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Weather 101

Catch 'Doppler' Dave Speelman on KVIA Channel 7 or online at for your most accurate weather reports.

Fall Weather Outlook This is always a great time to hit the road. I love the fall and the cooler temps.

It’s a great time to make a road trip and see the color change. If you are planning on doing any long range trips, here’s how it looks across the country. Maps courtesy of the Climate Prediction Center.

Here is the long term forecast for September, October and November: Temperatures

The bulk of the heat anticipated to be west out in Arizona, western NM, Utah and southern California and western Colorado. Here is the long term forecast for September, October and November: Precipitation

You can see the rainfall bullseye anticipated to be in portions of Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Mississippi

Weather Trivia

Sun City Biker 3 By: “Doppler” Dave Speelman

When do we typically see the first freeze of the season? A. October 20 B. October 31 C. November 13 D. November 24

Answer: C

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A millennial’s three favorite bikes in the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum By Ashley Price The world of motorcycling is forever growing and changing, and thanks to current advancements in technology, that evolution is accelerating.

The advancements come, not only on motorcycles themselves, but by motorcyclists whose accomplishments over the past few decades have been nothing short of impressive.

As a younger generation in a sport that has such a rich history, it’s important to acknowledge all aspects of where motorcycling began and the true heritage of the industry.

Walking among the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum displays and gazing at the machines of many all-time greats not only offers the experience to relive the most influential moments and riders of motorcycling history, it is also simply nostalgic.

It’s a privilege to be able to learn about the bikes they rode to countless championships and used to change the face of motorcycling forever.

Here are my three favorite motorcycles in the museum that I believe were the most significant to motorcycling, to the millennial generation.

Jeremy McGrath’s 2000 Yamaha YZ250: Since I grew up in the 1990s it

should come as no surprise that Jeremy McGrath is one of my all-time favorite motocross racers. In what many consider the golden years of AMA Supercross, McGrath took the sport to the next level, selling out stadiums and enlarging the world of motorcycle racing through his unmatched talent on a dirt bike. As a young girl who was already obsessed with motocross racing, watching McGrath race brought me the same excitement that going to Disney World brought other kids my age. Seeing his bike in the museum brings back the same feelings of joy, adrenaline and excitement that I would get years ago. It’s almost as if I can hear the echoing sounds of two-strokes ringing through a stadium once again.

Ricky Carmichael’s 2005 Suzuki RM250: Carmichael’s famous dirt bikes in the museum provide a true testament of how incredible a racer he truly was. Watching the many epic CarmichaelStewart-Reed battles in the early 2000s were among the highlights of my childhood and still some of the best racing I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. But of all Ricky’s bikes in the museum, his RM holds a special place in my heart, as the last two-stroke to win an AMA Supercross Championship. It’s crazy to think

that there are generations that don’t know anything other than the pure power and deep growls of four-stroke Supercross racing. I was fortunate enough to not only witness this incredible advancement take place, but also live through this milestone in motorcycling history. At such a young age, I don’t think I was quite aware of how monumental the introduction of fourstrokes to the racing world would be, but I can vividly remember watching this exact Suzuki RM250 flying over the finish line as Carmichael took home his fifth and final AMA Supercross Championship.

Josh Hayes’ 2014 Yamaha YZF-R1: After selling all of my dirt bikes and heading off to college, I quickly realized that it was not possible for me to give up riding motorcycles. So to fill the void, I dove into the world of sport bikes. I hopped on a 2007 YZF-R6 and soon become obsessed with road racing, a result of my life-long passion for motorcycles and my background in competition. As a poor college student, I was too cheap to pay for the full cable TV package, so I was forced to watch AMA Superbike and MotoAmerica races on my laptop while I crammed for my finals. Riding a Yamaha, I obviously had a soft spot for Josh Hayes, but his determination and confidence in winning gave me all the more reason to root for him. His talent on a motorcycle was unmatched and debatably still is today, as he fights for more MotoAmerica race wins and championships. Seeing his race-tuned machine in person lights the same fire inside me that I got from watching him fight to the front of the pack on my 12inch computer screen. Standing next to it, I want to just hop on and ride it out the doors of the AMA Motorcycle Hall

of Fame Museum and on down the road to Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. As it sits quietly next to you, it’s incredible to think that this machine was flying around a track in upwards of 150 mph. Being next to this bike makes me realize that my passion for motorcycles goes much deeper than just the freedom of riding.

