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*Apologies from Marga & Kate.

Meeting began with Richard re-capping the previous process groups’ progress:

Fiona shared perspective on SPRIG: • Group formed to work on temporary use in the short/medium term & how to achieve this by talking to council about what happens on land • Fences have recently been moved back around the Godley House and SPRIG (core team) are in the process of talking to the person in charge of cleaning up the grounds • The intention is to write a letter to Council in regards to getting more feedback on their plans/intentions/timeframe for site • Overall goal is to secure site for future site • Goal is to work with Council and to treat SPRIG as a partner • SPRIG (core) to the be main body to liaison with CCC in order to be seen as a leading facilitator of the process Lois shared her research into the legal designations for parts of Stoddart Point. • She understands the documents that could be useful or a good reference in the future are located in the Lyttelton Archives (Service Centre) • They are perhaps not needed at this point, but would be better to get now then have to wait several months if they are needed later down the track; especially if Council is presently shifting documents. Overall Notes: • Design team to provide vision to get the community excited – need wow visuals • The consultation process with the community is very important so the community can get in control of the land • This will be a major project done by several dozen people o Site Analysis  Parking, in regards to the liquor license requirements for the café, could be resolved through this process  Analysis will help answer design questions  Bringing a case to support future design and make it stronger • For Council & community purposes, it is really important to show we (SPRIG/community) are capable of doing this process • Submissions closes on the 15th March on ‘Getting to the Point’ vision statement, feedback will be consolidated, added to document and presented at DHCA meeting on the 19th March • Peter has created a matrix based on community feedback, stating pros/cons, economic viability, what each will need to survive, risks, etc. o He discussed some of the options could be wrapped into a package, as they would work well together and compliment each other o Relevant & Existing facilities to be a part of the planning


• • • • • • • • • • • •

Question asked: What should we put in front of the public? o Site Analysis o Matrix  Pros & Cons of each option for community to be engaged with it o Previous plans done for site (Warren Mahoney, Paula, various students) o Examples of what Council has done in Lyttelton, Sydenham, Sumner, Selywn Shops etc. o Future process and milestones (regardless of Council’s help)  Timeline to be colour coded and very simple for community to understand when walking past




Examples to be on display of the following:  Precedent/Case Studies  Building Styles/Architecture  Design Guidelines Perhaps for all images on display, there’s a place next to it for feedback and a person in charge of each station to document the overall feelings of the community towards options presented Scale Analysis to be very helpful  Compared to Lyttelton Market, Arrowtown, etc.

Options for site are flexible, can be multifunctional units, be shaped to fit together and make spaces for most of what is wanted on the site Decisions to be made from community views, pros/cons matrix, lumping and clumping Perhaps community is issued with options (spatial units) and they can add on what they envisage for the site or how it might work At this point a private enterprise is not a concern Narrowing down the options will be reliant on what works together for businesses, community, style and the actual uses Discussed different feedback options as far as layouts, etc o Give people a plan to DIY themselves over dinner & a drink Containers – short term tryouts, testing what will work for DH Stage over Godley Foundations, so community can use space again Perhaps wedding venue set up Will community use what is provided for them? Tracy is working on the funding deadlines Discussed meeting minutes are vital to keep everyone up to date with the process of SPRIG

Upcoming Meetings/Events March 19th DHCA AGM – SPRIG to present progress, matrix, milestones & plans for community engagement in April (listed above) April – community meeting/workshop, details to be decided at a later time Tasks discussed: Peter & Richard Timeline & matrix transitioned into a simpler format for community presentation and lumping & clumping of options Amanda Research design guidelines & how the process goes getting there with Council/community Tracey Funding

Tracey & Nancy Site Analysis Lois To follow up with location and getting our hands on document relating to Stoddart Point in Lyttelton Archives? Fiona Liaise with CCC on present & future issues regarding use of the Godley House site

*Precedent/Case Studies task still to be decided along with scale analysis…..Suggestions? *Next meeting to be confirmed, but prior to community presentation of the ideas discussed in minutes.

SPRIG Committee Minutes_12 March 2012  
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