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Continuing to Be the Best. This past friday the Socorro District honored the Socorro High School NJROTC program. The District unveiled a monument giving recognition to the 1995 and 2013 programs both winning nationals. The current NJROTC program is very excited and is getting

ready make the top 2 at their competition at Onate high school in Las cruces that will qualify them for Nationals for 2014. Socorro is in Area 9 and have to win at regionals to go on to Nationals where the best from 11 regions in the country face off. Academics and com-

munity service is what puts Socorro apart from its competition. Socorro averages 8000 community service hours per year. The average ARMY ROTC only averages 4000. Back in June, the Socorro High School NJROTC became best


in the nation, being named the Most Outstanding Unit by the U.S. Navy League. Two years ago, Socorro came in 3rd in the nation based on a wide variety of accomplishments such as

Navy exams, community service, physical teams and color guards. Not one to rest on their laurels, and under the tutelage of school commander, Senior Naval Science Instructor

Michael Morales and the rest of the NJROTC teachers, the unit regrouped and came back stronger than ever, beating more than 600 NJROTC units from across the nation.

by the Ball Boy

The Miners have no won the last 9 out of ten games. Tim Floyd just won his 400th game of his career by beating UTSA on Saturday and the Miners sit at 3rd place in conference play. The Miners have really bounced back after losing to charlotte earlier this month and losing 3 of their players. The Miners won this game against UTSA by efforts from Julian Washburn leading the team with 19 points. Phenom Freshmen Vincent Hunter attributed 15 points of his own along with 9 rebounds. Vincent Hunter is currently positioning himself to be a serious candidate for Conference Freshmen of the Year. CJ Cooper had 15 points and Cedrick Lang gave 12 points of his own. UTEP must now face Louisiana Tech this Thursday in a really hard matchup for the season. LA-TECH is sitting atop the conference with a 17-4 record and currently receiving top 25 points in the AP and Coaches poll. A win at home would give UTEP 1st or 2nd place standings in the Conference come Saturday Night. Vincent Hunter



Bully Prevention Workshop and Movie Who: City of El Paso Parks and Recreation Department What: Free Bully Prevention Workshop and Movie When: Thursday, January 30th (5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.) Where: Seville Recreation Center, 6700 Sambrano St. El Paso, Texas โ€“ The City of El Paso Parks and Recreation Department will host a free Bully Prevention Workshop and the titled movie โ€œBullyโ€ from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, January 30, 2014 at the Seville Recreation Center, 6700 Sambrano St. The workshop is targeting youth ages 8-16 as the movie โ€œBullyโ€ by Lee Hirsh (rated PG-13) is a great way for youth, parents, educators and community agencies to become more involved in this ongoing national dilemma. Information - Jorge Palacio or Rosa Montes - (915) 778-6722

El Paso Museum of Art announces

Museum School Winter 2014

Classes and Workshops for Children, Adults, and Families Join us in February for classes and workshops with the Museum School at the El Paso Museum of Art. Learn the styles of the Minimalists and make your own jewelry, throw a pot, paint a landscape, create a hanging feat of engineering, and be inspired by the Museumโ€™s collection. Classes and workshops are for students ages three and up. For more information and to register visit our website at http://www.elpasoartmuseum.or g/classes.asp or call us at 915532-1707 ext. 65 or 27.

in an activity. Free for Members and Active Duty Military, $10 for Non-members. Space is limited and is on a first come, first served basis. Saturday, February 8, 1:302:30 p.m. Thursday, February 27, 1:302:30 p.m. For more information and to register, call 915-532-1707 ext. 65 or visit our website. Summer Camp students practice their drawing skills in the Museum Galleries. February 22 and 23 FEBRUARY WORKSHOPS PRESCHOOL WORKAll supplies and equipment inSHOPS cluded. Tuition: $30-$76 Selfies and Portraits, ages 6-12, Museum Looks and Picture Saturday, February 8 Books, ages 3-5 with a caregiver Acrylic Painting, ages 6-12, Saturday and Sunday, Join Museum staff in looking February 22 and 23 Masterfully Inspired: Clay closely at a work of art, reading a storybook, and participating Sculptures, ages 13 and up,

