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Welcome Lunch If you are new to Springfield or are thinking of making Springfield your home then Will and Angie would love you to join them for lunch. This Sunday from 1pm This is your opportunity to meet people in Springfield and other new people joining Springfield. Please talk to Mary Bowen or Will & Angie if you would like to come along.

Springfield Office Move The church office has now moved. Post is being redirected and the transfer of our present phone number is in hand. In the meantime there is a new mobile phone for all admin contact with the church office: 07906 941 560 This will normally held by Ann on Mondays, and Nigel from Tuesday to Friday. They will only access it during normal working hours, but messages can be recorded at any time. Church email addresses will all continue to be used as normal. It won't be possible to visit the office until we have a public centre. Minister: Revd. Will Cookson (day off Saturday) Curate: Revd. Donna Lazenby (day off Friday) Church Office Pastoral Care

13th May Hosted by the Bowen Cell Holy Communion John 11: 1-27 ~~~~~~~~

20th May Morning Worship Wallington Girls

Welcome to our Service, particularly if you are with us for the first time today. Please do join us for tea and coffee after the service. There is a welcome desk in the foyer with more information about the church’s activities

springfield’s big jubilee lunch It’s just three weeks to go until the long Jubilee bank holiday weekend, and on Sunday 3rd June, we are having our Big Jubilee Lunch on the field at Wallington Girls to celebrate. We do hope that you will be able to join us for it and invite friends, family and neighbours for a picnic and fun together.

020 8404 6064

Please use your invites for your friends and neighbours Tickets are on sale in the foyer

020 8763 4222

This event is for the whole church, so plan on coming as there are always people to welcome, talk to, sit with and share time in this great community event.

07906 941 560 07871 768 070

DIARY Today @ 1.00 pm Welcome Lunch May 14th @ 2.30 pm Nigel Hallett Prayer meeting May 14th @ 7.30 pm Cell leaders training May 14th @ 8.00 pm PCC meeting May 19th @ 8.45 am AGLOW women’s breakfast May 19th @ 3.00 pm Musical pm @ St Pats May 19th @ 4.00 pm Footsteps @ HighView May 19th @ 6.00 pm Clay Jars Cell event May 21st @ 7.30 pm Cell Pastors meeting May 24th @ 8.00 pm Cedar Cell & Chocolate May 27th @ 6.30 pm Pentecost Celebration St Paul’s, Roundshaw May 28th @ 7.30 pm Cell leaders training

Pray for our church family

PCC meeting Next meeting Monday 14th, 8.00 pm at the Trinity Centre

Cell Pastors Please pray for:  Al Golder continuing his chemotherapy, that the treatment will be effective and not debilitating  Anna Devitt and her family as she starts her treatment at the Marsden on Friday  Stephen Deal struggling with a serious chest infection, that the treatment is effective and also for Polly and the boys at this time Give thanks that: 

Kathy Watts has some improvements in her health. Please continue to pray as she has more tests

For prayer chain requests, please contact :

Jean Silvester 8647 5100

SPRINGFIELD CHURCH IS PART OF She will pass on any pastoral matters as appropriate

Next meeting is on Monday 21st, 7.30pm at 49, Stanley Park Road

All Steamed Up the Clay Jars cell invite you to bring your friends to relive the age of steam whilst enjoying a BBQ 6pm on Saturday 19th May. Full details and £10 tickets from Carol: 8647 8651

Musical Afternoon The next Springfield musical event is on Sat 19th May Please contact Andrew Usher 8643 7025 or

Chocolate! The Cedar Cell are chocolate crazy and have arranged an evening devoted to it for you and your friends. Ask the cell members for your invites and tickets

Prayer Prayer is an essential for a fruitful Holiday Club. If you could be involved in praying for specific groups and areas before, during and after the event, please contact Lorna Whalley on 8647 6224. Prayer torches are still available: collect yours at the welcome desk Invites for On Your Marks are available from Roadrunners or the Welcome Desk. Don’t delay in returning them, as some groups are filling up fast

Big Jubilee Help We need a few people to help at our Big Lunch so that it all runs smoothly: for set up beforehand; for Gate Duty to check people in; for Cream Teas, to help on Ann Nicholls team and for setting down afterwards. Please sign up to help on the sheets in the foyer

13 May 2012 wall news  

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