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Weather 101 A Hot Month to Ride!


he month of June is the hottest month of the year in El Paso. We average a daily temperature of 95. This is typically the month that we also witness record setting temperatures in the triple digits! Since June typically is not very humid, we can figure on one more month of relying on those swamp coolers to cool us down. Once we move into July, August and September, the added humidity becomes a swamp cooler challenge.

Typically, our bodies keep cool by perspiring or emitting our body heat through our skin. According to the Mayo Clinic, if our bodies cannot cool, we can suffer various forms of illnesses that can become deadly if we do not pay proper attention.

The Mayo Clinic offers several tips to prevent those heat-related illnesses.

• Wear lightweight, light-colored clothing. The light colors will reflect away some of the sun's energy. Do not wear black! This absorbs the heat.

• Avoid being outdoors during the hottest time of the day. This is typically between the hours of noon and 5 pm.

• Drink water. Always avoid alcohol and caffeine

• If you must work outdoors, take regular breaks while staying out of the sun.

• Never leave kids or pets inside a closed vehicle during the hot summer months Answer: C – 25 days.

The American Red Cross warns of the various stages of heat-related illness. These are heat cramps in muscles, headaches and nausea. Heat stroke can result from ignoring these signals and can be life-threatening. Call 9-1-1 if this is the case and the person does not improve.

If it is extremely hot and you live in a location where you do not have access to a fan or evaporative cooler, the best idea is to head to the mall, library or catch a movie during the hottest part of the day.

Weather Trivia

June of 1980 had the most triple days since records were kept (since 1879). How many days did the temperature hit 100+? A. 12

B. 18

C. 25

D. All 30

Sun City Biker 3 By: “Doppler” Dave Speelman

Catch 'Doppler' Dave Speelman on KVIA Channel 7 or online at for your most accurate weather reports.

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ROYAL ENFIELD Story by: Ricky Jimenez Carrasco


"Ace" Hernandez of Ace Moto has been working on motorcycles for 23 years, first at another dealership where he worked primarily on Japanese bikes, and now in his own shop. He currently runs Ace Moto with 3 other mechanics where they work on all kinds of bikes, from Harleys to Yamahas to Ducatis and everything else in between. He also chose to be a distributor of something unique in the El Paso area, Royal Enfield Motorcycles.

Royal Enfield has been making motorcycles for more than a century. In fact, it is the longest running, continuously produced, motorcycle brand in the world. The company is famous for their classically styled bikes, the chromed out 500cc Classic and the sporty flagship Continental GT, both of which are carried by Ace Moto. The brand is extremely popular in Europe and Asia with a large network of Royal Enfield Riders, which could be compared to the "Harley" culture here in the U.S. Ace explained the attraction to the bike, "People like the classic look of it. They're also a single cylinder and fuel injected with disc brakes. This makes them simpler to work on and more dependable than other bikes. They are smooth and very easy to maneuver. It's a real good commuter bike." The 2014 Continental GT 535 is modeled after the 60s era “Café Racers” with air cooled dependability, an 85 mph top speed, and 80+ mpg. They also have the unique feature of both electric starter and kick-starter, in

case your battery ever dies.

To test ride one of the Royal Enfield bikes, come over to Ace Moto, 3330 Gateway East, or check out their Facebook page at

GERMAN MC Photos and story by Ricky J. Carrasco

The German MC just completed it's 27th anniversary with it's annual charity run. This year, the almost $3000 in proceeds from the run went to several veteran's charities and the Wounded Warrior Project. The German MC is currently made up primarily of soldiers from the local German Air Defense Center located in Ft. Bliss. There are many members who are former military but are now permanent residents of El Paso. President Bernie Bummelmann says that the club "is a good way to maintain social ties with other German residents in El Paso." There are several clubs throughout Texas. The German MC prides itself with many community action projects, primarily in the valley and other parts of the city where there is need for help. Often, they team up with German Helping Hands, a community organization made up of the wives of the military men on the base. They too have ties strong ties to the Valley working from Ysleta to San Elizario.

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"Fighting like a girl: Dahlia's Fight" Photos and story by Ricky J. Carrasco

When you first meet Dahlia "Dolly"

Gongora, she will strike you as a mom. She has a light personality, making friends with everybody she meets and seemingly getting attached as soon as she does meet them. During our interview, she hugged me tight before she really understood what we were doing and halfway through the interview, she took out a tissue from her purse and cleaned something off my face, just like your mom and mine used to. Her smile is constant and lights up the room. She lights up the room more so because she probably already met everybody and made a connection. It would not occur to you that she is sick and under intensive medical attention.

This is Dolly's second bout with breast cancer. She beat it once in 2010. I spoke to her niece, Dawn Briseno who organized this run along with Seed of Abraham MC. Dawn is an R.N. and I let her explain the technical side of her aunt's condition. "My aunt has stage 4 cancer in 9 different areas with lesions in too many places to count She has metastisized to her lymph nodes, spine, liver, sternum and her brain. She gets treatment at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Phoenix, Arizona. They are doing a wonderful job of keeping her in her current state (and not allowing the lesions to progress)." I joked with Dawn that that was her speaking as a nurse and she should now speak as a niece. "My aunt is like a second mother. She's my father's only sister and lives only a block

away from my parents. She's taken care of me, of my daughter, and she's been my biggest supporter in everything I've ever done in my life. I want to keep her around as long as I possibly can. She's only 54 and she has a lifetime to live."