Riva Siegel, ceramics instructor, assists students in Advanced Ceramics


Obtain O bbtttaain a ca career areeeer w wo worry orr y fr ffree ree


1421 N Lee T Trevino revino Ste B2 El Paso, TX 79936 1-855-601-2255 | 915-591-4141 1-855-601-2255



$700 $ 0

Program Pr ogram Plan


Weather 101


By: “Doppler” Dave Speelman


Weatherman's Day? EA R T EH

Sunday – Thursday Lobby 6am – 10pm Drive-Thru 6am – 12am Friday – Saturday Lobby 6am – 11pm Drive-Thru 6am – 1am

MESA 7640 North Mesa St.



Sunday – Thursday Lobby 6am – 10pm Drive-Thru 6am – 11pm


Friday – Saturday Lobby and Drive-Thru 6am – 12am

Coming Soon S





Weather Trivia: Willard Scott is the former weekday weatherman for the NBC “The Today Show.” He also is the creator of what famous character(s)?

A. B. C. D.



Now before you run out to the store and buy your favorite weather person a card – good luck finding one. I scouted some of the larger stores and did not find one Weatherman’s Day card. It looks as though you’ll just have to make one from scratch; but those are the best anyway!




According to the Air Force News, Weatherman's Day "commemorates the birth of John Jeffries, one of America's first weathermen". Jeffries was born on Feb 5, 1745, (thus giving us the date for this special day). Jeffries was known to keep detailed weather records in Boston, Massachusetts from 1774 to 1816.


EL PASO 11915 Gateway Blvd. W.


Not only was Jeffries a weather data keeping enthusiast, he love to travel in a balloon and study the weather patterns as well. It’s documented that Jeffries flew across the English Channel in 1785. He was quoted as saying ballooning could "lead to a full investigation of the nature and properties of the atmosphere".


This coming Wednesday (February 5th) is a big day for us weather folks. It’s National Weatherman’s Day! I know, some of you are laughing to yourselves. You’re probably thinking that weather folks should be on the bottom of the list when it comes to being celebrated! But, it is a recognized holiday that started in the 1990s.

Available thru February 14, 2014

Pillsbury Dough Boy Ronald McDonald Mickey Mouse The Muppets

Answer: B – Ronald McDonald. Willard Scott created the "Ronald McDonald" character for two businessmen who had the DC area McDonald's Drive-in Restaurant franchise. The McDonald's Corporation eventually hired a different actor for the national commercials.

Weather JAN 30

JAN 31







Mostly Sunny Windy

Partly Cloudy Windy

Mostly Sunny

Partly Sunny

Partly Cloudy 10% Rain

Mostly Sunny

Mostly Sunny


High:68º Low: 37º

High:64º Low: 27º


High:73º Low: 45º





High:56º Low: 32º High:69º Low: 42º High:68º Low: 36º High:64º Low: 35º “Doppler" Dave Speelman is the chief meteorologist at KVIA-TV in El Paso. You can watch his forecasts at 4, 5, 6 and 10 pm on ABC-7 (channel 6 cable). If you would like Doppler Dave to address (explain) any weather issues you can email him at

DYER 9040 Dyer St.



Ready, Get Set, Sale! Chances are you're not yet quite ready to shop for spring clothes. You're probably still snuggled up in your heavy sweaters and sweatpants, slugging through cold rain and blowing snowstorms. But, hey, it is sale time and worth browsing your iPad for some great deals, right? And if you're really serious about scoring some fashion bargains, you'll head out to your favorite store even if there's a blizzard. But before you Google "Sale at Macy's," here are some ideas to keep you on budget:

—Shop in your own closet. I know you've got cabin fever and you want to hit the streets, but it really pays to assess what you already have at home. Many of us have a strange way of buying the same thing over and over and over. How many pairs of black leggings do you have?

