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WELCOME TO SPRINGFIELD FIRST ............................ 4 START YOUR JOURNEY ............................................... 5 Baptism / Starting Point ..................................................... 6


Table of Contents UPCOMING EVENTS ................................................... 7 CHILDREN’S MINISTRIES ............................................ 9 STUDENTLIFE ............................................................ 11 GROUPLIFE ................................................................ 13 Adult Sunday Classes ...................................................... 13 Classes ........................................................................... 14 Small Groups ................................................................. 15

GIVING ...................................................................... 16 SERVING ................................................................... 17 Serving Teams .............................................................. 17 Music Ministry .............................................................. 19 Prayer Ministry ............................................................. 20

SENIOR OPPORTUNITIES ........................................ 21 STAFF ....................................................................... 22


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Springfield First is a spiritually vibrant,



multi-generational community devoted to transforming the world through Jesus Christ. We value building Christ-centered relationships, celebrating God’s goodness through worship, and deepening our connection to God through prayer, study, and service.


CONTEMPORARY The contemporary services are on Saturday evenings at 5:30pm and Sunday mornings at 10:30am in the Sanctuary. These provide a welcoming, laid-back, come-as-you-are atmosphere. We offer relevant, Biblically-based teachings, and our praise band provides sincere and heartfelt opportunities to worship Jesus Christ.



TRADITIONAL Our traditional service is at 9:00am on Sunday mornings in the Sanctuary. You will be inspired by classic hymns accompanied by pipe organ, as well as moving anthems offered by our New Life Choir. These musical elements are blended with relevant sermons, some media content, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. CHRIST. COMMUNITY. COFFEE. This contemporary, coffee-house worship experience is at 9:00am on Sunday mornings in the Community Life Center. It’s a modern service that is community-focused, with a relatable message, coffee, music, and a relaxed atmosphere. Just come as you are!


ON THE JOURNEY Exploring Christ

Growing in Christ

Close to Christ


We are all on a journey. Find a class, small group, serving team, or event to help you move to the next step in your relationship with God.




Starting Point

Are you ready to make a public announcement

New to Springfield First? Enjoy a casual meal with

of your commitment to Christ? Or are you interested

the pastors, learn about the vision of Springfield First,

in having your infant baptized or dedicated? We

and discover opportunities available to help

would love to share that with you! Please contact

you on your spiritual journey with Christ.

us for more information or to schedule a baptism. Contact: Sharon Sweeney, 793-9760 x131 or

When: Sunday, June 25 or August 27, at 11:45am–12:45pm Where: Atrium 3 Contact: Chantel Corrie, 793-9760 x126 or


Upcoming Events ADVENTURE BIBLE CAMP 2017: MAKER FUN FACTORY This is where kids learn they were created by God and built for a specific purpose. Through personal stories told by children living out their faith, creative snacks, fascinating science inventions, dynamic music, and interactive Bible lessons, children will discover God’s love and purpose for each of them. Are you ready for a wildly creative, inventive, interactive adventure with God? We know you are! ABC also depends on a team of people dedicated to providing a high-quality experience for children. To register your children or sign up to volunteer, please go to or pick up a registration card at the jeep or boat in KidLife, or at the ABC donation tables in the Atrium and outside the Community Life Center. When: June 19-23 at 9:00am-noon Contact: Stacy Kuhlmann, 793-9760 x238 or



2017 GLOBAL LEADERSHIP SUMMIT This event is broadcast live from Willow Creek Community Church to over 375 sites in North America and all over the world, and Springfield First is one of those sites! Featuring world-class speakers, the Global Leadership Summit is designed to help all of us become better leaders. This year’s line-up of speakers includes: • Bill Hybels – Founder & Senior Pastor, Willow Creek Community Church • Sheryl Sandberg – Chief Operating Officer, Facebook • Bryan Stevenson – Founder & Executive Director, Equal Justice Initiative • Andy Stanley – Leadership Author, Communicator, Pastor, North Point Community Church • and many more! Register by visiting the church office or by going to our website at and using the link for the Summit. Our church site is #128, and the code for our special rate is PHS17TEAM. Cost: • $89 for FUMC members and regular attendees. • After July 11, the price goes up to $119 per person. • If you volunteer at the event, you will be able to attend for $65 (sign up by July 11), but please register at the church office. When: August 10-11 at 8:30am-4:30pm Contact: Sharon Sweeney, 793-9760 x131 or


