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Newsletter | Volume 2 • Issue 5 May 3 First Tuesday Libertarian Social

@ Jalisco Mexican Cantina from 6-9 PM.

May 5 Women in Nevada Caucus @ TBD, from 6-8 PM.

May 7 Voter Registration and Outreach Event

@ Red Rock Spa Resort and Casino from 8:30 AM - Noon.

May 10 Out for Liberty (LGBTQI Caucus)

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Featured Articles Pg. 3 The Simple Case Against Regulating Encryption Pg. 4-5 LP Nevada Interviews Gary Johnson and John McAfee Pg. 6 Brett Pojunis for National Chair Pg. 8-9 Meet LP Nevada’s Candidates Pg. 10 The Clark County Fair: My Experience

Pg. 11 Dear Republicans

Give America a Raise!

“Give America a raise!” These words uttered by president Obama, have been constantly echoed in the current political discourse in one form or another. Whether it is the president’s $10.10, Clinton’s $12.50, or Sanders “fight for 15,” the one thing everyone on the left seems to agree with is the minimum wage needs to be raised.

It would be easy to comment on the more salient economic points against the minimum wage: removing the bottom rung, raising the cost of goods, increasing unemployment, stagnating the labor market, etc.. All of these are such boring arguments in the political arena. No one wants to see single mothers with 5 children, or disabled war vets, flipping burgers while greedy CEO’s count humorously large stacks of money. Meanwhile the CEO’s “subjects” squabble over “slave wages.” No one seems to remember that the first minimum wage was instituted in Canada to protect white timber workers from Japanese immigrants, or that the apartheid in South Africa instituted a minimum wage to keep out black workers from the

unionized “white” jobs. In the United States Irish unions pressed FDR into the “Fair Labor and Standards Act” to keep southern African-American’s from pricing out white workers in many industrial jobs. Even today unions like SEIU have pushed for the $15/hr wage in California to give workers a “living wage”. What isn’t told nearly as much is that these same unions negotiated for an exemption the “living wage” law. It’s so hypocritical that a lawsuit has been filed against them in California. This backdoor crony capitalism doesn’t seem to make it to the debate stage, owing to the fact that it might force the left to actually provide some political consistency. And as long as economics continues to bore them, it doesn’t look too good for the future. The real losers of course, will be the low-skilled workers who are pushing these same measures, an irony that will no doubt be blamed on the fiscal conservatives and end only with tragedy for those desperately trying to get into the labor market. By William Moffat, Volunteer Director, Libertarian Party of Nevada


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The Simple Case Against Regulating Encryption By Seth Martin, Contributor, Libertarian Party of Nevada

The debate surrounding the regulation of one of the internet’s most powerful tools has reached its antithesis this year. Battles between governments/agencies (i.e. NSA, FBI, China, and Russia) and technology companies has reached a fever pitch. Some onlookers in this battle are equally interested in its outcome as its players, but for different reasons. Criminals and terrorists desire easy access to encryption tools in order to hide from the police and military, while regular people want easy access to encryption tools to hide from criminals, terrorists, and government surveillance. I believe the case for whether or not we should regulate encryption has had sufficient attention; instead, I’d like to focus on the simpler question: whether or not we can regulate it! Encryption, at its heart, is one thing: math. To regulate encryption is to try to regulate math. You probably knew that already, but today I hope you’re going to learn a little bit more about how encryption works, how easy it is to access, and why our government is so miserably bad at attempting to control it. Many people see encryption the way they see the password on their phone or computer, but this understanding is too simplistic, and overlooks the major difference between those security regimes. Putting a password on a computer or a phone, is tantamount to locking up a book. You put it in a safe, close the door, spin the lock, and it’s protected from being read. The book itself, however, is unaltered. If someone could teleport the book out of the safe (or him/herself into the safe!), it could be read. This holds true for password protection. The contents of your computer or phone (typically) are stored “in the clear” or in “plaintext”. This means that if I were to hook your phone’s memory or computer’s hard drive up to my computer, I wouldn’t need your password to read the data. This password security regime contrasts with encryption; encryption is a different, far-more powerful tool.