—Make a list of what you really need. Sounds simple, doesn't it? But how many times have you wished you had a blouse to go with that long emerald green skirt you bought last year just because it was the Color of the Year? You may even want to take that skirt with you to find its perfect mate.

—Replace the basics. No, it's not as fun as

finding that furry faux coat at 75 percent off, but if your old trustworthy trench is getting a little rugged around the edges, this is the perfect time of year to consider replacing it with a newer model. You know classics will always be good investments, especially if you can find them on sale.

—Be prepared. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes when you go shopping. Make sure you wear clothes that you can easily slip on and off. Leave the tight boots at home and wear flats. Suit up like a shopping warrior who means business, but wants to have some fun, too.

—Check out apps. There may be plenty of good deals out there, but there are even more online. You can often get extra discounts just by perusing the websites of the stores you intend to visit. When you get coupons in the mail, stick them in your purse immediately, so you will have them with you when you go shopping.

—Don't get overwhelmed. If the racks are brimming over with a tangled mess of clothes, just take your time. Get into the spirit of skimming the hangers for those hidden treasures. I often do this by color. I know I don't need another black pair of pants, so I just skip over to the next aisle.

—Try the merchandise on for size. This is a step that many of us just want to skip when we are in sale mode with a hundred other shoppers. But it can pay off. How many times have I just "known" without a doubt in my mind that that sweater would

definitely fit me, and then get it home, and it swallowed me up? Remember, sizes can vary from label to label drastically. So unless you know that you "always" wear a size 8 in a particular designer jean, err on the safe side and try everything you buy on, no matter how good a deal it seems.

—Get out of your style rut. Sale time is a great time to reevaluate your own wardrobe. If you've been stuck in a rut, take advantage of buying something a little "outrageous" when it's marked down. Try something that may not really be "you." You never know how good it may make you feel ... especially when you got it half price.

—Explore the new season. You may have promised you would only shop the sales, but once you're in the stores, look around. Check out the new spring merchandise that's bound to be lurking just inside the entrance door. You never know what kind of deal you'll find ... before it goes on sale! Sharon Mosley is a former fashion editor of the Arkansas Gazette in Little Rock and executive director of the Fashion Editors and Reporters Association. COPYRIGHT 2014 CREATORS.COM

Check out new spring collections when shopping the sales. Designer Peter Pilotto's collection for Target is a winner in bright colors, like this purple floral dress for $69.99. (Target and



Three Daughters and a Ring Dear Mary: I have a big problem and have told my daughters and their daughters that I am going to accept your advice to solve it. I have only one asset of significant value, and it is a ring given to me many years ago by my mother. All of them want it when I die. This has caused a huge argument. I know there will be hard feelings no matter whom choose to receive this ring in my will. I had the ring appraised, and it is of significant value. By the way, I am 94 and my daughters are 69, 70 and 73. Thank you for helping me before time runs out. — Dorothy H., Oregon

Dear Dorothy: The way I see thi,s you have two choices: 1) You can leave the ring to your first-born, which is a kind of traditional way that heir-

looms are passed down to the next generation or 2) Sell the ring now and divide the proceeds equally among your heirs. If I were you I would go with option No. 2. I predict that once they hear your decision, there will be a sudden change of attitude to preclude you carrying through with a sale.

