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November 2011

Textbooks or Harrington fills vacant physical education role technology Brittany Vardakis Video Editor

Turning pages, or clicking links? Writing notes, or typing them? All of these questions were brought up by the Munster, Indiana school system when they began to transition from textbooks to technology. It has been said that these laptops will also open up a more interactive way of learning for Munster students. Instead of just reading through textbook pages, students are able to watch videos right on their virtual book’s page. There are audio clips, videos, links to other sites, and much more all within a new digital way of learning. All of this may sound great to some but there are other students such as senior Betty Czitrom, who disagree with this idea, Czitrom said that she just likes the feel of books, as nerdy as that was. Although she doesn’t favor the idea of moving to laptops, Czitrom said, “I think that it would be good to use the Internet or digital books, just not for everything.” However, there are many students who are completely for this plan. Junior, Cindy Belanger mentioned how this transition would benefit the conservation of paper. Even teachers, such as Meghan Keane, said that it was much easier to focus while using a laptop at a conference. Brittany Vardakis may be reached at

Nick Brousseau Staff Reporter

Shane Harrington became the new Physical Education teacher following the dismissal of Marc Maiolo. “Finding a job as a physical education teacher can be extremely difficult. There are lots of applicants for only a few positions. The fact that Mr. Harrington was chosen from such a competitive field speaks to his qualifications,” said assistant principal Ted McCarthy. “You don’t have to be an all-star to enjoy gym class. P.E. isn’t about molding varsity players,” said Shane Harrington, the newly hired physical education teacher. “It’s about making sure that the kids these days have the ability to have fun, while being active. If I happen to help a student achieve something greater than that along the way then that’s great,” said Harrington. With a Bachelor’s degree in movement and sports studies from Springfield College, Harrington has dedicated his life to achieving a healthier future for kids. When asked why he decided to become a physical education, Harrington said, “I enjoy athletics, as well as the untraditional classroom setting I get to see people in.” Before he became a Physical Education teacher here at South Hadley, he was a health teacher at Hampshire Regional High School. “It was either that, or the high paying job of a door to door vacuum salesman,” said Harrington jokingly. According to Harrington, a sense of humor is very important when working with teens, and having a couple things in common

Players find 'Modern Warfare 3' superb

Julian Suarez Managing Editor

'MW3' cover art

Gamers across the nation anxiously waited until midnight for the release of the eighth installment of the "Call of Duty" franchise on November 8. "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3" sold approximately seven million copies within its first 24 hours of release, which is the new record for most copies sold in

the first day. “MW3” has multiple new features that players can enjoy. One new game mode, "Survival", consists of one or two players combating endless waves of enemies, which become more difficult as progression is made. In addition, players can earn "cash" by playing this mode, which can be used towards equipment, weapons, upgrades and support. This game mode is available on all multiplayer maps. The "Killstreak” system, which awards players with air support for getting certain amounts of kills in a row, has been changed to the new

Dubstep icon 'Deadmau5' lights up local college

Brei Roberts Staff Reporter

There is a new sensation dominating the music industry called “dubstep”. One of the genre’s most prominent figures Joel Thomas Zimmerman, more commonly known as “Deadmau5”, pronounced “dead mouse”. His newest album, "4 x 4 = 12", sounds great through the speakers in your car, and monumentally more so, when you are being crushed against the stage by hundreds of other fans at one of his concerts. He performs for crowds of raving fans in his iconic mouse helmet, providing mixes that are perfect for dancing on a dark crowded floor. Though floor tickets can be pricey for his concerts, avid rave enthusiasts find the cost worth it for the unbelievable experience. This was the

"Pointstreak" system, enabling players to complete objectives to gain rewards via three "Strike packages": "Assault", "Support" and "Specialist". The Assault strike package offers rewards to dominate over enemies. The Support strike package offers rewards to support your team. Rewards from the Support category do not reset when the player dies, but accumulate over the course of a match. The Specialist strike package rewards players with "perks", which increase your performance in a specified area, after every second consecutive kill. After eight kills, all perks are rewarded, but reset when one is killed. Another benefit of the game is the "Elite package". Essentially, this is a pass for the year giving benefits to those who have it. At $49.99 per year, this subscription gives players monthly downloadable content, daily competitions for virtual and real-life prizes, the ability to level up clans, access to pro analysis and strategies. I highly suggest that gamers purchase MW3 with the Elite package as soon as you can, rather than missing out on the action-packed fun. 5 out of 5 Paws- Devour It Julian Suarez may be reached at

