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Clerk’s Tweets WELCOME  TO  THE  NEWLY  ELECTED  PARISH  COUNCIL! On  22nd  May    the  village  went   to  the  polls  to  elect  a  new   Parish  Council  (as  well  as   vo:ng  in  the  District  Council  and  European  elec:on).  Out  of  the  10  places  available,   the   9  previous   parish   councillors  were   re-­‐elected  along   with  one  new  councillor,   Fiona  Keable.  The  team  below  make  up  the  new  SpraLon  Parish  Council:

Rachel Baillie

Bill Blowfield

John Hunt

Fiona Keable

Barry Frenchman

Ruarhaid McDonald-­‐Walker

Tim Forster

Mark Pacey

Michael Heaton

Jay Tindale

You can  find   contact  details  for   the  Councillors   on  page  8  of   this  newsleLer.  Over   the   next  few   newsleLers  we  will   be   con:nuing   with   our   series  of   “Get   To   Know   Your  Parish  Council”  interviews. In  this  issue,  on  page  34  we  talk   to   Cllr  Barry   Frenchman,   who   was  re-­‐elected  as   Chairman  to  SpraLon  Parish  Council  at  the  Annual  General  Mee:ng  on  June  4th.



SPRATTON POCKET  PARK  OFFICIAL  OPENING  EVENT   14th  June  2014  3.00pm On  Saturday  14th  June  we  will   have  a  ceremony  to  mark  the  official  opening   of   our   Pocket   Park   and   we   are   delighted   that   Mrs   Pasley-­‐Tyler   of   Coton   Manor   has   agreed   to   come   along   the   cut   the   ribbon.   The   local   press  have   been   invited   to   cover   the   event.   Do   please   come   along   for   some   refreshments  and  be  part  of  this  important  day  for  the  village.  Please  see  the   advert  on  the  opposite  page  for  details.

SPEEDING IN  THE  VILLAGE Mobile  Vehicle  AcPvated  Sign  to  be   Installed A  recent  speed  survey  in  the  village  showed   that   78%   (yes,   78%)   of   vehicles   were   exceeding   the   speed   limit.   The   highest   recorded   speed   was   77mph   on   the   Brixworth   Road!   To   try   and   tackle   this   serious   problem,   a   new   mobile   Vehicle   Ac:vated   Sign   (approximate   cost   £3,000)   will  be  installed   shortly  in  the  village.    This  is   being   purchased   by   Northamptonshire   County   Council   with   a   contribu:on   from   SpraLon   Parish   Council   (approximately   £1,500).     The   new   sign   can  be   moved   to   a   variety   of   loca:ons  within   the   village.     Our   thanks   to   Cllr   Mark   Pacey   for   organising  this  and  undertaking  to  monitor  the  results.

POLICE REPORTS The  following  incidents  were  recorded  in  the  village  over  the  3  months  from   February: 3rd  February:  Church  Rd  -­‐  report  of  sellotape  across  road  at  head  height 6th  February:  Church  Rd  -­‐  window  broken  by  thrown  stone 13/14th  April:  Brixworth  Rd  -­‐  vandalism  causing  damage  to  9  allotment  sheds 29th   April:   Glebelands  -­‐   report   of   youngsters   running   around   vehicles  and   private  gardens



ANNUAL PARISH  MEETING This  important  village  event   was  aLended  by   over   40   parishioners.     The   Chairman   of   SpraLon   Parish   Council   gave   the   Parish   Council   Annual  Report  and  the   Chairman   of   the   Resources   CommiLee  gave  the  2013/14   Finance   Report,   followed   by   reports   from   the  Village  Hall,  Town   and  Land  Chari:es  and   Recrea:on  Field  CommiLees   (who  as  Parish   Chari:es  providing   community   facili:es  and   resources   submit   their   accounts   to   this   mee:ng).     County   Councillor   Judy   Shephard   read   out   her   report   and   encouraged   organisa:ons   to   apply   for   a   grant   from   the   County   Councillor   Empowering   Councils   and   Community   Fund.     Cllr   Shephard   has   approximately   £7,000   to   donate  between  13  parishes. Aier  the  formal  part  of  the  mee:ng  (which   lasted   a   mere   40   minutes!),   there   was   a   change   to   the   usual   proceedings.   Any   organisa:ons   who   received   grants   from   SpraLon   Parish   Council   e.g.   Friends   of   SpraLon   School   (for   the   Music   Day)   together   with   Village   Organisa:ons   e.g.   Garden   Club,  SpraLon  Local  History   Society   had   been  asked  to  send  in  their  reports  via   email  and  these  were  kindly  laminated  and   displayed   on   the   History   Socie:es   boards   (thanks   very   much   to   Councillor   Michael   Heaton   for   doing   this   :me   consuming   job).     ALendees   enjoyed   reading   the   reports   and  looking   at   the  photos  (some  of   which  were  of   the   first   stage   of  the   Women’s   Cycling   Tour  of   Britain   which  came  through  SpraLon   earlier  on  in  the   day)   and   enjoyed   a  chat   with   Councillors,   friends   and   neighbours   over   wine,   cheese  and  biscuits.     A  big  “thank  you”  to  St  Andrew’s  PCC  (David  BenneL)  for  providing  the  fantas:c   venue  for   this  event  (it  provided   a  great  atmosphere),  the  Café   Doris  team,  Cllr   Jay  Tindale  for   organising   the   refreshments  (food  and   drink   was  sourced  from   Sauls  and  SpraLon  Village  Stores)  and   Cllr  Michael  Heaton  for  all  his  help  leading   up  to  this  super  village  event  which  was  put  on  at  a  very  minimal  cost  due  to  the   volunteer  efforts  of  Councillors  and  parishioners.     If  you  aLended  this   event,  do  please  pass  on  your  feedback  to  our   Parish  Clerk,   Lynne   and   the   Parish   Council   will   try   and   make   it   even   beLer   next   year   (on   Wednesday  6th  May  2015)!


