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YOUR GUIDE TO SPRING BREAK. For over 75 years, the college Spring Break getaway has been an American tradition. In 1936, Fort Lauderdale, Florida became the first spring break destination.

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When MTV decided to film their first spring break special from Daytona Beach in 1986, a new hot spot was established, and up to 200,000 students began to flock to the Daytona scene each year.

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Today, spring break has migrated to destinations across the United States. Florida still stands out as the number one destination–specifically Panama City Beach, which is widely regarded as the spring break capitol of the world, hosting more than half a million students each year!

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South Padre Island, Texas offers students an affordable alternative to Florida spring breaking. Close to 150,000 students visit South Padre Island each year.


For 20 years, the Coca-Cola Spring Break Guide has provided students with information for college spring break. We’ve presented affordable travel options, always keeping your monetary budget in mind. We’ve encouraged getting the most from Spring Break by featuring a variety of activities, points of interest, party spots, travel tips and a whole lot more. There’s so much to do out there, and we want to help you find it and enjoy it. That’s our mission.

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Spring Break Guide contents

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Panama city beach Beer Pong vs. Flip Cup Top 10 College Movies Q&A with JWOWW The Perfect Swimsuit Must-Have Travel Apps 411: Party In PCB

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South Padre Island Spring Break Essentials Party In Padre

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Daytona Beach Surviving Rush Week Nighttime in Daytona Spring Break Do’s and Don’ts Spring Break Pickup Lines

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The 2012 Coca-Cola Spring Break Guide is published by Collegiate Marketing Group, LLC and is distributed free of charge to over 200 college campuses in over 25 U.S. states. © Collegiate Marketing Group, LLC 2012. All content has been written and/or designed specifically for this guide, and any reproductions of this content without written permission is prohibited and unlawful.

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Panama City Beach, Florida is the Spring Break Capital of the World! This huge Spring Break party takes place on 18 miles of sugar white sand beaches that lie on the edge of the emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico. According to Travel and Leisure Magazine, this destination has one of “the most beautiful beaches in the world”. Don’t miss the awesome nightlife that this Spring Break destination has to offer. Some of the largest and best beach clubs in the country call Panama



City Beach home and they are all open until 4 am every night. You only need to be 18 years old to enter these clubs (21 to drink) and you can party and dance all night long! Every March Panama City Beach offers a bevy of live concerts, MTV celebrity appearances and special events that add the final touch to a perfect Spring Break trip. Panama City Beach is easily traveled to by automobile from most anywhere in the U.S. If you prefer to fly, the brand new Northwest Florida International Airport is just a stone’s throw from the beach. You will find once you arrive, that virtually all the hotels and condos are gulf front and almost every room faces this gorgeous beach. You will really enjoy the warmth and sunshine of this tropical climate and participating in



10:32 AM

beach activities like volleyball, parasailing and jet skiing. Don’t believe us? Ask one of the 500,000 students that choose Panama City Beach every year as their Spring Break destination of choice. Don’t miss out on all the action for Spring Break 2012! For more information or to book direct with any of the hotels listed in the guide visit the “Official Spring Break Website” for Panama City Beach at





eer Pong and Flip Cup: The quintessential games of the student generation. Played at many a college parties, football tailgates, and on spring break, both games involve drinking and should not be attempted by the “lightweight.” Which game is the better game? Having been a raging debate for some time now, most students are partial to one game or the other. It’s like being a Republican or a Democrat – you can’t be both. We’ve asessed and summarized each, and, finally, determined the winner of this party game rivalry!



Flip Cup: Essentially a team relay race, the game focuses on the ability to chug a cup of beer while maintaining hand-eye coordination, flipping your cup before the next teammate can begin. The first team to make


it through all its players wins. The appealing factor of the game is that it’s a team game and can create a very competitive spirit. Imagine two teams representing two different schools, squaring off for ultimate supremacy. March Madness has nothing on this new sporting rivalry! The only flaw with the game is that women have a major advantage (which many women won’t deem as a flaw!). Female competitors consistently beat their male counterparts, leaving them drunk and defeated. Beer Pong: The true sport of party people. Generally played in pairs of two, competitors attempt to toss or bounce ping pong balls into cups, each of which is 1/3 full of beer. When a player makes a shot into a cup of the opposing team, a player from the opposing team drinks the contents of the cup and removes it from the table. The flaw to this game is that it is, well, it’s just not appealing to many women. Many ladies do not enjoy the game, nor do they feel that they even want to compete, thus