Dear Mary: You suggest that I save at least three months worth of my expenses in a savings account for an emergency. The problem is that I will have to pay income taxes on the interest I earn on that money. Do you have any other suggestions that may serve the same purpose without my having to pay taxes to cover an emergency? Debbie K., Colorado Dear Debbie: Not wanting to earn interest because you

will be taxed on the interest is like saying you don't want to earn a paycheck because you'll have to pay taxes on it. The only difference is that you have to work for the paycheck, but you can earn interest in your sleep. Let's say your emergency fund holds $10,000. These days, you'd be lucky to earn 2 percent interest in a savings account. But let's say you can. In one year, you will earn about $200 interest. If you are in the 28 percent tax bracket, you will pay $56 of the $200 in taxes. But so what? The reason for the account in the first place is to keep you afloat during a time of financial stress. Besides, you get to keep $144 of the interest. I don't know about you, but I'll pay $56 to earn $144 any day. So should you.

Dear Mary: Recently, I was trying to look up an ad-

dress online, and I stumbled across a website that offers background checks. I looked up myself and found an incorrect address that I've never lived at, but curiously, it's the same incorrect address that shows on my credit report. How is it legal for this site to sell background checks? It is a total invasion of our privacy. Do you know how these websites get our information, and is there anything we can do to get it removed from the web? Thank you. — Jen K., Pennsylvania

Dear Jen: Don't assume everything on the Internet is legal. I don't know about the site you found, but a lot of data gathering does not break any laws. Some states sell information from drivers' licenses to marketing firms. Credit bureaus sell your information to banks and credit card companies. Lots of information about you is in the public record. Your name, address and phone number are in countless phone books. Your insurance providers submit your information to data gathering companies. The best you can do is to opt out whenever given the choice and then keep a close eye on your credit report. Dispute incorrect information immediately, then follow up to make sure it is corrected or removed. Your credit report is where any irregularities will show up. Mary invites questions at m, or c/o Everyday Cheapskate, P.O. Box 2099, Cypress, CA 90630. This column will answer questions of general interest, but letters cannot be answered individually. Mary Hunt is the founder of, a personal finance member website and the author of "The Smart Woman's Guide to Planning for Retirement," released in 2013.

By Holiday Mathis

week 1 /30 - 2/05

Mercury's First Retrograde of the Year The Chinese New Year of the Wood Horse is well underway, and the upcoming year will be one of stability and mobility — an exciting combination. The end of the year will bring a different landscape from the one we start out with. Mercury hesitates before doing an about-face in the sign of the fish. This transit will focus on spiritual, creative and intuitive development. Assess what's worked and what needs improvement. ARIES (March 21-April 19). For the most part, you'll feel vital and productive all week. And if you do happen to encounter any problem or ailment, a natural healing process will activate immediately. The trick is in keeping yourself amused while you wait for the cure or solution to take hold. You were meant for highenergy output. TAURUS (April 20-May 20). There are certain goals that society imposes on you that feel good and right to you, and so you don't mind taking them on. But you also have a set of goals that are uniquely your own, and those are the ones you'll spend most of the week working on — a rewarding experience, indeed. GEMINI (May 21-June 21). In your ideal scenario, you would be celebrated and cherished. In the current reality, there is some part of your life in which you are being taken for granted — given just enough to keep you interested. Bring 10 percent more self-esteem to the picture, and you'll start to imagine what you might do to turn this around. CANCER (June 22-July 22). In order to see a relationship for what it is, you have to take a step back. You can't take a step back and stay on the inside at the same time. A few hours, days or weeks away, depending on the circumstances, will do wonders for your perspective on this. Don't make drastic moves. Temporary exercises will be revelatory. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). You'll weigh the risk. Putting yourself out there blossom-like means tons of petals will be vulnerable for the plucking. Staying tucked into a bud has its own risks — namely, never knowing the warmth of the sun at the deepest parts of you. Since you're the blossoming type, why hesitate? Open and reach up. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). In the quest for justice, there is still a long way to go. You'll see evidence of the oppressed, and maybe you even will count yourself among them. Just because the differences between people are subtle doesn't make them nonexistent. You'll feel driven to keep working for equality this week.


LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). Your loved

ones, friends and acquaintances of note will tend to return to a pleasant atmosphere, which is precisely why you make yours so homey. The stars support your efforts in this regard this week, and you'll find that the dollar that goes to domestic improvement will be stretchy, indeed. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). This week's first impressions will be key to your future success. Give people a reason to like you before you ever meet them face-to-face. Let friends pave your way with an excellent introduction, or make sure they talk you up a bit before your first meeting. Pre-approval will make all of the difference. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). There are more choices between right and left than can be calculated. Therefore, it's silly to align totally with one side and count yourself against the other. If you are required to make decisions or deliver a judgment, just be sure to take it case-bycase. Each situation has unique variables to be considered. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). There will be those around you who insist on making a power play even though they have no business doing so. The best time to defer to the insistence of others is when you know you're right. "It's nobler to declare oneself wrong than to insist on being right — especially when one is right." — Friedrich Nietzsche AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). Is love a feeling, or a habit of caring for another person? Is it a word — and if so, is it a noun or a verb? Is love a lifestyle? You'll wonder about the nature of love as you experience either love or something like it this week. Just be careful not to mistake a short-term neurochemical response for love. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). You don't require yourself to like everyone — that would be too steep of a request. But you do want to treat everyone with respect, regardless of your feelings. This noble mode of operation will hold you in good stead through the latter part of the week, when doing what's right will be crucial to the outcome. THIS WEEK'S BIRTHDAYS: Attracting love is your specialty this year. You'll hone your individual style, and your fresh approach will help you to thrive professionally and socially. Family gives to you if you let them this month, but know the kind of repayment that will be expected of you before you accept. You'll please a good number of people in March, and this puts money in your wallet. A shift in your domestic life will begin a cycle of improvement in June. You'll see different parts of the world in May, July and November.



POOCH PAW-DICURE By Dr. Marty Becker and Kim Campbell Thornton Universal Uclick

Your dog’s paws are the foundation of his anatomy. He depends on them not only to take him places, but also to provide traction on snow, ice or other slick surfaces and to help protect him from pain when he’s walking on rocky terrain or hot asphalt. For good reason, then, paw maintenance is one of the most important aspects of grooming your dog. That includes trimming the nails regularly, trimming the hair

between the toes or on the bottom of the feet, and protecting the pads from injuries such as burns and bruises. It’s also one of the more neglected areas of grooming. Most dogs dislike having their paws handled, and put up a fuss about it. And at one time or another, just about everyone has accidentally quicked a dog — cutting into the vein supplying blood to a dog’s toenail — and the screaming and blood flow aren’t something that anyone wants to repeat: neither you nor the dog. It’s all too easy to throw up our hands and beat feet for something more fun to do, but the following tips

Conditioning and protection help your dog put his best foot forward

will help you get a handle on your dog’s paw care.

To help your dog walk more comfortably, trim excess hair around and under the paw. That ensures that it doesn’t pick up stickers or even small rocks, which can cause pain or lameness. Leave a little extra hair on the foot when it’s icy or snowy out; it insulates the paw pad and helps to prevent ice balls from forming. A slightly furry foot is also advantageous if your dog frequently walks over rocky areas because it improves traction.

If you can hear your dog’s nails clicking on the floor or ground, they are too long, and are at risk of getting snagged in the carpet or breaking off. To get them back in shape, trim just a little bit every day or so. Each time you trim, have someone feed your dog treats as a distraction. Wait a day or two and trim a little more. Continue this process until they are back at an appropriate length and then make sure they stay that way. Use a nail file to keep them smooth.

If you’re out of paw wax and your dog is facing a slick surface, pour a little soda pop on the ground and let him walk through it. The sticky liquid will help keep him from slipping or sliding. This works best if the hair on his feet has been trimmed. You’ll need to clean his feet afterward, but it’s a useful trick in a pinch.

To accustom your dog to having his nails trimmed, start when he’s very young and give lots of rewards for not squirming.

