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Name: Duffy Hanranhan DeBrie Age: 7 years Breed: Yellow Labrador People: Liz and Brian DeBrie Territory: as of 10/7/06 Duffy and his people

VOL. 2 • NO. 4 November 2006

moved to Tucson AZ. Prior to that they were in the Portland OR area.

Sign: Pisces Turn-ons: Play time, Greenies, and his toys. Turn-offs: Yappy little dogs, he gives them a bark and then ignores them....

Jennifer McCammon Publisher w/ Broadway, Peach, & Scout

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Doggy Day Care & Social Clubs — Boarding your pet ain’t what it used to be

Meet Spot’s Friends, Jersey and Coby A pair of “Saints” whose people, Scott and Tammi of Aloha, share a great story this month. Small business owners, the couple also has two springer spaniels, five indoor cats, fish, and more than a few wild furry & feathered friends.

Jersey (L) & Coby with a friend

Today’s pet parents expect — and get — superlative accommodations. In fact, schedules read much like children’s daycares, listing drop-off and pick-up times, playtimes, potty breaks & naptimes! Spot’s coverage wraps with tips on choosing a daycare and important questions to ask, plus an extensive list of daycares and ‘puppy clubs’ throughout the region.

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Events throughout the region: play groups, adoption outreach events, festivals & celebrations

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What’s a dog to do when they’ve got issues? Put it to Mercury! He’s a spirited little guy with great big wisdom who, like any advice columnist, may not be spot-on every time, but in canine circles, he’s all the rage.

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Ask Mercury Canine advice from the ‘horse’s’ mouth

Nina (7 mos) and Molly (5 mos)

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– Party Animals is at it again and you’re invited! – Workshop teaches first aid for pets – CAT puts on the dog for Whisker Wonderland – Nov 6-12 is National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, and the national humane society is giving away treats! – Magical Night of Giving tickets on sale now; proceeds support DoveLewis. – Pups of Portland posters & calendars ready to hang – Drug company donates feline test kits to OHS

Nail care made easy. For many, trimming the pup’s nails is a dreaded necessary evil. Nanny 911 for Dogs says, “Easy! Use a dremel!”



Give thanks


is the season, and I know you’ll join me in giving thanks for the incredible blessing of the animals in our lives. What a treat it is to be greeted every time you return home by loved ones who happily demonstrate their jumping-for-joy delight that you’re there. If they were to say, “Where have you been!” it would never be in anything other than a tone that said, “Whew! Am I glad you’re back!” Not talking about the cats, of course. Whole different story. When I’m away for several days or more, my Wolf lets me know he is not happy with me. He’ll give me the “You disgust me” eyes, slowly turn his head, then saunter away with body language that says very clearly, “That woman. Who does she think she is, leaving that way.” You gotta love it.

We’re pressed for space this month, so I just want to say a great big thank you to you, dear reader, for being with us on this awesome ride, and thanks to the reason we’re here: the pets who just make life better. In closing I want to say goodbye to my dear girl Gray-C, a funny little cat who was with me for 12 years. Their lives are so brief — enjoy them. Yours,

To the editor:

To the editor:

Here are some simple guidelines to make the holidays easier on you and your pet, letting us all be thankful for the unconditional love our pets bring us everyday and that they didn’t get into the turkey feast while we weren’t looking! Make Thanksgiving safe for your pets As you prepare for the first family feast of the season, the Oregon Humane Society asks you to be mindful of your pets. • Avoid feeding table scraps, which can cause weight gain. Keep turkey bones safely away — they can splinter when chewed and cause grave injury. • Pets thrive on routine. Make sure holiday guests understand your pet’s “house rules” for playtime, treats, jumping, getting on furniture/ counters, table scraps, etc. Help them keep your pet mindful of its training and good manners. • Always keep chocolate out of your pets’ reach. It is toxic to animals, especially dogs. • Take care with candles; don’t leave them unattended, a wayward tail can topple them, potentially causing damage or fire. • Close the oven door promptly; the warmth can invite kitty to jump inside. • Secure the trash can so dogs don’t tip it and get into anything that could be harmful. • Colder temps are coming. Clean up antifreeze immediately. The sweet smell attracts pets and the stuff is highly poisonous. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your pet’s behavior or health during the holidays, consult your veterinarian first. The Oregon Humane Society free Pet Behavior Helpline is there for you as well: 503416-2983; or

The Tualatin Dog Parks Committee (TDPC) is moving right along in identifying locations for the first dog park in Tualatin. In lieu of our monthly meeting in November we will be going before the Tualatin Park Advisory Committee (TPARK) at their monthly meeting. We have secured a spot on the agenda for the TPARK meeting

Monday Nov 28 at 6pm. We hope ALL interested parties will attend and support our efforts. Please reconfirm the date, time and place on the Web site below the week before the meeting for any changes. The TDPC is still looking for support from the community of Tualatin and surrounding areas that would be likely to use a dog park in Tualatin. We have identified a couple of potential spots that could work, but need additional suggestions. A good way to support these efforts is to log on to the Web site below and fill out a survey or send an email with any thoughts, ideas, and most especially locations you think could work. For information on the TDPC visit Send thoughts/ideas to Candice Kelly Tualatin

Barbara Baugnon Oregon Humane Society, Portland

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Support & celebrate the shelters and get a treat! Nov 6-12 is National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, created by the Humane Society of the US (HSUS) to celebrate animal shelters and all the good work they do. This year the society is conducting a “shelter stories” contest, inviting folks to share positive experiences they’ve had with their local shelter. The winner will be featured in the Mutts comic strip during Shelter Appreciation Week. Also to help celebrate the week, the HSUS has created a commemorative Mutts bookmark that’s available for the asking. While many think of shelters as warehouses of unwanted animals, animal shelters actu-

ally provide their comwork they accomplish on munities a full range of behalf of animals and for services, from adoptions their efforts to repair and to pet licensing, low-cost foster that human-animal sterilization & microchipbond.” ping, public education & outreach programs, The holidays emergency care services are here, so and more. let’s party! “93 million American households include Irrepressible party animals Spot on the scene companion animals, Margie Vincent-Roberts of Spot staffer Tammy McKinley is exemplifying the humanPetUtopia and Maryjane animal bond,” said Kate becoming a familiar face at North- Stiles of Party Animals are west pet happenings. In September, Pullen, director of animal she and her son Andy (10) made lots at it again! They’re co-hostsheltering issues for The of new friends, thanks to a huge ing a pet-themed gift party HSUS. “However, when roster of events. Here Andy enjoys a Nov 8, 6:30-8:30, at 15244 that bond is broken and much-deserved “paws” after helping SE La Crescenta Way in companion animals out at the It’s a Dog’s Life festival in Milwaukie. The event, says wind up lost, unwanted Gresham. the dynamic duo, promise to or abused, animal be just perfect for getting your holiday pet & pet shelters are called to action. Shelters across lover shopping done all in an evening filled with the country, both publicly- and privately-run, fun and refreshments. Details 503-781-0512 deserve great recognition for the life-saving or 503-646-5937.

