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15 th January 2012 Cell Questions – Cell Values – All Involved This is the second in our series on the Cell Values of Springfield. Last week we looked at why values are so important and how they motivate what we do. This week we looked at the first of our five values; All Involved. The value, All Involved, says that each and every person in Springfield is valued and has been given gifts by God to build up His Church and His Kingdom. The problem is that many churches all too easily end up falling into the trap of the 80/20 “rule”; where 20%of people do 80%of everything. To get out of this trap we need to be very careful and work out how we value people. Will talked of four reasons why people don’t use their God-given gifts to serve. Firstly, it’s easy to undervalue people. We tend to look for people “like us” or people with ability and self-confidence. Instead Jesussurrounded himself with people who we wouldn’t have chosen. So, Paul writes “God chose the weak things of this world to shame the strong” 1 Cor 1:27 (can also look at 2 Cor 11:30and 2 Cor 12:9. Secondly, we often unfairly categorise roles. It is easy to put more emphasis on certain roles, but this can be a big mistake. We need one another and our roles may be in the background or unseen but they are vital for the wellbeing of the church and its mission. Thirdly, gifts often go unclaimed. Often we find people not using their God-given gifts to serve others. This may be becausewe are too scared to try something new, or that we believe others are “better” than us. But when we start to use our gifts then we will see God’s anointing as we grow in using them and see people impacted. Fourthly, gifts are often under the surface. People sometimes feel a “pull” towards a ministry but will say things such as “We thought lots of others would volunteer”, or “there are others who are much better qualified”, or “I couldn’t do that”. Cells allow us to be valued, to see clearly, to claim our gifts and to try out our gifts for the sake of the Kingdom. Read 1 Peter 2: 4-10 1. Why is it so important to recognise that each and every person in the church has God given gifts? 2. What gifts would you long to see being used a) in your cell and b) in the Church? Is there anyone that you can discern that has those gifts? Do pray for this at the end of your time together. 3. Do you believe that you are using your God-given gifts to build God’s Kingdom? What area of ministry do you most feel pulled towards? What stops you trying it out? 4. Is there anyone that you can identify that you could invite to join your cell group and help them use their gifts for the sake of God’s Kingdom? Decide who will invite them to come along and give your cell a go! Pray for them at the end of your time together.

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