Children.s Ministries

Birth - 5th Grade: Stacy Kuhlmann, 793-9760 x238 or

Children’s Ministry is a place for children to experience adventure while they embark on their own journey of faith from the very first time they arrive! Each week, the Springfield First Adventure Leaders guide children through meaningful and exciting lessons and activities as they discover the love God has for them. We want to empower children to bring their faith into everyday life. All activities are age-appropriate so the children can begin to develop their faith, at any age.


TotLife (Birth-5 Years) Each weekend, a caring group of staff and volunteers create a safe, loving, and hands-on environment to help promote the spiritual development of the children they serve. Lessons begin in the nursery with many “look,” “feel,” and “do” activities to engage our youngest believers in the beginning of their faith journey. There are parent resources to help reinforce key points at home during the week. God is always working in wonderful, exciting ways, and children are never too young to begin knowing him.

KidLife (Kindergarten-3rd Grade) The KidLife experience provides children with a small group environment conducive to building friendships with others their age. They are taught life applications from intriguing Bible lessons, engage in exciting activities, and have powerful worship sessions that help them discover how to live out their faith each day.

Saturdays at 5:30pm: Birth to 5 years combined class Where: Room 18

Sundays at 10:30am Kindergarten through 3rd Grade Where: Room 13 – Kindergarten Room 14 – 1st Grade Room 15 – 2nd Grade Room 16 – 3rd Grade

Sundays at 9:00am and 10:30am Where: Room 20 Flamingos (birth to walking) Room 19 Seagulls (walking to 2 years old) Room 18 Turtles (2 years old) Room 17 Zebras (3-5 years old, potty-trained) 9

Saturdays at 5:30pm · Where: Room 15 Sundays at 9:00am · Where: Room 16

WEBSITE FACEBOOK KidLife at TotLife at


Follow our Facebook pages and check out the website for details as they unfold! It is going to be a summer of growing in faith, building lasting friendships, and sharing with the world around us! TotLife (Birth-5 Years) This summer, TotLife will have fun summer themes as they continue to learn about what God made, what God does, and how He leads us. Preschoolers will have opportunities to join KidLife during worship time, as some will be venturing to KidLife in the fall. KidLife/TweenLife (Kindergarten-5th Grade) We will worship with Hillsong Kids BIG curriculum, a new interactive curriculum from Hillsong United! Extraordinary technology, creative teaching styles, and mind-blowing music will fill our jungle hallways this summer.  


Watch for posted curriculum information:

Summer volunteers are needed! Help make this new experience great! Adventure Bible Camp is June 19-23. Please refer to page 7 for details.

TweenLife (4th/5th Grade) Preteens experience their own time for meaningful worship as they dig deep into God’s Word and learn how to apply it to their everyday life. They are a part of impactful group Bible discussions with nurturing leaders that challenge them to live out their faith. They also have opportunities to worship with the larger congregation, as well as activities to develop their own gifts and strengths. Saturdays at 5:30pm · Where: Room 15 Sundays at 9:00am · Where: Room 16

KIDS’ CHOIRS The K-2nd grade and 3rd-6th grade choirs will meet weekly again in the fall. Contact: Elyssa Carlisle, CUB SCOUTS Pack 13 of Springfield First invites all boys in 1st through 5th grades to join Cub Scouts when we resume regular meetings in the fall. Contact: Brad Dow, 299-1399 or

Sundays at 10:30am · Where: Room 11


At StudentLife of Springfield First, our mission is to help build students into disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Through programming based on worship, discipleship, service, and outreach, we strive to develop these students into young men and women of strong character and faith!


