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SEPTEMBER 2017 / Volume 51 / Issue 9

Our church staff is here to help each of us live as a disciple of Jesus Christ who transforms the world. Feel free to contact them.


PASTORAL STAFF Dr. Roger Grimmett | Lead Pastor


ave you ever found yourself so engrossed in a book that you

just couldn’t put it down? Maybe you stayed up way too late saying, “just one more chapter.” Or maybe you’ve been late to go somewhere because you just got lost in the story. Those are the best kind of books, aren’t they? The ones that pull us in, that whisk us away to a world other than our own. These kinds of books

Rev. Mike Whitaker | Pastor

expand our imaginations, stimulate our creativity, and help us to experience

Rev. Nicole Cox | Pastor

situations and places that we may never experience in our real lives.


If this is up your alley, get excited! In the month of September, we

Brennan Pappas | Director of Technical Arts Carli Burton | Director of Senior Ministries Chantel Corrie | Director of Connections Chase Carlisle | Director of Contemporary Music Ministries Elyssa Carlisle | Director of Children's & Youth Choirs Lana Salomonson | Executive Director Matt Cleveland | Director of StudentLife Dr. See Tsai Chan | Director of New Life Choir & Handbells Ministries

will be diving into one such story. It is full of intrigue, scandal, plotting, manipulation, bravery, and justice. Whew! Trust me - it is one exciting book! Where do we find such a book? In the Bible, of course! Each week in September, we will be exploring the story of Esther, found in the Old Testament. You don’t want to miss this amazing story. It will keep you on the edge of your seat! As we hear sermons on Esther, we also want to invite everyone in the congregation to read through the book of Esther during September. If you’d like to receive the daily Scriptures by email, you can sign up online at

Stacy Kuhlmann | Interim Director of KidLife Ministry

I am really looking forward to delving into the story of Esther together. You


Esther is certainly one. Her story is one for the ages. You don’t want to miss it!

Aaron Havard | Information Technology

See you in September!

Dennie Canny | Facilities Manager Jenny Hutcherson | Admin. Assistant Kristi Osmond | Admin. Assistant Molly Bettis | Accountant Sharon Sweeney | Executive Assistant

custodial STAFF Renoldo Gayton | Lead Custodian

STAFF emails: First initial and Last

2 G o o d T i d i n g s / SEPTEMBER 2017

know, there aren’t many strong, amazing women mentioned in the Bible, but



Next month, we have a really exciting opportunity for the entire family of Springfield First! Throughout October, we’ll be participating in a church-wide series called "Unfinished …" that will unify everything going on in the life of Springfield First, from the weekend sermon series; to classes during our Midweek Connect studies, weekend Sunday classes, and what our young people are learning in KidLife and StudentLife; and culminating in our upcoming Commitment Sunday in November. The 5-week series utilizes primary figures from the Bible to dive into the idea that no matter where we are in our faith journey, our walk with God is ... unfinished. How cool is it that THE WHOLE CHURCH will be rallying around the same theme! Make sure to attend weekend services, but also find a group to participate in the study! Many of our existing groups will be offering it, but if you’re not already a part of one, our pastors will be leading “Unfinished …” during Wednesday evening Connect, starting on October 11. It’s going to be awesome! SEPTEMBER 2017 3


JOIN CUB SCOUT PACK 13 The tradition of Cub Scouting at Springfield First


began in 1940. Pack 13 of Springfield First invites all boys (grades K-5th) and their parents to attend New Scout Registration Night on Tuesday, September 12, at 6:30pm in Room 16. Come and learn about Cub Scouts and start your Scouting adventure! Contact Brad Dow at 299-1399 or for more information.

We will be hosting the ReVision Conference for the 2nd year at Springfield First on the evening of Thursday, November 9, at 7:00-8:30PM and Friday, November 10, at 9:00AM-4:30PM. Cost is $30 for Springfield First attendees, or $40 for all others. This covers the conference and lunch on Friday. Register online today at If you can’t come on Friday but still want to hear Haydn Shaw speak on Thursday night, that is free! Our speaker this year is Haydn Shaw, a leading expert on the multiple generations, leadership,

4 G o o d T i d i n g s / SEPTEMBER 2017

change management, personal productivity, and trust. He is the author of Sticking Points: How to Get 4 Generations Working Together in the 12 Places They Come Apart and Franklin Covey’s bestselling workshops "Leading Across Generations" and "Working Across Generations." Our staff team saw Haydn Shaw speak at a conference they attended last September, and they were impressed by his insights. This is something that will benefit every organization, because there has never been a time in history where 4 generations have worked together.

