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YOUR IDEAL CLIENT IS JUST 3 STEPS AWAY Don’t Let Them Slip Through Your Fingers!

To grow your law firm, you need to either leverage your current clients or add new ones. It’s that simple. The first option can be challenging, depending on your practice area, so for most lawyers, bringing in new clients is the way to go. That said, many lawyers dread the process of tracking down clients — understandably, too! If you go the conventional route, it will probably feel like you’re stumbling around in the dark, wasting precious time, money, and resources on finding the right people to market to when you could be doing vital research or dominating in the courtroom. Worst of all, in the end, you’ll probably still end up marketing to the wrong people or wasting your money on ineffective advertising. Luckily for you, I have years of experience giving lawyers access to their ideal clients, and I’m ready to hand over my secrets. Take this three-step shortcut to reach your perfect clients in a snap and bring them straight to your door.

1. PINPOINT WHO THEY ARE — AND DON’T DISMISS THE DETAILS. In my experience, a lot of business owners miss the bullseye when it comes to identifying their target market, and the first problem is they don’t sit down and put thought into whom exactly they’re looking for. Obviously, your soon-to-be clients are people who need your legal services, but you can go deeper than that. If you’re in estate planning, for example, consider which specific group needs your help. Are they business owners? People with families? Why not take it a step further

and say middle-income families, or wealthy families? Then, think about the gender, age, and even hobbies of those people. Don’t try to be everything to everyone. Instead, ask yourself, “Who are my services the ideal solution for?” and zero in on those groups.

2. ASK YOURSELF, ‘WHO HAS GATHERED THESE PEOPLE ALREADY?’ This step is critical, and will save you a massive amount of time. Once you’ve identified your target market, the next big question is how you’ll reach them. How will you drive these perfect clients to your website? How will you get them to dial your phone number or even realize that you exist? Well, it’s actually easier than you think. Other business owners have already done the legwork for you, and all you need to do is profit from it. Here’s what I mean. Say you’re a family law attorney. Your target demographic probably includes families and couples who are either already getting divorced or might be interested in splitting. So, ask yourself, “Who has gathered those people already?” Marriage counselors have, alongside CPAs and even local women’s shelters! If you can connect with those groups, they can become your referral partners. You can also target clients based on their hobbies and interests, which include virtual meeting places as well as in-person ones. A lawyer practicing small business law, for example, might look for clients at the Chamber of Commerce, in the subscriber listings of Entrepreneur magazine, or on a

“OTHER BUSINESS OWNERS HAVE ALREADY DONE THE LEGWORK FOR YOU, AND ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS PROFIT FROM IT.” local Facebook group for business owners. Nationally, a group like the Entrepreneurs’ Organization would be a great start (it would work on me — I’m a member).

3. SHARE A MESSAGE THAT RESONATES. Finally, to bring these clients into your office, you need to share a specific, targeted message that resonates with them. This is where knowing your demographic to a T comes in handy. Once you know who needs your services and why, you can cater your offer to their needs and even send it out into the spaces — including websites, podcasts, and print publications — they frequent. Here at Spotlight Branding, we specialize in making that last step happen. If you run a family law firm that specializes in helping women through their divorces, for example, that target demographic will affect your content, branding, and imagery, and we’ll know how to integrate it seamlessly. Head to SpotlightBranding.com/NL/ today to learn more about what we can do to help your law firm grow.

–Marc Cerniglia SpotlightBranding.com


YOUR KEYS TO LAW FIRM GROWTH IN 2020 IF YOU HAVEN’T DONE THESE 3 THINGS, YOU’RE HOLDING YOURSELF BACK! We won’t go so far as to say growing your law firm is simple, but with the right tools, processes, and strategies in place, it should be easy. With that in mind, our team put together a checklist of three easy steps you can take to help grow your firm in 2020. If you haven’t made every single one of these changes, you’re holding your firm back from reaching the level of growth you deserve!

