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Run For The Wall The 31st annual “Run for the Wall” group rode through Interstate-10 in El Paso, Texas on Friday May 17th on their way to Washington DC. At about 9:50 AM this group rode through the Lee Treviño underpass. Military Veterans and members of El Paso Motorcycle Coalition greeted these Great Riders by waving the USA flags on the overpass. This group travels from California to Washington, DC every May with over 1,800+ participants annually Founded by Vietnam Veterans, Run For The Wall® recognizes the sacrifices and contributions made by ALL VETERANS who have served our nation. Veterans of recent conflicts, those currently on Active Duty, Non-Veteran Supporters, and Patriots are especially welcome to join and ride with us, as We Ride for Those Who Can’t. See Page 13 2 Sun City Biker

2019 TEXAS STATE RALLY The Texas Confederation of Clubs & Independents meets once a year in one of the 12 Regions. This year the COC & I is meeting in Region 6, El Paso County and the site is San Elizario, Texas on June 7 - 9th, 2019. Cynthia Vivar Camacho is the Chairman of West Texas Region 6; COC & I is hosting the event. They are lobbyist for numerous laws such as the helmet law, share the road and many other important issues.

Regions Region 1 - Central Texas Region 2 - DFW Region 3 - Houston Region 4 - Beaumont Region 5 - Big Country Region 6 - El Paso Region 7 - San Antonio Region 8 - Corpus Christi Region 9 - Tyler Region 10 - Rio Grande Valley Region 11 - Pan Handle Region 12 - Big Bend

Texas Confederation of Clubs & Independents Chairman for Region 6

Cynthia Vivar Camacho June 2019

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The Best Affordable Motorcycle Helmets If you are in search of a new motorcycle helmet, but do not want to overspend, consider these cost-effective and safe options. These motorcycle helmets come in sleek designs, so you do not need to sacrifice style for affordability. Keep in mind that the cost of an affordable helmet is relative. In general, you must pay at least $70 – and potentially more – for a reliable helmet. Cheaper options may provide less, if any, protection. Though many motorcyclists prefer to buy their helmets from manufacturers, some trustworthy online sources may have better prices. For example, Amazon and other wholesale sellers often have good deals on valuable helmets, as manufactures send them their unused products, in order to focus on newer models. To ensure a helmet is legitimate, research it beforehand. Read through customer reviews and FAQs, and check the reliability of the seller. It’s also wise to check the helmet’s rating with multiple sources and read evaluations from experts. If you do not want to spend the time searching for genuine deals, below is a list of reputable helmets all under $300. These products were chosen for their style, affordability and safety. As you will notice, the majority of these selections are in the intermediate oval shape.

1. Bell Qualifier DLX

At $249.95, this model is at the

higher end of the $300 price range, yet it has a wide variety of features, including a transitions-adaptive photochromic face shield, which darkens or lightens, depending on sunlight intensity. In addition, the helmet works with both Sena SMH10 and Cardo Scala Rider Q1/Q3 comm systems. It comes in three different shell sizes, and can be equipped with MIPS for just $20 more. Overall, the features of the DLX make it worth the extra money, in comparison to the Bell entry-level Qualifier. As with all Bell helmets, this product comes with a five-year warranty.

2. BiLT Fusion

The BiLT Fusion makes up for what it lacks in design and hightech features with safety components and a low cost of $69.95. Though some motorcyclists complain about Cycle Gear’s cheaper options, this manufacturer provides trustworthy workmanship and excellent online and in-store customer service. The brand is known for its simple return and exchange processes.

3. Biltwell Gringo

The full-faced Biltwell Gringo, listed at $159.95, offers many features for the price. The outer shell is injection-molded, and therefore resists breakage. This helmet also has an EPS inner, removable liner with contrast stitching sewn by hand. Motorcyclists can choose from a wide array of colors and finishes, all hand-painted, to go with the retro design. However, the helmet does not come with its own



shield, so you must purchase a separate pair of goggles or glasses to protect your eyes. If you like these features, but do not like the style of the Biltwell Gringo, Biltwell also offers the modern Lane Splitter for $249.95.