“Inspirational.” “Emotional.” “Powerful.”

These three words describe the experience of some of the local attendees to the recent Global Leadership Summit. I wholeheartedly agree, but I would add a fourth: “Riveting.” It is difficult to capture in summary the breadth of scope, information and emotions of a truly meaningful experience of the Global Leadership Summit. I’ve tried to accomplish that in the following article. I can only urge everyone not to miss the next such experience and attend Global Leadership Summit 2018! The essence of leadership and its importance in all aspects of the world and our personal lives was showcased through a series of inspirational speakers with powerful strategies and messages at the Global Leadership Summit, held August 10 & 11. More than 225 people participated in the GLS at Springfield First, which served as a satellite location for the Summit broadcast live from Willow Creek Community Church near Chicago. In total, over 400,000 people participated in the Summit through nearly 1,400 satellite locations across the nation and throughout the world. At Springfield First, attendees represented a variety of businesses and churches and ranged in age from students to retirees. All were seeking to learn more about the characteristics of good leadership and how to become a better leader and a better person, both in the work place and in their personal lives. The purpose of the annual Summit, initiated in 1995 by Willow Creek Church founder and senior pastor Bill Hybels, is “to build a world-wide family of leaders.” He said “the world is crying out” for leaders with high capacity and high integrity, trained and ready to step into those roles. He urged attendees to “lead on the home front — that is most important. Who do we turn to if we’re not holding onto the strong hand of God? What matters most? Be champions of change.” In today’s world, he said, money is often the scorecard for success and accomplishments. “Rarely is it the relationship with God and success of the family relationship.” Marcus Lemonis, a highly successful business CEO and star of the TV show The Profit, reiterated Hybels’ comment. Lemonis said, “If money is your purpose in life, you will

leave this world a very unhappy person.” He urged attendees to take a personal inventory and re-evaluate priorities with their business/personal/spiritual self. Hybels challenged attendees to “make the coming year the year of the grander vision…consider how to give back to God and community.” He encouraged everyone to take 15 minutes each day for reflection time, or chair time, to “reflect on life and who you are.” Attendees were humbled and brought to emotion by several speakers who gave inspirational examples of how God has been instrumental in their lives with the ability to forgive and with helping some to champion causes to help the poor, under-privileged, and impoverished. Andy Stanley, founding pastor of North Point Ministries in Atlanta and cited as one of the “Top 10 Most Influential Pastors in America,” stressed the importance of developing our young people who are the next generation of leaders. He said today’s leaders should “keep eyes and minds wide open,” get input from all sources, including children. “Close-minded leaders close minds, even those of children.” He urged replacing “how?” with “wow!” not only in the workplace but also at home with family. “Be ‘WOW!’ parents, not ‘HOW?’ parents. Your greatest contribution to the world may not be something you do but somebody you raise.” By Dennis DeRossett

Thank you so much to the many volunteers who made this an exceptional event! Whether you helped with food, greeting, registration, prayer, or safety, your example of joyful service was inspiring to us all. SEPTEMBER 2017 5


To register online, please visit OPPORTUNITIES FOR ADULTS Contact: Pastor Mike Whitaker at or 793-9760 x122

Connect will be offered on Wednesdays from September 13 to November 1. Dinner will be available in the Community Life Center at 5:45-6:30pm for a free will offering. Gather together to make new friendships and enjoy a delicious meal. Following dinner, there are opportunities for all ages at 6:30-8:00pm.