I am as passionate about rescuing abandoned animals as I am about fine homes.

Ready for anything? Life has bumps in the road — that are much easier to navigate when you’re prepared. First aid is a fundamental, and DoveLewis is hosting Pet First Aid Trainings over the next few months. At presstime November’s class was booked solid; watch December & January issues of Spot for upcoming workshops, or visit

Magical Night of Giving tickets available Each year, Lloyd Center kicks off its holiday season with Magical Night of Giving, offering guests a chance to enjoy an evening of special savings throughout the mall, prize giveaways and holiday entertainment. Worth noting for animal lovers is that 100 percent of proceeds from tickets for admission ($5 each) goes to

It’s a beautiful thing. Find out what it feels like for the two of you to be totally pampered. Portland’s oldest pet hospital has been completely remodeled

Every pet I have ever owned including our family dog “Sammy” found their “forever home” through rescue organizations. Let me put that same passion JUDY DAWSON and caring to work for you. When you are selling or 1/6me a call and experience buying your next home give what Premier Service PU is all about.

from top to bottom just to make you and your pet feel at home. When you come in

ROSE CITY VET 1/6 and give you a tour of Portland’s newest old PU we’ll buy you a cup of Starbucks® coffee and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies

pet hospital.

Service you deserve People you trust 809 SE Powell 503.232.3105

Judy Dawson, Broker Office (503) 248-4663 ext. 1105 Cell (503) 341-5644






ersey is a 2½-year-old rough coat (longhaired) female St Bernard and Coby is a J10-month-old smooth coat (shorthaired) St Bernard. We had always talked about getting a St Bernard, and one day we saw an adorable “puppy in the window.” We knew better than to buy a puppy from a pet shop, but we felt so sorry for her in a small cage. We went in to have a look at her — fatal mistake — we could not resist and became the owner of a St Bernard. We have a passion for hockey, and

wanted a hockey-related name; then it came to us, Jersey. Fitting for us since we collect hockey jerseys, and fitting for her since she would grow nearly as big as a jersey. . . cow. We soon learned what wonderful dogs St Bernards are. They are truly gentle giants. As Jersey grew, she developed to be quite a character. She loves to be with people, and other dogs. We met another family that had a two-year-old male St Bernard, and the two dogs loved to play together. She played very differently with the male St Bernard than with our two springer spaniels. We got the idea that Jersey would love to have a playmate. Thus began the quest for the big boy. We brought the male puppy home for Jersey on her birthday. They hit it off right away and have been best friends ever since. We again needed a hockey name that would be fitting for the giant dog he would soon become. Coby is named after a former Portland Winter Hawks player, Braydon Coburn, now playing in the NHL. Coby and Jersey are always together, always with us, and always hungry for a treat. They absolutely love cheese. No matter what they’re doing — running, playing, sleeping — they will stop and come for a piece of cheese. Their second favorite treat is cheese burgers. Not just any cheese burgers, either. Jack’s Big Cheese Burger plain is their favorite. If you enter the drive-thru, they spring up for the order. They are up to four now, two a piece. They also love their nightly popsicles with

dad. Every night they are there waiting. Everyone gets a bite; first dad, then Jersey, then Coby. Banana and lime are their favorites. Coby and Jersey have the run of the house. We live on three-quarters of an acre, but they prefer to be in the house. Jersey hates to go out in the rain and get her feet wet, but she loves the snow and cold. We took her up to the mountains and she went nuts running and plowing through the snow — I guess it’s in her genes. They do go out for a nightly chase game around the yard. You need to pay attention when they are out running; it’s not uncommon to get the two charging rhinos heading straight for you and you get body checked. If you’re not ready for it, you’ll be picking yourself up off the grass. In the house they are usually at your feet. When we remodeled the kitchen we planned it to allow for the two mooses to be lying in the middle of everything. The contractors laughed at us planning our remodel around our dogs. They both love to sleep with us. They take turns lying across the top of our pillows. They love to use our heads for their pillow. It is challenging to sleep in a queen bed with two St Bernards and two cats. Speaking of cats, St Bernards are very gentle and good with felines. One of ours, Zamboni, rules the Saints. He loves to walk up and rub all over their heads; it is absolutely the cutest thing to watch. Zamboni is a rescue cat, and must have grown up with large dogs. He has no fear of them. He will give them his loves, and then without notice pop them in the head with his paw and split. So, when he comes up to them they are unsure what he’s up to, a cuddle or a paw across the nose.

We also have four other cats, Willy, named after Portland Winter Hawks Coach Mike Williamson; Keiko, a black and white female rescued from the beach; Simba, a male Abyssinian; and Amy, a female tabby rescued from the streets. Simba is a wimp and gets a regular slobbery licking from the Saints. The rest of the feline crew holds their own. The personality and traits of St Bernards is wonderful. They are very lovable, cuddly, loyal and gentle. They are great with kids and other family pets. We would recommend them to anyone. The only downside is you have to be willing to deal with lots of drool and dog hair; if not, they are not for you. When they drink out of their bowl the water goes everywhere. I swear more falls out of the big jowls than they drink. We affectionately refer to it as “Lake Bernard.” We keep lots of old towels on hand. Oh, by the way, do not get a St Bernard for guard dog. They may be the biggest dog on the block, but they are even bigger chicken butts. They are literally even afraid of their own shadows. If something startles them they will run and hide behind you. We live in Aloha and own a small professional business. In all, we have the two St Bernards, two springer spaniels and five indoor cats. We feed many outdoor stray cats, squirrels and birds, and have a 150-gallon saltwater reef aquarium and a large Koi pond in the front yard. Scott and Tammi Aloha






Dear Mercury:

Dear Mercury: Why won’t Mommy and Daddy let me snuffle around and eat the tootsie rolls in the cat litter boxes? Not fair! Etta James from Portland


mercury Got issues? Mercury can help! Highly experienced in canine concerns, he is a chihuaua/doxie mix who has long been recognized as a savvy, friendly and oh-so-helpful canine companion. Have your pooch send questions or concerns (or any other thoughts) to Mercury at Mercury@spot Then watch future issues of Spot for a response sure to make your baby’s dog’s life a little brighter, simpler, or sometimes just more understandable. Mercury plies his craft with the help of Sassafras Lowrey, a Portland resident and former trainer, agility handler, doggy daycare lady, and general lover of animals. Contact Sassafras at

Hey Etta, Humans are so strange, aren’t they? I’ll never understand why they feel the need to be so micromanaging! “Come, sit, stay, shake, fetch, leave-it, go potty!” It really is enough to drive any dog crazy. Your letter made me smile, because you’ve touched on a subject near and dear to my stomach — er, I mean, heart. Food is one of those things that humans seem to take particular pleasure in controlling. You’re expected to eat stuff that tastes like roasted cardboard, when right at nose level you’ve got this whole dessert buffet! Understandably, the temptation to help yourself to such a scrumptious snack is just too great for you at this point. I think you should tell your folks to move/elevate the litter boxes and/or block them so they’re completely out of your reach. Removing temptation will help you get control of your cravings and build new and healthy habits. With time, you may discover that your parents have a point: while the litter buffet looks tasty, there really are better things to munch on.