4. HJC CL-17

Listed at $134.95, the CL-17 is known to provide a variety of design options to buyers, so they can customize their helmets to their styles and needs. For example, bikers may choose from nine colorways and four optional shields. The helmet also comes in unisex sizes XS to 5XL. Other features include interchangeable and washable cheek pads, an interior antibacterial fabric that wicks away moisture and a face shield that does not require tools for installation.

5. Scorpion EXO R420

The $159.95 Scorpion proves to be an excellent deal when ranked with other inexpensive full-face options. Impressively, both the Department of Transportation (DOT) and Snell approve this model for safety. It has a removable and washable liner, cheek pads made for sunglasses and speaker cutouts. Buyers may choose from four different graphic themes and various colors and patterns. For a less expensive version, choose a solid color, as opposed to a pattern.

6. Bell Custom 500

The Bell Custom, inspired by Roy Richter’s Bell classic of 4 Sun City Biker

the 1950s, costs $199.95. This helmet offers five different shell sizes, from XS to XXL, and a range of color options. Motorcyclists may choose the design pattern and the finish. To install a separate shield or visor, the helmet can be customized to have a five-snap pattern on the brim. For bikers looking for a preinstalled sun shield, consider the $199.99 Scorpion Belfast, which has a similar style, and a tan leather interior.

7. Joe Rocket Carbon Pro

The Joe Rocket Carbon Pro costs $145.19, and features a lightweight, comfortable and sleek design that meets both DOT and Snell safety standards. This product boasts a dual-density 4×4 carbon fiber weave, and an anti-fog 3D shield. It also has two, large adjustable front intakes, which channel air out of the helmet by means of an aerodynamic rear exhaust spoiler. Order a size up to ensure a correct fit of this snug helmet.

8. Nolan N21 Visor If you are looking for a high-tech option in the $300 price range, consider the open-faced Nolan N21 Visor, listed at $210.46. This helmet has an extra-wide visor, which provides excellent visibility and peripheral vision. It also has an integrated sun shield, a strap buckle for quick release and channeled air ports. Flip up the visor whenever you choose, and retract the sun shield by pressing a button.

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Chris Diaz Memorial

Story and photos by Ricky Jimenez Carrasco “On a headstone, there are two dates. But the most important detail is the dash in the middle and what it represents. It stands for all the life that person has lived. All the love, all the happiness and tragedies that happened from one date to another. And we are here today to celebrate all that.” Salvador Diaz, father of Staff Sergeant Christopher Diaz, USMC. On September 27, various veterans groups, including the Patriot Guard Riders, came together to celebrate the life and duty of Staff Sergeant Christopher Diaz, US Marine Corps, who lost his life in battle as a K9 handler in Afghanistan on September 29, 2011. The memorial also included a trip to the Ft. Bliss Cemetery. The 2nd annual memorial was instituted to celebrate the duty not only of Diaz, but also all other area K9 handlers and dogs who have served, and like Diaz, even given their lives. Salvador Diaz, Jr, spoke for the family. “Chris was a specialized dog handler. He got his training in Israel where he met and trained with his dog, Dino. They trained with the Israeli army June 2019

on an “off leash” program where the dogs are vocally controlled via an earpiece on the dog. The dog can be controlled up to a 300 yard safety perimeter. Dino is an explosives dog.” Christopher came out of 29 Palms and started with a Recon unit in Afghanistan. He was then moved to highly specialized MARSOC team because of his training. His was born on September 4, 1984 and passed away in Afghanistan on September 29, 2011. He had just turned 27 and had given 8 years of military service. Diaz is the middle child and is part of the family’s Marine legacy. Salvador, his oldest son, Ray, and several of his brothers were also Marines and their grandfather is also described as military. “Chris was a silly boy growing up, nothing like he was when he was a Marine. He liked to test the boundaries of mom and dad. He loved life. He was also a good Marine.” One of the speakers who knew Chris from his training days also recounted how Chris tested his Marine mettle.