BONUS! Ryan Sipes' 2015 Husqvarna FE250: As the first American to place as the top individual rider at the International Six Days Enduro, Ryan Sipes made history in 2015 aboard this Husqvarna - a truly inspiring moment in recent motorcycle racing history! Although I’ve only been around motorcycles for 23 short years, there is no question that they have shaped my life and made me who I am. Every motorcyclist has a story—our love for motorcycling started somewhere.

Being able to see the motorcycles that influenced our passion and changed the face of our industry forever, in person, is truly a nostalgic feeling that is indescribable. For your chance to relive the greatest moments in motorcycling during your own generation, visit or check out the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum at the American Motorcyclist Association in Pickerington, Ohio.

we try to make it happen for them."

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One booth over, Eric Bess of Flying Tiger Motorcycles was displaying a couple of bikes he built for a St. Louis-area whiskey maker. Teresa and Eric Bess of Flying Tiger Motorcycles "We did some work for Rebel Yell on some other bikes," he said. "Then they asked if we'd like to build a couple of bikes for them, We said, 'Absoliutely!'" Flying Tiger, located in Maplewood, Mo., built one bike for a local giveaway and another for a national giveaway. Bess said both contests will be text-toenter.

Cool bikes from small shops

Builders Row in the Old Bike Barn Crossroads at AMA Vintage Motorcycle

Days offered folks a chance to check out the latest custom designs from some of the smaller American shops.

Ben Davis, owner of Legion Cycle Works, traveled from Middletown, Del., to AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days, featuring Riders of Kawasaki. It was his first trip to the event.

Ben Davis with some of the bikes from Legion Cycle Works "This is a great event," he said. "It's cool to see all the vintage bikes and be around so many people who share the same passion."

Legion is a custom shop that also handles basic repair and service.

"We do everything from engine work to exhaust fabrication to custom fuel tanks to complete bikes," he said. "If somebody has something in their head,

Flying Tiger also carries new Moto Guzzi, Royal Enfield and Zero motorcycles, as well as Genuine Scooters.

"We actually started of doing vintage restoration and repair," Bess said. "Then we expanded into the dealerships. Now we are doing custom building, as well." Other builders at AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days, featuring Riders of Kawasaki included Analog Motorcycles, 6th City Cycles, Chi-Jer’s Vintage BikeWorks and Loaded Gun Customs.

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Harley-Davidson issues global call to embrace the freedom of the open road

'All For Freedom. Freedom For All' celebrates individuality of riders and non-riders alike

WSince 1903, Harley-Davidson has

built motorcycles for one reason: to fulfill dreams of personal freedom. Launched today, the Motor Company’s new brand platform – “All for Freedom, Freedom for All” – celebrates HarleyDavidson’s enduring legacy and the pursuit of freedom that unites all. With a focus on the universal pursuit of independence, authenticity and the feeling of the open road, the new work is an open invitation to riders and non-riders across the globe to embrace their individuality. The new platform comes to life via 30and 90-second videos containing usergenerated and filmed content. In the creative, Harley-Davidson shares moments captured on the open road by riders past and present from all walks of lif.

“‘All For Freedom. Freedom For All’” is

part of our 10-year global strategy to build the next generation of HarleyDavidson riders,” said Sean Cummings, Harley-Davidson senior vice president of global demand. “As the leader in our industry, we are on a mission to grow the sport of motorcycling globally. To reach that ambitious goal, we need to increase our brand’s relevance and inspire new riders to experience the same freedom that all H-D riders feel in the saddle. This new work does that by celebrating the passion, freedom and emotional pull of the open road.”