My name is Charlie and I’m an 8-month-old Rat Terrier Mix. I love people and my catbrother Stan, but other dogs scare me. One time this big dog tried to bite me, and now I panic every time I see another dog. What can I do to be more comfortable with my own kind? Charlie from Hillsboro Hi Charlie, This is a great question and I just want to say that I’m so sorry you had such a frightening experience at such a young age! That said, what matters most is that you know that you have a problem and are asking for help. You sound like a lovely pup with a loving and supportive family, which is going to make working through this traumatic experience much easier. Sounds to me like you just need a little help remembering that not all dogs are scary, and that many (like myself for instance), are quite friendly and want nothing more than to engage you in a rousing game of chase or perhaps a bit of intellectual sniffing. I suggest you ask your family to check into preferably small at first, extra sweet, friendly and playful pups and schedule a playdate. This will give you a chance to form good, healthy friendships with individuals who know how to treat a youngster like yourself. Also, go easy with your expectations; don’t expect your fears to go away overnight. You’ve been through a trauma, and it may take a little time to emotionally recover. However, you are young, and I’m confident that with a little time and patience (and perhaps a well-deserved treat after an instance of bravery), you’ll be well on your way to many close canine friendships.



CANINE PEAK PERFORMANCE 2X2 PU 4945 SW 77th Ave. Portland, OR 97225 503-291-7400 SPOT MAGAZINE • NOVEMBER 2006


Doggy DayCare Social Clubs

Alexa Meisler • Spot Magazine


uttley Crew The M Giv

f you picture doggy daycare as a step up from boarding a dog in a cage, you’ll be surprised by the elaborate facilities available for today’s pooch. While dogs have long been considered ‘part of the family,’ today’s owners have greater expectations and requirements for their social companions. Doggy daycare has become a phenomenon in most metropolitan cities, thus creating an explosion of canine daycare providers and social clubs. Portland is no exception. Named “Dogtown USA 2006” in the October issue of Dog Fancy magazine, Portland was cited as the best all-around city for dogs in America. The article estimated Portland’s dog population at 136,332, and described the doggy daycare business as booming. The first doggie daycare in the US, Yuppie Puppy Pet Care, was founded in 1987 in Manhattan, NY by Joseph Sporn. Today more than young upwardly mobile professionals are using the service, including home-based professionals and retired dog parents. Lynn McAward, owner of A Dog Gone Good Place doggy daycare in Hillsboro, estimates that 40 percent of her clients belong to retired people. “Many times the dogs have more energy than the owners” says Mcaward. “Doggy daycare provides an outlet for the dog to expend energy.” Pet owners who work outside the home often choose daycare instead of leaving

MUTTLEY CREW 806 NW Murry Blvd. Portland, Oregon 1X397229 503-626-8212 (or 1-888-MUTTLEY) PU

fe. ing p on li rofessiona ls a new leash

Easy freeway on and off access Plenty of parking Day care and grooming hours: Monday through Friday 6:45am - 6:30pm Grooming only also available Saturday, 8am to 4pm Closed Sundays


their dog home while they work. Instead of coming home to a stressed-out pet, possible destruction or barking due to separation anxiety, many pet parents are opting for part-time daycare. The daily schedule at many daycares reads more like a children’s daycare or preschool program than one for animals. Details typically include drop-off and pick-up times, play time, potty breaks, nap time and afternoon play. Just like parents of preschoolers, some dog parents opt for daily care, while others opt for part-time. Diana Genco of Daycare for Doggy in NE Portland says her clients attend on average about two days a week, with a few who attend Monday through Friday. McAward recommends daycare every other day. “Dogs get too grumpy if they come every day,” she says. “We all want happy, good dogs, and every other day works the best in my opinion.” Each daycare has its own unique setup and ground rules. Some facilities provide each dog its own private run, not allowing interaction with other dogs

during their stay. Other providers group dogs by size, demeanor or aggressiveness, while still others feel keeping all dogs of all sizes together works best. Genco says, “I don’t try to separate the dogs. Little ones like to play with the big dogs; terriers, for example, seem to prefer playing with a big dog than one their own size. It’s always worked for me letting them all play together.” A Dog Gone Good Place opts to have designated play days instead of mixing dog sizes and temperaments. McAward says, “We have two days a week for our testosterone dogs — hard playing, tough, big dogs. And three days a week we do a combo of big soft-hearted, little and adolescent dogs.”

Dog fights, aggression & time-outs Most doggy daycares screen incoming clients. Some ask owners to demonstrate that their dog exhibits suitable personality traits for group care. Overly aggressive or shy dogs may not be a good match for a mixed dog daycare situation. The objective in screening is to provide the best experience for the greatest number, and to prevent dogs from getting hurt.






Pampered pooches

find Puppy Love irresistible

by Robert Brake At 66 years old, Long Beach, Washington resident and business owner Sallie McKay has enjoyed several careers, including stints as a taxi dispatcher, a VA Hospital worker and others. But her latest — proprietor of Puppy Love Day Care in Long Beach — is her favorite. Never thinking she’d start a business at 66, McKay opened Puppy Love in May on her three-acre beach-town spread. An animal lover with friends who are, too, the venture was a natural for McKay and her sister, Christy Marrs — self-proclaimed helper and chief cheerleader — who Lisa Plymale, recently moved to Long Beach to escape the hectic pace of life in Portland, Oregon. owner of Portland’s McKay’s property is fenced to contain her four dogs plus visiting pooches dropped off by first doggy daycare, owners or picked up by McKay. Since opening, she’s added two 20- x 40-foot fenced areas to provide kennels for shy Happy Go Lucky or misbehaving dogs — or those just needing a time-out. In addition to plenty of room for running, sniffing, or chasing, Dog Training and visiting dogs find plenty of toys scattered around the property. Playcare located in NE Portland, “We try to make our place a summer camp for dogs,� says McKay. The living room, with a large sofa, is available for offers indoor the dogs to snooze, watch television, get tummy rubs, or just hang out. Or, they can choose from a variety of dog beds trainer supervised scattered around the house. Or, if they dare — they can even stretch out on a king-sized bed. care. Plymale says, Other popular features include a sandbox and rain shelter, a Blue Room in McKay’s shop that contains a twin bed and “Dogs develop play lots of blankets and is ideal for quiet time. buddies and friendMcKay got the idea for Puppy Love when she realized that residents of and visitors to the peninsula had few options ships at daycare, for dog care. While some owners prefer in-home care from pet sitters and others like the structure of a kennel, McKay just as children wanted to offer something special. She believes that most pet parents like having their pooches played with and would.� pampered. Plymale goes on to McKay provides special services as well. Establishing a base at the Port of Ilwaco where charter boats arrive say that playtime “is and depart, she offers pooch pick-up and delivery to those taking fishing expeditions. She also will transport pets very similar to school to and from medical appointments — even offering emergency transport — staying with the canine as long as recess. Our trainers necessary. are like recess monitors, making sure play is not Together McKay and Marrs own five dogs, who happily greet visiting pet owners. Christy’s two-year-old Chigetting too rough and there huahua was rescued from a puppy mill about to send her to a shelter because she would not breed. McKay is no bullying. You wouldn’t let owns two young and one 11-year-old Springer Spaniel a group of children run amuck, and a Lab mix. The resident dogs seem to accept those screaming at the top of their who come to “camp� for a day or longer. McKay says, lungs.� “We’ve never had a problem with jealousy after the owners leave.� “It’s the same with our dogs,� continues Plymale. “We want the dogs to have fun, but Puppy Love Day Care offers an offbeat, will call them out of the play area for a short upbeat alternative for dog owners who time if they’re getting too wound up.� This time want their pooches pampered. Conallows the dogs to settle down before re-entertact them at 360-642-3085 or ing the play zone. 360-783-2815.