Salvador spoke about the memorial. “This is an annual event. We started it last year not only to memorialize Chris, but to let other people know that there are dogs and dog handlers that lost their lives in service to their country.” There was a bell ringing and roll call of the 30+ dogs and handlers that have died during Middle East conflicts. The names included names from the US and various contributing allies like the UK and Australia. “We’d like to acknowledge them because they do a lot. These dogs are awesome and they turn into great pets when their time of service is done.” The Diaz family was able to adopt Dino, Chris’ service dog, earlier this year. “Dino sleeps on the pillow in the living room. He’s like people. When I get up, he looks at me like as if he’s trying to see what I’m going to do. He’s a good boy.” Jaime Bailey is a senior ride captain for the Patriot Guard Riders who were invited to escort the family and friends during this memorial. Continues on next page Sun City Biker 5

Continued from page 5 They also rode for his funeral several years ago. “It’s an honor to be asked to perform this duty for Chris. The Patriot Guard does this for all military, homeland, first responder and law enforcement funerals. The memorial took place at the Old Glory Memorial off of the Patriot Freeway and Diana. One of the ceremonies was to install a brick with Chris’ information on the walkway around the large flag. There was also an unveiling for plans to install a K9 unit memorial on the grounds.

For more information about the Old Glory Memorial: For more information on military K9 units and the Dawgs of War Memorial project:

Motorcycle Helmets... Continued from page 4 For a similar but less expensive style, consider the LS2 OF569.

A QUICK BAIL BONDS IV ANNEX BAIL BONDS Tony Quintanilla (915) 533-1414 • (915) 857-9995 • Fax (915) 533-3322 717 E. San Antonio • El Paso, Texas 79901 6 Sun City Biker

9. Bell Revolver EVO At $99.95, the Bell Revolver EVO costs less than the majority of helmets on this list, but still provides comfort and quality. This oval-shaped helmet has an interior sunshade that can be lifted when not in use. Other features include ventilation ports with flow-adjust settings, integrated speakers, an optional transitions adaptive face shield, two shell sizes and a magnetic strap for easy release.

10. GMax GM54S Though the GM54S is an offbrand helmet, motorcyclists have raved about it in reviews. This product costs $166.46, and has several unique safety features. The chin bar, for example, rotates to the top of the helmet’s crown to allow for full visibility. In addition, the helmet’s integrated red rear lights make bikers more noticeable on the road. Continues on next page June 2019

11. HJC IS-Max II For $198.99, the IS-Max II offers an interior adjustable sun shade, ventilation channels, a Pinlock face shield and an adjustable chin bar. Other health and safety features include a washable anti-bacterial liner and removable cheek pads. The helmet comes in a variety of colors and styles, which may change the final cost. 75 percent of Amazon reviewers rated this helmet as ‘Excellent.’

12. Scorpion EXO AT950 Though the AT950 has a high price of $269.95, it is a superb choice for dual-sport riders. This helmet provides a chin bar that flips up, a large eye port for goggles and a removable off-road

visor. It also has an anti-fog face shield, an internal sun visor and a washable liner that wicks away moisture. This multipurpose helmet can therefore be used for on- and off-road trips.

comes in a variety of sizes. It offers a fiberglass shell, an eye shade that can be removed without tools and a metal buckle that locks underneath the chin. For an estimated $50 more, the shell comes in carbon fiber, a tougher material.

13. Scorpion EXO C110 With a list price of $129.95, this half helmet is known for its modern style and useful features, such as contouring on the shell, top vents outside the helmet, a peak visor, an EPS liner and removable ear flaps, which attach to ear pads. The shaded visor may be raised or lowered, though it blocks the exterior air vents when raised. For a comparable helmet with a more classic design, consider the Bell Pit Boss.


