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The pet food

crisis VOL. 2 • NO. 10 May 2007

Jennifer McCammon Publisher w/ Broadway, Peach, & Scout

Lancea LaPorte Art Director w/ Banner

Is it just the beginning?

09 Hot Spots for fun

07 Fetch. . . . - Best friend connection set in [precious] stone

The event lineup this month includes everybody’s favorite dog run, Fido’s Family Funday in Vancouver, Bark in the Park events during a Beavers and a Timbers game, and a peek at good stuff coming up.

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No doubt about it: this is just the beginning. Some of the realities in food manufacture may shock you, some of the opinions should provide food for thought, and many of the resources should be helpful in making good choices for your beloved.

- Your pet can lend a paw in giving - Holistic Pet Therapist presents workshop - Fundraising gala brings Kentucky Derby to life

08 Shooting Stars The SPOTlight shines on local celebs. This month meet Portland Beavers and Timbers President and CEO, Jack Cain, and his dog Sugar — who routinely has the run of the park!

Marnie McCammon Eugene/Springfield Office w/ grandpuppy Roxy

- OHS offers sweet deal on kitty adoptions - Road tips for traveling with Rover - Pet parties du jour: can you say Bark Mitzvahs

14 Reader Spotlite 503-261-1162

Meet Yeti of Portland

- Seattle hotel chef a hit with visiting canines

12 Learning on the Spot

- Newman’s Own Organics give OHS a boost

Discover a new trick, learn its benefits to you and your pet, get the quick and easy on teaching it, and Go! This month: Emergency Recall

Distrubution Tammy McKinley 503-753-4654

- NPR releases animal crackups - Book helps kids deal with pet loss

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10 Spring fun is on the menu! Check out the pet-friendly venues rolling out the red carpet for prime time springtime fun.

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From the Publisher

A flavorful mix A

t this writing, we’ve just returned from an awesome weekend at the NW Pet & Companion Fair. It was great to meet so many of you in person — folks who share a genuine love for animals. The show was a great success, and our thanks and kudos go to a tireless Pat Dinan for a stellar weekend. I’ve worked with Pat for years, and these past two, there’s been a little bit of magic in his ideas and efforts. Nice job, Pat! Looking forward to next year. And to seeing you, dear reader, at the next event. Which will be soon, thanks to a great roster now through fall. Don’t miss a thing: see page 9 for details on the 20th annual Doggie Dash, two separate Bark in the Park events at PGE Park, the ever-popular Pug Crawl, and more. Great fun to be had, and we hope to see you there! Much happening in the news dept too this month, as the private and professional sector navigate the horror of poisoned pet food. I investigated this one personally, and found it alarming, fascinating, and eye-opening. Above all, it seems we’re now just barely scratching the surface, with much more to be revealed. As I spoke with the experts, it struck me how strange it is that in the murky beginnings of a situation you sometimes hear things that at first seem a little extreme. But that the more that comes to light, the less extreme those suggestions seem . . . and the more one feels doltish for failing to see the signs long before. It seems the smart money is (and has been for some time) sticking with trusted food-makers committed to the highest nutritional standards, or making pet food at home.




Which we’ll explore next month. Becoming increasingly popular, making pet food at home is — like many facets of the greater topic — controversial: one side strongly for it, the other against. We’ll explore the two camps and the bases for the conflicting views. As always, we’re not here to suggest you do one thing or another; we’re here to present testimonies based on experience, views from the experts, and resources — all to help you make the best choices for your beloved companion. The last person I spoke with in covering the recall was Sandy Adams, who owns Snowfire Farms pet food distributorship just outside of Eugene. With characteristic grace she unknowingly provided the perfect ending to the story: “Maybe having such a crisis affect the little creatures we care about is what it takes to get our attention and prompt us to start doing something different.” Short, sweet, and powerful. And a huge blessing if we could let this sad situation be the catalyst for the beginning of real change. We need to. Yours in everything pet,

fido 1/2 outstanding

Top Story

PET FOOD CRISIS may prove worthy catalyst Kristan Dael • Spot Magazine

na O relaxed Sunday afternoon a few years ago, I glanced at my mini doxie Peach and knew immediately something was wrong. I quickly did that instantaneous all-over body/bearing inventory all parents instinctively do. Finally it dawned: she was large. Blown up like a balloon, in fact. But other than a newlyacquired waddle caused by a rib-straining tummy, she seemed fine — bright-eyed and energetic as usual. I cased the house, seeking clues as to what she’d gotten into. Peach loves food, and is a

pancreatitis. The bag was on the floor, having been deemed unsafe, and here I was again, another animal down because of it! These are the memories in my head as great hunter; more than once I’ve come upon the numbers of animals falling ill and dying her — eyes spinning, amped with the thrill of from tainted pet food have mounted over the kill — greedily hunched over the body of a recent weeks. The fear, helplessness and shrew, a snake, or once, a great big mole. threat of losing of a beloved The mystery was solved companion can only be fully The root problem is in the laundry room, where appreciated through experibelieved to be wheat I found the open bag of cat ence. Words just cannot food on the floor. Knowing gluten from China convey the physical, mental dog and cat food were much contaminated with and emotional tightrope one different (the latter much melamine, a chemical finds oneself on the instant a richer and not meant for pet falls ill — especially when canine consumption), and used in plastics, fertilizthe cause is unknown. having recently endured a ers and flame retardants. While there is no way to dramatic feline health crisis confirm the exact number of triggered by switching the kitties’ food, I called illnesses and/or deaths related to the current DoveLewis, the local emergency animal hossituation, the Federal Drug Administration pital. (FDA) reports having received 10,000 com“Bring her in,” they said. plaints to date. We discussed various treatments — Peach really was huge! — and finally decided to let nature take its course, returning immediately if any worrisome symptoms occurred. You know, that same damn food nearly killed my cat Wolf just weeks before, triggering

What happened The root problem is believed to be wheat gluten from China contaminated with melamine, a chemical used in plastics, fertilizers and flame retardants. As the story has unfolded, scrutiny of food product coming from China has expanded to include that intended for human consumption — with concerns targeting drugs, pesticides, disease and simple rot. At press time, Wilbur-Ellis Company of San Francisco had just reported detecting melamine contamination in rice protein concentrate. The company is voluntarily recalling all lots of the product it had shipped to pet-food manufacturers. One universal sentiment about the crisis is that not only is it not over, it will be unfolding for some time. continued next page





continued from previous page

grade food product. The recent recall has triggered much conversation among all concerned about animal welfare, from food manufacturers to distributors to elected officials to advocates in every capacity. The best way to stay abreast of developments may be entering “pet food recall” in an Internet search engine and taking time to look at the numerous news articles and links on the subject. “There are too many unanswered questions in the past three weeks,” says Martin. “We’ve got to get some answers.” Sammons cites the number-one concern as misinformation. “What we’re hearing from veterinary experts is, ‘Don’t do a sudden diet

distributes healthy pet foods through her company Snowfire Farms just outside of Eugene, Oregon, agrees. “Always read the labels,” she says, “and ask yourself: ‘would you eat it?’ If you don’t understand the ingredients, find out what the definition is.” Again she asks, “Would you put it in your mouth? Would you put it in your baby’s mouth?” If not, she says, why in the world would you even consider putting it in your pet’s mouth? One facet of this situation that really rubs wrong is that food is paramount to survival, and consumers rely on the “pet food chain” — manufacturers, distributors and end sellers — to provide product that is not only healthful, but simply safe. “It won’t be the government that will make the difference,” says Martin. “It will be the public — by not buying pet food” that doesn’t make the grade.

“This situation is not a first or unique,” says author Ann Martin of Canada, who, after losing a pet to cancer, began investigating pet food in 1990 and later published the bestseller Food Pets Die For: Shocking Facts About Pet Food (1997) and Protect Your Pet: More Shocking Facts (2001). “We typically see one to two pet food recalls each year; in this case it happened that they were able to immediately source the problem: mycotoxins — deadly, moldy grains.” The most recent pet food recall, according to the FDA, was February 2007, when salmonella was detected in Wild Kitty raw cat food. Martin says in this instance, the company [Menu Foods] knew of the contamination three weeks prior to activating the recall. “So while aniauthor and pet food expert Ann Martin Making the grade mals were getting sick and dying, How to know whether a food prodthe company waited three weeks The last FDA recall was February 2007 uct is up to snuff? Look for humanto notify the FDA, during which time grade ingredients, or make it yourself, tainted product continued to hit the according to Martin. The latter opens shelves.” change; it will cause dietary upset.’ To the just one of many “cans of worms” surfacing contrary, says Sammons, “STOP anything Chip Sammons, owner of the Holistic Pet within this greater story: there are conflicting that contains wheat gluten meal.” Center in Clackamas Oregon, pet nutrition camps on whether it’s safe to feed pets food expert, author and host of the weekly radio While the first sketchy reports were all it took humans typically eat, on whether raw or flashprogram, Pet Nutrition and News with Chip for most pet owners to take immediate steps frozen foods are viable, and so on. Sammons, agrees, saying the FDA has covto protect their beloveds — checking recall For those who want a simple, immediate ered much up, protecting well-known compalists, changing brands, even preparing their solution not so different from a lifetime of kibble nies for financial reasons. For example, he pet’s food themselves — veterinarian offices, or canned food from the grocery or pet store, says, who Wilbur-Ellis is distributing to. “Next animal hospitals and humane societies everymost importantly, say Martin and Adams, learn week,” says Sammons, “this will be a human where continue to receive countless calls from to read the labels. One persuasive reason, food issue.” concerned folks asking what to look for, what says Martin, is meat meal, an ingredient comto do if they suspect poisoning, and how to Only time will tell what will happen with monly used in pet food. ensure their pet’s future safety. controlling the quality of both pet- and human“Do you know what meat meal is?” Martin The best thing, says Martin, is to know asks, and answers: “It can be anything from how to read pet food labels, or to prepare diseased tissue to euthanized dogs and cats your pet’s food yourself. Sandy Adams, who to road-kill to dead zoo animals.” Martin says she inadvertently discovered the road-kill connection while doing research for one of her books. “I assumed the companies picking up dogs and cats [killed on roads and not collected] were cremated. But talking to these people I learned the bodies were sold to a broker who sold them to rendering plants, which cooked them along with other materials, resulting in a mix that was sold to a company that used it in making pet food.” continued page 16

“This situation is not a first or unique.”

