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19 th June 2011 Cell Questions Living out of the Triune God

We continued our series on “Practising Resurrection – growing up in Christ”, looking together at Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. In Paul’s letter to the Ephesians one of the great ways that this happens is in the community of the Church. It is here that we come together from different backgrounds and are united around Christ. It is here that we support and grow one another and build each other up. Today was also Trinity Sunday and our reading also had a Trinitarian part to it. We saw on Sunday how the book of Ephesians pivots around a single greek word – the word axios which means worthy. Axios is also a set of scales where you have pans on each side balanced over a central pivot. The first three chapters outline the call of God on our lives and the second three outline our walking in response to God’s call. When are walking and calling are in balance we are whole, living mature lives in Christ. Paul starts off by listing five virtues that we are to cultivate in the church. These are humility, gentleness, patience, bearing with one another in love and unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. Thesefive virtues are virtues to be cultivated to help us grow as a community. And we are to cultivate this community becauseof the Trinity. We are called into onenessas God is one. Three persons unique and yet at one with each other. Just as each person of the Trinity has his role to play so we too have roles to play in the Body of Christ. So, Paul goes on to list 5 different roles that are used to build up the Church. These5 roles are headings and contain different aspects of the life of the church and all of us have a role to play. Apostle means sent – it was used of colonists being sent to plant a city in Roman times or someone sent on a mission Prophet is someone who hears from God. Who God usesto communicate with his church. This can mean through pictures and words but can also mean someone who understands what God is saying to the church at this time and maybe seessomething that others have missed of God’s revelation Evangelist is someone who loves hanging around non-Christians and sharing the good news of Jesuswith others. They love engaging with people. Pastors are people who are always looking out for people Teachers are those who help others grow in their faith – not only by words but helping them live the faith. All of these require us to take risks for God. All require us to use our gifts. Gifts that are not used end up shrinking. Read Ephesians 4 1. What is your favourite team sport and why? 2. Which of the 5 virtues would you like to see develop in your own life? Which virtue do you think needs to grow in your cell? Why?

3. Which of the five gifts (apostle/prophet/evangelist/pastor/teacher) are you most drawn to and why? Which gift does your cell group most need to flourish at this time? 4. As we grow into Christ’s body we are called to change how we live together. What is God challenging you on at the moment in your relationship with others in the Church? Note: Do remember that tickets for Feast in the Field are now available so that you can invite family, friends, neighbours, colleaguesto this great fun day (you can book them online)

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