every year for more than 1,000 canine & feline transfusions. Vets throughout the metro area use DoveLewis blood products made possible by some 300 volunteer donors in the community-based program, one of the largest in the nation. If your companion would like to donate blood, call 503-535-3381 to learn more.

continued from pg 5

DoveLewis. This year’s Magical Night is Dec 3, 6-9pm; tickets are available now through Lloyd Center and DoveLewis.

Pups of Portland posters ready to hang The limited edition Pups of Portland 2007 poster is on sale now at The Pearl Retriever, 526 NW 13th Ave (503-295-6960). Featured are all 200 Portland-area dogs that took part in the Pups of Portland Project. Posters are $25, calendars $14.95; both are great

gifts for dog-lovers, and net proceeds benefit the DoveLewis Assistance Fund. Details

CAT puts on the dog for Whisker Wonderland CAT Adoption Team, the Northwest’s largest and fastest-growing nonprofit no-kill cat shelter and hospital, is hosting its 3rd annual Whisker Wonderland fundraiser Saturday Nov 4, 6-10:30pm, at the World Forestry Center in Portland. The evening will feature musical entertainment by the Noah Peterson Jazz Band, great edibles and beverages (including a no-host CAT-tini bar), and yummy desserts. Also on tap will be great items on the block

in live and silent auctions, including: travel & entertainment packages, art, home furnishings, health & beauty and more. Shauna Parsons and Pete Ferryman of Fox 12 Oregon will co-emcee the event, from which all proceeds will be used to provide medical assistance and low-cost spay/neuter services to area residents who cannot afford veterinary care for their pets, to educate the community on responsible pet ownership and to rehabilitate and place homeless, neglected and injured animals into loving homes. Whisker Wonderland is being hosted at

East County philanthropists leave legacy of care Ida and Robert Dixon’s love for animals was expressed by a generous donation to Multnomah County Animal Services, commemorated in a dedication ceremony in late September. The legacy will promote animal adoptions and support the construction of a new veterinary facility at the shelter consisting of a fully-equipped surgery, pre- and post-op areas, exam & treatment rooms, and an office. The Dixons are remembered for their compassion for abandoned animals, including a baby raccoon named Bandit and numerous dogs they adopted from MCAS.

Want your cat to have 9 lives? Schedule a wellness visit They say cats have nine lives, but regular wellness visits are the best way to ensure good feline health. Last month IDEXX Laboratories donated test kits for FIV/FeLV to the Oregon Humane Society to support testing of cats as part of establishing an overall wellness plan even before they find a new home. The tests will help OHS meet guidelines set by the American Association of Feline Practitioners that call for all newly-adopted cats and kittens to be tested for FIV and FeLV. Check-ups should include a full body check, oral exam, vaccinations, screening for parasites, and routine blood tests — among the most important being FIV & FeLV. An estimated 31 million of the 91 million pet cats in the nation are at risk for contracting FIV or FeLV. Since neither illness shows immediate outward signs, the only way to know if your cat is infected is through testing. “Regular testing for FIV and FeLV is crucial for the long-term health and wellness of all cats and kittens,” says Lynn Buzhardt, DVM and a national veterinary expert. “The good news for owners is that with early detection and proper management, infected cats can live long, healthy lives.” To learn more about FIV & FeLV, or to schedule a checkup or test, call the OHS at 503-285-7722, your vet, or visit

World Forestry Center, located next to the zoo. Tickets are $60 in advance, $75 at the door, and the G’Litterbox Holiday Gift Shop will be open for business. Details 503-925-8903. Downloadable ticket request forms are available at

Hundreds got hosed in September The 12th annual Dogtoberfest event to benefit the DoveLewis Blood Bank saw over 100 Portland-area volunteers suit up and scrub down hundreds of dogs in six hours, to a great soundtrack provided by three local bands at Lucky Lab Brewpub at 9th & Hawthorne. The bank provides enough blood and plasma






Better to let nail care be a grind Tips on loving & living with dogs


lipping dogs’ nails can be a bloody disaster. No matter how careful you are, you will clip too short at times, hurting your dog, making him bleed, and causing him to revile nail trimming. I’ve always clipped my dogs’ nails, and they’ve all hated it because from time to time I’d accidentally hurt them in the process. Two years ago, however, when I got my Doberman Jetta, I discovered the art of using a dremel for nail grooming. It is SO MUCH BETTER! A small power tool, a dremel is a handheld grinder/sander. It’s superior to clippers because just like filing your nails with an emery board, you can sand a little at a time, inspecting your progress as you go, easily knowing when to stop before going too far. With clipping, you can try to remove a little at a time, but that’s easier said than done. Once you cut the quick, the pain and blood — and the dog’s refusals to voluntarily cooperate — are inevitable. Jetta loves nail time. I get the dremel — and the ever-important TREATS — and she throws herself on the floor, on her back, feet in the air, before I can even sit down! The single-most important step is the introduction to and desensitization of the dremel’s noise and action. There is a process to it. GO SLOWLY. Never go faster than that with which the dog is comfortable. (While you can hurt

your training by going too fast, you’ll never hurt it by going too slowly.) Proceed only when he shows the confidence to move on. Some dogs progress faster than others. DO NOT FORCE A FEARFUL DOG. And don’t assume that because he is fearful, he can never accept it. He may or may not. It depends on his temperament and other factors. Try it! Contact me for my free handout with detailed instructions and photos of the desensitization and grinding process. You may easily find your own dog throwing himself on the floor begging for nail time.

Good Training needs a kind heart as well as a cool and wellinformed head. — Konrad Most

Jetta’s favorite dog cookies Bacon and Cheese Bones Simple to make and quite tasty. Try them! (And share them with the dogs and their friends.)

2 cups all-purpose flour 3 slices cooked, crumbled bacon 1¼ cup shredded cheddar cheese 2 cloves (1 tsp) garlic, finely chopped ½ cup vegetable oil 4½-5 Tbs water

Cover and whirl until the mixture has the consistency of coarse meal. With the machine running, slowly add water until the mixture forms a ball. Roll the dough to ¼ to ½” thickness. Use a cookie cutter to cut out the treats and place on an un-greased cookie sheet. (If you re-roll the scraps, they will not hold together when cooked. You can do it, they just won’t hold their shape.) Bake 10-15 minutes or until the bottoms are lightly browned. Turn and bake 10 more minutes. Carefully


transfer to cooling rack. Refrigerate or freeze in airtight container. ‘Til next time. . . Kiss Doggies!

