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4th September2011 Cell Questions Following Jesus – Learning Compassion

We continued our series on Sunday, Following Jesus.The series is aimed at helping us to follow Jesusby looking at the disciplines that will help us. The series is aimed at helping us in our spiritual struggles and answering the question how can I follow Jesusmore? The answer through the centuries has been through the practise of the Spiritual Disciplines, the things that we can do that help us to be more like Jesus.This week we look at Compassion. CH Spurgeon the great C19th preacher said ‘If you could sum up the whole character of Christ in reference to ourselves, it might be gathered in this one sentence, “He was moved with compassion”’ We looked at our heart response to various situations and how Jesuswas re-orientating the disciples so that they didn’t see everything as task driven. Jesusrealised that more important was their heart response. When the disciples saw the crowd and how late it was they wanted to be rid of the problem by sending the problem away. They cloaked it in concern for the crowd but the reality was that they didn’t have compassion for the crowd. They were tasked focussed. Getting tasks done well can be good and helpful but we need to remember that for Jesuspeople came first. Jesustook the problem and offered what he had to God and it was God who provided for the crowd. Jesuschallenges us to respond to problems with compassion and to offer what little we have so that he can use it to care for others. Read Mark 6: 30-44 1. What helps you relax after a busy day? How do you react when that is interrupted? 2. What are some of the excusesthat we use to stop being compassionate to others? 3. In a church ministry are you more focussed on the task at hand or on the people there with you? For example when something does something badly does it make you want to sort it out or do you see this as an opportunity to help the person grow? 4. Have you ever been moved by compassion to help someone?What happened? How could you be moved more often? 5. What things can we do to grow in this spiritual discipline of compassion?

cell notes 9 oct 2011  

cell notes 9 oct

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