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14. Voss 888 FRP This lightweight half helmet, named after its weight of 888 grams, costs only $99.95, and

GMax GM54S

915 779 2489 | 915-779-2489 geico com//elpaso g 6600 Montana Monta ana Avenue Avenue

Limitations apply. Limitations apply. See See for more det details.©GEICO ails.©GEICO & affiliates.©W ashington, DC 20076 200776 © 2019 GEICO affiliates.©Washington, June 2019

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10 Best Motorcycles for Carrying Passengers (MOTOR RIDES)

Whether you are a motorcycle rider who is new to the sport or you’ve been riding for years, making sure your passengers are comfortable is an important part of having a carefree and fun ride. If you’re in the market for a new bike and you know you will be riding with passengers, you should consider motorcycles that are equipped to handle passengers safely, securely and comfortably. If you feel confident your passenger is safe and comfortable, then you have more room to enjoy the ride. Some motorcycles are designed better to handle passengers than others, so it is important to do your research before renting or buying your next bike. To make sure your passenger is comfortable, analyze the bike’s capabilities to carry additional riders, including the seat dimensions and handling abilities. Below are 10 motorcycles on the market today

Honda Gold Wing known to be comfortable rides for passengers.

BMW R1250GS This is an adventure bike, which leads many motorcycle consumers to believe it wouldn’t provide a secure and comfortable ride for a backseat passenger. However, this model has received rave reviews for riders who operate their bikes with passengers. The large and cushioned seat allows for comfort for both riders all day long. The model also includes front suspension, which helps to ensure there is no brake dive, even on the most treacherous terrain. This eliminates any surprises for passengers that can uproot them from their seats. The tall riding position also allows both riders to sit straight and comfortably, while the operator maintains full control of the bike.

Honda Gold Wing Passengers on the Gold Wing are impressed with the comfort of the seat and their ability to comfortably sit and relax for hours on end. The leather seat is cushioned and designed specifically to provide comfort to the passenger. It features the addition of a backrest and armrests, making it feel more like a luxury sofa chair than a motorcycle seat.

Honda Gold Wing The passenger seat is raised from the motorcycle operator, allowing the backseat rider to have a full view of the scenery during the ride.

Ural GearUp This classic model offers a sidecar, a nod to vintage motorcycles and their passengers. While the sidecar may seem like a hokey gimmick on this model, it actually provides a comfortable place for the passenger to enjoy the ride. Passengers are usually fans of sidecars on motorcycles because they feel more safe and secure, without having to grip onto the rider or the bike’s handles for support. This model is also passengerfriendly because it offers several storage spaces for personal belongings. The option for two-wheel drive makes this ride smooth and fun for both passenger and rider. Continues on page 10 8 Sun City Biker

June 2019

5 Important Facts About Motorcycle Tire Pressure (MOTOR RIDES)

As a responsible motorcycle owner, your tire pressure should be at the forefront of your mind before you take a ride. You may already set a strict schedule for checking your tire pressure, but sometimes, that is not enough to keep it where it needs to be. Learning about how tire pressure can affect your ride and the way your motorcycle performs is also important to ensure you have appropriate handling ability and your bike does not obtain excessive and needless wear. By reviewing these five facts about motorcycle tire pressure, you can be ahead of the game when it comes to your motorcycle maintenance. While checking your tire pressure and adjusting it when needed may seem like an easy task, learning how your motorcycle behaves under different pressure is also important for an optimum ride. Check out the information provided below so you can become an expert on motorcycle tire pressure and keep your motorcycle performing efficiently on the roads.


1. Check your pressure as often as you can.

There are varying opinions on how often motorcycle tire pressure should be checked. Some manufacturers feel it is important to check this pressure everyday while others would debate that it only needs to be checked every other week or when it seems low. You should consult your motorcycle’s owner’s manual to learn how often your manufacturer suggests you check the tire pressure. In addition to taking your manufacturer’s suggestions into consideration, you should also think about how often your motorcycle is used and what it is used for when scheduling your tire pressure checks. If you use your motorcycle to commute to work on well-paved roads in stable weather conditions, you can probably resort to checking your tire pressure once a week. However, if you use your motorcycle on gravel or dirt roads or in severe weather, you should check the pressure everyday before you ride. Additionally, if you are currently on a road trip that includes long days with lots of miles, consider checking your tire pressure twice per day if possible.