MULT CO. 1/6 NEW See our adoptable pets online!



CHECK IT OUT Food Pets Die For: Shocking Facts About Pet Food and Protect Your Pet: More Shocking Facts by Ann N. Martin, available at Contact Martin at Pet Nutrition and News with Chip Sammons Saturdays 10-11am on 1330 AM radio Recommended by Dr. Tony Buffington, DVM, PhD and member American Veterinary Medical Association: Pet food cookbook Home-Prepared Dog & Cat Diets: the Healthful Alternative by Dr Donald Strombeck Web site on home-cooked pet food

Local resources (Oregon)

Humane Societies (Central Oregon) (Eugene/Springfield) Southcoasthumane (Oregon coast south) (Portland Metro) (Salem) (SW Wash) South Pacific County


Best friend connection finally set in stone The concepts “man’s best friend” and “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” have come together as one, as pet owners have begun to commission their beloved’s cremated remains into high-quality diamonds. A woman from Rockford, Ill. honors her beloved pet Dachshund — whose remains she had transformed into two quality, GIA-rated yellow LifeGem diamonds — by wearing the stones on a ring she holds dear. New York City feline, Mercedes, was similarly memorialized, reportedly becoming the world’s first colorless LifeGem diamond. As pet owners increasingly seek unique ways to honor and remember their beloved pets, those providing after-life care are coming up with ways to do it. Since LifeGem started creating diamonds in 2002, thousands of customers have ordered stones to memorialize loved ones, human and animal. Spot will speak to some of these pet owners in the future. In the mean time, to learn more about LifeGem, visit

Does your pet have a helping heart?

Crunchy little newsbits to chew on

The Pets in The Pearl Online Challenge is getting underway, offering Northwest pets a chance to get in on the action and truly make a difference for their fellow four-leggeds. Here’s how it works: - Visit - Click to sign up your pet. - Create your pet’s profile, upload a photo and kick things off with an initial contribution - Email your pet’s profile & request for donation to everyone you know — they can donate immediately & safely online - Keep tabs over time and see how your baby does on the campaign trail The big cat and top dog who raise the most in this event will win super big, too: including

I am as passionate about rescuing abandoned animals as I am about fine homes. Every pet I have ever owned including our family dog “Sammy” found their “forever home” through rescue organizations. Let me put that same passion and caring to JUDY work for you. By the way,DAWSON don’t let the media scare you 1/6 area Real Estate market out of the market. The Portland is very strong and interest rates are holding. Give me a NEW call with any questions about the market or if you are buying or selling your home. Experience what Premier Service is all about.

Service you deserve People you Judy Dawson, Broker trust Office (503) 248-4663 ext. 1105 Cell (503) 341-5644

bragging rights and public acknowledgment at Pets in The Pearl this summer. Everyone who helps their pet raise $100 or more gets a Pets in The Pearl t-shirt. Some companies offer matching gift programs; check yours, they might just double your donation! If you’ve never been, Pets in The Pearl is a happenin’ street fair held in Portland’s Pearl District in July to benefit DoveLewis and the Cat Adoption Team. To learn more, visit or

OHS cats are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, wormed and mircochipped, and have a collar, ID tag, instruction book, carrier, certificate for a free medical exam and one month of complimentary health insurance — a sweet deal, as OHS adoption fees typically range $35-$100. Details

Holistic living for all-around well-being A Holistic Choice for Pets will be presented by Kerri Duncan, Holistic Pet Therapist, Saturday May 12, 2:30-4:30pm, at St Mark Presbyterian Church in SW Portland. Holistic care is an empowering approach to helping pets live their best lives through wholesome nutrition, a nurturing environment, and the opportunity to be happy and healthy. Duncan will present nutrition information designed to equip guests to make informed decisions that are right for them and their pets. She will explore the vital role pet food plays in a pet’s immune system, resistance to disease, and quality of life. Details

Captivated by the Kentucky Derby? Experience it right here in the Northwest May 5 at 6pm at The Aerie at Eagle Landing in Happy Valley. The benefit for DoveLewis will feature a silent auction, raffle prizes, a KenDucky Derby Race, music, dancing and more. $75 at the door includes hors d’oeuvres, beer and wine, no-host liquor, and — natch! — mint juleps. Kentucky Derby attire requested. Details

When it comes to kitties, OHS says double your fun Now, those adopting a kitty from the Oregon Humane Society can take a second cat home for half the normal adoption fee. All adoptable

This is Olive, a 4-year old female cat ready for adoption today, and Flick, a 7-year-old male who is also available for adoption. All OHS cats available for adoption can be seen at

On the road with Rover If traveling with furry friends in the coming months, following are a few tips for keeping you and your pet safe and comfortable along the way: • Get a current vet exam and take along a copy of vaccination records. • A collar and I.D. tags should be worn at all times. Bring a photo along, too, just in case. • Is an obedience refresher course in order? You be the judge. You don’t want him bolting each time the car door opens or he spots a squirrel. • Check destination states’ animal policies if you’re crossing state lines. • Pack food, food and water dishes, bedding, litter and litter box, leash, grooming supplies, a first-aid kit and any medications. Always keep drinking water in supply. • Select a secure carrier, or crate with enough room for your animal to sit and lie down, but not so large your baby is tossed during travel. Check specific requirements (carriers) and conditions (cargo, insurance) when planning air travel. continued page 14

It’s a beautiful thing. Find out what it feels like for the two of you to be totally pampered. Portland’s oldest pet hospital has been completely remodeled from top to bottom just to make you and your pet feel at home. When you come in

ROSE CITY VET 1/6 and give you a tour of Portland’s newest old ?? we’ll buy you a cup of Starbucks® coffee and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies

pet hospital.

809 SE Powell 503.232.3105



Celebrity Spotlite Sugar Cain, a 10-lb mini doxie, is one lucky dog: she has free reign of the field at PGE Park. Sugar gets a little more pep in her step when accompanied or sometimes chased around the bases by Ruby, a Rhodesian Ridgeback who is considerably larger. While it would seem Sugar might feel a little intimidated by the size of her much larger friend, she is totally confident and comfortable as the petite sidekick. Sugar’s owner, Jack Cain, is a lifetime Portland resident, and is president and GM of the Portland Beavers and president of the Portland Timbers. His goal is for baseball to succeed in Portland.

photo by BMAC Photography

Jack says, “We look a bit like Mutt and Jeff, but she loves to go anywhere I go. In fact, we have had to start spelling G-O in front of her, because if she hears the word she runs to the front door.” Each year on her birthday, Jack treats Sugar to a bit of sugar. One vanilla ice cream from Dairy Queen. Good dad!

areas All pet fu now lly itioned! nd co rai

Story by Alexa Meisler Photo by BMAC Photography

PO Box 815 Hillsboro OR 97123 LAUREL


DIGNIFIED 1/6Can Help How We • 24 hour emergency service,?? our phones are always answered • A Place for Viewing and Saying Goodbye • We Provide "A Place to Go" for families mourning their loss • Four State of the Art crematories • Guaranteed Private Cremation • Unique Cremation Urns • Granite Monuments and Engraved River Rock • A vast selection of Pet Loss books and literature 8976 SW Tualatin Sherwood Road Tualatin, OR 97062 Phone (503) 885-2211





Now that’s a dog run! Pets and their people will take over Naito Parkway and Waterfront Park Saturday May 12, when the Oregon Humane Society hosts its 20th annual Doggie Dash. The two-mile fun run/walk is open to everyone — with or without pets — beginning at 9:15am (runners) followed at 9:30 (walkers). Beginning on Naito Parkway, participants will cross to the seawall along Waterfront Park, and loop back. Before and after the Dash, the park will be booming with all kinds of pet-oriented fun, including agility demos, Frisbee training, contests, booths with goodies galore, and more. OHS staff will be on hand to chat and answer questions about pet behavior and disaster preparedness. Adoptable animals will also be on site. Registration is $20/advance, $25/day of, available at or on-site on event day.