ignoring it. This means one thing – when playing the Pong, be prepared to be in a room full of dudes. But, hey, for some guys, a room full of dudes is a good thing. The Winner: Flip Cup will always be a relay-race style game. The rules are simple and limited. Beer Pong however, is open to many rule alterations. Just look up Beer Pong online and you’ll find that there’s dozens of styles and formats for the game. And for that reason alone, we can crown Beer Pong as the game of college champions! Yes, beer pong is king! IF guys can convince the girls to play, or at least enjoy the insanity from the sidelines, it’s a great time for all. Having a female contingent can also increase the chances that there’s going to be some wild and crazy cheerleading shenanigans, which should be all the motivation guys need to get that ball in the damn cup (how many times can you yell “flash”?).









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Slackers (2002) Devon Sawa, Jason Schwartzman Three pals have scammed and cheated their way through college. You can sense the impending blackmail here. Throw in a hot chick and you’ve got a hilarious situation. Accepted (2006) Justin Long, Jonah Hill, Blake Lively Creating your own college where anyone is accepted—now that’s inspirational! How many of us wish that the South Harmon Institute of Technology (S.H.I.T.) really existed? Dead Man on Campus (1998) Tom Everett Scott, Mark-Paul Gosselaar Partying. Flunking grades. Looking for a suicidal roommate. More partying. It’s a college classic.


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Euro Trip (2004) Scott Mechlowicz, Jacob Pitts Watch this movie and just try and say that you don’t want to go on a euro-trip!

Superbad (2007) Michael Cera, Jonah Hill, Emma Stone Viewed as the modern day “Porky’s”, this must-see high school-to-college comedy has a way of telling us that we should all look back and feel proud of our younger years.

Van Wilder (2002)Ryan Reynolds, Tara Reid Everyone can relate to the never-ending college years. This movie’s about the ultimate college student dream: make money by partying! Road Trip (2000) Breckin Meyer, Seann William Scott Ah yes, the college road trip – where anything can, and will go wrong. Old School (2003) Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn, Luke Wilson Forming a fraternity in hopes of reliving your college years? Will Ferrell as Frank the Tank? Yes please!

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American Pie 2 (2001) Jason Biggs, Seann William Scott American Pie pushes the R rating so much that you’ll either be appalled or amused by its front-row view of horny guys in all their dubious glory.

© 2007 - SONY Pictures

The top college party movies of all time? We sure think so.

© 1999 - UNIVERSAL Pictures


Animal House (1978) John Belushi It’s the quintessential college movie. A classic tale of frat boy partying at the famous Delta House Fraternity. It’s got it all: food fight, toga party, drinking, drugs, and sex.











our promis e to you? To be the ve r y be s t F Wb you will have this year, with c abana c ay’s c he ap rate s, p o ol par tie s and awe s ome ac tivitie s.. and you don’t eve n have to buy us dinne r! spring break 2012 in panama cit y b eac h, Florida is shaping up to be one of the lar ge st eve r and you ne e d a place to s t ay. no, THE place to s t ay! D on’t jus t c rash at the c los e s t rundown hotel “c aus e it ’s the re” - st ay in st yle at C abana C ay in panama cit y b eac h!

17,785 SQ. FOOT POOL










877-808- 4323



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JERSEY SHORE’S Jenni “JWOWW” Farley OPENS UP ABOUT SPRING BREAK mishaps, her favorites, and offers some advice for spring breakers.

Q: Favorite Reality show besides Jersey Shore? A: Real Road/Road Rules Challenges. These shows have been overshadowed recently, but I grew up loving ‘em. When they get the whole crews together ... it’s must-see tv =) Q: Does Situation deserve the ‘villain’ rep he has on the show? A: Mike is awesome. I think he kind of likes the ‘big brother’ role, so sometimes he gets a bad rap...undeservedly. LOL



Q: Top 5 songs currently on iPod: A: Drake; Headlines | Foster The People; Pumped up Kicks | Jay-Z &

Kanye; Paris | Adele; Someone Like You | Rihanna; We found love Q: Any embarrassing Spring Break moments you’d share? A: I had an appearance in Cancun last year. Before we left the hotel I tried on a couple different outfits,mixing and matching different shoes. To make a long story short, I showed up at the club with 2 DIFFERENT heels on. They were similar, but definitely NOT the same =) Had to send my road manager back to get the match. Luckily we hadn’t gone on yet.