PARISH COUNCIL  ANNUAL  REPORT The  SpraLon   Parish   Council  Annual   Report  will  be  available  on  the   website   shortly.  Alterna:vely,  please  contact  the  Clerk  for  a  paper  copy.

SPRATTON PARISH  ORDINARY  COUNCIL  MEETINGS  2014/15 Press  and   public   are  very   welcome  to   aLend   all   mee:ngs  and  speak   in  the   public   forum   at   the   beginning   of   the  mee:ngs.   Here   are  the  dates  for   the   next  year,  mee:ngs  are  held  in  the  Village  Hall  star:ng  at  7.30pm: Tuesday  17th  June  2014

Tuesday 15th  July  2014 August:  NO  MEETING  Village  Walk  and  Risk  Assessment   Tuesday  16th  September  2014 Tuesday  21st  October  2014 Tuesday  18th  November  2014 Tuesday  16th  December  2014 Tuesday  20th  January  2015 Tuesday  17th  February  2015 Tuesday  17th  March  2015 Tuesday  21st  April  2015 Tuesday  19th  May  2015  (Annual  Mee:ng  of  SPC)

PLANNING APPLICATIONS ApplicaPon  No:  DA/2014/0249  -­‐  construc:on  of  a  detached  dwelling   adjacent  to  19  Holdenby  Road  -­‐  Parish  Council  objected  on  grounds  of   insufficient  parking  provision ApplicaPon  No:  DA/2014/0326  -­‐  first  floor  rear  extension  at  32  Holdenby   Road  -­‐  No  observa:ons  by  Planning  Execu:ve  CommiLee ApplicaPon  No:  DA/2014/0346  -­‐  construc:on  of  replacement  storage   building  and  2.1m  high  fence  at  Standhills,  Holdenby  Road  -­‐  Observa:ons   made  by  Planning  Execu:ve  CommiLee ApplicaPon  No:  DA/2014/0375  -­‐  conservatory  to  rear  of  dwelling  at  15   Gorse  Road  -­‐  No  observa:ons  by  Planning  Execu:ve  CommiLee


INCREASE IN  PARISH  COUNCIL  BUDGET  FROM  £36,000  to  £39,000 Aier  much  scru:ny  and  debate,  SpraLon  Parish  Council  made  the  decision  to   increase   the   Precept   (or   budget)   to   £39,000.     The   main   reasons   are   as   follows:-­‐ ‣   Increase   in   salary   costs   –   due   to   increasing   demand   put   on   Parish   Councils   by   County   and   District,   increasing   professionalism   of   the   role   of   Clerk.   This   entails   keeping  up   to  date   with   legisla:on  and   undergoing  regular   training  courses,  project   and   grant   administra:on   for   necessary  projects   e.g.  Neighbourhood   Plan,  SpraLon   Pocket   Park,  new   roles   such   as   administering  the   website   and   Facebook  to   ensure   good  communica:on  between  Parish  Council  and  its  community  -­‐  all  this  requires  an   increase  in  the  Clerk’s   hours  from  15  hours  per  week  to   20.    The   need  for   an  increase   in   hours   was   also   strongly   recommended   by   the   Northamptonshire   County   Associa:on   of   Local   Councils   (NCALC)   Auditor.       The   Clerk’s   hours   are   regularly   monitored   and  scru:nised  by  the  Resources  CommiLee.     The  Parish   Council  achieves   good  value  for   money  in   the   Clerk  as  the  role  is  currently  shared   with  2  other  Parish   Councils   (Pitsford   and   Creaton),  therefore  training,   some   mileage,   office   telephone   and  photocopier  costs  are  shared. ‣   Requirement   to   provide   employees   with   a   pension   and   subsequent   increases   in   Pension   Contribu:on   costs   –   the   Parish   Council   now   has   to   make   a   23.3%   contribu:on   (based   on   the   Clerk’s   salary)   through   LGSS  (Northamptonshire  County   Council  Pension  Scheme). ‣   Increases   in   village   maintenance  costs   –  previously  the   Parish   Council   did   try   to   reduce  the  mowing  within  the  village  but  this  was  met  with  resistance  from  villagers. ‣  ConPngency  funds   –  Due  to  the  Parish   Council  being   responsible  for  maintenance   of   the   Churchyard   wall   and  over   60  street   lights,  we   need  to  keep  a  reserve  which   would  be  able  to  fund  any  repairs   to  these.    The  last   repairs  made  to  the  Churchyard   wall  cost  in  excess  of  £20,000.

In addi:on  to   the  above,  we   as  a  village  have  been  subject   to  the  changes  to   the  tax  base  rate  (on  which  your  Council  Tax  is  based)  meaning   that  90%   of   the   village  (approx.)   has   to  pay   100%  of   the  tax,   even  if   the   Parish   Council   had   not   increased   the   precept   this  year,   residents’   Council   Tax   would   s:ll   have   increased.    Parish  Councillors,   as   residents  themselves,  are  well  aware   of   the  impact   on   Council  Tax  bills  and  did   not  take  the  decision   to   increase   the  budget  lightly.