To ignite a conversation about the thrill of riding, Harley-Davidson is enlisting its network of riders, influencers, dealers and employees on social media to post images and stories of why they chose to accept the invitation of the open road using #FindYourFreedom. For more information, visit or follow along at #FindYourFreedom.

About Harley-Davidson Motor Company Since 1903, Harley-Davidson Motor Company has fulfilled dreams of personal freedom with cruiser, touring and custom motorcycles, riding experiences and events, and a complete line of Harley-Davidson motorcycle parts, accessories, general merchandise, riding gear and apparel. For more information, visit


The name V9 Bobber evokes concepts such as its essential line, pure design and thus a certain original sporting content, underlined by a total matt black look. Moto Guzzi's custom sports bike effectively creates the mid-size bobber series segment, in which the V9 is currently the only representative. Bobbers appeared in the United States after World War II, built by passionate riders who stripped away all details superfluous to their goal of running fast on dirt tracks. To compete in these conditions the riders used to mount oversized tyres,

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giving the bikes a wide footprint. In line with this style, the V9 Bobber abandons any chrome plating and glossy finish for matt black details. The side panels and fuel tank are thus pitch black, with just a few graphic details in yellow or matt red. The exhaust unit, mirrors and both metal mudguards are painted in “dark matt�. The rear mudguard has been carefully shortened and reduced in size, so as well as including a very compact optical unit, it makes a big contribution to the minimal look of the V9 Bobber. The matt black wheel rims, both 16 inches, are elegantly decorated with the Moto Guzzi logo in grey; the front rim is shod with a tyre that has an oversized shoulder (130/90). Even with these spectacular tyres and distinctive design, the bike still maintains characteristics of exceptional riding pleasure and handling. Indeed the V9 Bobber is a true Moto Guzzi, and as such does not trade

rideability for beauty. The MY 17 V9 Bobber also differs from the V9 Roamer because of the more crouched and sporty riding position, provided by the lower, black painted drag bar handlebar and the aluminium footpegs mounted

100 mm farther back and raised 35 mm. This technical choice guarantees a more active and extended posture and ensures more on board space and comfort, even for taller riders.

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Indian Motorcycle strips it down with the new Scout Bobber Strip it down. That was the inspiration Indian Motorcycle used when developing the latest model in its iconic Scout lineup, the new Indian Scout Bobber. A

“The Scout Bobber is our most raw and mean machine to date, and the ultimate in the celebration of what motorcycling is about – a powerful engine, two wheels, and no plans of where to go,” said Reid Wilson, Marketing Director – Indian Motorcycle. “It’s an incredibly fun motorcycle that delivers a ton of attitude, along with a ton of power.”

low slung, blacked-out, minimalist motorcycle that proves less is definitely more. 2018 Indian Scout Bobber The new muscular Scout represents a core passion of motorcyclists - connecting to the road without a need for anything unnecessary. It’s a tangible means of escape from a life that is so easily bogged down by commitments and a boatload of unnecessary “stuff.”

The newest member of the Scout family pays homage to the mean, strippeddown builds of America’s post-war past. With its tracker handlebars and pegs moved 1.5” closer to the rider, the Scout Bobber delivers a more aggressive riding position so the rider can tear through the urban streets with ease. Its knobby tires and blacked-out wheels keep the rider grounded, while a low-slung profile and 1” lowered rear suspension deliver unfiltered feedback from every inch of blacktop.

The Scout Bobber features a black headlight nacelle, minimal engine covers, bar-end mirrors and vented exhaust shields. A black gauge face on its instrument panel and black exhaust further adds to its blacked-out styling. The new block letter logo on the tank compliments the muscular look of the bike.

Chopped fenders front and rear and a new two-tone genuine leather bobber seat enhance the minimalistic styling.