Q: Do you have a word of advice for girls getting ready to go on their first spring break trip? A: Live it up and do it big. This is likely to be one of the most memorable weeks of your life. Keep your group intact—buddy up and party responsibly. Q: Favorite Spring Break spot: Daytona Beach, Panama City Beach or S. Padre Island? A: Panama City Beach. Amazing strip, gotta love all the clubs and bars on the beach. The whole vibe down there is incredible. S. Padre Island .com 17 is a close 2nd.

Panama City Beach, Florida

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the party is on at the

Hotels of Boardwalk BeacH resort u Walking distance to the Super Clubs u On-site bars & package stores u On-site Restaurants u Daily Pool Parties u Amenities: Gulf or Pool View, microwave, mini-fridge, 2 pools

1.800.224.4853 18


u Beach Activities available - banana boat, jet ski, parasail .com


Hotel information, rates, entertainment schedule, places to be seen and more. *Some restrictions may apply. Not valid with existing reservation. Call for details.

Here for you®

panama city beach, florida

pool • hot tub • 2000 sq. ft. of meeting space • business center fitness center • continental breakfast • free wireless high-speed internet access located next door to hooters, sake house ii, brusters, and burger king

Relax it’s...

SPRING BREAK 800.SleepLQ • 850.234.3133 7115 Coastal Palms Blvd. Panama City Beach, FL 32408






Perfect S p r ing B r e a k Swimsuit

Swimsuit shopping is challenging, and finding a suit that works best for your body and personality isn’t always easy. No matter what size and shape you are, buying a swimsuit should be fun and exciting. As you get ready to hit the beaches for Spring Break think of handmade UjENA Swimwear. We’ve been designing and manufacturing the largest selection of women’s swimwear in the world since 1984. has something for everyBODY. Choosing the right swimsuit is all about highlighting and accentuating your body in the best possible way. We aim to make every customer feel comfortable and confident in their UjENA swimsuit and we’re always available to make that happen. Here are a few suggestions to help you find the suit of your dreams!

large busted women should look for suits that offer structure and support.Top styles that feature built in underwire will give you the lift and support you need. At, we have more than 30 different underwire selections to choose from. 22

If you are looking to show off your “backside”, definitely consider one of many scrunch back style bottoms. The scrunch back style is one of the hottest trends in swimwear design and will shape you in all the right ways.


small busted women must focus on a suit that plays up the bust-line. Triangle shaped tops, and tops with ruffles are very popular for 2012 and even our underwire styles with push-up pads are another excellent option.

For the plus sized woman, suits that offer support and coverage while still being sexy are a must. UjENA Swimwear offers many options that work for the plus sized woman. The Swimdress and Tankini are great examples of suits that offer support and coverage while still being sexy.

For all you athletes, consider a suit that adds an element of femininity while still giving you a fit that allows you to move with ease. Halter tops and sport tops paired with boy shorts offer a great look and are also very popular for 2012.




t’s fair to say that most students own a smartphone. Finding apps to help personalize our phones is a cool way to explore the world at the click of a button. Check out these five must-have apps for every college student heading to Spring Break.

Yelp locates all nearby eateries, and allows you to browse by proximity, neighborhood, price, or what’s open now. Not hungry? The app lets you find a whole host of other on-the-road necessities, such as bars, banks, drugstores, and gas stations. Where. Want gas prices in your area? Done. Need

to find a coffee shop nearby? Easy. Need to find a movie theater and see what’s playing? Check. Basically, Where is an all-encompassing local-area search engine, perfect for travelers visiting any area.

 M  aps are always your friend when you find yourself

in an unfamiliar place. One of the big developments in recent years has been the ability to access maps and GPS location through mobile phones. When combined with a compass it becomes truly invaluable.

 A  roundMe can quickly tell you about restaurants

and bars in your vicinity, as well as other useful categories such as hospitals, ATMs, supermarkets, theatres, and more. AroundMe’s biggest attributes are its simplicity and speed: most of your hunting can be completed with a only a single click!