DOGS ON  THE  LOOSE We  have  had  reports  of  dogs  running  loose  in  East  View  Cemetery.    Please   could   you   ensure   your   dogs  are   kept   on   a   lead   within   the   Cemetery.     Thank  you. Lynne Compton Clerk Spratton Parish Council

CONTACT THE  PARISH  COUNCIL We  are  always  eager  to  hear  from  the  people  of  SpraLon  about  any  issues,   concerns  or  ideas  to  improve  life  in  the  village.   Here  are  some  of  the  ways  to  get  in  touch: ‣  Call/email  Lynne  Compton,  Parish  Clerk:  01604-­‐880727  or ‣  Facebook  you  can  Message  us,  Post  something  or  Like  us  at­‐Parish-­‐Council/350035681721691 ‣  Visit  the  Website  at  and  post  a  message ‣  Use  the  Drop  Box  in  SpraLon  Village  Stores  to  leave  a  note ‣  Write  to  Lynne  Compton,  Parish  Clerk:  12  Olde  Forde  Close,  Brixworth  NN6  9XF ‣  Abend  a  Parish  Council  mee:ng—usually  on  the  3rd  Tuesday  of  each  month,        7.30pm  in    SpraLon  Village  Hall,  School  Road,  SpraLon.  The  mee:ng  agenda  is      always  posted  on  the  Parish  no:ceboard  opposite  the  shop.

Alterna:vely, you  can  talk  to  one  of  the  Parish  Councillors  -­‐  you’ll  find  their   contact  details  in  the  box  below:


WW1 Flypast  Over  Sprabon Sunday  26th  April  2015  at  3.00pm

On 26th   April   next   year   it   will   be   exactly   100   years  to   the  day   that   a   young  airman  from  SpraLon  won  the  Victoria  Cross,  the  na:on’s  highest   award   for   bravery,   for   his  ac:ons  on   the  Western   Front   in   the  First   World  War.   Sywell   Aerodrome  have  a  replica  of   the  biplane  that   was   flown   by   Lt   Rhodes-­‐Moorhouse   and   they   will   fly   over   SpraLon   at   3.00pm  on  26th  April  2015.

“The raid  on  Courtrai  unfortunately   cost  the  na3on  a  very  gallant  life,   but  it  will  live  as  one  of  the  most   heroic  episodes  of  the  war.”

The flypast  of  a  BE2b  biplane  will  be  part  of  SpraLon’s  tribute  to  all  133   men   from   the   village   who   served   in   the   First   World   War.     A   large   commemora:ve   event   will  take  place  in   the   grounds  of  SpraLon   Hall   School   on   Saturday   25th   and   Sunday   26th   April   2015   with   vintage   vehicles   and   aeroplanes,   stalls,  talks,   a  book  launch  and   a  1914-­‐18  fashion  display. The  event  is  supported  by  the   Heritage  LoLery  Fund  and   organised  by  SpraLon  Local   History  Society  and  SpraLon   Parish  Council.


Sprabon Welcomes  Women’s  Tour Village  Turns  Out  For  Historic  Cycle  Race

At lunch:me  on  May   7th,  history  was  made  as  the  inaugural  Women’s   Tour   of  Britain  cycle  race   passed  through   SpraLon.   Stage  One   of   the   first   ever   women’s  tour   started   in   Oundle  and  the   90   riders   weaved   their   way  through  58  miles  of  Northamptonshire  countryside  to  a  sprint   finish  in  the  centre  of  Northampton. For   anyone   who   has   got   slightly   breathless   walking   up   to  SpraLon  Stores  for   a   newspaper,   we   can   now   explain   why.   Brixworth   Road   has   been  officially   declared   a  mountain  -­‐   the  stretch   from  the  Brampton  Valley  Way  up  to  the  Welford   Road   junc:on   was   one   of   two   “Queen   Of   The   Mountain”  stages  on  the  first  day,  where  the  best   climbers  were   duly   recognised   -­‐   Marianna   Vos,   the   eventual   tour   winner,   was   Queen   Of   The   Mountain  in  SpraLon. 10

SpraLon villagers  turned  out   in  force  to  support  the  riders,  lining  the   route   along   the   Brixworth   Road   all   the   way   through   the   village.   Pupils  from  both  the  Primary  School  and  SpraLon  Hall  made  a  huge   amount  of  noise,  cheering  not  only   the  cyclists  but  also  each  one  of   the   many   police   motorcycle   outriders   that   were  preparing   the  way   for   the   pelaton   to   pass. Amidst   a   throng   of   support   vehicles   and   accompanying   motorcycles,   the   riders   powered   up  the  hill  through   SpraLon  at   an   incredibly  impressive  pace.   Once  all  the  excitement   had   died   down,   an   ITV   News   crew   interviewed   some   of   the   Primary  School  children  and  the  footage  was   aired   on   Anglia   TV   news   that   evening.   The   pupils  came  across  extremely  well  -­‐  polite  and  ar:culate  -­‐  a  credit  to   the  school  and  the  village. It   was  the  biggest  event  to  hit  the  village  in  years,  and  SpraLon  rose   to  the  occasion! 11


NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN The Parish  Council  expects  to  consider  the  two  site  op:ons  within  the   next  two  to  three  months  when  awaited  informa:on  will  be  to  hand.   Also  within  this  :metable  the  inspector   should  report  on  the  progress   of  the  emerging  West  Northamptonshire  Strategic   Plan.  We  need  to   be   sure   that   our   Plan  policies  accord  with   the  policies   of   the   new   Strategic  Plan,   which  they  do  at  the  moment.  However,  the  inspector   examining  the  West  Northants  Plan  may  yet  require  further  changes,   which  we  would  then  have  to  reflect. Michael  Heaton

Mind Where  You  Park! We   s:ll   get   lots   of   complaints   about   inconsiderate   parking   in   the   village.   We   do   appreciate   the   difficul:es   people   face   with   too   many   cars   and   not   enough   off-­‐road   parking,   but   please   think   twice   before   blocking  pavements.  

