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Day of Prayer Our next Springfield Day of Prayer is this Tuesday the 28th at the Springfield Centre. It is a time not only to pray for others, but to be blessed ourselves as we have a time of quiet in God’s presence.

26th June


We have booked a slot from 8-9pm for all of us here at Roundshaw to use the church centre in Ross Parade, where we can come together to pray for the Church

Donna’s ordination Donna Lazenby is being ordained on the 3rd July, and there will be a group from Springfield joining her at the cathedral as a physical sign of our support for her. Please also keep her in your prayers as she approaches this exciting occasion ~~~~~~~

To enable people to have time to engage fully, we will not have an evening service that Sunday Minister: Revd. Will Cookson 020 8404 6064 (day off Saturday) Youth Pastor: Becca Watkins 020 8647 3410 Children’s and Families Minister Sue Bosley 020 8647 3410 Children’s Minister Chris White 020 8647 4858 Cell Coordinator Angie Cookson 020 3286 0812 Pastoral Care Ann Nicholls 020 8647 3410 Church Office 020 8647 3410 Parish Safeguarding

Morning Worship ‘Join the team’ Matthew 4 : 18-22 ~~~~~ 3rd July Morning Worship Miracles of Jesus

A very warm welcome to cafe church, especially if you are here for the first time We are delighted that you have joined us this morning. Refreshments are available throughout the service- please do help yourself

Feast in the Field 10th July TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE Our great community Feast in the Field, 11am - 4pm Invite your friends, family and neighbours to join with us for a great time. Tickets available from Welcome Desk or Church Centre or you can reserve them online To help the day run smoothly, we need people to volunteer for a few jobs: details inside. Please sign up today, or let the church office know asap

DIARY Today Spring Cell Social June 28th all day Springfield Day of Prayer July 2nd Holiday Club training July 3rd Donna’s Ordination July 3rd @ 3pm Julian Staniforth ordination Canterbury Cathedral July 10th afternoon Feast in the Field July 15th evening Men’s Cell Meal July 23rd - 30th New Wine August 1st - 5th Holiday Club HighView Primary School August 9th-13th Soul Survivor November 19th Springfield Quiet Day Led by Donna SPRINGFIELD CHURCH IS PART OF

Pray for our church family

Please pray for:  David Pickstock in hospital with infections: for a speedy recovery and that he will come out of hospital soon and his MS won’t impede his recovery  David Nicholls and his family and David’s father, Ron, who is extremely unwell  Donna’s ordination next Sunday  Julian’s ordination next Sunday  All the preparations for Feast in the Field, and for all our friends who will be coming

Thankyou Margaret Boardman and her family want to thank all at Springfield who have been praying for her daughter-inlaw Jan. Jan is now comfortable and back home

Padayachee News Baby Gabrio David was born 3.37 am on 22nd June, and weighed in at 3kg. Mum and baby are both well. Many thanks for all your prayers and well wishes Gabrio means ‘God is my strength’

FinF HELP! To help the day run smoothly, we need people to volunteer for a few jobs:  Set up from 9am:

marquees and moving tables & chairs etc  A shift on Gate duty: checking tickets, taking money, stamping hands  A shift on Cream teas: arranging beforehand, then serving  Tidy up from 4 pm: pack away marquees, return furniture, clear rubbish, eat any left over cream teas Sign up today or let the church office know

Holiday Club 2011

1st - 5th August HighView School The Chase, Wallington Hurry Up Time: Get your booking forms back to Chris White asap as the club is filling up very fast this year and is already more than half full Help Please: Set-up and Set-down Sat 30th July am Fri 5th Aug 12.30 ish Sun 7th BBQ after service Training Day Sat July 2nd 9.30 - 12.30 HighView Primary School The Chase, Wallington for ALL THE TEAM!

Rush News the latest from Andrew and Lucy is now on the website, or there is a printout on the table to read

news sheets 26 june 2011 roundshaw  
news sheets 26 june 2011 roundshaw  

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