 Spring Break Panama City Beach


For those heading to Panama City Beach this year, use this app to find out what’s going on around you, how far away the nearest party is, and where you can get best deals and specials for attractions, restaurants, and shopping.

Motel and Tower

Best Valu e on the B each!

God is Great! Beer is Good! & Spring Breakers are Crazy!

Location Location Location

½ mile from Pier Park Family-owned n’operated Flamingo Motel & Tower offers unbeatable value unmatched by any other similar local motel! We’re located in proximity to pretty much everything from Pier Park with retail shops to the hottest beach clubs. Enjoy 240 feet of beautiful sugar-white sand beach as well as our two gulf-side pools and a spa. So what are you waiting for? Make a reservation today n’head on over our way and have a blast this spring break!

Make your reservation today!


15525 Front Beach Road • Panama City Beach, FL 32413



THE 411 Party In PCB The definitive list of the best places to mix & mingle at Spring Break in Panama City Beach

SPINNAKER – The Club that started



it all, Spinnaker boasts an amazing atmosphere, and it’s one awesome place to party! Sitting right on a stunning shoreline, Spinnaker is the perfect beach destination, complete with an open-air deck and sparkling waterfall, an outdoor concert stage, and shaded bar stations. Spinnaker’s interior displays a sophisticated club atmosphere, and makes everyone feel like a VIP. Spinnaker is part of the Panamaniac Club Card Network. 8795 S. Thomas Dr. 850-234-7882.   CLUB LAVELA – The place to see, and be seen, Club La Vela is not only the largest nightclub in the USA, but it’s also one of the trendiest and most respected. Everybody who’s anybody is at LAVELA! Overlooking the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico, LAVELA rocks by day, and booms by night. Be sure to check out one of many theme rooms at La Vela. 8813 Thomas Dr. 850-235-1061


TIKI BAR – Tropical oasis by day,

world famous Beach Bash! You‘ve read about it in Rolling Stone magazine and you’ve seen it on MTV, so don’t waste another minute — go experience it for yourself! The dance floor is packed every night with DJ “J” and the party wheel. Get there early for the FREE KEG PARTY NIGHTLY and the always entertaining and wild contests. Sharky’s is also the venue for the biggest daytime beach bash in PCB! Sharky’s is part of the Panamaniac Club Card Network. 15201 Front Beach Rd. 850-235-2420  

world- famous club by night. The Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort is the only Spring Break Hotel in Panama City Beach with a bumpin’ club like the Tiki Bar on the same property! Thousands of spring breakers party at the Tiki Bar, and your spring break isn’t complete until you ‘get freaky in the Tiki!’ 17403 Front Beach Rd. 1-800-488-8828

HARPOON HARRY’S – The College bar on the beach. Harry’s makes you feel like you’ve walked into your favorite bar back on campus, only this bar sits right on the Gulf of Mexico! Hang out all day and partake in daytime beach contests and enjoy tons of free giveaways. After dark, Harry’s becomes an energetic party bar with DJ Smiley Jay spinning all your favorites. Harpoon Harry’s is part of the Panamaniac Club Card Network. 12627 Front Beach Rd. 850-234-6060   HAMMERHEAD FRED’S – The party starts early every night at Hammerhead Fred’s – with 40 FREE KEGS of ice-cold draft! Dance all night with top college DJ’s and get lathered in foam at their weekly foam party extravaganza. Go to Fred’s when you’re ready to really party! Hammerhead Fred’s is part of the Panamaniac Club Card Network. 8752 Thomas Dr. (across from The Summit) 850-233-3907  

COYOTE UGLY – Party Ugly! You’ve seen the movie about the bar, but have you experienced it? Yes, hot girls do dance on the bar. And yes, you will be hosed down if they disapprove of your drink choice. It’s wild, rowdy, and it’s ugly! Get there early, it gets packed fast. Coyote Ugly is a part of the Panamaniac Club Card Network. 10512 Front Beach Rd. 850-236-5965







Panama City Beach


.com 10512 Front Beach Road Panama City Beach




EVERYTHING’S BIG IN TEXAS BeachContestAdhalf_final_em.pdf

South Padre Island is located at the southernmost tip of Texas and they host one huge Texas-sized Spring Break party every year!

The tropical weather is perfect to compliment your favorite daytime activities. Jet skis, banana boat rides, parasailing, snorkeling and more are all available for rental. There are also plenty of beach volleyball games that are free and a fun way to meet other people.