Encryption, to continue the analogy, is to take the book and scramble around the words and letters until it is unreadable by other people. You, however, know the secret to getting the words and letters back in their proper order. When using higher-level encryption, you assume that even if you gave the book to your foe, it would be of no use to them. Therefore you don’t need the overhead of safes, or locks, or even basic secrecy. The “cryptotext” is theirs for the taking because you’re confident they can’t do anything with it. The basic concept of encryption goes as far back as 100 BCE. The Caesar Cipher was used by the Roman military to pass messages. Each letter was was incremented a certain number of times. That increment is the “key”. Let’s say it was 3, so A becomes D, B becomes E, and so on. Now the message “attack” becomes “dwwdfn”. It’s simple, but it worked. This is an example of “private key encryption”, where you and your partner keep the key (3) private and can send encrypted messages through vulnerable runners without fear--so long as the key is kept secret! Now, obviously, this didn’t hold up long. Some Gaul somewhere got a hold of a message, and tried every private key until he was able to make sense of the gibberish, and the encryption system failed to protect the data. This was the first “brute force attack” in recorded history. In order to combat this, modern encryption schemes use complex algorithms and longer keys. To try every private key in a 512-bit encryption scheme would take a modern supercomputer longer than the age of the universe to complete using today’s capabilities. It’s much easier to attack your ally in the bar and beat the key out of him. But what if he doesn’t know the key? Enter “public key cryptography”. A pair of genius mathematicians named Whitfield Diffie and Martin Hellman developed

a scheme in 1976 to do just this. This invention is heralded the start of the modern cryptography war. In public key cryptography, I have a public key and a private key that are mathematically related, usually through factoring large, semiprime numbers into their large prime factors. I give you (and the whole world, for all I care) my public key. You can use this key to perform some math, and encrypt messages you want to send to me. Here’s the big bonus. You cannot use this public key to decrypt them! Only the private key, which obviously I tell no one, can decrypt messages sent to me. You also have a pair of numbers (public key, private key) so I can encrypt messages I send to you using your public key and you can decrypt messages I send to you using your private key. This is how companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, WhatsApp, and Facebook can get away with saying they don’t possess the keys to your data on your device. They only have the public key! Sound simple? It is! Although it took us centuries to discover this mathematical trick, it only took me about two hours as a first year Computer Engineering student to implement one of the world’s most advanced public key algorithm (RSA) in code. So now we get back to the regulation question. The Senate is currently debating a bill that would require tech companies to build weaknesses into their encryption algorithms. This means governments/agencies could get into your data, with proper warrants of course. This is currently impossible when using online services with strong public key cryptosystems. To accomplish this, we’d have to go back to basic encryption technology on our devices. Worse yet, it would no longer stop the Russians, Chinese, or whoever from having access to all of your online accounts. You can bet that the best cyber criminals and international ... Continued page 11


Libertarian Showdown: Gary

During the 2016 Libertarian Party of California Convention LP Nevada’s presidential candidates: former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson and

ZF: Why are you running for President? GJ: At the end of the day I think I’d actually make a good President, or I wouldn’t be doing this. At the end of the day, regardless of how this turns out, I think I’ll have provided a voice of reason in all this. So, on my deathbed, I’m going to reflect back on my own life, that I lived life to the fullest. Doing this, I think that’s part of it. ZF: Will you deport illegal immigrants and enforce laws against businesses that hire them? GJ: First of all, no, I will not deport illegal immigrants, but there needs to be a process by which work visas can be obtained by illegal immigrants, and as long as they haven’t committed crimes in the United States, they would receive that and be allowed to stay. With regard to businesses, I think that’s the absolute wrong path to take. Something that’s

not being understood right now is that businesses are required to take a certain number of documents—A, B, C, D, and E—to be able to hire someone from outside the country. So the fact that they get presented with false documentation… if you shift that burden of proof to employers, then you’re going to end up criminalizing a lot of employers who are in fact complying with the law or “the rules” that currently exist. ZF: Assuming Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders do not win their party’ nomination, how will you help their supporters see the Libertarian philosophy in a better light? GJ: Well, I think that’s the opportunity that exists right no; the opportunity that exists right now is that I think most people in this country are libertarian and they just don’t know it. And I do believe that Donald Trump is going to be the [Republican] nominee and I do believe that Hillary is going to be the [Democrat] nominee and I think these are the two most polarizing figures in American politics today. And if, from a Libertarian viewpoint, if you could set the table any better, I don’t know how you would do that. ZF: Who specifically should not be allowed to own a firearm and, under the Johnson administration, who would be responsible for making that determination? GJ: What I’ve said is that, should we be open to a discussion on keeping firearms out of the hands of the mentally ill—Zach, we should be open to that discussion, but I have to tell you… I’ve not heard any suggestion, anywhere, on how that might actually be accomplished, and I’m afraid that all the suggestions that I hear currently would restrict, potentially, you or I from owning a firearm because we’re not going to pass the litmus test.