OPPORTUNITIES FOR CHILDREN · Contact: Stacy Kuhlmann at or 793-9760 x238

S.M.A.S.H. (Kindergarten-6th grade) Children will be able to choose different activities from the topics of Sports, Music, Art, Science, and Hobbies. We will also be going on an exciting "expedition" to Mindanao, an island in the Philippines! This volcano adventure will be erupting with knowledge all centered on the power of the Bible. We may even have to erupt a volcano of our own! Bible Buddies (3-5 years) – Room 17 Preschoolers will also be going on the volcano adventure and learning the power of the Bible through look, feel, and do activities designed for their age. Creative Creations Childcare (0-2 years) – Room 18 Children will have their own age-appropriate activities to begin to understand the Bible.


Cleveland at or 793-9760 x124

Confirmation · Room 8 · Beginning October 4 This class is for all students in 8th to 12th grade to learn about the Christian faith and what it means to be part of the Methodist church and Springfield First.

• To help in children’s ministries on Wednesday evenings, contact Stacy Kuhlmann at or 793-9760 x238. 6 G o o d T i d i n g s / SEPTEMBER 2017

Adoption Ministry · Atrium Lobby Through first-hand stories and discussion, we'll explore different sides of foster care, orphan care, and domestic and international adoption. We'll also explore how you can get involved in caring for orphans or the families who have brought adoptees or foster children into their homes. Led by Eden Lindberg. Alpha: An Introduction to the Christian Faith · Room 2 Are you exploring your faith, or would you like a refresher course? Alpha is an interactive and practical introduction to the Christian faith. Each session will explore a different question about God and faith and will conclude with a time for open discussion. Couples Class · Staying In Love · Atrium 2 Falling in love is easy, but staying there — that’s something else entirely. So, is it possible for two people to fall in love and actually stay there? Absolutely! Let pastor and author Andy Stanley show you how. Creeds, Confessions, and Affirmations of Faith · Atrium 1 What are they? How did we get them? Why do churches still use them – or not? Led by Glenna Schroeder-Lein, this class will look at Biblical precedents and church history for answers to these questions. Men’s Ministry Study · Atrium 4: Details coming soon! Not a Fan · Atrium 3 Are you a fan or a follower? Jesus was never interested in having admirers; he is looking for followers. With direct frankness, this study by Kyle Idleman invites you to take an honest look at your relationship with Jesus. His call to follow may seem radical to us, but Jesus desires it for every believer. This challenging study will be led by Susan Stitt. Women’s Ministry Study · Room 7 Women's Ministry will be studying Esther to go along with the sermon series in September. Beginning October 11, they will be doing the “Unfinished…” study. (See page 3.) Unfinished… · Rooms 5/6 · October 11 to November 1 Led by the pastors, this is one of many opportunities for this church-wide study. (See page 3 for more details.) Young Adults · Room 4 The Young Adults will also be studying Esther, followed by the "Unfinished..." study beginning October 11. (See page 3.)

• To help with dinner set-up or clean-up, contact Sharon Sweeney at or 793-9760 x131.




more classes GRIEF SHARE Mondays, September 11 to November 20 6:00-8:00pm · Room 2 This 10-week seminar is designed to help those who have lost someone significant in their lives. Led by a caring team of experienced volunteers, this group offers helpful information, comforting resources, and supportive times with others who have experienced a loss. Contact: Trish Quintenz at DIVORCE RECOVERY Mondays, beginning September 11 6:30-8:30pm · Room 4 This seminar and support group is for those who are separated or divorced, designed to teach you how to heal and rebuild. Come and be with people who understand what you are feeling so that you can learn how to move on and grow closer to God. Contact: Donna Parr at or 971-9833 35 MIRACLES OF JESUS Sundays, beginning September 17 10:30-11:30am · Atrium 1 Led by Milt McClure, this study will review four eyewitness accounts of 35 of Jesus' miracles which display his command over nature and healing power. "Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe." Contact: Mike Whitaker at 793-9760 x122 or




Springfield First graciously hosts a daytime women’s class on Thursday mornings at 9:10-11:00am. This class also includes a structured program for infants through kindergarten ages. The first class is on September 14. A men’s class meets on Mondays at 6:30-8:00pm at Abundant Faith Christian Center, 2525 Taylor Avenue.  This class also includes a program for students in 1st through 12th grades. The first class day is September 11.   A women's evening group meets on Mondays at 6:30-8:00pm at Cherry Hills Baptist Church, 2125 Woodside Road. The first class meets September 18. Feel free to attend the first class meeting – all are welcome. For additional information, contact Mike or Maggie Barton at 629-8382, or go to the website and click on "locate a class."  