This tropical resort area, or the “Island”, as locals call it, is surrounded by the tranquil waters of Laguna Madre Bay on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other. The four miles of award winning sand beaches come alive during Spring Break, hosting some of the most active and wildest events, proudly living up to the slogan “Everything’s Big in Texas!” 32


The Coca-Cola Beach at the Isla Grand Beach Resort is widely known as the number one daytime spring break hotspot, launching the “Coca Cola Beach” which boasts a giant MTV style stage fueled by a 50,000 watt sound system. Daily contests including the famous Coca Cola Dance Contest, and tons of giveaways attract crowds between 12,000 and 18,000 spring breakers. This massive venue also hosts some of the hottest acts of the moment, entertaining crowds free of charge. A host of clubs and bars also keep the party going after the sun sets. Louie’s



11:54 AM

Backyard hosts nightly live concerts with top name national acts, Hawaiian Tropic bikini contests, DJs and dancing, bungee jumping, rock wall climbing, go carts, and more. It is perhaps the signature club and this hot spot definitely lives up to the hype. Having been featured on MTV, E!, The Travel Channel, and more, this party spot is always jumping for Spring Break. Getting To “The Island” is easy whether you are flying or driving. If you choose to fly most people fly into Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport which is located approx. 30 minutes away. They also have inexpensive shuttles that travel back and forth regularly. With the sheer volume of Spring Breakers flooding into this resort town, it’s not uncommon for entire bars and hotels to become hubs of Spring Break activity. In fact, the entire island can feel like an exclusive Spring Break party.

You could be here!



Stop staring and take her picture. 34


Shoot this QR code with your smart phone for a South Padre Island Spring Break message. You know you want to.











Que Padre ~

Where the Spring Break Fun Never Ends

• Complimentary Breakfast with Hot Belgian Waffles • Swimming Pool with Large Sun Deck and Hot Tub • All Our Spacious Rooms have free Wi-Fi, Microwave, Refrigerator, Coffee Maker and Hair Dryer • Easy Walking Distance to Night Clubs


4109 Padre Blvd. South Padre Island, TX 78597 Phone/Fax: (956) 761-4097 1-800-2-RAMADA

...the best value.




ESSENTIALS Sunscreen. You can’t have too much of it, especially when you’re in, on, or near the water. “Authorities” recommend at least an SPF 15. If you do get burned, take aspirin or ibuprofen.  Water. You’re going to be in the sun. You’re going to drink too much booze. You’re going to dance a lot. In other words, you’re going to dehydrate. So drink water, and drink plenty of it.

If you really want to enjoy your Spring Break, you’ll need to be prepared. The following are the basic essentials to living (and enjoying) the life of a Spring Breaker:

VALID I.D. No Fake I.Ds! Doormen are great at spotting what’s real and what’s fake. Even the slightest suspicion will provoke them to check the validity of an I.D., and you’ll be in a heap of trouble if you’re caught trying to pass a fake I.D. as legitimate. Don’t risk it—only offer proper I.D.s!  Condoms. No explanation needed. Use them!  Club VIP Cards. Get the card. It’s going to save you money and if you use it properly (ie: follow the party schedule).



JAIL SUCKS TO AVOID IT: NEED HELP: Spring Break 2012 South Padre Island Lawyer

Janet Stockard 956-772-9550




Heading to South Padre Island? Expect a Texas-sized party with plenty of party people!

COCA-COLA BEACH– The Largest Spring Break Party in the Nation! Located behind the Isla Grand Beach Resort, the Coca Cola Beach stage attracts daily crowds of between 12,000 and 18,000. It’s the number one daytime spring break hotspot destination for college students around the country. The Travel Channel called Coca-Cola Beach “The largest beach party on the planet.” Daily activities include interactive games, prizes and the legendary Coca Cola Dance Contest all fueled by a 50,000 watt sound system.





Thirty Years In the Making! In Padre, it’s simply referred to as “The place”. Louie’s has been featured on MTV, 60 Minutes, the Travel Channel, VH1, ETV, and the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. You never know who is going to show up at Louie’s. Each year, their spring break VIP list gets bigger, so get there and be part of the Padre party action!

