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Ryan Goodbrand


OUTHERN ORANGE COUNTY NATIVE and 2009 Tesoro High School (Las Flores, Calif.) graduate, Ryan Goodbrand, is the righthanded pitching ace for the University of California San Diego. As a senior, in his second year pitching for the NCAA Division II Tritons, he has been nothing short of spectacular. He has compiled a 17-2 career record with a 2.93 ERA, and started the 2013 season pitching 31 1-3 scoreless innings. Ryan took time from his busy schedule with classes and baseball to answer some of our questions.

Why did you choose to play baseball at UCSD? I knew I wanted to go to school in San Diego and to be able to play baseball for a top program and compete for a national championship every year sealed the deal.

What was your club/travel team experience like when you were younger? I played with travel teams a couple times, but it wasn’t a big thing with me. In Little League and PONY season, I would play the regular baseball season and the winter leagues, but when those were over, I would try to play another sport or take that time to work on specific areas of baseball that I wanted to improve on. What individual skills or team development helped you prepare to play at the college level? I’ve gone to a pitching coach since I was about nine years old, and have continued talking to him to this day. I have learned many things both mentally and physically about pitching through my relationship with him. What is your fondest athletic memory of high school? Being on a team my junior and senior year that were very close to one another. It was always the best part of the day going to the field to practice with that group of guys. They are still some of my closest friends and we accomplished many things together that can never be taken away from us. If you could meet one person, either living or dead, who would you want to meet and why? Roy Halladay of the Philadelphia Phillies. I have learned many things about pitching from watching and reading things about him. If I was able to sit down and talk pitching with him, I feel like I would learn a lot more than I already know. What workout or exercise routine is your favorite/least favorite? I like doing

shoulder workouts. It’s an important part of your body as a pitcher to keep healthy. Ironically, I don’t like doing legs, even though that is probably the most important part of pitching, and allows you to perform at your best. How old were you when you first started playing your sport and what was the reason you started? I was about five years old when I started playing. I grew up playing all kinds of sports with my parents and uncles, but baseball was always the one that interested me the most. What is your major? Political science. This is because I want to be a high school or college baseball coach and in order to do so, I have to be a teacher. This is a subject that I feel I would be able to teach effectively. Top played song on your iPod right now? “Rest of My Life” by Ludacris Favorite local restaurant and what do you order? The Old Spaghetti Factory and I order Mizithra Cheese Superstition? I wear the same outfit every week on the day I pitch, I sit in a specific spot in every dugout with my trail mix and water, and I throw with the same teammate every week on the day I pitch. Which professional athlete would you like to be compared to? Kyle Lohse. He doesn’t strike many guys out, but he finds a way to battle and compete on the mound. This competitiveness allows him to give his team a chance to win every time he steps on the mound, and that’s what I strive to do. Advice for younger athletes? Have fun playing the game that you love and never give up. Remember you started playing the game because it’s fun and you got to play with your friends. The game never changes.

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What was the recruiting process like? It was stressful and slow at first. I was first at Concordia in Irvine and then attended Irvine Valley College. I sent emails to colleges to see if there was interest and I got responses from many, including UCSD, but after the responses, I didn’t hear anything for a couple months. I then got a call from UCSD and they said they wanted to come watch me pitch. They were out at our field within a week. I threw very well in our intrasquad, and then within a few days, (then-assistant) Coach Ryan Leake offered me a spot on their team. I committed within two days of that offer.


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