Victoria Victoria Rose/Nanny 911 For Dogs offers in-home dog training and behavior modification. For more tips and advice, join her free 1,500-member “Doggie Parenting 101” Email List. Contact her at 503-370-7000 or


Preheat oven to 400°. Combine flour, cheese, bacon, garlic and vegetable oil in a food processor.

DIGNIFIED How We1/6 Can Help • 24 hour emergency service,PU our phones are always answered • A Place for Viewing and Saying Goodbye • We Provide "A Place to Go" for families mourning their loss • Four State of the Art crematories • Guaranteed Private Cremation • Unique Cremation Urns • Granite Monuments and Engraved River Rock • A vast selection of Pet Loss books and literature


8976 SW Tualatin Sherwood Road Tualatin, OR 97062 Phone (503) 885-2211 SPOT MAGAZINE • NOVEMBER 2006


Doggy DayCare Social Clubs

continued from pg 9

Plymale has a background in dog training and says because experienced trainers supervise playtime, they are able to identify issues before they turn into problems or peak into an altercation.

Typical day at doggy daycare

or cold days. On afternoons when the weather is inclement, the staff sets up mats for the dogs to relax on while watching movies like Dr Dootlittle, Airbud or Eight Below. When naptime ends it’s back to the yard for more fun. Afternoon playtime is another chance for dogs to run off energy, play and interact with the staff and each other. After a full day, it’s pick-up time. The Dog Club checks each dog out at the end of the day, providing their owners with a report on how the day went.

Daycare is intended to meet the socialization, exercise and developmental needs of dogs, and the goal is for clients to be able to continuously interact with other dogs and/or staff throughout their stay. Although each facility has its own unique In-home daycare style and routine, most maintain specific dropCheck out and you’ll find off times. Doggie Central in SW Portland and posts offering private daycare and other posts Laurel Acres in seeking smaller, Hillsboro both homelike environoffer morning ments for their curbside dropdogs. One recent off so parents ad offered free Who will be taking care of my dog? Is staff needn’t even doggy daycare, to trained? get out of their provide a daytime What is dog to staff ratio? car. After dropplaymate for the - Is staff trained in animal first aid? off time, dogs advertiser’s pet. - Is training provided or emphasized? are allowed to Another post - Are there discounts for more than one dog? acclimate to said the people - Are there payment options or discounts for the environment couldn’t afford paying monthly/quarterly/yearly? and the other doggy daycare What is the cancellation policy? dogs. Then it’s prices, so wanted What shots does my dog need to be admittime for play. to co-op daycare ted? responsibilities. Many day- Does the daycare have references? cares offer For sure, today’s - What are the procedures in case of emergency? indoor and dog gets more Where is the nearest vet? outdoor play than an evening - How are misbehaving dogs handled? areas, although walk. Owners - What if I am late picking up my dog? some are limconsider their ited to indoor pet’s emotional only. Laurel well-being, and Acres boasts a five-acre facility and A Dog that they’re receiving ample play and fun time Gone Good Place offers seven play yards, in today’s busy world. four inside and three outside, in its 13,000 square-foot space. Questions to ask when After a full morning of doggy socializing choosing doggy daycare and playtime, most facilities have naptime, Do your homework. Ask questions about the when the dogs relax and rejuvenate before services. It’s important you know and underafternoon play. At the Dog Club in West Linn, stand how the facility is run before leaving your the hour-long naptime includes dimmed light“baby” for the day. Make sure your dog will be ing, soft music and employees sitting with the safe, comfortable and enjoy the time there. animals. The recipe works, they say, as most dogs curl up and rest during this time. Choosing a daycare A Dog Gone Good Place offers a daily nap 1. Request a recommendation/referral from time as well, but what really gets noticed is its the Oregon Humane Society (503-285-7722), additional “Dog Theater” quiet time on very hot your vet, friends or family members. 2. Talk to other dog owners. Ask about their daycare experiences. Keep your dog 3. Visit and tour a few facilities before making a final decision. Observe the environment and yourself clean and how employees interact with the dogs. and dry this winter DOGS IN THE Ask yourself: at Portland’s First • Are the dogs happy and well supervised? CITY Indoor Dog Park • Is the facility clean and odor free? and Dog Daycare. 1X3 •Are dogs separated by size or energy level? NEW •Does the facility and staff feel comfortable Daycare Hours: to you?


Local Doggy Day Cares A Dog Gone Good Place 503-617-7380 • 21185 Evergreen Pkwy in Hillsboro Airpet Hotel 503-255-1388 • 6212 NE 78th Ct Ste B in Portland Aqua Dog 503-291-1818 • 3230 SW 87th Ave, Portland Barka Lounge 503-236-3868 • 1515 SE Ankeny in Portland Bark Park Dog Daycare 503-848-4642 • 21785 SW TV Hwy in Aloha Bow Wow Doggie Day Care 503-291-0010 • 8635 SW Canyon Rd in Portland Central Bark Doggy Daycare 503-295-2275 • 4730 SW Oleson Rd #A in Portland Daycare for Doggy 503-251-9001 • 11931 NE Sumner St in Portland The Dog Club of West Linn 503.635.3523 • 18675 Willamette Drive in West Linn The Dog Park 503-230-1109 • 1717 SE Umatilla St in Portland Doggie Central 503-892-3647 • 8526 SW Terwilliger Blvd in Portland Dog Gone Happy 503-288-4462 • 1215 NE Alberta St in Portland Dogs Dig It 503-236-8222 • 1132 SE Salmon in Portland Fetch Doggie Day Care 503-281-0508 * 2021 NE MLK Blvd in Portland Fletcher’s Boarding Kennels 503-761-2091 12959 SE Powell Blvd in Portland

What’s it cost? It varies, between $15/day to $27/day, depending on the facility. You’ll usually pay more if you pay by the day vs. paying for a package. Most daycare and social clubs offer discounts with 5-, 10- or 15-day pre-paid packages. In-home daycares are often cheaper and usually limited to fewer dogs. For dogs who don’t do well in large groups, in-home, private, or care with individual runs can work best.

M – F 7am – Evenings


Winter Indoor Dog Park Hours: M – F 6:30pm – 10:00pm

Common daycare attendance requirements

503-287-4022 3255 NE Broadway

1. Dogs must be spayed or neutered 2. Proof that vaccinations are current 3. Dogs must be at least age four months to one year.


Extra’s On a hot afternoon head to the pool at A Dog Gone Good Place where your dog can jump in the pool and swim or lie on the deck and sunbathe. Or, choose the Muttley Crew Doggie Daycare waterplay area for hot summer days.