Biggest Beach Bar in Texas. Clayton’s is the newest and largest beach bar on the Texas coast. Listen to live music, dance on the sand and sip a cold one at the beach front bar. You can start your day and end your night without even leaving the beach. 555 Seabreeze Blvd. (386) 255-6348

TEQUILA SUNSET – Home of the Tuesday Night Mardi Gras Party Boasting a huge open air deck with high-top tables and stools, Tequila Sunset hosts its massive Mardi Gras party every Tuesday in March, and yes, it should be a definite stop on your party schedule. 200 W. Pike (956) 761-6198




g, Surfin g, ailin s a r a P ING Jet Ski re! and mo

World’s Most Famous Beach CRUISE THE BEACH IN YOUR CAR Beach Hotels at Great Rates


This amazing 23 mile stretch of wide, hardpacked white sand beach has long been one of the hottest Spring Break destinations in Florida. Spring Breakers can take a drive down 16 miles of this famous beach, catch some rays or ride the waves in the Atlantic surf. There are awesome deals on hotels right on the beach and they have one of the hottest nightclub scenes in Florida.

If you like to play on the beach, you will love the activities that range from rock climbing walls, beach volleyball and Frisbee tournaments. You can surf the waves, boogie board, jet ski, parasail and other activities that revolve around spending a great day at the beach. You can even rent a motorcycle or a bicycle and explore Daytona’s unique drivable beach. If you are up for making a day trip, Daytona Beach is quite close to Walt Disney World, SeaWorld and Universal Studios in Orlando. Daytona also has it’s own local attractions like DaytonaUSA, an exhibit that celebrates the history of NASCAR and the famous Daytona International Speedway. When the sun goes down the nightlife really heats up. Daytona Beach has a





10:32 AM

wild club scene with bars like Razzles, Aqua, and the Ocean Deck all located within easy walking distance from the beach hotels. Whether you enjoy live DJ’s spinning high energy dance beats, chart breaking concerts or a party inducing reggae band, it’s all here in Daytona Beach. There is no need to drive your car to the clubs at night because Daytona’s party bus will get you there safely. This unique, English style red double decker bus provides free rides for Spring Breakers all night long. The party bus makes regular stops at all the major beach hotels and all the best nightclubs and beach bars. For Spring Break 2012, Daytona Beach is your destination. It’s hotter in Daytona Beach!



t n o r f n a e c O SPRING BREAK




N I G H T *

plus taxes at Coral Beach for up to four persons

• Free WiFi • Efficiency Kitchen • Game room • Two Room and Penthouse Suites Available • Indoor & Outdoor Pool • Guest Laundry • Direct access to the Beach • All rooms have coffee maker, microwave, refrigerator and private balcony • Walking distance to over 75 restaurants, shops and attractions

Coral Beach R E S O R T H O T E L 711 South Atlantic Avenue, Ormond Beach, Fl. 32176 Telephone 800-553-4712 w w w. c o r a l b e a c h r e s o r t h o t e l . c o m





• Outdoor pool • Two sundecks • Fire pit • Hotel restaurant • Business center • Underground parking • Guest laundry • Direct access to the beach • All Rooms with refrigerator


N I G H T *

plus taxes at Best Western CDS for up to four persons

• Coffee maker • Hairdryer • Flat screen TV • Free high speed wireless internet access • Private balcony overlooking the ocean • Two Room Whirlpool Suites

Castillo Del Sol Hotel 205 South Atlantic Avenue (A1A), Ormond Beach, Fl. 32176 Telephone 800-874-9910

.com *Stays involving March 9 thru 17th, $50 surcharge per day, minimum night stay may be required. (Daytona Bike Week) Disclaimer: Based upon availability.



rush events and dates. Stay focused during the entire rush process and calm throughout all of the parties and events. Bring a journal and take notes, as things become a blur after the events are over.