And so the devil is in the details, but there’s nothing that I’ve heard of suggestion-wise that would work when it comes to keeping firearms out of the hands of the mentally ill. But, as Libertarians, I think it’s a real mistake—I think it’s a mistake for anybody to say that they wouldn’t

welcome a discussion on how that might take place or how that might be accomplished. I’m just a complete skeptic on there actually being a way to do that. ZF: How would the Global War on Terrorism change with Gary Johnson as Commander in Chief? GJ: Well, we stop the military interventions. There’s an unintended consequence of having troops on the ground, there’s an unintended consequence of dropping bombs, there’s an unintended consequence of drone flights that are killing thousands of innocent civilians, and that would stop. Congress needs to weigh in on our military interventions, and that needs to be an open debate and discussion that everybody can monitor and take part in. ZF: For you, what does the principle of nonaggression boil down to? GJ: I believe in the nonaggression principle. I think there are a couple of things as an example within the government that I’m actually working to overturn. The most specific example of government and its egregious use of aggression is the drug war. There’s been no one more outspoken about ending the war on drugs and then even pardoning those who have been convicted and are serving prison sentences for victimless nonviolent crime. The other is the IRS and I am proposing eliminating the IRS because it wouldn’t be needed anymore, because we would eliminate income tax and corporate tax. I also think that you’ve got a lot of aggression exercised by the government in jailing people who haven’t paid their taxes. ZF: How can people find out more information about you? GJ: Just Google me. Google “Gary Johnson” and it’s all there. You can’t get much simpler than that.

Johnson vs. John McAfee Zach Foster scored some one-on-one time with two Libertarian founder of McAfee Associates John McAfee. ZF: First of all, could you give us a quick once-and-for-all proper pronunciation of your name [Mack-a-fee or Muh-kaffee]? JM: My dad said Mack-a-fee but then again, he was incorrect about a lot of things. ZF: That’s horrible. Anyway, we’ve got some really fantastic questions for you from different Party members all over the country. So the first question I’d like to ask you is: why are you running for President? JM: I’m running for President because I view the gravest problem facing America is the cyber war that has already been declared against America by numerous sovereign nations, and we’re ill prepared for it. In fact, many within our government are not even recognizing it. I’ve been a cyber security specialist my whole life. Everybody in the cyber security field is panicked about the state of ignorance within our government and within many of the Democratic and Republican candidates. I’m stepping in because I didn’t see anyone else doing it. ZF: Alright. Another question from a reader: will you deport illegal immigrants and enforce laws against businesses that hire them? JM: I will not, because I do not believe in the concept of “illegal immigrants.” Our entire country—and I suspect everyone listening to me—and your parents came from somewhere else, unless you’re a Native American. In which case, I’ll leave my number and you can call me and let’s discuss this. Otherwise, you came from immigrants. Our country was founded on the concept of open arms. And we need to document people who come into the country because I have to be documented and you have to be documented. But beyond that, what do we need? Is it a lack of space? No. I’m an off-roader. I’ve traveled literally hundreds of thousands of square miles of arable land in this county that no one is occupying. So is it space? It can’t be space. What is it, language? They will learn the language no matter where they come from. If they are immigrants, in order to assimilate into the society and get jobs. So I don’t see a problem. And if any of you do, email me or call me and we’ll talk about it. But no, I will not, absolutely not, throw “illegal aliens” out of the country.