If your dog is undergoing surgery or having his teeth professionally cleaned, have the nails trimmed while he’s under anesthesia. This only works

about once a year, if that, but if the nails are overly long, it’s a good way to get them trimmed without anguish on your part or the dog’s.

Toughen pads gradually by walking your dog on different types of surfaces. If all he ever walks on is soft carpet and grass, his tootsies will be aching after a hike over rocky trails. Soothe paws during a hike by having your dog soak them in a stream if one is available. At home, give him a “spaw” soak by brewing a strong batch of tea and soaking his feet in it after it cools. (Plain teabags are fine; you don’t have to use Earl Greyhound.) The tannins in the tea help to toughen the pads. Happy hoofing! Do you have a pet question? Send it to or visit


Artist Spotlight | Classixx Classixx has become one of the most respected duos in dance music; a group equally adept at creating ubiquitous remixes and scene-creating DJ sets as their own funk-drenched house productions. Growing up in the Los Angeles suburb of Oak Park, David and Blake met in middle school, with the former soaking up everything from Guns N' Roses to New Age guitars while the latter was deep into West Coast punk. In 2007, the stars aligned and the duo found themselves in Los Angeles and inspired by DFA Records and dance groups such as Soulwax and Digitalism. Both original productions and remixes would follow, with subsequent DJ sets added that would soon become a major element of the group in its own right. The uptempo “I’ll Get You” on Kitsuné Records and “No Strings,” produced for soul revivalist Mayer Hawthorne, showed different, yet equally compelling, aspects of the group, while remixes for Holy Ghost’s “I Will Come Back,” Mayer Hawthorne’s “Green

Nightlife calendar Feb 3rd

Delorean @Lowbrow Palace

Feb 7th

DJ SOBER@ Palomino Tavern Feb 12th

Nipsey Hustle @ Tricky Falls Feb 16th

Excision @ Tricky Falls

Eyed Love” and Phoenix’s “Lisztomania” transcended insular circles and earned the duo international acclaim. Pitchfork calls it "gorgeously pillowy synth-disco"

Music Releases February 4th Alden Penner - EXEGESIS Ásgeir - In The Silence Augustines - Augustines Be Forest - Earthbeat Behemoth - The Satanist Bombay Bicycle Club - See You Tomorrow Broken Bells - After The Disco CEO - WONDERLAND Les Claypool's Duo de Twang - Four Foot Shack CYMBALS - The Age Of Fracture Gardens & Villa - Dunes Candice Glover - Music Speaks

The Haden Triplets - The Haden Triplets Katy B - Little Red Tim Larson - Vargar Little Mix - Salute [US release] Maximo Park - Too Much Information Mark McGuire - Along The Way Marissa Nadler - July Eric Paslay - Eric Paslay Sun Kil Moon - Benji Peter Ulrich - The Painted Caravan Xiu Xiu - Angel Guts: Red Classroom





In recent seasons, some NASCAR qualifying sessions, particularly at long tracks like Talladega Superspeedway, took longer to run than the 500-mile races themselves. And with just one car on the track at a time, there was little drama for fans in the stands and those watching on TV. NASCAR last week announced a new “knockout” style qualifying procedure for the Sprint Cup, Nationwide and Camping World Truck series that should eliminate some of the boredom on qualifying day. At tracks 1.25 miles or longer, there will be three qualifying sessions with multiple cars on the track at the same

time. The first session will be for 25 minutes and open to all entrants. The fastest 24 will advance to the second round with the rest placed in the starting lineup based on their best qualifying speed. After the second round, 10 minutes in length, the top 12 will advance to a five-minute pole session, with the remainder assigned starting spots. The final session will determine starting spots 112. There will be a five-minute break between each qualifying round. At tracks less than 1.25 miles, there will be two qualifying rounds. The first, 30 minutes in length, will set the field for all but the top 12, and

after a 10-minute break, the rest will run for the top 12 starting spots. The new rules do not apply to the Daytona 500, which uses a combination of one-car qualifying and 150mile qualifying races to set the starting field, and the truck race at Eldora Speedway, which uses a typical short-track formula of heat races and a Bmain. In the knockout qualifying, teams can only make adjustments during the breaks, and only minor changes as the hood of the car can’t be raised during the session. And only one set of tires can be used, which means that at abrasive tracks such as Atlanta Motor

