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Creating Community The fourth in the series looking at Springfield’s 5 values. We looked Acts 2: 42-47 and focussed on what made this a thriving Christian community. We also looked at what ‘outsiders’ would have seen – what really made an impression on them and also drew them in to likewise be saved? Read Acts 2 v42-47 1. What strikes you most about the fellowship of believers? 2. Have a look at V 42 - how strong is the cell in the areas of teaching/learning,

fellowship (sharing together, all participating), worship and prayer? 3. Are there areas that you would like to strengthen? How can you do that as a cell?

Getting deeper into community life, we looked at what was going on under the surface and take a close look at the relationships and dynamics among the people. V 46 says they had glad and sincere hearts Our challenge:

Grow - as a disciple challengesus –learning to be vulnerable Real- being real about ourselvesand our relationships, if we avoid making peacewith others its hinders us from fully growing as a disciple

Accept - until we really accept God’slove and grace for ourselvesit’s so much harder to see others as God seesthem. Jesussays in John 13:34‘Love one another’ – ‘Agape’ love for others is selfless and serving

Commit - to cell meetings and serving one another to grow in our Christ-likeness Encourage one another Hebrews 3:13 We can only meet these challenges and overcome difficulties with God’s love and grace. We need it just as much now as the first century fellowship. Our relationships and creating a real, sincere community is also part of our mission as we are called to take these values into the world outside. 4. Which of the above challenges you the most? 5. Pray for your relationships in cell and for those who are experiencing brokennessor

difficulties in relationships at home, work or church

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