ZF: Assuming Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz do not win their party’s nomination, how will you help their supporters see the light of our message? John: I believe that everybody in the country is a libertarian— I truly believe that. The principles are so simple that to not know these are the principles of your life is impossible for me to believe. The principles are: we don’t harm one another, we don’t take each other’s property, and we keep our agreements. Nothing can be simpler, surely, and if any of you don’t believe that these principles are necessary for a sane society, then maybe you’re not a libertarian. But if you do believe all those, then you are. And so how do we get their supporters? We let them know who the reality of themselves are. Because the Republican Party and the Democratic Party is a mask that people wear and they weave a veil that they believe is the truth and it is not. ZF: Who specifically should not be allowed to own a firearm? JM: You know, I don’t think that we should limit it at all. I think the head of the household, if he’s 21 or older, should buy a rifle and teach his 12 year old son how to shoot. Beyond that, do we restrict it to only the “sane” people? Who gets to define sanity—the government? Me? Who? This is the problem with “we can’t give it to the criminally insane.” But who defines sane? If we take someone off the streets because they’re derelict and we start giving them drugs to make them passive, and they turn kind of crazy… Why is that? I don’t know? I don’t want to restrict guns to anyone. Now, if someone does get a gun and does something violent with it, then they go to prison like everybody else. But we cannot be the moral judge, as a government, of other people. ZF: Alright, last question for tonight. From what the Global War on Terrorism is today—this campaign stretching over Lord knows how many countries—how does the situation change ideally under President McAfee? JM: Well the first thing is we bring all of our troops home from foreign countries because you cannot stamp out terrorism with future hostilities. I mean, our hostility as the American nation created terrorism. It did—by dropping bombs and interfering in the internal affairs of foreign nations and creating suffering, anger, and frustration. You don’t know. If you had lived under the American abuse, perhaps you would be strapping a bomb to yourself. But we’re not going to help it by continually bombing and wiping out this cell and that cell and saying “problem over,” because it is an ideological problem that cannot be wiped out with bombs. Only through actions of understanding and compassion, like bring our troops home. And secondly, we have a failure in American intelligence. We’re operating in the Thirties, trying to find out where terrorists are by listening to individual phone conversations. The world has changed way beyond that. Way beyond that. And we need a new paradigm. ZF: John, thank you very much for the interview. Now, where can people find out more information about you? JM: Go to and everything should be there. By Zach Foster, Senior Contributor, Libertarian Party of Nevada


Brett H. Pojunis for National Chair As all of you know, the Libertarian Party of Nevada is doing very well. Throughout the country there are some states that are doing well and others that need some serious assistance. Despite this, the National Libertarian Party is NOT doing well at getting these states up and running. Honestly, I have been concerned with the direction the National Party is heading for a while. Since the 2014 National Convention our membership numbers are down (over 20%), our fundraising efforts are failing, our messaging isn’t working, our branding is horrible and unappealing, our membership data is basically worthless, and most important— our national leadership lacks vision. Furthermore, I believe the National Party does more harm than good for most states with their negative messaging and their “urgent grams.” When you have a state party that is doing well and gaining members and has really exciting things going on, it is confusing to members of these states when they receive communications from the National Party painting such a dark and gloomy picture. In some cases, members have showed up to our office with these letters and have expressed their concerns about whether or not we will have a National Libertarian Party in a year. This hurts the active states’ volunteer and fundraising efforts. This must stop and I think that I can do a better job at fundraising without resorting to scare tactics. Additionally, too many National leaders are stuck in the “good enough” category and do the absolute bare minimum to keep the party ticking over. This is unacceptable. We have an amazing opportunity to GROW the LP, but we have to work together! Nevada was in a tough spot back in 2013; since that time, we came together as a team and arguably have the most effective and active (fun!) affiliate in the country! I attribute some of this success to constantly striving to be better; thank everyone else in politics for raising our bar. Take our newsletter, we could easily publish a basic word document with a few articles but we want to have the best newsletter in Nevada and beyond. We push ourselves to be the


absolute best in everything we do and it has resulted in new members, volunteers, donors, legislation, and recruiting efforts! When I served two terms on the Libertarian National Committee I suggested many ideas to grow the party. I spent countless hours drafting plans, projecting financials, and determining the ROI (return on investment) on each plan. The disappointing part—after dozens of hours invested in developing each plan, I would have ten minutes to present it

