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Bromsgrove today

This year I thought we might turn our attention away from the beaches and back to some of the wonderful historic sites around town My favourite short stroll starts at the old T. I.A hall in Price Street. The Torquay Improvement Association -originally called the Spring Creek Progress Association- was formed at a meeting in the offices of Col. John Longeville Price in January 1889 in Geelong. It aimed at looking after the interests of the little town of Spring Creek. When the name of the town was changed in 1891 they became the Torquay Improvement Association. The first tasks the TIA undertook were to improve the road access from Geelong, to get a bridge over Deep Creek and to establish a mail ser-

vice. They then took on the job of getting a hall built. The original hall was small 25 x 40 feet with two rooms in the back. By the mid 1890s it became a focal point of the town with dances and concerts, school classes were also held there during 1899 while the school was being built. The original hall was burnt down in the March 1940 bushfires, the new hall was in place for activities by next summer. Next to the hall is the old water board building that now houses the wonderful Spring Creek Community House. I think our founding father would like to see all the wonderful community activity that goes on in SCCH. Adjacent to this is the old Police station. It is interesting that the land for the police


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