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Shop With Bitcoin: “Payment Wars” Trumps Harvey & Kogan’s Online vs. Brick and Mortar Debate Visionary company looking beyond online vs. offline to burgeoning payment options Brisbane, April 27, 2014 – Shop With Bitcoin, the leading Australian provider of computer technology and audio visual equipment available for purchase with both Bitcoin and credit cards, announced today the beginning of Australia’s “Payment Wars.” “The argument of online vs. brick and mortar between Gerry Harvey and Ruslan Kogan is both shortsighted and over,” says Terry Rogers, Director of Shop With Bitcoin, “The Payment Wars are in full-swing and anyone thinking otherwise will be left foolishly in the dust.” Rogers believes the debate is over and that online purchases are clearly superior. The Payment Wars Rogers refers to the new and developing payment options presented to buyers. Shop With Bitcoin is a major forerunner in the electronic retail industry - one of the first visionary companies to make mainstream quality products available for Bitcoin cryptocurrency. “Australia is clearly opening wide into the Bitcoin market with the first Bitcoin ATMs opening just last week,” added Rogers. “Like it or not, Bitcoin is on the move in Australia.” Shop With Bitcoin has more than 2,200 computer technology and audio visual products available for purchase with a traditional credit card or with the new Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

More information about Shop With Bitcoin is available at: Shop With Bitcoin is owned by Asset Hld Pty Ltd. About Asset Hld Pty Ltd: Asset Hld Pty Ltd are a Bitcoin and Cryptocoin dedicated consulting firm of Accountants, and Auditors combined with software developers, business analysts and project managers working together for many years on payment, financial, and security projects for clients located mainly in Australia. Fascinated by the vast business opportunities opened due to Bitcoin and the cryptocoin technology expansion, we study this technology and are able to offer extensive expertise and deep technical hands-on experience in e-payment fields, especially in Bitcoin and altcoin protocols. More information at:


Shop with bitcoin “payment wars” trumps