapes and landscapes of Galloway are a principal subject. but other locations. such as t he Western Isles and imagined places, also feature The sea itself is a recurrent theme, for which Angela won a Visua l Art s Awa rd. Her paintings are in oil and occasionally watercolou r and have an im med iacy wh ich bri ngs t he f resh ness an d atmosphere of both country and coast inside. Angela is commissioned and exhibits w idely, including at the Royal Glasgow Institute of t he Fine Arts annua l exhibitions, Paisley Art Institute and Gracefield Arts Centre in Dumfries. She is partic ipating in Dumfries and Galloway's Spring Fling Open Studio event for her tenth year in May with a new series based on a Galloway coastal walk. CLIENCE STUD IO, 212 KING ST., CASTLE DOUGLAS, DG7 1 DS, T 01 SS6 50431 8, MON-SAT 10.30AM路SPM, WWW.C UENCESTUD IO.CO.UK

84 High Street Kirkcudbright DG6 4Jl t: 01557 ll l 660 Open: 10-S, lues, Weds, Frid, lat. 11-S, Sun. Closed Mon, lhurs e: contact@ uk

OtVOR Gi ll AGA ll tR Y/ MARCH 29-APRI L 27

THE COLOUR OF SPRING This collaborat ive exh ibition celebrat es moving from the cool colours of winter 1nto the brig hter shades of a glorious Scottish spring. Leading contempo rary artists George Birrell and Daniel Campbell have prepared a selection of new work for the show, and they will be joined by a select1on of other Scottish CJrtists. John Young of Devorgilla Gallery says: "We chose the theme of colour for our spring exhibition. because a strong and confident use of colour is something that all of Devorgilla Gallery's artists excel at, with George Birrell and Dc::.nny Campbell in particular being well known for their colourf uL vibrant scenes." "Coming out of a dark, dreary winler. an injection of colour through inspirat ional paintings is t ru ly energising and I'm very much looking forward to these new works signalling the start of a bright colourful 201 r Also introducing: Following strong demand for Onele Bronze figures last year, Devorgilla Gallery is expanding its selection of bronzes, introducing Richard Cooper & Co limited edition solid bron7e figures as well as Butler & Peach fine b ronze figures. DEVORGILLA GALLERY, 2 ACADEMY ST., DUMFR IES, DG1 1BY, T 01387 256 444. THUR路 SAT 10AM路4PM . WWW.DEVORGILLAGALLERY.CO.UK


Daniel Campbell_ 'Golden Birches'




Kirkcudbright PICTURE FRAMERS . 't~

Dumfnes~ l

• Friendly bespoke frami ng service

& G<Jitoway

• Origi nal paintings and pri nts • Ori ele Bronze


An exh ibition by Hugh Bryden, Lizzie Farey and Tom Pow 14 St Mary Street. Kirkcudbright DG6 4DN

Telephone OISS7 339212 W'A'




11am - 4.30pm daily Meet the Artist 17th Mar l 2-4pm

Creative Sound Lab

2nd and 3rd March 2013

The Moffat Gal lery 21 Well Road, Moffnt DG J 0 9AR

+44 (0}7968801 178 "<::;t

28 Edinburgh Road, Dumfries DG1 1JQ 01387 262084 •


1Oth February - 3 1th March 2013


16 March- 18 May Tues- Sat 1Oam-Spm

For fu rther information please see;


The Scu lptu re Garden at Threave Garden is dedicated t o the work of sculptors born, trained or working in Scot_land. The work~ range _from Ronald Rae 'St Francis' granite figurat1ve t o abstract m a vanety of ' ' materials, including aluminium, Cararra marble, eco-friendly concrete, stones and resins The great thing about Threave Garden is that it is never static. Areas are always being developed and new fea tures and works of art added, such as t he five tiny bats skating across the pool This yea r a sunken Mediterranean garden is being finished and will fea ture artist designed panels with images inspired by Threave·s herit age, wildlife and diversity of fl ora . Other pieces dotted around are inspired by the ga rden or it s surroundings:. One of t he most exciting exhibits. however. is the magni flcent. six-ton granite sculpt ure ' St Francis', on loan by the artist Ronald Rae The sculpture garden at Threave Estate invites individ uals with skills in raising funds, developing contacts, administration and proj ect management to pa rtici pate on a volunteer, internship or work placement basis tc get in touch. Threave Estate is und er the stewardship of the National Trust for Scot land THREAVE ESTATE & GARDEN, CASTLE DOU GLAS, DG7 1 RX. T 01 S56 S025 7S. DAllY 10AM-SPM. WWW.NTS.ORG.UK




SPRI NG EX H IBITION This annual themed show is a celebration of colou r, featuring a mix

of fine art and craft with a special emphasis on flower work. Fine artists include the uwu rd-winn ing po inter Mo rag Muir,

whose works often fe"t ure do mestic objccb :;uch u:; flo wer::;, textiles and bric u brae, u:>uu lly with un ethnic influence. This will be the first time Morag has shown with The Whitehouse Gallery. The exhibition also feature5 still life and flower paintings by

Valerie Sadler_ Fiona Millar. Jennifer Mackenzie. lngebjorg Smith. Deborah Phillips, Victor Henderson, Brenda Lenaghan RSW, Suzan

Malcolm and Andy Cross. Applied art and craft includes a silver and enamel jewellery collection by the much celebrated designer Sheila McDonald MA RCA as well as Linda Lovatt's jewellery and framed assemblages featuring verdrigris copper, broken china and found objects combined to create beautiful wall pieces. There will also be a collection of earthenware ceramics by Karen McPhail and much more. Prev iew Opening Sat Mar 2 f rom 11am, including a glass of bubbly and hand-made chocolates The Whitehouse Gallery participates in the Own Art scheme.

Morag Muir; 'Flares ond o Ponytail'



Scotta,nd's Premier Art and Craft Open Studios Event

. '(I'}

Dumfnes l!!mf' l ~• «.to..&"..

& Galloway

M A RCH/A PR IL 20 1 3

Dumfries & Galloway Feature in Artmag March/April 2013  

Dumfries & Galloway featured in Artmap March/April 2013