Dolly described her own progress the same way that most moms probably would, as if it's nothing we should trouble ourselves over, even though we will. "I asked my doctors about my progress and they told me I do not have an expiration date, so I'm here to fight like a girl!” She smiles her big smile. ”I know it doesn't sound good, but I actually feel good. I'm feeling better than what I used to and I thank God every day. I'm living for today and I'm not going to worry about what might happen. " Dolly says she was surprised when Dawn informed her that she was planning a run in her name and even tried to talk her out of it, but Dawn was determined to put the run on for her. “Dawn is my niece and I know she loves me and a lot of people are taking care of me; my husband, my doctors, my family, and now Dawn’s husband Adrian and the people of the Seed of Abraham and the rest of the bikers! The bikers are awesome people and I am so blessed to have them in my life. Meeting Pastors JR and Caroline has been an awesome experience. There are so many people with big hearts in El Paso!” More than $3000 was raised from the run, the auction and from various donations. The money raised will help pay for the travel to and from Phoenix and whatever personal expenses involved in her treatment.

Dawn says that she had faith that even though she and her husband are both independent riders, she knew the biker community would come out and support them. “They are the most generous people you can find. They bond together so well, no matter race, or patch. They’re here not even for us, but for my aunt, who is just related to bikers. It’s just something so special and unique about them. “

She told me a story that her father has never been fond of bikes or bikers, even after Dawn began riding years ago. When he saw how quickly the biker community began to support the event, and in turn, his sister, he spoke up at a Coalition meeting. “I’m not biker, never hope to be one, but I do applaud you for the service you do.” Dawn says he even prepared the family who were going to come to the event, who knew even less about bikers than he. “You may be scared of the stereotype of these people (big, black leather, loud, scruffy, etc) but these people don’t even know know Dahlia, and they’ve come together in a way that is extraordinary.” Dawn says she believes she has converted him to a least a fringe biker and may eventually get him some Harley products for him and his house. Dawn was also happy to have received unique donations for the run. “I’ve partnered up with a Christian club and I’ve received some out of the box type donations.” This included two attorneys who donated the preparation of wills and

medical power of attorney (each worth about $400) and CPR classes by Jimmy Sambrano. “Death is not something that is planned. People should have their affairs in order, especially us bikers because our pastime is something that is inherently dangerous. Further, we would love it if at least one rider in every club were to learn CPR and other first aid techniques to help out their fellow riders.”

When I asked Dolly for any parting words for the story, it was, again true to her being a “mom”, she was worried about everyone else. “I wish women were more in tune with their bodies. Check their breast, check with their doctors, and know what is going on with their bodies. The sooner they get diagnosed, the more time the doctors have to do their job. Breast cancer hits one in every seven women in the US. Take care!”

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Partnering for San Eli

Photos and story by Ricky J. Carrasco

"San Elizario is the root of thing that we do," say Tavo, President of the Grimlords MC. For the past 4 years, the GrimLords have teamed up with AYUDA, a community foundation that helps the colonias, particularly San Elizario, to create biker parties instead of biker runs as fundraisers. Each of the past few years, the ride is only to the destination, that destination being San Eli or Tornillo. This year, the destination

was the Ysleta VFW and its huge back yard. The day was filled with entertainment, food, and fun. The proceeds from the run go to raise funds for Thanksgiving turkey dinners that AYUDA prepares and gives out for Thanksgiving. "We also help the veterans that run this location. They've been very open and very accepting of our cause, and very happy to be part of this run." They had 4 bands and 3 DJs that provided music the entire day. Olivia Figueroa, AYUDA director states that "It's been an incredible blessing to have this relationship, not only with the Grimlords, but with the biker community as a whole. We, AYUDA and Grimlords, help about 500 kids get a Christmas present and about 300 families get a turkey dinner for Thanksgiving. The community of San Eli already counts on this help and recognizes the bikers as a positive influence on our community. " "This partnership has been recognized by other organizations outside of San Eli. People outside our community are

beginning to realize that bikers can be a positive force of change in the community."

Tavo says he knew that his club should be a positive force from its inception. "From day one, from the time we began dreaming of forming the Grimlords, we knew that we wanted to benefit the Lower Valley, like Socorro and San Elizario. We knew there was alot of need there and many families that needed help. We knew that we wanted to be part of that help. We didn't have any real resources that served the bigger picture until we found AYUDA. We see the difference that partnership makes. We see it when we see the kids, who now look forward to seeing us arrive on our bikes. It makes our holidays worthwhile to see the joy in those faces."

Tavo explained that Maya Sanchez, the newly elected mayor of San Elizario, the first mayor for the town, does know about AYUDA and the Grimlords and their partnership. He hopes that relationship can now be a part of even bigger and better things.

Figueroa wanted to give thanks to the Grimlords and the rest of the biker community for supporting their foundation. "We realize an event like this takes weeks and months of planning and coordinating and the fact that they are volunteering their efforts is incredible. We'd like to thank the El Paso biker community as a whole for supporting us as well." For more information on AYUDA, go to

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