Happy Go Lucky Dog Training 503-731-8774 • 601 NE 28th Ave in Portland It’s A Dogs Life Day-Playcare 503-286-2668 • 8709 N Lombard St in Portland Laurel Acres 503-628-2169 • 30845 SW Lukas Rd in Hillsboro LexiDog Boutique and Social Club 503-245-4363 • 6767 SW Macadam Ave 503-243-6200 • 416 NW 10th Ave 541.343.5394 • 248 East 5th Ave. Suite 15 in Eugene 503.431.2052 • 7441 SW Bridgeport Road in Tigard The Muttley Crew Doggie Daycare & Grooming 503-626-8212 • 806 NW Murray in Portland No Bonz About It 503-234-5909 • 3351 NE Sandy Blvd in Portland The Puppy Playhouse 503-625-4818 • 20345 SW Pacific Hwy, Ste 304 in Sherwood Schroeder’s Den 503-614-9899 • 2110 NW Aloclek Dr, Ste 620 in Hillsboro Tail Chasers Doggy Day Care 503-659-3006 14001 SE McLoughlin Blvd. in Milwaukie Townhouse Pet Care Center 503-230-9596 • 2965 NE Sandy in Portland Urban Fauna 503-223-4602 • 235 NW Park in Portland Virginia Woof Dog Daycare 503-224-5455 • 1520 W Burnside in Portland Wag The Dog Inc 503-238-0737 • 2410 SE 50th Ave in Portland

For any dog out there with a large circle of friends, LexiDog (located in Portland’s Pearl District, on SW Macadam, Eugene and Tigard), Barka-Lounge in SE Portland, and PetUtopia on SW Scholls Ferry Road in Beaverton offer canine birthday party services. And don’t let your dog miss out on celebrating the new year. Sherwood’s Canine Social Club, The Puppy Playhouse, offers a New Year’s doggy slumber party. Daycare for canines is chosen as carefully as childcare. Pet owners want a facility that’s fun, friendly, convenient and affordable, has a well-trained staff, is clean and has plenty of room for play. The good news is, today there are plenty to choose from, each with its own personality and “signature” offerings. Check it out, chat about it, and you’re sure to find a daycare that you and your four-legged will love.




Multnomah County Animal Services 11 Oregon Ferret Shelter . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Airpet Hotel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Elizares Kennels . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Laurel Acres Kennels . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9

Bi-Mart . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Natura Pet Products . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Sellwood Dog Supply . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Snowfire Farm — distributor for healthy pet foods . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Solid Gold Northwest Holistic Products for Pets . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4



Dignified Pet Services . . . . . . . . . . . 11

Kritter Kare of Portland . . . . . . . . . . . 9




Bow Wow Doggie Daycare . . . . . . . . 9 Muttley Crew . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8

Prudential NW Properties . . . . . . . . . 5


Iron Mutt Café . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6

FLINT RIVER RANCH THE HONEST KITCHEN Super premium pet foods. Made with all natural human grade ingredients. No chemical preservatives or byproducts 503-231-0115 or 888-897-0115

ADOPTION COMPANIONS FOR LIFE 300 cats & kittens looking for forever home, altered, tested, vaccinated, microchipped, indoor, ready to love. Adoption fee $60-$125. 7 days/week 10-6 Cat Adoption Team 503.925.8903 Volunteers welcome. Fosters needed. COWBOY ON THE RANGE Cowboy is an 11-month-old male Australian Shepherd who needs more room to run than we have. He is friendly, great with kids, and just needs a little more wide open spaces. Cowboy is neutered, current on his shots, microchipped and healthy. He’s a strong, active, alpha male. Got room for Cowboy? He’d love to meet you, and Robin will arrange it: 503-313-7923.


Kritter Kare of Portland . . . . . . . . . . . 9

PET SITTING PET SITTING BY SKYE NW Portland / Scappoose. 6 acres in country, space, clean – no kennel. Refs. 503-543-4815 LISA & FRIENDS PET SITTING Quality pet sitting in a comfortable home environment at reasonable prices. References. 503-490-3762

PET TRAVEL FOR THE TRAVELING DOGS WITH FAMILIES Otto Step! Completely portable platform step for loading and unloading Fido. Insert into any 2” trailer hitch receiver, load and stow after use. Visit or call 888-311-OTTO (6886).


Park Your Car Board Your Pet Board Your Flight

• 5 minutes from Portland International Airport • Open 24-7 by appointment for check-in and check-out • Next to park-and-fly services • Voted "Best Doggie Dash" By Willamette Week, 2004

We Cater to Your Schedule • 503-255-1388

GIFTS / FASHION / SPECIALTY TRAINING Bi-Mart . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16

GROOMING Muttley Crew . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8


Auntie Tracy & Auntie Sally . . . . . . . . 7 Elizares Kennels . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 K-9 Agility . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 K-9 Behavior Company . . . . . . . . . . 13 Mt Hood Dog Campus . . . . . . . . . . . 13

Back on Track . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 VETERINARIANS / VET HOSPITALS Canine Peak Performance . . . . . . . . . 7 Good Neighbor Veterinarians . . . . . . 7 Rose City Veterinary Hospital . . . . . . 5

WASTE REMOVAL SERVICES Doodie Hunters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Pooper Patrol . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10

$20/DAY AJ’S K9 KAMP Visit the photo page on Day care & overnight home care. Canines under 30 lbs. Nr the airport. 15 yrs exp. Licensed. Insured. 503-252-7652.


DAYCARE FOREST PARK BED & BISCUIT Dog daycare, overnights & basic grooming while you wait or play. Private setting in NW PDX, close to Montgomery Park. Call Linda for details (503) 7689932 or (971) 570-3646. WHAT IS YOUR PET DOING ALL DAY? Chewing, Digging, Barking Bored and Missing You. Call A LUCKY DOG. 1-800-GO-LUCKY

DOG WALKING / PET SITTING BUCK’S ADVENTURE DOGS PET SERVICES Loving care for your entire animal family! Dog walks & in-home visits. Insured & bonded. 971-207-7127.


*Classified Ad Rates:


EDITOR Spot Magazine is seeking an experienced editor. Send inquiries, background, resume to publisher@p Please note in subject line: Editor Position. No phone calls please.

HOUSE & PET SITTERS KRITTER KARE OF PORTLAND Daily dog walks. Vacation pet sitting. “Overnites” & house sitting services. Caring for domestics & exotics in the tri-county area since 1994. Licensed, bonded, insured. Refs. 503-252-0599, 503-940-7761. DEPENDABLE RETIRED COUPLE Will do overnighters in general PDX area. Will visit once or twice a day to feed pets in Newberg, Dundee or Sherwood areas. Ref’s. 503-537-9719 or 503-679-5613.