1. HIRE A BOOKKEEPER If you’re still managing your own books, we have some bad news for you: You’re the most underqualified, overpaid bookkeeper in your town. For the rate you charge your clients, you could easily hire a competent, experienced bookkeeper and save yourself money and hassle. While it can be difficult to trust someone else with this vital information, it’s a step you have to take. With a bookkeeper in place, you can get back to running your firm and practicing law!

2. DOCUMENT YOUR CORE PROCESSES One of the biggest mistakes law firms make is failing to have a manual, checklist, or other document to share with new hires that outlines core processes. This is a vital step because the only way you can trust a hire to do exactly what you want, in the way you want, is to offer them a procedure to follow. If you already have employees working without a checklist (and likely forming bad habits), put down this newsletter and write one up now before it’s too late!

3. RAISE YOUR RATES If you haven’t raised your rates in the last few years, now is the time. One of the most effective ways to create more capacity in your firm and improve margins is to charge more. Specifically, charge the rate you’ve wanted to charge all along. Lawyers often get pushback on their prices, but the truth is when you try to compete on price, you end up making the conversation about rates when it doesn’t have to be. Instead of focusing on price, focus on the value of your services and don’t worry about your competitors’ prices — the second you do, your clients will worry, too. If you want to stop competing on price, just stop! Once you’ve made these three changes and are ready for next steps, reach out to Spotlight Branding at SpotlightBranding.com/NL/. We specialize in taking firms like yours to the next level!


The Matus Law Group, led by attorney Christine Matus, is an estate planning law firm in Toms River, New Jersey. In addition to their estate planning work, the Matus Law Group has a unique focus on children with special needs and helping families navigate the legal and educational challenges they face. Prior to coming to Spotlight Branding over four years ago, the firm was handling all their marketing on their own and struggling to effectively get their name and message out there. After starting WANT MORE REFERRALS their blogging, e-newsletter, video, AND BETTER CLIENTS? and social media services (and Visit SpotlightBranding.com/NL eventually having us redesign their to schedule a call! website!), Christine and the firm began receiving several compliments, especially about the e-newsletter, and the referrals started rolling in.


More Referrals. Better Clients. Higher ROI.

“I receive messages on a regular basis from prior clients who love our message, love our newsletter, and say they have a referral for us or have been thinking about the things we’ve been writing about and that they need to see us,” says Christine. “That’s so satisfying.” In the four years Christine and the Matus Law Group have been working with Spotlight Branding, they have grown by 67% to become the 77th fastest-growing law firm in the country, according to data reported by Law Firm 500. Christine doesn’t think there’s any coincidence there.



Considering the amount of time people spend staring at their smartphone screens, crouching over their laptops, and flicking through programs on their smart TVs, it shouldn’t surprise you that videos are a vital marketing tool. According to WordStream, people spend about one-third of their time online watching videos, and Forbes reports that over half a billion people watch videos on Facebook every single day. We’ve watched the relevance of video marketing grow every year, and 2020 will be no exception! That’s why if you’re not already cashing in on the power of FAQ videos, now is the time to start. Notice we specifically said “FAQ” videos. That’s because, despite the current popularity of documentary-style videos, in our experience they don’t pack the same punch or have the clientconverting power of FAQ videos, which answer the pressing questions soon-to-be-clients have today. By rounding up your most frequently asked questions, answering them succinctly in a three-minute video, and displaying that video

front and center on your home page, you’ll make an instant, meaningful connection with potential clients who visit your website. Because subtitled videos communicate on three levels — listeners watch, read, and hear them — they naturally create a connection. Seeing your face and hearing your voice will build trust with your potential clients, which is the first step to a financial relationship. Videos can also help build your reputation as an expert and authority in your field, helping to justify your rates (which, as we outlined on Page 2, probably aren’t high enough). When people see you as the expert you are, you command the rates of an expert! With all the apps and editing software available today, it’s possible to shoot video content yourself, but our team has years of experience crafting high-quality FAQ videos we’d be happy to put to work for you. We can take care of every step of the process: scheduling the shoot, helping create the optics, and editing the final results. For


If you’re looking for more great resources to drive your business forward, take a look at this episode from our industry-leading podcast – The Law Firm Marketing Minute.