As a   rule   of   thumb,   make   sure   you   leave   enough   space   for   a   p u s h c h a i r   o r   wheelchair   to   get   by.   A s   t h e s e   p i c t u r e s   show,   some   people   don’t  show  this  level  of   considera:on,   despite   the  reminder  signs! 13



Sprabon Local  History  Society To  finish  the  season   we  are  offering  two  ou:ngs  in   the   summer.     Anyone  is   welcome   to   join   us,   but   please   book   in   advance   with   either   Pat   Parish   (847734)  or  Hazel  Petersen  (820787). Wednesday  30th  July  7.15  pm Meet   outside  the  Guildhall  for  a  walking  tour  of  Northampton  with  Blue   Badge  guide,  John  Brown.   £2  members.    £3  non  members. Wednesday  13th  August  11.00  am Guided   tour   of   Boughton   House.     Please   make   your   own   way   to   Boughton   and   meet  at   10.45   am  in  the  car   park   for   an   11.00   am   tour.   We  can  arrange  liis  if  you  let   us  know.   £10   per  person.  It  is   i m p o r t a n t   t o   b o o k   i n   advance  for   this  trip.    There   is   a   café   at   the   house   for   lunch,  if  you  wish  to  stay  on.

Wednesday 15th  October  8.00  pm The   autumn   season   begins  with   a  talk   by   Kate  Wills   of   the   Western   Front  Associa:on  on  Northampton  in  1914.       Village  Hall  8.00  pm.    £2  members.  £3  non  members. Enid  Jarvis


Village Spring  Clean On   Sunday   6th   April,   a   group   of   hardy  villagers  once  again  braved  a   bi:ng  wind  to  get  stuck  into  the  job   of   clearing   SpraLon   of   12   months   worth  of  liLer   accumula:on.  Armed   with   bin-­‐bags,   liLerpickers,   hi-­‐viz   vests  and  rubber   gloves,   the  small   but   commiLed   group   of   men,   w o m e n   a n d   c h i l d r e n   w e r e   dispatched   to   all   corners   of   the   village  in  search  of  sweet  wrappers,   crisp   packets,   drinks   cans   and   boLles,   and   a  whole  host   of   other   unmen:onables  (a  soggy   discarded   maLress   on   Rolybanks   was   a   par:cular  highlight).   As   usual,   the   mission   was   a   success  judging  by   the   size  of  the   pile  of  bin-­‐bags  stacked  up  by  the   Kings  Head  aier  a  couple  of  hours   hard   work.   Everyone   was   duly   rewarded   with   a   well-­‐earned   drink   and   a   very   nice   lunch   of   sandwiches   and   cheesy   chips   at   the   pub   aierwards,   courtesy   of   SpraLon  Parish  Council. Thank  you  to  everyone  who  took  part  (a  few  more  supporters  would  be   good  next  year!)  and  thanks  in  par:cular  to  Chris  Saul  for  organising  the   event. 17


W.I. Report February   was   a   par:cularly   enjoyable   evening   and   something   quite   different.   Alison   Rocket   brought   along   some  beau:ful  paper   beadwork   made  by  women  in  Uganda.  These  were  for   sale  but  we  also  got  to  make  a   bracelet   of   our  own   and  learn  about   the  wonderful  work  which  is  being   done  to  help  the  group   make  some  money  of  their   own  to  pay   for  their   children’s  schooling. Our   talk   in   March   was  about   women’s   diges:ve  health   and   some   very   useful  informa:on  was  given.  All  we  have  to  do  now  is  keep  to  it!  In  April   Bill  Davies   kept   us  amused  with   the   account   of   his  career   in   the   Royal   Navy  spanning  many  years.  He  also  showed  slides. This  month   we  discussed   the  resolu:on   which   had   been  chosen   to   be   presented  at  the  Na:onal  AGM  in  June.  Mary  Sheldon  gave  us  interes:ng   facts   about   Organ   Dona:on   and  we   had   to  decide   how   we  wanted   to   vote.  The  resolu:on  was,  if  we  agreed  that  we  should   encourage  people   to  decide  what  they  want   to  do  about   dona:ng  organs  and  to  make  sure   their  families  know   before  they  die.  A  representa:ve  will  take  our  answer   to  the  AGM.  The  W.I.  is  a  truly  democra:c  organiza:on! Future  W  I  Events   Tuesday  10    June    2014  ~  Sue  Watkins  ~  “The  Alpaca  Experience” Tuesday  8  July    2014  ~    Annual  Ou:ng  to  Stowe  House  and  Gardens Mee3ngs  are   held   every   second   Tuesday   in   the  Village   Hall   at   7.30   pm.   New  members  are  very   welcome  to   come  along  and   join  us  as  we   get  to   know  other   ladies  in   the  village  and   have   an   enjoyable   night   out.   If   you   would  like  to  come  along  a  couple  of  3mes  for   free  we  would  love  to  see   you.         Carol  Constable 19

Primary School  -­‐  Forthcoming  Events  -­‐  all  are  welcome Tues  24th  June,  2pm