to the National Committee. They would have one minute to vote NO. Needless to say that after two terms I was completely fed up with their unwillingness to consider and try new things. Some suggested I try my ideas out on the local level—if it works out, present them again to the Libertarian National Committee. Guess what, the same ideas I suggested to the National Party have been wildly successful and I am bringing them back, this time with a full plan to grow the LP! My game plan to lead the National Libertarian Party is listed on my website here: My goal has been to develop a strong state affiliate and build a model that would easily scale throughout the national Libertarian Party. Clearly each state affiliate is different and faces different issues. What works well in one state might not perform well in others. Therefore, I drew from the proven strategies that worked

well in Nevada and limited my plan based on what we felt would work well throughout the entire Libertarian Party. In order to be successful, in order to grow as we have in Nevada and several other states, we need to have a serious team on the National level. I cannot do this alone; this effort requires a strong, professional Libertarian National Committee, or it will be difficult to achieve the same (or better!) results. Over the next few weeks, I will be identifying the individuals I would like to work with on

the National Committee. Even with all the success we have had in Nevada, this is going to be a tough race—especially trying to get an entire National Committee elected. Any and all help is appreciated from a volunteer standpoint! If you would like to contribute financially to my campaign, you can also do that on my website. Thank you very much and I look forward to seeing you in Orlando! Please visit my website www.Pojunis. com to learn more about my campaign and please LIKE and SHARE my content from my Facebook Page: BrettHPojunis. By Brett H. Pojunis, Chairman, Libertarian Party of Nevada. Brett is also a candidate for Chairman of the Libertarian National Committee, and has served two terms on the LNC previously.



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Meet Our Candidates Dennis Hoff Assembly District 36 Dennis is a Nevada business owner with a passion for helping people. Dennis has fought sex trafficking in Nevada and the United States for decades and is uniquely qualified to work with the legislature and law enforcement to prosecute the criminals and provide a safe haven for their victims. Dennis is committed to repealing the commerce tax that is burdening local, small businesses. His opponent voted for the tax and continues to defend his decision. Dennis knows that increasing the size of government and raising taxes is never the answer. Dennis is also dedicated to realizing a brighter future for our state’s youth. The incumbent candidate had his chance and FAILED. Dennis will not waste an opportunity to enrich the educational opportunities for our children. Dennis believes our veterans and seniors deserve the best quality care possible, and Dennis is devoted to making sure that those who have sacrificed so much for future generations have localized resources that are both modern and convenient. Our children, parents, and grandparents will have a tireless advocate in Dennis as a State Assemblyman.

David Colborne Senate District 15 In Senate District 15, the Establishment Party candidates are a professional politician (Heidi Gansert), a small business owner (Eugene Hoover), and a professional labor lobbyist (Devon Reese). What’s missing? How about the rest of us? How about those of us with jobs, who only have one customer for our labor, and if that customer decides they don’t derive sufficient profit from our labor anymore, we lose our house, our power, our food, and everything else we need to survive? How about those of us with children in Nevada’s schools, who witness firsthand the effects of our state’s legislation on education whenever we attend a parent-teacher conference? How about those of us that aren’t independently wealthy? In short, how about the vast majority of Nevadans? Who represents them? My name is David Colborne, and I look forward to earning the support of the vast majority of Nevadans in Senate District 15.

Kimberly Schjang Senate District 7 As a native of Las Vegas for 33 years and a student at UNLV, Kim has seen plenty of changes to Las Vegas as a whole, and most notably, to District 7 where she has lived for most of her life. She wants to know - where will this district be in another ten years? Not just for herself, but for her young nephews, for her mother that just turned 57, for her neighbors playing basketball on Saturday evenings, and even the “Corn Man” blowing his horn to announce that he has come to serve the neighborhood a treat. Will things be improved, or stagnant like the past ten years?


The future is why Kim is running for Senate District 7. She is determined to make sure that each and every man, woman and child has a bright future. Whether it is improving the public transportation system, offering more choices for education to parents, or lowering taxes so the things you buy are cheaper, Kim has a plan to improve the lives of everyone in District 7. A vote for Kimberly A. Schjang for State Senate District 7 is a vote for a certain future.