New rear LED lights with integrated stop, turn, and tail signals keep unnecessary parts to a minimum. Add the Scout Bobber’s raw styling to an American VTwin engine with 100 horsepower and this motorcycle quickly becomes more of a tool than an extravagance, enabling the rider to fully embrace the thrill of twisting the throttle and enjoying the journey rather than the destination. The new Scout Bobber will be available at dealers in the U.S. and Canada starting in September. Five colors, including Thunder Black, Star Silver Smoke, Bronze Smoke, Indian Motorcycle Red, and Thunder Black Smoke with ABS, are available with prices starting from $11,499 to $12,499. Pre-orders are available at dealers to make sure you can be the first to get the newest member of the Scout family.

ABOUT INDIAN MOTORCYCLE Indian Motorcycle is America’s First Motorcycle Company. Founded in 1901, Indian Motorcycle has won the hearts of motorcyclists around the world and earned distinction as one of America’s most legendary and iconic brands through unrivaled racing dominance, engineering prowess and countless innovations and industry firsts. Today that heritage and passion is reignited under new brand stewardship. To learn more, please visit

Kawasaki announces 2018 Ninja H2R, Ninja H2 Carbon and Ninja H2 motorcycles

Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. has released the model year 2018 Ninja H2R, Ninja H2 Carbon and Ninja H2 motorcycles.

only street legal, but also street capable, the Kawasaki Ninja H2 sportbike was born, using engineering shared from the Ninja H2R. The Ninja H2 was developed using the technology from the Ninja H2R model, but worked within the street-legal and street-capable parameters. Kawasaki introduced the limited production Ninja H2 Carbon motorcycle in 2017. The Ninja H2 Carbon motorcycle was based on the 2017 Ninja H2, enhanced with special features it returns in limited quantities in 2018.

Kawasaki set out to create a factorybuilt motorcycle, where Kawasaki engineers were able to pursue unadulterated performance without the limitations of street or racing homologation. The first four-stroke, supercharged motorcycle from a major manufacturer, the Kawasaki Ninja H2R produces once un-

This incredible trio shares many of the technologically advanced components, including the 998cc inline four-cylinder engine, proprietary supercharger, trellis frame, compact superbike dimensions, aerodynamic bodywork, single-sided swingarm, powerful BremboÂŽ brakes and much more.

heard of power for a factory-built motorcycle. It’s truly Built Beyond Belief. In order to create a version that was not

For more info visit Kawasaki on the web.

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New chassis, engine and design: Harley-Davidson introduces eight new Softail motorcycles Company’s largest-ever product development project


o celebrate Harley-Davidson’s 115th Anniversary year, the Motor Company is launching a custom revolution: Eight all-new Softail® models that merge the hard-riding performance of the Dyna® line with the unparalleled custom look of the Softail line.

Designed under the largest product development project in company history, the new bikes compared to prior year models feature a stiffer and significantly lighter frame built to harness the pulsequickening torque of the new dual-counterbalanced Milwaukee-Eight® 107 and 114 engines. With high-performance dual-bending valve front suspension and an easily adjustable hidden rear monoshock, the aggressively styled 2018 Softail models are faster, lighter and better handling than any of their Big Twin cruiser predecessors.

“The new Softail models are the result of the most extensive research and development program in the company’s history,” said Paul James, manager of product portfolio, Harley-Davidson. “Thousands of hours of research and testing were put into the complete ground-up design of these new cruisers. We focused on taking the total rider experience to a higher level, where authenticity, heritage and soul meet the modern edge of technology for a ride that must be felt to believe.” NEW CHASSIS The handling of a Softail motorcycle en-

ters a new era with a lighter, more rigid frame that elevates form and function to a higher plane, while maintaining the classic look of a hard tail and delivers a thoroughly modern ride. Benefits of the new chassis include increased lean angles, sharper turn-in response, quicker acceleration, nimble flick-ability, lighter weight, and easier side-stand liftoff than predecessor Softail and Dyna models. The steel foundation of the next generation of custom Harley-Davidson motorcycles has been forged.