A party in the park Saturday May 19 is Fido’s Family Funday at Esther Short park in downtown Vancouver. Billed as “a party in the park for dogs and their people,” the fun will include demos in K9 agility, flyball and disc, vendors specializing in all things “doggy,” entertainment, educational resources, a pet/people fashion show and more. Reading, costumed characters and a hay maze will be housed in Fido’s Farm while face painting and temporary tattoos are the specialty at “Arf” gallery. Other highlights include photo shoots, dog massage and more. The event is free, but there is a registration fee for amateur dog contests, including best costume, trick, dancer, singer, tail wag, and smile. Fido’s Family Funday is a fundraiser for the Foster Grandparent Program in SW Washington. Details

Get to the beach. . . and go for the gold

Baseball’s gone to the dogs The Portland Beavers and the Timbers are each hosting “Bark in the Park” events this month, allowing fans to take their best friends out to the ballgame. Host Fred Meyer will present the first 250 dogs through the gates with a dog bowl. Jack Cain, owner of a mini-doxie Sugar and president and GM of the Portland Beavers and the Portland Timbers says, “It is a big event. We had about 162 dogs come last year. It’s great: one dog will bark and then they all pick up on it.” Cain says, “We promote having fun at the ball park, and if bringing a dog makes it fun, that is what we are here for.” When Portland Beavers vs Las Vegas, May 20 at 2: 05pm Portland Timbers vs Carolina Rail Hawks, May 27 at 6pm Details or Tickets 503.224.4400

Now’s the time to plan and reserve your place in the first annual Doggie Olympic Games in Long Beach, Wash, hosted by the South Pacific County Humane Society. Saturday June 23, 1-5pm, all dogs of all ages, sizes and abilities will compete for fun and a chance to win the Gold, Silver, or Bronze Paw Print Medal. Each contest will be limited to 20 dogs, so now’s the time to register. Featured events are unique and fun, and so are their names — including, to list just a few: the Nadia Comaneci agility competition, the I Got Rhythm Musical Sit, the Fuller Brush Best Shedder contest, the Mariah Carey/Luciano Pavarotti Sing Off, Who’s Your Daddy? (the pooch with the most interesting parentage wins), the Peanut Butter Lick, the Rip Van Winkle Sleep Off , Dunking for Dogs (hot dogs, that is), and more. Visiting people can watch, cheer, and explore information and pet-related booths, and of course enjoy a summer day at the beach. Everyone’s welcome to visit the no-kill shelter for whom the day is all about. Admission is free; participation is a one-time $10 handler fee and for canines it’s $10/event or $40 for unlimited events. For details or to register, visit The Long Beach Peninsula is a dogfriendly place is built for fun and leisure. Check the Web site ahead of time — when the games are over, you may just want to stay awhile.

Grand Opening! Saturday May 12 DIRTY DOG 10:00 am - 6:00 pm 1/6 Fun for the Entire Family I CREATE

Self-Serve Dog Wash & Retail Shop Full Service Grooming 7853 SE 13th Ave. 503-234-7989

• Hot Dogs & Drinks • Kiddie Pools (for the dogs) • Treats • Local Artist • Reiki by EnerWorkings

Bring your Doggie Dash race number for 50% off a self serve bath SPOT MAGAZINE • MAY 2007



Great destinations for pets and their people Jacob Faris • Spot Magazine

You’ve been inside for months, watching the rain. But it’s a new day — a day just right to mow the lawn, wash the car, and take your special friend out for a little recreation. Thanks to a continuing cultural trend elevating pets to full-fledged familymember status, venues and events welcoming pets and their people continue to increase.

Eats Not only does The Berlin Inn serve German standards like fondue, wursts and fresh baked breads, there’s something for your special friend on the “Patio Pooch” menu, including baked treats from Great Dog Bakery. SE 12th & Powell, Portland. Anyone who’s been to Iron Mutt Coffee Company knows it’s all about dogs and coffee. Along with a brag wall, dog run, and complimentary water, Iron Mutt serves Portland Roasting coffee for humans. Northwest living at its best. 530 SW 205th Ave. For other alfresco dining, try one, some or all of the following (good idea to call ahead if the weather looks iffy). Bella Faccia Pizzeria - 2934 NE Alberta St, Portland. Canines have their own gated entrance to the patio off NE 29th. City Thai - 6341 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland Krackerjacks -2788 NW Thurman Ave, Portland Devine Café - open weekdays on SW 9th between Alder and Washington in downtown Portland Jake’s Famous Crawfish - 401 SW 12th Ave, Portland

Lucky Lab - 1925 NW Quimby in NW Portland; 915 SE Hawthorne in SE; and 7675 SW Capitol Hwy in SW. La Costita Restaurant -7405 SW Barbur Blvd, Portland MacTarnahan’s Taproom - 2730 NW 31st Ave, Portland Old Lompoc - 1616 NW 23rd Ave, Portland. A portion of the patio is “pet friendly.” Old Market Pub & Brewery - 6959 SW Multnomah Blvd, Portland Paragon Bar and Restaurant - 1309 NW Hoyt, Portland The Blue Moon Tavern and Grill - 432 NW 21st Ave, Portland Tin Shed Garden Café - 1438 NE Alberta, Portland Vita Cafe - 3024 NE Alberta, Portland (reopens the first week of May) Monteaux’s Public House - 16165 SW Regatta Lane, Beaverton Baja Fresh - where aren’t they? Wild Oats Natural Marketplaces

••• NEWS FLASH ••• Taking your kibble-muncher out to dinner depends on the weather. To rectify this, House Representatives Brian Clem and John Dallum have proposed a bill in the Oregon House that could give restaurateurs the option of letting leashed, well-behaved dogs inside the eatery. Take a peek at the bill at (reference HB 3521).

Play! For dogs and owners looking for a little social time, Lexidog hosts playgroups at its locations on Macadam and in the Pearl. The Pearl offers playtimes that are grouped by size: 10-noon, 12 lbs and smaller; noon-1:30, 30 lbs and under; 1:30-2:30 all sizes. Lexidog in Eugene has big plans for the warm months ahead, including more Mutt and Mingle gatherings, and possibly wine and cheese. Details 541-343-5394. The P-Town Peewees Small Breed Play Group is a group of owners and their toy breeds that meet south of the Woodstock Park off-leash area. Interest in the little gathering has grown into an every-other-Sunday affair. Alternating Sundays start May 13 at 11am.

Meet CeeCee – AKC Champion and Survivor.


eeCee, our 1-year-old Bearded Collie, came to Northwest Veterinary Specialists near death. She had been referred by our regular vet in Eugene. After NWVS ran tests, we discovered that Cee had severe heart and immune system problems. NWVS doctors NW VET administered treatment. Once healthy again, Cee went on to finish her AKC championship. But on her third birthday 1/3H she was stricken with further health problems. She became lethargic, refused to eat, had pale gums – something definitely was amiss and by the next day we were COLOR at NWVS. This time her immune system was attacking her red blood cells and platelets. NEW And, again, NWVS saved her life. Today at age 6, Cee is happy and healthy! Thanks to NWVS she is a living, barkin’ miracle!” — CeeCee’s Owners: Marty & Joanne Johnson, Eugene, Oregon

24/7 Emergency Service & Critical Care Internal Medicine • Oncology Ophthalmology • Neurology • Surgery Providing Speciality Veterinary Care at the Highest Level 16756 SE 82nd Drive • Clackamas, OR 97015 •


503-656-3999 •

CANINE PEAK PERFORMANCE 2X2 ?? 4945 SW 77th Ave. Portland, OR 97225 503-291-7400



Shopping While you’re out, here are a few pet stores that say bring the baby inside. Furever Pets - 1902 NE Broadway, Portland Pet Loft - 6333 SW Macadam Ave Ste 104, Portland Jari’s Dog Boutique -3000 SE Courtney, Portland Healthy Pet -16140 SW Boones Ferry Rd, Lake Oswego Nature’s Pet - 14700 SW Murray Scholls Dr, Beaverton Lexidog Boutique and Social Club - 416 NW 10th & 6767 SW Macadam, Portland; 7441 SW Bridgeport Rd, Tigard; 248 East 5th, Eugene Petco PetsMart There are also non-pet stores that welcome people and their pets. Many hardware stores, like Lowe’s, Home Depot and Ace, allow well-behaved dogs to tag along with their owners. The Portland-area Parr Lumber stores on MLK and in Rockwood are so petfriendly they pamper such shoppers with treats they keep stocked behind the counter. While REI is no longer pet-friendly (boo hiss!), the sporting goods store Joes (recently changed from GI Joes) still allows dogs to shop with their humans.

week, there’s no extra charge for pooch. Perhaps lesser known but sure to become a staple are self-guided hikes and walking loops published on maps available from Portland’s Transportation Office. With these free guides in hand, you and Rover can do some real roving. To fetch a copy, call 503.823.5185 or visit Like the nightlife? A night on the town can include a stay at one of several historic hotels, and you needn’t leave your four-legged companion home alone or at the sitter’s. Hotel Monaco on SW 5th and Washington caters specifically to pets. Monaco’s amenities include bottled spring water just for the dog.

The Benson Hotel, at SW Oak and Broadway, offers amenities like a temper-pedic doggie bed for a per-stay fee. At Hotel Lucia, at SW Stark and Broadway, the list of standard pamperings includes doggie toys. Visitors to Portland with pets in tow have many options for pet-friendly lodging, including Red Lion, Residence Inn by Marriott, La Quinta Inn & Suites, Motel 6, and Embassy Suites. Everyone loves the occasional trip to wine country, and Oak Knoll Winery is the perfect spot to enjoy famous Oregon varietals. Winery pro Eric says you can even get some frisbee in with the dog. The vineyard’s tasting room

at 29700 SW Burkhalter Rd in Hillsboro is open 11am-6pm Monday through Friday, 11am5pm weekends. Finally, after all the hiking, playing and wine-tasting, someone (let’s not name names) might be ready for a “B-A-T-H” (when you spell it, that special someone won’t see it coming). Roxanne at Dirty Dog Dog Wash offers facilities for just such an occasion. And you can skip the back


If you want a change of scenery from the same old neighborhood dog park, visit and use the “find a park” option to find a park off the beaten path.

continued page 16

On your barks!