Dance Fes:val  and  Summer  Fayre

Weds 16th  July,  2pm

Summer Concert

Tues 22nd  July,  9.30am

Leavers’ Service  in  St.  Andrew’s  Church


Sprabon Primary  School  Report Life  in  school  has  been  very  busy  since  the  last  newsleLer.   January   saw   a   visit   from  St  John’s   Ambulance  to   Class  3  for   first   aid  training,  along   with  a  ‘Solve  it’  workshop   and  a  Stargazing   visit  to  Pitsford  School.  Class  3   were  very   busy   in   the   first   couple   of   weeks!  Our   thanks   to   Rev.   Andrew   Taylor-­‐Cook   and   his   collec:ve   worship   team,   who   have   been   leading   weekly   assemblies  in   school.   The   children   have   enjoyed   his   input,   par:cularly   learning   the   Lord’s   Prayer   in   sign   language.   School   Council   raised   money   for   new   playground   equipment   through   a   Valen:ne’s  Cake  Sale.  We’ve  also  enjoyed  a  whole  school  Coast   Day,  have  celebrated   World  Book  Day  when  the  children  and  staff  dressed  up   in  costumes  connected  to  the   coast  and  the  sea,  and  raised  money  for  Sports  Relief. In  March  the  whole   school   enjoyed  visits  from  Steelebacks,   the   Quantumn   Theatre   and  the  Waste  Educa:on  Bus.   The  whole  school  also  enjoyed  learning  about  the  coast   further  following  their  visit  to  the  Sealife   Centre  in  Birmingham.  Children  in  the  older   classes   have   developed   their   skills   in   PE   through   Archery   Coaching   and   Cricket   Coaching.   Well   done   to   our   Archery   team   who   came   3rd   in   the   Daventry   District   Compe::on.  They  have  also  furthered  their  musical  skills  through  guitar  tui:on. This  term  children   are  also   looking   forward  to  a  whole   school   circus   skills  day,  a  visit   from   ‘Zoolab’   and   other   exci:ng   learning   opportuni:es  linked   to   our   whole   school   topic  of  ‘Brazil’. As  I   write  this,  the  Year  6  children  are  just  finishing  their  SATs.  They  have  worked  very   hard  and  we  are  proud  of  all  their  achievements.  Time  seems  to  be  flying  by  for  our   eldest  children   who   we  will   soon   be  saying   a   fond   farewell  to,   as   they   begin   their   journey  at  Secondary  School. I   am   also   pleased   to   share   that   Mrs   Claire   Radd   has   been   appointed   as   the   Head   teacher   from   September   2014  when  I  leave.   It   is   with   mixed   emo:ons   that  I  have   resigned,  but  wish  to  spend  more  :me  at  home  with   my  young  children.  I   have  every   confidence   that  the  school  will  con:nue   to   go  from   strength  to   strength  under  Mrs   Radd’s  leadership.                                                                                                                                  Sarah  Stoppani,  Head  Teacher


Message from  Reverend  Andrew  Taylor-­‐Cook A   few  years  ago  in  a  Service  at  Derby  Cathedral,  Canon   Geraldine  Pond  asked  the  ques:on,  “Who  do  you   think   you   are?”     She   was   referring   to   the   television   programme  at  first  and  then  asked  us  to  think   about  the   ques:on   for   ourselves.     ‘Who   do   ‘I’   think   I   am?’     A   couple  of   days  later   a  very   good  friend   of   mine   asked   me  the  following   ques:on,   “How   are  you?”     She  then   followed   through   with   the   word,   “Really!?!”     Sensing   that   that   wasn’t   quite   true   she   then   asked,   “How   are   you   ‘really’   feeling?”     Following   our   conversa:on   she   then  said,  “No  maLer  how  busy  you  get  -­‐   don’t  lose  sight  of  Andrew!”    I  jokingly  said   to  her,  “Andrew  –  who’s  he?” My   friend’s  remark   set  me   thinking   about  ‘Andrew’   as  to   where   he’d   gone   in   the   midst   of   all   his  work   and   training   -­‐   which   in   turn,   set   me   thinking   about   Canon   Pond’s  ques:on,   “Who   do   ‘I’   think   I   am?”     When   I   was   accepted   for   ordina:on   training,  everyone  was  really  excited  and  delighted  with  the  news,  everyone  except,   Kathleen.     Kathleen  was  a  colleague  in   a  previous  diocese,  and  the  reason  for   her   sadness   over   the   news   was   because   she   feared   that   I’d   become   lost   in   the   ordina:on   training   and   come   out  the  other   end,   like  so  many   other   priests   she’d   met.    Meaning,  we  begin   our   training   with   our   own   personali:es  and  uniqueness,   and  come  out  the  other   end  -­‐  all  the  same!    I   assured  her  that  that  wouldn’t  happen   –  and  to  my  knowledge  it  hasn’t.    Or  has  it?    Maybe  the  jury  is  s:ll  out  on  that  one. Those   of   us  who   profess   to  be   Chris:an  firmly   believe   that  through  God,   we  can   encounter   endless  discoveries  and  challenges  which  help   shape  and  re-­‐shape  who   we   are.     My   journey  of   discovering   who   Andrew  really   is  s:ll  con:nues  because  it   hasn’t  come  to  an  end  yet.     God   keeps  helping   me  to   discover  new  horizons;   new   challenges  and   new   possibili:es,   which  in   turn,  helps  to   shape  and  re-­‐shape  who  I   am.     So   to   ask   myself   the   ques:on,   “Who   do   I   think   I   am?”   isn’t   that   simple  or   straight  forward.       How   about   you?     Who   do   you   think   you   are?   .........Really!?!     Happy  exploring!    

Andrew 22


St Andrew’s  Heritage  Society Community  Project It  is  very   encouraging  to   see  the  addi:onal  and  frequent  uses  that  the  re-­‐ordering   of  St  Andrews  has  facilitated;   the  new  toilet,  Café  Doris,  Monthly  Lunch  Club,  Youth   Club,   Special   Events  and   the   many   uses  that   the   Social   Area   provides   for   both   formal  and  impromptu   mee:ngs.   We  con:nue   to   hear  good   reports   from  users,   which  indicates  that   the  addi:onal  facili:es  are   proving  popular,  and  we  therefore   believe   it   has   been   money   well   spent.   You   may   remember   that   in   a   previous   financial  year  we  have  acted  as   agents  for  the  PCC  of  St  Andrew’s  in  receiving  and   handing   over  grants  for  the  Community   Project;   and  of   course  we  donated   some   £2000   ourselves  for   the  Toilet  Fund   element   of   this  work.   Some   £5000   of   those   grants  s:ll  remains  in   our  care,  and   we  have  currently  earmarked  this  amount  for   the   proposed   new   Hea:ng   Project   in   St   Andrew’s.   It   is   about   25%   of   the   total   amount   needed  we   understand,   and  if   the   PCC   provides  a  similar   amount,   there   will   s:ll   be   about   £10,000   of   gap   funding   required   for   the   whole   system.   The   provision  of  addi:onal  modern  and  sustainable  hea:ng  in  St  Andrews  will  allow  the   con:nued  and   successful  use  of   the  building  throughout  the  Winter  months  and  is   something  that  we  are  therefore  encouraging.    It  is  proving   more  difficult  to  obtain   permission   from  English   Heritage   and  the  Historic  Building   inspectorate  to  install   the   chosen   air-­‐to-­‐air   system   in   our   Grade   1   listed   church,   but   we   are   s:ll   suppor:ng  this  much  needed  venture.     Other  Projects There  is  s:ll  much  we  can  do  and  support  we  can  provide  for   improvements  within   our   church,   for   example   moving   the   organ   and   crea:ng   a   permanent   outreach   mee:ng  room  in   the  Vestry.  These  will   no   doubt   be   the  subject  of   our  efforts  in   future  years.   Fabric We   were   pleased   that   the   latest   statutory   Quinquennial   Inspec:on   in   2011   reported  that  most   of  the  building  was  in  a  good  state  of   repair,  and  whilst  we  do   not  expect  issues  of  major  maintenance  in  the  short   term,  we   are    always  mindful  