Sundays, September 17 to October 22 | 11:45am-1:15pm · Atrium 1 The one-sentence mission statement of Springfield First –

GLORY – worshiping God

to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation

GRACE – imparting Christ’s love

of the world – leads many people to ask, “What is

GROWTH – celebrating spiritual disciplines

a disciple?” The G6 Class will detail six characteristics

GROUP – doing life together

of a deeply devoted disciple of Jesus Christ,

GIFTEDNESS – serving others

all beginning with the letter “G."

GENEROSITY – sharing compassionately

Contact: Sharon Sweeney, 793-9760 x131 or Note – The G6 class is a pre-requisite for becoming a New Member at Springfield First. The next New Members class will take place on Sunday, October 29, at 11:45am-1:15pm. SEPTEMBER 2017 7


WOMEN'S MINISTRY SPA NIGHT Spa Night, on Friday, September 15, at 7:00-9:00pm in the Community Life Center, is an opportunity for women to come together, relax, enjoy the company of other women, and do something for themselves they would not normally do. Bring a friend with you to this relaxing event. Enjoy a chair massage, coloring, paraffin, photo booth, prayer, DIY nails, and scrubs. Contact Chantel Corrie at No RSVP needed. Want to showcase your business to the women attending? Donate a prize, and we will put your business cards, flyers, and coupons in our 150-attendee give-away bags. Contact Jackie Mitra at to donate.

UNITED METHODIST WOMEN – WELCOME Contact: Crystal Russell, UMW President, at 217-801-2573

We are Faith, Love, and Joy in action at Springfield First. Come for any activity. This is a good time to get involved with the United Methodist Women; you will find a warm group of women in many activities. You can be as involved with UMW as you would like, including helping with several mission projects. LYDIA AND RACHEL CIRCLES The Circles will begin their regular meetings. Rachel Circle meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm; Lydia Circle meets on the 3rd Friday at 9:30am. SEPTEMBER 1 LUNCHEON The United Methodist Women will meet at noon on September 1 for our monthly luncheon. Dennis Canny will be speaking to us about his role at Springfield First. It will be fun to hear from a former education administrator about his position at the church. Please invite a neighbor or friend. To make a reservation, please call Crystal Russell at 801-2573. Suggested donation for lunch is $7.00; new visitors are treated to their first lunch. 8 G o o d T i d i n g s / SEPTEMBER 2017

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS Friday, September 1 UMW Board Meeting/Luncheon 10:00am/Noon Room 14/Community Life Center Friday, September 15 Lydia Circle 9:30am Rooms 5/6 Wednesday, September 20 Rachel Circle 7:00pm Room 1 Saturday, October 7 Illinois Great River United Methodist Women Conference Bishop Frank Beard, Speaker (Contact Crystal Russell to register)


Henderson Settle ment July 17-22, 2017

On July 17, our Springfield First team of 9 adults drove to Frakes, Kentucky, in the Appalachian Mountains to serve a family of 10. Upon meeting the family, we realized why God had sent us there! The family lived in a small 2-bedroom house with 8 children and 2 parents. The parents were raising their own grandchildren, grandnieces, grandnephews, and two adopted children. The father, who was very knowledgeable about construction, was disabled but was willing to give us SEPTEMBER TLC advice and a hand when he could.   Our September TLC is right around the corner! We applied vinyl siding and soffits to a room addition that the We will be serving at the Hope Institute for homeowner had built for his expanding family. We also applied mud their Hope-a-palooza on Saturday, September 9. and sanded the drywall inside the room addition, then painted the The Hope Institute is a school for autistic walls and ceiling. Plywood and square linoleum tiles were used and developmentally challenged students. to finish the floors. We moved a window to the new addition (it Hope-a-palooza is a fun event for these wasn’t as easy as it sounds!) and added trim around the windows students and families from our community. and doors, as well as baseboards to complete this room addition. To sign up for a 2-hour shift, visit The family was so thankful and showed their appreciation by making Connection Point in the Atrium or contact ham and beans, homemade cornbread, and a blueberry and peach cobbler for us before we left. Home cooking was delicious!  Pastor Nicole at   We all feel that we were blessed with the opportunity to be with OCTOBER TLC this family and to assist in making their home suitable for their We will be serving at the Beerlahai Roi Hike large family. Most of us so often take for granted what God has for Babies on Saturday, October 7. We will given us, but this experience has been a reminder to us that we help with set-up for the event which starts are truly blessed and can share our gifts and talents with others. at 10:00am. Sign-ups will be available at Thank you for supporting us with prayer and funds through Connection Point soon! Trivia Night and Mud's Fudge. You too have helped this family and all those in the Henderson Settlement community. Thank you!   Sue Nelson, John Rockwood,  Are you interested in going on Paul Rice, Cindy Gibbs,  a mission trip next year? This is Mitch Beaver, the meeting for you! Come and Olivia Jefferis, Kirk Jefferis, check out all the domestic Melanie Barnes, 


