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August 18, 2011 Youth Assistant

The Church of Dear St.__________: Paul & the Redeemer We invite you to join us in the church on September 10 at 11:00 a.m. for worship, a celebratory lunch, and preparation for the ministry fair. Your commitment to leading one of the vital ministries here makes SPR the place it is. Thank you. As hopefully you have already experienced, the staff is committed to better supporting you leaders so that you can better support the lay people who are part of your ministry teams.

The Church of St. Paul & the Redeemer seeks a part-time, Youth Assistant to lead the youth program in this time, Park/Kenwood one of us has talked to you about the importance of caring the people in your ministry, of a dynamic and diverse Episcopal Church in theBy Hyde Neighborhood offorChicago. injecting some spirituality into your meetings, and in being attuned to excellence in your ministry. On Saturday the 10th we will thank you in advance, we will hear from you about your hopes and concerns, and we will sing and eat together.

The Ideal candidate will have these qualities:

We will also prepare for the ministry fair on Sunday, September 11. We’re changing it up a little this year to facilitate conversation and signing up. The biggest change is no tables. We are going to provide each of the ministries with a placard on a stick to carry around the ministry fair. We will ask you to decorate it on Saturday. We will also ask you to contact all current members of your ministry and ask them if they would like to continue so that you can put their names on the sign up sheet which will be on the back of the placard. That will give the correct impression of strength and allow new people to realize that they are joining established teams. Holding the signs and walking around the ministry fair will also give you a chance to seek people out and tell them about your ministry. It will be fun.

1. A joyful sense of God's abundant love demonstrated by an open, warm, outgoing, and energetic approach to and appreciation of all people, members of the SPR congregation or not. 2. A love of and appreciation for children between 5th and 12th grades. Thanks again for you important leadership in this parish. We look forward to being with you on September 10 at 3. Background in youth ministry. 11:00 a.m. 4. A commitment to engage youth, in order to develop relationships and nurture spiritual growth. Sincerely, 5. A familiarity with Anglican/Episcopal tradition and spirituality. 6. The ability to work collegially with the senior team and other paid staff and volunteers. Peter Lane

Dent Davidson

Dan Puchalla

Ray Massenburg

The Youth Assistant will have five essential functions: 1. Lead youth group. Youth Group currently meets on the first Sunday of each month in the 4 9 45 South Dorc he ste r A ve nue  C hica go, IL 6 0 61 5 evening plus a number of special events (ski trip, lock-in, etc.)  FA X (77 3 ) 6 24  (7 7 3) 62 4 -3 18 5 -36 76  E MA IL i nfo@ sp -r. org a. Plan and lead fun, community-building, and spiritually meaningful youth groups activities. b. Communicate plans to youth and their parents. c. Recruit and train adult volunteers to assist. 2. Conceive, plan, and lead middle school Sunday formation class during program year. Sunday formation meets from 10:20-11:10 during the program year from September through early June. a. Determine and implement appropriate curriculum. b. Recruit and train adult volunteers to assist. c. Be present on Sundays to lead or support. 3. Integrate youth into Sunday liturgies. a. Run 9:15 acolyte program. b. Work with Director of Music to invite youth into Chorister program. 4. Facilitate participation of high school youth in church. a. Plan and lead occasional social and service opportunities for high school youth. 5. Organize youth to serve as counselors in summer Vacation Bible Camp. 6. Seek out relationships with SPR youth and their parents. 1

About Saint Paul & the Redeemer (see for more): •

We are progressive and rooted in tradition. We are a worshipping community that loves to gather on Sunday to worship God, to celebrate the mystery of Christ's faithful and liberating presence. Inspiring music from many traditions, enhanced by our four choirs, lifts us heavenward. We use inclusive language at the 9:15 and 11:15 Eucharists, in which you will find both the beauty of traditional Episcopal liturgy and warm spontaneity. Preaching that is lively, thought provoking, and that addresses real human concerns is highly valued by the congregation.

We are diverse. Being one of the most racially diverse congregations in Chicago is something we value highly. We are a church of all ages, from infants to nonagenarians. We have an excellent nursery and fine formation programs for children and youth. Gay men and lesbians participate in every aspect of our ministry, and we have been publicly blessing same-gender unions for years. We are diverse in religious backgrounds: most of our parishioners come from a tradition other than the Episcopal Church.

We are a community of fellowship. Every Sunday, we gather around God's Table in Holy Communion; then we gather around brunch tables to share food and fellowship, around classroom tables to share ideas and wisdom, and around meeting tables to lead our community. Many social events mark our life every year, including the Fall Kickoff Ministries Fair, the All Saints Sunday pancake breakfast, the Easter brunch and egg hunt, the Pentecost Jazz Mass and multicultural potluck, and the Parish Picnic in the summer.

We are a community of service. We have recently ripped up a good chunk of lawn to plant an ornamental food producing garden. We build community as we grow organic food given to soup kitchens within 2 miles of the parish. Every Monday, we gather for Pantry Fellowship in the Chapel: there's discussion, prayer, laughter, sharing, coffee, and bags of nonperishable food for those of us who are hungry. Every month, we cook for the Open Kitchen Lunch Program, which feeds up to 200 homeless people every day. At Christmas we partner with the Cathedral Shelter to provide gifts for their residents. We are partners with Shoesmith Elementary, the public school right across the park from SPR, and a member of Southsiders Organizing for Unity and Liberation (SOUL). We have a 15-year relationship with St. Etienne parish in Haiti.

Compensation consists entirely of an annual salary of $6,000 plus Fica. Applicants should submit PDF versions of a cover letter, résumé, and sermon to


Youth Assistant  

Job description for Youth Assistant at SPR.