that costly  interven:on  is  seldom   far   away  –  it  is  a  medieval  building   aier   all,   and  oien  reminds  us   of   that   fact.  So   we   do  have  a  reserve  fund   available  for   such  purposes  as  well.  This  is  the  reason  we  were  formed  in  1995  aier  all.     Please   remember  that  more  prospec:ve  members  are   always  very  welcome  to   join  us.     We  are  very  much   a  secular  organisa3on.  All  surplus  funds  will  con3nue   to  be  reserved  for  improving  the  fabric  of  St  Andrew’s  Church.              Alison  Benne<

Café Doris

An independently  run  Community  Coffee  Shop   in  St  Andrew’s  Church It’s  hard   to   think   that   we  only   started   opera:ng   on  28th  May   2013,   and  have   now   completed  our  1st  year   in   service.  We  have  aLracted  a  very  loyal   band   of   customers,  and  a  big  ‘Thank  You’  to  you  all  –  we  will  con:nue  to  try  and  improve   and  develop  in  accordance  with  our  core  values.   Our  espresso  machine  has  had  its  first  service  also,  and  with  a  few  tweaks  is  now   ready   to  give  even  beLer  results  re  crema,  flavour  &  quality   –  we  promise!!  Fully   equipped  with  new   crockery,   which   we  hope  you   like,  we   are   all  ‘go’   for   the   forthcoming  Summer   rush.  Also  the  new  commemora:on  bench   has  arrived  for   the   South   Door   to   make   the  outside   space   even   more   conducive   on   warmer   days.   ✓Our  aim:  to  serve  the  very  best    Coffee,  Tea  and  Cakes  in  our  area. ✓We  are  ‘not-­‐for-­‐profit’   run   by   volunteers   hoping   to   make   SpraLon   a   beLer   place  to  live  and  work  in.   ✓Our  promise:  you  don’t  have  to  pay  if  you  are  not  happy  about  anything.   ✓Our  coffee  beans  are  freshly  roasted,   and  ground  ‘on  demand’  especially   for   you  when  you  request  your  drink. ✓Our  water  is  filtered,  &  even  double  filtered  for  tea. ✓We  want  you  to  enjoy  this  unique  Grade  1  registered  place. ✓We  hope  our  ‘grade  1’  coffee  and  tea  helps  to  achieve  this! Join  us.  We  are  open  every  Tuesday  &  Thursday  morning.


Sprabon Villagers  Show  Off  Gardens  Again On   Sunday   11th   May,   the   village’s   premier   gardeners   once   again   opened   their   gardens   to   the  public   as   part   of   the   Na:onal   Gardens   Scheme   which   raises   funds   for   mul:ple  chari:es.  

Turnout was   slightly   lower   than   previous   years   due   to   the   adverse   weather   forecast   for   the   day.   As   it   happened   the   rain   largely   stayed   away   and  those  that   did   support   the   e v e n t   w e r e   t r e a t e d   t o   s o m e   hor:cultural   highlights   in   some   breathtakingly   beau:ful   gardens,   as   well  as  some  outstanding  home  made   cakes  at   the  Church.   Well  done  to  all   concerned.


‘There are  no  gardening  mistakes,  only  experiments.’ On   Sunday   22nd   June,   we   have   a   coach   ou:ng   to   the   south   of   the   county   to   visit   three   private   gardens,   Steane   Park   where   we  will   have   a   gardener-­‐guided   tour,   and   two   gardens   in   Sulgrave.   Booking   forms   have  been  sent  to   all  Club  members,   but  if   others  want  to  come  on  this,   please  contact   Michael  Heaton  on  846032  soonest. On   Monday   7th   July,   we   have  an   evening   self-­‐drive   trip   to   Sulby   Gardens,   a   recent   ‘discovery’   by   the   NGS   and   well   worth   visi:ng.   Names   will   be   collected   on   the   22nd  June  ou:ng  and  over  the  telephone. This  will  leave  our   long-­‐awaited  visit   to   Kew   for   14th  September,   which   we  are  sure  will  be  very  popular.  Details  will  be  circulated  in  August. For  those  members  who  are  not  already  aware,   the  dates  of  our  autumn   mee:ngs  have  been  changed  to  Thursdays,  and  are  as  below. Thursday  9  October 8.00  p.m.

“Know and  grow  unusual  vegetables”   A  talk  by  Sally  Cunningham

Thursday 6  November 8.00  p.m.

"Life and  Emes  of  a  gardening  editor" A  talk  by  Geoff  Hodge

Thursday 4  December 8.00  p.m.