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Adventures Sometimes it’s just leashing up and walking out the front door; other times it’s a little more. Erika from Nature’s Pet likes to take her dogs, Friday and Tyranny, all the way to the beach for some free time in the surf. You needn’t go all the way to the coast for a great adventure. David Schargel at Portland Walking Tours specifically recommends the “Best of Portland” tour for well-behaved dogs. He says it’s fairly common for owners to bring their dogs on the two-and-half-hour tour. Departing Portland’s Pioneer Courthouse Square Info Center at 10am every day of the


Supporting Community, Healthy Living, Sustainability, and Pets.

Saturday, May 12th (9:15 am run, 9:30 am walk) Tom McCall Waterfront Park ROSE CITY MORTGAGE 1X4 ?? Deborah Bjornstrom Loan Officer / Consultant

Run with the dogs and help OHS. This two-mile fun run/walk is open to all (you can even come without your dog), with all proceeds benefiting OHS.

register online at A benefit for:

Presented by:

Cell# 503-453-0280 Fax# 503-768-4210

Official T V S ponsor Official R adio S ponsor




Learning On The Spot Jennifer DuMond Biglan, BA, CPDT • Spot Magazine

Emergency Recall (Come!) The Goal: To teach your dog a special word that you will use only in emergency situations to get him to come running to you as fast as he can. This is probably one of the easiest and most powerful recall exercises you can do. The more you do it, the more reliable your dog’s recall will become.

Training tips:

Good neighbor vet 1/3v new

• Use rewards that your dog does not usually get that he will really want: roast beef, hamburger, pizza, lunch meat, cheese, chicken liver, etc (do not use average training rewards or treats given routinely). • Use a special cue, not your regular recall cue. Some of my favorites are: Stop, Treats, Hit it, Cookies, Puppies, etc. • Practice both inside and outside your house and in novel locations.

How to Train: Step 1 • 10-20 times a day, randomly walk up to your dog with a really high-value reward in hand, say your recall cue, then give the reward. At this point you’re not asking your dog to do anything, simply using Classical Conditioning to pair your recall cue with the tasty reward. Repeat this for 6-10 days, then test your recall cue. When your dog isn’t paying attention (i.e. he’s sleeping or chewing on something) go to another room and say your recall cue. If he comes running, praise profusely and give the special treat. Teach your dog that when he hears his recall cue good things are going to happen if he gets to you as quickly as possible! Step 2 • Work off-leash in a safe environment if possible. Place 4-5 food rewards on the floor in front of your toes. When your dog bends to eat them, sneak around directly behind your dog, wait for him/her to finish the treats and begin looking for you. When he turns his head around toward you, say your ER recall word, then place 4-5 more food rewards on the floor in front of your feet and repeat.



Step 3 • As your dog gets better start adding distance. Repeat Step 1, but instead of sneaking around and hiding right behind your dog, sneak around and hide 2-5 steps away so that she has to walk farther to get to you. Step 4 • If you are comfortable running add this step to increase your dog’s motivation to get to you. Repeat Step 3, but when your dog turns to find you say your ER recall cue then run 2-10 steps away from your dog (encouraging him to follow), place the treats in front of your toes when your dog gets to you, then repeat again.

Happy Training! If you have questions or would like more tips about this exercise, contact Jennifer DuMond Biglan at 541.686.6768 or, or visit

dog & cat boarding doggy day camp

Cascade Pet Camp, located in Hood River, Oregon (one hour east of Portland), provides overnight and daycare for dogs and cats. Five acres of fenced play yards, a 6000 sq.ft. rubbermatted play room and a caring, professional staff ensure your dog will have fun at camp no matter what the weather! New campers mention this ad for a free bison bone. 541.354.CAMP (2267) •

Pawterre is your online source for extraordinary gifts for dogs and their people. We offer a wide range of toys, collars and accessories that you and your dog are sure to love. Please stop by our booth #241 at the show to get your free dog ID tag and some sample treats for your best friend. See you there! Pawterre • 1-888-729-8377 •

Products & Services

Canine Couture, located in Lake Oswego, Oregon, is a dog boutique devoted to pampering your loved ones with products to satisfy all tastes and budgets. Carrying many styles of toys and free-range dog treats, to clothes and carriers for your little ones. We are also proud to offer Evangers premium dog food. Visit our Web site for items available in-store and exclusively online. Mention this ad for 20% in-store purchases and sign up for our newsletter for special discounts and promotions. Canine Couture 460A 5th Street Lake Oswego • • 503.699.4900

PetUtopia, the pet boutique whose products have been featured in Portland’s own Spot Magazine, The Oregonian and AM Northwest TV, is a place of perfection and delight, enhancing the lives of pets and the people who love them with unique gifts, accessories, food and treats and helpful resources. Also classes, seminars, special events & demos, photo sessions & more! Located in Beaverton, come see us at the fair! • 503.646.5937


Dignified Pet Services is dedicated to providing high quality after-care for pet companions. We believe that people who lose a pet companion deserve the same care and compassion as those who experience a human loss. 503.885.2211

DryFur Disposable Pet Carrier Cushions keeps your “Baby” DRY & COMFY while traveling. Soft like cloth and Dries Instantly! Rigid core keeps cushion lying flat and prevents bunching up. Air-cushioned for comfort. Available in 3 color-coded sizes to fit all pet carriers. Also great for crate training and senior pets. Winner Editors’ Choice for Best Pet Product of the year by CatFancy2005, Pet Product News2005 and DogFancy2006. Also available our NEW Pet Airline Safety Kits.

Pooper Patrol If you’re dreading that weekly pooper scooping job — give us a call and cross that chore off your list forever! Our reliable “Scoop Technicans” will do the back yard pick-ups for you! Or if it’s been a while since you’ve last cleaned up and you just want a One Time Catch Clean-up give us a call! 503.709.4242

Schroeder’s Den Daycare & Training for Dogs Come visit Schroeder & Linus as we celebrate our 6th year in business and 4th appearance at the Pet Fair. See why Schroeder’s Den is one of the most highly regarded daycare and training facilities in the Portland Metro area, and meet our wonderful trainer, Dr. Kirsten Nielsen. Schroeder’s Den is located at 2110 NW Aloclek Dr. #620 Hillsboro, OR 97124 503.614.9899 •

Good Neighbor Vet offers quality pet care at affordable prices. Services include exams, vaccinations, microchipping, deworming and great prices on Frontline, Advantage, Sentinel and Heartgard. All pets are seen by a state licensed veterinarian. Ask us about our Vaccinations by Lifestyle and our Puppy/Kitten Packages that include all series of vaccines, dewormings and a Microchip! Good Neighbor Vet 888.234.1350 •

Solid Gold Northwest is the local distributor of Solid Gold Holistic Health Products for Pets including premium maintenance formulas: Hund-n-Flocken, WolfKing and the new Barking at the Moon, as well as natural treats and supplements. Remember to ask any of our stores about our Klub Solid Gold, Buy 12 Get 1 Free program! 888-SGNORTH •

Laurel Acres Kennels in Hillsboro offers premier boarding for dogs & cats. Our large indoor & outdoor covered runs have heated floors, and all play areas are air conditioned when appropriate. Veterinarian recommended, Laurel Acres has certified pet care technicians are on staff, a separate, quiet cattery, and special activities for seniors, puppies and special needs pets. Come check us out at the Fair — we look forward to meeting you! 503.628.2169 •

Stay Pet Hotel A Boutique Hotel for Dogs! Featuring large private suites for low-stress lodging, luxury amenities, 12,000 square feet of play-yard space and tons of love! Located just minutes from Portland International Airport at 3606 NE Columbia Blvd Portland, OR 97211 503.288.STAY (7829) •

OTTO STEP INC., located in Albany, Oregon, has developed a platform step that simply inserts into any trailer hitch receiver. Load Fido and stow away after use. Named after our pet Otto, the step weighs in at 5.5 lbs. The 18” x 16” platform step holds over 200 lbs. We’ll be offering an Event Special of $10 off the retail price of $60. “Otto Step is a product whose time has come.” — The American Pet Association. or Toll Free 888-311-OTTO (6886)


Pet Products & Services Worth Noting




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• Build potty and exercise breaks into the travel plans, and make sure lodging is pet-friendly. Increasingly, hotels everywhere welcome pets, some with restrictions or special rates. Several chains, such as Loews Hotels, Westin and W Hotel, offer everything from oversized pet pillows to plush doggie robes to check-in gift packages that include a toy, ID tag, bone and turn-down treat. Some even offer doggy rubdowns.

What will they think of next Why, celebrating pet Bark Mitzvahs, of course! Read all about it in author Shari Cohen’s children’s book, Alfie’s Bark Mitzvah. Funny and light while embracing Jewish tradition and song, Alfie’s is the tale of a young beagle passing from puppy- to adulthood with a grand celebration including all his family and friends. Beautiful illustrations are topped off by a CD of children’s songs created especially for the book by internationallyacclaimed cantor Marcelo Gindlin. In addition to the public, the book is available from the publisher to pet stores, bakeries, shelters and schools for retail sales or fundraisers. Details

Newman’s at it again Movie star and businessman Paul Newman showed his true colors long ago — not only as a man of many talents, but one with a huge heart. And he’s done it again, this time donating 25 grand to the Oregon Humane Society. Newman’s Own Organics distributes various organic food products for both humans and pets, all profits from the latter going to organizations supporting animals’ well-being. Paul’s daughter and co-founder and president of Newman’s Own Organics, Nell Newman, said after visiting OHS last fall, “I was extremely impressed with the facility,

the services offered, and the people I met on my visit. . . . Newman’s Own Organics is proud to partner with the Oregon Humane Society and have our pet food part of their program.”

amazing the love they give. Life would not be the same without them. And as such, they deserve the very best. That’s why I make my own dog biscuits for them and wanted to share the same quality treats with our canine guests.”