Robert Laberge/Getty Images for NASCAR

NASCAR hopes new ‘knockout’ qualifying rules are a hit with fans

A more competitive qualifying format should make for a more watchable product for fans in the run-up to race day. Speedway, the pole-winner’s speed likely will be lower than that of others who secured their

starting spots in earlier rounds. That’s because the pole winner’s tires will be more worn,


Elliott notches Late Model win in Georgia Chase Elliott, who is about to embark on his rookie season in NASCAR’s Nationwide Series, added another trophy to his collection by making a late pass of Camping World Truck Series veteran Johnny Sauter to win the 200-lap Super Late Model portion of Speedfest at Watermelon Capital Speedway in Cordele, Ga., on Sunday. John Hunter Nemechek, son of Sprint Cup racer Joe Nemechek, won the Pro Late Model feature for his first-ever victory in that division.

and therefore slower, after competing in three rounds. Robin Pemberton, NASCAR’s vice president for competition, said the change was made in hopes of adding drama to qualifying day as well as condensing the event. “I’ve got to believe it’s better for any of the sponsors ... and it’s going to be a better show for TV, and the people at home will have a better opportunity to watch these guys qualify,” he said, adding that the shortened program also helps NASCAR get qualifying in when the weather is threatening. “It will allow us, if we have the time and if all cars run during that first session, it will allow us to set the field in a 25-minute session.”


Ty Norris off suspension, remains on probation

Chevy takes top three spots at Rolex 24

NASCAR has reinstated Ty Norris, the executive vice president of Michael Waltrip Racing, who was suspended indefinitely last September following the team’s manipulation of the finishing order of the Sprint Cup Series regular season finale at Richmond International Raceway. He remains on indefinite NASCAR probation. Norris issued the following statement: “I appreciate NASCAR’s action and respect their position. I am focused forward and dedicated to the success of Michael Waltrip Racing and the continued growth of a sport that has been my home for the past 24 years.”

Chevrolet swept the podium in the Rolex 24 at Daytona on Sunday as the No. 5 Corvette driven by Joao Barbosa, Christian Fittipaldi and Sebastien Bourdais took the win followed by two of their Chevy teammates. It was Chevrolet’s first overall win in Daytona’s 24-hour race since 2001.

Michael Waltrip Racing

A frightening accident just after start on Saturday took out the pole-winning No. 99 Corvette, driven at that time by Memo Gidley, who ran into the back of the slowing No. 62 Ferrari of Matteo Malucelli. Gidley underwent surgery on his left arm and left leg. Malucelli was hospitalized overnight.

Ty Norris

Michael Levitt/LAT Photo USA


Over the top! Ram 3500 Laramie Longhorn Sometimes car companies just have to go all out and take their imagination to the limit. That is exactly what Ram has done for the 3500 Laramie Longhorn edition. This is a lot of truck – for a lot of money. But in the truck business, bigger is better, and with the success Ford has achieved with its King Ranch and Platinum models, why not Ram? I have always been a fan of the big-rig truck look that the Ram first took on nearly 20 years ago, so I was thrilled when a few weeks ago I was handed the keys to a new Ram 3500 Crew Cab. This Ram is the second-largest Laramie Longhorn available. Its crew cab interior is huge – falling short only to the Mega Cab. And being a Heavy Duty 3500 dually with the 8-foot bed and four-wheel drive, this massive beast is over 22 feet long and tips the scales at over 3 tons. While it may not look like it, the Ram 3500 was redesigned last year. Most design changes can't be seen, but underneath the Ram's skin is a stronger frame, a revised suspension and even stronger turbodiesel engine. These changes allow a properly equipped 3500 to tow

pound-feet of torque - both of those numbers are up from the last generation’s 350 hp / 800 lb-ft rating. The big-rig like exhaust brake (aka Jake brake) is included with the monster Cummins engine. A six-speed manual transmission is standard, but most will opt for the six-speed automatic like the tester had.