Annual General  MeePng  and  Social  Evening  

                                                       Michael  Heaton



News From  Sprabon  Rec  Commibee Just  a  reminder  that   most   Car   Boot  Sales  are  on  a  Friday   evening  (dates  in   the   shop  window),   with  the  excep:on  of  Sept  and  Oct  which  will  be  on  a   Sunday.    There  is  also  a  Dog  Show  planned  for  the  21st  Sept. We  are  s:ll  having   'problems'  with  dog  mess  on  the   Recrea:on  Field,   we   are  monitoring   this,   but   may   have   to   impose  a  ban  on  dogs  (as  Creaton   have  done  on  their  field)  if  the  situa:on  does  not  improve. Thanks  to  the  Community  workers  team  for  pain:ng  the  skatepark  and  the   wooden  rail  fence...  a  good  job  done! Once   again   we   appeal   for   new   commiLee   members,   we   are   ge~ng   desperate  now,  as  no-­‐one  seems  to  want  to  help  out  in  any  way.   How  great   it  would  be  if  some  enthusias:c  people  would  'come  forward',  there's  a  lot   of  scope  for   improvement/development   on  the  Rec,   along  with  fund  raising   ideas  etc.   It's  your   playing   area,   why   not   'have   a  say'   in   what   happens   there?    Please  do  get  in  touch. Please  contact  Trevor  on


Sprabon Pocket  Park  Report The  first  of  the  wild  plants  have  already  given  us  a   display   and  we  are  eagerly  looking  forward  to   this   year’s   sequence   of   colour   and   variety   as   the   various   wild  flowers   show   themselves.   The  wild-­‐ life  is  ac:ve  already  even   down   to  the  Yellow  ants   add-­‐ing   to   their   ant   hill   homes   and   :ny   new   Grasshoppers  which  you  need   a  magnifying   glass   to  see  at  this  stage.   The  Bug  Hotel  (see  photo)  has  been  built  at  the  boLom  of   the  Pocket  Park  and  we   look  forward  to  seeing  who  takes  up  occupa:on.   Dave   Cooke   has   re-­‐seeded   the   area   damaged   by   the   works   and   we   are   looking   forward  to   a  year   when   the   old   cemetery   will   be   enjoyed   by   more   and   more  people.       The   iron   gates  have  been  filed   down  to   make   them   close   easily   and   the   remaining  restora:on   work  has  been  the   rubbing   down   and   repain:ng   of   the   ironwork  at  the  front.  

Hotel Du Bug

None of   this   could   have   happened   without   the   invaluable   support   of   Dave   Cooke,  SpraLon  Parish  Council  and  of  course  the   Heritage  LoLery  Fund  which  has   provided   the   majority   of   the   money   to   carry   out   the   necessary   works.   Many   thanks  to  all!   The  official  opening  of  the  Pocket  Park  will  be  on  June  14th  and  the  children  from   the   Primary  School  have  already   visited   in  prepara:on   for   their   photograph  and   collage  compe::ons  to  be  judged  on   the  day.  Everyone   is  invited   to   meet   there   for  refreshments  and  the   official  opening   at  3pm  when  the   ribbon   will   be  cut  by   Mrs  Pasley-­‐Tyler.

John Hunt 30

Photo Founder  Steps  Down Quite   an   event   was  marked   recently   when   the  chairman   and   founder   of   the   SpraLon   Photography   Group,   Peter   Hunt,   decided  to  step  down  aier  three  successful  years  at  the   helm.     When   Peter  ini:ally  thought   to  see  if  anyone  else  in  the  village   was  interested  in   forming  a  photography  group,  he  expected   it   might   be   just   a   few   friends  mee:ng   irregularly   in   his  studio.   Much  to  his  surprise  nearly  thirty  people  responded! Peter's  ini:al  vision  may   have  been  somewhat  different,   but   he   rose   to   the  challenge  of   steering   the   larger   group   through   its   forma:ve  years  with  much  dedica:on,  grace  and  good  humour.     The  group  now  has  monthly  mee:ngs   in   the  primary   school  hall,     a  programme   of   educa:onal  speakers  and  prac:cal  evenings,  regular   open  and  theme  compe::ons   and  also  takes  part  in  the  county  wide  Badby  Challenge.           Peter  will  con:nue  his  associa:on  with  the  group  but   moves  to  the  back  benches  to   let   the   new   chair   and   commiLee   take   up   the   reigns.   Addressing   the   group   he   welcomed  the   chance  to  have  :me  to  improve  his  own   photography   while  also  s:ll   enjoying  the   work   of  others.    He  urged   the   group  to  con:nue  to  grow,   expand  and   improve  the  quality  of  our   work   and  most  importantly,  encourage  others  to  join   in   the  fun! For   details   of   the   group   contact   or   see


The next  issue  of  the  Sprabon  Parish  Newsleber  will  be  published  in   September  2014.  The  copy  date  for  editorial  and  adver:sements  is  

Friday 22nd  August Adver:sing  costs  per  annum  (4  issues) Quarter  page  £20 Half  page  £40 Please  contact  the  editor,  Tim  Forster   07979  705910


New Babies  &  Tots  Groups  in  Sprabon Our   Babies  and  Tots  Group  is  held   in  the  hall  at  SpraLon  C  of  E  School   every   Wednesday   morning   from   10am  -­‐11.30  am  during  term  :me.   Admission   is   50p   (this   covers   the   cost   of   tea   and   coffee).   We   have   children   ranging   from   just   a   few   weeks   old   to   3   years   +.     They   are   brought   by   their   mothers,   fathers,   grandparents  or   carers  and   we  are   very  pleased  to  welcome  new  visitors. The  head  teacher  and  all  the  staff  at  the  school  are  very  suppor:ve  to  the   group.   When   possible,   two   teachers   join   us   on   alternate   weeks.   Mrs   Frenchman  usually   reads  a  story   and  Mrs  Radd  plays  her   guitar  and  sings   to  the  children.   We   have   a   wide   range   of   play   ac:vi:es   and   look   forward   to   some   really   nice  weather   so   that   we  can  enjoy   outside   play   on   the   school  field. I n   a d d i : o n   t o   t h o s e   f r o m   SpraLon,   children   are   very   welcome   to   aLend   from   the   surrounding  area.  We  already   have  children  from  other  villages  and  even  if   you  are  just   visi:ng  SpraLon,  don’t  hesitate  to  call  in  –   we  would  love  to   see  you. For  any  further  informa:on,  please  telephone  the  school:  01604  846530 ChrisEne  Hunt 33