NPR releases animal crackups Remember the one about the deer that ran track? Or the dog with the bad habit of sucking on hallucinogenic toads? NPR unleashes a zoo of batty stories in Driveway Moments 5: All About Animals, a two-CD set of the best animal stories heard on NPR programs. All quintessential “Driveway Moments” — selections NPR says are so compelling, listeners sit in their idling cars, waiting for a story’s end after having reached their destinations — the 21 selections range from the heartwarming to the bizarre and beyond. The CDs, hosted by Steve Inskeep of NPR’s Morning Edition, are available now at Proceeds support NPR programming.

Every dog has its day W Seattle Hotel’s Executive Chef Adam Stevenson knows dogs: most intimately, his own Gus, a 9-year-old Lab/Rott mix rescue, and Tucker, a 7-year-old Black Lab. The longtime pet lover is gaining a following for his ‘gourmutt’ treats, which he serves up daily at the hotel at 1112 4th Ave. Check it out: Says Stevenson, “There are not enough words to explain how much happiness my two dogs have brought me and my wife. It’s just

4 PAWS ONLY 1X3 ??


Book helps kids deal with loss of pet Author Bill Cochran of Dallas Texas was inspired to write The Forever Dog after the loss of his much-loved golden retriever, Mo. This is the story of Mike and Corky, best friends who plan to be together forever. The plan is upended when Mike returns from school one day to find Corky is gone, having died suddenly. Mike’s mom helps him craft a new forever plan, in which his memory of Corky goes “all the way into his heart.” Funny and touching, the story’s soft illustrations hit just the right note. The Forever Dog is available now at bookstores and online.

eti is our first fur-child. He is nearly 16-yearsold, and this Border Collie mix still has days he wants to run and jump and play. As our first dog, we had no idea what we were getting into when we adopted what we thought was a Cocker Spaniel mix from OHS. Our first clues regarding his genetics were when he would stare, and stare, and stare — always with a devilish glint in his eye and a smile on his face, along with this expression that he could read our minds — and his ability to herd us to the things he wanted, such as his leash or his food bowl. We have laughed at his many antics, and been taught by him that the counter has a two-tile rule — anything within the outer two tiles is fair game for this counter-surfing wonder. We had a close call with him in January, but thanks to DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital, he pulled through, so every day we are thankful to spend another day with this happy little prankster. Rene Pizzo, Oregon City

your delicious, healthy and affordable alternative to commercial dog food in the portland metro area


OPEN 503.888.2719 14


KYLA Approved with help from dog mom Jen

Planet Dog Zip Lead Retractable Leash My sister Kyla and I LOVE retractable leashes! They give us lots of space to run, sniff, and do other doggie stuff without our human constantly hovering over us. Our mom, on the other hand, HATES retractable leashes. The bulky plastic handle can easily slip out of her hand, encourages pulling, and they’re actually illegal in areas with 6-foot-long leash laws. However, used correctly (and safely), retractable leashes can provide dogs like me with much-needed exercise and sniffing time, and can make walks more fun for both humans and dogs. So, in our quest for new and cool equipment we came across the Planet Dog Zip Lead Retractable Leash.

Product Review

STITCH Tested,


The experts Stitch and Kyla share their home in Eugene, Oregon with 3 cats and 2 humans, and the occasional Greenhill foster dog. Stitch is a neutered 3-year-old mix rescue. He is a heavy chewer, loves to play with other dogs, to steal toys from his sister, Kyla, and to snuggle (no one told him 80lb dogs don’t make good lap dogs). Kyla is a spayed 4-year-old Siberian Husky Mix rescue. She is a gentle chewer, a Canine Good Citizen, and helps her human rehabilitate dog-aggressive dogs and puppies with play skill deficits. She LOVES to run!

- The sleek design that easily fits in the palm of your hand. - The Zip is the only retractable lead we’ve ever seen that also has a handle you can slide around your wrist, making it less likely the leash will come flying out of your hand. - Comes in sizes for both small- and large-breed dogs. - Retracts when your dog is close, making it less likely your dog will get tangled in his/her leash. - Can make going for walks with your dog more fun. . . for your dog!

Don’t Love - Kyla and I were extremely disappointed to find out that the large dog size only extends to 6 feet. . . that’s how long our regular leash is, so what’s the point. We wouldn’t recommend this for dogs over 50 lbs because of this (small extends to 12 feet, and medium to 10 feet).

Available at and Lexi Dog Boutique in Portland and Eugene

Calm silence means. . . I Want More!” Victoria Rose • Spot Magazine


Doggie Parenting 101:

My friend didn’t understand. Jetta lay quiet and still, seemingly resting and not at all concerned about the kibble ball. In actuality, however, she was asking for more.

tips & tricks on loving and living with dogs


ne morning a neighbor came over while I was feeding Jetta. She eats from a “Kibble Ball,” which is really called “Tricky Treats,” available in pet stores. I pour some of her kibble into it, then she rolls it from one end of my apartment to the other. The kibble rattles around inside as she rolls it around, falling out a piece or two at a time, making mealtime last a long, long time. Jetta is at risk for bloat, so I’m careful to feed her accordingly. Eating too fast is one possible cause. Eating from the kibble ball takes a good 20-30 minutes, and I don’t load all the food at once. I put some in, she rolls it around, eating along the way. Then she brings it back for more, rolls it around and eats, and again comes back for more. Jetta’s training is what I teach my students and their dogs. One behavior is to stay out of the kitchen and not be pushy. When Jetta needs a refill in her kibble ball and I’m at my desk working, she doesn’t push it at me. I’ll be focused on the screen, working the keyboard, and feel her presence. I look over and there she stands at a distance (giving me my space), holding the ball, wagging her tail, patiently waiting for me to notice. I take the ball, fill it, toss it, and off she goes for more.

If I am in the kitchen where Jetta is not allowed, she uses a different tactic to ask for more. So there we were that recent day, my neighbor and I, chatting in the kitchen. Sensing it was about time for Jetta to run out of kibble, I paused to listen for the rattling sound of the ball rolling around. Total silence. I said, “Jetta needs more food.” We walked around to the other side of the wall to find Jetta laying on the floor, her kibble ball five feet away. My neighbor said, “Oh. . . she’s done.”

I said, “No. She wants more.” My friend didn’t understand. Jetta lay quiet and still, seemingly resting and not at all concerned about the kibble ball. In actuality, however, she was asking for more. In my lessons, we train dogs to sit or down and wait when they want something, and to not jump, bark, push, pace, or otherwise invade personal space. And it MUST be voluntary. That means We don’t MAKE dogs do a thing, we make them WANT to. Jetta wanted more food, so she lay down, waiting. My neighbor became convinced when I asked Jetta if she wanted more and — full of life — she leaped onto her kibble ball, rushing to me with it, sat and held it, wagging her tail with great anticipation. She wanted more, but she was asking politely. Calm Silence means “More, please!” Good Dog, Jetta! ‘Til next time… Kiss Doggies!

Victoria Victoria Rose/Nanny 911 For Dogs offers in-home dog training and behavior modification. For more tips and advice, join her free 2000-member “Doggie Parenting 101” Email List. Contact her at 503.370-7000, 800.999.8539, or




Pet food crisis

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“Don’t forget: it’s all legal,” she says. Martin has researched pet food for over two decades, and while she resides in Canada, much of the product used in manufacturing pet food in Canada comes from the US, so her research generally applies to both countries, she says. Another noteworthy tidbit from Martin that sets the Ick-ometer to wailing is this: Over the past few decades, she says, veterinarians have had to use increasingly higher doses of the euthanizing drug pentobarbital to end an animal’s life. “The FDA, after much deliberation, determined dogs were developing a tolerance, as the drug has been frequently used in making dog food. At the time the FDA explored the matter in 1998, Martin says, some 42 dog foods were tested, and over half of them contained the drug.

How can they sell this stuff? Only pet food deemed prescription [containing drugs used in prescription diets for pets] are subject to FDA requirements. When Martin discovered the use of pentobarbital in pet food, she wrote to and heard back from Dr Stephen Sundlof DVM, PhD of the Center for Veterinary Medicine at the FDA. Sundlof’s letter, according to Martin, says “If there is a drug in food of any kind it is considered adulterated. This drug [pentobarbital] was not approved for use in pet food. That being the case, the FDA is not planning to undertake an investigation of pet food for the presence of pentobarbital.” When asked why the agency might on one hand state that the drug was not approved



for use in pet food and on the other say flatly the matter would not be investigated, Martin replied, “Maybe they figure it’s in small enough amounts. . . . But think about it,” she continued, “When you’re feeding your pet food that contains a euthanizing drug day after day. . . and that’s only one [possible] drug. . . there are also antibiotics, hormones — all these things [being used in pet food manufacture].”

