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4th December 2011 Cell Questions – Unwrapping the Real Christmas Gift - Dare to Dream We are starting our series leading up to Christmas, Unwrapping the Real Christmas gift, looking at the gift and impact of Jesus.Our first one was Dare to Dream – looking at the power of a vision and how God prepared the way for Jesus. Sometimes we bemoan the commercialisation of Christmas and how it so often appears to be replaced with conspicuous consumption. It can feel a hopelesstask to want to focus on the birth of Jesus.We looked on Sunday at how God gave Isaiah a vision of what was to be and how people hoped for hundreds of years without seeing anything happen. As Victor Hugo once said “There is nothing like a dream to create the future”. We have seen that at Springfield with the dream to impact our community set forth nearly 20 years ago. That dream is still guiding us – a dream to see our community transformed by the love of Jesus,a dream to care for those in need, a dream to see people restored in relationship with God and others. We saw how Zechariah and Elizabeth kept faithful in their worship and how Gabriel came and gave them those great words “Do not be afraid, Zechariah, your prayer has been heard”. Thesewords also apply to us – our prayers too are heard by God as we come to Him in worship. Read Isaiah 11:1-10 and Luke 1:5-22 1. How good are you at waiting for things that you desire? Why can waiting be good for us? 2. What are the best and the worst things about Christmas for you? 3. What would you love to see God do at and through Springfield in 2012?Make a list and pass it back to your cell pastor – it would be good to see what people are dreaming of God doing amongst us. 4. How can we all play our part in seeing the vision of what God has put on our heart come about? This is both the collective vision for reaching out to those around us with the love of Christ through our cell groups, caring for those in need and the worship of God; as well as the individual visions that God has given each one of us to build His Kingdom.

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