John Moore Assembly District 8 In 2014, John was elected to the State Legislature representing Nevada Assembly District 8. During his first term, John provided a fresh and strong libertarian voice to represent his constituents, and to ensure that our voice is heard. John will continue to work to bring a consensus to the Nevada State Assembly, and to create a brighter future for Nevada! John knows it is extremely important to be able to work with both sides of the aisle. As a combat Veteran himself, John knows the value of making sure that our nation’s Veterans get the kind of care and treatment that they deserve. He will fight for our Veterans at every opportunity. Every year, we are asked to pay “just a little bit more,” and John knows this is not the answer to the issues that face our state. Instead government agencies must be held accountable for how our tax dollars are being spent. For years, we’ve been paying more and getting less. We deserve better. John understands that less government involvement in our daily lives and less government spending of our money is the best way to ensure a free and prosperous future for re-elect Assemblyman John Moore, District 8, Nevada.

Troy Warren Assembly District 12 Troy is a native of Las Vegas, Nevada and Assembly District 12. He is a husband, son, uncle, and a father of two daughters. He is a mechanic and has been in this career for over thirty years. Troy is determined to win Assembly District 12 - for you! Are you fed up with the current state of bickering politics? Are you tired of our school system constantly making excuses as to why they are unable to educate our children? Are you tired of being told “no more taxes” and then getting billions of dollars in taxes shoved down your throat? If you answered yes to any of those, Troy Warren is your guy! He is NOT a politician; instead, he is a hardworking, tax-paying, blue-collar American who is fed up. Troy is throwing his hat in the ring to change things for the better. Please vote Troy Ethan Warren for Nevada State Assembly District 12!

The Trump Machine; A Public Affair When it comes to the billionaire with the combover hair, there are only two camps: those who love the man and those who despise him. But there’s not a soul in the country who doesn’t know the name: Donald Trump, the rogue, self-funded, mega-businessman and reality star running for election in this year’s race for the White House.

arrests, and mostly blind shouting from all sides of the fence. His name is so readily recognized, and so emotionally charged, that its mere mention in chalk at certain universities have provoked administration to provide gratis counseling to students who found themselves quite traumatized to have seen it. Love him or hate him, Trump raises hackles.

Donald Trump is something of an unprecedented sensation. In many lights, he’s become an election superstar we all love to hate, and his increasing success has as much to do with his loud defiance of those who would accuse him of impropriety as with any of his particular platforms or positions. It’s nothing of an exaggeration to say that his entire campaign has been one middle finger after another to today’s progressive movement of broad cultural sensitivity and modern mores of politically correct speech. In fact, one voter said precisely that: “We’re voting with our middle finger!”

And yet, week after week, somehow he keeps winning. Whether by strategic intent, or pure dumb luck, all of the controversy and sensation has generally played to his favor. But should we really be all that dumbfounded when the man living in the spotlight ends up at center stage? If we hope to derail the Trump Train from heading engine-first into the White House, we must do something different. Screaming and vitriol do little to garner votes. Spitting in the face of a candidate’s supporter, though it may feel good at the time, is unlikely to change their opinion. Instead, if we want to achieve real results, we must focus on how we can appeal to the rational interests of individuals who have found themselves yet undecided when it comes to the great Chasm of Trump.

If you haven’t been living under a rock these past several months, you’re probably somewhat familiar with the kind of wild reverberations that have come in the wake of some of his more volatile statements; blocked highways, explosive rallies, broken noses,

By Jay Layman, Communications Director, Libertarian Party of Nevada


The 2016 Clark County Fair: My Experience

It’s that time of the year again...spring in Las Vegas. Things start to change as the days get longer, the nights get warmer, and people enjoy numerous, outdoor activities before the heat of the summer sets in. This includes the ever-anticipated annual Clark County Fair and Rodeo. Like other county fairs it has rides, games, attractions, stores, and information booths. It opened its doors on Wednesday, April 6 until closing time on Sunday April 10. This would be five days of corn dogs, barbecue pork, carnival rides, crazy t-shirts and screaming vendors. And of course the Libertarian Party of Nevada was going to be there, all five days of it. arty members arrived early on opening day eager to put P together our booth. It was time to set up, get situated and kick off the festivities. Our booth was stationed in one of the main tents along with numerous other shops. This included other political factions as well. As people flooded into the fairgrounds our party members were prepared for the rush. Political talk was about to be had, pamphlets were ready for the taking, and our shirts were for available for a modest donation of $20. Perhaps our biggest goal though was getting people registered to vote. Of course it would be nice if they registered Libertarian Party, which many of them did. But just getting people interested in politics, libertarian politics, was a primary concern. he first three days went by and everything was running T smooth. Then Saturday arrived and it was my turn to help with the project. As I was getting ready to head out I noticed some dark clouds overhead. I grabbed a coat as a precaution and ran out the door. As I was heading north the sky had gotten even darker. Once I arrived at the fairgrounds in Logan-