2. Wait until the motorcycle cools down to check the pressure.

When you do check your motorcycle tire pressure, it is important that you complete the task when the bike has cooled down from your previous ride.

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Best Motorcycles for Carrying Passengers... Continued from page 8

Honda NC750X The NC750X is not only a great bike for inexperienced riders, but it is also the perfect model for passengers without much experience riding on motorcycles. With a large and cushioned seat and generous grab handles, any passenger will feel safe and comfortable on the backseat of this bike. This motorcycle is easy to operate, so most passengers report enjoying fun and stress-free rides on this bike.

Suzuki V-Strom 650 Touring A cushioned and raised leather seat makes this motorcycle a top choice for operators who will be accommodating passengers frequently. The V-Strom 650 Touring is known for its easy handling and smooth ride, which also makes it perfect for passengers who want to relax in the backseat. The anti-lock braking system is also a plus because it ensures quick stopping without sliding, making passengers feel safer and more confident throughout the ride.

Honda CBR300R A spacious and comfortable backseat is provided for passengers on this motorcycle. This model is often referred to as the perfect beginner bike because it offers simple handling and an engine that is not too fast and intimidating for newer riders. The bike is unaffected by passenger load, so inexperienced riders can feel confident, even with extra weight on the back of the bike.

Triumph Bonneville T120 If you are looking to impress your passenger and get him or her excited about riding on your motorcycle, consider the Bonneville T120. This retro bike has a classic aesthetic that will dazzle your passenger throughout the ride. In addition to its beautiful lines, this motorcycle is equipped with a cushioned, flat and large seat, which is also a throwback to the vintage-style model that inspired its design.

Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Classic

Triumph Tiger 800 XC

Harley Davidson is a brand that always has passengers in mind when designing its models. The Electra Glide Ultra Classic is one of its designs that caters to the comfort and fun of the backseat rider. It offers a large, cushioned seat with a wrap-around backrest. The bike also includes plenty of storage space for personal effects and riders can stretch their legs to comfortable positions on this large model.

With a uniquely tall seat, passengers will love the Tiger 800 XC because they can always enjoy the view. The large seat is also flat, which can be more comfortable for bike passengers. This model is also known for its large and easily accessible grab handles, so passengers can feel secure. Lastly, the Tiger 800 XC is a great bike for riders with passengers because it offers a smooth ride with a relatively quiet motor and is easy to control and maneuver. Continues on next page

10 Sun City Biker

June 2019

Facts About Motorcycle Tire Pressure... Continued from page 9 You should wait at least two to three hours after turning off your motorcycle to get a reading on the tire pressure. This will ensure the reading is accurate and the motorcycle tires have completely cooled from your recent ride.

bike, your motorcycle could also have unresponsive steering or it could simply be sluggish and slow to accelerate in general. In the worst-case scenario, your tire could come loose from the rim since there may not be enough pressure to hold the bead into the motorcycle wheel.

It is important to only check tire pressure when the tires have cooled because tires that are even slightly warm from a ride can show inaccurate pressure reading by about 10 percent. It is also important to ensure the tires are cool before checking the pressure because the manufacturer’s tire pressure recommendations are made for tires that are cooled.

Over inflated tires: Tires with high pressure are also dangerous on the

3. Invest in a tire gauge.

5. Adjust tire pressure based on your activity.

Every gas station tire air pump machine is equipped with its own tire pressure gauge. This makes it simple and convenient to fill up your tire pressure while checking the pressure readings at the same time. However, you should be weary of the tire pressure gauges that are attached to these machines. Oftentimes, these readings are erroneous, sometimes by up to 30 psi. Keep in mind, if one of your tire’s pressure is low or high by even just a few psi, it can affect your motorcycle’s steering and braking abilities. One of the best ways to ensure you obtain accurate tire pressure readings is to carry a high-quality tire pressure gauge with you when filling up your tires with air. Using your own tire pressure gauge can seem like a nuisance, but this piece of equipment is usually inexpensive and small enough that you can carry it in your motorcycle carrier or in a bag. With your own tire pressure gauge in hand, you can be sure you are filling your tires to the correct readings.

