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9th January 2011 Cell Questions The power of Praise

This was the second in our new series – learning to worship. It’s good to be reminded of the why’s and how to’s of worship. To look at why different ways and different patterns are helpful and encourage us in our worship. The series is aimed at helping those who struggle and to encourage those who are further on the road to keep going. In this sermon we looked together at the power of praise. We saw how it is a mysterious power – how it’s so often in the context of worship that prayer is answered. The first thing that praise does is to remind us of all that God has done and continues to give us. It challenges our glasshalf-full attitude and our cynicism. Secondly, praise reminds us of the character of God – it reminds us of his grace and mercy and love. We see the character of God most clearly in Jesus.The character of God reminds us that he is faithful and trustworthy. We also saw how the key to developing an attitude of praise was by the transformation of our minds. Paul seesthat we do this by, over time, learning to focus our minds on good things, on things that are pure or praiseworthy or admirable or right etc. Over time, step by step, we will see the way we are wired change and see the fruits of that in our lives and in an attitude of praise – transforming both ourselves and those around us. Read Psalm 103 and Phil. 4:4-9 1. What most struck you about the sermon or the readings? 2. What is the best thing that happened to you this week? 3. Do you tend to be a glass½full type of person or a glass½empty type of person? Why do you think that this is? 4. What are the things that we do that adversely affect our ability to praise?What attitudes, actions or behaviours cause this? 5. How can we grow in our attitude of praise with God?What helps you to praise more? How can others around us help to praise more?

Cell notes 9 Jan 2011  

Cell notes

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