Contact: Matt Cleveland, 793-9760 x124 or

Sunday Classes Each week, students and their parents/guardians wrestle with the truth of God’s Word in classes designed for their specific stages of life. Our hope is that these classes spark conversations at home about faith, leading to experiences that empower families to follow Jesus together! When: Sundays at 9:00am StudentLife families meet together in Room 8 for prayer and fellowship, then launch into their groups in the rooms listed below. Junior High Students (6th-8th grade) Where: Room 7 Senior High Students (9th-12th grade) Where: Room 8 StudentLife Parents/Guardians Open to all parents/guardians with at least one student in StudentLife. Where: Room 4


FUSION This is our weekly large group worship and discipleship experience for all StudentLife students. A typical night at FUSION includes a great meal, powerful student-led worship, and teaching designed to help students critically engage with faith in Jesus Christ! FUSION Sunday nights will take a break after Sunday, June 4, to prepare for Beach Week; however, there will be FUSION events throughout the summer, so stay tuned for information about these happenings after Beach Week.


CONNECT WITH STUDENTLIFE: Facebook: StudentLife FUMC | Twitter: @FUSION_SM | Instagram: STUDNT_LFE

SMALL GROUPS At StudentLife, we believe building your faith and taking steps in your journey are not meant to be done alone! We offer a time for all of our students to engage in a small group environment to build relationships, talk through their successes and struggles, and strengthen our faith community. Small groups are offered on Sunday nights alongside our FUSION schedule. Small groups will take a break after June 4 and resume at the start of the school year. BEACH WEEK Beach Week is a week-long student revival aimed at providing students with an undeniable experience with Christ. Through chapel sessions, small groups, activities, and more, we “retreat” to Myrtle Beach to encounter Christ and bring that light and passion back to Springfield! When: July 1-7 ONEVOICE YOUTH CHOIR TOUR Each summer, we travel for a week on tour outside of Illinois. This time, we are going to New Orleans! This is an opportunity for us to go on a choir mission trip, as we visit different nursing homes, children’s homes, veterans’ homes, and churches to spread the love of Christ through music. This is a great time for OneVoice to grow closer to one another and closer to God, as we spend the week together worshipping, singing, serving, and closing each day with a devotional time. When: June 5-11 NOTE: The OneVoice Youth Choir (7th-12th grade) will meet for rehearsals again in the fall on Sunday evenings before FUSION. Boy Scouts Join Troop 13! This active Boy Scout troop provides a program for boys to build character and to learn responsibility, leadership, and citizenship. When: Mondays at 6:30-8:00pm Where: Rooms 14/15/16 Contact: Brad Dow, 299-1399 or




Spectrum Where: Room 6 · Who: Adults of all ages Contact: Heather Behl, 971-7242 or StudentLife Parents Where: Room 4 · Who: Parents/guardians of students in 6th-12th grade Contact: Jeff & Teresa Whitehouse, 697-8086 or


NEW STUDY: Journey Through the New Testament (Please refer to Page 14 for more details.)

When: May 21 to June 18 · Who: Adults of all ages Contact: Carli Burton, 793-9760 x121 or Berean Where: Room 4 · Who: 50-70 years of age, married or single Contact: Max Webster, 787-1714 or Christian Perspectives Where: Room 5 · Who: Adults of all ages Contact: Terri Hempstead, 793-3063 or Couples & Families (Please refer to Page 14 for more details.) Where: Room 6 · Who: 35-70 years of age, married or single Contact: Mud Meister, 544-4352 or Great Expectations Where: Room 7 · Who: Adults of all ages Contact: Ewing & Rena Harris, 726-9589 or IBT Where: Atrium 4 · Who: 60+ years of age, married or single Contact: Bill Robertson, 483-5934 or The Lord’s Class Where: Room 1 · Who: Adults of all ages Contact: Ted Mims, Up ‘N’ Comers Where: Room 2 · Who: 50+ years of age, married or single Contact: Gene Apel, 871-8126 or