4. Review the consequences of bad tire pressure.

It is important to review what can happen if your tires are under or overinflated. By understanding how your motorcycle will behave if it does not have enough or has too much air in its tires, you can easily diagnose a problem related to the tires.

roads. Your motorcycle cannot gain enough traction when the tires are over-inflated. Without enough of the tire touching the ground, it is possible that your tires can overheat. You may also find it difficult to control your motorcycle if the tires have too much air.

It is important to keep in mind where you plan to ride your motorcycle when adjusting the tire pressure.

Paved roads: If you will be mainly riding on paved and flat roads, you

should fill your motorcycle tires to the manufacturer’s suggestions. Keeping your tires at optimal pressure as recommended by the manufacturer will ensure you have proper handling capabilities on the road.

Off-track: When riding on road rubber, you should fill your tires to 30 psi and monitor how your tires are affected. If your tires start to look marbled, consider letting out a bit of pressure and reducing the psi by a few before riding again. While your tires should look scrubbed, marbling may mean the pressure is too high. Dirt roads and trails: It is important to have a lower tire pressure when handling your motorcycle on off-road trails since traction will be key to maintaining proper steering on tight turns. Continues on page 13

Under inflated tires: If your tires have low pressure and you ride

your motorcycle without fixing the problem, you might realize the motorcycle is hard to control. In addition to attempting to handle an unstable

Best Motorcycles for Carrying Passengers... Suzuki Hayabusa Sport bikes are not usually known for passenger comfort, but the Hayabusa is an exception to this rule. While this model is known as one of the fastest motorcycles on the market today, it still provides a cushioned and comfortable seat for passengers who are excited to go fast. The foot pegs on this bike are also relatively low, allowing the passenger to feel less crammed than they would feel when riding on other smaller sport bikes. This motorcycle is also known to gain speed smoothly, eliminating the jerking of changing gears that is often associated with sport bikes. This makes for an effortless ride for both operator and passenger.


June 2019

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Weather 101 By: “Doppler” Dave Speelman

Dust Storm Safety on the Bike

1. Pull off the road 2. Park the bike and get off 3. Turn off your lights

We should all pay attention to the latest watches and warnings issued by our weather folks. A dust storm or sand storm warning means that visibility will be ½ mile or less due to blowing dust and or sand. Wind speeds of 30 miles per hour or more will occur as well. This can be very serious even though folks think “it’s only blowing dust and sand!”


According to the National Weather Service, dust storms or Haboobs are created by strong thunderstorms that can last for about 30 minutes dropping visibilities to zero in no time. If you encounter these dramatic and dangerous storms it is best to:

Many motorcyclists will keep their lights on while pulling off the road. Do not do this. Drivers coming up from the rear will think they can follow the vehicle with the lights on and will leave the road causing a rear collision. This could be catastrophic. Please pull as far to the right of the road as possible.

Sun City Biker Weather Trivia What percentage of lightning injuries and or fatalities occur while folks are outdoors? A. 30% B. 65% C. 78% D. 90%

“Doppler" Dave Speelman is the chief meteorologist at KVIA-TV in El Paso. You can watch his forecasts at 4, 5, 6 and 10 pm on ABC-7 (channel 6 cable). If you would like Doppler Dave to address (explain) any weather issues you can email him at

Answer: C – 78%

The months of May and June can be challenging when riding. Bikers should be aware that dust storms are still very prevalent this time of year. In fact, some of the worst dust storms created by strong thunderstorms can occur during this time period. It’s always good to know how to safely maneuver during a dust storm if you are on the roads.

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Facts About Motorcycle Tire Pressure... Continued from page 11 However, if your tire pressure is too low, you could cause damage to your rims and your tube could get caught between the rim and the tire. Therefore, it is important to experiment with different psi tire pressures when riding on dirt roads and trails to find what works best for you. Always remember to re-inflate your tires to the manufacturer’s recommendations before riding on paved roads again.

Run For The Wall