3 lines of text, 45 characters per line Additional lines $1 per line per month *These rates apply only to text ads, not display ads


HAPPY PALS DOG TRAINING Have fun w/your dog teaching manners and/or earning titles in obed, rally, conf, or tracking. Judges from several orgs. Private lessons, your home or our facilities. Call Loanne or Roger 503-359-9297. K9-BEHAVIOR COMPANY Private in-home training. Perfect puppy – right from the start! Behavior modification for your out-a-control adolescent dog. Help with your shy or aggressive dog. Gentle reward-based methods. Call Deb Walker 503704-7481 Web site:

BANKRUPTCY & PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEY Let me help you file for bankruptcy – stop creditors’ calls - take control of your life. Aaron Varhola, 503546-7913. SPOT MAGAZINE • NOVEMBER 2006


N O V E M B E R •

aLL MONTH LONG • Foster Homes Needed. Open your home & heart to homeless pets in need of a forever home. Contact Cathy Nechak or Krista Wells at Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals 503-327-8849 to learn how you can become a loving foster parent for dogs or cats. Details

Petco in Tualatin & Tanasbourne on the first, third, fourth & fifth Saturdays of the month. Details 503-925-8903 or

11am — Pet Foster Parent Orientation at Greenhill Humane Society in Eugene. Details

• Get your tickets! Proceeds from tickets to Lloyd Center’s annual Magical Night of Giving support DoveLewis. Five bucks gets you in for an evening of special savings throughout the mall, prize giveaways & holiday entertainment. This year’s event is Dec 3, 6-9pm; tickets are available now through Lloyd Center & DoveLewis.

• Help OHS take homeless pets into the community to meet prospective new families. Call 503-285-7722 ext 204 to find out how you can get involved. Training sessions held monthly. • OFOSA Adoptable Dogs & Cats. Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals has dogs, puppies, cats & kittens available for loving home adoptions at the Beaverton Petco every Saturday & Sunday. Details • OFOSA needs volunteers. Learn how you can get involved, have fun, learn & grow. Details Cathy Nechak, 503-327-8849. • Other Mothers Animal Rescue, the startup shelter that cares for puppies & kittens, has just launched a brandnew Web site. Development of the site containing photos of adoptable animals, volunteer opportunities, information about donating, and links to other sites of interest to animal lovers. Visit & see what all the excitement’s about! • Over 400 Adorable Kittens & Cats available for adoption through CAT (Cat Adoption Team) at various locations. The Sherwood shelter is open 7 days, 10am6pm. Cats are on-site daily at PetSmart stores in Wilsonville, Clackamas, Hillsboro & Tigard, as well as Pet Loft. Or visit 14


10am — Volunteer Orientation at Greenhill Humane Society in Eugene. Details 11am — OHS Canine 101 (aka “Problem Pooch) class at the Columbia Blvd facility. Ideal for anyone considering or beginning pet parenthood, or who just wants to understand why Fido does what he does. Facilitated discussions with Q & As for people (pets stay home). Admission is a suggested $10 donation; no need to RSVP. Info 503-285-7722 or

• Foster Homes Needed for kittens at CAT (Cat Adoption Team). Mom cats with their litters of kittens are waiting for loving families to care for them until they are old enough to be adopted. If you can open your home & heart to raise a litter of kittens, call 503-925-8903 or email

• GOT ISSUES? Get your behavior questions answered free of charge by the friendly folks at OHS. Oregon Humane Society’s Free Pet Behavior Helpline is 503-416-2983.

4 Saturday

Noon — Adoption Outreach by Oregon Humane Society (OHS) at Tigard PetsMart & Furever Pets, 1902 NE Broadway in Portland. Details or 503-285-7722.

• POPPA, Oregon’s only statewide spay/ neuter referral & assistance service for dogs, cats, rabbits & other companion animals, is an all-volunteer organization that’s been able to subsidize over 11,000 spay/neuter surgeries since Sept 2001. Tax-deductible donations of any amount are always gratefully accepted & can be made securely online at Or just visit the site to learn more about POPPA’s worthwhile efforts. • Pups of Portland posters & calendars, featuring 200 Portland-area dogs, available now at The Pearl Retriever, 526 NW 13th Ave (503-295-6960). Details in Fetch. • Read to the Dogs at area libraries. Youth improve their reading & social skills by reading aloud to therapy dogs. Contact your branch for info or to RSVP. • Volunteer Training at CAT (Cat Adoption Team) in Sherwood every second & fourth Saturday 10-11:30am. Info or 503-925-8903.

Noon — Indigo Rescue Adoption Outreach at Beaverton PetSmart until 4pm. Indigo is an all-breed, -size, and age Rescue. Most dogs on site noon-2pm or 2-4. Contact for the shift of a specific pet — all appear on the Web site: Noon — Meet & Adopt MCAS Foster Cats/Kittens ready for loving forever homes ‘til 3 at Gresham & Clackamas Petco stores. Noon — Show & Tell Saturday with Animal Aid. Visit adoptable cats ‘til 4pm at Animal Aid’s new location in SW Portland, 5335 SW 42nd Ave (south of Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy). Weekday visiting hours 11am-4pm. Call 503-292-6628 or visit for details. Noon — Tail Chasers Doggy Day Care and Boarding in Milwaukie is calling all Beagles & their 4-legged friends for playtime & socialization ‘til 4pm. RSVP required; call 503-659-3006. 6pm — Whisker Wonderland gala fundraiser for Cat Adoption Team nokill cat shelter & hospital at the World Forestry Center in Portland. Highlights will include live jazz, great edibles & beverages (including a no-host CAT-tini bar) & yummy desserts. On the block will be travel & entertainment packages,

2 0 0 6

art, home furnishings, health & beauty and more. Details in Fetch, or visit

5 sunday 10am — MCAS Pet Licensing at area Petcos: Hayden Meadows 10-11:30am, 144th & Division 1-2:30 & Clackamas 4-5pm. 10am — Puppy Playtime at Barka Lounge in Portland. Puppies 10-20 weeks play 10-11am; over 20 weeks play 11-noon. RSVP required; call 503-236-3868 or visit To learn more about Puppy Playtime visit 10am — Sunday Playgroup at LexiDog in Portland’s Pearl District. Smallest dogs 12 lbs & under 10am-noon; small dogs 30 lbs & under noon-1:30; any size dog 1:302:30. Details 503-243-6200. 11am — Animal Well-Fair’s Adopt-aThon at Westmoreland Community Center, 1545 West 22nd Ave in Eugene ‘til 4pm. Local animal organizations will be on hand with dogs & cats ready for their loving forever homes. On-site microchipping $20. Noon — Adoption Outreach with OHS at Wild Oats, 2825 E Burnside in Portland. Details or 503-2857722. Noon - Indigo Rescue Cat Adoption Outreach at Beaverton PetSmart until 4pm. Details 1pm — Puppy Romp at Schroeder’s Den with Dr Kirsten Nielsen CPDT, Sundays at Schroeder’s Den Daycare for Dogs in Hillsboro. Open to vaccinated puppies 10 weeks-6 mos. Info or 614-9899.

6 monday • Nov 6-12 is National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week. Join the Humane Society of the US (HSUS) in celebrating shelters & their good works. This year HSUS held a “shelter stories” contest; the winner will appear this week in the Mutts comic strip. HSUS has also created a commemorative Mutts bookmark that’s available for the asking. Details in Fetch.

2 thursday 7pm — Bernese Mountain Dog Playgroup at Lexidog on Macadam. All Berners welcome! Details 503-245-4363.