ONGOING CLASSES & BIBLE STUDIES Men’s Studies Monday Night Bible Study When: 7:00-8:00pm Where: Room 1 Contact: Max Webster, 787-1714 or Tuesday Morning Bible Study When: 9:30-11:00am Where: Room 4 Contact: Rick Willhoit, 679-0807 or

Women’s Studies Tuesday Morning Bible Study When: 9:30-11:00am Where: Rooms 5/6 Contact: Jean Webster, 787-1714 or Tuesday Evening Bible Study When: 6:30-8:00pm Where: Room 2 Contact: Betsy Hanley,, or Rena Harris,

SHORT-TERM STUDIES Couples & Families Class: The Essential Collection This DVD series of talks by Louie Giglio, pastor of Passion City Church in Atlanta, Georgia, has inspired millions around the world. Each talk includes Scripture study and describes God’s goodness, grace, and love. When: Sundays, 10:30-11:30am, June 4 to 25 Where: Room 6 Contact: Chantel Corrie, 793-9760 x126 or



Laugh Your Way to a Better Relationship All are welcome to experience Mark Gungor’s hilarious, practical, and straight-forward advice about relationships in this DVD study. Through Mark’s insights, guidance, and interaction with each other, you will be able to make real, positive changes in your relationship. When: Sundays, 10:30-11:30am, July 2 to 30 Where: Room 6 Contact: Carli Burton, 793-9760 x121 or Journey Through the New Testament In this DVD study, Adam Hamilton encourages us to see the New Testament with fresh eyes as he delivers 1st-person stories from the perspective of the Apostle John. This unique sermon series will enrich your understanding of the New Testament in a way you will not soon forget. When: Sundays at 10:30-11:30am, May 21 to June 18 Where: Atrium 1 Contact: Carli Burton, 793-9760 x121 or



Small Groups Wednesday Night Adults Purpose: To be in fellowship with other Christians and grow in our understanding of the Bible though lively discussion of Scripture. When: Every other Wednesday at 7:00pm Where: Room 1 Who: Our class is open to anyone interested in spiritual growth. All ages are welcome. Contact: Ed Smith, Young Adult Ministry Purpose: To connect Young Adults to each other and Christ through study, fellowship, and mission. When: Wednesdays at 6:30pm Where: Atrium 1 Who: All young adults, ages 18 to “mid-thirties” Contact: Cindy Arnold,


SMALL GROUPS FOR MEN Common Thread Purpose: This group studies Scripture and focuses on application of God’s Word in our daily walk. When: Saturdays at 9:00am · Where: 330 Osteen Lane, Springfield Who: Men of all ages seeking to grow closer to God and deepen their relationship through prayer, Bible study, and daily accountability with others in the group. Contact: Jeff Whitehouse, SMALL GROUPS FOR WOMEN First Ladies Purpose: We are a group of women, single and married, young and more mature, in all shapes and sizes, learning how to follow Christ through Scripture and Bible studies. Be prepared to have a good time and share your life with us. When: Tuesdays at 6:30pm · Where: 330 Osteen Lane, Springfield Who: Women of all ages Contact: Teresa Whitehouse, Hope for All Purpose: To grow in our faith and the knowledge of the Bible. Fun, fellowship, and service! When: 2nd & 4th Mondays of the month at 4:45-6:00pm Where: 2621 Parsifal Avenue, Springfield Who: Women ages 50+ Contact: Jean Webster, Soul Seekers Purpose: Women connecting for food, faith, fellowship, and service. When: 1st & 3rd Tuesdays at 2:00pm · Where: Various locations Who: Women of all ages Contact: Sherry Struck, OTHER GROUPS FOR WOMEN: United Methodist Women Purpose: We are devoted to knowing God, following His Word, and serving people locally and globally who need God’s love in their lives. We help women and children through missions, provide meals for families after funerals, plan activities that strengthen bonds between generations in our church, provide food for the homeless, and so much more. We invite all women to come for our monthly luncheon or for any of our circle meetings! Contact: Crystal Russell, 801-2573 or, or Shirley Major, 544-5253 or UMW Luncheons, Rachel Circle, and Lydia Circle will start again in September.