FRAME/SWINGARM A new high stiffness carbon steel tubular frame forms the core of the 2018 Softail chassis. The completely redesigned frame and swingarm significantly increase the rigidity of the new chassis. The frame itself is 65 percent stiffer than the 2017 Softail frame, which leads to a 34 percent increase in overall chassis stiffness. The frame design achieves reduced complexity with a 50 percent reduction in component parts and a 22 percent reduction in welds. There are two unique swingarms, one for narrow and one for wide rear tires. The wide chassis is 15 percent lighter (13 pounds) and the narrow chassis is 20 percent (18 pounds) lighter than the 2017 Softail frame. The swingarm transfers rear wheel movement to the under-seat mono-shock while maintaining the pure, classic lines of a hard tail frame.

HIGH-PERFORMANCE SUSPENSION All-new front and rear suspension components are calibrated to match the dynamics of the new chassis, wheels and tires to enhance the comfort, control and performance of the 2018 Softail® motorcycles. The new high-performance dual-bending valve front suspension, which was first introduced on 2017 Touring models, delivers damping performance that is similar to a cartridge fork but with improved, more responsive damping characteristics. The suspension is optimized for both comfortable cruising and spirited riding with 130 mm of bump-devouring travel. Retuned and optimized rake and trail also enhance the motorcycles’ handling performance.

The new mono-shock rear suspension preserves the classic hard tail look while revamped geometry improves ride quality, traction and control. The new easily adjustable mono-shock enables a 240 pound range of payload capacity for increased passenger comfort and enhanced dynamic handling compared to 2017 Softail models. RIDE AND HANDLING AGILITY The all-new Softail models are up to 35 pounds* lighter than 2017 models, delivering an improved power-to-weight ratio that provides quicker acceleration, better braking and enhanced dynamic cornering capability combined with increased lean angles. Some models feature new tires specifically designed to work with the new Softail chassis and feature optimized constructions and improved compounds for a confident, long-wearing ride in all riding conditions. New seat designs and materials provide an improved fit for a wider range of riders and greater comfort for cruising. Bar none, the 2018 Softail models are the best handling cruisers Harley-Davidson has ever produced.

NEW POWERTRAIN All 2018 Softail models get a new heartbeat from the most powerful engines ever offered in Harley-Davidson® Big Twin cruisers, the new MilwaukeeEight® 107 and 114 V-Twins.

ICONIC LOOK • Milwaukee-Eight engines retain the iconic 45-degree V-Twin cylinder angle with a broad-shouldered top end accentuated by a single camshaft design that tapers to a slim bottom end for a muscular contour. The new Softail frame’s rigid engine mounting is engineered to tightly package the engine and reinforce the chassis stiffness.

SMOOTHER RUNNING & PURER SOUND - Milwaukee-Eight engines for Softail models feature a refined dual internally counter-balanced system that reduces engine vibration while maintaining the familiar Harley-Davidson feel. - Harley-Davidson’s trademark “potatopotato-potato” sound comes through strong with less intake and mechanical


TWO ENGINE DISPLACEMENT OPTIONS Milwaukee-Eight 107 Engine (107 CID; 1746cc) Standard on all models Milwaukee-Eight 114 Engine (114 CID; 1868cc) Optional • Available on four models: Fat Bob® 114, Fat Boy® 114, Breakout® 114, Heritage Classic 114

MODERN STYLING & DESIGN Interpreting Harley-Davidson’s history, authenticity and styling DNA through a modern lens, the eight new Softail models feature all-new designs that strongly differentiate them from their predecessors and each other. From a new base of style, comfort and performance, the next generation of factory custom cruisers are ready for riders to take even higher with their own personalization.

