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Facility Maintenance Services

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We appreciate the opportunity to provide facility maintenance services for your campuses. Selecting SP+ as your parking and facility maintenance partner would put to work for you decades of parking and facility maintenance experience. The SP+ management team brings to us over 24 years of multi-unit operations management experience with senior leadership positions in the hospitality industry in both regional and national concepts. As a result, we provide levels of financial performance, product quality and service that are true to our core values excellence, innovation and integrity and are unmatched in the industry. Out of respect for your time and in furtherance of our commitment to eco-friendly practices, we have limited the following written materials we believe you may find particularly helpful in evaluating our credentials and qualifications. We’d be pleased, of course, to provide any additional information you may request.


We look forward to meeting so that we can present our proposal and ideas in greater detail, and address any questions you may have.

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Nicole Hankins Vice President 

The SP+ Facility Maintenance Difference Quality: As a service line of Standard Parking, one of the country’s premier parking management services companies, we know firsthand that superior maintenance helps send a positive message to property tenants and customers. Real estate owners and managers trust us to perform all of their critical maintenance tasks. SP Plus Facility Maintenance ensures the highest standards for quality control and stringent hiring procedures.

Greener Cleaning: Our Company is extremely sensitive to the added responsibilities that strict EPA wastewater reclamation regulations impose on us and our clients. We use the most advanced, eco-friendly cleaning technology with a water recovery system that filters out contaminants. Our machines reduce water usage by recycling up to 98% of the gray water used for cleaning.


Communication: Good communication is vital to SP Plus Facility Maintenance because it builds better service and partnership with our clients. We have a dedicated maintenance manager for each project that provides your team with the schedule, before and after photos, and ensure quality execution from start to finish. At the end, we are all working towards the same goal.













SP+ Transportation offers sophisticated parking shuttle bus services for airports, municipalities, government agencies, corporate campuses, office buildings, hotels and healthcare and educational institutions. Our courteous, dedicated employees pull out all the stops to provide safe, responsive, reliable service and customeroriented services.

! Charter Services! In select markets, we offer shuttle and charter bus rental services to connect groups of all sizes to private and corporate events. With extensive experience in the limo and charter service industry, we deliver a comprehensive transportation solution that includes an experienced and friendly staff, state-of-the-art luxury vehicles and personalized customer amenities. Our experts are also available to provide personalized services, including assisting clients with group accommodations, ordering of meals, packing snacks and beverages for the trip and more. With a commitment to providing professional VIP transportation services, we work with clients to create the finest and most affordable solutions for their group outing.


Our services include: ‣

Airport transfers

Wine tours

Wedding shuttles

Ski bus shuttles

Cruise ship transports

Corporate/executive transportation

Party bus/limo bus

VIP transportation

! Routes and Scheduling! We stay connected to the road to deliver responsive and reliable shuttle services. After exploring the landscape, our team helps clients select the fastest, safest and most cost-effective routes and schedules to transport passengers to their destinations. We design alternative routes, pick-up and drop-off points, to accommodate traffic fluctuations, road closures and construction impediments. Each vehicle connects to our command center through real-time GPS tracking and advanced communications equipment. These technologies enable us to monitor vehicle locations, respond quickly to emergencies, make adjustments to routes and deploy more vehicles if necessary. Through strategic planning and constant monitoring, we create the safest and fastest means of getting passengers where they want to be.


At The Intersection of Clean and Practical Living


EV enthusiasts - growing in numbers by the day - want clean transportation options without sacrificing the practicalities of everyday living. This includes the freedom to charge at home - even if that means EV charging options in apartment complexes, condominiums, parking garages, and planned community developments. EV chargers offer practical charging solutions that embed easily into your parking structures and garages with minimum footprint and visual impact. Your EV product selections include:

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Wall-mounted charging stations for the garage Pedestal mounted single charging stations for car ports or driveways Pedestal mounted dual configurations for single-row parking spaces Pedestal mounted quad configurations for double-row parking spaces Smart charging stations configurations for smart home integration Level 2 and Level 3 charging stations for public (non-assigned) parking areas

The Benefit of EV Stations


The benefits of getting on board the EV revolution are numerous: ‣ Be one of the first to offer EV charging service to drivers who rent rather than own. ‣ Create a long-term advantage in a competitive rental market ‣ Add to your property value ‣ Consider an incremental monthly fee for the use of your EV charging stations ‣ Build your brand and positioning with a clean, sustainable message in your advertising and direct marketing to prospective tenants ‣ And remember, AV's EV charging stations are: ‣ Safe and reliable ‣ Full of proprietary features that go beyond baseline performance standards ‣ Easy to use, low-maintenance, affordable ‣ Seamlessly integrated into indoor and outdoor parking lots ‣ Wall or pedestal mounted ‣ Configurable for tamper-resistance ‣ Based on more than 20 years of advanced EV charging technology ‣ As electric and plug-in hybrid cars penetrate the gas-powered car market, your built-in EV charging infrastructure will give you a competitive edge - and a reason to advertise your development as an EV-friendly residence.

Your SP+ EV Solutions Specialist Andrea Breault is a Senior Facility Manager for Standard Parking (SP Plus). She has 10 years of transportation and parking experience. She started as a Principle Planner Aide for Morris County's Department of Transportation in New Jersey where is she engaged in state transportation projects, bicycle and pedestrian planning, and commuter alternatives. Afterwards, she work as the Transportation Demand Management Coordinator for Princeton University's Transportation and Parking Office, primarily managing campus shuttles, commuter travel options, and parking enforcement. She relocated to the West Coast and joined Standard Parking in October 2013. She has a Bachelor's of Science in Economics and a Master's Degree in Urban Planning.


Andrea is Standard University's point person for electric vehicle information. Previously, she was responsible for implementing the first electric vehicle station at Princeton University, as well as launching Princeton's first hybrid/electric car-sharing program. Currently, she is working with many electric vehicle vendors in the Pacific Northwest and is Standard Parking's liaison for all city and government-related electric vehicle policy.

What Is The Cost? ‣ EV stations costs anywhere
 from $2,000 to $4,000 a 

! ‣ Prices will vary by location.
 ! ‣ Prices will vary by vendor.
 ! ‣Special pricing may be 
 available by selected 

Facility Maintenance