and international mission trip opportunities that will be offered in 2018. The meeting will be Sunday, September 10, at 11:45am in Atrium 4. Even if you are just considering the possibility, come on by and see what we are offering!

Shyla Dallas


SERVING TEAMS Bookstore Volunteers Help to sell books and resources at the Springfield First Bookstore. Contact: Kelly Bagley,

As disciples of Jesus, we serve others in the church and in the world. Fall is a great time to begin serving on one of the many teams at Springfield First. If you aren’t sure where to serve, let us help you find a place! Contact: Chantel Corrie, 793-9760 x126 or

Care Callers Follow up with a call after someone has been discharged from the hospital. Contact: Nicole Cox, 793-9760 x225 or Children’s Ministry Teams Share your faith and love with the children of Springfield First through inspiring Bible lessons, interactive games, age-appropriate activities, and spirit-filling music! (Volunteers must be in 6th grade or older.) Come and be part of the adventure! • TotLife Team - Ages birth to 5 years • KidLife Team - Kindergarten to 3rd grade • TweenLife Team - 4th and 5th grades • Hospitality Team - Greet families as they arrive, help new visitors, run the check-in stations, help with check-out as children are picked up. • Weekly Admin Team - Help with gathering supplies for lessons, writing cards, decorating rooms, organizing materials, copying, and more! • Midweek Connect Team - Share in the excitement and adventure while we explore the power of the Bible with children of all ages on Wednesday evenings. Contact: Stacy Kuhlmann, 793-9760 x238 or Communion Servers Serve Communion once each month during Sunday morning worship services. Contact: Kristi Osmond, 793-9760 x231 or Connections Team Ensure that our guests and all who attend feel God’s love and are connected to the faith community of Springfield First. • Greeters – Provide a warm welcome and a friendly face before or after each weekend service. • Ushers – Hand out bulletins, walk guests to their seats, collect the offering at worship services. • Welcome Center or Connection Point – answer questions, welcome new guests. • Sunday Refreshments – Serve coffee and refreshments on Sunday mornings. • Phone Calls or Writing Cards – Call or write to our new guests. Contact: Chantel Corrie, 793-9760 x126 or 10 G o o d T i d i n g s / SEPTEMBER 2017

Funeral Meal Volunteers Help provide the comforting meal after a funeral, allowing grieving families time to relax and share memories. Opportunities include preparing food in our church kitchen, serving the family, and cleaning up, or bringing a salad or dessert to compliment the meal. Contact: Eleanor Mack, 744-3185 or Hands & Feet Ministry All who enjoy gardening are welcome to be a part of this service group that makes our grounds look beautiful. Contact: Brenda Allan, 414-0574 or Midweek Connect Kitchen Teams The delicious meals served during Midweek Connect would not be possible without the dedication of these kitchen teams: • Set-up Team • Food Prep and Cooking • Clean-up Crew Contact: Sharon Sweeney, 793-9760 x131 or Mission Garden Each year, we plant a garden on our property, and all of the produce grown is donated to Kumler UMC’s outreach program for the hungry of Springfield. We need help with planning, purchasing, planting, and harvesting. We also need volunteers to deliver harvested produce to Kumler Outreach every other week. Contact: Chris Baughman, Music Ministry Contemporary Worship Team We love to include new people on our worship team, both musicians and vocalists. If you have a passion for music and for leading God’s people in worship, we would love to connect with you! Contact: Chase Carlisle, Traditional Worship Be inspired and inspire others through music. Our New Life Adult and Handbell choirs lead worship at the 9:00am traditional service. • New Life Adult Choir, Thursdays at 7:00-8:50pm • New Life Adult Handbells, Thursdays at 6:00-6:50pm Contact: Dr. See Tsai Chan, Nuts & Bolts Team Accomplish small carpentry jobs as needed at the church. Contact: Mud Meister,