“DO EMAIL NEWSLETTERS WORK?” – LFMM 278 Do email newsletters really work? Or are they just a nuisance in an already-crowded inbox? In this episode of the Law Firm Marketing Minute, we explain how email newsletters provide more value than you ever thought! If you want More Referrals, Better Clients, and Higher ROI on all your marketing, call us today at 800-406-7229 to schedule a consultation! Listen to this episode and find even more at LawFirmMarketingMinute.com and subscribe on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

many of the law firms we work with, we even reshoot their videos annually to ensure their FAQs reflect their clients’ most pressing concerns. To find out more and schedule your own FAQ video session, visit SpotlightBranding.com/NL/ today.




Your website is often your firm’s first impression on a prospective client. At Spotlight Branding, we design our websites to capture client information in many ways, including a free resource, an e-newsletter sign-up, and contact forms positioned throughout the site. Another way you can convert visitors to prospects on your website is by utilizing a chat function. There are several technologies out there that provide this service, and they all come with a variety of features. For example, we have partnered with ApexChat, a company that specializes in chat services for the legal industry. Apex supplies representatives who are informed in advance of your firm’s rules for engagement (such as office hours and contact processes, etc.) and works to gather information from people who initiate a chat. There are other platforms out there that allow you (or someone in your office) to engage with website visitors. Others even convert chat sessions to a text conversation on your phone. The possibilities are practically endless; you just need to do a little research!



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Using Facebook Live to Strengthen Your Marketing

3 ESSENTIAL TIPS FOR USING FACEBOOK LIVE And Making Your Broadcast a Success

Facebook Live has been available to Facebook users for years now, but many business owners still haven’t taken advantage of this powerful customer engagement resource. Essentially, this technology gives users the ability to broadcast live from their Facebook account. For businesses, a gold mine of opportunity is opened to connect with customers and prospects in real time. Some companies utilize it for product launches, rebranding, general announcements, or directly engaging with potential customers. That said, a poorly executed broadcast can leave you with more issues than you started with. With that in mind, here are some essential tips to ensure your Facebook Live videos strengthen your marketing instead of weaken it.

1. RECORD FOR AT LEAST 10 MINUTES. If you set out to broadcast for 45 seconds, your content isn’t going to reach anyone


in your target audience. A good rule of thumb is to create enough content so that your event reaches at least 10 minutes. With an average broadcast time of 10 minutes, your audience will have more opportunity to see your content, and you’ll reach the highest number of people possible.

2. PRIORITIZE GOOD PRODUCTION QUALITY. You don’t need to be a professional videographer to develop quality video content, but a poor broadcast could damage your brand. For example, your viewers will be distracted if you use an unsteady camera, so invest in equipment to keep your broadcast steady, like a tripod. In addition, make sure your environment is completely quiet so your audience can focus on your content without hindrance. If you plan on having more than one person in the video, use microphones to ensure your audience can hear you.

More Referrals. Better Clients. Higher ROI.

3. ENGAGE WITH THE COMMENT SECTION. You could be alienating the audience you’re trying to engage by failing to respond to questions in the comment feed. Facebook Live isn’t just about broadcasting yourself; it’s also about communicating with your viewers directly to develop relationships with them. And as an added bonus, viewers’ comments can give you valuable feedback and consumer insights. It takes effort, but putting in the time to respond is well worth it to show you care about your audience’s opinions. These tips only scratch the surface of making your Facebook Live event a success, but they offer a good starting point. Before you dive in, know that Facebook’s platform changes periodically, so be sure to test Facebook Live on your personal page to familiarize yourself with the updated format. And to stay up to date on all of Facebook’s updates, check out their new newsroom at Newsroom.FB.com.

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