Staff Photo by Brittany Vardakis

LISTEN UP, THESE ARE THE RULES: New physical education teacher Shane Harrington is shown explaining the rules of floor hockey to his class. with them is as well. Harrington said that his favorite sport is football and admits that he is not the best basketball player. “He is extremely friendly and tolerant,” said junior Chris Larrow, “He pushes us to our limits because he wants us to succeed.” Students have also said that Harrington is very humorous. Junior Holly Huebner said, “His good sense of humor really brightens up my morn-

ing, I love him.” Physical Education teacher Eric Castonguay said, “[Harrington] is very similar to me, which means I have to like him.” Castonguay is known for his humor throughout the high school. Nick Brousseau may be reached at

'Battlefield 3' hooks gamers

Nate Laurin Opinions Editor

The “Battlefield” series creates a heightened feeling of realism and captivates players with each installment- and the newest installment, “Battlefield 3”, certainly follows suit. This immersion created in “Battlefield 3” is 'Battlefield 3' like no other. Each weapon emits a different cover art sound, both for the user and the unfortunate person on the receiving end. The explosions are visceral and can actually decimate walls, vehicles, and entire buildings if used properly. The sound is undoubtedly one of the game’s greatest strengths, best appreciated when the volume is at full blast. “Battlefield 3” features a single player campaign, but it’s hardly necessary- if you are going to buy the game for a gripping single player campaign, don’t. It’s not that it’s bad, but pales in comparison to the multiplayer. The campaign is scripted and on a straightforward path, which is in stark contrast with the massive multiplayer

battlefields where players can do much more. The multiplayer is where “Battlefield” has really shone in the past and “Battlefield 3” is no exception. The maps are impressively large, spanning miles in length and allowing for a variety of ways to approach each objective. The multiplayer features a plethora of weapons, but every weapon manages to feel different from the others. Even the vehicles are in abundance, ranging from buggies to airplanes, each one filling a different role on the battlefield. The various elements of gameplay ensure a new experience every match. Something exciting is bound to happen every time you’re on the battlefield, like death from a crumbling, rocket stricken wall of cement, or from a falling chopper or plane. Sometimes these encounters result in a close call that will have your heart racing as you run to avoid the catastrophe. “Battlefield 3” doesn’t mislead its players. It is about the battlefield. The versatility and spontaneous nature of the battlefields coupled with game’s lifelike nature create an experience unlike any other and make “Battlefield 3” a mustplay. 5 out of 5 paws - Devour It Nate Laurin may be reached at

case for his October 15 concert held at Umass Amherst. The atmosphere on the floor is different than that of the seats. You can walk around and easily make friends with people who all share a common goal: to dance until they can’t anymore. The light projection from the stage creates a different world of colors and flashes. Sunglasses are recommended to shield sensitive eyes from the nearly blinding light display. There is also a screen behind the stage showing relevant pictures to accompany the songs. Heavy bass drops and lighter background beats come together to create a mind blowing sound sensation that you can’t help but jump around to. As soon as you get into the melody, you will find yourself taken aback by the heavy bass drops. If you like bass that pulsates through your entire body, not being able to hear yourself think, and dancing with strangers, Deadmau5 concerts are ideal for you. 5 out 5 Paws - Devour It Brei Roberts may be reached at

Photo courtesy of Flickr

GET CRAZY AND DANCE: Dubstep artist 'Deadmau5' is seen onstage performing at his concert held at UMass Amherst on October 15.

Spotlight December Issue  

GETCRAZYANDDANCE:Dubstepartist'Deadmau5'isseenonstageper- formingathisconcertheldatUMassAmherstonOctober15. BreiRoberts StaffReporter LISTEN...

Spotlight December Issue  

GETCRAZYANDDANCE:Dubstepartist'Deadmau5'isseenonstageper- formingathisconcertheldatUMassAmherstonOctober15. BreiRoberts StaffReporter LISTEN...