Get To  Know  Your  Parish  Council

10 QuesPons  for  Barry  Frenchman How   long   have   you   lived   in   Sprabon?   Judith   and   I   moved   to   SpraLon   in   November  1993  with  our  2  young  children,  who  were  8  and  5  respec:vely.  They   both   aLended   the   Primary   school   when   there   were   over   80   children   on   role!   Previously   we   had   lived   “Up   North”   but   really   consider   ourselves   from   No~ngham.   What   do   you   do   for   a   living?   We   moved  with  my  job  at  the  :me  which   was  involved  with   marke:ng  but  aier   a  short  while  I  became  self-­‐employed   and   have   been   ever   since.   I   am   involved   in   the   contract   and   office   furniture  trade  providing  products   for   schools,  offices  and  leisure  facili:es  all   over  the  country.  I  also  sell  safes  and   secure  storage  solu:ons  to   the  same   market. With MP Chris Heaton-Harris

Why do   you   live  in  Sprabon?  SpraLon   seemed  the  ideal  choice  as  we   had   previously  lived  in  towns  and  Judith,  being   a   teacher,  loved  the  village  school.   As  we  didn’t  really  know  the  area  it  seemed  as   good  a  choice  as  any!  Looking  to  the  future  we  chose  SpraLon  based  on  the  good   reputa:on   of   Guilsborough   School.   Aier   a   few   years   of   working   in   various   schools  in  the  area,  Judith  got   a  job  at  the   Primary   school  and   has  been   there   ever  since. Do   you   have   a   family?   Yes,   my   wife   Judith   and   our   two   children,   Ben   and   CharloLe,  both  of  whom  are  now  grown  up  and  have  flown  the  nest! What   do  you  like  about   Sprabon?  We  love  village  life  and  are  very  involved  with   many  aspects  of   it.  Another  advantage  of  SpraLon  for  us  is  that  it  is  not  too  far  a   drive  to  No~ngham  where  our  parents  and  other  family  live  and  it   allows  me  to   retain   my  season  :cket  at  No~ngham   Forest  FC  which  I   have  had  now  for   over   30  years   (I  think   my   first  one  cost  £18  to  stand  in  the   Trent  End!).  SpraLon  is  a   great  place  to  live  and  bring  up   children,  although  to  some  we  are  s:ll  new  to  the   village!! What   don’t   you   like   about   Sprabon?   I   do   miss   the   facili:es   that   you   get   rela:vely  nearby   by  living  in  a  town  like  a  gym/pool,  theatre,  cinema,  shops  and   so  on.


What do   you   do   to   relax?   Many   of   you   will   also   have  seen   me  pounding   the   streets  of   the  village  as  I  try  to  keep  fit  by  running;  the   Brampton  Valley   Way  is   good  too   but   a  liLle  too  flat!   Gardening   also  seems   to   take  up   an   awful   lot   of   :me. Have  you  travelled?  We  love  travelling  both  in  this  country   and  further  afield  and   have  just  recently  returned   from  North  Yorkshire   where  we  toured   around   in   a   vintage  VW  camper  van. Why   did   you   join   the   Parish   Council?  I  became   involved  in  the   Parish  Council  about   15/16  years   ago   when   I   was   asked   to   help   mediate   in   a   dispute.   Having   agreed   to   help   it   wasn’t   long   before   I   was   co-­‐opted   onto   the   council  and  a  year  or  so  later  was   asked   to   be   Chairman   and   have   been   ever   since.   It   sounds  grand   to   say   but   the   role   does   relies   heavily   on   the   help   and   support   not   just   of   the   Clerk   but   all   the   other  members  of  the  council.  

V-Dub adventure starts here

I have  overseen  a  few  conten:ous  issues  in  my  :me  from  the  building  on  the  Rec,   to  the  Folk   Fes:val,  the  Broomhills  and  other   planning  applica:ons,  as  well  as  the   current  op:ons  on  the  Neighbourhood  Plan.  It’s  all  good  fun  really!!   The  Parish  Council  is  one  of   the  most  ac:ve  in   the  district  and  tries  to  be  involved   in  all  aspects  of  our  rural  life  to  make  this  an  even  beLer  place  to  live.   Four   years   ago   I   was   also   asked   to   stand   as   Ward   member   for   SpraLon   at   Daventry  District  Council  and  at  the  recent  elec:ons  was  voted  in   for  another  4   years  with  an  increased  majority. Thanks  to  all  those  that  took  the  :me  to  vote  at  the  elec:ons,  a  near  40%  turnout   is  really  good  but  I  would  like  to  see  it  even  higher. What   are  your  Summer  holiday   plans  this   year?  This   Summer  we  are  ren:ng   a   coLage  in   France   and   our   children  are  coming   as  well,  with  Ben   flying   in   from   Germany   where   he  currently   works  aier   several   years   in   Japan;   CharloLe   is   a   liLle  nearer  as  she  lives  near  Leeds!





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Profile for Spratton Parish Council

Spratton Parish Newsletter June 2014  

News, views and events from the Northamptonshire countryside published every quarter by Spratton Parish Council

Spratton Parish Newsletter June 2014  

News, views and events from the Northamptonshire countryside published every quarter by Spratton Parish Council