Office Volunteers Help in the office with answering phones and other light desk work. Contact: Sharon Sweeney, 793-9760 x131or Parking Lot Greeters Be the first person to greet people as they come onto the church property before weekend services. Contact: Chantel Corrie, 793-9760 x126 or Parking Ministry Volunteers park cars on Sunday mornings to help those with mobility challenges. Contact: Carli Burton, 793-9760 x121 or Prayer Shawl Ministry Knit prayer shawls to provide comfort for those who are ill. Contact: Carli Burton, 793-9760 x121 or Poinsettia Delivery Deliver poinsettias that have graced our sanctuary during the Christmas season to our seniors who are in care facilities or homebound. Contact: Carli Burton, or 793-9760 x121. Recycling Team Help our environment by collecting recyclingthroughout the building. Contact: Trish Quintenz, Safety Team Help to keep our church safe and assist with medical, weather, or other issues that may arise. Police/security/fire/medical or education experience is a plus. Serve once each month at 8:30am-12:00pm on Sundays in teams of 2 to 4 people. Contact: Chantel Corrie, 793-9760 x126 or Stage Design/Construction Team At Easter, Christmas, and throughout the year, we build new backdrop designs with the help of many volunteers. Contact: Chase Carlisle, StudentLife Ministry Team Serve students in 6th-12th grades at Sunday Night FUSION. Interact with students, help to prepare dinner, participate in worship, and guide small group discussion time. Contact: Matt Cleveland, 793-9760 x124 or Sunshine Sharers Send cards to our elderly. Contact: Carli Burton, 793-9760 x121 or Tech Team Do you know how to use a smartphone? If so, then you already have what it takes to be on the tech team! We help people connect with God through both visual and audio elements during the worship experience. Contact: Brennan Pappas, TLC (Transform [your] Local Community) Each month, the Missions Council provides easy opportunities for a limited number of people to volunteer at various places in the community. Contact: Nicole Cox, 793-9760 x225 or Visitation Volunteers / Caring Friends Visit members of Springfield First who are homebound or in nursing homes. Contact: Carli Burton, 793-9760 x121 or Worship Support Team Ensure that the Sanctuary is ready for worship services, including Communion set-up, candles lit, and baptismal water in place. Contact: Eleanor Mack, SEPTEMBER 2017 11


September begins the new ministry year! We are so excited about some great changes in the Children’s Ministry area.

(Birth to 5 Years)

Nursery & Toddlers will begin the year learning about all that God made, through songs, pictures, and activities. The lessons taught start God’s youngest believers on their journey of faith that will continue for the rest of their lives. Preschool children will begin the year with learning about what God does. They will understand how much God loves them, protects them, helps them, and is always there with them.


12 G o o d T i d i n g s / SEPTEMBER 2017

Watch for posted curriculum information: WEBSITE


FACEBOOK KidLife at TotLife at Contact: Stacy Kuhlmann, 793-9760 x238 or Children's Ministry is offered during all weekend worship experiences!

(Kindergarten-3rd grade) Elementary Children will begin the new ministry year with three weeks of learning from the book of Proverbs. They will learn these Big Points: • We are wise to ask God for wisdom • We are wise when we build great friendships. • We are wise when we know the power of our words. These points will hopefully start children off with a fantastic school year!

(4th-5th grade) Preteens will be studying the same points as KidLife, however they will be in their newly remodeled room! Their main focus will revolve around small group discussions and real-life situations. We invite all 4th and 5th graders to be a part of this new ministry just for preteens! This group will also begin learning how to be leaders by working with the younger grades once a month! It is going to be so exciting to watch as they develop further on their faith journey!