Generosity changes everything. Give by sharing your time and talents through the many serving teams who make a difference at Springfield First and in the community (refer to Pages 17-18). Another life-giving way to show your love for God and extend that love to others is to give financially through one of these methods: • Give as the offering plates are passed during weekly worship. To receive credit for cash donations, please fill out a pew envelope so we can record your gift. • Text Giving: Simply text “operating” (for normal offering) or “building” (for donations to the building fund), then a space, then $ amount you want to give to 1-855-906-5222 (example: Operating $100). The first time, you will receive a reply with instructions to set up your account. • Enroll in automatic bank transfer. Please contact the church office for a simple form to set this up. • Use the Online Banking/Bill Payment service at your bank. • Give through our website ( • Giving Kiosk: Each weekend, a kiosk is available in the Atrium areas in the north and south ends of the building where you can give by debit or credit card. With each of these methods of giving, you will receive periodic statements throughout the year as well as a year-end tax statement. Thank you for your support of the mission and ministry of Jesus through First United Methodist Church. By your gifts, lives are changing here and around the world through Christ’s love. Contact: Jenny Hutcherson, 793-9760 x235 or


Serving Teams As disciples of Jesus, we serve others in the church and in the world. If you aren’t sure where to serve at Springfield First, let us help you find a place! We have many opportunities for you to find your best fit. Contact: Chantel Corrie, 793-9760 x126 or Adventure Bible Camp Team ABC 2017 Maker Fun Factory Share in the excitement and awesome learning that goes on during this week by serving in the following areas: • Crew Leaders/Assistants • Site Leaders/Assistants • Decorations/Set Up • Check-in/Check-out/Greeters • Safety Leaders • Clean-up Leaders • Administrative duties When: June 19-23, 9:00am-12:00pm Contact: Stacy Kuhlmann, 793-9760 x238 or

Bookstore Volunteers Help to sell books and resources at the Springfield First Bookstore, where all proceeds go to help missions. Contact: Kelly Bagley,

Care Callers This caring team makes follow-up phone calls after someone has been discharged from the hospital. Contact: Nicole Cox,

Children’s Ministry Teams Share your faith and love with the children of Springfield First through inspiring Bible lessons, interactive games, age-appropriate activities, and spirit-filling music! (Volunteers must be in 6th grade or older.) Summer teams are needed! • TotLife Team - Ages birth to 5 years   • KidLife Team - Ages kindergarten to 3rd grade • TweenLife Team - Ages 4th and 5th grades • Hospitality Team - Greet families as they arrive, help new visitors, run the check-in stations, help with check-out as children are picked up. • Weekly Admin Team - Help with gathering supplies for lessons, writing cards, decorating rooms, organizing materials, copying, and more! Contact: Stacy Kuhlmann, 793-9760 x238 or

Communion Servers Serve Communion once each month during Sunday morning worship services. Contact: Jenny Hutcherson, 793-9760 x235 or

Connections Team The mission of the Connections team is to ensure that our guests and all who attend feel God’s love and are connected to the faith community of Springfield First. We are looking for volunteers to serve once each month in the following areas: • Greeters – Provide a warm welcome and a friendly face before or after each weekend service. • Ushers – Hand out bulletins, walk guests to their seats, collect the offering at worship services. • Welcome Center or Connection Point – answer questions, help guests get connected to this faith community. • Sunday Refreshments – Serve coffee and refreshments on Sunday mornings. • Guest Ambassadors – Guide new guests throughout the church building. • Phone Calls or Writing Cards – Call or write to our new guests to help them get connected. Contact: Chantel Corrie, 793-9760 x126 or

Hands & Feet Ministry All who enjoy gardening are welcome to be a part of this service group that makes our grounds look beautiful. Contact: Brenda Allan, 414-0574 or, or Kay Evans,


Contact: Chris Baughman,

Nuts & Bolts Team Accomplish small carpentry jobs as needed at the church. Contact: Mud Meister,

Office Volunteers Help in the office with answering phones and other light desk work. Contact: Sharon Sweeney, 793-9760 x131or

Parking Lot Greeters Be the first person to greet people as they come onto the church property before weekend services.

