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NEWSLETTER JANUARY 2009 The Public Library Serving the Town of Sprague, Connecticut February 17, 2009 - Study the Six Tastes and their relationship to the 5 elements, and how the Tastes affect our Doshas and general well being.

A New Year, a New You!

February 24, 2009 - Evaluate simple herbal treatments and learn the benefits of Pranyama Breathing and Yoga.

Ayurveda – the Science of Life. Ayurveda is a holistic science and philosophy. Through Aruveda you learn to bring balance and harmony to your life. Join Lorraine Cannatta as she guides us through a lecture series, each focusing on a different aspect of ayurveda. January 27, 2009 – Lorrraine will begin with an overview of the history and philosophy of Ayurveda. You'll learn about the Doshas, and have the opportunity to determine which Doshas are predominant in your life. February 3, 2009 - Explore the sub-Doshas of Vata Pitta and Kapha. You'll also be introduced to Agni, the digestive Fire and learn about it's relationship to sensory perception, digestion and assimilation. February 10, 2009 - Learn how to establish a Dinacharyai - a daily routine. This will include a discussion of Body Types and the appropriate oils for each body type.

March 3, 2009 – At our final meeting, Lorraine will stimulate all your senses with a feast for mind and body as we review what we have learned.

Each Workshop begins at 7:00 PM and will last about an hour. Space is limited. Call 860822-3012 to Register. Fine Forgiveness

– Begin the new year by eliminating your Library fines, and helping out your friends in the community. For each canned and nonperishable food item brought into the SPL during January and February 2009, we’ll reduce your library fees by $1.00. These non-perishable food items will be given to the Town of Sprague’s Food Pantry.

Update From George and Mrs. Drew George and I have been attending Family Dog I class for the past six weeks. We have two weeks left until we graduate to Family Dog II which will start on the 6th of January! Over the past four weeks our new training includes “down” and “stay” as well as walking exercises such as “come around”, walking in a “heel” position, and “spinning”. This past week we learned the “Really Reliable Recall” which is an instantaneous return-to-me command. We continue to work on all of our past training and “capturing” of good behavior with the “click & treat” process that we were taught. Some of the tricks that we are capturing include a bow and dancing toes… very cute. George is socializing after each class with his new friends and has shown an eventempered consideration for the littlest dogs. We both look forward to the upcoming weeks and months of training. ~ Mrs. Drew

Sprague Public Library, 76 Main Street, Baltic, Connecticut 06330; 860-822-3012

Children’s Programs at the SPL Winter into Spring 2009

The No-Good, Do-Good Pirates The Pet Dragon The Police Cloud Lighting a Lamp Crafts with Kristin Come in each week for a story with Kristin and stay after to make a fun craft. Begins January 24, 2009 Saturdays 1:00 PM to 1:30 PM

Mother Goose An Active 20 minutes of songs, fingerplays and reading! Followed by a period of free play. Each Tuesday beginning January 27, 2009. at 11:00AM and 1:00 PM

New Books @ the SPL

Making Music Join Mrs. Drew for a quick story and a short recorder lesson each week beginning January 28, 2009 Wednesdays at 11:00AM

Asking for Murder by Roberta Islieb Beverly Hills Dead by Stuart Woods (Large Print edition) The Hour I First Believed by Wally Lamb Killer’s Wife by Bill Floyd A Good Woman by Danielle Steele Giants Among Men by Jack Cavanaugh Watchmen by Alan Moore Graceling by Kristin Cashore L8r, g8r, Ttfn and Ttyl – all by Lauren Myracle

LIBRARY HOURS Monday – Closed Tuesday – 10 AM to 8 PM Wednesday –10 AM to 8 PM Thursday - 10 AM to 8 PM Friday – Closed Saturday – 10 AM to 3 PM Sunday – Closed

Please note – If Sayles School is closed due to inclement weather, the Sprague Public Library will be closed as well.

LIBRARY STAFF Barbaranne Warner Kathryn Waterman Kristin Elliott Miriam Drew


Pre-School Story Time Be ready to sit and enjoy great stories and then participate in a short craft. This story time runs for about 30 minutes. Begins Thursday, January 29, 2009 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM

New DVDs Hell Boy II Wild Hogs Prom Night Kung-Fu Panda Wall-E

New Children’s Books The Black Book of Colors Does a Sea-Cow Say Moo?

Sprague Public Library, 76 Main Street, Baltic, Connecticut 06330; 860-822-3012

Joann Lynch (Co-Chair) Alicia Smith (Co-Chair) Lois Chrzanowski (Secretary) Barbara Baldino (Treasurer) Helen Allen Christian Mueller Renee Mulkey Megan Feinglass (Alternate) Karen Sabrowski (Alternate)

January 2009 Newsletter  
January 2009 Newsletter  

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