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20 th March 2011 Cell Questions Releasing Worship

We continued our series on Sunday looking at Learning to Worship. It’s good to be reminded of the why’s and how to’s of worship. To look at why different ways and different patterns are helpful and encourage us in our worship. The series is aimed at helping those who struggle and to encourage those who are further on the road to keep going. Worship is important not becauseGod needs our worship but becausewe become like the things or person we worship. And worship of God can set us free and see life as it really is. Too often the church can be so focussed on our own ways of doing things, our own rules and regulations that we miss the bigger picture. The Apostle Paul’s antidote to this was worship. Worship of Jesusis at the centre of the Christian faith – not a philosophical or religious debate. Worship of Jesusdoesn’t just mean that we give intellectual assent that Jesusis the Son of God or just pray or prayers in the name of Jesus.Worship of Jesusincludes meditating and studying the person and life of Jesusin order that we can imitate Him. This focus on Jesusthen causesus to re-think life and how to live it. It means that in the light of Jesuswe can re-think how we live and act. This releasesworship: our own worship, the worship of our cell group and the worship of our church. And as we focus on Jesuswe realise that our own agendasstart to fade and that we start to see more clearly. We start to see things more clearly and life as it really is – even in the hard times.

Read Psalm 46 (you may want to use the psalm in your worship – reading it verse by verse and pausing or some other way) and Phil 3:1-14 1. Are you more likely to strive in your employment or home life or in your spiritual life? Why is that? 2. If you had to compare your life in Christ right now to a race, where would you be: In the dressing room? Sitting on the sidelines?Warming up? At the Starting Block? Jogging round the track? Running the race? Where would you like to be? 3. In what ways can the Christian church be sometimes too much like a club or an inward facing group? How can we ensure that we are always concerned for others? Doesthat mean we need to change anything in the cell to make sure that we are? 4. What spiritual disciplines help you grow in your relationship with Christ? There are many available – e.g. - celebration, confession, fasting, silence, meditation, service, study, simplicity, solitude, worship

Cell notes 20 March 2011  

Releasing worship notes

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