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31st October 2010 Cell Questions So, what do you see?

We looked at the parable this morning of Jesus about Lazarus and the rich man. The rich man leads a life isolated from those around him. His is a life of luxury but he also doesn’t take notice of those less fortunate around him – both Lazarus lying at the gate as well as his servants (his eating luxuriously each day implying that neither he nor his servants would have observed the Sabbath). Lazarus was obviously in hunger, pain and unable to walk – his community laid him at the only place he could get help. Everyone (including the unclean, for Jews, dogs) helped him. The one man who could - wouldn’t. The scene changes. Lazarus is now the honoured guest of Abraham and the rich man suffering in Hades. The rich man because he has spent a lifetime on himself can’t change his worldview and still sees Lazarus as a nobody. Lazarus, when the rich man demands help, doesn’t respond. He stays silent. There is no pent up anger that has stayed waiting to boil over. Lazarus has developed his character through his trials and tribulations. When Abraham talks ‘about those who might want’ to pass from Heaven to Hades then no doubt it is Lazarus showing his care towards others – even the rich man!

Read Luke 14:1-24 1. What most struck you about the sermon or the reading? 2. What are you most looking forward to in heaven? Why? 3. How do you think that you will react to people you struggle with being in heaven? What can we do now to make that less of a struggle? 4. We all overlook things or people. What things or people do you tend not to notice (sometimes this can be found out when other people ask about something they have noticed and you didn’t)? 5. Although Lazarus went through huge problems he wasn’t bitter. He grew through his awful struggles. How do you react to problems and struggles? How can we help one another to grow through them?

10.10.31 Cell Questions  
10.10.31 Cell Questions  

Cell notes for Springfield Church, Wallington