To submit items for consideration in the Furry FunPlanner, e-mail or FAX 503-261-8945

8 wednesday 6:30pm — Pet Holiday Gift Party, hosted by dynamic duo Margie Vincent-Roberts (PetUtopia) & Maryjane Stiles (Party Animals) at 15244 SE La Crescenta Way in Milwaukie. Shop for pets & pet-lovers in a festive atmosphere . Details 503-7810512 or 503-646-5937.

12 sunday 10am — MCAS Pet Licensing at area Petcos: Gresham 10-11:30am; 144th & Division 1-2:30; Clackamas 4-5pm. 10am — Puppy Playtime at Barka Lounge in Portland. Puppies 10-20 weeks play 10-11am; over 20 weeks play 11-noon.

18 saturday 9am — Beautiful bling. . . for a good cause! Indigo Rescue is hosting a Jewelry Fundraiser at Cedar Hills Rec Center, 11640 SW Park Way in Portland, today ‘til 4pm. Details

6:30pm — Santa will be at Lexidog on Macadam for photos with pets. Call 503245-4363 to reserve your time with the jolly old elf.

Noon — Show & Tell Saturday with Animal Aid. Visit adoptable cats ‘til 4pm at Animal Aid’s new location in SW Portland, 5335 SW 42nd Ave (south of Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy). Weekday visiting hours 11am-4pm. Call 503-292-6628 or visit for details.

10 friday • Flex Clinic at Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon, 503-797-2606 or

11 saturday 10am — MCAS Dog Adoption Outreach at Lake Oswego Petco ‘til noon. Adoptable sweeties looking for their forever homes.

Noon — Adoption Outreach with OHS at PetUtopia, 8670 SW Scholls Ferry Rd in Beaverton. Details or 503-285-7722. Noon — Indigo Rescue Adoption Outreach at Clackamas PetSmart until 4pm. Indigo is an all-breed, -size, and -age Rescue. Most dogs on hand noon-2 or 2-4; check the Web site for the shift of a specific pet: Noon — Meet & Adopt MCAS Foster Cats/Kittens ready for forever homes ‘til 3 at Clackamas & Gresham Petco stores. Noon — Show & Tell Saturday with Animal Aid. Visit adoptable cats ‘til 4pm at Animal Aid’s new location in SW Portland, 5335 SW 42nd Ave (south of Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy). Weekday visiting hours 11am-4pm. Call 503-292-6628 or visit for details.

Noon — Indigo Rescue Adoption Outreach at Beaverton PetSmart until 4pm. Indigo is an all-breed, -size, and age Rescue. Most dogs on site noon-2pm or 2-4. Contact for the shift of a specific pet — all appear on the Web site: Noon — Meet & Adopt MCAS Foster Cats/Kittens ready for forever homes ‘til 3 at Clackamas Petco.

9 thursday

11am — Santa Paws Photos with Pets. Santa’s at Fred Meyer Garden Centers ‘til 3 today & tomorrow to meet & get photographed with local pets, and benefit others in need. Santa Paws is your pet’s chance to meet Santa & take home a memento of the season. $20 gets you & your pet two professional 5x7 portraits and a CD so you can print or email copies. Family members welcome to pose too. All proceeds benefit the Oregon Humane Society. Portraits mailed approximately 2-3 weeks after the event. Today & tomorrow 11-3, Santa will be at Fred Meyer stores in Hollywood, Oregon City & Tualatin.

Noon — Adoption Outreach with OHS at Jantzen Beach Home Depot & Dog Star, 1313 NW Kearney in Portland. Details or 503-285-7722.

RSVP required; call 503-236-3868 or visit To learn more about Puppy Playtime visit 10am — Sunday Playgroup at LexiDog in Portland’s Pearl District. Smallest dogs 12 lbs & under 10am-noon; small dogs 30 lbs & under noon-1:30; any size dog 1:302:30. Details 503-243-6200. Noon — Volunteer Orientation for the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon. Learn how you can get involved with this spay/neuter program that has made the difference in the lives of over 26,000 feral & stray cats. Details or 503-7972606. Also today: Spay/Neuter clinic for feral & stray cats. 1pm — Puppy Romp at Schroeder’s Den with Dr Kirsten Nielsen CPDT, Sundays at Schroeder’s Den Daycare for Dogs in Hillsboro. Open to vaccinated puppies 10 weeks-6 mos. Info or 614-9899.

14 tuesday 9am — Two-buck Tuesday at the zoo. Every second Tuesday of the month is Two-Buck Tuesday, when visitors pay just $2 admission thanks to B of A.

17 friday 10am — 9 Lives Tour at Hollywood Fred Meyer, 3030 NE Weidler ‘til 2. Continues tomorrow. Details or 503-285-7722.

10am — Animal Aid & Shure Pets are hosting a fun, unique fundraiser at the World Forestry Center ‘til noon. Meet & mingle with other animal lovers & view & order great products you & the pet lovers on your list will love. Shure Pets has the largest collection of breed-specific gift items available, a huge selection of all-natural health & beauty products, pet apparel, treats, toys, gifts & more. 25% of all proceeds will support Animal Aid’s mission. RSVP requested; call 503-2926628 or e-mail director@AnimalAidPDX. org. Details 10am — Animal Aid will be showing adoptable pets ‘til 2pm at Western Pet Supply, 6908 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy in Portland. 10am — MCAS Pet Licensing at area Petcos: Hayden Meadows 10-11:30; 144th & Division 1-2:30; Clackamas 4-5. 11am — OHS Canine 101 (aka “Problem Pooch) class at the Columbia Blvd facility. Ideal for anyone considering or beginning pet parenthood, or who just wants to understand why Fido does what he does. Facilitated discussions with Q & As for people (pets stay home). Admission is a suggested $10 donation; no need to RSVP. Info 503-285-7722 or 11am — Santa Paws Photos with Pets. Santa’s at Fred Meyer Garden Centers ‘til 3 today & tomorrow at stores in Gateway, Gresham, Johnson Creek, Raleigh Hills & on Walker Rd. More details Nov 11 at 11am.

1:30pm — Guide Dogs Graduate. Attending a grad ceremony at Guide Dogs for the Blind is one of the best ways to get acquainted with the program. Puppy raisers, students, staff & the dogs participate. Bring tissues; the event is always moving. In their own words, raisers, students & staff describe their experiences & feelings. Raisers who have cared & nurtured young pups to prepare them for training, must say goodbye to their graduating dogs. Classes & instructors have shared the trials & triumphs of weeks’ of training. Monthly events open to the public, a demo of guidework & tours follow the ceremonies. Details or for group reservations, call 503668-2100 or visit

19 sunday Noon - Indigo Rescue Cat Adoption at Beaverton PetSmart until 4pm.

25 saturday Noon — Adoption Outreach with OHS at Clackamas PetsMart & Wild Oats in Bridgeport Village. Details Noon — Indigo Rescue Adoption Outreach at Clackamas PetSmart until 4pm. Indigo is an all-breed, -size, and -age Rescue. Most dogs on hand noon-2 or 2-4; check the Web site for the shift of a specific pet:

26 sunday 10am — MCAS Pet Licensing at area Petcos: Gresham 10-11:30; 144th & Division 1-2:30; Clackamas 4-5.



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