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Andrew from RUSH Well find a chair and sit down. Andrew is home. He has come with no medication and the surgeons say he is fine!!!!!! Wow.......He was told on the morning of the op how complex it would be and that he might not make it......kidney to go and other adrenal gland etc... ICU for 1-2 weeks. Unfazed by all this Lucy and Andrew have maintained that God was in control would allow him out after 7 days and Andrew said „only two days in Intensive Care‟........ Who are we to question? That is exactly what happened: Andrew was ready to leave the ICU after two days however there were no beds available on the ward. He therefore stayed in ICU ( without ICU charges I believe) until a bed was free on the ward He arrived in ICU after 6pm on Thursday and in the morning saw the physios who said he could sit up but he said he would sit out on the chair....Then to the ward and two days later he is out 7 days after going in. He is now having Ugali for tea.......having had curry for lunch. He is also taking build up drinks. Miracle or what!! Yippee!!

17th October Hosted by the Cole Cell 10th October Morning Worship ‘The father heart of God’ Luke 14: 1-24 ~~~~~~~ 24th October Family Communion ‘It’s all about Grace’

Welcome to our Service, particularly if you are with us for the first time today. Please do join us for tea and coffee after the service. There is a welcome desk in the foyer with more information about the church’s activities


This is an edited version of Joan‟s email- for the full story, please email the office and ask for it to be forwarded to you Minister: Revd. Will Cookson (day off Saturday) Youth Pastor: Becca Watkins Children’s and Families Minister Sue Bosley Children’s Minister Chris White Cell Coordinator Angie Cookson Pastoral Care Ann Nicholls

020 8404 6064 020 8647 3410 020 8647 3410 020 8647 4858 020 3286 0812 020 8647 3410

4 - 6.30pm October 31st at WHSG The Light party is our alternative to Halloween for our kids. If you have, or know, any primary school age children then do pick up an invites from the welcome desk To assist planning, please let Chris White have replies back asap, and offers of help with craft, food, games and music would be greatly appreciated

DIARY Today @ 10.30 am 2nd Congregation launches St Paul’s Roundshaw October 18th @ 8.00 pm Cell leaders meeting Springfield Centre October 23rd @ 8.45 am Aglow Women’s breakfast Flyers in Foyer October 31st @ 2.00 am Clocks go back October 31st @ 4.00 pm Light Party @ WHSG November 3rd Springfield Day of Prayer November 17th @ 9.30 am Phoenix Cards @ Swan Cell November 18th @ 8.00 pm Beer & Skittles Foulkes Cell December 12th Carol Service December 19th @ 10.30 am Nativity Service December 24th @ 11.15 pm Midnight Communion

Pray for our church family 

Nehemi Mole who has broken his leg

Please pray for all those at St Paul’s this morning  For those committed to the new congregation  For God’s blessing on all their visitors  For smooth running of all practical issues  For good relationships with the 9.00 am congregation at St Paul’s  For God to encourage and grow this mission For prayer chain requests, please contact :

Jean Silvester 8647 5100

SPRINGFIELD CHURCH IS PART OF She will pass on any pastoral matters as appropriate

Day of Prayer


We have our monthly day of prayer coming up at the Springfield Centre on 3rd November. Do put it in your diary: “We are called to pray, and we find that the more we pray, the more we see God at work”

Please remember that you are responsible for your children after the service, and that they are not allowed to climb on the tables outside. Please ensure that they appreciate the danger from cars in the car park area, and do not run around there. Thank you

Thank You to everyone who baked cakes and served at our baptisms and confirmations, and helped to make them such wonderful occasions

New Wine 2 Do pick up a brochure for next year from the foyer, and make sure your diary is clear for a great week

There are a load of new cds of teaching and talks from this year‟s New Wine available on the welcome desk. The new ones are all in blue sleeves: do have a look through, and borrow any that interest you

Narnia III Do tell your friends and neighbours about our intended trip to see the Voyage of the Dawn Treader with tea afterwards

Newsheet 10.10.17  

Newsheet for Wallington Girls congregation