Contact: Chantel Corrie, 793-9760 x126 or

Parking Ministry Volunteers park cars on Sunday mornings to help those with mobility challenges.

Contact: Carli Burton, 793-9760 x121 or

Prayer Shawl Ministry Knit prayer shawls to provide comfort for those who are ill. Contact: Carli Burton, 793-9760 x121 or

Recycling Team Help our environment by collecting recycling throughout the building. Contact: Trish Quintenz,

Safety Team Help to keep our church safe and assist with medical, weather, or other issues that may arise. Police/security/fire/medical or education experience is a plus. Serve once each month at 8:30am-12:00pm on Sundays in teams of 2 to 4 people. Contact: Chantel Corrie, 793-9760 x126 or

Stage Design/Construction Team At Easter, Christmas, and throughout the year, we build new backdrop designs with the help of many volunteers. Contact: Chase Carlisle,

StudentLife Ministry Team Serve students in 6th-12th grades at Sunday Night FUSION. Interact with students, help to prepare dinner, participate in worship, and guide small group discussion time.


Mission Garden Each year, we plant a garden on our property, and all of the produce grown is donated to Kumler UMC’s outreach program for the hungry of Springfield. We need help with planning, purchasing, planting, and harvesting. We also need volunteers to deliver harvested produce to Kumler Outreach every other week.

Contact: Matt Cleveland, 793-9760 x124 or

Sunshine Sharers Send cards to our elderly.

Contact: Carli Burton, 793-9760 x121 or

Tech Team Do you know how to use a smartphone? If so, then you already have what it takes to be on the tech team! We help people connect with God through both visual and audio elements during the worship experience. Contact: Brennan Pappas,

TLC (Transform [your] Local Community) Each month, the Missions Council provides easy opportunities for a limited number of people to volunteer at various places in the community. Contact: Nicole Cox, 793-9760 x225 or

Visitation Volunteers Visit members of Springfield First who are homebound or in nursing homes. Contact: Carli Burton, 793-9760 x121 or

Worship Support Team Ensure that the Sanctuary is ready for worship services, including Communion set-up, candles lit, and baptismal water in place. Contact: Eleanor Mack,


Music Ministry CONTEMPORARY WORSHIP TEAM We love to include new people on our worship team, both musicians and vocalists. If you have a passion for music and for leading God’s people in worship, we would love to connect with you! Contact: Chase Carlisle, TRADITIONAL WORSHIP Be inspired and inspire others through music. Our New Life Adult and Handbell choirs lead worship at the 9:00am traditional service. Contact: Dr. See Tsai Chan, New Life Adult Choir When: Thursdays at 7:00-8:50pm Where: Choir Room New Life Adult Handbells When: Thursdays at 6:00-6:50pm Where: Choir Room KIDS’ AND YOUTH CHOIRS Children and youth bring so much life to our worship experience. Kids are involved in leading worship at both the traditional and contemporary services. We love for all children and youth to be involved, whether they are strong musicians or simply love being part of a group that sings for Jesus! Please refer to Page 10 for details about the Kids’ Choirs, and to Page 12 for details about the Youth Choir. Contact: Elyssa Carlisle,