Testimonies abound One needn’t look far to find volumes of testimony on both sides of the coin: too many cases of cancer, liver, kidney and other disease, and, on the flipside, stories of owners changing their pet’s food and seeing a real difference in their pet’s health — including turnaround tales of recovery from every imaginable ailment. Look a little further and one discovers that many people involved in making or distributing holistic and/or natural pet food today have a personal story that begins with an animal, and often a health concern. Local entrepreneur Rick Woodford began experimenting with dietary options after his dog Jackson was diagnosed with lymphoma. Finding his dog too weak for a raw diet, Woodford began to experiment with different foods. In time his efforts paid off: not only was Jackson enthusiastic about the food itself, but eventually his health significantly improved. Over time, friends and others observing his

Food for thought Some say the current pet food crisis was not an accident. Inferior ingredients have been used for many years. Recalls have happened, also for many years. Perhaps on a smaller scale, but the message was there.

continued from page 11

cramps and appointment. Check it out at 7853 SE 13th Ave in Portland, or call 503.234.4989 for grand-opening details.

According to the FDA • This is an ongoing investigation • 100% of wheat gluten coming in from China is being tested and reviewed • At this time there is no evidence contaminated wheat gluten was purchased by companies manufacturing human food products • The tracing of contaminated wheat gluten continues

efforts urged Woodford to take his products to market. When the recent crisis began, he was well into launching Dog Stew, his own line of pet food made from local meat and produce delivered weekly to homes in portions and according to menus tailored to each animal’s needs (age, weight, sensitivities). Woodford’s entrepreneurial timing may have been accidental, but certainly it was fortuitous, on all sides. He couldn’t have taken a new healthy alternative to market at a better time, and pet owners considering their options now had one more healthful possibility from which to choose. Adams of Snowfire says the focus on pet food safety will continue. And, she’s quick to point out, not only should people be concerned about wheat gluten and now rice protein concentrate (an ingredient recently added to the list of tainted product) in pet food, but about human food products as well, in which these ingredients can also be found. “Someone today said that while we may be eating it too, [rice protein concentrate and wheat gluten], we’re so much bigger. . . not to mention, it’s not our sole diet, as is the case with our animals.” Naturally the subject is front of mind for Adams, as with anyone involved in the business of pet food. What may be surprising is that her thinking goes well beyond the immediate, encompassing a broad spectrum of related issues. “I was recently delivering a puppy down in Bakersfield — which everyone knows is desert — and the folks I was visiting were having to dig a new well. Well, they’d dug to the first aquifer and found the water was poisoned from pesticides. They had to dig all the way down to the second aquifer — 800 feet — to get to healthy water.” Adams mused that it only took 50 years to poison the water in the first aquifer. “What about the next 50 years. . . what’s the second aquifer going to look like then?” Overall, Adams’ view is very big-picture. Not only should we be concerned about wheat gluten and rice protein concentrate, she says, and not just global warming. . .”but all of it.” “Maybe it’s an accounting time for us,” says Adams. “Maybe having such a crisis affect the little creatures we care about is what it takes to get our attention and prompt us to start doing something different.”

Happenings Saturday May 12, you and/or your dog can run or walk the two-mile Doggie Dash to benefit the Oregon Humane Society (OHS). Registration opens at 7:30am at Tom McCall Waterfront Park in downtown Portland. The best part? Naito Parkway is closed to vehicles for the occasion. May 19, Lincoln City hosts the 2nd annual Mutt Masters, a day of exciting competitions including tail wag champ, musical chairs, Dandiest Dancing Dog and LOTS more; best in show categories and pure breed events. Registration begins at 11am and the fun starts at noon. The registration fee is $5/category (except Best Photo ($1) and It’s a Surprise (free)). New this year is a Dog Parade at 10:30am that includes a meal stop — for dogs and people — and time for brunch on the beach. For humans there will be booths with pet-related information, gifts and kids’ activities. Spectator admission $2/person, $4/family. Proceeds benefit the Central Coast Humane Society, Dogs for the Deaf and the Lincoln County Animal Shelter. For more details or to register (early signup highly encouraged), visit If bar-to-mouth exercise is more up your alley, check out the Pug Crawl Sunday, May 20 (all breeds welcome). The $10 admission includes activities like a pug kissing booth and also benefits OHS. Join up at MacTarnahan’s Taproom, 2730 NW 31st Ave, at 1pm. Long Beach, Wash is the site of the first annual Doggy Olympics to benefit the town’s no-kill shelter. Read all about it pg 9 this issue, then get registered — events are limited to help keep this first-year event fun and sane. People and their pooches will compete in an obstacle course, a bobbing for weenies contest, the peanut butter spoon challenge and more June 23. Details The Lucky Labrador on Hawthorne hosts this year’s Dogtoberfest September 22. Dogtoberfest Pale Ale will be on tap for thirsty owners bringing in their dogs for a $5 washing. Proceeds benefit the DoveLewis Blood Bank is one of the largest volunteer-based blood banks in the nation.

As warm weather returns, the Rose City opens its arms in many ways to fun-seeking pet owners. Use this roundup for inspiration, and then check online resources like and, and the Furry FunPlanner in every issue of Spot for even more.

HEALTH & WELLNESS Back on Track . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Canine Peak Performance . . . . . . . . 10



Multnomah County Animal Shelter . . 6 Oregon Ferret Shelter . . . . . . . . . . . 17

Deborah Bjornstrom, Loan Officer/ Consultant . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7



Airpet Hotel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Elizares Kennels . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Laurel Acres Kennels . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Cascade Pet Camp . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Stay Pet Hotel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5

Bi-Mart . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Sellwood Dog Supply . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Snowfire Farm — distributor for healthy pet foods . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Solid Gold Northwest Holistic Products for Pets . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5

CREMATION / MEMORIALS Dignified Pet Services . . . . . . . . . . . . 8

DAYCARE Bow Wow Doggie Daycare . . . . . . . . 5 Daycare for Doggy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13

DOG WALKING Kritter Kare of Portland . . . . . . . . . . 15

DOG WASH Dirty Dog . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9

EUG/SPNG DOG GROOMING Grooming Dale’s . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17

PET SITTING Kritter Kare of Portland . . . . . . . . . . 15

REAL ESTATE Judy Dawson, Broker The Realty Network GMAC Real Estate . . . . . . . . 7

RESTAURANT Iron Mutt Café . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10

TRAINING Elizares Kennels . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 K-9 Agility . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Mt Hood Dog Campus . . . . . . . . . . . 17



Doggie Dash . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Fido Funday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Paws Across Portland (Radio Disney) 9

Good Neighbor Veterinarians . . . . . 12 NW Veterniary Clinics . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Rose City Veterinary Hospital . . . . . . 7



Bi-Mart . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20

Doodie Hunters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Pooper Patrol . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15

HELP WANTED PART-TIME EDITOR Seeking creative, perfectionist wordsmith who also loves animals to work at home on MS Word. Approx 10-20 hours month to start. Lots of room to grow with this vibrant young publication. Send resume and 2 writing samples to: No phone calls please. FRIENDLY PEOPLE WANTED To deliver Spot Magazine to newsstands. A few hours, a few bucks. Never leave your own neighborhood! 1-2 days per month. Downtown route available. To apply, call Tammy at 503-327-8692.

HOUSE & PET SITTERS KRITTER KARE OF PORTLAND Daily dog walks. Vacation pet sitting. “Overnites” & house sitting services. Caring for domestics & exotics in the tri-county area since 1994. Licensed, bonded, insured. Refs. 503-252-0599, 503-940-7761. DEPENDABLE RETIRED COUPLE Will do overnighters in general PDX area. Will visit once or twice a day to feed pets in Newberg, Dundee or Sherwood areas. Ref’s. 503-537-9719 or 503-679-5613.

LEGAL SERVICES BANKRUPTCY & PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEY Let me help you file for bankruptcy – stop creditors’ calls - take control of your life. Aaron Varhola, 503546-7913.

PET FOOD FLINT RIVER RANCH THE HONEST KITCHEN Super premium pet foods. Made with all natural human grade ingredients. No chemical preservatives or by-products 503-231-0115 or 888-897-0115

PET SITTING DEPENDABLE RETIRED COUPLE We do overnight and vacation house and pet sitting. Dogs, cats, horses, whatever! Responsible with great references. 503-537-9719. PET SITTING BY SKYE NW Portland / Scappoose. 6 acres in country, space, clean – no kennel. Refs. 503-543-4815



COMPANIONS FOR LIFE 300 cats & kittens looking for forever home, altered, tested, vaccinated, microchipped, indoor, ready to love. Adoption fee $60-$125. 7 days/week 10-6 Cat Adoption Team 503.925.8903 Volunteers welcome. Fosters needed.

FOREST PARK BED & BISCUIT Dog daycare, overnights & basic grooming while you wait or play. Private setting in NW PDX, close to Montgomery Park. Call Linda for details (503) 7689932 or (971) 570-3646.

LISA & FRIENDS PET SITTING Quality pet care in a comfortable home environment at great prices. In-home visits also available. All pets welcome. Refs. 503-490-3762

WHAT IS YOUR PET DOING ALL DAY? Chewing, Digging, Barking Bored and Missing You. Call A LUCKY DOG. 1-800-GO-LUCKY

FURRY DUTY IN HOME CARE Boarding/Daily Walking. Contact Char 503.829.7181 or or MiriamatFurryDuty@ or 503.807.4578

BOARDING Park Your Car Board Your Pet Board Your Flight

• 5 minutes from Portland International Airport • Open 24-7 by appointment for check-in and check-out • Next to park-and-fly services • Voted "Best Doggie Dash" By Willamette Week, 2004

We Cater to Your Schedule • 503-255-1388

$20/DAY AJ’S K9 KAMP Visit the photo page on Day care & overnight home care. Canines under 30 lbs. Nr the airport. 15 yrs exp. Licensed. Insured. 503-252-7652. CLUB MUTT. . . a bed & bone Homestyle boarding – SW Bvtn. If you’re a dog, you’re a member. Yappy Hour Daily. Join us! Reserve early & avoid the rush. 503.296.0878.