It’s recommended that PNMs have a premade list of five questions for the first round of activites. These questions may include: How many hours per week do members typically spend together? What is your involvement in the community? What is an event that you look forward to each year? What accomplishment, award, or campus event is your sorority most proud of? ILLUSTRATION BY TRAVIS ROTHE | TROTHE.COM

Some helpful advice for doing Rush right


ust as spring break is a steadfast college tradition, so too is the spring sorority and fraternity rush. Going Greek may seem intimidating, but don’t let that stand in your way of what could be a very positive and memorable chapter in your college career. Making the decision to join the “Greek Life” is a big step, and deciding which house to join can be a challenge. Potential New Members (PNMs) should therefore be well informed before making a decision that will heavily impact their college experience. The rush experience is a definite thrill (or as some might describe, a roller coaster ride), and can be totally different depending if you’re a man or a woman. In fact, the recruitment processes of soririties and fraternities are quite different



in terms of structure, event planning, and overall organization. Sororities are guided by the Pan Hellenic Association (PHA) and their rush is formal, personable, and restrained. Sorority rush consists of house tours, multiple meet-and- greets with members, charitable activities, cocktail parties and various other performance-related examinations and activities. Fraternity rush, on the other hand, is simple, informal, and energetic. The male rush process relies on whether or not a brotherly bond can be established over conversation, games and jest. Choosing not to follow any real set of rules, the International Fraternity Council (IFC) controls the process, but avoids enforcing strict guidelines upon each individual fraternity or chapter. Refer to your campus newspaper, website or student handbook for important

You may also ask personal, but still Greek-related, questions such as: What made you pledge this sorority? Why do you enjoy being a part of this fraternity? What is the most challenging/rewarding aspect of being part of Greek life? Avoid asking intrusive questions, and think about your responses to questions posed to you. Just like your attire sends a message about who you are, so does your mouth.  Remember that all of the members that you meet were once PNMs as well. They understand your anxiety and nervousness, so there's little need to be intimidated by the conversations and activities you will encounter. Do not allow yourself to be blinded by your own stereotypes of each Greek organization. Attend each activity or party with an open mind. It is most important for PNMs to base their preferences on his/her personal experience with the visit and level of comfort with the brothers or sisters of each organization. In the end, the house you choose must fit you. It’s like finding a good pair of shoes-as soon as you put them on, you just know they’re right. Look for a place that makes you feel most like yourself, and whose members make you feel the most comfortable. Good luck, and enjoy!



Save Money • Save Money • Save Money • Save Money • Save Money • Save Money

We love Spring-Breakers!

Why spend all your money on hotel rooms?

Offers •Daytona’s Best Prices, Hotel Rooms on the Beach yOu: •15 of Daytona’s Finest Hotels to Choose From •Hotels located in the Party District


Call Us First! Nobody Beats Our Prices!

1.800.881.9173 52


Monday-Friday 10am-9pm(est), Saturday Noon-4pm Save Money • Save Money • Save Money • Save Money



NIGHTTIME In DAYTONA Daytona’s nightlife is alive and well! This “original” Spring Break hotspot is still quite the place to be for a truly awesome spring break experience.

RAZZLE’S – Razzle’s Nightclub has been electrifying Daytona Beach’s nightlife for over two decades. Located in the heart of the Beachside Party District, Razzle’s offers a world class nightlife experience, immersing party-goers in a world of sound, light, and video technology. Hit the dance floor and let the 50,000 watts of pulse pumping power run through your veins, or party it up in the elevated VIP environment: The Ultra Lounge. With over 15,000 square feet of partying space, Razzle’s offers the largest nighttime hotspot in Daytona Beach and will make your special night complete. 611 Seabreeze Blvd (386) 257-6236

AQUA LOUNGE – The VIP Hot Spot A spring break experience like no other, the Aqua Lounge is simply electric. Hosting some of the most memorable parties during the month 54


of March, Aqua has the largest VIP Lounge in Daytona and the hottest crowds. If you’re at Aqua, you’re there to be seen. 640 N. Grandview Ave (386) 248-8243

OCEAN DECK RESTAURANT & BEACH CLUB – Hit the Deck! No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem! Kick back and relax in a Caribbean style atmosphere of warm tropical breezes and live island music. This open air bar/restaurant is the perfect place to experience the laid back culture of the Caribbean. With tons of free giveaways and no cover before 10pm, the Ocean Deck is a place you won’t soon forget. 127 South Ocean Avenue (386) 253-5224

Pub has been catering to spring breakers for nearly 30 years! Quite simply, it’s the best environment to enjoy live sporting events with 45+ TV’s serving up all the action. When it gets late, their DJs swoop in to keep the crowd going. Go for their amazing food, but definitely go for their addictive atmosphere. 555 Seabreeze Blvd. (386) 255-6348

THE OYSTER PUB SPORTS BAR & GRILL – A Daytona Beach Tradition Located in the heart of Daytona’s Beachside Party District, The Oyster

















