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2nd January 2011 Cell Questions Why we worship

We are starting a new sermon series this week – learning to worship. It’s good to be reminded of the why’s and how to’s of worship. To look at why different ways and different patterns are helpful and encourage us in our worship. The series is aimed at helping those who struggle and to encourage those who are further on the road to keep going. In our first sermon on Sunday Will looked at “why we worship” in which we looked at the importance of worship. We saw that worship helps us rather than God. That we all worship something – something that we hold in high esteem – that worship of God keeps our focus on someone of total goodnessand love. This is important becausewho or what we worship shapesus, it helps to form our character and determine the sort of person we become. In our worship we need to keep the tension that God is other than us and that he cares for us. So we looked at Psalm 29 which talks of the glory and the otherness of God. We also looked at the message to the church at Laodicea which talks of Jesuscoming and talking to the church about their lukewarm attitude to worship. Read Psalm 29 and Rev 3:14-22 1. What most struck you about the sermon or the reading? 2. What most gets in the way of your worship of God? 3. Will talked about the idea that we have often reduced worship to what we do on a Sunday morning or at Cell group. Do you relate to this and if so why do you find it difficult to talk about faith in the family situation (if you don’t find it difficult why do you think that is)? How can we re-learn to discussfaith at home and in the family and friends situation? 4. If Jesustook your spiritual temperature today what would he find? Why? 5. Worship isn’t primarily singing. That’s just one form. Worship is the giving God in all aspects of our lives. What area of your life would you like to seeyour worship grow – at home, in your relationships, at work etc?

Cell notes 02 Jan 2011