up to 30,000 pounds and carry a payload of 6,700 pounds massive numbers indeed. The exterior receives some subtle styling changes such as LED turn signals. As the Laramie Longhorn, this big Ram is decked out with huge badges on the front doors and the rear tailgate along with chrome treatments applied to the door handles and to the surrounds of the side mirrors and wheels that are polished aluminum with the Laramie logo. But if the exterior seems im-

pressive, wait until you get a hold of the interior. Climb inside the Ram Laramie Longhorn and you will be greeted with a cabin that has more leather than a Texas cattle ranch. Both rows of seats wear dark brown leather with beige piping and are etched in patterns like those found on cowboy boots. The dash, center console and doors all follow suit and even the gauges get the Longhorn treatment with metal surrounds and unique designs. Jump in the limo-like backseat and you will spot the storage

spaces on the front seatbacks are like saddlebags – fully equipped with buckles. And not to be forgotten – the floormats are embossed with a barb wire pattern. Some may think the interior is a little much – but maybe that’s the point that Ram is trying to get across with the Laramie Longhorn. To back its extreme looks, the Ram 3500 has an engine that is equally extreme. Coming in at 6.7 liters and built by Cummins, this inline-6 cylinder turbodiesel makes 385 horsepower and an earth-moving 850

Once aboard and buckled in this Longhorn you’ll immediately get a taste of just how nice and big the truck is: you sit very high, towering the world around you. The cabin is very roomy and the seats soft and comfortable. All controls and switches are nicely placed with no explanation needed on how

to use them, although some may be a little out of reach for the driver. Thankfully many of the controls can also be found on the steering wheel. The huge console between the seats, which also sports the Laramie Longhorn emblem, can practically swallow a laptop computer. The backseat is equally comfortable and roomy, but if for some odd reason you need more room, the Mega Cab model continues to be available. Most sensible people would think that a vehicle of this size is ill-suited for navigating in an urban environment. And I was one of them. Continues on next page

By The Numbers:

2013 Dodge Ram 3500 Laramie Longhorn Crew Cab 4 x 4 Base Price: $52,990.00 Price as Tested: $69,485.00 Layout: front-engine / four-wheel drive Engine: 6.7 liter inline-6 Cummins Turbo Diesel Transmission: 6-speed automatic Horsepower: 385 hp Torque: 850 lb-ft EPA Fuel Economy: N/A [Visit me at or email me at]


NUMERICALLYSPEAKING Unlimited victories by Chevrolead changes in a Sprint Unlim28 Most 20 Sprint let, tops among all manufacturers ited (2011) 1

Fewest lead changes in a Sprint Unlimited (1988, in a race won by the late Dale Earnhardt)

led by Greg Biffle in the 2005 44 Laps Sprint Unlimited, the most of any driver who did not win the race

Dodge Ram 3500... that torque on hand, the Cummins engine makes the Ram feel like Godzilla getting ready to pounce over Hong Kong. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in this big beast. Although the tester was a late 2013 model, it is identical to the 2014 model as there are no major changes for this year.

Continued from page 18 But just a brief time was all I needed to get acclimated with the Ram’s size and feel somewhat confident behind the

wheel. Every lane change and turn is still thought out well in advance, but while the Ram is massive, it’s not as difficult to drive as it looks. And with all

The Ram 3500 Laramie Longhorn may be over the top for some, but for that someone that needs a big strong truck for work yet lives for that luxury side of life, this truck is for them. -- Christopher A. Randazzo

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