“The authenticity of Harley-Davidson design comes by sweating the details from start to finish, ‘hard to do and hard to copy.’ Harley-Davidson motorcycles are not a commodity; they are handed down from generation to generation,” said Brad Richards, vice president of styling and design, Harley-Davidson. “We look at every nut and bolt on the bike, all the finishes, and every small detail. The new Softail frame is like a piece of art, and the more you take off the bike, the more beautiful it becomes. Its design speaks to the teamwork that our styling and engineering processes demand.”


FAT BOY® The legendary Fat Boy motorcycle that defined contemporary custom style for decades has outdone itself. Ripped and refined satin-chrome finishes deliver a bold, muscular styling statement showing off its powerful engine and new and improved ride and handling. • Aggressive, steamroller stance and front end design • Modern-day interpretation of the classic headlight nacelle

• 160 mm front tire, the widest-ever on a Harley-Davidson production model, wraps the solid Lakester front wheel • 31-pound weight reduction to previous model • Standard ABS • 240 mm rear tire with solid Lakester rear wheel • Optional: Milwaukee-Eight 114 Engine

HERITAGE CLASSIC Design cues evoke the blacked-out styling of vintage ‘50s Harley-Davidson models updated with a modern edge. • New detachable windscreen • New rigid, lockable, sealed, water-resistant saddlebags • Taller suspension with increased passenger and cargo payload capacity • 32-pound weight reduction to previous model • Optional: Milwaukee-Eight 114 Engine • Standard cruise control and ABS

LOW RIDER® Inspired by the individualism of the ‘70s custom chopper era that birthed the original, the new Low Rider model is lighter and faster with corner-carving handling unimaginable back in the day. • Throwback-style dual tank-mount speedo and tach gauges, headlight visor and fuel tank graphics • 19-inch front and 16-inch rear Radiate cast wheels • 2-into-2 Shotgun exhaust

SOFTAIL SLIM® Stripped to its essential elements, the Softail Slim model pays homage to postwar custom bobbers with a narrow rear end, trimmed front fender, solo seat and minimal chrome. • Dark finishes adorn the laced wheels, Hollywood handlebar, and all-new front-end design • Low-slung tuck and roll seat • Bold and smooth new front nacelle and fork cover styling • 35-pound weight reduction to previous model

BREAKOUT® With more lean angle and agility than ever imagined in a bike carrying so much dragster attitude and style, the all-

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new Breakout model takes long, lean muscle to a modern edge. • New smooth-top 3.5-gallon fuel tank • Long and wide with low-slung raked out 49 mm front forks • 18-inch rear (240 mm tire) and 21-inch front (130 mm tire) Gasser-style glossblack powder coated cast aluminum wheels • Distinctive Daymaker™ Signature LED headlamp • Low-profile, riser-mounted digital instrument screen • 35-pound weight reduction to previous model • Standard ABS • Optional: Milwaukee-Eight 114 Engine NEW TECHNOLOGY FEATURED ON EVERY SOFTAIL MODEL • Unique Daymaker™ Signature LED Headlamps on all models • Improved electrical system charging, more than doubled at idle speeds • Easily adjustable rear shock pre-load settings (method varies by model) • Under seat spanner wrench: Softail Slim®, Street Bob®, Low Rider® • External hand adjustment knob: Fat Bob, Fat Boy, Breakout® • Under seat socket adjustment: Deluxe, Heritage Classic • Steering head mounted USB charge port • New instrumentation • Keyless ignition and security system standard • New fuel tanks Experience the ride and feeling that proves the new 2018 Harley-Davidson Softail motorcycles are Harley-Davidson’s most powerful, agile and responsive line of Big Twin Cruisers ever by taking your own test ride.

*Varies by model. About Harley-Davidson Motor Company Since 1903, Harley-Davidson Motor Company has fulfilled dreams of personal freedom with cruiser, touring and custom motorcycles, riding experiences and events, and a complete line of Harley-Davidson motorcycle parts, accessories, general merchandise, riding gear and apparel. For more information, visit

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Sun City Biker - Sept-Oct 2017  

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