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An Orange County child support attorney will represent you in child support and custody proceedings, thus increasing the chance of success. The attorney can help you cope with many aspects of the divorce like creating a stable environment for yourself and your children.

The Orange County child support lawyer can also help a father deal with a procedure aimed at proving paternity. This professional can give guidance and assistance in a wide range of circumstances related to the wellbeing and the custody of your children.

The Orange County child support attorney will make sure that you have the financial resources needed to raise your children. There are numerous additional benefits related to hiring the best lawyer. The attorney will file all of the necessary paperwork instead of you. Dealing with all of the court procedures related to the divorce and the financial support on your own will be an incredibly overwhelming task.

The financial support of children is both a legal responsibility and a moral obligation of parents, and one that the Orange County child support attorney at Sarieh Law Offices works to make sure is fairly and properly ordered, implemented and enforced.

For the further convenience of our clients, services are available in English, Spanish, Farsi & Arabic. In Los Angeles County or Orange County, contact the Sarieh Law Offices in Santa Ana for immediate assistance with your family law needs.

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