Each classroom has a small container for our children’s Mighty Missions offerings. All that we collect will go to providing clean water for children in Liberia! Children are understanding that they can make a difference even through spare change! As giving becomes a habit, their generosity will come naturally to them as they grow up.

CONNECT WITH STUDENTLIFE: Facebook: StudentLife FUMC Twitter: @FUSION_SM Instagram: STUDNT_LFE PARENTS: If you are new or would like to receive periodic parent email updates, please go to, and under the ‘Youth’ tab sign up for our email list! You can also email StudentLife Director Matt Cleveland at


Talking to some people is easy. You can hang out with your friends for hours and talk to them about anything. But you probably also know people who just seem to make you a little nervous when you have to talk to them. No matter who it is, you choose your words carefully when you talk to that person because you don’t want to mess things up. And if we’re honest, prayer can feel a lot like that. The whole idea of it makes us a little nervous. We try to use just the right words but we aren’t sure we’re doing it right. Often, we are tempted to back away from prayer because it just feels awkward. But what if talking to God was never meant to be that way? What if talking to God was supposed to feel more like chatting with a good friend than making an impressive speech? During this series, we’re going to take a look at what Jesus said prayer is and isn’t. And as we do, you may just find yourself wanting to lay down the formalities, relax, and have some real talk.

September 17th: Fine China September 24th: Smartphone

What a summer! With so many students deepening their faith in Jesus and commitment to this faith community, we can’t wait to see what God has in store for this school year! As summer is winding down, take a look at a few dates you will want to remember: September 10: StudentLife Kick-Off Sunday - Sunday morning classes continue at 9:00am: Senior High in Room 8, Junior High in Room 7, and StudentLife Parents/Guardians in Room 4 - FUSION Kick-Off at 6:00-8:00pm (food, music, games, & more!) September 17: Parent meeting in Room 8 at 11:40am (following the 10:30am service) for any parents and families new to StudentLife for the school year! September 24: Confirmation registration forms due (available at Connection Point or the StudentLife hallway) October 4: 1st Confirmation Class at 6:30pm in Room 8 For more information about Confirmation, email StudentLife Director Matt Cleveland at

GRADUATED SENIORS: Another amazing group of young men and women are moving into a new chapter of their lives, and we here at StudentLife couldn’t be more proud! Our prayer for each of them, whether they are going to college here or away, serving in the armed forces, or entering the workforce, is that the foundation of faith they built during their time in StudentLife will carry them through all these changes! We pray that they continue to develop their faith, falling more in love with Christ each day. As a church, let’s continue to support and invest in these individuals, and make them feel that they will always be loved and cared for by their home church, Springfield First United Methodist! SEPTEMBER 2017 13


For information regarding Senior Ministries’ events or trips, or if you or a loved one are moving to a care facility, please contact Carli Burton at or 793-9760 x121.

FALL COMMUNION SERVICE Wednesday, October 4, at 11:00am This service will be held in the Sanctuary for all of our Caring Friends, with a luncheon to follow at 11:30am in Atrium 2/3. This is a special service planned just for our shut-ins, enabling them to spend more quality time with their Caring Friends as well as our pastors and staff. If transportation is needed, please contact Carli Burton at or 793-9760 x121, or Mac Shotwell at


The Senior Ministries’ Council is happy to announce that this year’s Annual Gala will be “The Singing Swickards (plus 1 guest)” in the Community Life Center. Tickets are $25.00 for a served meal and show and will be on sale October 1st and 8th in the Atrium of the church. Sorry, no tickets will be sold on the 15th or at the door.