DOG GROOMING EUGENE/SPRINGFIELD Lavonna’s Mut Hut 1285 Maclay Eugene (541) 461-2991


PET TRAVEL FOR THE TRAVELING DOGS WITH FAMILIES Otto Step! Completely portable platform step for loading and unloading Fido. Insert into any 2” trailer hitch receiver, load and stow after use. Visit or call 888-311-OTTO (6886).

HAPPY PALS DOG TRAINING Have fun w/your dog teaching manners and/or earning titles in obed, rally, conf, or tracking. Judges from several orgs. Private lessons, your home or our facilities. Call Loanne or Roger 503-359-9297. K9 BEHAVIOR COMPANY Private in-home training. Perfect puppy – right from the start! Behavior modification for your out-a-control adolescent dog. Help with your shy or aggressive dog. Gentle reward-based methods. Call Deb Walker 503.704.7481 or visit


RESCUE Grooming-Dales (Dee) 28 West Q St. #F Springfield (541) 726-PETS (7387) With 30 Years of Quality Care

DOG WALKING / PET SITTING BUCK’S ADVENTURE DOGS PET SERVICES Loving care for your entire animal family! Dog walks & in-home visits. Insured & bonded. 971-207-7127. SPOT MAGAZINE • MAY 2007


17 thursday 5:30pm — Volunteer Orientation at WHS in Salem. Lots of ways to get involved. Drop-ins welcome. Details 7pm — Pet Loss Support Group at DoveLewis Hospital, 1945 NW Pettygrove. Details


1 Tuesday

6 sunday

5:30pm — Understanding Your Dog class at Willamette Humane Society in Salem. A prereq class held Tuesdays 5:30-7pm, Saturdays 1-2:30. Better understand your dog for a better relationship. Topics include: Dog logic (why they do what they do), leadership, behavior solutions, crate training & more. $10/class, dogs stay home. Details 5:30pm — Volunteer Orientation at WHS in Salem. Lots of ways to get involved in the best work there is. Details

10am — Sunday Playgroup at Lexidog in Portland’s Pearl District. Small dogs get to play with friends their own size. Playtimes grouped by size: 10am-noon: 12 lbs & under; noon-1:30pm: 30 lbs & under; 1:30-2:30: all dogs all sizes. Details or 503.243.6200.

2 wednesday

1pm — Puppy Romp at Schroeder’s Den with Dr Kirsten Nielsen CPDT, Sundays at Schroeder’s Den Daycare for Dogs in Hillsboro. Open to vaccinated puppies 10 weeks-6 mos. Info or 503.614-9899.

6:10am — Meet the KGW Channel 8 Featured Pet during the weather report. 7:50am — Meet the K103 Pet of the Week presented by MCAS on K103 FM Radio.

3 thursday Noon — Pet Loss Support Group at DoveLewis Hospital, 1945 NW Pettygrove in Portland. Details

4 friday 10am — Adoption Outreach: Spring National Adoption Weekend with Oregon Humane Society (OHS) at PetsMart in Hillsboro. Details

Noon — Adoption Outreach with OHS at Wild Oats, 2825 E. Burnside in Portland. Spring National Adoption Weekend continues 10-2 today at PetsMart in Hillsboro. Details

2:30pm — Dog Massage for Owners class taught by a certified animal massage therapist. Register at Urban Fauna, 235 NW Park Ave in Portland by May 4. Fee is $25/dog-owner combo; beds provided. Details or 503.380.4487.

7 monday • Happy Anniversary LexiDog! Anniversary week runs now through May 12, with special sales at all stores. 6pm — Foster Care Orientation at Greenhill Humane Society in Eugene. Details

5 saturday 10am — Pet Loss Support Group at WHS in Salem. Help for those grieving the loss of a pet or facing a euthanasia decision. Details 10am — Pet Nutrition & News with Chip Sammons on 1330 AM Radio. Owner of the Holistic Pet Center, “The Health Food Store for Pets” in Clackamas, Sammons is an expert in all things pet. On the air since 1994, Sammons is committed to helping share info to help pets live long, healthy, happy lives.

8 tuesday 5am — Cat Adoption Team’s Pet of the Week on KOIN News 6’s Good Morning Northwest at 5 & 6am. 6pm — Pet Loss Support Group at The Humane Society for SW Washington. Details

9 wednesday

11am — Meet Rabbit Advocates Volunteers at Western Pet Supply, 6908 SW BeavertonHillsdale Hwy in Beaverton ‘til 2. The friends will chat about adopting rabbits as in-home pets, introduce adoptable bunnies & provide resources.

7:50am — Meet the K103 Pet of the Week presented by MCAS on K103 FM Radio.

Noon — Adoption Outreach with OHS at Furever Pets, 1624 SE 19th in Portland. Details Spring National Adoption Weekend continues 10-2 today at Tigard PetsMart.

9am — Pet Loss Support Group at DoveLewis Hospital, 1945 NW Pettygrove.

Noon — Animal Aid Show & Tell Saturday ‘til 4 at the shelter at 5335 SW 42nd Ave in Portland. Weekday visiting 11-4. Details 12:30pm — OHS Canine 101 (aka “Problem Pooch”) class at the Portland shelter. For those considering pet parenthood or who want to understand why Fido does what he does. Discussion and Q & A; pets stay home. Admission $10; no need to RSVP. Info Offered again May 19.

10 thursday 6pm — Caring for Senior Pets class at Greenhill Humane Society in Eugene; $15. RSVP to 541.689.1503 ext 116; details

11 friday 10am — Zoo Mother of The Year Celebration at the Oregon Zoo. One of the zoo’s moms will be honored with a special Mother’s Day treat.

12 saturday • OHS’s 20th annual Doggie Dash — one very fun dog run! — at Waterfront Park. Register at



2 0 0 7 2-mile walk/run open to all (even if you don’t have a dog). 10am — Celebrating Wildflowers at the Oregon Zoo. Join the Bureau of Land Management for a fun & beautiful celebration of native NW wildflowers. Exhibits, kids’ activities and info about naturescaping the garden to attract wildlife. 10am — Pet Nutrition & News with Chip Sammons on 1330 AM Radio every Saturday. Details May 5. Noon — Animal Aid Show & Tell Saturday ‘til 4 at 5335 SW 42nd Ave. Weekday visiting 11am-4pm. Details Noon — Animal Communicator Faye Pietrokowsky will be at Howl At The Moon, 13501 NE 84th St in Vancouver, offering consults in 10- and 15-minute sessions ($20 and $30, respectively) ‘til 5. Learn about your animal’s behavior & attitudes (they needn’t be there, but bring a photo). RSVP/Info 360.8911935 or Learn more about Faye at 2:30pm — A Holistic Choice for Pets presented by Kerri Duncan, Holistic Pet Therapist, at St. Mark Presbyterian Church, 9750 SW Terwilliger Blvd in Portland. Pets can enjoy improved health & other benefits from home-prepared meals, or quality commercial food supplemented with fresh foods. Kerri will present valuable nutrition information to help you make an informed decision that’s right for you and your pet. Details 503.342.6725 or 6:30pm — 9th annual Furball for Feral Cat Coalition ‘til 10:30 at World Forestry Center above Washington Park in Portland. Egyptian attire or black tie optional; Sharon Kitzhaber is honorary chair. Admission $75/advance, $90/door. Featured highlights include silent & live auctions. Details 503.797.2606.

13 sunday 9am — Mother’s Day Brunch at the Oregon Zoo. RSVPs recommended: 503.525.4299. 10am — Sunday Playgroup at Lexidog in Portland’s Pearl District. Small dogs play with friends their own size. Playtimes grouped by size: 10am-noon: 12 lbs & under; noon-1: 30pm: 30 lbs & under; 1:30-2:30: all dogs all sizes welcome to play. Details 1pm — Puppy Romp at Schroeder’s Den with Dr Kirsten Nielsen CPDT, Sundays at Schroeder’s Den Daycare for Dogs in Hillsboro. Open to vaccinated puppies 10 weeks-6 mos. Info or 503.614-9899.

16 wednesday 7:50am — Meet the K103 Pet of the Week presented by MCAS on K103 FM Radio. 7pm — Pet Loss Support Group at DoveLewis at 10564 SE Washington, near Mall 205 in Portland. Details

18 friday • Feral Cat Coalition presents Flex Clinic and Volunteer Orientation.