No Cover Charge, Ever – Open 11am to 3am Daily $3.25 20oz. Super Draft Beers Great Oyster Pub Food Served Until 3:00am Catch All Your March Madness and Sports Action on one of our 65+ High-Def TVs • Pool Tables and Game Room • Located in the Heart of the Seabreeze Nightlife District • • • •

555 Seabreeze Blvd. Daytona Beach 386.255.6348

/theoysterpub @theoysterpub







Make the best of your Spring Break: DON’T do anything stupid that will get you arrested. You’re going to do stupid things, Just do your best not do anything illegal. Sobering up in the back seat of a state trooper vehicle is not a good memory to bring back home.

Whether you’re an experienced Spring Break pro, or a first-timer, you’ll want to follow (or at least attempt to follow) these simple dos and don’ts. After all, you do want to return to class feeling like you’ve had the trip of a lifetime.You deserve this!

The popular social site, Facebook, has its own set of do’s and don’ts. Everyone posts something from Spring Break on his or her wall. Unfortunately, there’s a very good chance you’ll be posting a lot of unflattering photos and perhaps more than a few questionable wall posts. As a student, you might think it’s fun to upload a picture of you taking a Jäger shot, but your (future) boss might not. Just remember, your Facebook account can be a factor in your future career and personal relationships. Careless wall posts can damage your reputation, and anything you post can be accessed by the public. Stay smart about what you should and should not do on Facebook while you’re partying. DO post fun pics of your Spring Break. Seeing as it’s supposed to be a fun trip, and part of the fun is sharing these moments, a photo of you dancing at a club with white 60


foam pouring from the ceiling, is great, Especially if you look like you’re genuinely having fun. DON’T let your parents or coworkers see all your tagged pics , and don’t let people tag you in pictures without your approval. You have control of the pictures you post, but don’t forget you could appear in photos taken by others. Take a minute to go over your privacy settings before heading to the airport. DON’T post too many status updates during your trip. Rather than show people that you’re tied to your phone, show them that you’re too busy having fun - you’re on vacation! No one really cares what you’re doing every minute of the day. Restraint is best. DON’T post anything on Facebook between midnight and 6 am. You very well may post something regrettable, and by the time you wake up at noon the following day, dozens of friends, distant acquaintances, and family members will have already seen it.

DON’T fall in love. A quick fling may seem appealing, but no one wants to hear you cry on the ride home because you actually fell for the person you. knew you’d never see again. DO meet new people. After all, nothing is better than meeting someone for a week, becoming Facebook friends, and then never seeing them again. DO try something new. Parasailing is something you can’t just do anywhere, and most, if not all the beach destinations, offer it on the cheap so that you’ll be interested in trying it. Ever go deep sea fishing swim with dolphins, or ride a jet ski? All of these activities should be within your budget and will make your experience more memorable. DO use sunblock! Looking bronzed is hot. Being as red as a lobster is not! DO expect to be single if you’re in a relationship prior to Spring Break. If you’re significant other can’t join you for the week, the facebook pics alone will be enough to bury you. ,you’re planning to travel as a couple, you may be thinking that this will be something of a romantic getaway. Wrong. Chances are you’ll both have a lot of explaining to do during the long ride home. Absolutely DO have fun.



Spring Break

Pick-up lines are cheesy, but people that use them know what works and what doesn’t. Some of the best known pick-up lines are those that can elicit a laugh— that’s the best ice-breaker one can hope for. Keeping “laughter” in mind, here are the top five best and worst pick-up lines.

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Worst “Sorry, but you owe me a drink. [Why?] Because when I looked at you, I dropped mine.” “Are you from Tennessee? [No, why?] Because you’re the only 10 I see!” “I lost my teddy bear. Will you sleep with me tonight?”

Pick-Up Lines 5 4 3

Best “My magic watch says that you don’t have on any underwear.” [She says yes I do] “Damn! It must be 15 minutes fast.” “It’s most likely the alcohol talking, but you’re hot!” “Apart from being sexy, what do you do for a living?”


“Drink till I’m cute, once I’m sexy, you are cut off.”


“Wow! Are those real?”


“I lost my virginity, can I have yours?”


“What do you like for breakfast?”





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2012 Coca Cola Spring Break Guide  
2012 Coca Cola Spring Break Guide  

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