dale the clouds opened up and dumped everything they had. It was pouring, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me, slow me down, or even cause a distraction. I threw on my coat, avoided as many mud puddles as I could and made it into the tent. I was soaked but I was there. Upon arrival I joined the Secretary of the Libertarian Party of Nevada, Alexander DiBenedetto. Also present was Kim Schjang, who is the LPN’s candidate for State Senate District 7. I then jumped behind the booth, gave them both a hug, grabbed a chair, and starting working the booth. I was somewhat impressed at the attendance levels, despite the raging monsoon. It seemed the people were going to enjoy the fair rain or shine. This happened to be precisely our mindset as well. During my shift I met a young man named Kasen. He’s a high-school kid who seemed very interested in politics, which is somewhat of a rarity among boys his age. I wish more young people would be interested in politics. Not only did he engage us with meaningful questions, but he gave us a helping hand as well (thanks Kasen!). When the fair closed that evening, it was time to pack up and head out. By this time the rain was still falling hard making for a long drive home. he next day I got up with the same enthusiasm I had the T day before. This time Secretary DiBenedetto and I would be driving up together. As we were cruising up the highway it looked rather promising. The sky wasn’t exactly clear but it didn’t look like it was going to rain either. Once we reached Logandale all bets were off, it was raining...again! Of course we decided this wasn’t going to affect us; it’s all about mind over matter. When has a little rain ever stopped politics? Just like the previous day we were going to focus on our mission regardless of what the elements had in store for us. Alex and I made it to the tent around 3pm and relieved Seth Martin, who had been manning the booth during the morning hours. We were impressed to find he’d secured numerous voter registration applications. If you are reading this -Seth, you really were the superstar on Sunday hands down! For the second straight day the traffic levels at the fair were better than I expected considering the noncooperation of the weather. he rest of Sunday offered some valuable discussions with T our customers and we grabbed a few more voter registrations. As time progressed I discovered the fair proved to be an excellent place to discuss politics with the local community. It provided a rather relaxing environment as people were free from the typical bump and grind of life placing them in a cheerful mind set. It seemed this helped further open discussions about our politics. I enjoyed working the fair and saw it as a very productive endeavor for the party. The locals from Logandale seemed particularly interested in the Libertarian Party’s ideas. One thing is clear-- we should definitely participate in the fair again next year! By Mike Astafan, At-large Representative, Libertarian Party of Nevada

Regulating Encryption (Continued) terrorists in the world have someone with a working knowledge of Java or C and would be able to hack into your information in a matter of hours, maybe less. The simple case against regulating encryption is that it can’t be done without compromising your data to anyone who wants to view it. It boils down to this: math, like any other idea, cannot be regulated. The math is known worldwide and by millions. No number of laws, wars, or police officers will change this fact. If

Dear Republicans By Jason Weiman, Political Director, Libertarian Party of Nevada No, we will not change everything we believe to appeal to you. You’re sick of the GOP. That’s great. We don’t like them either. But please stop helpfully informing us that you would be Libertarian if only we were more bigoted. We welcome Republican refugees into our party the same way we wish to welcome refugees from all over the world into the United States. But we will not abandon our principles to appease regressive social conservatives, just as we would not expect refugees to turn the US Government into a Syrian style dictatorship. People join the Libertarian Party for all sorts of reasons. Our members are former Democrats, former Republicans, former unaffiliated, and sometimes just new to politics. Our members come from all walks of life. We don’t even all share the same political philosophy. Some of us are libertarians because we believe that free markets are the best way to raise living standards across the board and to lift people out of poverty. Some of us are more concerned about restoring our rights to privacy and other civil freedoms. Where we generally agree is policy. We believe the government spends too much of our money, regulates too much of our business, and imposes too much in our private lives. Strangely, although there is no indication Syrian refugees dying pointlessly on waiting lists want America to adopt the very policies they’re fleeing, fed-up

you waved your magic wand and eliminated all cryptographic software from the world this minute, I’d have a new version coded in an hour, and I’d be beat by thousands of other people out there who are better at it than I am. They don’t have to work at Apple, or Google, or Microsoft. They can be college students, high school hackers, or self-taught foreigners. It. Cannot. Be. Done. It’s time to stop arguing about whether it’s the right thing to do because those questions are moot. It’s time to face facts: regulating encryption is the impossible thing to do.