Prayer Ministry PRAYER TEAM Over 500 people on this team pray daily for the needs of the church. All are welcome to join the prayer team and receive our monthly updates and prayer requests. Contact: Sharon Sweeney, 793-9760 x131 or PRAYER RETREAT Spend silent time with God, read Scripture, or write in a journal in a peaceful setting. If you’ve been trying to hear from God about a topic in your life, this opportunity is for you. When: Saturday, July 29, at 8:30-11:30am Where: Chiara Center on the northeast edge of Springfield, 4875 Laverna Road Contact: Sharon Sweeney, 793-9760 x131 or PRAYER GROUPS These small groups meet at various times to pray for the needs of our church. Contact: Trish Quintenz, When: Saturdays at 4:30-5:15pm · Where: Welcome Center When: Tuesdays at 8:15-9:30am · Where: Room 1 PASTORS’ PRAYER PARTNERS All are welcome to be a part of these teams devoted to praying for our pastors. Men’s Group When: 1st Saturday of the month at 7:30-8:30am · Where: Room 2 Contact: Kirk Laudeman, Women’s Group When: 1st Saturday of the month at 7:30-8:30am · Where: Room 1 Contact: Trish Quintenz,



Senior Opportunities Springfield First has a very active Senior Ministry. We offer many opportunities for senior adults (ages 55 and up) to fellowship and learn together, and we are active in volunteering in various areas of our church. You will also find our seniors participating at the Asbury Children’s Supper Hour, Kumler Neighborhood Ministries, and hospice care. Contact: Carli Burton, 793-9760 x121 or SAVE THE DATE AND SIGN UP NOW FOR THE FOLLOWING TRIPS: Cardinals/Cubs Game at Busch Stadium Cost: $65 per person, includes ticket and travel • When: Thursday, September 28, depart at 3:00pm Christmas in Branson Cost: $560 for double (2 paying adults per room) or $710 for single (1 paying adult per room), includes travel, hotel, baggage handling, tips, taxes, 7 shows (which includes tour and museum), plus 6 meals When: Monday, November 6, to Thursday, November 9 SENIOR FELLOWSHIP Bring a white elephant gift to exchange. We will have lunch at the Village Tea Room following a time of games. When: Thursday, June 8, 9:30am-12:30pm Where: Rooms 5/6 FRIENDSHIP CLUB Ladies meet for fellowship and bridge. Bring a sack lunch and join the group for fun. When: 2nd & 4th Wednesdays of the month at 12:00-3:00pm Where: Room 14 Contact: Evelyn Weber, 698-1937 or


QUILTING/KNITTING/SEWING GUILD Whether you are skilled or a beginner, come with any type of sewing, quilting, crocheting, knitting, or other project for a day full of fun activity. Bring your lunch. When: 3rd Thursday of the month at 10:15am-2:30pm Where: Rooms 5/6 Contact: Helen Greening, 546-2380

SENIOR SERVICES Van Ministry Transportation is available on Sunday mornings for those seniors who wish to attend the 9:00am worship service at Springfield First. Contact: Peter Harjes, 331-4804 Parking Ministry The purpose of this ministry is to be of assistance to those who have mobility challenges of any kind or with slippery pavement making unsure footing. The parking ministry will be available 15 to 20 minutes prior to the services and 10 to 15 minutes following the services on Sunday mornings. Just pull up under the east canopy door and exit your vehicle. No prior notice needed.


Staff PASTORAL STAFF Dr. Roger Ross | Lead Pastor Dr. Roger Grimmett | Lead Pastor Rev. Mike Whitaker | Pastor Rev. Nicole Cox | Pastor MINISTRY STAFF Brennan Pappas | Director of Technical Arts Carli Burton | Director of Adult Education & Senior Ministries Chantel Corrie | Director of Connections Chase Carlisle | Director of Contemporary Music Ministries Elyssa Carlisle | Director of Children’s & Youth Choirs Lana Salomonson | Executive Director Matt Cleveland | Director of StudentLife Ministry Dr. See Tsai Chan | Director of New Life Choir & Handbells Ministries Stacy Kuhlmann | Interim Director of KidLife ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Aaron Havard | Information Technology Dennie Canny | Facilities Manager Jenny Hutcherson | Admin. Assistant Molly Bettis | Accountant Sharon Sweeney | Executive Assistant CUSTODIAL STAFF Renoldo Gayton | Lead Custodian STAFF EMAILS: First initial and Last

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