19 saturday 9am — Adoption Outreach at Springwater Corridor, 18th & Ochocost in Portland. Outreaches also today noon-4 today at Jantzen Beach Home Depot & Dog Star, 1313 NW Kearney in Portland. 9:30am — Fido’s Family Funday at Esther Short Park in downtown Vancouver, Wash (next to the Farmers Market) ‘til 3. This party in the park for dogs & their people will feature demos in K-9, agility, flyball, and disc, vendors of all things “doggy,” kids’ entertainment & pet-related education, a “doggie/human” fashion show, reading, costumed characters & a hay maze in Fido’s Farm; an “Arf” gallery; doggy massage; nutritional info & resources & more. The free event is a fundraiser for SW Washington Foster Grandparent Program, however there is a registration fee for amateur dog contests that include best costume, trick, dancer, singer, tail wag, and smile. Details 360.750.7500 ext 393 or Claudia.dalton@ 10am — ANIMAL AID presents adoptable pets ‘til 2 at Western Pet Supply in Portland. Details 10am — Pet Loss Support Group at WHS in Salem. Help for those grieving the loss of a pet or facing a euthanasia decision. 10am — Pet Nutrition & News with Chip Sammons on 1330 AM Radio every Saturday. Details May 5. 11am — Dog Wash ‘til 5 today at Lucky Lab, 1945 NW Quimby in NW Portland to benefit DoveLewis. Details Want to be a volunteer dog washer? Contact the volunteer coordinator, Noon — Animal Aid Show & Tell Saturday ‘til 4 at the Portland shelter. Details Noon — Happy Birthday to CAT! Help celebrate Cat Adoption Team’s 9th Birthday with CAT staff, volunteers past & present, adopters and supporters. Lots to celebrate at the Sherwood shelter: nine years of saving lives & placing 13,000 cats into loving homes. Join in for fun, food, music, tours & giveaways. “A Week in Purr-adise” raffle winner will be drawn at 3. Details/Directions 503.925.8903. 5pm — Zoo Brew at the Oregon Zoo ‘til 10pm. Enjoy your favorite NW microbrews & entertainment. Details 503.220.2492.

20 sunday • Feral Cat Coalition presents Portland TNR Clinic. 10am — Sunday Playgroup at Lexidog in the Pearl. Small dogs play with friends their own size. Playtimes grouped by size: 10am-noon: 12 lbs & under; noon-1:30pm: 30 lbs & under; 1:30-2:30: all dogs all sizes welcome to play. Details

To submit items for consideration in the Furry FunPlanner, e-mail or FAX 503-261-8945

1pm — OHS’s 7th annual Pug Crawl at MacTarnahan’s Tap Room. Check out the world’s largest gathering of pugs! Details 1pm — Puppy Romp at Schroeder’s Den with Dr Kirsten Nielsen CPDT, Sundays at Schroeder’s Den Daycare for Dogs in Hillsboro. Open to vaccinated puppies 10 weeks-6 mos. Info or 503.614-9899. 2pm — Bark in the Park at the Beavers Game at PGE Park in Portland.

1:30pm: 30 lbs & under; 1:30-2:30: all dogs all sizes welcome to play. 6pm — Bark in the Park during the Timbers Game at PGE Park in Portland.

30 wednesday 6:10am — Meet the KGW Channel 8 Featured Pet from MCAS. Broadcast during the morning weather. 7:50am — Meet the K103 Pet of the Week presented by MCAS on K103 FM Radio.

21 monday 7pm — Pet Loss Support Group at DoveLewis Hospital, 1945 NW Pettygrove. Details

22 tuesday 5am — Cat Adoption Team’s Pet of the Week on KOIN News 6’s Good Morning Northwest at 5 & 6am.

23 wednesday 7:50am — Meet the K103 Pet of the Week presented by MCAS on K103 FM Radio.

25 friday • Autos for Animals through May 27. Hertz Car Sales on W 11th in Eugene will donate $100 to Greenhill for every car sold over the weekend. There will be adoptable animals at the dealership Friday 3-7pm, Saturday & Sunday 11-3. Details

26 saturday 10am — Pet Nutrition & News with Chip Sammons on 1330 AM Radio every Saturday. Details May 5. Noon — Adoption Outreach with OHS ‘til 4 at both PetsMart in Clackamas and Wild Oats at Bridgeport Village.

27 sunday 10am — Sunday Playgroup at Lexidog in Portland’s Pearl District. Playtimes grouped by size: 10am-noon: 12 lbs & under; noon-

ALL MONTH LONG • ARE YOU A MATCHMAKER? Cat Adoption Team is seeking Adoption Counselors to help kitties meet their purr-fect match. Needed daily at the Sherwood shelter & weekends at the shelter & outreach events in Tigard, Clackamas, Hillsboro, Tualatin & Wilsonville. Details 503.925.8903 or • BE A SWEETHEART: Foster a dog or cat from Animal Aid. Also, Adoption Counselors needed to lend hearts/hands at AA’s no-kill shelter & outreach events. Details 503.292.6628 or • CAT ADOPTION TEAM is now accepting Oregon Spay/Neuter Fund Coupons. Details/ Coupons • EUGENE-AREA ADOPTABLE CATS available to meet daily in the PetsMart Cattery, 2847 Chad Drive. The kitties come from Lane County Animal Regulation and are microchipped and spayed/neutered. • FOSTER A DOG OR CAT. Open your home & heart to a homeless pet until they find their furrever home. Contact Animal Aid, 503.292.6628 to learn how. Details • FOSTER HOMES NEEDED. Learn all about it; call Cathy Nechak or Krista Wells at Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals, 503.327.8849, or visit • GOT A GEM OF A PET? Pets in the Pearl seeks helping paws now through July. Sign your pet up for the Pets in The Pearl Online Fundraising Challenge; the top cat & top dog will win a super prize, bragging rights and be honored at the Pets in The Pearl fundraising festival in July. Details

• GOT OLD INK CARTRIDGES OR CELL PHONES? Recycle them at CAT. Details • GOT ISSUES? Behavior questions answered free by the friendly folks at OHS; call 503.416.2983. • HELP OHS TAKE HOMELESS PETS into the community. Trainings held monthly; details 503.285.7722 ext 204. • IS YOUR DOG A SUPERHERO? Learn about the DoveLewis blood donor program at • MALL CRAW AT LLOYD CENTER to benefit DoveLewis. Annual “Shop for a Cause” event lets shoppers earn a point for every dollar spent. Take receipts to customer service & request points go to DoveLewis. Three featured retailers offer double points each week. Details • NEUTER/SPAY & KEEP PETS FOR LIFE! It’s good for pets, people & communities. Please neuter/spay babies at age 4 mos or younger. Help get feral cats spayed & neutered, too. Directory/Info at neuterspayoregon.blogsp • OFOSA ADOPTABLE DOGS & CATS. Dogs, puppies, cats & kittens ready for loving homes at Beaverton Petco every weekend. Details Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals also needs volunteers; details 503.327.8849. • OPEN YOUR HEART & HOME to “special needs” foster cats or kittens. Mother cats & their kittens at CAT need loving hearts/ hands to nurse and bottle-feed orphaned or abandoned kittens, help sick/injured kitties heal, to provide long-term residents time away from the shelter, and to socialize shy or timid cats. Details 503.925.8803 ext 5 or • OTHER MOTHERS ANIMAL RESCUE, the young shelter caring for puppies, kittens & mothers, is on the Web at See photos of adoptable animals, volunteer opportunities, info, links & resources. • OVER 400 ADORABLE KITTENS & CATS ready for loving homes eagerly hope to meet you: at the Sherwood shelter 7 days, 10-6 (‘til 7 Fri/Sat), during open hours daily at PetsMart in Wilsonville, Clackamas, Hillsboro & Tigard; at Pet Loft in Portland, Petco in Tualatin & Tanasbourne Saturdays & Nature’s Pet in Beaverton. Details

• PAWS IN NEED IN VANCOUVER. The Humane Society for SW Washington is seeking foster families, dog walkers, and outreach volunteers. Volunteer Orientations are presented twice a month. Details • POPPA, OREGON’S ONLY STATEWIDE SPAY/NEUTER REFERRAL & assistance service for dogs, cats, rabbits & other companion animals, is an all-volunteer organization that’s subsidized over 11,000 spay/neuter surgeries since 2001. Make taxdeductible donations (safely) in any amount at • PUPPY PRESCHOOL IN EUGENE/ SPRINGFIELD with Jennifer DuMond Biglan of Dog & Cat LLC. Learn positive training techniques to strengthen your relationship, prevent & fix problem behaviors & help your dog learn good manners. Saturdays; RSVP required: 541.686.6768 or • READ TO THE DOGS at area libraries. Youth improve their reading & social skills by reading aloud to therapy dogs. Contact your branch for info or to RSVP. • VOLUNTEER TRAINING AT CAT in Sherwood every 2nd & 4th Saturday at 10am. Details 503.925.8903 ext 226 or kmiddleton@catado • WIN “A WEEK IN PURR-ADISE,” Cat Adoption Team is raffling a dream vacation including air & 4-star lodging in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Tickets are $20 or 3/$50.


2 Saturday 7:30am — 3rd Annual FIDO Day at Clackamas Community College in Oregon City. Registration 1st hour, walk at 8:30; $10/Doggie Bag for 1st 100. Fido Day Activities 9-3: vendors, cheap vaccinations, microchipping, licensing. 11am — Pong n Gong at Lucky Lab, 915 SE Hawthorne, Portland. Win official bragging rights as a Ping Pong champ at this Starbucks-sponsored tournament to benefit DoveLewis. $20 gets you in the game; the winner will receive a cash prize. Registration at 11 (or at, tournament at 1.

KPSU Fathers & Families Show 1450 AM Thursdays at 6:00 Featuring Portland Family with Weekend Highlights Plan your weekend in a flash! * Coming

up on Fathers & Families with your host Jim Whinston

May 3, 2007: Mel Feit on an equal partnership between men and women, on our 12th anniversary show. May 10, 2007: Sonja Harju on HB 3315, the False Accusations Bill in Oregon.


May 17, 2007: Meg Bowman, Family Mediation Specialist, Resolutions Northwest. May 24, 2007: Q Madp on honoring the troops in Iraq, his web site, and fighting for an enclave of democracy in the Middle East. May 31, 2007: Jennifer McCammon, Spot Magazine, on the growing phenomenon of pets.

*Subject to change. SPOT MAGAZINE • MAY 2007



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May 2007 - Spot Magazine  

Everything Pet in the Northwest!

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