Republicans often seem to want the Libertarian Party to adopt more regressive policy, not less. Like Republican Stockholm Syndrome, they complain about the GOP’s infringement of our basic rights (from passing the largest tax and spending hikes in Nevada history, to their trampling of due process) in the same breath as they would impose the same kinds of infringements or worse on gays, transgendered Americans, immigrants, and on the people who would violate the arbitrary prohibition on marijuana use. It is not an “offense” to your religion, to your culture, to your traditions, or to you personally, for other people to decide how they want to live their lives. According to the U.S. Department of Justice (2013), there are an average of 293,066 sexual assaults every year. That’s over 800 per day. Out of all of these attacks, there is not one reliable instance of a transgender person harassing a nontransgender person in a public restroom. And yet, Republicans claim, without a hint of irony, that their anti-trans bathroom bill will somehow protect us, or our children, from sexual assault. The spouse of a prominent Republican Assemblyperson claimed that opposition to the bathroom bill (and support for marriage equality) is “born out of hatred for Christians.” Wow! This same Republican told me that “this whole thing has nothing to do with rights and is your own personal way to slap Christians in the face.” Never mind that the overwhelming majority of Democrats and Libertarians are Christians. Never mind that there is no commandment to use gender segregated bathrooms in any religious text I’m familiar with--and certainly not the Bible. He wanted to clarify that “this is just a continuation of an assault that started with a ‘marriage’ issue that could have been addressed with diplomacy with a legal civil union, and now moves on to a bathroom issue

that had already been solved in schools with totally private staff restrooms.” If you’re fed up with the Republican Party because they’re not regressive enough, you’re not looking for the LP. For all their posturing, Republicans are pretty quick to ditch their religious piety when it comes to immigration, though. Never mind anything the bible has to say on charity, on the proper way to treat strangers, or even explicitly not to oppress foreigners living in Christian lands (Zechariah 7:10). “There is no longer Jew nor Greek” (Galatians 3:28) but there is still Mexican, and apparently they’re not welcome. Neither are people with different religions, or from parts of the world with real religious turmoil. If you’re fed up with the Republican Party because even though 17 out of 17 candidates came out on the same side of the immigration issue, none of them were quite as hostile as you’d like them to be, you’re probably not looking for a party that’s on the other side of the issue entirely. For our benefit as well as theirs, and for reasons too numerous to mention (see http://, we support people’s right to move anywhere they can find a job, start a business, or buy or rent a place to live. The Libertarian Party of Nevada prides itself on its political efficacy, which is a break from the way the party has operated in the past. We welcome ex-Republicans who don’t agree with us on every issue, just like we welcome ex-Democrats who don’t agree with us on every issue. We are willing to compromise to move the ball in the right direction. We are willing to make political sacrifices to be effective. But we will always be the Party of Principle. We are no more social conservatives than we are fiscal liberals, and our members, no matter where they were born, or what their religion, are not fighting to tell everyone else where or how to live.


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Announcing the 2016 Summer High School & College Internship Program! Our vision is to train interested students in communication, leadership, graphic design, program management, and politics! We have two tracks currently available: Track 1: Libertarian Party of Nevada Interns – These interns will work closely with different divisional directors within the Libertarian Party of Nevada. Interns will experience a survey course of the different types of work to be done in a political party. Track 2: Campaign Interns – These interns will work closely with one or two major campaigns for the Libertarian Party of Nevada. Interns will experience three major elements to running a major campaign: phone calls, door-to-door marketing, and events. Upon completion, high school students will receive a letter of recommendation from the Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Nevada and a signed letter stating the number of volunteer hours completed. College students will have the opportunity to receive 3 credits from UNLV for completing this course. Apply today at

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Libertarian Party of Nevada Newsletter: May 2015