Sponsored by

LIFE LINE SCREENING AND FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH: Attention: Life Line Screening ~ Early detection is the key to prevention of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Non-invasive screening will be held in the Community Life Center. You may choose individual screenings or a package. Register now before it is opened to the public. WHEN: WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 15 To register and receive your appointment time, contact Cheryl at 800-897-9177 or The first five members of FUMC to register will get a free screening of their choice (valued at $70). The Complete Wellness Package (which is recommended for anyone over 50, or age 40+ with the following risk factors: smoking, obesity, hypertension, or family history of stroke, diabetes, or heart disease) includes the following for a discounted price of $139 (prices listed below are if you choose individual screenings only). • Stroke/Carotid Artery Screening - $70 • Peripheral Arterial Disease Screening - $60 • Heart Rhythm Screening - $70 • Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening - $70        • Osteoporosis Risk Assessment – regularly $60, now free when the package option is selected. 14 G o o d T i d i n g s /




We meet for fun and fellowship on the 2nd Thursday of each month in Rooms 5/6 at 9:30am. Our next fellowship will be on September 14.  Coffee, tea, and sweet treats are ready when you arrive. We will mingle for a few minutes, have a devotional, and share prayer needs. Then the games begin: Dominoes and cards (Rummy, Bridge, Golf, Hand and Foot, 5 Crowns and any others you wish). Other games are available too. Lunch is served at 11:45am for a suggested donation of $7.00 for all you can eat or until it is gone. Meal will be oven fried chicken with all the fixin’s. Dessert will be provided by our host and hostess.


Thursday, September 28: Cardinals/Cubs game at Busch Stadium

Monday, November 6, to Thursday, November 9: Christmas in Branson



Welcome to God's family:

Thank you, Dixie!

Matilda Jack Cuzzort Brooke Danielle Ford Kinsley Jo Ford Reggie Michael Schuermann Chloe Elizabeth Simon

Dixie McQuality has faithfully


eventually as the K-2 Children’s Choir

Please hold in prayer the families of:

of time and energy she has so freely given our kids, and

served as a volunteer in our music ministry for 23 years, as an accompanist, an assistant, and director. We are so thankful for the amount helped make the kids’ choirs what they are today. As she steps

Christy Groeteke Susan Nichols Patricia Schnirring Gwen Williams

out of this role, we want to recognize her and thank her as she has touched countless kids’ lives through teaching them about Jesus’ love through the gift of music. Dixie, we cannot put into words how incredibly grateful we are to you for ALL you’ve done. We will miss you, and pray that God richly blesses you as you have our church!

IS JESUS IN YOUR WILL? Our time in this world doesn’t last forever, but our influence can. As you plan for the future, prayerfully consider tithing 10% of your estate to the church for which Jesus gave his life.

September REAL Scriptures E S T H E R September 1 – John 12:27-36 September 2 – John 12:37-43 September 3 – John 12:44-50 September 3 – Esther 1:1-9 September 4 – Esther 1:10-20 September 5 – Esther 1:21-2:4 September 6 – Esther 2:5-14 September 7 – Esther 2:15-23 September 8 – Esther 3:1-6 September 9 – Esther 3:7-15

September 10 –Esther 4:1-8 September 11 – Esther 4:9-17 September 12 – Esther 5:1-8 September 13 – Esther 5:9-14 September 14 – Esther 6:1-6 September 15 – Esther 6:7-114 September 16 – Esther 7:1-10 September 17 - Esther 8:1-8 September 18 – Esther 8:9-17 September 19 – Esther 9:1-10 September 20 – Esther 9:11-15

September 21 – Esther 9:16-19 September 22 – Esther 9:20-25 September 23 – Esther 9:26-32 September 24 – Esther 10:1-3 September 25 – John 13:1-8 September 26 – John 13:9-20 September 27 – John 13:21-30 September 28 – John 13:31-38 September 29 – John 14:1-14 September 30 – John 14:15-24 SEPTEMBER 2017 15

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FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 2941 South Koke Mill Road · Springfield, IL 62711

Springfield, IL Permit No. 578


To receive Tidings via mail OR email, contact the main office at 217-793-9760. Connect with us online at for more resources.

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Divorce Recovery begins (6:30pm)


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13 –

Alpha, Couples, Creeds, Men’s Ministry, Not a Fan, Women’s Ministry, and Young Adults classes begin (6:30pm)


Women’s Ministry Spa Night (7:00pm)


35 Miracles of Jesus class begins (10:30am)


G6 Class begins (11:45am)


Contact Ministries Fall Fundraiser Concert: Anita Renfroe (6:30pm)



"Unfinished …" study begins (6:30pm)

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September 2017  
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